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    Different World | Chapter Seven

    Word count: 2500+

    Date posted: July 23, 2021

    Warning: Cursing

    “Different World” masterlist: Link

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    Note: I am literally vibrating with how excited I am to finally get into the tension of this fic. We’re going in deep, folks! Also, this is around the halfway point!! It’s unlikely that I am going to format the fic any differently than I already have it in my outline, so we’re around halfway done, boyos!

    You let out a small scream when Marko placed his hands forcefully on your shoulders and yelled close to your ear.

    “Marko,” you hollered as you allowed Laddie to climb off of you. Marko howled with laughter, seeing as his mission to scare you was a success. 

    “What, are you scared of little ‘ole me?” You smiled but shook your head.

    “Hate to break it to you, bud, but you aren’t the scariest thing out tonight; David is.” Paul guffawed at what overheard, offended that he was not the topic of your conversation. He shook his head violently, shaking off the rest of both the adrenaline high and literal high that he got from the hunt. His already-messy head of hair became much fluffier.

    “You're scared of me?” David stopped for a moment before passing you. You did not give him the time of day and answer his empty question; he knew he was unnerving. “We're friends, right? Isn’t that what you said?” You also knew that he wanted you to answer and you refused to feed his ever-growing ego. Asshole.

    Dwayne approached you and nodded towards where the bikes were parked. 

    “Let’s go,” he said, waiting for you to start walking before he did. 

    “Are we heading back,” you pried. It was still pretty early in the night. 

    “Yeah. We’re just going to hang in the cave tonight.” You shrugged and breathed in the refreshing ocean air. 

    “Fine with me.”

    When you returned to the hotel, it was not the quiet night that you expected it to be. Everyone seemed on edge and was trying their best to distract themselves. Of course, you had been thrown into the mixer; there was not much privacy in the case. You tried to take a step back as best you could, not wanting to get involved in their internal dilemmas in the midst of dealing with your own time-dimensional-traveler-person problems, but no dice; your attention seemed like the distraction they craved. Maybe it was because they expected something from you as their resident, human distractor. Dinner was tense that night. 

    The chaos did not end for you when everyone had gone to bed. The lack of sleep was driving you insane. For some reason, you were still unable to completely switch to sleeping during the day, even though you have been in Santa Carla long enough for you to get used to it. During the first couple of days, you had tolerated it, but almost a month has now passed and it was becoming maddening and you noticed how you were more irate. You were able to eventually fall asleep, but it was not enough to sustain you during the night. You constantly felt as if you were dragging around a mass of limbs as the exhaustion occasionally got the best of you. 

    As the sun dipped below the horizon into the next night, you could feel tension brewing between everyone. You arrived at the boardwalk on Paul's bike.

    And you arrived with a mission. This was not going to be a night where you wander around for hours to find something to entertain yourself with or tolerate the hijinks of four vampires with the maturity level of a pubescent twelve year-old—some more than others—but a night where you planned to leave with another eventual addition to your group. You could feel and hear your heart pounding as the bikes’ engines quieted. 

    “You scared,” Marko questioned as turned his head to look at you on Paul’s bike. "Need someone to keep you safe?" You crossed your arms. He expected you to say something sarcastic or witty, to break the serious atmosphere, but you merely looked at him bitterly before looking out into the crowd. You knew he was just trying to lighten the somber mood, but you could not bring yourself to help him; the pit in your stomach was too prevalent to be ignored. You licked your lips nervously. Paul turned and put his arm around your waist. 

    “I got you, babe.” For once, Paul seemed genuine. Well, he was always genuine, but this felt less like flirting and more like a statement that he meant wholeheartedly. It made you feel somewhat better, if only for a moment. You slipped out of his arms and stood, scanning the people.

    “David, please tell me that there is a plan,” you begged as he walked up beside you. 

    “The plan is for Star to be a lure. He already took an interest in her, so this should be a piece of cake.” You glance at Star, worried. For a moment, you thought about offering to take her place, but you stayed quiet. 

    “And if this cake doesn’t rise?” For a moment, David had to think. This man had clearly never baked a cake before in his undead life, but he got the gist of what you were saying.

    “It’ll rise.” While his usual cocky air annoyed you to no end, it read as confidence at this moment and was enough to allow you to relax your shoulders.

    The safest thing to do was to not damage the plot any more than you already have. And if that means you must shake your leg nervously as you wait for Star’s return, so be it. You could not risk flipping the story on its head by changing anything major for the sake of your survival. 

    You gave Star a reassuring smile, which she returned, seeing how nervous you were. Hell, they were all nervous, though none of them would admit to it; they had a reputation to uphold around these parts and would not dare look the slightest bit vulnerable. 

    Star departed, on her way to find the guy she had bumped into the night before, and you stayed behind with the boys. You wondered about how she was going to use his regard towards her to her advantage. With a heavy sigh, you sat up on the railing and hung your head. God, you were so tired. 

    “I meant it, you know.” Paul leaned against the railing, putting his weight on one elbow and facing you. You looked up at him and raised an eyebrow.


    “When I said that I’ve got you.” You nodded, giving him an appreciative smile. “You looked scared.” You exhaled.

    “Thank you, Paul. And I know. There is no need to go all serious on me.” You leaned in closer to him with a smirk. “Not a hot look for you.” His laid-back smugness returned with your joke, though you were sure that he took it at least somewhat seriously.  He smiled and put his arm around your waist once again before stepping closer. You did not push him away this time. 

    “Good.” You scoffed and broke the meaningful eye contact between you, but leaned into him, resting your elbow and chin on his head. Your eyes grew droopier; it was harder to stay awake the longer you waited. Paul hoisted himself up and sat next to you. You rested your head on his shoulder. 

    “Do you mind?”

    “Nope!” You closed your eyes, resting them in the darkness behind your eyelids. You squirmed a bit before you were comfortable and securely leaning against him. Paul’s arm held you closer to make sure you would not fall back if you ended up dozing off. And dozing off, you did.

    Paul shook you awake.

    “Rise and shine, sugar,” he breathed out. He was being coy, as usual, but there was a certain urgency in his voice that interested you. When you saw where he and the others were looking towards, you quickly shook the remaining sleepiness off; Star had found your target. You jumped down and stepped forward before mumbling under your breath, 

    “It’s showtime.” You threw your leg over Paul’s bike and sat behind him, quickly wrapping your arms around his waist and propping your feet up off of the ground.  

    The boys approached Star and her new friend on their intentionally roaring bikes. Dwayne took it upon himself to ride past them and in front of the red motorcycle that the guy was sitting on, effectively blocking him off and preventing him from escaping. You admired the bike when it came in your direct line of sight; she was a beauty. Now, that’s a bike I would not mind taking for a spin. It was not as if you did not enjoy riding on the boys’ bikes, but it was hard to ignore that beautiful scarlet color.

    “Where are you going, Star,” David asked, seeing as she was previously preparing to climb on. 

    “For a ride,” she answered, avoiding eye contact with David at all costs. Even though this was mostly staged, she was still frightened by the intensity of David’s stare. “This is Michael.” The name had clicked for you and you could finally associate his irritatingly familiar face with a name. I remember now; his name is Michael. What was his last name? I remember he had one. Elliot? Emerson? Michael reached an inviting hand out to Star and said,

    “Let’s go.” He tried to give her a suave smile, but it would be best described as awkward in a charming way.

    “Star,” David called out to her once again, getting impatient and giving her a warning stare. You side-eyed him, his controlling nature over Star bothering you. There was a stare-off between the three of them before Star caved and climbed on David’s bike. Michael looked defeated, like a kicked puppy. It was easy to tell that this bad-boy persona of his was fabricated and not his usual style. Seeing Star the night before with the black-clad vampires probably sparked the inspiration for his new look, leather jacket and all. 

    Paul chuckled, which forced your hand to smack him lightly on the back of his messy blond head. You felt bad for Michael; he did not need salt being rubbed into the wound and the boys have decided that if they were going to turn Michael into a vampire, they were going to do it their way, mockery included. Paul whined a bit and Marko snickered at him, but a quick, menacing glare and a harsh “cut it out” escaping from your pursed lips was enough for them to get their head on straight and focus on the task at hand. 

    “You know where Hudson’s Bluff is?” David put forward as Star slipped on her jacket and pulled her hair out from under it. “Overlookin’ the point?” Michael rolled his eyes, scoffing, knowing where this conversation was leading towards. 

    “I can’t beat your bike,” Michael said clearly, which you admired. He was intimidated, sure, but he at least faked his strong stance. He seemed like the type to play it smart and safe, but unfortunately had a bit of pride.

    “You don’t have to beat me, Michael; you just have to try and keep up.” David revved his engine, signaling to the others that it was go-time and trying to push Michael's buttons.  

    “Ready, sweetcheeks,” Paul asked loudly.

    “Yeah,” you responded, yelling over the ambient sounds of the boardwalk, not paying too much attention to him as you worriedly looked between everyone. 

    David turned and drove off, followed by you and Paul, Marko, and, lastly, Dwayne and Laddie. You let out a small gasp as Paul drove sloppily down the stairs to the beach, but your tight grip around his middle kept you stable. You looked back to see if Michael was following, which he was. He hesitated at the top of the stairs, but made the plunge and drove down them, faltering at the bottom before catching himself. This whole ordeal was not within his comfort zone at all.

    Weaving through the innocent beach-goers, they laughed and yelled, making whatever loud sounds they could and having the time of their lives. You also let out a few chuckles as you rested your chin on Paul’s shoulder, having become more used to their reckless driving. Whether the bike-safety strickler in you could admit or not, riding with them was a fun time.

    Marko had sped past you, which Paul took as a challenge. 

    “Not going to let him beat us,” Paul exclaimed as he also went faster. You hollered,

    “Hell no!” Paul cackled loudly, surprised that you were going along with his antics. Usually, you would reprimand him for being reckless or, "unbelievably stupid," as you called him before. In his words, you, “always have your panties in a twist.”

    “There you go!” As you almost reached Marko, you had to weave around a beach fire, but still was able to meet Marko’s right side.

    “Are you trying to pass me,” Marko yelled over the roaring winds.

    “That’s exactly what we’re tryin’ to do, man,” Paul responded.

    “Gonna leave your ass in the dust, Marko!” Before Marko could respond to your taunt, Paul made sure to keep your promise and leave him in the dust and made it to under the boardwalk. You could barely hear Marko yelling something and laughing, but it was nothing coherent. You laughed along with Paul.  

    You had practically memorized the route to Hudson’s Bluff, but you were sure that it had never been this hazy. You entered the foggy terrain, unable to see far in front of you. You felt antsy as everyone grew quiet and the only sounds were coming from the bikes and the wind whistling past you. You could vaguely hear the crashing waves.

    “Paul, be careful,” you shouted over it all. “I don’t like this!”

    “You don’t like anything fun!” You scoffed.

    “I’m human, jackass! I can still die in a motorcycle accident or by driving off of the cliff!” You sharply inhaled when he came to a sudden stop, taking in the sight of Michael’s bike on its side and him on the rocky edge of the cliff. You could hear the roaring waves at the bottom and they were not being nice tonight as if they knew the events that were going to occur amongst this group of friends. Paul, Marko, and you were quick to climb off and run towards Michael when he aggressively stumbled to his feet and tried to pick a fight with David. "Oh no," you mumbled. Star shrieked,

    “No!” Michael punched David square in the face, which made you gulp nervously and watch as everyone stilled. You knew the attack probably did not affect David at all, but it could still be David's tipping point to calling it quits and murdering Michael then and there. Luckily for Michael, David had more patience than that.

    “Just you,” Michael challenged, being pulled away by Dwayne and Marko. He pushed past them. Come on, just you!” David lifted his head, unbothered. “Come on, just you.” You jogged over to Star, careful with your footing. 

    “Star, are you alright?” You checked, trying to stay quiet, but it was difficult over all of the noise. You held onto her free arm protectively. She swallowed, trying to keep her hair out of her face.

    “Yes,” she declared, only sparing you a glance before looking back at the scene before her. You did the same but did not let go.

    “How far are you willing to go, Michael?” Everyone took a pause. Michael did not know what David meant and chose not to answer with more than a confused yet challenging expression. You heard another large wave crashing into the side of the cliff as your grip on Star's upper arm tightened slightly. She put a gentle hand on yours, silently reminding you that it was okay. They needed Michael to appease their sire.

    ➳ ➳ ➳

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    Wonder Woman by David Finch

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    --in which Jack and Davey spend some (mostly PG-13) time between the sheets, and things continue to get worse for poor Jack.

    NOTE: I shouldn't post it in the middle of the night, but tomorrow is a busy day and this chapter FOUGHT me, so it's happening now.

    #for you are my fate my sweet #newsies#fanfiction#newsies fanfiction#jack kelly#david jacobs#davey jacobs#javid #drown in the angst #statue and light motifs everywhere
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    marlena, vinci la sera!

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    Every single user on this site is chasing the high of humbling a once 1.1 billion dollar website

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    Random and messy assortment of headcanons involving Milo, David, Asher, and their mates

    -I honestly feel like David would probably really like to go on walks, especially with Angel (even if they do make dog jokes the whole time)

    -Sometimes even Asher and his mate join in for the hell of it which usually results in them somehow finding a park and Asher and Angel just playing around on the swingset and the slides while David and Babe just sigh in unison with hidden love-struck smiles on their faces

    -Maybe if Milo and Sweetheart tag along everyone could play a game of hide and seek; David, Babe, and Sweetheart are usually the ones voted to be the seeker. (Mostly because Sweetheart just cloaks and stays invisible the whole time when they’re the one hiding)

    -Unfortunately, David and Babe are actually really good at seeking to the point where Asher, in his free time, will sometimes literally practice hiding and trying to find good spots for the next time they play

    -Babe is really good at analyzing and figuring out Asher’s strategies so his practice usually doesn’t really help much

    -Angel is usually the last one to be found because sometimes they’ll try too hard and either get themselves stuck somewhere too far away out of bounds or they fall asleep lmao

    -David most likely liked going on walks in the first place because it was quiet and relaxing but of course that backfired. He’s not complaining (that much) though

    -I feel like Milo and Sweetheart are one of those couples that make tons and tons of bets ALL THE TIME, like “I bet I can beat you to the living room” and Sweetheart of course just goes through the wall which Milo gets mad about it at first but he’s pretty quick to forgive them

    -There isn’t really a prize per se, but if either of them are feeling extra playful they’ll demand a kiss or two for winning

    -Sweetheart definitely pouts when they lose, every. time. Milo finds it cute and teases them about it which prompts Sweetheart to create another bet in repercussion. The cycle continues

    -Asher and Babe do bets too but it’s really just Asher making them and Babe just shrugging their shoulders and going along with it, but also still somehow winning most of them without even trying. Asher will ALWAYS demand a “reward” which is usually cuddles, a kiss, or even dinner.

    -(A bit self indulgent) but I feel like Angel talks with their hands a lot. And David at first is like “do you really have to move your hands around so much every time you speak?” But, like, lovingly. He eventually grows to like it a lot and finds it a nice part of his mate. If anyone made any comments on it though (Christian for example) someone’s gonna be taught a lesson

    -Babe definitely also gives me very motherly hen type vibes. Like they’ll coddle (and scold) Asher when he gets himself hurt and they always make sure that he’s eaten and has drunk enough water.

    -Asher teases them about it but inside he really appreciates it and it always makes his heart flutter a little to see that small lovingly concerned spark in their eye when they ask if he’s eaten yet that day. And how fast they move if he says no

    -Babe’s definitely gonna teach Asher to cook and they will not stop until he can at least make scrambled eggs. Sometimes David gets involved if Asher REALLY needs the help

    -(I kinda view Babe as a little bit taller than Asher which adds more onto their parent kinda vibe but that’s also a bit self indulgent too so sorry lmao)

    -But regardless of whatever their height difference is, Babe ruffles his hair a lot which makes him laugh. He never fixes his hair after though

    -If anyone plays DBD you’ll get why Milo would nickname Sweetheart “The Wraith” All they need to complete the name is to get themselves a bell they can ring everytime they cloak as a warning.

    -Which honestly Milo would probably do, putting a little cat collar on their wrist (or even their neck idk lmao) with a bell on it so he’s able to hear them sneaking up on him

    -Rq i can picture them forgetting to take it off when they’re on some kind of run/mission(??) and while they’re cloaking the bell jingles and whoever they were trying to stalk is just confused as hell and it kinda ruins the whole plan but they laugh about it later

    -I also like to imagine Angel and Sweetheart being good friends. Like Sweetheart just showing off their magic and Angel just being super impressed and infatuated with their abilities. Definitely babbles about it after to David

    -(Side note, does anyone know if stealth’s can like, grab people and make them go intangible along with them? Or is that not possible idk if it was mentioned because if it IS possible then Sweetheart is definitely pulling Milo into different places and he’s just constantly exhausted. Aggro would probably become victim to it too if Sweetheart is too lazy but really wants to pet something)

    -Movie nights are a must for all of them. Horror movies are the most popular among them, mostly due to Sweetheart’s request.

    -Asher and Milo put up a strong front but Asher secretly cuddles a little bit closer to Babe who puts an arm around him and Milo has very small flinches which Sweetheart instantly catches and blabbers and laughs about it so loud everyone in the room hears it even over the movie

    -Angel likes to pretend they’re not scared too but ends makes up tons of excuses in the middle of the movie when they feel a jumpscare or a scary scene is about to pop on like “Haha, I ran out of popcorn again, guess i’ll be right back” Even though their bowl is still full

    -David just rolls his eyes and teasingly comments about it later after everyone’s left

    -And definitely gaming nights are like a ritual for everyone. Asher and David annihilate everyone while Angel is the first one dead.

    -Milo honestly kinda sucks and lasts a little bit before dying (probably was accidentally sabotaged by Sweetheart who also ends up killing themselves in the process) and despite not being THAT great, Babe learns pretty fast and is able to keep it up for a while.

    -David is usually the one who kind of carries the group but Asher can be really amazing when he’s focused

    -If they’re not all having a gaming night together in the same room/house, Asher will start a Discord call or something and gets everyone on it

    -And oh god if they all had a group chat together?? Chaos would ensue probably

    Hey, small note, this is my first time writing headcanons so I'm so sorry if i’m kinda bad at them lmao. I wanna be able to contribute a bit more but my anxiety kinda gets in the way :(

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    David Gilmour replacing guitar strings while setting up for a concert at Hakone Aphrodite, Japan, in August 1971 | by Koh Hasebe

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    Bozja continues to be complete dogshit, but at least I have friends to hang with.

    #David plays FFXIV
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    Left up (Thomas). Right up (Vic)

    Left down(Damiano). Right down( Ethan)

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    #replies tag #not the shadow #not at all #never heard of that guy before #(oh christ david's found the archie run) #(I'm gonna need to file a restraining order)
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    pairing; marko x reader

    summary; all you wanted was to spend your nights partying away with your boy and his brothers. you didn’t know that the threat of wannabe vampire hunters coming after them was also on the table.

    warnings; mentions of death, strong language

    au:// you know the vibes y’all, set when the frogs and sam are on a mission to kill the head vamp.

    Something hadn’t felt right the past few hours. The feeling hadn’t hit you until a good hour or so after Marko had left your nest to go hide away in their sleeping nook before the sun came out. You all hadn’t done much the night before, leaving you not even the tiniest bit of tired. You’d been desperate to get Marko to stay with you a little longer - even trying to entice him with fooling around a bit - but you knew what would happen if he had hung back. The sun would have come up and your boyfriend would have literally been set on fire before your eyes.

    So you accepted his goodnight kiss, bid him a good sleep, and watched dejectedly as he flew up to the entrance of their sleeping area. But now, something was wrong. Something was definitely fucking wrong. Sure, you were an anxious person, but this wasn’t something you were overthinking. Your gut was screaming a message at you, and you just couldn’t pick up on what it was. That is, until you heard the footsteps.

    Star and Laddie weren’t as affected as the boys when it came to sunlight, but it still made them extremely fatigued - especially as time went on since they had drank from the bottle. It couldn’t have been them, and with the deeming threat of sunlight pouring in from the entrance it couldn’t have been any of the boys either. You tossed your book onto the comforter gently and stood from the mattress, straining your ears to try and figure out if this was something dangerous that would need to be addressed head-on. That’s when the voices began echoing. They were talking so loud that you couldn’t hear what it was exactly that was being said, but you knew whoever it belonged to was slowly moving in the direction of the boys’ sleeping area.

    You cursed silently to yourself, rushing over to push aside your currents and your eyes immediately fell on Michael, carrying Laddie in his arms towards the entrance and three pre-teen boys with stakes and - were those water guns? - climbing up the ladder to the collapsed areas of the sunken hotel.

    When the three of them climbed high enough to be out of sight, you rushed forward, almost tripping on a pair of Paul’s tight ass pants that he left on the floor, and tried to make it up the ladder behind them as quickly and quietly as possible.

    “Jesus christ!” One of the voices rang out.

    A beat of silence before, “Ah!” The scream of surprise made your heart drop as it could only mean one thing. They’d found them.

    You’d never pushed yourself as hard as you did in that moment, climbing as efficiently as you could. You didn’t care if Michael saw you when he came back in to get Star, you just needed to make sure that these wannabe hunters weren’t able to hurt your boys. You reached the final rung and pulled yourself up and over the ledge before straining your eyes to attempt to see down the dark crawl space.

    There was one boy wearing a blue shirt, standing directly in the middle of the small room, with his large flashlight pointed directly up towards where you knew the boys were hanging. You couldn’t see the other two, and you felt your stomach clench tightly as you realized what that probably meant - they had climbed up the ladder and were face-to-face with Marko.

    You crawled as swiftly as you could, avoiding the large webs but not casting a second thought on if spiders were getting in your hair or not - all you could think about was making sure no one died.

    As you got closer, you could finally hear what these boys were saying to each other. “We just have to kill the leader.” Blue shirt shuddered as he watched his friends.

    “We don’t know which one the leader is, we’ll just have to kill them all.” A new voice cut in.

    “We’ll start with the little one.” A deeper voice this time. “First come, first staked.” Your breath hitched and you desperately willed yourself to crawl faster - heart practically beating out of your chest. If the boys had been awake, they would’ve known something was terribly wrong just by the pace of your heartbeat alone - but they were sleeping. Vampires were at such a vulnerable state when they were asleep, just because of how deeply they go into it.

    “What was that? A little vampire humor? Well it wasn’t funny!” Blue shirt remarked and you couldn’t agree more. Just a few more steps, and you’d be there. “No! Don’t even!”

    You burst through the webs and the kid’s eyes were on you immediately. His eyebrows furrowed, but you didn’t have the time to deal with him in that moment. “Goodnight, bloodsucker.” The deep voice remarked and your head snapped up to see your worst nightmare come to life. His arm was reeled back and he was gripping the stake with such a ferocity that you thought he’d break if before he even got the chance to stab it through Marko’s heart.

    “MARKO!” You opened your mouth in a blood curdling scream. The two boys on the ladder jumped and the stake fell from the boy’s hand. Marko’s eyes snapped open, face already transformed into that of a monster and the other three weren’t even a moment behind him. They’d heard your scream and their instincts reacted before anything else could.

    Paul let go from his spot on the railing and he lunged forward, grabbing one of the boys by the throat and falling with him as the cave erupted into that of total chaos. Dwayne and David followed Paul’s lead, each going after one of the humans as Marko immediately sought you out - needing to make sure you weren’t screaming because you were hurt. He dropped from his rail, landing only a few feet from you and pulling you away from the fight.

    A scream of pain echoed through the small cave as one of the boys managed to lodge a stake through Paul’s shoulder and David immediately turned to back the hurt vampire up. You gripped Marko’s hand tightly as he pulled you back through the tunnel, turning to check on you as soon as you both were out of direct harm’s way.

    “Are you okay? Did they hurt you?” He cupped your face in his hands, staring into your eyes after seeing no physical injuries on your body. You’d never seen him this worried, this gentle. Your relationship was built purely on comic relief and teasing, and you thought you’d die before you ever saw the day he dropped his I-don’t-care-much-about-anything act.

    Your eyes burned with unshed tears and you quickly blinked them away, instead opting to lean forward and tangle your arms around his neck in a bone-crushing hug. “I’m fine. I’m fine, but they- I’m sorry for screaming, really - I just- They were going to stake you and I- I didn’t know what else to do to get y’all to wake up.” You apologized into his neck profusely, not wanting him to be angry but you knew that you had done what needed to be done in order to keep him alive.

    “It’s okay babe, thank you. You- You fucking saved my life.” His arms found their way around your torso and he hugged you back just as fiercely.

    “They fucking staked me, man! What the fuck!” Paul shouted and you tuned in, realizing that the screams of the boys had gotten farther away before completely stopping and you could only assume they’d managed to escape.

    “Let’s go check on Paul, yeah?” Marko chuckled pulling away, his signature grin finding it’s way back to his face. You smiled and nodded, but before you could make the move to crawl back towards the cave your boyfriend leaned forward and captured your lips in a kiss. He didn’t let it go too far, wanting more than anything to go check on his best friend before he let himself get carried away.

    “Really, thank you.” He whispered, lips grazing against your own. “I love you.”

    You smiled gently, squeezing his forearm reassuringly. Of course you saved him, you’d never let anyone hurt him or the boys if you knew there was something that you could do to prevent it from happening. “I love you too.”

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