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  • ostoria
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I'm sorry but what are people celebrating? 🤨 because of Damian DC has continuously regressed Bruce, Talia and even Ra's as characters to give Damian trauma and angst. WFA may be kinder to Bruce than canon but it still portrayed Talia as an abusive parent that put her own child through hell. It's another orientalist narrative where white people (Batfam) are portrayed as good/morally superior vs people of color (Talia and her family) who are bad/corrupted. This narrative tells the same story as Morrison (only with Bruce being portrayed better) in which Damian was traumatized and unhappy while living with Talia and living with Bruce and his new white family has saved him from the darkness.

    #talia al ghul #damian wayne#bruce wayne #wayne family adventures #batman#orientalism
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  • stiles-still-stinky
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    batfam as things my friends have said ~ pt. 2

    villain of the week, to dick: you have nice skin



    votw: where did you get it? walmart?

    dick, offended: i’m not that cheap!

    steph, whacking them over the head: ITS GUCCI BITCH!

    cass: sorry i had to start again my balloon popped

    dick: are you cereal?

    cass, deadpan: no i’m milk

    steph, in the middle of a conversation: is that a cat??

    tim: no it’s a chicken. anyway—

    jason: dude your arms are really long look at that shit

    dick: yeah i’m like an orangutan

    talking about tumblr:

    damian: that’s where all the cringey people are

    tim: THE GAYS??!?

    cass: my bread... my bread...

    babs: what happened to your bread?

    cass: it fell on the ground...

    steph: ben barnes — what a man, but i’d bitch slap the darkling in a heartbeat

    cass: agreed

    cass: i don’t even like men and i can tell he’s hot

    steph: exactly you can appreciate the art without wanting to fuck the painting

    cass: that is a truly unique expression

    steph: thank you :)

    tim: i’m getting paid $5 for this

    jason: ok but will $5 be enough to pay for your medical bills after i’m done with you?

    tim, stopping talking halfway through a sentence: jesus christ what am i even on?

    steph: i’m not sure what you’re on but can i have some?

    tim: sure i think it’s called perfectionism and sleep deprivation



    tim: it’s very addictive so be careful

    duke: you are a menace to your own health and safety

    tim: yeah i know :(

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  • stiles-still-stinky
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    batfam as things my friends have said ~ pt. 1

    tim: shut up i have a headache

    dick: eat panadol

    tim: no i—

    dick: EAT PANADOL


    jason: don’t worry brother, thou is getting harmed safely

    tim, getting make up put on him by steph:

    dick, as jason walks past: jason!

    tim, quietly: why does he look like a mexican drug lord?

    tim, sleep deprived: wait! is that how eels are made? a fish and a snake procreate?

    damian: *stares into the camera like he’s on the office*

    tim and steph on patrol:

    bad guys doing shit:

    steph: tim go do your sexy jedi thingy!

    tim: what

    steph: you know with your staff

    tim, pained: are you referring to darth maul?

    batfam doing a joking reading of macbeth for jason’s birthday:

    jason: *reads a whole soliloquy from memory*

    duke, attempting to read the next line: why do— what you— why do you— what the fuck??

    jason: plan a: diplomacy. plan b: complete insanity. plan c: blackmail. plan d: kill everyone

    damian: sounds good

    bruce: nO—

    dick: tim do you want a pen?

    tim: that’s not my pen

    dick: is this my pen…?


    dick: i have a pen!

    damian: did you know female possums die from not mating enough?


    damian: …im gonna go save some possums

    tim: …i really hope you’re joking

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  • ghurab-alzilal
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • san-fics
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Tim: Guys, do you know what Bruce is going to get for my birthday?

    Damian: Check what ad pops up at Alfred's phone

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  • san-fics
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Bruce [before leaving the house]: No drinking. No drugs. No kissing. No tattoos. No piercings. No ritual animal slaughters of any kind

    Bruce: Oh God, I’m giving them ideas

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  • impulsivelybart
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    12 y/o robin: alfred what's christmas really about?

    alfred: well, you see-

    bruce: VENGEANCE.



    bruce: ...erm, I mean, presents.

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  • bakufly
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I need to know, what comic is this image from? :(

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  • kidshadow
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago
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  • captaindickgrayson
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Helloooo Again lol

    I am currently working on a Bruce Wayne x Reader, but I am bringing Jerome Valeska from the tv series Gotham into it. It is pretty much going to be an alternate universe where Jerome lives. But it is also going to have Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian in it. I may or may not post it, I haven’t decided yet......

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  • sleepyssnail
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Alfred knows this won't end well, but arguin with Bruce right now is a losing battle

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  • lovely-lynn
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I Had The Best Day With You- Dick

    A look into Marinette's relationships with her batfamily through little moments in her life.

    Warnings: brief Panic Attack, bullying

    Read the first part here: https://lovely-lynn.tumblr.com/post/668982257410801664/i-had-the-best-day-with-you-jason


    I'm thirteen now

    Tears burned her eyes as panic pulled at her chest. She felt as if she was drowning, her head sinking below the surface of her sorrow. Overwhelmed, she distantly heard herself call for Kalki and hurriedly into the portal. Not really sure where it was taking her, nor did she really care she just had to get away from Paris. Away from Hawkmoth. Away from the tormentors that made her feel like dirt underneath their shoes. Not worthy of anything. Realistically, Marinette knew she had more power, influence, and love then they could ever hope to have. She could dictate their futures with a quick snap of her fingers and a call to the Wayne family lawyer. She could type Lila Rossi's name into the bat computer and dig up every bit of dirt there was to be found. And at any time she could go home and be wrapped in the arms of her loved ones. People who would protect her with everything in their being and comfort her even when she didn't feel like she deserved it. Even Damian, as prickly as he may be at times.

    Ironically, it was that deeply ingrained need for the comfort of her family that brought her face to face with the large front door of Wayne manor. She threw open the door, knowing the key to get in and stumbled into the unusually silent entryway. In fact the whole manor was silent. Her heart dropped and her sorrow bubbled up completely consuming her as she sank to her knees, placing her hands over her eyes and letting out heartbreaking sobs. Of course the manor was empty. The stupid time difference and played against her, like every other force of the day. Everyone was either at work or school. The fact that Alfred hadn't arrived yet led to prove that he too was out of the house, most likely picking up Damian. She was completely alone. Alone in the place that she had grown up knowing that this issue wouldn't be a problem.

    Her sobs drowned out the heavy footsteps to her ears. She didn't even acknowledge another presence until she was being enveloped in warmth and slightly lifted before being settled once more onto something much more comfortable than the cold, unforgiving floor of the entry hall.

    She shouldn't have relaxed into the hold as much as she did, even if she was in the manor. This was Gotham after all, but right now she couldn't bring herself to care about the possible dangers. She was too relieved at being momentarily free of the crippling anxiety. She could still hear the angry raised voices. The accusatory tones that caused misplaced guilt to sit like a heavy stone in the pit of her stomach. Even through the calm, she could feel the tears burning at her eyes. She couldn’t help but be frustrated with her inability to keep her frayed emotions in check. Emotions that were frayed, seemingly beyond repair, by exhaustion, stress, and pain. Frayed because of the nights she spent lying awake, crying over moments like this. Or the times she would wake up drenched in sweat and yet somehow, still shivering as her body prepared for the stresses of the next day. She was always cold now. She constantly shivered and shook, which only added to the ever present exhaustion. The most tiring part though was the bright smile she displayed. Having been taught so many times that nobody cares. Suck it up and deal with it yourself.

    This moment, however, challenged that idea. Warm hands ran through her hair and down her back. Strong arms, that were equally as warm, cradled her tightly. Protecting her from the outside world. The same arms that had protected her from many nightmares and bad days in the past. She gave a shuttering breath, comforted by the rocking motion her hero had set. She allowed her body to go limp. Focusing her attention on the soft shushing noises and the hand that would occasionally massage the back of her tense neck.

     Eventually she looked up, meeting the gentle and concerned blue eyes of her brother. She was slightly surprised to see Dick. She knew he worked in Bloodhaven and hadn't been around as much. Well at least that's what Tim told her. Being in Paris , she didn't know first hand. Thankfully Dick didn't ask how she had gotten there from Paris. Marinette reasoned that he probably figured that she had used a zeta tube. The thought that she used magical jewelry probably hadn't even crossed his mind. She wasn't sure, and didn't really want to find out, how her family would react to her polka dotted problem. With how overprotective they were, she could imagine it wouldn't be good. She suspected that Alfred already knew, but that man knew everything. Plus Marinette had the sneaking suspicion that she wasn't the only one in the house who has used a miraculous. They left imprints on their holders after all. She was also fairly sure that Damian knew about the existence and nature of the miraculous due to his upbringing, however if he knew about her involvement, he wasn't saying anything.

    Marinette hadn't meant to come to the manor, though now she is thankful she did. She had just needed to get away from Paris. She couldn't let herself be akumitized. Generally she was very good at keeping her emotions under wraps, perks of being a Wayne. Today ,however, she had reached he breaking point. Her class, thanks to Lila, had been relentless in their torments. She knew that not everyone in the class was against her, no one else sans maybe Chloe believed her, but they didn't all torment her. However, the majority did. The ones she had been closest to. The ones who knew how to hurt her the most. Luckily for them, nothing had ever turned physical. If it had, she couldn't ensure their safety and honestly at that point she would stop trying. On top of the bullying, She had to deal with two akuma's and her workload seemed to be piling up beyond what she could bear. All of these things compiled, lead her here. To this moment. Though, this moment in particular didn't seem too bad. Wrapped in the arms of her brother she felt safer than she had in a long time. That safety was enough to convince her that everything would be okay. She waited, anxiously for the questions she knew were coming. When he would ask her what was wrong or what had happened. A question she really wasn't prepared to answer. Because she knew, that once she started talking all of it would spill out, Spots and all.

    Surprisingly Dick, the biggest 'I need to fix it now' guy on the planet, didn't ask. He simply hoisted her to her feet and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, gently guiding her toward the garage. He pulled the keys to his car out of his pocket and wordlessly helped her get situated in the passenger seat. She knew what he was doing. Car rides had always been a staple of comfort for the two, especially after Jay Jay. Whether it be nightmares or just a rough day. There was something about just driving with no destination that felt freeing. A feeling both of them often craved.

    "Alright, which way?" He asked as they came to the first intersection.

    "Um, left," She replied because that definitely seemed to be the way her life was going lately. They continued this way, each of them taking turns choosing directions, until they reach a small, cute little town. Dick removed his keys from the car cutting off the radio that had been playing Christmas music. Yet another staple between the two. They listened to Christmas music all year around, much to the displeasure of other members of their family. Because no one could be unhappy when listening to Christmas music. As they began to walk through the little town, Marinette found herself in a much better mood.

    The shops were quaint and very pretty and the town, while old was in pretty good upkeep. Honestly it looked like something out of a Hallmark movie. Dick grabbed her hand, pulling her into what looked to be a clothing store.

    "What do you think about this Mari?" He asked, pulling out a tacky purple purse with fake rhinestones and fluttering his eyes, " I think it really goes with my eyes," Marinette giggled at his antics.

    "Well, it I think it fits you pretty well," She teased and Dick let out an overdramatic gasp.

    "Are you calling me cheap?"

    "No, I'm just saying you tend to be a bit over the top," Marinette replied, unable to keep from smiling.

    "I fail to see how that is a bad thing," Dick huffed, crossing his arms and pretending to stick his nose in the air. The two continued to bicker playfully as they made their way through the small store. Occasionally Dick would throw items of clothing at her and vise versa and they would have to go try it on. Which followed by them overdramatically showing the other the outcome. Eventually, after getting mire than enough dirty looks from the lady at the register, the pair left heading to a small ice cream parlor. The ice cream parlor was seventies themed and had a certain charm to it that Marinette couldn't help but love. It was packed to the brim with people so Dick and Marinette decided to sit on a bench looking out over the water. One bite if the ice cream almost had Marinette moaning as her mouth was bombarded with flavors. No wonder the shoo had been packed. The pair sat in silence, enjoying their ice cream and watching the water flow peacefully.

    " So, you want to tell me what happened? " Dick inquired as they sat on the pier with their ice creams. Marinette had been expecting this question for awhile now but that didn't mean she was anymore prepared to answer it.

    "This may not make any sense but I'm not sure I can," Marinette replied, expecting him to push harder or get her to explain something that she didn't fully understand herself. She wasn't sure how to put all of this into words and she wasn't sure she could without revealing things she wasn't allowed to reveal.

    "That's ok. But, when you can tell me, you know where.to find me. And I will always be willing to listen," Dick replied smiling and leaning over to place a quick kiss to the top of her head. The action filled her with warmth solidifying in her mind what she already knew: She was not alone and nothing, especially not Lila, could change that.

    Marinette didn't really know what she was going to do at school but for now she was content to sing wildly off key to the radio on the drive home and nurse her aching sides. Each laugh Dick pulled from her lips served to remind her of something very important that she had forgotten. Someone did care. Her family cared and they would never let her go through this alone.


    Here is the next installment of I Had The Best Day With You. I had fun writing this one and I hope you like it! Next up is Bruce! I'm planning to do Alfred butIf you want to be added to the Tag List then shoot me a message letting me know what story/fandom you want to be tagged in!hing very important that she had forgotten. Someone did care. Her family cared and they would never let her go through this alone. let me know your thoughts on if I should. I hope you like this!! Let me know what you want to see next!!

    Tag List: @guessmyname17, @galla02006 , @jayjayspixiepop

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  • thisiswhereikeepdcthings
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I have come to the conclusion that Bruce and Talia need to be able to get back together and live happily ever after with Damian beaming beside them and Jason staring at them in unmitigated horror

    #two of Jason’s parental figures getting together is his nightmare #his ability to get away with things has gone down drastically #meanwhile Tim just looks Ra’s in the eye and says #you mean nothing to me #dick is suffering #Cass is happy her dad is happy #and she already has figured out nine ways to take Talia down should the need arise #Steph is here for the drama #duke thinks Talia is cool enough #Jason: wait no you can’t steal my mom #Damian muttering about imbeciles in the background #Tim: you do realize it is common for siblings to share parents right #Jason to Diana: you’ll always love me right #batman#bruce wayne #talia al ghul #brutalia#batkids#batfam#jason todd#damian wayne#tim drake#dick grayson#cassandra cain#stephanie brown#duke thomas #ra’s al ghul #diana prince #I will only be taking good parents Talia and Bruce at this time thanks
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  • lunathekahuna
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Day 1 of #DaminetteDec21 :Grumpy Cat 😾

    Damian:*stays close to Mari as he grouchingly sits at his Niece's b-day party* why again did you persuade me to play these ridiculous characters?

    Marinette:*smiles as she turns to him* Because You love me and your beloved Niece to have a great party for her, mon minou grincheux.



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  • aalghul
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Struggling not to be a hater because that chapter was…not perfect, lol. But that’s just me and my strong hatred of Talia having abused Damian in the League, and the Bats being the only family that’s cared about Damian. I’ll take it though. The bare minimum of “Talia does care about Damian btw” is enough for me this one time

    #this one time #if this was an actual comic I would be angry and ranting #wayne family adventures #talia al ghul #damian al ghul
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  • rasalghul777
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I'm glad they made this episode. They really made a whole episode because of all the comments. I want to say good job, and thank you to all the people who commented in episode 13. Now we need those fanfics people!! We must celebrate 🥳🥳

    #thank the person who decided to make this episode #thank you!!! #talia al ghul #ra's al ghul #damian wayne #dami and his Mom is so wholesome #i bought the episode so...
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  • adrestar
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    For Daminette December 2021: Day 2

    Prompt: Package

    I know I said I'm only gonna post for day 1 but nah let's forget about that. I'm just gonna post this one because I didn't have time to write a whole fic.

    Damian doesn't want to admit it but he has a crush on the transferee, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. He doesn't want to entertain such feelings but he can't help it. He started to put some sticky notes with random messages in her locker. Of course, just like his vocabulary, the messages are formal, but Marinette finds them romantic. One day, Marinette let it slip up that it must be nice if someone could draw or paint a portrait for her. Damian heard it and immediately painted a large portrait of her. He would not admit doing this to woo her. He wrapped it in a pink gift wrapper and wrote the usual sticky notes. His family found it and questioned it of course. They foun out that Damian has a crush on his classmate and immediately found her address. They sent the painting to her address.

    Don't know what happens next but I know for sure that Marinette loved the painting.


    #DaminetteDec21 #daminette december 2021 #daminette #mlb x dc #maribat damian wayne #maribat marinette dupain cheng
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  • batbunker
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Damian is thinking. (Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant)

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  • youwerenevermeanttofeelalone
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Closer — kinkmas 2021

    ✦ pairing — older!Damian Wayne x afab!female!Plus Size Reader

    ✦ word count — 1.9k

    ✦ summary — confessions that reinforce the beginning of a new life are made on a freezing day.

    ✦ warnings — nsfw, mentions of running away, mentions of violence, porn with some plot, huddling for warmth, cuddle sex, clothed sex, vaginal sex, unprotected sex (please don’t do this), breeding, cream pie, fluff.


    You would have found the small cabin cozy if the cold hadn’t gotten worse as the hours passed.

    Gotham had never gotten this cold and although you loved winter, that was the only kind of cold you knew.

    You hugged your mug with your hands, barely feeling the hot ceramic against your numb fingers.

    Damian sat by the window, using daylight to read a book. You tried not to stare, knowing he would feel your gaze on him.

    The fact that he was only wearing a sweater caught your eye. “How are you not cold?” you broke the silence.

    “I became overwhelmed.” He didn’t take his eyes off his book.

    So he was in a bad mood...

    “I’ll be in the room,” you announced. He just hummed.

    Only getting rid of your shoes, you barely lifted the covers to get in bed.

    The sheets underneath you were freezing, and the covers on top of your body would take a while to warm you up.

    You stared at the wall, trying not to think about anything. There wasn’t much to do, electricity was out so the TV on the corner was useless.

    There was a charm to the room either way, a charm you hadn’t seen earlier, too worried about the fact that you would have to share a bed with Damian.

    It wasn’t as big of a deal as you made it earlier, you both had slept in close proximity before. Your underlying feelings had played a trick on your nerves, nothing else.

    The bed lightly dipped as Damian sat down. “Do you regret coming with me?” he quietly asked.

    You craned your neck, frowning. “Where did you get that from?”

    “Answer the question.”

    “I don’t,” you assured him. “And harsh weather isn’t going to change my mind.”

    Leaving the only home you had ever known had never been in your plans. You were meant to have a normal life, a boring job, fickle romances, the usual stuff.

    Meeting Damian hadn’t been in your plans either, and even when you met him, you never thought you would follow him wherever he would go. Much less follow him to the place he grew up in.

    You were there for the fallout Damian had with Bruce, for the screaming contest that ensued and the cruel words you were sure neither of them meant.

    It took him longer to ask you to come with him than it took you to agree. You wondered what he made of your reaction, of your eagerness to leave everything behind if it meant still being close to him.

    “Temperature seems to be dropping...”

    “Cover yourself and get comfortable,” you urged him. “It’ll get dark quickly.”

    He didn’t have problems with wandering around in the dark, yet he didn’t fight you.

    You curled up as he got comfortable, holding your breath when cold air momentarily hit you as he lifted the covers.

    He found a comfortable position without much fuss.

    “Stop hogging the covers!” he complained.

    “I’m cold!” you whined.

    Damian moved the pillow from the middle of the bed and threw it onto the floor. “Get closer.”

    You shyly scooted closer to him, exhaling as silently as you could. Damian hesitated for a moment before doing the same.

    “We’ll get going as soon as the storm passes,” he mumbled.

    Talking was a nice distraction. “Are you nervous?”

    “No.” His hand brushed yours by mistake as he attempted to cover both your bodies with the fuzzy blanket you had layered first. “You are,” he asserted.

    “I’ve never met your mother,” you reminded him.

    “She’ll like you.”

    “How can you be so sure?” Damian himself had made Talia sound intimidating.

    “Because you’re with me.” He slipped an arm under your head, forearm against your neck as he draped his arm over your tummy.

    You didn’t know what to do with your hands. “But—”

    He groaned. “You are not listening to what I’m saying.”

    “No, I am, but it sounds silly. Why would she care if I'm your friend?”

    “It won’t even matter if she likes you,” he said. You could tell he believed it. “I’ll take my place back, no matter what it takes.”

    You wiggled in his embrace, turning around in order to face him. His determination was admirable, and attractive — and terrifying.


    “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

    “Nothing will.” He brought your worried face onto his chest, hugging you tightly. “You worry too much.”

    “I’m sorry for caring about you.”

    His heartbeat quickened. “Is this a bad moment to admit something?”


    “I care about you.”

    You huffed a laugh. “I already knew that, dummy.”

    Damian hesitated, clearing his throat to gain time. “Not in that way.”

    You slightly pulled away, just enough to gaze at him. “What are you saying?”

    “I think you already know what I’m saying.”

    “I think so.” You let out a nervous laugh. “Are you sure?”

    Baffled, he stared at you. “Yes.”

    “I feel the same,” you admitted after years of pretending you hadn’t fallen for him.

    His lips met yours, barely moving at first until you fully kissed him back. You tasted green tea in his mouth.

    “I guess this makes going through the storm easier...” you commented as both of you pulled away from each other’s mouths.

    You rested your palms on the sides of his neck, feeling him trail his hands down your back.

    “Hopefully,” he said softly, “your teeth will get destroyed if they continue clattering as they did this morning.”

    You kissed him softly to which he answered by playfully biting your bottom lip.

    “I want you so bad,” you confessed, lips still brushing his. “But I’m cold.”

    “I’ll keep you warm,” he vowed before kissing you again.

    This kiss was heavier, devouring. His tongue slipped into your mouth, caressing yours as he tried to deepen the kiss some more.

    You whined as you gripped him tightly, needing him closer even though it was impossible. Damian pulled away, voice raspy with lust as he said, “So needy.”

    You felt his hardening cock against your thigh, prompting you to clench your legs in anticipation.

    Damian slipped his hand into your pants, cupping your pussy from on top of your panties. He pushed his fingers, teasing you.

    If only he knew he didn’t have to do much to get you wet...

    You rubbed his clothed cock, palming the outline to gauge just what was in store for you.

    “Eager?” he teasingly asked in your ear.

    You nodded, softly gasping as he pulled your panties to the side. His fingers were cold in comparison to your pussy, making your clit twitch at the contrast.

    Damian traced your labia, warming his fingers. You looked at him, taking his concentrated face in.

    Following his lead, you pulled his cock out from the constrain of his underwear. You wished you could see it as you squeezed it, feeling it throb in your grasp.

    He struggled to push your pants and underwear down, but he managed to leave them a couple of inches over your knees.

    He brought your leg to rest on top of his, prompting you to change positions. Now with full access, he lubed his cock with your slick.

    He pushed his tip in, entering you slowly and sighing contently. You were as warm as he had imagined.

    The wet sound that echoed through the room as he pulled out to enter you again was such a sweet obscenity that neither of you could wait to hear it again.

    “You feel divine,” he praised you. “Like you were made for me.”

    Your fingers slipped into his hair while you rested your other hand on his bicep. He held your thigh tightly so you wouldn’t move your leg, finding a steady thrusting pace.

    You ground against him, slanting your head to kiss his neck.

    Damian spoke between breaths, “You want me to go faster?”

    “Yes,” you said against his skin, having felt the vibrations of his voice on your hungry lips.

    Gasping at the quickness with which he complied, eagerly thrusting into you as he filled you to the brim, you gripped his hair and buried your nails in his flesh.

    The burn of his cock as you clenched around him made it all better, not only for you.

    “Do that again,” he panted.

    You did so, gripping the back of his head as he pounded into you.

    Damian leaned in to be able to kiss your neck, tracing your pulse point with his tongue. You bucked forward to meet his thrusts, gasping his name when his cock touched your g-spot.

    You involuntarily clenched around him and felt his cock throb which only added fuel to the fire. His touch grew desperate, thrusts quicker. You wondered who would cum quicker.

    “I want you to have my offspring,” he blurted. “Will you?” he urged you. “Will you give me an heir? Will you let me put a child in you?”

    You never imagined he would be talkative in bed. And you never saw yourself as breedable — Damian clearly thought otherwise.

    “Yes,” you breathed out. “I need you, please.”

    He rubbed your clit, humming in satisfaction. “Cum for me, beloved.”

    You moaned, a little overwhelmed as he fucked you and played with your clit at the same time.

    He worked you up some more, breathing heavily as he did so. You pressed your face onto the pillow as the knot in your stomach snapped. You came for him, gasping at the stimulation his thrusts bestowed upon you.

    Damian pushed his hips into yours a few more times, holding you tightly against him.

    “I’m close,” he let you know. “Are you taking it?”

    You hummed, unable to speak in attempts to recover your breath — resting your forehead on his chest, basking in his warmth and his scent while he continued fucking you.

    He came inside you, pumping you full of cum. His hips drove in and out a couple of times as he made sure to push his cum as deep as possible.

    Both of you stayed in the same position as Damian recovered his breath. He then let go of your leg and rested his hand on your cheek, making you lift your head.

    He briefly kissed you, lingering with his still lips on top of yours until you spoke.

    “Are you staying inside?”

    “I don’t want to make a mess,” he mumbled.

    Oh, yeah... “I gotta pee, though.”

    Damian snorted, withdrawing his arms from you. “I’ll remove the covers.”

    You shivered as he did, whining the moment he pulled his cock out. Trying your best to keep his cum inside so you wouldn’t make a mess, you walked towards the bathroom at a painfully slow pace.

    Your ass and thighs were freezing, and the fact that you had to hurry to take advantage of the little light that was left only made it worse.

    But you managed to relieve and clean yourself quickly.

    Hurrying to bury yourself under the covers, you laid on your back. Damian laid on his side, facing your profile.

    He leaned to kiss your jaw. “I meant everything I said.”

    You stilled for a moment. You could picture yourself as a mother, yes. “I should stop taking the pill, then.”

    “Really?” He couldn’t keep surprise from seeping into his voice.

    Turning your head to the side, pressing your cheek against the cold pillow, you reasoned, ”We should wait until we’re settled, but yes, really.”

    Damian draped his arm over your torso, leaning onto his stomach as he rested his chin on your shoulder. “Sounds reasonable.”

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