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  • Hey, we learn the name of our (not-so) friendly neighbor guard!  And she seems to be tolerating his presence!  Character development!




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  • HAPPY PIRATE’S DAY ~ aka talk like a pirate day. WoW edition

    🎶 mood music🎵

    #world of warcraft #WoW #talk like a pirate day #Pirate's Day#Death Knight
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  • Sure, Andi.. just sit there while your  guards throw rotten fruit at me.


    #Those flies look more like spiders O_O #Death Knight #Allied Race Death knights don't go through Starting area #Good to know. #World of Warcraft #Kilshade plays WoW
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  • guild pvp shenanigans ft ape noises, throwing bikes, and chests full of meat

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  • image

    Art by: @kidcatgemini

    The Basics ––––

    • Age: 769
    • Birthday: July 24th
    • Race: Draenei
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Predominantly Straight
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Server: Wyrmrest Accord - US

    Physical Appearance ––––

    • Hair: Black/Grey
    • Eyes: Lichfire Blue
    • Height: 2.14m
    • Build: Athletic
    • Distinguishing Marks: Crossed scars on lower abdomen
    • Common Accessories: Crystal hammer, silver elven earring, various jewelry
    • FC: Jennifer Garner

    Personal ––––

    • Profession: Vindicator & Crystalforger 
    • Affiliations: The Hand of Argus, the Ebon Blade, the Alliance
    • Hobbies: Drawing, jewelcrafting, blacksmithing
    • Languages: Common, Draenic, Eredun, some Orcish and Darnassian
    • Residence: Unspecified
    • Birthplace: The Genedar
    • Religion: Formerly the Light
    • Fears: Losing those close to her

    Art by: @pyro-fishy

    Relationships –––-

    • Spouse: None 
    • Children: None
    • Parents: Veluura (Mother, Presumed Deceased)
    • Siblings: None Known 
    • Other Relatives: None known 
    • Pets: Potato, the crawg.

    Art by: Intoxicated Rabbit

    Traits –––-

    * Bold your character’s answer.

    • Extroverted / In Between / Introverted
    • Disorganized / In Between / Organized
    • Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded
    • Calm / In Between / Anxious
    • Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable
    • Cautious / In Between / Reckless
    • Patient / In Between /  Impatient
    • Outspoken / In Between / Reserved
    • Leader / In Between / Follower
    • Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic
    • Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic
    • Traditional / In Between / Modern
    • Hard-working / In Between / Lazy
    • Cultured / In Between / Uncultured
    • Loyal / In Between / Disloyal
    • Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful

    Additional information ––––

    • Smoking Habit: No 
    • Drugs: No
    • Alcohol: Not often

    Art by: @teechew

    RP Hooks ––––

    • From Draenor? In this most prosperous time for the Draenei, Avehi was a fun and flirty gal, making friends of all sorts - from casual to intimate - all over Shadowmoon Valley!
    • We do what the Living cannot! Ebon Blade Death Knights may know Avehi for her vicious reputation! She’s usually wary of other Knights, but in these troubling times… she’s finding more and more common ground with them.
    • Need crystal work done? Avehi designs and repairs all manner of crystal craft, from jewelry to weapons and armor! 
    • Open to ideas, as well!

    OOC Information:

    • I’ve been RPing in World of Warcraft since The Burning Crusade, and off-and-on in other media before that.
    • PvE fan! I love running M+ and getting into whatever raids I can. Work schedule doesn’t allow for a steady raid team, though. All the same, hit me up if you need a tank Alliance-side, or DPS either faction!
    • Looking for long-term story arcs / relationships (friends, romance, family, whatever!). I love writing stories!
    • Cross-Faction is fine with me! Enjoy RPing in game as much as writing in forums/GoogleDocs/Discord!

    Art by: @sylaessart

    Contact Information  ––––

    Reach out to me here on tumblr if interested, or send Avehi in-game mail! If you’re just looking for a taste, feel free to drop a starter ask in the ol’ inbox, too! Follow backs come from @thefugitivemango

    #LFRP #Avehi the Adamant #Warcraft#Draenei#Death Knight #Wyrmrest Accord RP
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  • The story of Réynaud, Kitai and Arik.

    Chapter X

    The Great Cold, Day 35, 619 K.C.
    Howling Fjord

    Reynaud stopped his big horse on top of a snowy hill and observed the small village of no more than twenty houses nestled into the valley beneath him. Near the center of the little settlement stood an inn with a creek which passed on the western side. Someone else might call the sleepy, snow-covered village beautiful. He hated it.

    People who lived in such places were often prejudiced against his kind, so clearly that was where Kitai had gone. He had not seen her for days – not since he had behaved like the biggest asshole on all Azeroth. He hadn’t even had to violate the orders Mograine had given him. He should have been happy. No one tells him what to do. No one tries to befriend him. So why did he feel so bad about the situation?

    He growled, angry with himself for beeing worried about her shortly after she disappeared. She was all alone only, save by her wolf which he had gifted her in a fit of sentimentality some month ago. Kitai was no child and she knew how to master the land she grew up in. He did not doubt her abilities, but he had thas bad feeling something was totally wrong. This feeling had driven him here, at a place he usually would have avoided.

    Reynaud focused back on the village which lay still before him, unnaturally quiet. Normally at least a few people would have had to do their daily work despite the cold but Reynaud saw no one, something he should have recognized earlier. He softly kicked his horse into motion and started to trot down the hill which churned up the snow covering the ground.
    The snow swallowed most of the big beast’s sounds and only its soft snorting and the gentle creaking of leathers could be heard. The Death Knight did not care. His black form could have been seen from afar long before someone could have heard him. But there was no reaction. No one closed the shutters, no one who watched him mistrustfully, no insults were hurled, no mothers dragged their children back into the house. The village was like dead.

    Near the outskirts Reynaud restrained his horse and slowly dismounted. He could see why nothing in the village stirred anymore. Someone had killed the inhabitants, but killing was not the right word for what the Death Knight saw. Most if them had been slaughtered. Some others had been tormented and nailed alive to their own front doors where they had slowly died. He patted the neck of his horse and walked to one of the doors where an older man had found his death. He must have suffered long before he finally was allowed to die. With his armored hand Reynaud carefully closed the dead eyes that stared at him.

    His stomach clenched and Reynaud was glad his condition made it impossible to vomit. The sight did not even leave the death knight cold, which many would be surprised about. Many believed he and his people were cold, heartless monsters.

    A lot of the Ebon Blade are broken individuals who try to find a place after all the suffering they had to endure and all the things they had to do - A hard task because his kind was not well liked and only tolerated, not accepted. Reynaud understood the prejudices to some extent but he could not accept the fact that most people would not even give his kind a chance.”

    Reynaud took a deep breath, more out of habit not because he had too. He slowly surrounded the house, looking for a window to take a look inside. He simply could have opened the door but the dead body nailed to it had stopped him.

    At the back of the house he found, what he had been looking for and carefully peered into a small dark room, the kitchen by the look of it. Nothing seemed unusual in there, and he suggested that they must have gotten the poor old fellow in the living room. Reynaud smashed in the thick uneven glass with his armored fist and squeezed through the small window, which was harder than expected. It took a moment to finally make it through but in the end he stood in the dimly lit room.

    Reynaud waited until his eyes had adjusted to the dim light before slowly making his way to the narrow passage that led to the large living room. Chaos dominated the room. He could clearly see that someone had raged in here.
    The simple furniture had been overturned or destroyed; blood stained one of the walls. Looking closer, he could see the curved shape of an old woman, obviously dead. One of her hands had been cut off and a big blood stain bloomed like a red flower on her chest.

    The Death Knight approached the corpse carefully and closed her eyes. “I will make them pay,” he promised with a hushed voice,“ and made his way to the small staircase which nestled against the east wall. Reynaud was glad his armor was not as bulky as what most of his brethren wore and therefore had no trouble getting upstairs. The lowercase staircase was tight and even the pauldrons of his armor scraped slightly along the wall. The wood creaked under his heavy footsteps and almost swallowed the short, soft whimpering. Reynaud stopped at once. Silence.

    He did not move. Only his eyes searched the corridor that lay before him. At the end, a door hung awkwardly on its hinges, as if someone had kicked it in. It must have been closed afterwards. It was strange. No one who ravaged a village and slaughtered its inhabitants would care and close a door.

    The death knight continued cautiously to avoid any noise, yet the leather of his armor creaked softly and parts of his chain mail collided with a slight metallic scratching. He unsheathed one of his swords, which he carried on his back and used his free hand to push the door open. The door squeaked in protest, but swung open until it stuck on a fallen drawer.
    A bed was pushed against one of the walls. Opposite had been a wardrobe, now overturned on the floor. Some clothes were scattered in the room. Someone had caused destruction just for the sake of it. Reynaud could hear the whimper again and now he could tell where it came from. He walked over to the bed and kneeled downto peek under it.

    Huddled under the bed was a small figure visibly trembling, staring at Reynaud with large fear-filled eyes. Reynaud was staggered by what he saw. A little boy, maybe four or five winters old. The Death knight hadn’t expected that and did not know what to do. He hated children. These little monsters annoyed him and always asked stupid questions. Nonetheless, he felt sorry for the child whose family must have been slaughtered like the other inhabitants of the village. The boy had been very lucky that nobody found him here. A simple look under the bed would have been enough to find him.

    The little boy whimpered again softly and pressed himself against the wall. It already annoyed Reynaud, but he could not just leave him alone. He took a deep breath and removed his helmet to void scaring the child any further. Hopefully the sight of a normal human face would help to get him out under the bed.

    “It’s all right.” The Death Knight spoke in a calm voice. “You can come out. They are gone. I am not one of them and I can bring you home.”

    “There is no more home.” The boy sobbed so softly that Reynaud could barely hear it. “They broke everything, even mommy and daddy.” He shivered again, as if he remembered what happened. Tears had started to run down his face.

    “You can’t stay here alone.” Reynaud watched the boy cowering under the bed. He carefully held out an armored hand. “I can bring you somewhere safe, somewhere warm.”

    “I… I am not allowed to go with strangers.” The little boy wiped his tear-wet eyes with his sleeve. It felt strange that after all what must have happened the boy still insisted on something so banal he had learned.

    Reynaud suppressed a sigh. He had no time for such silly games, but he also could not leave the boy behind. He would stand no chance and either starve or freeze to death.

    “When I tell you my name and you give me yours, then we are no longer strangers.” Reynaud still hold out his hand. “I am Reynaud ” The Death Knight forced a narrow smile.

    The boy hesitated for a moment before placing his hand carefully in the man’s much larger one. “I am Arik.” The boy stated with his tiny voice tear-chocked voice.

    Reynaud carefully pulled Arik out from under the bed. Arik was extremely thin and the dirty clothes he was wearing seemed way too big for his tiny figure. He would need something to keep him warm otherwise he would not survive the ride to the Ebon Blade Outpost. Reynaud stood up and pulled the small boy to his feet who had started to sob again.

    “We need - “ Reynaud started to explain, when the boy clung tightly to the much larger man. Arik shook all over and his soft sobbing passed into a heart-melting weeping.


    Story in a World of Warcraft setting.

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  • The story of Réynaud, Kitai and Arik.

    Chapter IX

    “I am broken. Broken by my past, broken by what I was forced to do,
    broken by the things I can’t remember.
    My memories are like the wings of an undead dragon - full of holes, ripped into pieces.”

    - Reynaud De Sauveterre, Death Knight of the Ebon Blade

    The Great Cold, Day 21, 619 K.C.
    Howling Fjord

    “You are an ass, you know! A big one!” Kitai growled at Reynaud who was standing in front of her, looking at her with his piercing blue eyes. He had his arms crossed over his chest, standing aloof in his black armor, seemingly untouched by her words. A slight smirk played around his lips.
    Kitai hated him for that and worst of all, he knew exactly what effect he was having on her and that made her more furious.

    Reynaud enjoyed Kitai’s anger and the self-satisfied look on his face made it obvious. “I only told the truth and if you can’t handle it you should not have asked me.” His voice had once again assumed an arrogant undertone.

    “I didn’t ask for your opinion! “ Kitai could have slapped him right now. He had the talent to make her want to kill him, even though she knew she would never stand a chance against the Death Knight. She was talking to the tavern keeper about some recent events near the small town, telling him what she thought about the matter. It was just her luck, that Reynaud overheard the conversation. He liked to tear her opinion into shreds making her look stupid in front of others.

    She hated him but had no choice since her Master had told her how essential her cooperation with the Ebon Blade would be. She simply didn’t expect that they would send her such an arrogant idiot who made everything that much harder.

    “Then you should be thankful I was so generous and gave it so freely.” Reynaud looked at the redhead in front of him and smiled, knowing that would anger her even more. He enjoyed upsetting the otherwise quiet woman. He always did love to make people hate him. It was easy and kept them at distance. He did not want the past to repeat.

    Kitai wanted to slap that arrogant smile off his face almost as badly as she wanted to tell him he should keep his smug comments to himself. Instead she took a deep breath and tried to calm down. “De Sauveterre I did not want your opinion. No one asked for it. Keep it to yourself and shut up.” She explained calmly, using his last name as she always did when she was really angry. Reynaud’s smile broke into a satisfied grin.

    Kitai stared at him, her lips pressed together. She wanted to scream but doing so would not be wise, not in front of the inn keeper. It would make her look like a hysterical fury, something Reynaud intended for sure. She attempted to cut Reynaud with a scathing reply but he got in first.

    “I am sorry but Kitai sometimes loses her temper. We should discuss the matter when she has calmed down a bit,” Reynaud explained to the keeper who slowly nodded. Kitai felt as if a fist had struck her face, and was unable to utter a word.

    “I will bring you something to eat, please take a seat.” The keeper pointed at a table in a far corner of the room. He felt uncomfortable in the presence of the Death Knight and wanted him somewhere far away. Sadly, he could not simply throw him out of his inn as the intimidating Reynaud had given him no reason to do so.
    Reynaud nodded, walked to the table the keeper indicated, and sat down on the wooden corner seat. All his movements reflected the arrogance of the Death Knight, even sitting down. Kitai watched him and if she’d had the ability to stare him to death, he would have burned into a pile of ashes immediately. The young woman followed him and sat down on one of the chairs opposite him.

    “Do you enjoy it?” she asked without hesitation.

    “What are you talking about?” Reynaud looked at her as if he had done nothing wrong.

    “Don’t pretend you do not know. You are very well aware what I am talking about, De Sauveterre.” Kitai was angry, really angry. Reynaud could see it but she was hurt as well. She tried to hide it, but Reynaud knew that look on her face. It was not the first time he’d seen it.
    He had shamed her in front of the keeper. This circumstance seemed to hurt her more than what he had said.

    “You take things I say way too seriously.” He said dryly. “With your bitchy behavior you look like an immature child. No one will respect you.”

    Kitai looked at Reynaud in disbelief. She was so struck by his words that she did not know what to say.


    Story in a World of Warcraft setting.

    #WoW #world of warcraft #death knight#human#story
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  • My World of Warcraft character Réynaud de Sauveterre. He is a Death Knight of the Ebon blade. I am writing a story about him, my Huntress Kitai and a young boy named Arik.

    Description of Reynaud:

    Human Death Knight of the Ebon Blade. He portrays himself as an arrogant, smug, cynical bastard – a mask he hides his true feelings behind.

    Surname: De Sauveterre
    Name: Reynaud
    Gender: Male
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 78 kg
    Age: When he became a Death Knight he was 26 years old.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Race: Human


    Reynaud’s brother and his parents are still alive but they believe Reynaud to be dead.

    Remarkable Features:

    He is a Death Knight and able to raise undead.


    Piercing blue eyes, stubble, messy hair, brawny built, tanned skin.

    Kind of clothing:

    He is mostly seen in his dark armor. When not in his armor he prefers black and dark blue shirts and dark leather pants.

    Body modifications, Scars, etc.:

    Reynaud’s body bears a bunch of scars from former fights – most noticeable of which is near the right side of his spine from a sword that pierced his lungs, causing his death.

    Renaud’s left back is tattooed with a phoenix rising from the ashes (black and greyscale tattoo).

    What does he eat ?

    As a Death Knight he does not need to eat to survive. However, he can still taste food and enjoys the experience of eating foods like game meat and anything containing chocolate.


    On the outside Reynaud comes off as smug, cynical and prideful. He has a tendency to anger others for fun and especially enjoys when they lose their tempers. However, these qualities are a mask. While he is no longer under control of the Lich King, he is vaguely aware of having done many cruel things at his bidding. Of the rare things he can recall, killing his best friend and assisting in the deaths of his best friend’s family were the most damaging. He now makes it a point not to allow anyone to come close enough to be hurt again.


    Art done by me. Refs used.

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  • Knights of old Lordaeron named their steeds for prized qualities. Julia and her ebon steed, Temeritous. 

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  • Queen of Swords

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  • it’s finally done \o/

    #arc can draw #warcraft #world of warcraft #death knight#lumaria #i'm really really tempted to make a velf DK when shadowlands drops and just #have him be like an AU marluxia #because i think the concept is funny but also because marluxia whips
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  • Colored some older art of Anna! I really love her in the Zandalari gold top.

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  • fire emblem three houses is a good game because there’s a character called The Death Knight and he looks and acts Exactly How You’d Fucking Expect

    #mop post#fire emblem #fire emblem three houses #death knight
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  • image

    Used my 120 boost from SL pre-purchase on my Death Knight. I’m so excited to play Tamdias and chose her covenant! For some reason I’m thinking Bastion????

    #world of warcraft #warcraft#night elf#kaldorei#death knight#shadowlands#im art#OC: Tamdias #i love her soooo muuuuuch #ive had Tamdias and Silffred since i was 14? #shadowlands will be perfect for her story
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  • Chibi gift

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