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  • Concept: Dagur doing CPR on Hiccup. 

    And striking Hiccup harder than normal in the chest or face because that’s a thing that’s appeared in fiction many times before (The Abyss, Xena, South Park, are some examples). (And actually, arguably, Fishlegs kinda did it to Snotlout?)

    #how to train your dragon #Race to the Edge #dagur#hiccup#dagcup#ashleybenlove posts
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    Here are the ships again, but separate and transparent. Enjoy.

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  • 1. Are you dating anyone?

    2. Favorite color?

    3. What fandoms are you in RN?

    4. What is your favorite fandom?

    5. What are your favorite fanfiction genres to write?

    6. Do you have kids?

    7. Age?

    8. Do you have siblings?

    9. Who raised you?

    10. Who do you live with?

    11. Favorite date?

    12. Favorite memory?

    13. How many BFs/GFs have you had?

    14. Sexuality?

    15. Religion?

    16. Computer or Phone?

    17. How many languages do you speak?

    18. Favorite language?

    19. Favorite movie?

    20. Favorite book?

    21. What inspires you most?

    22. OTP?

    23. Top ships you can think of?

    24. Your opinion on shipping wars?

    25. Your opinion on whump?

    26. Your opinion on (insert ship your asking about here)

    27. Do you play any instruments?

    28. Do you sing?

    29. Your opinion on smut?

    30. Do you have numerous OTPs you can’t choose between?

    31. When did you start writing fanfiction?

    32. What physical/mental illness’ and/or disabilities/disorders do you have?

    33. Where do you live?

    34. What’s your relationship with your father like?

    35. What’s your relationship with your mother like?

    36. Have you had your first kiss?

    37. What website do your prefer most for writing/reading fanfiction?

    38. Do you read fanfiction too?

    39. Favorite strait-ship?

    40. Favorite Homosexual-Ship?

    41. Favorite Love-Triangle?

    42. Do you believe in polygamy?

    43. Do you believe in homosexuality?

    44. Do you believe in gay marriage?

    45. Do you have any polygamist ships?

    46. How many fanfictions have you written?

    47. What made you want to join Tumblr?

    48. Why did you delete your previous account?

    49. Do you draw fanart too?

    50. Who is your favorite character to whump?

    51. What is your favorite ship to whump?

    52. Do you whump males or females more?

    53. What is your gender?

    54. Can you explain why you have a hard time with your gender identity?

    55. Do you have any witches, pagans, reiki masters, healers, wizards, mediums, etc. in your family?

    56. How many friends do you have?

    57. How old were you when you got your first friend?

    58. How old were you if/when you lost your virginity?

    59. Are you a virgin, aka how many forms of sex have you had?

    60. What bible/testament/scroll do you go by?

    61. How many words can you read a minute?

    62. Do you believe in ‘age is just a number’?

    63. Your opinions/what you know about pedophilia?

    64. Your opinions/what you know about sex trafficking?

    65. Have you ever been out of country?

    66. How many states have you been through on vacations?

    67. Your favorite male character(s)?

    68. Your favorite female character(s)?

    69. Sneakers or sandals?

    70. Do you do yoga?

    71. Have you ever rode a horse?

    72. Have you ever swam with a dolphin?

    73. Have you ever sustained any serious injuries?

    74. Who/what is your god?

    75. When did you decide what religion was yours?

    76. Were you adopted?

    77. Do you have any half siblings/step siblings you are no longer allowed to see?

    78. Have you ever been suicidal?

    79. Have you ever had a near death experience?

    80. Blinds or Curtains?

    81. Do you have seeing or hearing difficulty?

    82. How many hours a day do you write fanfiction?

    83. Do you have any non-cannon ships?

    84. How many hours a day are you on social media?

    85. Were you good at or did you fail in high school?

    86. Favorite high school grade?

    87. How many years of school do you have?

    88. What is your IQ?

    89. Do you like live action or animation more?

    90. Cartoons or Anime?

    91. Opinion on Anime overall?

    92. How many pets do you have?

    93. Who was your first pet?

    94. Who is the best pet you’ve ever had?

    95. Have you suffered loss yet, or have you not learned what grief is yet?

    96. How do you grieve?

    97. How do your turrets affect your daily life?

    98. Were you ever bullied?

    99. How many pet fish have you ever had?

    100. Have you ever had a job before?

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    To celebrate Valentines day, here are some of my favorite ships. I think they turned out pretty good.

    #valentines day#my art #how to train your dragon #tangled#pokemon#toy story#ducktales#httyd#dt17 #pokemon sword and shield #ships#dagcup#hicstrid#new dream#weblena#kbnz#body #wait is body woody and bo's ship name? #if not then what is?
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  • #dagcup#dagur/hiccup#hiccup haddock #dagur the deranged #whump #hiccup!whump #fanfiction#writing#httyd #how to train your dragon #rtte #race to the edge
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  • #dagcup #thas right bich
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  • Especially when there’s three

    #art#anon#reply#httyd#rtte#dagcup#Hiccup Haddock#child ocs#tyra#dagny#hamish#modern au #Hiccup is done #he hasn't even had coffee yet #and it was his turn to wake em up
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  • always wanted to do this, and guess who dunnit?

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  • drew this for @baisleyarts discord :p

    #httyd #dagur the deranged #hiccup horrendous haddock iii #dagcup #more like dadgur and dadcup
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  • #nsft#dagcup#httyd #dagur the deranged #hiccup haddock#dagur/hiccup #how to train your dragon #rtte #race to the edge #fanfiction#writing#smut#lemon#Anonymous
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  • @dagur-nott , your children are just as //chef kiss// magnifique 

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  • @baisleyarts‘s dagcup kids are so (clenches fist) babey

    #baisleyarts#dagcup #LOOK at their kids i DIE #this is messy nbut i wanted to draw them before i had to make dinner :0
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  • Sketchdump for an idea I had for a Dagcup Beauty & the Beast AU.
Hiccup-> Inventor Belle
Dagur-> Beast
Toothless-> Phillepe
Gaston-> Viggo
Heather-> witch who turned Dagur (due to a misunderstanding)
Setting-> Norman settlement on Celtic land (Ireland)

    #dagcup#Hiccup Haddock #dagur x hiccup #beauty and the beast AU #hiccup the monsterfucker #DAGBUTT
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  • IDK why most, if not all of my OTPs are just “Feral little man and his bratty nerd boyfriend” 

    #bonus 20 points if one of them is mentally ill #dagcup#vaason#gayperion
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  • #asks #made up fic titles #dagcup
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    please help

    it’s literally all just whump and dagcup fic

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