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  • therottenapplepk-sfw
    02.08.2021 - 34 minutes ago
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  • shak--attack
    02.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    stop im literally pissing myself


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  • spacexzone
    02.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Semua Senjata Pada Game Dino Crisis 2

    Dino Crisis adalah sebuah game yang menceritakan tentang pertempuran manusia dengan seekor mahluk zaman purba yaitu dinosaurus. Regina dan Dylan adalah karakter utama dari game Dino Crisis 2 PS1 dan bersama dengan rekan lainnya.

    Pada video kali ini , admin menunjukan senjata apa saja yang dimiliki oleh setiap karakter di game dino crisis. Semua senjata akan saya gunakan untuk membasmi dino yang berukuran kecil hingga T-REX sekalipun. Jadi saksikan saja video ini hingga selesai ya kawan !

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  • flowercrowns-n-punks
    02.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    So uh undertale au planning in 2021 oh noo so Uhh anyone wanna listen to my rambling ideas

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  • orcforged
    02.08.2021 - 3 hours ago
    Your dino took a dump in my food fire though.
    Haha it's cool though great boots dude.

    Monster Factory #7: Dino-Lansbury

    #monster factory#dino-lansbury#dino lansbury #ark: survival evolved #I don't know why I framed it like this lmao
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  • superwallpaper
    02.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

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  • dinosaurtsukki
    02.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    just... me collecting myself after writing a whole new self-indulgent fyodor royalty!au fic

    #i have to proofread this omg #or... do i? #after all #why should i proofread? #ok but i need to edit and fix the post format #dino roars
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  • lorde-taciturno
    02.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Baby wake up new favorite mecha just dropped

    #SOOO COOL #LOOK AT THIS MOTHERFUCKING DINO DRAGON WITH GUNS #kikai sentai zenkaiger #presented by lord taciturno
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  • azuri-the-imperfect-artist
    02.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    -Pico sketch

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  • ballistik696
    02.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Started #PowerMonth by rewatching #PowerRangers #DinoFury on @netflix! Episode 11 is absolute 🔥🔥🔥!

    Tweeted by @TeHCactuS

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  • starry-sim
    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Surprise surprise I'm sobbing again. Well, it's stopped a little but hey.

    I was just thinking about the fact that I really cannot begin to comprehend the pain Ash really did go through. The amount of self loathing that he must have experienced from such an early age. Wishing he would die at the age of 12. Having to deal with all of the pain and trauma alone. Its scary. Having no one to turn to in your life because they either turn on you, abuse you, or leave. Always being referred to as an animal or 'the devil' because you've acquired the skills you have to survive with and if you're soft, you'll be killed. The people you love get hurt.

    And even then, he was still a lovely person, if you get what I mean. Yes, he killed people but only out of necessity. He wanted to help more than anything and he couldn't stand people he cared about getting hurt. Tried his best to protect everybody. He couldn't even grieve properly for the friends he did lose. He shouldn't have had to because no one should have died.

    He was only a child. A teenager. And yet he went through so many horrors making him seem old beyond his years. And I hate that. Those idiots who thought it was okay to do what they did, deserve to just perish from existence. (sorry I'm rambling).

    Yes, I do cry for him all the time because its horrible what he had to go through and I'm pretty sure I'm an empathy crier. It hurts me but like I've can't even begin to fully comprehend what this boy has gone through in just 11 or so years of his life.

    Moral of this ramble? Ash Lynx deserved so much better than whatever hand the fates decided to make him play.

    #Sorry im emotionally broken tonight #I hate dino #It was because of this fic i was reading #And then it got worse #Sorry #It probably is dumb #Ash lynx#Banana fish#Starry rambles
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  • feral-for-ignis
    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Honestly I like Dino

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  • schlock-luster-video
    02.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Today in sci-fi horror / monster movie history: on August 1, 1978 King Kong (1976) debute in Poland.

    Here's some fan art!

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  • power-rangers-headcanons
    01.08.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #conner mcknight #power rangers dino thunder
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  • wanbankappa
    01.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    HeliosR - Keith Max Card story “Warm-hearted man”

    Translation of Keith Max’s 4* “1st Anniversary” card story from ‘Helios Rising Heroes’.

    Keith: Here I go~~~

    Dino: Owawah!?

    Keith: Oops… m’bad, threw it weirdly. Been too long since I played catch, so my control is…

    Dino: Nah, it’s fine!

    Brad: He’s very quick on his feet. Pretty impressive on Dino’s part

    Keith: Man, seriously. Pretty often doubt if we’re really the same age 

    Keith: As for you… well, you’re more clapped-out than fitting for your age

    Brad: Clapped-out?

    Dino: That’s absolutely not true, Brad

    Dino: If anything, I think it’s amazing how you always have a sense of freshness when your so absurdly busy

    Keith: Eeeeh, really now?

    Dino: You’re looking all cool during catch now too …

    Dino: Which is why I ended up thinking if you’re maybe tired or so… Everything alright, Brad?

    Brad: It’s fine

    Brad: I wondered what happened for you to suddenly call out to me, but to think it was to play catch with the three of us… Was the last time since we were rookies?

    Dino: Been a while, hasn’t it? Thought that you should take a breather too 

    Dino: Maybe I should worry about Keith more. Not too long before he’s gonna start huffing and puffing, right?

    Keith: Oi, what’re ya treating me differently for...

    Dino: Hm? You’re holding up better than I thought?

    Keith: I’m telling ya… I’m pretty much the same age as you guys. Yer gonna make Jay cry, he definitely will

    Dino: Yeaaah, I don’t think it’s too good to use Jay as an example though…

    Brad: Actually, your stamina has increased compared to before… rather, hasn’t it returned?

    Keith: Heh heh heh… Finally noticed, haven’t ya Brad

    Keith: It’s a fact that my stamina and physical power has came back to me lately

    Keith: Ah! Just to be clear, don’t even think I’m gonna go all like, time to put effort into working, okay!? I wanna keep things as they are now!

    Dino: So uncool, Keith…

    Brad: Leaving that aside…. I’m pleased with how you’re healthier than before

    Brad: Generally speaking it might’ve not been to a level where it posed a problem, but when considering your position as a hero, your lack of basic physical strength was overwhelming.

    Brad: And all of it came down on your negligent behaviour. It’s only natural for you to turn out as you did when you continued to neglect your own health and wallow in alcohol and cigarettes. 

    Keith: S-shuddup. Gimme a break...

    Brad: Thank Dino for it

    Keith: Wha…

    Brad: It’s painfully obvious how he’s the reason for your change in attitude. Anyone could guess that Dino’s return was the biggest factor.

    Dino: I haven’t done that much though?

    Keith: T-that’s right. Don’t start exaggerating now… It is clear that I’ve been drinking and smoking less since he’s back though.

    Keith: Kinda irritating he has to butt in about every single thing, and he keeps waking me every morning up way earlier than needed too… 

    Dino: Because you’ll sleep forever if I leave you be, Keith

    Keith: I tend to wake up in the nick of time, y’know… ‘Cuz I’m the type that lives his life cleverly by doing so

    Dino: Really now?

    Dino: But well, don’t the rookies play a huge part in Keith being healthier than before too?

    Dino: I think becoming a mentor for the 13th generation of rookies must’ve been a pretty big deal in itself too...

    Brad: You’re right, that’s another thing to consider

    Keith: ...Again, that’s an exaggeration 

    Keith: It’s better that Dino’s back now but, looking after ‘em was stressful enough already

    Dino: Don’t say that now. Junior and Faith are both nice kids, and any kind of encounter is one that you should treasure

    Keith: No way. I prefer for every day to be the same as usual

    Dino: For every day to be the same as usual… Yeah, that’s pretty important too

    Brad: …….

    Keith: Haah? Oi Brad, what’s that face for…

    Brad: Nothing… Merely remembered something from back at the Academy---


    Dino: Ah, Brad. Did you buy a new bag?

    Brad: No, it’s one I have been using all this time…

    Dino: Eh, really? It kinda looked all new and pretty, so I thought that it had to be a new one

    Dino: Speaking of which, you do treat your things with much care. Bet you’re pretty good at it too

    Dino: How nice~ Mine gets worn out pretty quickly, impressive how you’re able to pull off keeping things neat!

    Brad: You are quite the active type. Your possesions must be happy for it to be used to that kind of extent.

    Dino: Uwaah, Brad, you understand the feelings of objects?

    Brad: No, what I said was…

    Keith: Figure of speech, right? Ya oughta get that much at least

    Dino: Keith’s… bag is unexpectedly decent? Am I the only one with a tattered bag!?

    Keith: That “unexpectedly” was uncalled for...

    Keith: I only make sure to treat it carefully to avoid damaging it as much as I can. Ain’t the type to spend money all willy nilly, y’know 

    Dino: For what reason it might be, it’s good to be able to treasure things. Love and peace...☆

    Keith: And there it is… Still bird brained as ever

    Keith: Mh? Where ya guys going?

    Brad: There’s a gathering at the student council that requires my presence, and Dino is backing up for the football club…. Actually, we should’ve already talking about this earlier today

    Keith: R-really?

    Dino: Sorry, Keith. I’ll be back late today, but once we’re all at the dorm let’s get together and throw a pizza party!

    Keith: E-enough. Everyday’s just pizza and pizza…

    Keith: Also, we see each other in class every single day too, no need to get together at our dorms

    Keith: I’m gonna, go have my fill of having some alone time. …...See ya

    Dino: And he’s off....

    Dino: I was considering ordering pizza that I wasn’t sure if I should get yesterday though….. Should we stop holding these pizza parties?

    Brad: No need to worry. He says that but there’s not a day where he hasn’t shown up.

    Dino: N-now that you’re pointing it out…

    Brad: Despite what he says, meeting up like this during lunch and after school has become a habit for us

    Brad: If he truly thought it was annoying, or if he didn’t like it, he should be avoiding us and going home on his own.


    Brad: ----How that part of hating change is still the same as ever

    Keith: What in the world did ya remember….? S’creepy to go on your own about that

    Dino: I’m also curious. What are you thinking about, Brad

    Keith: Wait… Oi Dino, we gotta go home

    Dino: Eh, already?

    Keith: Sun’s setting already. Grown men playing catch in a park until it gets dark outside… Way too damned lame

    Dino: Ah but, if we leave now we’d be back right when the rookies had wrapped up their training.

    Dino: Awright, let’s all sit down to eat dinner! Let’s pi----

    Keith: Pizza’s off the table. Everyday’s just that and that, enough of it

    Dino: EEEH~!? Here I sat thinking how I should order from this pizza place nearby after we head home, it was one my mind before we even started playing catch today!

    Keith: As if I care. Go eat with them rookies, I absolutely ain’t gonna be part of it

    Dino: EeeeEEEH~!? Don’t say that, Keeeeiiiiiiithhhh!!!!!!!!

    Brad: (....While behaving as if he can’t accept change, he’ll grow unusually attached to things once he lets them close to him.)

    Brad: (He won’t ever admit it himself but, that hasn’t changed at all too.)

    Brad: (And it seems that he gained one more thing to treasure ever since meeting the 13th generation of rookies---)

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  • btsficcs
    01.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Really feel like having Soonyoung’s spit in my mouth right about now, just give it a nice swish in there

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  • fullmoongq
    01.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

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