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    Eric Coulter - From the Ashes(Part 3)

    PART 3: In which an unknown new faction has taken control over the ruins of the ancient city and you may be the only hope to win the war against them

    Disclaimer: Obviously most characters and the dystopian city of Chicago belongs to Veronica Roth. I have not read the books, nor watched the third movie (though seen a few clips here and there on youtube), so this story is my own, so naturally, a lot of things are changed:) Hopefully, that won't bother you guys too much.


    A low breath escaped Eric's lips as his blue eyes fell on your figure by the door. Dressed in the same jet black outfit the two other soldiers had worn which was no doubt the invisible suit you had developed, Eric noticed two guns resting on the sides of your hips while two sharp knives were firmly tucked away in two pockets on your thighs.

    Your hair, which had once paused on your shoulder, was falling down your back in curly waves, and for a fleeting moment, he remembered the feeling of your soft hair running between his cold fingers and the way your porcelain skin felt beneath his touch.

    Staring at you, a hundred thoughts were running around in the back of his mind and though he had desperately missed you, probably more than he would ever admit, Eric could not help but feel a coldness wash over him at the very face that had possessed his heart for the last two years.

    Tilting your head at him, you pulled the knife out of the door with a slight smirk, "After two years, this is how you greet me? By nearly throwing a dagger at me?".

    "If I wanted to hit you, I would have though I have to confess I did not see you there" Eric replied darkly as he watched you slowly approach him.

    With steady steps, you neared him, a slight enticed look in your warm eyes as the two of you gazed at one another.

    Almost getting lost in the depth of your eye spheres, Eric found his body go rigid and his tenseness did not go unseen by your sharp eyes. Coming to a sudden halt, you held your head high as you sent him a guileful smile since you could read him like an open book.

    "Spit it out, Eric, whatever is troubling your mind," You spoke softly, "I can handle it".

    Eric's temper and ruthless acts had never gotten to you despite him being noted for being anything but kind hearted back in Dauntless. Spending most of his time insulting almost every person that crossed his path, or threatening the poor transfers that they would end up factionless if they did not follow his often merciless requests, Eric had never made you flinch or recoil from his angry figure.

    Quite the opposite, you had often found yourself relax in his arms. Like a tall, strong tower, his presence completely encompassed you, even when he was at his worse and you knew, no matter what, he would never cause you any harm and though you had not seen this handsome young man since your days back in Dauntless, you trusted him.

    Fully and utterly, he had your trust.

    Taking a deep breath, Eric remained quiet as he studied you before his eyes flickered around in the rest of the room which was slightly lit by a single, dim lamp hanging loosely from one of the walls.

    "Don't worry, we are alone," You answered his wary expression quietly, "So if you have anything on your heart you wish to share with me, go ahead. I'm listening".

    Knowing that you had never lied to him, nor could you ever do so, Eric tried his best to lower his guard, but as he spoke, he could not control the accusing tone that clouded his voice, "Why did you leave?".

    The words felt almost strange on his tongue and he did not like the way the question probably made him seem weak, but he could not deny that this very query had been bothering him ever since the night you had departed Dauntless, and with that final plan of yours, left Eric behind as well.

    And now that he was finally reunited with you, he wanted nothing more than to walk right up to you and kiss you, but the anger and hurt that had been built in his cold heart since you abandoned him, could no longer be controlled. He needed to let you know how he felt. In order to love you, once more, he needed to release this anger.

    "Why did you leave me?" Eric asked quietly.

    Keeping his piercing eyes on you, the soft sigh that left your mouth did not go unnoticed by him and he found himself tensing a bit more since your sudden silence came off as your way of giving yourself more time while your brain tried its best to come up with a good answer.

    The thought of you not being able to explain yourself, to give him an answer that would satisfy his dark mind, only made Eric more set on allowing his anger to control the conversation. He did not feel bad when he let out a groan while shaking his head at your quiet figure. You were the one who had left him in the dust and from what he had understood from Hayden's snarky comment earlier, you had not even tried to go find Eric.

    "Why did you not come back?" Eric heard himself ask and at his question, he noticed something flicker in your eyes as you glanced at him. Whatever emotion it had been, it disappeared before he could dwell too much on it.

    "I left Dauntless, but I never left you," You breathed out after a moment of pure silence, "No matter where I went, you were always in the back of my mind".

    "Yet you did not have the fucking courage to say goodbye before you so abruptly left" Eric hissed.

    "If I had taken the time to say farewell with you, we both know you would have joined me and that was not what I needed. I left because I needed to heal and building myself back up again would have taken a much longer time if I had allowed myself to be distracted by our incomprehensible bond," You spoke, your figure steady and composed in front of him, "I never left you, Eric. Like I just told you, you were always with me, but I left because I had to. My departure was never about you, it was about me. After what happened, I needed to find myself again".

    Though he heard your words and though he understood the deep, personal content you had shared with him, it was hard to let go of the fury that was longing to make you feel the very pain you had put him through. It was an incredibly selfish thought, Eric realized, and so, taking a deep breath, he did his best to control his rage.

    But, the little of resentment that still clouded his mind, held onto him in spite of Eric trying to ignore it, and so the next second, he practically spat out while glaring at you, "And you could not do that with me by your side? Bringing those damn soldier friends of yours was acceptable, but bringing me along with you-"

    "Do not pretend as if you could ever understand!" You cut him off sharply, your eyes narrowing at his unnecessary accusation. Of course, you could understand that he was upset with you, but what Eric failed to grasp, was that this had never been about him.

    Eric held a special place in your heart, and you knew he always would, and though there were many books filled with fairytales of the princess finding their prince and living happily ever after together, you were far from a princess.

    And this life that you lived, was far from a fairytale.

    A part of you would always belong to the sulking young man in front of you, but you were not a weak woman when it came to love. You were independent, strong, fierce, and untamed, but even the strong ones could feel pain and you had felt it, deeply.

    "Do not act as if you know how it is to be a part of a family of friends that would happily die for you. Sure, you have had your group of soldiers, but they were never loyal to you and you know that. Fear caused them to obey you but with my circle of friends, the loyalty we have to each other is built on something much greater, something called brotherhood and fellowship, so yes, without any hesitation, they followed me that night. Our bond is strong and loyal, and I would die for them without a second thought," You spoke, your voice a bit harsh before you soften your tone slightly, "But the attachment I have with you is something else, and believe me when I tell you that you mean more to me than I have probably failed to show you, but do not for a second make it as if you can possibly understand the pain I have felt".

    Taking a sharp inhale of breath, you went on, your voice firm, yet there was a hint of sorrow in it as you spoke, "The hurt I have inflicted on you the night I left was simply, as cold as it may sound, collateral damage. I never meant to hurt you, Eric, but I could no longer stay in the faction. Every step I took, every breath I took, every fucking thing I did back there reminded me of him and if I had stayed, I would probably have gone mad. When he died, my whole soul shattered into millions of pieces, and picking those pieces back up again, trying my best to mend what was left off me, has by far been the most challenging thing I have ever done, but with that said, I can honestly tell you that I am in a much better state of mind today than I was back in Dauntless".

    Adding quickly, you softly said, "So do not try to lecture me on pain because believe me, I have felt it".

    Pure silence filled the dim room as the two of you stared at one another. Eric's blue eyes were studying you with a thoughtful look while you looked at him with determined eyes, keeping your head high. A flash of challenge flickered in your eyes for a moment, and after a minute or two, Eric lowered his guard. You had always been honest with him, yet, the sudden confession of yours had caught him off guard and he knew deep inside that he was in no position to judge you.

    With that final acknowledge, Eric quickly stepped forward, his eyes on you the entire time as he approached you, and then, in less than a heartbeat, as he came to a sudden halt, his hand was softly holding your chin, his lips against yours in a kiss so passionate that it left you both speechless and out of breath and neither one of you could hide the flame that erupted in your hearts.

    Not surprised by his sudden move since you knew him better than anyone, you pressed your lips against him as well and once his large hands were wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to his firm body, you could not help but sigh softly as the intimated, yet familiar act made you feel whole again, if only for a second.

    Breaking the kiss for a moment, Eric lovingly planted his lips down the line of your jaw before he kissed you on the mouth again, hard.

    Knowing that he would probably need some time to bury the anger in order to forgive you for having left him, you still allowed yourself to embrace the warmth he engulfed you with, and for the next minute, the two of you stood there, silently next to each other. Resting his head on your head while you buried your face in his chest, you could hear the steady beating of his heart beneath the soft material of his vest.

    Allowing the hurt he had felt earlier to slowly fade away, leaving his body to calm down instead, Eric found himself intertwining his hand with yours, and the next second, your fingers were weaving in and out of each other in a loving dance, and as he stood there, inhaling in the familiar scent of you, he could not find a single word to describe the way he felt around you, but he knew that whatever peace and love he felt, was because of you.

    Accepting that you had left because you needed to find yourself again, and now that he was finally reunited with the only woman who could make his heart beat this way, Eric realized that the empty hole he had felt those last two years, was slowly starting to mend and as he glanced down at your figure, a faint smile appeared on his face.

    Your body fit his perfectly, and the affection that filled every corner of his body in this very moment made him lower his guard completely.

    If the world had gone up in flames around the two of you, he wouldn't have cared. Eric's focus was on you and you alone, and that was all he needed.

    However, before either one of you could admit what both your hearts already knew, the sound of the door opening abruptly from behind your entangled bodies slashed through the comfortable stillness you both had enjoyed, and with a huff, Eric's eyes fell on your two closest friends.

    Clapping his hands together, firmly and slowly, Caim let out a whistle, his bright blue eyes falling on you and Eric, "What a lovely sight I see in front of me. For a moment there, I thought I had stepped into a portal that lead me to a world where there is nothing but love and pure happiness".

    Letting out a grunt, Hayden rolled his eyes at the blonde's comment, "Yes, a very disgusting sight indeed".

    "Oh come on, Hayden," Caim snickered, "Even you can admit that it is a shame that love has become a rare thing in this mad world of ours. It will be a sorrowful day if we ever allow the beauty of love to slip through our fingers-"

    "Oh piss off," Hayden interrupted annoyed, "If anything, I feel much sicker than I did earlier".

    "You can put on that stupid act of yours as much as you want, dear friend," Caim happily commented, "But we both know this is only your jealousy speaking. You're just upset still since the very sight of our old Dauntless friend reminds you of rejection, but if you allow yourself to see how happy he truly makes her, you might even gain a new ally and we both know that you and Eric would be a dangerous, yet a strong force to be reckoned with".

    "Please," Hayden threw Eric a dirty look while he replied in an irritated voice, "An ally? His strength is nothing compared to mine. I could kill that man ten times before he hit the ground".

    "You do well in remembering he was born in my faction," Caim said calmly, his blue eyes shining as he gazed at you and Eric with approval, "You might be slightly stronger than him, and taller, but do not forget how cunning that Erudite brain of his can be".

    "You guys do realize we can hear every single word you are saying?" You suddenly spoke as you broke away from Eric, who was merely huffing in annoyance at the sight of the black haired man you knew he disliked.

    "Yes" Caim replied simply.

    "Then I suggest we show each other some respect" You demanded with a strict voice as you looked at them with one eyebrow raised, "And I'm not talking about you, Caim".

    Letting out a deep breath, Hayden simply nodded, his eyes on you. As much as he loathed Eric, the respect he had for you, towered above everything else.

    Glancing towards the door where your best warriors stood, Eric asked curiously, "What's in the other room?".

    Grinning, you gently squeezed his hand for a second before you began to walk towards the door, "Why don't you find out?"

    Following your figure, Eric sound found himself in a larger underground room. Thanks to the many lamps here and there on the walls, the room was much lighter than the previous one and by the walls, he spotted mattresses and blankets. A few desks were in the room as well and as his eyes fell on the many computers, he was in no doubt that you and your group of Dauntless members were the ones who had raided the laboratory.

    Turning his head just in time to hear a door open, his eyes fell on the ginger woman, Beth, as she entered the room, closely followed by the rest of your group and he was not surprised to notice the knowing looks on their faces once they noticed him.

    Jonathan, Candice, Lars, Rayek, Jesse and Dante.

    Recognize them all, Eric gave them a slight nod.

    Except from you, Caim, Dante and Beth, the rest were Dauntless born, but somehow Eric had a feeling that they all possessed some kind of skills within technology. After all, you had taken the best ones with you when you left that night (well, minus Eric, that was).

    Carrying a dark bag over her shoulder, Beth lazily threw it down on the hard floor before turning her focus towards Eric. Glancing at the heavy bag for a second, something told him that whatever was inside it, were the results of a scavenger hunt in the ruined city.

    "Long time no see" Dante's tall frame hovered slightly over the others as he jumped down from the little edge and instead of approaching Eric, the white haired guy seated himself on one of the tables, an apple in his hand which he kept bouncing in his hand, a confident smirk on his face.

    Giving him an emotionless look, Eric did not even bother to reply. Not having been very close to anyone in the room, except you, Eric was pretty sure that most of them were not too happy about his arrival, and the only reason why they allowed him to be here, acting as if he was one of them, was simply because of you.

    "How did you find us?" Beth asked as she leaned against the door, her brown eyes on him with a thoughtful look.

    "And why now?," Dante butted in before he took a bite from the apple, "Is it because you realized you can't win this war without us?".

    "What is this, some kind of interview?" Eric spat out and watching a few of them whispering among themselves, only made him more annoyed.

    He had not come here to answer a dozen questions.

    "Well, as you can see, this is where we have been since we left the faction," You said before anyone could ask Eric yet another pointless question and he could not help but relax slightly once your gentle, yet firm voice filled the awkwardness, "We have a few extra mattresses in the next room which is where we store most things we come by. Also, if you are hungry, we have a bunch of fruits and vegetables Jonathan and Beth stole from Amity during the night".

    "Amity?" Eric sent you a confused look.

    From what he had understood when he saw the huge, colourful crowd of people heading for the walls, he was pretty sure that their faction was no more.

    "That's where the new folks are," You answered, your voice a bit hard as you walked over to the very table where Dante sat. Seating yourself down onto the desk, Eric could not help but notice how the white haired man gave you the apple and you, without even looking at your friend, happily took a bite from it before giving it back to him.

    That little gesture would have bothered Eric if it had been with anyone outside your team, but for some reason, when it came to the very men in this room, he did not feel any jealousy. Hate and loathing perhaps, but never jealousy.

    This was your family, your dearest friends and though each and everyone in here probably made you stronger, Eric also knew they represented your weakness. If he hadn't been so incredibly selfish, he might even have managed to admit that it was a beautiful thing what you and these soldiers shared, but since Eric was not very good at befriending people or care for anyone, it was hard for him to even try to picture himself being part of such a strong brotherhood.

    You had been right earlier during the little heated argument the two of you had shared and for a split second, Eric knew that the truth had annoyed him. People had listened to him during his days as a leader, and they had obeyed his commands without questions, but in the end, it was fear that had made them heed him, not loyalty.

    "The new folks?" Eric repeated and you nodded, your jaw clenching slightly, "The faction which so abruptly ambushed our dear city. It's almost strange how they managed to gain the upper hand in such a few days, especially since I'm pretty sure our numbers were larger than theirs - well, not today obviously -, but they seemed more willing to shed blood than the five factions did, and those who have no problems sacrificing their own allies, no matter what the goal is, well, they make a dangerous enemy".

    "Yeah, we have no problem with sacrificing," Dante shrugged next to you, a small smirk plastered on his face, "But when we do it, it is necessary and from what we have seen when spying on the new people - we like to call them the Strangers - the leaders do not seem like they know the value of a life, which once again, makes them quite merciless and dangerous. I mean, everyone in here can be pretty ruthless and savage as well, but we know what a life means and we know the worth of it. When we fight, we fight with honor. The same cant be said about them".

    "They fight and they kill, but they don't protect nor shield one another," Caim joined in, his voice slightly sad, "Where is the beauty in a battle if you don't fight for anything?".

    "That's exactly what makes them so dangerous," Hayden pointed out darkly, "They have nothing to lose, Caim. They have already proven that over and over and those bodies they hung up last week are just another evidence of how little respect they have for a life".

    Before Eric could open his mouth, a hundred questions running through his mind as he stood there in the middle of the cold room, your voice filled his ears again, "Anyway, they have claimed the grasslands of Amity as their new home which was a smart move since that is where our food applies are. From the looks of it, it's safe to say they are planning on staying and probably rebuild the whole city. I would love to share more with you, Eric, I'm sure you would like to learn more about these brutal people, but from now, I am very curious who else has stayed behind with you".

    "What?" Eric looked at you.

    Since he had been so deep in thoughts, he had not registered the question behind your words although he knew you had spoken directly to him.

    "Something tells me you were not alone when you chose to stay behind. Tell me, who else from Dauntless remains?" You repeated as the two of you stared at each other for a moment.

    As your eyes met the blue ones of Eric's, he could not help but wonder what the two of you would have done if the others hadn't been here. Your eyes were staring at him with an intense look, and for a second there, he was pretty sure he saw something that could only have been affection flash through your piercing eyes.

    He had not seen you for nearly two years and despite the fact that he was aware the two of you had not gone official with whatever bond you shared, he knew that he belonged to you just like you belonged to him. Hanging onto every word you uttered ever since the day he had been introduced to your unforgettable figure in Erudite, you had become the main factor in almost every decision he made, and albeit he might not get a happily ever after with you, you would always be the women his heart desired.

    The two of you might never be together, not in the same way like Four and the stiff was, solely because both you and Eric had accepted the fact that such a strong love could easily become a fatal weakness, but even so, deep inside the cold heart of his, Eric knew that if he ever were to settle down with anyone, it would be you.

    "Four and some other unimportant people" Eric replied slowly once he realized that he had not answered your question yet.

    Nodding, you glanced at Caim who merely gave you a grin as he approached you. Already knowing what you were going to ask of him, he answered your order before you could open your mouth, "Of course. It will be my pleasure to bring in a new alliance".

    "What are we talking about?" Eric asked with a wary expression.

    "I need you to go get Four and the rest of your team," You spoke and Eric let out a quiet groan, "They are not my team. I only stuck with them because -"

    "I don't care what you call them, they were good enough company for you to stay with" You cut him off, giving him a stern look, "Caim will join you. It would make me very happy to see Four again, and also, I cannot ignore that these underground rooms can shelter more than just my family and so it is my duty to invite those who need a place to rest. Tell them that they are more than welcome to join us".

    "Alright, off we go," Caim beamed before he chuckled at Eric's sulky look, "Come on, Eric, do smile a little, dear friend. You can never go wrong with a smile. After all, we are bringing two alliances together, isn't that a beautiful thought? What we cant achieve on our own, such as winning this war, we must do together".

    Gazing at you for a moment, Eric gave you a silent nod before he followed after the blonde before making their way up from the underground, ready to make Four's alliance become one with yours.

    * * *

    The darkness had taken over the streets and as the wind howled from outside, letting everyone know that they would do wise to stay hidden, Four let out a quiet sigh as he rested his back against the hard wall.

    It was nearly a day since Eric had left them, and to be honest, Four was not sure he trusted Eric to return to them if he were to find you and your folks, but he liked to think that there was some good in the other Dauntless leader. Especially since Eric had stayed with them for so long, but then again, Four was aware that no one in this room was the very reason why Eric had chosen to remain.

    Glancing at the tired people in the little panic room they were hiding in, his eyes fell on Tris who was curled up in a ball on the dirty ground next to Christina, both of them snoring softly. The annoying Candor boy, Peter, was sitting on a broken chair, his head resting in his hands while he tried his best to nap, and as Four let his eyes wander to the rest of the sleepy people, he could not help but notice that one of the girls, a former Amity, looked pale and quite thin.

    With a sinking feeling, he knew that they had not eaten much since the war began. It was difficult to find anything edible these days, and with one quick glance at the bag which Christina had brought with her, Four could tell by the sign of the sinking material that is was not much food left.

    Knowing that they could not afford to lose a single life, he knew they needed to find food soon, or else it would not be long until the group of his became smaller.

    At the sound of footsteps coming from outside the room, Four quickly grabbed his gun, aiming it directly at the closed door and the cough that could be heard from the other side, quickly awoken the rest of the sleeping people.

    Tris rose up, a concerned look on her face as she grabbed her own gun as well and the next second, both Christina and Peter held their weapons out as well, all eyes on the door.

    "Eric?" Four called out softly, tilting his head as he noticed that the doorknob moved and the next second, with a surprised gasp, Four's eyes fell on the familiar blonde as Caim's blue eyes sent him an amused look while he entered the room with a confident smile, "What a lovely home you guys have here".

    Leaning in the doorway with his arms crossed, Eric simply gave a nod to Four, who answered his silent word with a nod of his own and he could not help but smile as Caim walked over to him and the next second, the two men happily hugged each other.

    "It's good to see you again, my old friend" Caim said as they broke apart.

    "I could say the same, though I wish the circumstances had been different" Four admitted weakly and Caim only shrugged while he let his eyes take in the filthy room they were in.

    "Who is that?," Christina whispered quietly next to Tris, "He is gorgeous. Look at that jawline of his. And those blue eyes".

    Both the young women found themselves in a strange trance as they studied the blonde soldier. His jawlines were sharp indeed, and his blue eyes were clear and gentle, and for a split second, all Christina wanted to do was to run her fingers through that messy, yet soft looking blonde hair of his. He looked friendly, yet there was an alluring mystery to him.

    God had definitely spent his time with this young man.

    As if he had felt their eyes of wonder upon him, Caim slowly turned his head to glance at the two girls, a knowing smirk on his face, "Why thank you, darling, you're quite pretty as well, but if you value your heart, you would do yourself a big favor not to fall for me. I can only offer tears and a tissue if you are looking for anything deeper than a friendship".

    "Oh," Christina sent the blonde a slightly disappointed smile, "May I ask why?".

    Eric sent the blonde a boring look as Caim spoke, a sudden sadness in his voice, "Though in pain, my heart already belongs to someone", Pausing, he then added with a firmer voice while smiling, "The name is Caim, and although I would love to stay in this dusty room and develop asthma, I would prefer if we could leave as soon as everyone is ready. The darkness has already taken over the fallen city of ours, and I'm not sure how long my flashlight might work".

    "Where are we going?" Peter asked as he grabbed his bag and threw it over one shoulder, completely ignoring that a few of his stuff fell out and landed on Christina's head since she had leaned down to pack her stuff.

    "That is for me to know and for you guys to wonder about" Caim replied before he joined Eric by the door and soon, the room was filled with the sounds of stuff being put away and bags being packed for a few minutes before everyone stood in a group in the middle of the room, more than ready to live the tiny place.

    Giving a silent nod with his head, Caim gestured for them to join him and a few seconds later, Eric closed the door shut since he had waited for everyone to leave before he quickly made his way after the others, more than ready to return to you.

    A few hours later, the sound of people whispering and mumbling could be heard as you rose up from your seated position and the next moment, the door to the cold room opened and Caim entered with a bright smile, closely followed by a bored looking Eric and then Four. Behind Four again, you noticed a few familiar faces among the Dauntless soldiers, but most of the figures that soon filled the cave were unknown faces to you.

    The moment Four spotted you, he came to an abrupt halt which caused Tris to crash into his back before she glanced up at him with a weird expression.

    Giving him a nod, Four answered your silent greeting with a nod of his own before he stepped to the side, allowing the others to enter the room, his eyes taking in the huge underground area.

    It was nothing like the Pit, naturally, but it was still pretty huge and it was more than enough space for everyone down here.

    Once Four's eyes fell on you again, he could not help but smile. You were definitely the centre of the room, especially since everyone seemed to be staring at you and that dark suit of yours along with the superior aura that lingered around your sharp figure radiated nothing but pure control. There was no doubt who was in charge here.

    Standing in front of your own team, with Hayden to your left while Eric and Caim stood on your right, you quickly studied Four's group. You knew that the Dauntless soldiers were capable of wielding weapons, but as your eyes fell on the Amity and some Erudite people, you knew that they were definitely the weak ones here. You were fair minded for sure, but if you were forced to bring the very heaven down in order to claim the city back, you would not babysit these people.

    You could not afford to have weaknesses, especially since your heart already beat for the very people who stood by you. And then there was Eric...you could not deny how he made you feel, and though your friends were not too fond of the ruthless young man, you knew you would not hesitate to take a bullet for him.

    If anything, you knew he would gladly take one for you too, so in the heat of the moment, if it ever came to that, you wouldn't be surprised if you and Eric ended up fighting over the incoming deadly force.

    "I'm surprised to see so few former Dauntless members," Hayden pointed out before anyone could say anything, "Did they all run to the walls when the war fell upon us? What happened to being fearless and brave?".

    Not wanting anyone to start a heated battle of words, you quickly took a step forward, "I'm not going to hold some kind of welcome speech, but I do hope that the shelter you guys find here is much better than whatever hole you have been hiding it. We have food, water and mattresses, and we also have weapons and suits for those who need better clothing. Yes, it can be a bit cold down here, but we are safe down here, and most importantly, you won't be alone".

    "I'm gonna call that a speech anyway," A young guy said with a funny smile and you watched with one raised eyebrow as he nonchalantly walked up to you, holding his hand out, "The name is Peter, your next boyfriend".

    Narrowing your eyes at his hand, you saw Four concealing a chuckle in the corner of your eye while Eric, who was still standing next to you, only rolled his eyes.

    "Okay, okay, we can greet later, no worries, in fact, I'm sure this whole thing will be much better if we can get to know each other in private-," Peter began, but with one quick move, you cut him off with your gun which the next second, was pointed directly at his forehead.

    "Or not" Peter trailed off as he quickly took a step back, blushing faintly.

    Four simply shook his head at your typical friendly gesture, a smile lingering in the corner of his mouth. Glancing at him, Tris frowned while she whispered, "And you think we are safe down here?".

    "Trust me," You said firmly before Four could answer the silly girl's question and as she glanced at you, you simply smirked, "You're safer with my folks than up there alone, but please, if you rather go back up again and spend most of your time hiding behind every wall you see while silently praying that the Strangers won't hear your beating heart, I will not stop you but do not for a second think we will have time for a proper burial if we find your body".

    "That was harsh"Christina whispered under her breath while Tris simply frowned more.

    Four glanced at his girlfriend for a brief moment before his warm eyes fell on your dominant figure. He was not surprised that Tris probably wouldn't get along with you. Where Tris was kind hearted through and through, and definitely willing to try to save everyone she met, you were not as patient as her, and though Four knew that Tris probably wouldn't like the fact that he would ultimately side with you, he knew that there was a reason for why your men would follow you no matter where you went.

    Everything you did was always going to be for the greater good, no matter how much it could pain you.

    "The Strangers?" Trisk asked curiously, her voice bringing Four out of his thoughts.

    "The faction who stole our homes," Caim replied, "From what we have gathered, they have no name, so we call them the Strangers because that is what they are to us: strangers".

    "How much do you know about them?" Four asked, his eyes directly on you.

    Meeting his brown eyes, you could not help but smile slightly. You and Four had always been close, and though you had never considered him a part of your new Dauntless family, he had always been a good friend. Knowing that the two of you would probably have a private conversation sooner or later, you simply shrugged, "We can tell you everything we know tomorrow, but for now, I think we should call it a night. Besides, your folks seem pretty starved, Four, I'm sure Caim or Candice can show you where we keep our food supplies. Also, you will find mattresses and blankets behind the black door. Like I mentioned earlier, it can be pretty cold down here".

    Candice stepped forward and with a slight scoff, she gestured for the hungry people to follow her. You watched as they hesitated for a second before they slowly followed the tattoo covered blonde, and though you knew that fruit probably wouldn't fill them up completely, you could tell by their pale faces and weak body languages that they were in desperate need of some energy supplies.

    Four came to a stop in front of you and you could feel Eric tense slightly next to you which only caused you to chuckle under your breath.

    "It's good to see you again" Four said quietly and without uttering an answer back, you merely gave him a nod, a smile on your face.

    With that silent confirmation of yours, letting him know that it was good to see him as well, Four quickly followed the others to the supply room. Glancing at you, Eric seemed slightly on edge as he spoke quietly, "There are only a few soldiers among them. You know just like me that most of them will die before this war ends."

    "More like before this battle can start," Hayden pointed out, his voice cold, yet smooth, "One of the Amity looked like she could break in two with a single blow from the wind. They are weak, and weak people will not win the war".

    "Even so," You mumbled, sighing softly since you understood their observations, "As long as we can turn to each other for support and help instead of tearing one another down, we stand a better chance at finding peace".

    "Peace?," Hayden let out an exaggerated deep breath, "Have you seen our city? Peace, from the looks of it, was never an option".

    Remaining quiet, you simply stood there, your eyes on the door which lead to the pantry. You could not deny their statements, especially since you were aware of the harsh truth, but you meant what you had just said now. You might not go out of your way to save every single one in Four's squad, and yes, the strong ones had a better chance at victory, but as long as everyone could be on the same page, a triumph ending would be easier to reach.

    "If anything," Caim spoke gently, his voice calling you back from your thoughts and as you glanced at your dear, blonde friend, you could not help but notice the kindness that emitted from him when he went on, "We should not be so quick to judge them. If their weakness is all we see, then their strength will never get the chance to bloom".

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  • divineclaws
    16.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    So I know this is a witch blog but me and my partner just started playing dauntless and we need more ppl to team up with 👉👈

    It's a free to play monster hunter competitor type game so no harm to check it out 👀

    and feel free to add me in there, my un is also Divineclaws there. Hunt monsters with us 🥺

    #witchblr#dauntless game #sky children of light
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  • inmydreamswestay
    16.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Eric Coulter - From the Ashes(Part 2)

    PART 2: In which an unknown new faction has taken control over the ruins of the ancient city and you may be the only hope to win the war against them

    Disclaimer: Obviously most characters and the dystopian city of Chicago belongs to Veronica Roth. I have not read the books, nor watched the third movie (though seen a few clips here and there on youtube), so this story is my own, so naturally, a lot of things are changed:) Hopefully, that won't bother you guys too much.


    Taking a deep breath, Eric's blue eyes scanned the deserted area which had once been the busy headquarters of Erudite, his former home. Although he recognized the buildings, which had once towered elegantly over the ground, it still felt as if he had entered a new world. Everything he had once known was completely destroyed, and the huge library that once had been the heart of the town was nothing but an empty, cold structure with shattered windows and broken doors.

    It was nearly night and though his eyesight was obviously much sharper during the daytime, he figured it would be easier for him to remain hidden while lurking around after the sun had set. Not wanting to get the attention from the few dark clothed soldiers he had spotted now and then since he left Four and the others, Eric had been hiding among the many ruins that covered the city, making sure to carefully move whenever the coat was clear.

    The new group that had ambushed and taken control of their city seemed to not care how much they tore their new home apart, nor had they seemed to want to befriend the five factions that already inhabited the huge city.

    It was almost strange. Eric did not care much who fought who, or who won what, but the way the new faction had completely fired at everything and everyone they cast their eyes on, made him almost interested to find out more about them. Clearly, the idea of peace did not seem like an option to them.

    Why were they so intent on taking over the city? Why were they not interested in living side by side with those who already resided here? And where did they come from?

    From the way they had so easily scared almost everyone away and gained control, Eric had a feeling their number was large. Especially compared to those fools who had chosen to stay instead of climbing the walls, clinging to their hope of winning their homes back. Having a feeling that the old factions were no doubt outnumbered by the new folks, Eric knew the final battle would be ugly.

    Epic perhaps, but nasty.

    No matter which side would reign by the end of this war, Eric knew that both parties would have to bleed.

    With a sigh, Eric hastily, yet cautiously made his way to the huge grey building which used to be the busy scientific laboratory where the dozen of educated and bright professors and laboratorians had almost lived, always ready to argue, bicker and discover new thinking within everything from advanced technology, science, and machinery.

    Glancing back and forth as he kept his body firmly against the stone wall to one of the abandoned buildings, Eric made sure that he was all alone before he with quick and silent steps headed to the entrance of the huge building. The evening breeze whipped his face as he crossed the soiled street and once he reached the doors, and with a swift move shut them behind him, he let out a quiet breath.

    For a moment, he simply stood there, leaning against the closed doors while he stared at the darkness that surrounded him. It was almost an eerie feeling standing here and the only sound that he heard, beside the faint cry from the wind outside, was his own breath.

    Safe to say, he was pretty sure he was all alone in the deserted building.

    But even so, he took out his gun while he glanced around the empty reception area. The marble floor was filled with ash and dust, and from where he stood, he could faintly make out a corpse by the front desk. Tilting his head, he carefully approached the body with a hard look and once he reached the figure, he could not help but mentally curse the new faction once he realized it was a young, Erudite man.

    With the tip of his pistol, he lifted the young man's head, and furrowing his eyebrows, Eric realized that this man couldn't possibly have been dead for too long. The smell of death had not taken over the lobby yet, and the dead guy had not begun to lose any hair and his skin seemed untouched. Although the corpse's limbs seemed to be stiff and heavy, Eric had a feeling this man probably had died during those last three days which made him wonder, with a skeptical frown, why this Erudite had returned to the lobby.

    Or perhaps, he had been hiding here all along?

    Not wanting to dwell too much about this strange scene, Eric made his way up the stairs, heading for one of the main science testing rooms. Well, it had been, in the past.

    As he reached the floor, he carefully opened the pale, white door that lead to the rest of the deck. Standing still there for a few seconds, Eric let his eyes wander across the lobby and the feeling of being completely alone hit him once more. Apart from three or four desks that had been tipped over in the panic that had risen here, everything seemed untouched.

    As he began to make his way between the many desks, his eyes darting between computers and notebooks, he could not help but smile weakly at memories of you being up here. Even at a young age, you had been more than welcome to join your father on this very floor. Surprising every teacher and professor with your advanced thinking and your new ideas, you had quickly become the center of attention, and only a few weeks after you first had stepped foot in here, the many eyes of the wise and clever teachers had been on you.

    You had certainly gotten a great deal of public attention, but even so, you had barely basked in the spotlight.

    Your simply curiosity to discover developments and breakthroughs within technology while your father had tried his best to shield you from the noisy people, had been the only thing on your mind as you paced back and forth, your nose stuck in either a heavy book or going through computer formulas that even the most clever professors here had struggled with.

    Eric could almost picture you as he ran his fingers across a piece of paper that looked as if it had been a part of some mathematic plan. Gifted with a sharp tongue and a mind that constantly yearned to both discover and learn what the world had to offer, there was no doubt that you were one of a kind and a faint chuckle escaped Eric's mouth as he could almost see the ghost of you in front of him, happily running around here while you hatched out new findings.

    Your face and that alluring smile of yours, along with your warm laughter, had haunted him since the night you had left Dauntless behind, but being back here in Erudite, in his and yours birth nation, the emptiness he had felt after your departure, seemed strangely stronger.

    Glancing around, ignoring the dark shadows that were covering the huge floor which only reminded him that the sun had gone to sleep, Eric halted for a moment, a slight scowl written across his face as he stood there.

    When he left Four and the others, he had not had any specific thoughts on where he should go look for you. Though you were, just like himself, born in this faction, you had picked the coals on the day of the choosing ceremony with a proud grin and although you had embraced Dauntless with open arms, there was something about this building that had caused Eric to come here.

    Was it because he knew you loved technology?

    Had he thought he would find a note from you here to him?

    Or was he wasting precious time?

    As he started to make his way through the lobby again, Eric could not help but narrow his eyes at the sight of missing computers from a few desks. He stopped by the huge windows while his eyes studied the circle on a random desk. Tracing the metal desk with the tip of his index finger, he found himself holding onto the pistol more firmly with his other hand. The circle, which showed him where a laptop had once been placed, was blank and shiny in contrast to the rest of the dust covered desk and with an alarming feeling in his stomach, he realized that someone had clearly been here recently.

    Had Eric not been so occupied with the sudden discovery, he might have heard the faint sound of something moving in the shadows behind him, and so, before he could even take a step back, he felt the coldness of a gun against the back of his head, and with a slight scowl, he mentally yelled at himself for being so irresponsible. How many times had he shouted at the initiates to never let their guard down? How many times had he told them, over and over, that silence could be their downfall?

    And yet, here he was, at the receiving end of a gun simply because he had not followed his own teaching.

    "Go ahead," Eric said coldly, his heart beating steady though the situation had caught him completely off guard, "Shoot".

    "Trust me, I would love to, Coulter, but we both know she would cut my balls off if I did" A familiar and smooth voice came from behind him, and the next second, the feeling of being at someone's mercy vanished.

    Quickly, Eric turned around, his eyes meeting the brown eyes of a former Dauntless soldier, one of the best Eric had ever seen and though this soldier and Eric had not gotten along, Eric felt an immense wave of relief rush through him as the other man put away his weapon. The calmness that suddenly took over Eric's body was not because the gun was out of sight, but as his eyes studied the black haired, young man, Eric knew he was one step closer to you.

    This very skilled fighter was, after all, your right hand.

    "Hayden" Eric said, his voice calm and barely audible.

    "Eric" Hayden replied with a slightly wary tone in his voice, but as the gun was safely tucked around his waist, Eric knew that the other young man was not interested in challenging him.

    Glancing around as if he expected the rest of your family of unbeatable soldiers to suddenly emerge like ninjas from the darkness that surrounded them, Eric let out a quiet scoff, "I could have sworn the floor was empty when I entered. How long have you been here?".

    Tilting his head, an amused look on his face, Hayden chuckled emotionless, "You should really pay more attention. The lobby was never empty. I was already here when your annoying figure started to lurk around".

    Narrowing his eyes, Eric glared at his fellow Dauntless companion (though they were anything but close), "Impossible. I would have seen you-"

    "Ah, but you didn't, now did you?," Hayden interrupted while giving Eric a mocking smile which made Eric's blood boil for a second, and if it hadn't been for the fact that Hayden was the golden ticket he needed in order to find you, Eric would have easily challenged the bothersome guy for a duel without weapons.

    Not in the mood to sound desperate to find out why he had not spotted Hayden, Eric took a deep breath, collecting the many unspoken questions that were running through his mind at this very moment. He could always threaten the answer out of Hayden later, but now, there was only one question he needed to get off his chest.

    And so, with a quiet, yet with a hint of vulnerability in his voice, Eric asked, "Where is she?".

    Staring at each other, Eric did not like the current position he was in. Not only was Hayden far from his favorite person, but knowing that the other young man held all the cards, annoyed Eric more than he allowed himself to show. Though his voice had faltered briefly when he had asked Hayden about you, showing weakness was not a part of who Eric was. Being weak or being a coward were two completely strange traits to him and he'd be damned if he ever begged anyone for anything.

    "She's not here" Hayden answered simply and Eric could have thrown the dark haired guy out of the building for that snappy remark of his.

    "Tell me something I don't know" Eric demanded, causing Hayden to glare at him with an unreadable look, "Why? She left you. Surely she would have asked you to join us if she wanted you with her".

    "You know full well she was hurting" Eric hissed, venom in his own voice as he glared at the other guy who only met Eric's piercing eyes with a stony look of his own, "So? She is doing much better today and yet she has not tried to find you. Why are you so desperately trying to persuade a love that no longer exists? Quite frankly, though it amuses me, it makes you look pathetic".

    "What the fuck did you just say?" Eric sneered and in less than a second, his gun was out before he could stop himself and so was Hayden's, both men glaring hatefully at one another, but before anyone could pull the trigger or throw another insult, a third voice whipped through the tension firmly, "Enough, both of you!".

    Refusing to tear his eyes away from Hayden, Eric recognized the blonde guy who suddenly stood by Hayden's side, resting a hand on his comrade's shoulder in order to calm him down before things escalated.

    "Eric" The blonde spoke, giving a short nod with his head while slowly reaching his hand out to lower Hayden's hand.

    "Caim" Eric replied, lowering his own hand as well, though slowly, his guard still up.

    "I see you have finally decided to join us. Took you long enough though" Caim said with a slight smile, causing Hayden to huff in annoyance while Eric only tensed more, "Someone better tell me what the fuck is going on right now before I lose it. How the hell did I not notice any of you when I got here?".

    "Because you are blind" Hayden mumbled, but before Eric could hurl a rude comment back, Caim stepped forward, making himself the bridge between the two former Dauntless leaders.

    Although Caim was no doubt the shortest one here, Eric knew that the blonde should not be underestimated. His quick way of thinking had often proved to be the little push they needed for a victory, and just like you, Caim was also highly skilled when it came to advanced technology.

    "It's just something we have been working on," Caim began, his voice calm and steady and though Hayden let out an irritated breath, Caim went on, his grey eyes on Eric, "We have been working on a new technology that allows us to be almost invisible which, for the blind eye naturally, has worked so far.  Unfortunately, if you study the suit closely, you can see the faint sign of shimmering. It's obviously very difficult to notice if you don't know about the disguise, of course".

    Falling silent, Caim motioned to some dark buttons which were attached to his gloves. Eric watched with a slightly interesting look as Caim pressed the middle button, and the next second, Eric was staring at the dirty boots that belonged to Hayden.

    "Now focus" Caim spoke and from the sound of his voice, Eric could tell that the blonde had not moved at all.

    "Do you see it now? The faint wavering of light?" Caim asked, amusement lingering in his voice.

    And as Eric did focus, he saw it. It was hard to explain, but he could vaguely make out the motion of airwaves shimmering, if only for a few seconds.

    The next moment, Caim reappeared in front of him with a smirk, "Amazing suit, isn't it? Though it requires a lot of metamaterials, this new ghost friend of ours was not too tricky to create.  I bet you can guess who stands behind this lovely new technology".

    "Yes" Eric admitted breathless, his heart fluttering for a moment.

    He did not even need to guess who's brain had managed to develop this ability.

    The answer would always be you.

    "Where is she?" Eric repeated quietly.

    He watched as the two soldiers exchanged looks as if they were not sure how to answer Eric's request. Hayden looked more skeptical, but Caim seemed more relaxed and after a moment, the blonde nodded with a weak smile, "She knew you would find us sooner or later, so, I guess we can't deny you the pleasure of a lovely reunion, now can we?".

    "He isn't worthy of joining us" Hayden scowled while he glared at the blonde for a second before he looked at Eric as if Eric was merely dirt under his boots.

    Ignoring the hateful glare from the dark haired guy, Eric turned his attention to the shorter man instead, knowing that he had better chances with him. Although, if he had to, he would not hesitate to hold his gun to Hayden's head while demanding him to lead Eric to you.

    "Well, we follow her instructions, do we not?," Caim pointed out calmly, "Or are you going to send away the one person who might make her smile again? I don't think she would forgive you if you did and God knows I won't let it happen under my watch. In the end, her wish is my command, and you, my dear friend, has also given her your word to obey her bidding, have you not?".

    An awkward silence lingered in the air for a moment before Hayden let out a defeated sigh, lowering his shoulders and without even glancing at Eric, he began to head back towards the doors, "You better keep up with us because we have no problem leaving people behind which I'm sure you already knew".

    With that, Caim only sent Eric a knowing smirk before they hurriedly made their way after the third companion, and after a minute, Eric found himself back on the first floor again. His eyes immediately fell on the figure of Hayden who was gesturing, with a tilt of his head, that whatever path that lead to you, was...wasn't that a wall?

    With a slightly confused look, Eric joined the two soldiers by the wall and he watched as Hayden moved a book in the tall bookcase in front of them and after a few seconds, the grey partition began to move, revealing a hidden, narrow stone stairway.

    "What the fuck?" Eric found himself mumbling as he followed the others, the stone barrier behind them closing shut, causing a few layers of dust to fall from the walls.

    Sending Eric a smirk while turning on a flashlight he pulled out from beneath his dark vest, Caim said simply, "Though we Erudite like to stick to facts and knowledge, we also like to keep certain things in the dark. This hidden passage is not the only one that exists in the ruins of our old home faction and you will, if you stick around, find yourself becoming quite fond of these hidden getaways".

    "So this is how you guys have managed to survive all this time? Living like moles beneath the ground?" Eric commented and this time, he could not hide the excitement in his voice as he followed Caim and that annoying idiot down the stairway.

    "Indeed, though we can adapt to any environment that we come across," Caim answered, shrugging, "But for now, I think the underground caves will be our home for a while though the green fields that once belonged to the Amity might become a warm home one day since I don't ever see us leaving the city".

    "She will never leave this place. This is her home" Eric said quietly and this time, as they stopped at the last stair, Caim turned his head to send Eric a knowing, yet tight smile, "You're right. She was born here and if it's up to her, she will gladly take her last breath here".

    Without waiting for Eric to respond, though Eric had decided to remain quiet since the thought of you leaving this world made him feel cold and sorrowful, Caim quickly shone his light at the current room they were in.

    A red door was the only exit in the small space and Eric watched as Hayden unlocked it with a key before gesturing for them to enter.

    Making sure to harshly brush against the dark haired guy as he passed him, Eric let out a quiet snicker as Hayden rolled his eyes at the childish move.

    Once Hayden closed the door behind them, he quickly locked it again before turning his attention to Eric for a brief moment, a fake polite smile on his face, "Go ahead. Be my guest".

    Not sure he wanted Hayden to walk behind him, Eric held his hand tightly on his gun as he followed after Caim and the sight of the blonde's head in front of him was pretty much the only reason why Eric didn't swirl around to punch the other guy.

    Not sure why he had never gotten along with Hayden since the two of them, with their strength and excellent fighting skills, would no doubt be a lethal duo on the battlefield if they ever were to team up, Eric's only guess as to why they had never been on the same page, was that Hayden had a soft spot for you.

    And well, back in Dauntless, you had picked Eric and though there were other women who had thrown themselves at Eric's feet in hope that he would notice them, he hadn't even thought twice before kissing you for the very first time one night when you both had been up on the roof and counted the stars together.

    Ending up with you had never been a choice because to Eric, you had never been an option. Loving you had been the only answer.

    "Alright, this is where we leave you, old friend," Caim suddenly spoke, his voice calling Eric out of his deep thoughts, "Huh? What the fuck are you talking about?".

    Glancing around quickly, he noticed that he had been so busy thinking about you that he had not noticed that both Caim and Hayden stood in front of a grey door by the end of the huge, dark room, which now that Eric thought about it, was actually a cave.

    In an instant, Eric held out his gun, aiming it right at Hayden's heart, and with a cold sneer, Eric spoke, "Is this a trap, is that what it is? You think you can fucking trick me?!".

    "Oh Eric, if we wanted you dead, you would already have been buried in the dirt with the worms which is actually a very suitable place for you if you ask me," Hayden said with a dull expression, "But alas, it's not up to me what is to become of that nasty figure of yours. So if you excuse me, I am off to take a bath because well, being around you makes me sick and I hate feeling sick".

    With that, Eric watched with narrow eyes as the snobby guy opened the grey doors before disappearing into whatever darkness the other room held. Pointing his gun towards the blonde instead, Eric hissed, "You better start talking before I plant a bullet in your heart".

    "For once, I agree with Hayden," Caim spoke with an undisturbed look, the faint sign of a smile twisting in the corner of his mouth as he went on, "If we wanted you dead, which I can assure you I do not since she wants you alive, you wouldn't have been lucky enough to stand here and point that gun at me. Though I am sure you are very confused and trust me, I don't blame you at all, but we were only the messengers. We will not hand down our judgment when it comes to you, so with that, I too will take my leave and if I were you...well, let's just say I would brush that dirt off my pants and perhaps, run your fingers through your hair once. Or twice, whatever suits you".

    Feeling very confused, yet keeping his guard up, Eric watched as the blonde closed the doors behind him softly and with a huff, Eric was pretty sure he heard the faint sound of keys locking him inside this cold, empty cave room. Recalling that Hayden had locked the door they came from, Eric knew he was stuck and he let out a displeased groan as he grabbed his knife and the next second, with an angry shout, he threw the dagger across the room and watched as it got stuck right next to the shiny doorknob.

    Making a move to walk over to retreat it so that he could throw it again (and hopefully Hayden would show his annoying face in the doorway the exact moment Eric would throw the knife), his foot barely got time to move because the exact second he lifted his dominant leg, the familiar and soothing, yet alluring voice of yours filled the air, "My oh my, Eric, if I hadn't known better, I would have thought you were trying to pierce my hand with that sharp knife of yours".

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  • asirensrage
    15.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    SNEAK PEEK - Untitled Art of Seclusion AU

    I was playing with the idea of what would happen if Amelia or Eric had chosen a different faction. You know the idea of Eric staying in Erudite...but what if Amelia chose Dauntless?

    The man standing on the ledge, waiting for them to gather in front of him, looks vaguely familiar. She’s seen him before. She watches him as he speaks, telling them that he’s one of the leaders and that to get in, they must jump. Someone asks if there’s a net. It’s a stupid question, in her mind. Obviously, there is something below otherwise Dauntless would not be growing as a faction. The way he looks at the asker tells her that this leader thinks it’s stupid too. 

    She does not jump first. It takes a moment when he asks for volunteers for someone to actually do it. She watches as they look afraid before they do it. Some of them scream. The leader gives them a certain amount of time before he lets the next person jump. That alone tells her there’s something waiting there to catch them. When she steps up, ready to attempt to face this challenge, he stares at her. He almost looks surprised. She looks at him as she stands upon the ledge. 

    She hates heights. It’s been sheer will that’s kept her going this far. She looks at the leader again before she jumps. It’s only when she lands in the net that she realizes why he’s so familiar. He’s from Erudite and they’ve met before.

    #dauntless!Amelia #the art of seclusion au #eric x oc
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  • inmydreamswestay
    14.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Eric Coulter - From the Ashes(Part 1)

    PART 1: In which an unknown new faction has taken control over the ruins of the ancient city and you may be the only hope to win the war against them

    Disclaimer: Obviously most characters and the dystopian city of Chicago belongs to Veronica Roth. I have not read the books, nor watched the third movie (though seen a few clips here and there on youtube), so this story is my own, so naturally, a lot of things are changed:) Hopefully, that won't bother you guys too much.


    The sudden sound of gunfire followed by a few shouts nearby caused the stiff to slowly peek out of the small window. Her face was pale and her body was trembling while a small whimper left her mouth. Her eyes fell on something on the other side of the dirty glass and with a muffled sound, she made a move to throw up. In less than a heartbeat, Four was by her side and with a gentle hand, pulled her back against his chest while he whispered calming words in her ear as she relaxed against him.

    Rolling his eyes, Eric only huffed as he leaned against the hard wall. He could still see their figures in the corner of his eye and the way Four was trying to calm the stiff down only made Eric's mood darken.

    Glancing around in the small room where they had currently been hiding for a few days, Eric could not help but clench his jaw at the sight that met him. The people who were gathered here were far from first pickers and the fact that most of them seemed to jump at any gun or explosive sound that filled the air now and then, only confirmed Eric's suspicion: they were not suited for war.

    Sighing to himself, he slowly turned his head towards the only window, and albeit he could not see much except the grey building opposite of their current place of shelter, Eric found himself almost regretting not leaving with the other Dauntless leaders when they had declared their departure from the chaos and fire that now controlled the ruins of Chicago.

    Instead, Eric had chosen to stay behind, but after hiding out in an abandoned building for nearly three days in a row, he knew his patience with the others here were running thin. Sure, most of them were Dauntless members and he had seen first hand that they knew how to wield a gun, but among the dark clothed people, he recognized at least four members from his former faction and six from Amity.

    Amity people....why the fuck was he here hiding with them?

    They probably could not even protect themselves if they had to, and Eric had better things to do than look out for them. If a bullet were to head their way, he would simply step aside. He wasn't here for any of them in the first place. The world was not meant for weak people.

    Truth be told, he did not care much for the war that was going on between the unknown force that had taken control over the city and what was left of the other five factions. Most people had already headed for the wall, and now, weeks after the new group had claimed their territory, Eric would not be surprised if they were only a handful left.

    But, what did it matter to him who controlled these streets?

    There was only one reason why he had rejected Max's offer to leave with him and the others, and though Eric was far from pleased with the so called fighters that had joined him and Four, he knew that he could not head for the walls just yet.

    In the corner of his eye, once again, he vaguely noticed that Four was staring at him while his mouth was moving, but since Eric was not interested in hearing what his old rival was saying, he did not pay any attention to the other instruction.

    It was only when Four stood right in front of Eric with a hard look on his face that Eric turned his attention to the dark haired guy. With a bored expression, Eric raised an eyebrow since he had not been listening, "What?".

    "You have to go find her," Four spoke, his voice low as if he did not want the worried people in the room to hear him, "This war has been going on for too many weeks now, and too many lives have been lost. We can't afford to destroy this city more than we already have".

    Keeping his mouth shut, Eric remained quiet as Four let out a deep breath while Tris now joined his side, a confused look on her pale face as she glanced between the two men. Four did not pay her any attention, but instead, he went on, "Eric, she is the only one who can put an end to this mayhem. We need her. If we let this bloodshed go on, we will be nothing but dust and bones among the ruins by the end of this battle ".

    "Who are we talking about?" Tris asked in a hushed voice, but Four kept his eyes on Eric still, completely ignoring her puzzled frown.

    Sighing, Eric crossed his arms while keeping his stance firmly against the wall. Lifting his head, he met the demanding look of Four, but briefly, a pleading look flashed through the brown eyes of the other guy, and Eric could not help but snicker quietly.

    Imagen that. Four was actually asking for his help.

    The world had truly changed.

    "Eric, you have to do this. You have to find them," Four took a step closer and Eric immediately rose up to his full height with an intimidating glare as he sneered coldly, "I heard you the first time. Don't you think I would have left a long time ago if I knew where to look? You think that joining your pathetic group of wannabe fighters was my first choice?".

    Letting out a displeased groan, Four closed his eyes for a moment, trying his best to stay calm. Begging Eric for help was not something he would have done unless they had any other choices, but they didn't. They needed you and your skillful group of former Erudite members and as much as he hated asking the stubborn Dauntless leader for aid, he knew that if anyone were to find you in the dusty and grey ruins of their city, it would be Eric.

    The two of you shared a bond which Four had never understood, seeing as Eric was no doubt the most selfish person Four had come across while you, on the other hand, was the complete opposite although after the incident two years ago, you had not been the same...

    "It's been two years, Four," Eric said quietly and though his heart was suddenly beating hard, he kept his voice neutral and emotionless as he went on, "I don't even know if she is alive. Fuck, for all we know, she has already forsaken this city".

    "You don't believe that," Four calmly replied, "Or else you wouldn't be here".

    Narrowing his eyes at Four's observations, which was in fact very true, Eric pushed himself away from the wall and the sudden motion caused the rest of the group to glance at them with wary expressions. Knowing that it could take less than a second before these two Dauntless leaders could easily end up in a brawl, always kept the others on their toes, ready to step in if necessary.

    But luckily, since the chaos had erupted in the ancient streets of what has once been a great and bustling city, neither Four nor Eric seemed eager to keep their rivalry going and for the first time since they both joined Dauntless, they were forced to cooperate together. Sure, the manners and attitude remained the same, but at least they both knew better than to try to claw each other's eyes out.

    In order to stay alive, they needed each other, especially since in this very group, they were the strongest ones.

    But in order to win the battle that had controlled the city for almost a month, Four knew they needed you, and in order to lure you out from whatever foxhole you were hiding in, Four needed Eric.

    It was a bittersweet feeling knowing he had to plead with Eric for a lending hand, but if the gesture could result in getting the city back on the right track, it was worth it.

    "Eric," Four said reasonably, "We can't win this war without her. She knows almost every shortcut in this city, and that brain of hers...she can build whatever weapon and equipment we need in order to take back our area, and for some strange reason, I believe you are the only one who can convince her to help us. If anything, this is her home too, is it not?".

    "Home?" Eric mocked and though he knew deep inside that he should not act so cruel all of the sudden, he could not help it. The coldness he felt whenever he heard you and the word home were simply reminders that you had left him.

    And you hadn't even had the guts to say farewell with him, though he was pretty sure you had left during the night because you had known Eric would have never let you go on your own if he had known about your plan.

    "You know what I meant" Four answered with a softness in his voice that caught Eric off guard.

    Brushing aside the humiliation he felt from the memory of you turning your back to him and Dauntless, Eric found himself deep in thoughts for a moment. He could feel Four's eyes on him and the stiff was still standing right next to the other leader, her eyes kept flickering between him and Four.

    If he were to find you, it was not because he wanted to convince you to help them, but because he needed to know that you were safe. If it was up to him, if he ever found you, he would do anything in his power to persuade you to leave everything behind while the two of you could still make it.

    The two of you could easily climb the tall wall that surrounded this fallen city, but somewhere in his heart, he knew that no matter what he would say to you, you would stay. Four was right, despite Eric not wanting to admit it. This city, which had certainly seen better days, was and would always be your home.

    And with a sinking feeling in his stomach, Eric knew that if you chose to stay, he would stay too.

    "Okay" He spoke after a few minutes, causing Four to send him a slightly confused glance, "Okay what?".

    "I'll go and try to find her" Eric said simply.

    Letting out a breath he had not noticed he had been holding, Four slowly reached his hand out and awkwardly patted Eric's shoulder and though the touch only lingered for a second or two, Eric gave a short tilt of his head, their silent words being the only agreement they needed to exchange.

    "What is going on?" Tris asked and now, their vague conversation had caused both Peter and Christina to join them.

    "Tell me we are finally leaving this new home of ours," Peter said with an ugly smile as he glanced around the dust covered room, "I don't think I can stay here one more night".

    Completely ignoring him, Eric harshly brushed past the Candor guy as he headed for the door, and just when his hand touched the coldness of the doorknob, he heard Four call his name, "Eric?".

    Turning his head for a second so that he could glance at Four, Eric sent him a dull look, as if whatever the other leader was going to tell him was unworthy of his attention. Nevertheless, Eric stayed quiet as he waited for Four's voice to cut through the silence.

    "I know you will find her" Four told him, his voice firm and steady as their eyes met.

    Giving a quick nod of his head, Eric replied simply, "I will do my best".

    With that, he quickly left the room, making sure to close the door with a hard thud before he made his way down what was left of the stairs that lead to the first floor of the old building.

    Back in the small room, Tris exchanged confused looks with Christina before turning her attention to her boyfriend, who was still staring at the door, a thoughtful expression covered his face.

    "What is going on, Four?" Tris demanded as she touched his shoulder, causing Four to slowly turn his attention to the little crowd that had gathered around him. No one uttered a word in the room as they all awaited his response and Four was sure a dozen of questions were running through their heads as they looked at him.

    "There is a former Dauntless hiding somewhere in the city," Four began, his voice low, "Although born in Erudite, she picked Dauntless at the choosing ceremony, but then something happened two years ago and one night, she and her closest friends departed the faction without a single word. To where I have no idea and for all I know, she might not even be here, but something tells me she never left the city. Her skills and knowledge when it comes to technology are beyond this world, and with her Erudite friends and the friends she has made in Dauntless, she leads one of the most fearless and loyal groups of fighters I have ever encountered. If you ever wondered what the true meaning of Dauntless was, you would want to meet them. We need them in order to take our home back".

    "Why did she leave Dauntless?" Christina asked softly.

    Four glanced at the short girl with an indifferent look, the loyalty he still had for you controlled his voice as he answered curtly, "That is not for me to speak about".

    "Why not?," Peter taunted with a grin, "Did something bad happened? Oh, let me guess, someone died-"

    "Shut your mouth, will you?," Christina snapped, annoyance written all over her face as she glared at the rude Candor transfer, who simply shrugged, "It was merely a guess, come on, I wasn't stating any fact-"

    "Yeah, no one cares about your opinion" Tris cut him off while rolling her eyes.

    Turning her attention back to Four, Tris waited for him to go on, knowing that he had more on his mind that he needed to share with them.

    "She is one of the best transfers we have ever had," Four said, "Not only is she fierce and strong, but her intelligence is not like anything I have ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if she can build a weapon strong enough to overthrow the new faction that so ruthless are taking over everything we know", Taking a pause, he added, "She has an incredible way of reading people, and though she is determined and strong willed, she is also fair. If anyone can bring the five factions together, it will be her".

    "Sounds a lot like you," Tris commented with a small smile as Four turned fully towards the room, his eyes on her as he let out a small chuckle, "Eh, I'm nothing like her. Sure, I like to think I'm fair and kind, but I allow myself to have too many weaknesses. She doesn't, which makes her a born leader".

    "Don't be so hard on yourself," Tris told him, entwining her hand with his, "You're a leader too. Everyone in this room is here because you found us. You gathered us and-"

    "To be honest, I'm just here because I had nowhere else to go" Peter interrupted, raising one hand as if they were in a classroom.

    "And you are free to leave whenever you want to" Tris snapped angrily as she took a step towards the annoying figure. However, at the gentle squeeze on her hand from Four, she allowed herself to lower her shoulder and once again, turned her focus back to the young leader behind her.

    "Why did you send Eric to go look for her? I don't see how he is the right person to bring such a fantastic human being back to us" Peter asked, his voice full of sarcasm.

    "I actually wondered about that part too," Christina admitted sheepishly and Four could not help but notice the curious look on Tris's face as well as they all stared at him. It did not surprise him that they were all probably thinking the same. Born with both a heart and a head of solid stone, Eric did not exactly represent a friendly figure but despite that obvious fact, Eric's bond with you could possibly be their only chance of winning this battle.

    "What makes you so sure Eric will find her?," Tris asked quietly, "And if she left Dauntless, what makes you so sure she will listen to his plea?".

    Inhaling deeply before he exhaled, Four looked at her baffled look and then he answered softly, "Because they love each other".

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    Dauntless: The Battle of Midway

    #Dauntless: The Battle of Midway
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    The Dauntless Temperance Commissioner: I was sent to search the bars of iniquity and low places of sin for you.

    Sinning Jenny: The words "nothing personal" could have so easily been added to that sentence.

    #the dauntless temperance commissioner #sinning jenny#fallen london #incorrect fallen london quotes #estelle speaks#source: discworld
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    I just want to share the poem that I wrote based on my personal experiences in life. This poem showcases on how I became the person I am today. I work on myself, for myself.

    “I AM”

    I am scarred and became dauntless

    After being stuck in a hole of never ending darkness

    It was a world full of dull, black and white

    Felt the burning sensation that almost lose my sight.

     But I stumbled on the sun’s light

    Making me see the valuable things that I want to fight

    Dreams and goals that I desire to be

    So I started to fix and love myself that set my soul free.

     I am now as free as the dove

    Trying to soar high up above

    I am a work in progress

    Taking a few steps towards my success.

     I am as strong as those huge trees

    Trying to stand tall amidst chaos and disagrees

    I am a flower waiting to bloom

    And a book ready to share what I have consumed.

     Life is strange with its twists and turns

    Just as every one of us sometimes learns

    With all of the battles that I won and suffered

    I am definitely a story waiting to be discovered.

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    @dauntless-sakura replied to your post “What are your thoughts on Freud?”

    um frank you do know that freud was a massively sexist asshole right

    Yeah, I know, but the "massive sexist asshole" interpretation is not at all the interpretation that most people apply to Freud

    The standard view is "Freud believed that the penis was the seat of sexual desire, and he thought that only men were capable of experiencing sexual attraction. He was wrong about this, and, more importantly, wrong about the role of the penis in the sexual drive, but he was successful in identifying the element of the drive that men were most interested in, so that isn't the reason we treat Freud and his theories of sexual psychology so shittily today."

    While Freud's theories were far from original, what they said was clear: that the male brain is wired for sexual desire, which means that it includes the capacity to have sexual attraction. The male brain's sexual desire system is wired for attraction, etc. If Freud had been a century earlier, he would probably have said something very similar.

    But it's not that Freud was wrong about something, it's that we now know that he was wrong about something that made his theories very powerful and his theories enormously influential, which influenced a massive amount of cultural history. We don't do "mankind is the sex and women's work virus" in the same way anymore because we know that Freud's work contributed to (among other things) the rise and maturation of the ideology of feminism.

    Freud's work had huge impacts on literature, on architecture, on religion, and on how we think about sex in general. But it wouldn't have worked without a ton of other people contributing to his ideas. It would not have worked the way that he thought without the notion that he thought, it would not have worked the way he thought without the notion that he thought, it would not have worked the way the people who worked with him thought, and so on, and so forth. He's the kind of person that history likes, even if you object to his assumptions.

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    i think it’s time to admit the fact that i no longer even care for canon divergent, but instead the false reality i created

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    hey guys it’s sad about kdj’s tenuous relationship with the concept of life hours again

    #orv #GOD i think about him....when he was just a kid and he learned how easily a life could be discarded #and then growing up he learned how easily his OWN life could be discarded #and WoS was the only thing that gave him meaning so of COURSE now he's dauntless #it's no different than how it was before. he's always lived only for the sake of this book after all #the only difference is that he's actually happier now because he can say that if he died; he died in pursuit of changing the ending #rather than just reading it #anyways im crying in the house tonight
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    Eric Coulter - Wherever you go, I go

    In which Eric's surprise catches you off guard

    Smiling happily at the sight that met you in the mirror, you knew that the dress might stand out a bit among the other Amity people. It was a red, simple dress that ended above your knees and around the waist, tightly wrapped around you, was a red silk belt with a small ribbon that one could only spot if they saw you from behind. You knew that one colored clothing was a rare sight here, but for today, you didn't care. Red was a color that suited you.

    You had made the dress yourself and although the piece of clothing consisted of only the bright, red shade, you were truly pleased with the result.

    After all, you had not seen him in nearly a month, so you figured the little extra detail would do no harm. You had even tied a silk ribbon around your current ponytail, just to finish the look.

    Hoping that he would find you as pretty as you felt, you eagerly went over to the small window and glanced out. He would be here shortly and the butterflies which had been lingering in your stomach for the last hour were nearly making you faint.

    Had he missed you as well?

    Did he think about you as often as you thought of him?

    Smiling to yourself, you knew he did.

    A few moments passed as you stood there and then, with a cheerful beam finding its way on your face, your eyes fell on the familiar broad figure of his as he came round the corner of the barn, and you could not help but giggle at the sight of the cold look which was currently plastered on his handsome face as he made his way towards the little house which belonged to you and your mother.

    He always looked so bitter whenever he came to your faction, and you had learned a long time ago that it was his way of making sure that everyone else besides you understood he was not here to make friends.

    In fact, he was only here for you.

    Not being able to stay inside and wait for him to knock hard on the door, you quickly pushed yourself away from the window before heading out and when his blue eyes immediately fell on your happy frame, a soft smile appeared in the corner of his mouth as you quickly approached him.

    Taking in your new outfit, Eric could not refrain from admiring your beauty as you came closer. It was almost funny to him how he could still be overwhelmed by you, even after four years of coming out here to spend time with you. You were truly an English rose.

    He had never in a million years thought he would ever be capable of growing feelings for another being less find himself eagerly trying to get some free hours from his duties back in Dauntless simply because he missed a certain soul, and if someone had told him years ago that he would fall for an Amity, he would have tossed them down the Chasm without a second thought.

    But alas, here he was, smiling at the only sight in the world that could make him feel whole, and the way you quickly ran to him, was a clear sign that you too felt some kinda way about him. Eric was like a moth to the flame when it came to you, and he would forever be thankful that he had allowed Max to drag him to the Choosing Ceremony back then when all Eric had wanted to do that day, was to wait for the train to arrive with the transfers.

    Already anticipating your next move since you pretty much were the only human being Eric had bothered to get to know, Eric quickly held out his arms just in time to catch you, and with a firm grip, he made sure that your legs were tightly wrapped around his waist as your soft lips met his.

    Kissing you passionately back, not even giving a damn if anyone saw them, Eric's lips moved tenderly against yours, his tongue gently parted your lips before entering your mouth and you gladly allowed him. Your arms found their way around his neck and Eric felt himself relax into the soft touch of your fingers which were lightly swirling a few strains of his hair.

    A soft sigh escaped you as the two of you kissed, and you could not help but let yourself fall even more in love with this hard-hearted Dauntless leader.

    Well, when it came to you, he was anything besides insensitive.

    You loved Eric very much and despite you being happy out here in the colorful world that belonged to Amity, you often found yourself wondering how your life would be if you were to ever move to Eric's faction. Yes, you had already picked your home faction at the Choosing Ceremony four years ago, but if you had known Eric back then, you were pretty sure you would have made that cut over the coal instead.

    You had seen him that day, right after you had shown loyalty to Amity, as you made your way over to your mother and friends. Eric had been seated among the other dark clothed people, his blue eyes already on you when you spotted him.

    You hadn't been able to look away from his intense stare, not even when you sat down next to your pleased mother who had been completely unaware that her only daughter had caught the attention of a Dauntless. The way Eric had studied you as if you were the single most interesting thing in the room, had definitely made you curious about him, and although the ceremony had barely started, the two of you had kept glancing at each other constantly instead of paying attention to rest of the formalities.

    Unfortunately, you had not been able to spot him once the commemoration had ended, and for the next few weeks, you had often found yourself wondering who that guy had been. Even when you sat among your fellow Amity and simply enjoyed life, your mind kept wandering back to that intense look of his, mentally asking yourself if he thought about you as well.

    Safe to say, your assumptions had been correct.

    About a month after you pledged loyalty to your birth faction, Eric had shown up in Amity, all by himself. His sudden visit had naturally gained a lot of attention, and he had spent the first fifteen minutes fighting his way through the many people who wanted to offer him food and drinks and if it hadn't been for his ability to stay calm under stress and pressure, he would probably have shot a hole in all their heads just to get rid of them.

    Thankfully, it never came to that point. Just when Eric managed to escape yet another friendly gesture, he had spotted you and the memory of that very moment was kept deep in his heart.

    You had been riding on a large, black stallion, a joyful look on your face as you and your big friend returned to the stable. Swinging gracefully down from the huge animal, you had stroke its mane lovingly before your hand had come to a sudden halt, and slowly, as if you knew you were being watched, you had turned your head, your eyes sparkling as you met Eric's eyes.

    That was the very moment Eric knew he had to get to know you, and it was also the precise moment he had realized that there was no backing out now. There had simply just been something about the way you had held your head high when he approached you, and when he sat down next to you by a bench nearby, allowing you to be the only one whom he accepted food from (an apple in this case), he knew that his reputation of being a ruthless young guy was a lost cause.

    Not that it honestly mattered. As long as he got the chance of being a part of your life, he wouldn't have raised a finger if people were to call him a love sick puppy. To be fair, that was exactly what he was because of you.

    "I've missed you, terribly" You said as you slowly broke the kiss, smiling cheekily as Eric quickly leaned back in and stole a kiss before letting you down on your feet.

    "I hope they aren't whipping you too much back in your faction" You went on as you quickly studied him to make sure he did not look too tired or exhausted, but if anything, he only looked extremely handsome, yet there was a dangerous air to him. Two very lethal combinations, indeed, but you did not fear him.

    Eric would gladly die for you. Not that you would ever let him, but deep inside, you knew that if a bullet were to head your way, Eric would jump in front of you without any hesitation.

    "The only one who I'm whipped for would be you" Eric remarked with a small grin, his blue eyes filled with amusement and a hint of warmth as he gazed down at you.

    Giving him a small peck on the cheek, you only smiled, "It's good to see you again. I was thinking we could go join the others for dinner-"

    "Actually," Eric interrupted you softly, "I have something else in my mind for the two of us".

    "Really?," You looked up at him with a curious smile, "I love surprises".

    "I know you do" Eric showed a wry smile as he gently grabbed your hand and with that, leading you away from the many barns and small houses.

    The last time Eric had surprised you, he had brought a bunch of books from his former faction. Knowing that you secretly enjoyed reading after everyone had gone to sleep, especially classic novels such as "Gone with the wind" or "Romeo and Juliet", Eric had more or less raided the library in Erudite, and only when he was satisfied with his findings, had he returned to Amity, ready to shower you with one book after the other.

    You had, naturally, cherished every one of the books, holding them tightly against your chest, one after one, when you took in their titles.

    The two of you passed the dome where you spotted almost everyone in Amity being seated or pacing back and forth, preparing dinner and just enjoying each other company. Glancing back up at your beloved, your heart made a small jump once your eyes met his blue ones since he had already been staring at you.

    "You look very beautiful today" He said softly as you began to make your way through the meadow, your dress brushing lightly against the grass and the many herbs which were being grown out there.

    "Thank you," You blushed, the butterflies once again returning to your stomach as Eric lifted your entwined hands for a brief second only to plant a gentle kiss against your skin, "You look beautiful every day, but today, you're practically glowing".

    "That's because you're finally here" You answered simply and Eric only gave you a loving smile before he suddenly placed himself in front of you, causing you to bump into his chest before glancing up at him, holding one hand over your eyes in order to block out the bright sunlight.

    "Do you trust me?" He asked calmly.

    Tilting your head at his question, you replied, "Yes".

    "Alright," Eric nodded before he went on, his voice quiet, "Close your eyes then, and don't you dare try to peek. I will let you know once you can open them again".

    With a small bop of your head, you signalized to him that you understood his request and with that, Eric grabbed your hand again and slowly began to lead you through the grassland.

    After a minute or two, he came to a stop, causing you to halt as well. Smiling all though you still kept your eyes firmly shut, you could feel his presence as he stood in front of you.

    "You can open them now" You heard him say and with that, you slowly did as you were told.

    The first thing you noticed was Eric, obviously, since he was standing right in front of you, but for the first time in a while, you noticed the soft pink color that was currently hugging his cheeks. If only faintly, but it was there for sure and you let out a small chuckle at the sight, "Cute. You're blushing".

    "It's the sun," Eric defended with a snort, "It's merely a trick of the light".

    "Whatever you say" You laughed before a gasp escaped your lips.

    Eric stepped to the side, allowing you to take in the full view of his surprise.

    There, two meters ahead of you, on the green grass, was a red blanket topped with everything one needed for a perfect picnic: plates, grapes, drinks, bread, olives, almonds, cheese...yes, everything one could ask for.

    "Oh my god," You whispered as you quickly walked over and sat down on your knees on the soft material, your eyes taking in every little detail of the romantic gesture of his, "Eric, this is...wow, this is so lovely! I can't believe you did this for me".

    With that, you rose up again and quickly hugged him, wrapping your arms tightly around his frame while he buried his face in the nape of your neck, inhaling your scent for a second.

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you," You chanted warmly as he lifted his head away from your neck, allowing you to plant a bunch of kisses along his jawline, "You're the best".

    "It's nothing," Eric shrugged before admitting with a slight annoyance in his voice, "To be honest, I haven't done much. I got a few of your fellow Amitys to set this up for me when I arrived earlier. The only thing I pretty much did was to give them orders".

    "Still," You only smiled, your heart pounding like crazy in your chest, "I love it. I love you".

    Leaning down, Eric planted a firm kiss against your mouth before he broke away, a smug smile finding its way on his face, "I'm glad you like it".

    Not even bothered in the slightest that he had not uttered those three words back, you happily sat down again with Eric next to you. You had been with him for nearly four years now and during the course of your relationship with this proud man, you could count the times he had told you he loved you on one hand.

    Knowing that he only said those words when he truly felt like it, made you only feel even more special when he spoke them, and because of that notable feeling you always got when he told you what you meant to him, you wouldn't dream of putting pressure on him.

    After all, you did agree with him. Those three words should not be wasted but instead said with the most honest and purest love when spoken.

    "Here" Eric quickly filled a glass with sparkling water before handing it to you.

    "This is perfect, Eric" You told him as you leaned forward to grab some grapes. As you fell back against his body, his warmth engulfing you, you found yourself taking a deep breath as the familiar scent of him reached your nostrils. He smelled intoxicating, a hint of pure man alongside something honeyed and cold.

    "You are perfect" Eric commented as he reached for some almonds before throwing them one after one into his mouth. Once the last almond disappeared, he threw you a smirk before his face suddenly stilled, and his whole body stiffened next to you.

    You glanced at him, a bit worried although it was difficult for you to conceal the happiness you felt by sitting out here with him.

    "What's wrong?" You asked gently, your hand hovering over the grapes for a second as you looked at him.

    "Fuck" He mumbled, and from his unexpected hassle, you knew he was talking to himself rather than to you. Furrowing your eyebrows at his slight distress, you slowly began to plop a few grapes down your throat while it dawned on you that you had never seen him act like this before.

    Always staying levelheaded under pressure, this sudden troubled behavior of him surprised you. Obviously, something was bothering him and from the looks of it, he was far from happy.

    "What's on your mind?" You repeated since your first question had seemed to go unnoticed by him.

    Glancing briefly at you, Eric let out an exaggerated sigh before shaking his head and it was clear to you that there was something he knew that you weren't aware of. Yet.

    "I fucked up" He muttered, his blue eyes seemed stuck to his dark boots for a second before you lightly waved your hand in front of him, bringing him out of whatever trance he had been lost in.

    "How?" You asked confused while you began to cut up the cheese.

    "I just did," Eric frowned, "I can't believe it...fuck!".

    "What's with the long face?" You sent him a calm look before putting away the knife to fully turn your attention to the sulking figure. Apparently, something was truly bothering him, and not wanting him to be so down all of the sudden, you wanted him to know that you were here, listening to whatever was troubling his mind.

    "This was supposed to be..it wont work now...just that one thing. That damn thing!" Eric sighed while running a hand over his face. He was not making sense at all with that mumbling of his.

    Puzzled, you glanced at the many delicious options of food which was placed neatly on the blanket the two of you were sitting on. The sun was still up and it was presently shining right down at where you sat, allowing you and Eric to keep lounging in its warmth.

    What was missing?

    Not understanding what he was complaining about, you glanced at him again, "This does work, Eric. We have plenty of food here and drinks. This is a perfect date".

    "No, it's not," Eric huffed next to you, his mood only confusing you more, "I'm missing something. How the fuck did that happen?".

    Once more you allowed your eyes to quickly scan the sight in front of you and with a slightly bewildered look, your eyes flickered to him again.

    "Strawberries? Oranges? I can just go-" You began to speak, but Eric quickly cut you off with an annoyed voice, "No, that's not it. Fuck...how stupid of me".

    "Eric, nothing about this is stupid" You tried to reassure him with a gentle smile, your hand reaching out to rest on his arm and at the touch, Eric slowly turned his head to look at you, his jaw clenched and his eyes held nothing but disappointment in them.

    "No one has ever done anything like this for me" You went on when he remained quiet, and although you knew from the way he was looking at you that he was listening, whatever troubled him seemed unwilling to let go. He was still very much tensed and so you scooted closer to him.

    "Seriously, no one has done something like this for me. I really appreciate what you have done," You told him sincerely, "I love everything about this surprise and we are clearly not missing anything, but if there is a certain type of fruit or cheese you want-"

    "It's not about the fucking food," Eric cut you off sharply with a dark look, "It's not about that...I just...so stupid how it turned out, this is not what I had in my mind when I told them to set this up for us".

    "Well, whatever you had pictured, this is beyond perfection" You praised him, trying your best to lure out that smile of his which he always reserved for you. You and no one else.

    "That one damn thing, of all the things to forget, I just had to forget that fucking, little detail" Eric shook his head, cursing silently.

    Stealing another glance at the young man you loved, you noticed he let out a frustrated groan before he leaned forward, pulled a few straws near you before angrily tossing them, but since the grass was not exactly the heaviest object in the world, you both watched as the straws found their way down on the blanket.

    "Well, is the picnic complete now? Do we need more grass?" You asked, a hint of humor colored your tone as you spoke.

    "Don't joke, this isn't funny" Eric snorted, annoyance etched to his handsome features while his hands discreetly roamed the dark outfit.

    "I'm not joking, I was just asking a simple question," You replied, shrugging, "It seems as if we are missing something- wait, let me rephrase that. It seems as you are missing something in order to make this lunch perfect, and I just want you to know that whatever we are missing, it can't possibly be that important because I find this table more than enough. You have really gone out of your way, Eric, and you have no idea how much I cherish this".

    Eric looked at you and under the burning heat of that intense stare of his, you wondered for a second if you had managed to insult him which naturally had not been your aim.

    "Eric," You began to speak, but he interrupted you by grabbing your hands in his, his thumb caressing your skin softly as he said, "You deserve the best and I fucked up. Big time, you have no idea".

    "Stop saying that," You hushed him and you were pretty sure if you had been an Erudite, your patience with Eric's sulking would have had a limit, but because the Amity's traits lived strongly in you, your endurance was a deep as a never ending well, "Can't you see how happy this has made me? That I don't need anything else but us?".

    "I needed that fucking thing to complete the date and I ruined it. I completely fucking ruined it" Eric groaned.

    "No,  you didn't, don't speak such a thing-"

    "For fuck's sake, I'm trying to propose to you!" Eric cut you off and you immediately closed your mouth as you leaned back slightly, your eyes big from his reveal.

    So that is why he had been so uptight ever since you sat down.

    "What...oh Eric, oh my god" You said breathless, your voice quiet as you gaped at him. Your heart was beating hard in your chest and for a brief moment, once more, you thought you were going to faint.

    "I forgot the damn ring," Eric sighed, his lips a thin line as he kept sulking a bit, "That fucking ring...I can't believe it. I even went to Erudite to ask some guy I once knew to help me fix it since they don't exactly have a huge selection of rings back in Dauntless, and I brought it back to the faction two weeks ago, ready to take it with me once I visited you again, but..how the hell did I manage to forget about it?!".

    Letting out a small giggle, you surprised him by practically throwing yourself at him, wrapping your arms around his neck as he fell back with you on top of him. However, before you could say anything, Eric flipped the two of you over so that he was the one hovering.

    In his blue eyes, you saw all the warmth and love he had for you and you were completely melting under the look he gave you.

    "I take your sudden hug as a yes?" He asked amused as he gazed down at you.

    His arms were resting on each side of you and you could feel his fingers playing with the ribbon which was tied to your hairband.

    "To be fair, you haven't asked me the question" You pointed out as you leaned your head up, planting a kiss against his mouth. Responding to your affection, Eric grabbed your chin with one hand and pressed you deeper into the kiss, his tongue begging for permission against your lips.

    Parting them, you smiled happily as Eric's tongue met yours passionately while you wrapped your arms around his neck again, your fingers swirling a few strains of his hair between them. Letting out a soft groan, Eric slowly pulled away only to gaze down at you affectionately.

    Clearing his throat for a second, he then asked quietly, his voice steady and calm, "Will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs.Coulter?".

    Beaming happily, you knew that there was no one else you wanted to spend your life with. Everything you needed and wanted was right in front of you and practically on top of you as well. This, the bond the two of you had built since you first met that beautiful summer day, was everything you desired.

    And his question was a clear sign to you that you were everything he craved as well.

    "I would love to, Eric" You answered lovingly while stroking his cheek.

    Letting out a breath, a huge grin found its way on his handsome face, and the next second, you felt yourself being lifted up from the ground as Eric swirled you around, hugging you tightly in his arms. Laughing warmly, you wrapped your legs around his waist as he came to a halt, and with his large hands firmly planted under your thigh to steady you against him, you gazed down at him since you were a bit taller than him because of the current position.

    Another happy giggle surged out of you as the two of you simply gazed at one another.

    "You do realize what this means?" Eric asked after a moment.

    Tilting your head at his slightly wary expression, you only raised an eyebrow, "Hmm?".

    "Marrying me involves moving faction" Eric said, his eyes on you, and for a second, you saw the vulnerability flicker in the depth of his eyes and so you leaned closer, kissing him hard. As he kissed you back, you knew he had read your silent promise; that nothing could keep you away from him.

    "Wherever you go-"

    "I go" Eric finished your pledge before he kissed you again, a true smile plastered on his face, "You just made me the happiest guy alive".

    "I bet you are happy you went to the Choosing Ceremony after all, eh?" You asked sweetly, causing Eric to let out a burst of warm laughter and the sound was like music to your ears. An honest laughter was not something that often slipped through his defenses, but if he ever were to laugh warmhearted, it was always because of you.

    "Thank fuck for that, indeed," He said once the laughter faded, "If I hadn't gone, Four would have taken my place".

    Shivering at the sudden image of Four sitting out here proposing to you caused Eric to angrily clench his jaw for a second. He would rather burn this whole world down than see you with his rival.

    "Who is Four?" You asked curiously and the sound of your warm voice summoned Eric out of his dark thoughts which were one of the many reasons why he had fallen for you in the first place. The simple sound of your voice was enough to calm his demons and because of you, Eric knew that there was more to life than just doing the dirty work for Jeanine.

    "He is a nobody" He retorted simply.

    "Everyone is somebody" You pointed out with a small smile.

    Huffing, Eric only kissed the tip of your nose, "Amity through and through, aren't you, my little wife?".

    "Soon to be wife," You countered, before adding quickly, "Fiance is the right word, I believe".

    "Wife, fiance, it doesn't matter. Only one word can describe what you are" Eric said lovingly as he began to nuzzle your neck. The familiar scent of you was his home, and knowing that you would soon be a part of his life in Dauntless, made him feel simply alive.

    "Oh, and which word is that?" You asked before tittering slightly since the feeling of his nose against your skin tickled you a bit.

    Lifting his head to look at you, his blue eyes showed nothing but lust and want as he spoke quietly, his voice filled with love, "Mine".

    With that, he gently lowered you down onto the grass, and when he sent you a certain look, you only bit your lower lip before nodding slowly, giving him the green light to do whatever he wanted with you. As always, you knew he would never do anything to cause you harm.

    Feeling your body, loving it, cherishing it...Eric knew exactly how to make you feel good, and knowing that he nearly lost it when admiring you, made you feel incredibly loved.

    "I love you, Eric" You whispered as his lips traced yours, his fingers slowly starting to loosen the silk belt around your waist.

    Eric's fingers removed the waistband and you sat up with your arms raised, allowing him to remove the dress. Glancing down at your nearly exposed body (you were left in nothing but your underwear), he inhaled sharply and you noticed the dark look which was clouding his eyes now.

    Leaning down to kiss you again, you felt him relax against your lips for a second before he said quietly, "I love you".

    And with that, the rest of the date was completed.

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  • para-paracosms
    09.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    instead of doing human designs, i like drawing folk as object heads, mostly because i hate faces and its fun to pick the objects. part 1/?


    Plastic Amaranth & Rose bouquet! Theyre plastic because Cassie's powers make her almost indestructible, but have also frozen her body in time. She cannot change any physical aspect of herself, hair, size, nails even!

    Amaranth flowers represent immortality, well roses represent her public image, which is incredibly romantisied as an "enternal beauty" of a hero. Roses are also associated with secrecy, and Cassie has a ton of those! Theyre mostly red, but with a few smaller white ones which mean "purity", and "innocence", refrencing Cassie being physically stuck in an era of time when she is "pure". Roses also have thorns, and despite her image, shes the second strongest member of the Trinumvate!

    - Atlas/Dauntless

    Now this was a tricky one, considering his powers and relation to the mc's powers as well. A quick summary: Atlas has a daily "point" he can sink into objects, at at certain amounts it gains a new power, using a function very similar to an arcatype of powered non-capes, in a like...half cousin kind of way. Anyways that arcatype is technology themed, so I wanted both something that symbolized the slow growth and progress, as well as the bright future and potential, but was also only vaugely computer related and not an outright electronic. Luckily the slow growth tends to pair up with patient/cool headed associations, so it would fit with his personality a lot.

    Currently, his object is a mechanical "acorn" box. Said box has a lil progress bar, and will eventually "sprout" into a clockwork tree. Acorns symbolize growth and prosperity, which are good symbols for Altlas' power. They also symbolize stability and strength.

    Once sprouted, the metal tree actually is a cherry tree! Cherry trees symbolize rebirth, new awakenings, and fortune! It's around this time when some...ahem important events happen in Atlas' life, leading to his "rebirth" and restructuring of himself.

    The tree is made of gold, tin, silver, and antimony. gold for its association with prosperity and authority, and it tips the very ends of the leaves and is a highlight in very small amounts. The tree itself is mostly made up of tin and antimony, tin representing knowlege, wisdom, and maturity, for Atlas' personality, as well as balance and philosophy. Antimony is a metal that works best with other metals, representing the strength found in bonds with others-an incredibly important storybeat for both Atlas' and the overal paracosm. Silver represents self relfection and a hightened awareness, as well as divinity. The silver is also in very small amounts.

    The acorn on the other hand is mostly iron and tin, the most "human" metal, representing many positive and negative traits of humanity. The transition from simply human to something just a lil more....love that sht.


    Caleb's pretty simple honestly, it ties in with his background. Hes a simple pocket knife, battered and chipped from his errr....service. He's reliable, pretty ordinary and can be dangerous. However hes not super violent or deadly, just a normal guy who got really unlucky. Its broken at the base and tied on. Unless I find something more fitting, but i think this is the best so far.

    #.design #.atlas/dauntless #.cassie/alexandria #.aun #.lore #ask2tag#knife tw#implied violence
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  • earlgreymon
    09.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    digimon x divergent anyone??

    #taichi is defo dauntless #jyou and iori be lyke candor #anyone?? share with me?? #i listen to find you too many times today
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