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    Nidarosis, Sin'dorei Demon Hunter.

    “Formal” attire.

    Do NOT repost my art without permission.

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  • a dog
    (his name is valezka, he’s my demon hunter in WoW)

    #demon hunter#WoW #i didnt shade it bc wings make me angy
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    Demon Hunters


    #ddlc natsuki#ddlc #doki doki literature club #future card buddyfight #tasuku ryuenji#horror au#gothic horror#demon hunter
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  • Warm up sketch. I do not think Kain appreciates this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Oh dear I never uploaded the flats of my character to his blog, what a flop on my part.
    Anyways, here is the base colours for Felixe, might have to tweak them a tad, since tumblr makes them look strange.

    #Felixe#the satyr#WIP #my first flats #first digital piece #demon hunter#nelf#himbo
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  • A budding bromance that can’t be good for anyone involved. ( @monster-of-master )

    Sometimes I think my mouse hand is better than my pen hand and I don’t even know what to make of that.

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    I love his eyes! Even this close, its just amazing view! ❤😍

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    Fa Hanazuki aesthetic

    Fa Hanazuki belongs to my Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba kny oc

    #kny ocs#kimetsu anime#demon hunter #demon slayer corp #kny#knyoc#kny oc #kimetsu no yaiba manga #demon slayer#kimetsu manga #kimetsu no yaiba oc #kny original character #demon oc#demon#slayer #demon slayer oc #kimetsu no yaiba #aesthetic#kny anime #mood board aesthetic #mood board
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  • #demon hunter#anonymous#ask #they tend to be very colourful with their neon and gold #not my thing but you do you my dudes!
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  • LFRP: Qorenia “Qory” Embersoot


    Incomplete mo’arg metamorphosis Qory


    • Full Name: Qorenia “Qory” Embersoot
    • age: 324 (~2 minutes older than Cesta)
    • birth date: July 26
    • race: Blood Elf
    • sex: Female
    • gender: Female
    • Romantic Orientation: Demiromantic
    • Sexual Orientation: Asexual
    • religion: Not religious
    • spoken languages: Common (fluent), Orcish (fluent), Thalassian (fluent), Dwarvish (fluent), Eredun (fluent), Draenic (conversational, spoken and read)
    • residence: 1163 Halduron Blvd., Farstrider Square, Silvermoon City


    • occupation: Demon Hunter / Engineering Consultant 
    • education: Underwent an extensive High Elven education afforded to nobility. Well-learned in mathematics, physics, engineering, High Elven history, writing, business, and noble mannerisms. Self-taught in the Dwarvish and Draenic engineering styles.
    • work experience: Worked for Silvermoon as a civil engineer, tasked with constructing roads, arcane golems, spires, buildings, and pipelines. Worked her way up the professional ladder and put the Embersoot family at the forefront when it came to maintaining the city’s infrastructure.
    • titles: Older Embersoot


    • Eye colour: Felfire
    • Hair colour: Ginger
    • Height: 5′11″
    • Body Build: Extremely athletic
    • Tattoos + Piercings: Green Illidari tattoos sprawling from her torso to her biceps to seal the demons in. 
    • Notable Physical Traits: Elongated and curled horns. Left hand is mechanical. The limb is removable, and other attachments such as a flamethrower, circular saw, glaive, fel cannon, and clamp are interchangeable.


    • Parents: Sarinel Embersoot (Mother, deceased); Rahesh Embersoot (Father, deceased)
    • Siblings: Cestalia “Cesta” Embersoot (twin sister, alive)
    • Children:
    • Other Relatives:  –


    • intelligence: Extremely logical and organized. Everything is done by the book. If there isn’t a step-by-step solution, create one. Often falls back on what has worked in the past upon encountering obstacles. Picks up on anything machinery-related easily regardless of the machine. Capable of complex calculations in her head even under dire pressure.
    • likes: Creating things, tinkering, machinery, efficiency, intelligence, competence, composure
    • dislikes: Arrogance, being interrupted, gossip, know-it-alls, racism, classism, melodrama, pretentiousness
    • fears: Undead, insects, arachnids, losing against the inner demon, losing her sister
    • disposition: Calm, calculating, and logical. Rarely loses composure. Very deliberate with her words and actions. Demeanor often mimics a flow state. Forgets her surroundings and sense of time when she delves into something interesting to her.


    • extroverted / introverted / in between.
    • disorganized / organized / in between.
    • close minded / open-minded / in between.
    • calm / anxious / in between.
    • disagreeable / agreeable / in between.
    • cautious / reckless / in between.
    • patient / impatient / in between.
    • outspoken / reserved / in between.
    • leader / follower / in between.
    • empathetic / indifferent / in between.
    • optimistic / pessimistic / in between.
    • traditional / modern / in between.
    • hard-working / lazy / in between.
    • cultured / uncultured / in between.
    • loyal / disloyal / unknown / in between.
    • assertive / timid / in between


    A Family Never Acknowledged

    • In the heart of arcane magic on the Eastern Kingdoms, those with lower professions were deemed inferior to those who took up more magical occupations such as the Magistrate and spellcraft. The Embersoot Family was one of those families deemed uncivilized for “playing around with brutish Dwarven and Gnomish machines.” While the family was a driving force for much of the city’s internal infrastructure such as the roads, building structures, pipelines, and arcane golems, the majority of the noble houses never did see the Embersoots as equals.

    Illidari Mission Command

    • Qory was one of the few illidari who chose to bind a gan’arg soul rather than something more powerful. Though the soul did not empower her much, the skills gained were invaluable. Within the Illidari, Qory was known as a Legion technology specialist, one of the few able to pilot fighter ships and know the inner-workings of Legion battlecruisers and other demonic weaponry. This knowledge set Qory up in a combat-support role for the Illidari. She often directed ground troops from the sky, provided close air-support with hijacked Legion ships, and rapidly radioed orders and enemy positions to turn the tide of many battles.
    • Later, Qory bound a mo’arg soul to empower her direct combat abilities and deepen her understanding of Legion designs. This knowledge allowed her to delve into the study of bionics, eventually replacing her left hand with a mechanical one able to hold various weaponry.

    Ace of Aces

    • As the Legion War progressed, Qory’s skills with Legion technology developed exponentially as she grew accustomed to housing both the mo’arg and gan’arg souls. With the assault on Argus, Qory saw fierce fighting in the Antoran Wastes. Eventually, Illidari forces in the area captured Terminus, a massive port for Legion ships. After hijacking a fighter ship at Terminus, Qory went on a rampage in Argus’ skies, shooting down other Legion ships in aerial dogfights and carpet bombing Legion command posts. Her streak ended after her ship ran out of soul fuel, forcing her to land in Krokuun. The sixty-two kill frenzy is Qory’s most notable achievement in the Illidari.

    Friends of Rustbolt

    • After the resurfacing of the Mechagnomes, both Qory and Cesta has taken a special interest in their technology, specifically their bionics. The twins are often found on Mechagon island, exchanging designs with the Rustbolt Resistance and consulting one another on other varying projects.

    Embersoot Engineering

    • Since the Scourge Invasion of Quel’Thalas, the family’s company, Embersoot Engineering, has gradually been rebuilding. The company is now a neutral group with Cesta as a liaison for the Alliance and Qory as a liaison for the Horde. Embersoot Engineering stays far from weapons of war. Instead, the company focuses on life-enhancing inventions practical for the everyday civilian. The company has a positive reputation, known for donating toys to multiple orphanages on Azeroth and aiding the various cities in infrastructure and construction. Need something built, fixed, improved, or require a consultation on your own project? Contact the Embersoots.
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  • Qory Incomplete Gan’arg/Mo’arg Metamorphosis

    ( @embersoot )

    I always headcanoned that demon hunter metamorphosized forms differ based on the demon they eat. My DH @embersoot ate both a gan’arg and mo’arg. I always wondered what a transformation would look like based on those two species.

    I ripped the mo’arg arm model from the demon model in Legion and played with the layers and warping a bit. The saw is from the ooooooold mo’arg model from BC. It was a royal pain in the ass to get the perspective right. On the plus side, having an actual bevel and emboss feature that works is great!

    This is my first real image with Photoshop (upgraded from GIMP since being unable to edit .psd files is infuriating)! I’m mostly just learning things by trial and error.

    #demon hunter #world of warcraft #gan'arg#mo'arg#wow #world of warcraft model edit #wmv #wow model viewer #custom model#qory#wyrmrest accord#wra#mg#moon guard#my art
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  • Aethan, Semariel y Séphyre, OCs de World of Warcraft ~~

    —PS CS6—.

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    Some concept sketches with my nelf boys

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  • Song of the day

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  • God the more I play the alts I chose to neglect because i didn’t want to do the content again, the more I realize I needed to do that content because they’re massively behind, the more I consider just neglecting them again until next expansion because I don’t want to do the content.

    #hi i play #World of Warcraft #couldn't you tell? #honestly #at this point i think im just going to give up and play my #death knight#and my#demon hunter #they're the only things that are fun about this game anymore #if they nerf Frost Dk i may just uninstall because that's all that's keeping me here #like #HOW DO HAVE #SO MUCH CONTENT #AND ALL OF IT IS SHIT? #bfa #is the opposite of #wod #but it feels the same #rant over
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