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  • cassiusapologist
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    that one Rep. Torres-Gomez saying that the presidency is an act of destiny and talking about it in regards to Marcos Jr like

    hey! what the fuck!! cut that out!!!

    #literally its the exact same language that roman emperors used to justify the imperialization of the republic #POLITICAL POSITIONS ARENT DIVINE EAT SHIT AND GET YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT #and so forth with powerful political families and kings and the perpetual cycle of violence #built on top of the bodies of student activists who dared call out marcos sr #the philippines didnt rebel twice against its colonizers just for you to bring back kingship jesus fucking christ #shame on you for a thousand years but also all of your family. wet shoes for you all. i hope your bank declines you whenever #its most awkward. kick off straight to the ninth circle of head 🥰
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  • a-s-levynn
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I cannot stress this enough but even if you are out with friends, if you don't trust a drink, just don't drink it. Leave it there.

    #no matter the reason #you don't have to justify it #you are not obliged to answer a dare #you don't owe an explanation on the why #but if you feel you 'must' have to comment on it say that you had enough or you don't like that drink or feel you want something else #if these are not sufficient reasons for your friends they are not your friends and they are not safe to be drunk around them anyway #so just get up and leave #that's it #it can be a lifesaver or at least you can spare yourself some very very not good times #levynn tries to think #late night thoughts
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  • iamnmbr3
    12.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    So I happened to come across this recently and I’m not trying to do a callout so I’ve blurred the person’s name. But. I had to say something because I’ve seen similar posts so many times and it’s genuinely concerning to me so I’d like to respond. 

    It’s strange to me how Mike Waldron who wrote the series constantly conflated Mobius and the actor who played him in a lot for eh PR and how I’ve seen so many people parrot that same PR and act as tho Owen Wilson being a nice person IRL has anything anything at all to do with his character.

    Because it doesn't. Owen Wilson is an actor. He is not the characters he plays. And Mobius is not kind or sweet or comforting at all. Like he’s just not. The definition of "radiating comfort" does not include forcing someone in a cell to be tortured and regularly threatening them with death and calling them a cockroach and other demeaning names and humiliating them. Sometimes I wonder if the people saying that the cold and cruel character who does things like that is “warm” or “comforting” even watched the show or if they’re just Disney bots mindlessly sharing Disney PR to get more people to watch the show lol.

    To see someone who gleefully commits the vile acts that Mobius does be called comforting and kind honestly deeply offends and disturbs me. This is a man who regularly commits mass genocide with 0 remorse, who obviously revels in having power over someone and in using that power to degrade, humiliate, terrorize, and torture his victim. This is a man who amuses himself by giving a piece of anachronistic candy to a little girl because he knows he can since he’s about to murder her and everyone in her whole reality. This man is an excellent villain because he is sadistic and cruel and selfish and narcissistic and capable of tremendous violence without remorse. What he is NOT is sweet or kind or comforting. 

    Torture is not an act of kindness. EVER. Genocide is not an act of kindness. EVER. Full stop. End of story. 

    #Don't you dare come in here and try to justify slavery or torture or genocide to me. #Those things cannot be justified. #And yet because of this show I've had people come to me and defend them. #which shows the harm this show has done. #Mobius shut tf up challenge 2021 #loki tv series #loki series#loki show #loki tv show #loki 2021#Mobius#loki tv #Loki Season 1 #random musings #cw genocide mention #cw torture mention
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  • indelibledaniel
    10.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Dare Justified - Worship Medley

    Dare Justified – Worship Medley

    Talented worship leader, “Dare Justified” has finally released a live session on Worship Medley with Mp3 and Video This is a medley of carefully selected worship songs to God. It will ignite love & fire in your heart, take you on a journey into the deep places of God, and leave you in awe of His glorious presence. Mp3 & Audio Download for Dare Justified – Worship Medley Download Mp3 Mp4…

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    #Dare Justified Songs #Nigerian gospel songs #Worship Medley Songs
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  • beingqueeranddoingbiggercrimes
    06.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    People really act like judging philza and techno on how they treat tommy is some sort of failing on the part of story analysis. Like tommy wasnt at some point leading the war against dream. The way they treat him, the way phil treats the discs, the way techno couldnt care about letting dream run loose - its not Just About tommy. It reflects what they think of the war itself too

    Like i also get upset when people make whole character analysises, but only ever view them as appendages to someone else's story (less upset and more annoyed cause its usually like. real one sided), but like. phil being like that about the discs and tommy's attachment to them really shows that he didnt care about the war. he still doesnt. he doesnt care much about what dream did, he doesnt care, that tommy isnt the only one for whom the discs mattered (tubbo was literally ready to sacrifice himself for them and tommy was the one to give them away in the end)

    the discs arent just a thing, they are a fucking symbol and phil couldnt care less

    and techno straight up broke dream out for business reasons even though he has seen what dream did to tommy in exile. he has seen what that man does, when he has freedom and power and he still set him loose. its not just about tommy here either lmao

    like. those are Actions characters take. yes they are very connected to tommy (because he was a huge part of the war and dream Targets Him on Purpose hello), but like. judging them for these actions is not just "oh they are mean to your fave thats why you dont like them" moment.

    its analysing them on their actions, that happen to be connected strongly to tommy.

    #im tired #like. if you can deal with people calling out actions that characters literally took then maybe just maybe you dont actually like them #maybe you just like the interpetation of them in your head that doesnt now quite click with the story and instead of dealing with that on #your own you blame others because they dare judge your little meow meows #AND like. you are still allowed to like them even if they do morally wrong shit. like i swear i promise you dont have to make their every #move justified and good to be able to like them
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  • drag-on-dragoon
    06.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    the fucking end of i-nos theme

    #fully wanting to destroy the world just completely justified hatred and malice because of everything that wronged you #and no one capable of understanding you of understand what happened to you could dare stand in your way #but if someone somehow cared more about the good than the bad inh the world despite that #that you could be happy to die for them so that they could make the world the beautiful place you wished it had been for you #auuuuuuuuuwegryhiluhawdjkgawjhdhawg
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  • guardsbian
    22.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    why are people acting like users pearl-clutch about other users' lore depicting "problematic" things. literally when has that ever happened

    #the only examples I can think of are people who like. Were Actually Dangerous or just blatantly had inc*st/p*do/r*pe in their lore #which. you know. shit you really can't justify on a kids site or any sfw space whatsoever #like. I think people are making up someone to be mad at #'some super vocal people think writing about bad stuff makes you a bad person' where? where are these people. #and where are these people who aren't minors either #like idk how people got so caught up in pro-shipping nonsense that they think this is a real thing #literally it's not hard to understand that you can draw conclusions about someone's behavior or beliefs based on how they treat #a fictionalized version of extreme or dark circumstances #like how true crime isn't inherently bad. but people who sensationalize and dehumanize tragedy are probably less sympathetic to victims #than they should be #and people who want to fuck serial killers very obviously should not be trusted in how they engage with true crime #that doesn't make true crime bad or wrong to listen to! but it does serve as a way to draw conclusions about people #which? in a community of people with common interests who are essentially in your larger social circle? #is a very prominent and important thing! #does that make sense. anyways #stop making up a guy to get mad at and look at shit that actually happens. c'mon #if my point isn't clear btw. this isn't 'let people write what they want!' #it's 'trust people to draw conclusions about how others choose to depict different topics in fiction' #'instead of assuming everyone who dares to write Dark Things is being persecuted by the Purity Mob'
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  • volgdemagischewinx
    06.11.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #the lines are funny I'll give them that #but not funny enough to justify making nightmare skeleton guy lame #how dare they #winx darkar#4kids critical#ask wave#anon
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  • asakurahaos
    30.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    i just read a fic (actor/bodyguard + stalker au) and i loved it SO MUCH

    only to get to the 2nd last chapter, and the author turned out to be anti-[character] and made them into the stalker, killer and a p//do, of all fucking things

    and usually im like... its a transformative work, everyones allowed to write what they want, you know? but rn im so pissed off bc this guy (both the actor and character) has been slandered by the fandom for a decade and im just so sick of it. i thought wed get a surprise OC, or maybe one of the characters who was in the fic and was canonly a stalker and a killer.

    im just sick of him being constantly dragged through the mud for no reason at all

    #hes been hated for his race; for taking the spotlight off the fan favourite ship (main character vs a ship that barely has any canon #interaction but fanon blew up to epic proportions); hes been hated bc he made emotional and rash instead of rational decisions - a thing #adults would do under the same circumstances let alone a 17yr old kid. #and ALL of that was copied to the actor #especially after he made a comment about the above mentioned ship.... bc he DARED to tell the fans that if theyre only watching the show #for the ship and not for the plot or characters then theyre watching it for the wrong reason #and usually id be like meh thats kind of a sucky statement #but in this case? it was 10000% justifiable. he was right to say it. and he was backed up by the actors who played the ship but they didnt #get any shit over it #anyways #at least now i know whose fics to avoid #😒
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  • xxaeris
    27.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    “if we’re not kissing the ass of HP fans/other “fence sitters”, we’ll just be sending them off to the TRUE racists/TERFs!”

    a. not every interaction with a disabled person or PoC telling me about some racist shit I was doing that wasn’t perfectly polite ended with me embracing h!+ler. actually come to think of it, not a single one did. hm.

    b. if you’re sitting on the fence of whether you support someone’s human rights, no you’re not; you’re ALREADY in the TERF/racist camp, but you’ve propped up a scarecrow onto the fence to exhaust marginalised groups by making them play respectability politics so that MAYBE you’ll consider climbing over the fence. but in reality the ultimate plan is for you to exhaust your target so they slip, so you can cry and shriek about “so much for the tolerant left!” .

    you CAN abandon harry potter whenever the fuck you want; FULLY abandon harry potter. but you won’t, because you DO consider some fictional stick-waggling cunt to be more important to you than REAL transgender women, PoC, and Jewish people. you’ve decided ink on the carcass of a dead tree is more important than the blood spilled by its writer. how is that NOT an act of endorsement, whether you paid for it or not? whether you’re obeying the canon or not?

    #kaede (they/she) #'but i'm autistic and it's my special interest!!' i'm autistic too bitch! i had plenty of special interests by shitty people! #overwatch for example! #and i dropped that motherfucker forever when i learned the truth about activision-blizzard! #is it hard? yes! #we're willing to offer guidance to new interests based on what it was you liked! #but don't you fucking dare blame your adoration for a TERF's work on your mental illness #trans people with autism exist #trans POC with autism exist #trans jewish POC with autism exist #you're just deciding to weaponise ableism in order to justify more bigotries #and you can go to hell for that
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  • mindinmuken
    12.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    [ I need to talk about Azashiro in depth & about how his goal was to prevent anyone else from being condemned to Hell by remaking mankind through the removal of their emotions that cause them to sin and suffer in the first place and be turned into Hollows --- and how he would have known that even shinigami were being condemned to Hell, due to his ability which fuses him with the Seireitei & allows him to observe the flow of reishi within the walls. He, the last survivor and then youngest member of the Azashiro clan which found themselves all unfairly executed due to being framed for crimes they did not commit by corrupted nobles, knew -- about everything firsthand. About the system of reii initially utilized by nobility with blood on their hands to essentially measure which souls get sent to hell. About the odd rituals. The old histories. The superstitions and fables of Hell that Kyoraku recounts. Where the reishi is ultimately sent after. He knew. ] 

    #and he tried to change it #in his own (very misguided) way #so C46 as C46 does #slapped him with that GO TO MUKEN CARD #DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT COLLECT $200 JUST GO TO MUKEN #then they threw Aizen down there centuries later & they vibed #nothing to see here just 2 revolutionaries flying too close to the sun with their ends justify the means but at least they dared to reform #this isn't as coherent as it can be bUT IT'S GOOD FOR NOW (?) #HEADCANON; THE COMPOSITION OF THE MIND (AZASHIRO)
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  • gospelhomeng
    23.09.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Tim Godfrey – Aribiti Ft. Dare Justified

    Tim Godfrey – Aribiti Ft. Dare Justified

    Tim Godfrey – Aribiti Ft. Dare Justified lyrics, mp3 Download, Audio, song, music DOWNLOAD MP3: Tim Godfrey – Aribiti Ft. Dare Justified Talented Gospel singer and Song writer Tim Godfrey Collaborate With Dare Justified come up with Gospel music Tagged Aribiti, Download Audio song below and drop Your Comment. ALSO DOWNLOAD MP3: Yadah You Look Beyond Me O Tim Godfrey – Aribiti Ft. Dare…

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    #Dare Justified#Tim Godfrey #Tim Godfrey songs
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  • angel-archivist
    22.09.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Listen. I am so so so skeptical of people who use the aztecs as a going off point for everything, because most of the records of the aztec people that cited the ‘human sacrificing’ and ‘cannibalism’ were taken by fucking invading Spaniards who had motivation to paint the aztec people as inhuman, even if these were apart of that tradition the aztec people certainty dont deserve only to be remembered by that because thats exactly what the conquistadors wanted 

    #it just. doesnt sound right?? like please give me some actual sources written by historians?? who are versed in latin american history?? #right now before you slam aztec and cannibal in the same sentance otherwise i will just believe you are citing a widely spread mythology #that pop culture and media has propetuated to justify the slaughter and treatment of the aztec people by the spainards #(bc of course u only talk abt the aztecs n never the incas which were one oft he largest widely spread indigenous populations in latin #america but what fucking ever) #correct me if im wrong abt smthing! #n i know the aztec empire wasnt like. thebest place in the world n its worthy of criticism but the people within that empire and those who #get group with them dont deserve to be painted as fucking cannibals and human sacrificers #like that just feels fucking wrong!! #i would dare to say using a group of indigenous people to paint your pro-canniablism argument is perhaps. bigoted. a racist maybe. #*and#racism tw#cannibalism mention
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  • ethwastaken
    16.09.2021 - 4 monts ago


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  • clown-of-madness
    02.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    does anyone else wish that their trauma was more "severe"/"worse," so it would've b33n actually visible to the people around you and the betrayal of never being helped would f33l more valid or?

    #honking#pup posting#trauma talk #idk ny'all like #i'm 5MIN from a panic attack and this is what brain is focusing on #more specifically: younger us's complete hatred of sippy cups #we thought we were 'too mature/adult' for them. i'm p sure a lot of lil kids had a phase like that? #but in our case it was less 'no i'm a big kid' and more #'I've b33n treated like an adult+second mother my whole fucking life. how dare you treat me like a kid' #i was always expected to be better than my older brother. practically raised my lil sister. and was a therapist to my mom. #i Had To Be an adult at home #so when anyone was 'condescending' or 'infantalizing' to me (aka Treated me my actual age) #i was Enraged. it felt like they didn't understand how Grown Up i was and wanted to take that away from me #(and let's not get into how hard i dug into the whole 'i'm big and grown and Better Than Everyone' thing) #(because that's the only way i could justify it all)) #and looking back. there were So Many signs #but what upsets me the most is the fucking sippy cup thing #That's what i wish the adults in my life saw. because it's what hurt lil us the most
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  • donablue
    29.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    @ steven: pillbot sassing you n telling you not to do crime is not "not being treated like people" and is not the same as being seen as a robot who is only meant to provide services who can have their memory wiped by whoever wants to do so

    #how dare u try to justify ppl treating pillbot like a thing by saying that he's rude to you ahdjfkshd #donablue.txt
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  • rat-nest
    12.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    ;_; why is learning so expensive

    #let me audit your class for less than 700 dollars please #i am very stupid and i have very little money so please take pity on me #the. the price for ONE. ONE class. is the same even if you arent perusing credit. UNL my ENEMY #give me the bug class give it to me #i dont dare look at the price for the full course i think id vomit #everyone is like oh you wasted so much potential not going to college #YEAH WELL I CANT AFFORD IT #i would have LOVED to go but i couldnt justify it
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  • rat-nest
    11.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I hate getting judgy looks for eating like come closer and I'll show you just how much of this is muscle

    #tho if it were all fat they still would not be justified #but i do take pride in what little strength i have. i have ABS under all this you can feel them #cant do shit. get looked at funny for daring to eat. get looked at funny for sitting down. same if i try exercising. #and im not even like. fat fat. just chubby #i think fat people should be allowed to commit murder the fucking patience. the self restraint. #really tho im gonna beat my step sisters up like ok cool youre a twig but im much stronger
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  • peachyfiend
    31.07.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I’m trying to nap but I’m still mad that my sisters boyfriends sister had a life altering surgery just because her parents hate that she’s fat…..

    #and my sister tried to justify his parents actions?? #when her own boyfriend said to his mother that she’s the reason his sister is depressed and ashamed of herself #like his parents are kind of assholes. and the idea of them being my nieces grandparents scares me a little #like say something to them. I dare you. I’ll fucking dog walk u cunts #I already want to dog walk them for saying shit to their poor daughter!!
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  • zoimagazine
    30.07.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Dare Justified & Wife Lovelyn Welcomes 2nd Baby Girl

    Dare Justified & Wife Lovelyn Welcomes 2nd Baby Girl

    Sometime this week, Nigerian gospel artist, Dare Justified and his beautiful wife Lovelyn Chukwuali has welcomed a bouncing baby girl in Lagos. The couple who got married two years ago August 2019 in Lagos in the presence of other celebrities including Timi Dakolo, MC Ajele, Josh2funny, Mike Abdul among many others.   @Darejustified ITS A BABY GIRL!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HAS…

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