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  • I know I’m kicking a wasps nest here but this is absolutely the only valid ranking of spn seasons best to worst and I will take not criticism

    1) season 4 (good things do happen dean)

    2) season 5 (apocalypse, later)

    3) season 3 (Dean, hot girl summer #1)

    4) season 1 (so weird that neither of these guys smoke weed)

    5) season 2 (so weird that neither of these guys smoke meth)

    6) season 11 (I actually love amara, sue me)

    7) season 10 (Dean, hot girl summer #3)

    8) season 8 (Sam is no longer a remotely sympathetic character, dean hot girl summer #2)

    9) season 6 (wow toxic men on both sides of this family, soulless Sam makes r*pe jokes)

    10) season 9 (Castiel’s hot girl summer)

    11) season 13 (huckleberry….)

    12) season 12 ( i actually think this season was a satire making fun of super who lock)

    13) season 14 (couldn’t tell you a damn thing that happens in this season)

    14) season 15 (Eileen deserved so much better)

    15) season 7 (derogatory)

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  • Let me just tell you.

    Dean without memory (Regarding Dean) would have fucking yeeted himself out of the closet of Castiel had been there.


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  • image

    say what you will, but sam is PERFECTLY characterized in bite me

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  • i worked wayyyy too long on this lmao so please take this and tell me which one of dean’s exes are you?

    #janie rambles#spn#uquiz#dean winchester#destiel #i want no arguments I'm right xxx
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  • Someone at my roommates work is starting supernatural, good luck to them, and my roommate has a picture of her with Jared and Misha as her laptop screen saver and her friend recognized Jared but not Misha. And my roommate said she must not be on season 4 yet if doesn’t recognize Misha (she’s on season 2) and my roommate said she only knew what season Misha came in at bc ‘her roommate is obsessed with him’ which true. But also how is that not just a top of head fact about the show when it’s your favorite show and you’ve watched every episode? She’s also part of the 30% who liked the finale though (she doesn’t ship w*ncest though) so I don’t really understand what she likes about the show other than thinking jared is hot. Whenever I talk to my roommate about supernatural I’m always blown away by how straight people consume that show. Like she thought Cas confession was platonic (which she is not homophobic- I wouldn’t be living with her if she was- she is just a very oblivious straight person) and when I told her Misha said it was a homosexual love confession she said ‘oh I guess I can see that kinda’. It’s always an adventure talking about that show with her bc I straight up told her I will not watch the finale and she loves it so we just kinda talk around how the show ended.

    #destiel#castiel#misha #my roommate is great it’s just wild seeing how she consumes and enjoys tv compared to me #her mom is weirder though bc Dean is her favorite and she loved them finale too #which I get why a Sam fan would like the finale but I don’t see how a dean fan would #straight people are weird #also I do enjoy when people tell me they thought of me when I’m not around
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  • there is a concept in slavic folklore called the dead and living water. it is a tool that is used to bring someone back from the dead (usually someone who died from violence, rather than any kind of natural natural causes).

    first, you rebuild the body from whatever state it was in (people tend to get sliced in russian fairytales a lot) and use the dead water to heal the wounds and reconnect the tissue. then, you use the living water to make the body alive again, make it into a person again.

    characters tend to carry around little bulbs of the dead and living waters as a kind of a first aid kit. sometimes, the water is brought by someone either just passing by or someone following the character, trying to prevent them from dying.

    anyways, whenever we talk about cas rebuilding dean’s body before placing his soul inside of it, i think about this.

    #talk folklore to me #it's valeriia talking #russian tag #bi baby pie #wings bees halo #destiel#spn
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  • image

    for @calico-fiction, who suggested a version of spn where cas’s hand print was on dean’s throat (see this post for reference)

    #dean winchester#deancas#destiel#destiel fanart #dean winchester fanart #this is. SO horny. #spn brings out the worst in me #ANYWAY i’m not posting this on my art blog. #my art
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  • making videos is hard (SO MUCH RESPECT TO FANVID MAKERS LITERALLY STRONGER THAN THE MARINES) so I’ve returned instead to a very indulgent poem x screencap post I mapped out awhile ago. Coming soon to a dash near u :)

    #spn#destiel #cher.txt
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    #I'm omnipotent #call me Chuck #its awful #i might just skip over this part #i KNOW DEAN KISSES HIM #DONT DO IT #Ahhh#supernatural#spn#spn fanfiction#supernatural fanfiction#destiel
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  • I still get irrationally pissed off at the SPN finale. Cas literally built Dean up in a speech with a beautiful homage to past seasons in 15x17. In the next episode we see Dean actually believe that he is worthy, a killer is not who he is. And for what? Only to have Dean deny help and accept death (which is problematic and fucked up in its own respect)? That’s not tragedy, it’s just fucked. And don’t even get me started on the way they did Misha/Cas dirty in that finale. Andjrjrbrhrirjtbtjjt.

    #spn#finale wank#Dean Winchester#destiel #like are you ever sitting on your toilet with the worst fucking period cramps #and this just pops into your head to make you even more in pain and even more angry
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  • E21 of S1: “I want you to go to school, I want Dean to have a home.

    This is fascinating! John, despite being a terrible father, understands the needs of his sons and the difference between them. Sam wants knowledge: he wants to enter a new world, do something big, make a place for himself there. Dean, on the other hand, wants love. A quiet comfort of home. Someone to wait and be happy to see him there. And this is already acknowledged in S1!

    So no, Dean doesn’t actually want to die in the blaze of glory. Not now, not later, not ever. He deserves to have his dream realized: to make a home with Castiel, to cook and snuggle when they are watching movies, to have late nights and celebrations with Castiel, Sam, and the rest of their family. This is what Dean always craved and what he is absolutely going to get after E19 of S15, aka the last semi-acceptable episode of Supernatural in terms of logic, coherency, and believability. 

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  • the parent trap only works if you’re identical | part seven of eight | ao3 link

    Tag List: @littlerachelbee @imthedoctorlove @deancas-handprint @castiel-loves-dean @wanderermatthews @thelahatiel @priscillahc @mridzyp @multi-fandom-dark-lord @thefantasyfiend @harmonyhelms @imlivingliferightnow @kara-merlin @still-clowning-in-this-house @never-forever-more @continuezmesfilserrants @2musiclover2 @castiels-bitch @stjimmie @cmths5 @chamomilecas @syrille

    “Just stay. I don’t know how but we can work something out.” Cas said. “Please.” He said pleadingly. Dean’s reply was to bring their lips back together. Cas sighed happily as they just sat on the couch kissing for a long time. “Dean, come to bed with me.” Cas said breathily, his lips hovering just over Dean’s ear. It sent a shiver of excitement through his whole body.

    “Of course.” Dean replied, taking Cas’ hand as one of the phones on the coffee table vibrated loudly. Claire’s phone. Dean was about to ignore it until he saw Eileen’s name on the screen. With a roll of his eyes, Dean grabbed the phone off the table, looking down at the screen and smiling.  

    Hey! We haven’t heard anything from you for a while. Guessing you’re still in DC. Did you do the car thing? Gotta keep the rest of Team Parent Trap updated!

    “You ever feel like your whole family is plotting against you?” Dean asked, showing Cas the screen. “Those kids are seriously doing to be the death of us if they’ve roped Eileen, Sam and Gabriel into this.”

    “I think it speaks volumes that they all want to see us together.” Cas said, smiling down at the phone screen as he scrolled back up the messages. “Why are they called Team Parent Trap?”

    “You…you’ve…wow. Cas, you’re lucky you’re hot.” Dean said, shaking his head. He threw Claire’s phone onto the couch while Cas flicked off all the lights downstairs. They walked hand in hand upstairs, stopping by Jack’s room and knocking on the door. Jack and Claire were sitting watching TV, looking like butter wouldn’t melt. Claire grinned smugly at Dean when she saw his hand laced with Cas’.

    “We’re going to go to bed kids, don’t stay up too long.”

    “And don’t even think about touching the car again.”

    “We’re innocent until proven guilty with concrete evidence.” Claire said with yet another smug grin.

    “Spoken like the niece of a lawyer.” Cas said, chuckling. “You may have gotten away with it if your Aunt hadn’t thrown you under the bus.”

    “Dang it Aunt Eileen.” Claire muttered.

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    #deancas parent trap #deancas fic#deancas ficlet#destiel fic#destiel ficlet#deancas#destiel #i can't keep looking at this because it's already been chopped and changed so much #i'm just post it then drink wine
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  • S&L coming in about the same place Walker did first night, 0.37. At a glance the demos are very similar. (Left S&L right Walker). S&L lacks younger demo Walker quickly drained but has stronger middle aged demo. The difference is the 50+ that doesn’t effect live.

    This is what I mean when I say 50+ doesn’t effect live but it’s where the higher viewership value in raw audience came in for Walker which is why it had the inflated numbers with shit ratings. That means audience losses in S&L will more directly affect live as a general statement. #IStandWithNadria may have actually affected retention by the look of last night so we’ll see.

    We actually saw dozens of non-fandom people climbing in abroad once it got trending saying “I watched/wanted to watch but I’m not going to now”, so it had an effect–and we’re planning on doing it again.

    As a reminder, shows generally lose about 15% of their demo in the first 3 episodes. The question is if it loses more than that. #IStandWithNadria folks may want to consider scheduling 5 tweets each at 7PM EST Tues Mar 2 to sound off in a clap, since last time it was organic. The #IStandWithNadria tag just kinda popped up on impulse since we hadn’t been able to organize in a meaningful way due to life issues, even if we had planned to do something.

    If everyone climbing into #IStandWithNadria across multiple fandoms involved scheduled 5 tweets for Mar 2 7PMEST with the tag & info, one could easily skyrocket it. So send to your moots & GCs. I sure will.

    Whether you’re just anti-CW and want them to crash and burn (since this is gonna be their money maker with Walker already chugging out and it has MUCH higher production value)– or someone genuinely interested in this kind of thing because Nadria was done dirty– consider going to tweetdeck/hootsuite and scheduling tweets.

    I highly suggest one of your scheduled tweets be a tagged linkdrop to this thread–and to actually include #SupermanandLois on it–one and only one use the official tag on. It’s a new show, so it’s going to trend. We’re not going to be able to stop it. But we are going to be able to catch inbound fans and flip them the way we did night one.  Anyway a QT to a thread that could catch attention:


    So schedule #SupermanAndLois #IStandWithNadria https://twitter.com/Warbamf/status/1364491280810582016

    Mar 2 7PM EST.

    After that do not use the S&L tag at all. All other scheduled tweets (please schedule at least 5 and, if you’re up to it, 5 every 15 minutes for a few hours) with #IStandWithNadria. Also consider following enderasure on twitter. They’ve got more news updates coming.

    We like, did a popup trend last night and did some real good and had some real impact. So let’s do #IStandWithNadria again next week and keep being heard until this crap-ass network has accountability to how it treats marginalized groups.

    PLEASE consider reblogging this far and wide and if you schedule tweets, leave me a note in the comments so I can start tracking it and estimating what kind of clap we can sound off for Nadria.

    Feel free to use pre-existing stuff in the tags from the first trend night for your scheduling

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    Nadria was fired for being like “uh, maybe we shouldn’t make all of our villains black? And our only black characters villains? Or make jokes about me too?” and is a WOC.

    This is CW’s new Superman and Lois show. It’s what they’re hinging their future on, especially with Walker already starting to drag.



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  • Day 97 and I’m still grieving over no handholding or smooch ever

    #destiel #it hits me at random still
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  • the love song of j. alfred prufock, t.s. eliot


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  • It’s so funny like they literally wrote Cas like Dean’s wife. They wrote him exactly as they’d write a female love interest. Incredible. Do you ever say no homo SO HARD that you accidentally create a gay couple and make one of them femme??? Amazing. Unparalleled. Obsessed.

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  • should i call an ambulance??
    yes, definitely 

    things get a little out of hand taking out some werewolves up in washington state. cas and dean’s first kiss was always going to be bloody. 100% inspired by this post!

    #this is the stupidest thing i have ever done #destiel#deancas#supernatural#dean winchester#sam winchester#jack kline#castiel#spn edits#destiel edits#bi dean#spn meme#destiel wedding #but u KNOW that first kiss was raw as hell #they're in some middle of nowhere gas station #bleeding out on the asphalt #and sam's like #so here's the tea!
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  • society if scoobycas and scoobydean kissed

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  • Give me validation, I had to listen to the song to make this.

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