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  • we-are-a-dragon
    15.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Adam (playing Billie): I say, "Speaking of Kjell and Galwyn. Galwyn, a couple of days ago we asked Kjell to ask you what your plans were-"

    M (playing Kjell): I go white as a sheet. "Hey Billie."

    Adam: "-and I don't know how that conversation went but-"

    M: "Billie can I ask you something real quick?"

    Adam: "-you've been staying at the house for a few days and that's fine, I don't think you're mooching, you're Kjell's boyfriend and that's all good-"

    M: "BILLIE."

    Adam: "-but I'm still wondering-"

    M: I grab you by the shoulders. "Billie! Can Galwyn please join the party? Everyone? Please?"

    DM: Galwyn exclaims, "You didn't tell them???"

    M: I wail, "You are very distracting!"

    Adam: "...Well! I would be very happy with that!"

    Hamish: "We already wanted him to, so yes, obviously."

    M: I mouth 'sorry' at Galwyn.

    Tati: I say to Galwyn, "You're joining TTC?"

    DM: He says bemusedly, "Yes, I think."

    Tati: "That's wonderful!" I hug him.

    M: Get your claws out of my man.

    Tati: I don't want him! I just like him as a character!

    M: *grins*

    DM: Damaris puts her hand up timidly and says, "Did Godric ask-"

    Hamish: "Yes, you're all good Damaris. You're in the party too."

    DM: She sighs. "Phew."

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): The next ghost's dying wish was to have a funeral. Seriously, nobody ever did this for them?

    Andy (playing Una): Let's pick Billie up before we do any more quests.

    Hamish: Sure. We swing past the house.

    Adam (playing Billie): I'm just finishing up writing some letters.

    Andy: Well, in the meantime what about the ghost who wants to pass on their signature dish?

    DM: He can speak Draconic and Old Common.

    Andy: Ah... Hey, Seraph, you speak Old Common now, right?

    Tati (playing Seraph): Yeah, I learned it while I was time travelling. I say, "I speak it passably, but I didn't pick up a lot about recipes, so I might get a measurement wrong somewhere..."

    Andy: Ah...

    Tati: Doesn't Damaris speak Draconic?

    DM: Oh, yes, actually! She can translate the recipe.

    Andy: Perfect!

    DM: The dish is a bird stuffed with bread.

    Andy: Yummy.

    DM: You make the dough into a ball, stick it into the bird, and then bake the whole thing.

    Adam: What? That's weird!!

    Andy: Weirder than just sticking a whole loaf up its jacksie?

    Adam: What do you think stuffing is, you egg??

    Hamish: I love how aggressive you are about this.

    DM: This is Billie in-character.

    Adam: It absolutely is!

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    30.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Tati (playing Seraph): I'd also like to go out and find Damaris at the chess table once we're back from shopping. I ask, "Do you mind if I join you?"

    DM: She indicates the other seat. "Of course not, we're party mates now. What's up?"

    Tati: "Nothing really, I'm just trying to catch up with everyone. I know we haven't really talked before, but Godric's talked about you a lot, so... I missed you."

    DM: She blushes and smiles. "How are you settling back in?"

    Tati: "Alright. It's all very weird. Godric said you wanted to talk to me about magic."

    DM: Her smile falters. "Yes... Your magic is innate, right?"

    Tati: I nod. "I was born with the ability, yes."

    DM: She fiddles with a rook. "Godric gets his from King Ellidir, and Kan'kad gets hers from books, but you and I... You like it, don't you?"

    Tati: "My magic manifested at a time in my life with a lot of turmoil, grief and fear. It was one of the only good and beautiful things I had."

    DM: She sighs. "My magic was the cause of the grief and turmoil. Have the others told you about my past?"

    Tati: I hesitate. "It's come up, but not in detail."

    DM: She sighs. "If I hadn't had magic, I'd still be on a farm somewhere, milking cows in the morning and feeding chickens in the afternoon, probably engaged to a stable boy, never amounting to anything. Instead I'm here, and I can do..." She waves her hand and the chess pieces move themselves.

    Tati: "I suppose you blame your magic for what happened to you."

    DM: She thinks about that for a moment. "No. People are to blame for what happened to me. My magic was the reason I was... taken... by the cult, but people are to blame."

    Tati: "Have you ever thought about going home?"

    DM: She touches the scarring around the edges of her face unconsciously. "I don't know. I haven't considered it. I'm not even sure they'd recognise me anymore."

    Tati: "Godric says your magic is beautiful. I believe him."

    DM: She smiles a little at that. "I want to see it that way too. What do you use your magic for? Aside from..."

    Tati: "Killing?" I grimace, then think. "I like to fly and make light."

    DM: "Would you... like to go flying with me sometime?"

    Tati: "Do you have a broom?"

    DM: "No." She gets out of her chair and levitates herself for a moment, then sets back down sheepishly. "I don't know how long I can sustain that, but..."

    Tati: *wide eyes* "Yes. I'd love to go flying with you."

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    30.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Marijn (playing Godric): Did anyone play chess with Damaris today?

    DM: Your butler Knockfit did.

    Tati (playing Seraph): Did he trash her?

    DM: Yeah. He destroyed her.

    Marijn: I go out and play a game with her. She'll have to teach me.

    DM: She's enjoying it, but she's not very good yet. She's also not a good teacher.

    Marijn: *shrugs* I'm not a good student. We can just muck around and have fun.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    28.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Godric (fairy warlock): That sounds like Kjell coming down the stairs. I don't know if you want to be here, I know things got tense last night.

    Seraph (siren sorcerer): We've spoken, it's okay.

    Godric: We're off to talk to the cult professor.

    Seraph: *blank*

    Godric: The one who pointed us toward Demogorgon. We said we'd let her know how everything went. Do you want to come?

    Seraph: *hesitates* I think I'd like a day or two to get my bearings before I jump back into anything heavy.

    Godric: That's fine! Totally makes sense. If you're hanging around here, you could go talk to Damaris.

    Seraph: Yes! It's been playing on my mind that we never got to talk about magic, so I definitely will.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    27.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Marijn (playing Godric): Are there ceiling fans in our bedrooms since Persia is so hot all the damn time?

    DM: What the hell, why not.

    Marijn: Sweet. I slept on ours.

    DM: Not on the pillow beside Damaris since it was your first opportunity?

    Marijn: Oh yeah! I absolutely did that! But some nights I'm gonna sleep on the fan like it's a carousel. Rock me to sleep like a baby.

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): You'd have to strap yourself in or the centrifugal force would gradually pull you along the blade.

    Marijn: I slide off and hit the floor right at the time I needed to wake up. The perfect alarm clock.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    23.09.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Adam (playing Billie): I help the cook prepare our first dinner in the house.

    Andy (playing Una): That's cool, it'll set a precedent that you'll be in the kitchen a lot.

    DM: I will give you names and races for your staff, but I don't have them right now.

    Adam: We bring dinner in. Are all our friends eating with us?

    DM: Yeah, it's kind of turned into an impromptu housewarming dinner. Galwyn and Damaris are obviously with you, plus The Craftsmen and The Iron Circle.

    Andy: I invite Duke Farlaing.

    DM: ...Okay. He's awkward but shows up because it's technically an invitation from another noble house.

    Tati (playing Seraph): Has Kjell mentioned that he invited Galwyn to join the party?

    M (playing Kjell): ...No. *laughs* I'm just going to keep quiet and wait until someone asks how long he's going to stick around.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    23.09.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Marijn (playing Godric): Does Damaris want any alterations to our room?

    DM: Like Billie and Seraph, Damaris is not used to having her own space and she doesn't quite know how to handle it. She'd rather you make any decisions for now.

    Marijn: I take her to the market and take her around the art and ceramics stalls. I point out some pieces I like and then ask her if she likes anything.

    DM: She slowly gets into it and finally buys a painting of a desert landscape. It's not like anything in Persia and it's actually the only non-Persian landscape on offer.

    Marijn: Awesome!

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): What's your sleeping situation going to be like?

    Marijn: I really want bunk beds, but also if there are exposed rafters I might sleep there.

    Hamish: Do you need a whole bed?

    Marijn: Well, no... but bunk beds are cool.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Marijn (playing Godric): As soon as I've prestidigitation'd Kjell I go outside and check on Damaris.

    DM: She's just sitting quietly.

    Marijn: I ask, "Are you okay?"

    DM: She says, "Yeah. This is just, I guess the first big fight I've been in since I joined TTC B, aside from the arena. Maybe the first big fight of my life. It was... a lot."

    Marijn: "It was a lot for everyone, so you're not alone with that. Do you want to go for a walk?"

    DM: She smiles. "Yeah. That would be good."

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): Are you telling-

    Marijn: Yes! I pop my head in and let someone know we're taking a walk.

    Hamish: Thank you.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    M (playing Kjell): Alright, I want to loot Destrian's body.

    DM: It's surprisingly intact, except for the head which Thaddeus flailed in.

    M: Great. I step on his head and then lift him up by the jaw so his skull tears in half.

    Marijn (playing Godric): Ew!

    DM: You are now covered in Destrian gore.

    M: Good.

    DM: Multiple NPCs look unhappy.

    M: Literally do not care.

    DM: Galwyn comes up and says, "Are you okay?"

    M: I grin. "Never better. Why?"

    DM: He looks at Destrian's corpse. "He was a terrible enemy, but desecration of bodies... Are you okay?"

    M: I'm still lowkey raging, I'm having the time of my life. I ignore the question and search the body.

    DM: There's nothing on it. He didn't have any magic items except the axe.

    Tati (playing Seraph): How did Mirror and Diana manage that?

    Andy (playing Una): They just stuck some glitter on his armour and told him it was magical.

    DM: Pretty much that, probably.

    M: Oh no, I just realised I've gone and mutilated another body in front of Damaris. *head in hands* I'm sorry Damaris!

    DM: It's okay, she went outside almost as soon as combat was over.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    DM: Now that the fight is over, various NPCs check on people. The Iron Circle check on each other. Galwyn checks on Kjell. Damaris checks on Godric. Glatur and Alwel check on Seraph. Kan'kad goes and looks at the pinboards J has over here.

    Marijn (playing Godric): I definitely want to look at those.

    DM: There are pages and pages of information.

    M (playing Kjell): Are there drawings of us?

    DM: Yes. They're not good.

    Tati (playing Seraph): He's had 300 years to hone his skills.

    DM: He's had 300 years of being tortured.

    Adam (playing Billie): If his planning is here, does that mean we can find out the rest of the next campaign in character?

    DM: ...No. J was way too paranoid to have written his plans down. Everything here is his gathered information on TTC.

    Marijn: Is it accurate?

    DM: Mostly, yes. Remember, he was scrying on you practically nonstop.

    M: Had he noted Galwyn and my relationship?

    DM: Yes.

    M: Gross.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    15.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    M (playing Kjell): I charge Demogorgon.

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): Do you need healing?

    M: No. I’m stronger when I’m hurting.

    Hamish: You’re really hurting.

    M: *smiles grimly* Yeah.

    Tati (playing Seraph): Alwel runs up and then he’s going to use fey step to get behind it. Would Damaris like to come with him?

    Marijn (playing Godric): Ooh! If that’s possible, yeah.

    Tati: Alright, that’s a double boop over here to flank with Thaddeus and Kjell.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    15.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Marijn (playing Godric): Damaris runs over to Seraph and uses Woundstitch Powder.

    Tati (playing Seraph): Oh my god! Yes!

    Marijn: You stop making death saving throws and the ongoing damage goes away.

    Tati: You beauty!

    Marijn: And then she’s going to heal you.

    Andy (playing Una): How touching.

    Tati: She hasn’t gotten the chance to talk to me sorcerer to sorcerer yet, she needs to keep me alive for that.

    Marijn: Shut up and spend a healing surge.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    15.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    DM: Demogorgon has one attack left this turn. It turns to Billie and snarls, “You. You sap our power.” It brings both tentacles down.

    Adam (playing Billie): Okay, I am badly hurting. I have 14 HP left.

    DM: It uses its last action point and repeats the attack. I’ll resolve them separately, since if the first one drops you the second will be a coup de grace.

    Adam: It won't be a coup de grace. The first attack drops me. Before the second hits, my Phoenix Sash activates.

    Tati (playing Seraph): Oh my god, you have a Phoenix Sash??

    Adam: Yeah, I got it in the dragon’s lair in Round Two of the tournament!! I spend a healing surge and I’m weakened until the end of my next turn.

    DM: …It hits you one last time.

    Adam: Oof, I’m down again. But it’s out of actions and I'm still alive.

    DM: Demogorgon uses its teleport speed of 20 to boop over here behind Galwyn, Damaris, Godric and Kan’kad.

    Marijn (playing Godric): Arghhh! It what??

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    15.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    DM: Demogorgon uses its gaze attack on these guys...

    Tati (playing Seraph): Ow. I'm at 21 HP.

    DM: That was a minor action, so now it's going to use a tentacle attack on the same group.

    Tati: I'm unconscious and taking ongoing 20. I'm about to die.

    Marijn (playing Godric): It's fine, Damaris will heal you.

    Tati: Demogorgon gets a whole other turn right now and I'm still comfortably in range.

    Marijn: Fuck.

    DM: Demogorgon's other head targets Alwel and makes him attack Thaddeus.

    Tati: Huh.

    M (playing Kjell): If Alwel kills Thaddeus I really will never forgive him.

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): It's okay, I've only taken 1 damage this encounter.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    14.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    M (playing Kjell): I miss Destrian with my attack but hit the goristro.

    DM: It gets an attack on you as a reaction.

    M: *grins* I get an attack on it as a reaction to that!

    DM: Really?

    M: Really. But we both missed, so it doesn't matter.

    Marijn (playing Godric): It does matter, because Damaris also gets an attack on the goristro because she has it marked! And she hits!

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    14.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Marijn (playing Godric): Damaris runs around to cleave the goristro. On the way she uses a free action to fist bump Galwyn.

    DM: Galwyn totally fist bumps her.

    Marijn: I yell, "Bring J back!"

    DM: Demogorgon says, "He was a worthless pawn."

    Marijn: "I wasn't done talking to him!"

    DM: It laughs. "You can talk to him in the Shadowfell."

    Marijn: *blanches* I don't want to talk to him that much.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    05.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Godric (fairy warlock): Damaris is going to join the party, unless anyone has a problem with it.

    Thaddeus (khajiit paladin): I don’t have a problem but I’d prefer if you ask rather than tell us.

    Godric: *sighs* Fine. Guys, can Damaris join the party?

    Thaddeus: Sure!

    Godric: Great! Seraph, if Damaris comes talk to you-

    Seraph (siren sorcerer): Oh, I know this! Don’t mention cults!

    Kjell (half-elf barbarian): *thumbs up*

    Godric: -she wants to chat sorcerer to sorcerer about magic.

    Seraph: Oh.

    Godric: What?

    Seraph: What?

    Godric: Why would you mention cults??

    Seraph: Iiiiii wouldn’t? *shoots Kjell a look*

    Godric: Good! Don’t!

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    31.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Party recap:

    After a frustrating conversation with the Divinity of Conflict (affectionately known as Steve), Travelling Trauma Centre spent a day in Suda catching up with old friends, pursuing personal quests, and secretively planning a birthday party for Seraph. TTC's guild grew as Damaris joined TTC A as a permanent follower and Heron's Fall requested to join the guild as a junior party.

    #funny#dnd#recap#friends#Seraph#Lyra DM #just little d&d things #Damaris Miter#TTC B#Heron's Fall #Divinity of Conflict #Suda#quests#birthday#secrets#filler #travelling trauma centre
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    30.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    DM: Godric, anything else today? It's after lunchtime now.

    Marijn (playing Godric): I want to find Damaris.

    DM: Excellent. TTC B are actually preparing to leave Suda in the next few days. She's pleased to see you.

    Marijn: I tell her about our adventure in the Bucket Realm.

    DM: She's very intrigued and a little concerned.

    Marijn: I say, "Hey... You said a few days ago that when we go on to this next bit, you'd come with us. Were you serious about that?"

    DM: She looks at the rest of TTC B and they leave the room. She says, "Yes, I was serious. If you're going to run around doing stupid things like jumping into bucket realms, I want to be there to help out. I've really enjoyed my time with TTC B, but... Do you think I can join your party again?"

    Marijn: "I'll talk to them, but I don't think they'll have any problem with that." I hesitate. "I... I really like you, and any chance to hang out with you is super cool. It's just... I don't know how to say this... If you're going to travel with us, you'll probably need to use your magic again. I know that's a huge source of trauma for you and I'm not going to pressure you. But if you try to face the people we're going to face as a fighter, I don't think it's going to go well for you."

    DM: She says, "No, I agree, that time is past. If I travel with you I'll need to pull my weight."

    Marijn: "I don't mean that you don't pull your weight. You've been doing great."

    DM: "But I need to be at my strongest when it counts. And I've been thinking. When we first met, you were getting your magic from a source that wasn't exactly good for you."

    Marijn: "It's not a time I'm proud of."

    DM: She goes on, "But you always stepped up to protect your party. You never let it stop you from doing what you needed to do. And if you can, I can. I'll own my magic. It's part of me and there's no point in running from it."

    Marijn: I say, "I think you can do anything you put your mind to. Look, I know you hate your magic, though I think it's the most beautiful thing out of all the beautiful things about you. I think you should talk to Seraph. Her magic is wonderful and it comes to her naturally like yours does. I'll always be here for you, but my magic is different so I can't answer those questions."

    DM: She smiles. "Okay, I will."

    Marijn: "Okay. Then, I'm really excited to party up with you." Ahhhh, I've wanted this for so long!

    M (playing Kjell): Awww. #TeamWizards is too cute!

    Marijn: *outraged* M! How could you!! This was such a special moment!

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