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  • butterfly-ink
    29.09.2021 - 2 monts ago


    #its a work in progressing disaster #anyway I can't log in for another month probably I feel so dizzy and sick #qin yi#shining nikki
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  • hazelnut-not-walnut
    18.06.2021 - 5 monts ago

    [id: three pieces of text from the old guard screenplay and three drawings of nile. text 1: nile - yo, is this a rodin? this is an honest-to-god rodin! andy - yeah. image 1: a positively giddy nile is standing next to a dark bronze rodin sculpture called iris, messenger of the gods in the musée rodin in paris, she is grinning wildly and lightly grazing the sculpture with a raised and outstretched hand. text 2: booker - you're into art? nile - yeah, i'm thinking of getting an art history degree once i'm out of the corps... (realizing) i was thinking about it, i mean. image 2: jay, nile, and dizzy pose exuberantly in brightly colored flouncy clothes on top of a flight of stairs in the louvre. behind them is the large hellenistic marble sculpture known as the nike of samothrace. nile is pulling the tulle of her skirt out like wings, mimicking the outspread wings of the sculpture. text 3: nile scrolls through the pictures with andy -- playful family poses, pics of fellow marines, shots of women and children from her postings, a portrait of a negress from the louvre. andy seems genuinely, if quietly, interested. nile ends on another photo of her father. this one makes her melancholy. image 3: nile stands in front of the portrait of madeline by marie-guillemine benoist, 1800 (until recently known as a portrait of a negress) in the louvre. she looks directly at the viewer, standing in a pose reminiscent of madeline's. madeline wears a white head wrap, small hoop earrings, and a white dress. her shoulders and breast are exposed. as in all the pictures, nile wears a turquoise head wrap, dusky rose off-the-shoulder cropped ruffle top, a long turquoise tulle skirt, large gold hoop earrings, and her small golden cross. there is a pencil tucked behind her ear and she is clutching a small sketchbook in her hands. end id]

    #the first pic is absolutely a pic taken five mins before disaster. they were kicked out for touching the art #nile had always wanted to touch the rodins at the art institute back home - all of the art but especially the rodins - #but never would have dared the indignity of getting kicked out or the risk of being banned from the museum altogether #but now she'd done it. she'd touched an honest-to-god rodin #as jay nile and dizzy were posing below the nike a ''security guard'' named lupin asked them if they wanted help taking their beyoncé pic #when nile responded in french he was delighted to hear her mother's accent on her tongue. the pic became a photoshoot #nile had dizzy take the pic of her with madeline to send to her mom so she could see her baby in the louvre #madeline was still unnamed when nile visited her. when she questioned the practicality of an art history degree #that unnamed portrait was one of the pieces she thought of. all the untold histories waiting to be unearthed & brought into the light of da #always having a lot of feelings about nile and art and art history over here #nile freeman appreciation hours #nile freeman #art!nile #tog art history #rodin#nilecore #the old guard #tog art#tog screenplay #*beyoncé pic = that's where beyoncé goes apeshit in the apeshit video #just thinking thoughts about nile jay and dizzy swanning around the tuilleries in their civilian finest after a morning in the louvre #before strolling over to the rodin museum #also: file 'iris - messenger of the gods' under 'rodin ate pussy' #(you know that tag is for you dirah <3) #if you get a princess ariel vibe from nile's outfit - congratulations. you perceive the truth
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  • adreamer67
    20.03.2021 - 8 monts ago

    So, I don’t know why I’m having so many panic attacks this week but I would not like to pass out in public thanks

    #yes i am a disaster human being #whining #new game: involuntary breath holding #it gets so hard to breathe that I have to consciously take every breath or it doesn’t happen #so if I forget I just... don’t breathe #queue tag thing #my gosh I’m so dizzy
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  • thebonewitch
    19.02.2021 - 9 monts ago

    I feel sick and exhausted and I'm in pain

    I take some time to rest and plan to do my work when I feel better

    I do not feel better


    #i need to do work tonight but thinking about it makes me want to cry #i am so sick #my shoulder is still a disaster #makes me dizzy from pain #my stomach is burning #i don't know if i can string sentences together but i'll have to #i have to get this stuff done #wingwalker
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  • slipperyslideyday
    11.11.2020 - 1 year ago

    Caught myself thinking about writing the WIP I’m working on in public as I eat burgers for lunch;

    Quarantine is hitting hard

    #slipspeaks #after typing this post i went out to buy food I wanted to eat #on the way back I fell over and scraped up my hands #when I got back and finished putting band aids on my booboos I got dizzy and had to lay down from low blood sugar #human disaster 😞
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  • briinstardust
    27.10.2020 - 1 year ago
    #Bri Screams#anon #9-1-1 character discussions #9-1-1 episode discussions #Buddie #Evan Buckley a complete bisexual disaster #Eddie Diaz a bisexual disaster #The Evan Buckley Saga continues #The Eddie Diaz Saga continues #wow the way this man clutches Buck's waist gets me every damn time #he intimately knows this waist #It's almost like his hand was dehydrated and just taking an extra long drink of a very tall glass of water #this hand is at home on Evan Buckley's waist #gdi #getting real dizzy over here
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  • disasterpup
    05.07.2020 - 1 year ago


    #personal disaster #these make me kinda dizzy #i dunno if i like it
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  • chrisbangs
    25.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    i think i am dying <3

    #whole day with a headache and now i cant eat i tried to walk around the living room and i nearly passed out #not to mention everytime i try to eat or drink i think i might puke #this really is like ... a game of am i dying or what #i slept for less than an hour and my mom woke up to eat but i dont want to it makes me feel sick and she said if i eat i can take another #pain killer so part of me is like ..... okay FINE .... ill eat then omg but i just tried to and i nearly puked so now im sittin on the #bathroom floor very dizzy and very unwell and i dont know what to do #i am what the kids call ... a fucking disaster #on top of that **** called me out of nowhere and that was like wow <3 not good timing i thinkyou are the second last person on earth id like #to speak to so why are you calling me ??? #anyway #i think i am dying so cheers to that #jks its probably lack of rest... but who knows 🥳🥂 #dl #li.txt
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  • taylortut
    16.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    Chronic illness problems: not being able to tell if you're getting regular people sick, or if you're just not sleeping enough and having a POTS flare up and a migraine at the same time 😂☠️💃🏽

    #taylortalks #taylor whines lmao #it's probs a flare up #I'm dizzy which is a pots thing #i just normally don't get dizzy with pots #I'm also RIDICULOUSLY clumsy today but i think that's just a symptom of being a disaster person
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  • margobat
    04.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    I love them so much oh

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  • numptypylon
    04.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Drabble for Jack_RB on Ao3 and @acronymking4tdp who both requested some hungover Rayla, post-chapter 13 of Homeward Bound. It's a continuation of the last drabble in this series but can be read on its own


    Yeah, she had to think about regular dumb stuff like this, because her wrist was not happy about the twist she had just done to unhook the stupid chafy bra she had been too wasted to remove last night.

    And it didn’t even hurt that much anymore, just… it was really distractingspikes of pain, spreading to the tips of her fingers and up her arm, before slowly dispersing.

    Almost dispersing, that was.

    It was like an itch you couldn’t scratch, just a sliver of background ache… reminding her it was messed up and intending to stay that way and she couldn’t do the things she wanted or was supposed to do and it wouldn’t matter, she had already messed up-


    Yeah, she had messed up, alright. He had said she hadn’t, and he meant what he said, but… he was also too generous with her.

    He was out on the other side of the door, probably, because unlike her, he had two braincells to rub together and so had not been awake all night pounding back disgusting, synthetic, green banana-shots, and then spewed them all over his housemate-slash-doomed-crush.

    She couldn’t just… stay in here for the remainder of their cohabitation, right?

    No, Callum would come check on her, he had made it clear he didn’t feel the way about her that she did for him, but… he had also made it clear, and not just yesterday, that he cared about her.

    There was a glass of water and some paracetamol on her nightstand.

    She sniffed. Why was he so nice to her and made her feel so good and why was she such a monumental idiot?

    And she had just… what had she even done? It was mostly pretty fuzzy, but some things were way too clear, like… Callum promising to never fall in love with her. She could see his face as he’d said it, flushed and wide-eyed discomfort because of her-

    But, she should stop feeling sorry for herself for something entirely her own doing.

    She got up, pulled a comfy, loose t-shirt over her head, and willed the dizzy, nauseous feeling into the background, and went to go scrub the bathroom floor, because she definitely had some unfinished business in there.

    Or… not. Callum must have cleaned up her barf, because it smelled freshly like floor cleaner.

    Awesome. More things to make up to him.

    And she knew she didn’t have to, he didn’t keep score like that, but… she didn’t want to be just… some mess he had to pick up.

    And she couldn’t be what she wanted to be to him, she had messed that up too.

    The thing looking back at her from the bathroom mirror was like a cursed mix of human disaster and romcom cliché, pale and streaky mascara that had smudged and run. She stuck her tongue out at her own pitiful reflection.


    Just to hammer it home.

    She looked away. Not like her looks was why Callum didn’t like her, anyway, she wasn’t that oblivious.

    A bare minimum of personal hygiene later, she exited the bathroom, because she wasn’t showering for pleasure; she wanted to wash her hair when she did and that was a pain to get done with one hand and would continually remind her-

    Well, she wasn’t doing the crying-in-the-shower romcom cliché too, plenty of human-disaster for one day already.

    Callum was in the kitchen when she entered, fixing… lunch, probably.

    “Hey, Callum.”

    “Rayla!” He jumped around to face her, flushing bright red and rubbing the back of his neck. “Good… well… afternoon.”

    He couldn’t even look at her, his gaze flickering between his feet, the cutting board of obnoxiously delicious-looking greasy potato bread, the window-

    Just unnecessary confirmation that she had completely overstepped and made him uncomfortable last night. Some A+ seduction, that, puking on him and smelling him like some creepy vampire and extremely ineptly hitting on him while bent over the toilet bowl, just… ugh.

    She was the absolute worst… friend… housemate… prospective love interest for anyone, let alone the best person she knew.

    “How are you feeling today?” he continued, but he turned his back and went to the fridge to rummage aimlessly. “I bought coke when I was at the shops earlier, if you want one. And there’s loads of focaccia left.”

    Damnit, why?! If he didn’t care, he could at least have the courtesy to be less… him. And her stomach was churning and her head throbbing, and she wanted the coke and the bloody oily bread that still smelled so bloody amazing and would taste amazing because Callum was amazing and she was a barfy mess who ruined things-

    “I’m fine.”


    “Yeah. I know I look like shit, you don’t have to fucking rub it in-“


    Oh great, she was actually the worst. “Sorry. I’m…” Furious at her less-than-worthless drunk self? “Hungover.” He had probably gleaned that one. “I didn’t mean to- I’m… I’m sorry I puked on you. You could have left it for me to clean up, you know? It was my bloody puke, least I could do, now I just can’t do a thing to make it up to-“

    “What? You don’t need to… and… you want to be cleaning up puke right now? It’s awful, cleaning up puke when you’re already nauseous-“

    “Who says I’m nauseous?”

    “Uhm… I just… figured-“

    Yeah, because he knew her, and knew her stomach hated her and she got nauseous from absolutely everything - hangovers, her period, long car rides, sailing-

    She sank onto a kitchen chair, burying her face in her hands.

    She couldn’t avoid her housemate.

    She didn’t want to avoid her friend.

    There was the sound of a can being opened, a plate placed in front of her.

    Callum didn’t drink coke, he liked citrus flavors when it came to sodas, so he had bought those for her because of course he had noticed her hangover-drink-of-choice because he noticed everything-

    She took a giant, uncouth bite of delicious, warm potato bread, a giant, slurpy drink of delicious, fizzy, liquid caffeine.

    He was back to staring into the fridge, doing some kind of organizing, it seemed.

    He didn’t seem angry or cold though, not even a little bit. It would be easier if he treated her like she deserved.

    “Uhm,” he repeated. “Do you… you wanna borrow some pajama bottoms? Mine are almost all clean, if you’re out. You can have your favorite super-soft pair with the little moons-“

    Right. She had never actually gotten around to putting any more clothes on besides the t-shirt. And of course Callum didn’t care about her half-dressed state like she wanted him to, but just… honest friend-caring that was just-

    “Callum, I feel like utter shite, and I can’t even begin to apologize about last night and you’re not even angry and just… just offering me your trousers and your fizz and your… perfect, greasy potato bread with natural antiemetic herb topping-”

    “I didn’t mean to do that!”

    “I know you didn’t, but damnit! Be less-“ She took another defiant monster bite. Why was it so good-

    “I meant… I didn’t know rosemary was an antiemetic. That was a coincidence.“ He actually looked at her, grinning crookedly, hesitantly but… hopeful.

    Her breath came out as relieved laughter. And a few crumbs.

    He was not pulling away from her, he was making an effort to have things be normal, too.

    With two of them wanting that… they could do it.

    #rayllum#rayla #the dragon prince #tdp#callum #numpty fic tag #cottage cuddles au #homeward bound rayla pov extras #homeward bound
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  • besthydrationdrinks
    04.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Is ORS (Oral Rehydration Solutions) the Best Option To Deal With Dehydration?

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      Chronic Dehydration:

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    Article Source : https://besthydrationdrinks.wordpress.com/2021/12/04/is-ors-oral-rehydration-solutions-the-best-option-to-deal-with-dehydration/

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  • thoughtsonhurtandcomfort
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    'D' for December Whump, Angst and Comfort Prompt List

    Feel free to interpret prompts how you want, combine prompts, etc. Have fun!



    Dreaming of rescue

    Deteriorating quickly

    Dangerous terrain

    Dangerous building


    Difficulty breathing

    Delicate skin

    Damage to the head


    Dumped on the side of the road



    Defeated in battle



    Delivered to whumper

    Dangling over the edge of a cliff

    Dust that makes them cough

    Dehydrated and fading fast

    Desperate for comfort



    Darkness all around

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  • hasquetzdoneanythingwrong
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Codex Familia: Consequences pt. 1

    It was late November, and the family was in Alaska for their annual vacation when tragedy had struck. In a very much wrecked karaoke club, Chaldean security operatives were combing through the wreckage recovering bodies and injured people while also investigating anything that may have recorded what had caused the incident.

    The operation was lead by none other then Leonardo Da Vinci who came at the relatively urgent request of former Chaldean master, Rex and former servant Quetzalcoatl. It wasn't long until the genius had questioned the two as to what the hell happened.

    "It's unfortunate to reunite after so long under such circumstances, you two." Said Da Vinci while talking to the couple. "The last I remember actually seeing you was the kids' quinceañera, right?"

    "Right, you've been busy since" the solar goddess responded. "It is very nice to see you, amiga.... just not like this" she had finished.

    "So.... let's cut to the chase." She finally asked. "How did the kids cause such a..... disaster?! It looks like a terrorist attack out there! In fact that's the story the UN is using to cover this mess up!" She questioned, clearly very concerned but also emotional.

    "W-we're not sure, Da Vinci!" The former master had responded! "Maria just got up to sing for karaoke, after some encouraging and then suddenly while singing her eyes turned purple and everyone else in the building was acting hysterical! Which caused Ed to panic and suddenly that Burst came out of him with the lightning and shit and that's when everything had gone to shit!" Rex had answered, seeming somewhat confused and hysterical himself.

    "I-I assume it's another manifestation of their authority" Quetz had interjected. "It wasn't long after the panic started and Mijo's outburst that the two seemed to faint from..... what I assume is anxiety and exhaustion from everything!" Quetzalcoatl had told Da Vinci, with more composure then Rex, but with equal amounts of worry showing on her face

    "Well..... that does make an amount of sense" Miss Da Vinci had said in response, finally. "I'm having the team recover the victims while covering your tracks. Like I said we'll blame it on a terrorist attack, while making sure no trace of your presence here can be found. We'll have to monitor the survivors aswell." She had assured the two, filling them in on how she was handling things.

    The two still had very worried looks on their faces. It was clear as day they were not ready for such a tragedy to happen, especially when their children were unintentionally responsible for such a thing.

    Then suddenly walking into the room was Nightingale, with news it seemed. "Sorry to interrupt, but the children seem to be waking up. I think they'll need to see their parents soon, in case they're still in a panic over the events" the head nurse had told Da Vinci.

    "Yes, by all means you two can go join them. They'll definitely need it after what happened." She had said to the two parents, while gesturing her hand for them to go.

    "Thank you" Rex said in response

    With a "Si, gracias" followed by Quetz.

    The two walked into the infirmary that was set up on the site of the disaster. The kids were both in beds to recover from the shock of what had happened. They seemed to finally be getting back up.

    "Aye, mis bebés!" Quetz had yelled out while running to hug the kids. She had ended up unintentionally pulling the beds closer while pulling close. "Aye, is everything ok!? Are you two alright?!" She had asked in such a panicked state.

    "Mi corazon, calm down for a second, let them adjust to the situation" Rex had said in an attempt to calm the distraught goddess that was his wife.

    "Right, I'm sorry" Quetz said while letting go of the children and getting back up from her hugging position then standing next to Rex.

    "Um.... I feel a little dizzy.... and lightheaded... but other then that I'm fine" Mari said in response to her mother's questions as she placed her hand on her head, seemingly in an attempt to relieve the fatigue.

    "Yeah, I'm feeling the same.... nothing too bad but.... it's definitely odd..." Ed had also said, replying to Quetz's worrisome questions.

    "That's good to hear, at least mis hijos" Rex had said, thankful that the kids were mostly unharmed. "You had us worried after that happened"

    "Yeah uh..... can you... remind us what happened?" Maria had asked her parents. "I have no memory of the last few hours....."

    "Yeah, same here. What exactly caused this?" Ed also asked his parents.

    "Oh......" was all that the two could say in response.

    A/N: so there's a part 1 to this current fic! Things definitely aren't going well already. But I'm sure it'll all turn out fine! Hope people enjoy it!


    @exmeowstic @hasbbdoneanythingwrong @hasspartacusdoneanythingwrong @haskamadoneanythingwrong @grievouslyxorvia @hizentadahiro @professorcharisma @vanillachaldea @chaldeamage-neo @witch-of-chaldea

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  • musiciansfan
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago
    starter call   ↪   @ohfiendangelical​

            𝐒𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐊𝐄𝐒 𝐔𝐏 𝐒𝐋𝐎𝐖𝐋𝐘. Memories from the night before are fuzzy, but she remembers, vaguely, running into one of her cute musicians and the two of them crashing a party. Diana supposes that’s where she’d ended up for the night and as she blearily opens her eyes to assess her surroundings, it feels accurate. Remnants of the night before can be seen around the room—empty bottles and solo cups, shoes and clothes discarded haphazardly, and glitter. So much glitter. That’s gonna be a bitch to clean up. Oh well. Not her party, not her problem.

            It takes a few minutes for the dizziness to stop before she finally gets up, shoving someone’s arm from over her stomach. A little aimless wandering lands her in the kitchen and she’s startled to find that someone is already there. Geez. This room is just as much of a disaster as the others. It seems last night had been a real rager. She hopes this isn’t their kitchen.

            ❝  Uh…Hi.  ❞ She has such a way with words. A beat passes. ❝  Oh, shit. Pants. I should—uh—put some pants on.  ❞ But there’s a million-dollar question: where the hell are her pants?

    #ohfiendangelical #★☆ ❬  𝐈𝐍 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑  ❭  interaction.  ❜ #★☆ ❬  𝐈𝐍 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑  ❭  arc one: living muse.  ❜ #she's so fucking stupid oh my god #also i wrote a lot im sorry #don't feel like you have to match!!!
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  • purgatorypoetry
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    all heart-on-sleeve and already scrubbing at the stains it leaves

    my blood much less water than it seems to be now, thinning like air at altitude -


    today heavier than yesterday, these so-many sunsets stacked sloppily on slender shoulders

    toes and precipices and dizzying, dizzying heights the highs the world still has to offer, prices


    princes and paupers and lawyers and doctors and beggars and bastards


    love, love and disasters

    all the same

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  • risukadarlin
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    [yuugen romantica] hatenkou vol. 3: zakuro - track five

    5; a white dress to steal your breath



    Are you planning to skip with me again?

    What was the point of coming here to study?!

    No, you’re right.

    I wouldn’t be able to concentrate either.

    Not after seeing all that.

    There was some stuff written about it in one of the books at the inn…

    150 years ago, this town took quite a blow thanks to a natural disaster.

    The population has gone down since then.

    There hasn’t been a priest at that temple for around 50 years.

    I’m not surprised.

    You can’t make money from a shrine with no visitors.

    So that’s why there’s no one left but that Fox.

    I can’t argue with them.

    I know how it feels to not want to disappear.

    And I know how it feels when the humans you trusted turn on you.

    But, living like that…

    Is that really enough for them?!

    You’re right.

    I thought you’d say that.

    Let’s go back tonight.

    We’ll make sure that shrine survives.

    We’ll prove that humans and spirits can live together.

    I promise.



    You’re here, aren’t you?

    You smug bastard.

    We came to see you.

    You said you can take us into the past at midnight, right?

    Send us there.

    To before this shrine was abandoned.

    We’ll prove it to you.

    Prove to you that you don’t have to live like this.

    You can’t do that.

    It’s impossible.

    Humans and spirits will never be able to work in unison.

    After they stopped holding the Rain Festivals here, the priest left.

    I’m sure the shrine would have survived if they’d have held it.


    Stray Fox.

    It’s impossible for you.

    That’s not for you to decide!

    So all we have to do is hold a festival?

    That’s easy.

    You two?

    The festival?

    All you’re going to do is cause pain for yourselves.


    Young lady.

    Take that talisman with you.

    I’m certain you’ll be amused by what you see.

    You’ll see the real ravine between humans and spirits.


    God. Well, that wasn’t a creepy send off.

    Maybe it’s just his personality that’s the problem.

    Oh, yeah.

    We don’t have time to chat.

    We have to do whatever we can while we’re still here.

    Let’s go find the priest first.

    We need to ask if we can join the festival.


    Do you think there’s still a boundary around the grounds?

    It’s better than it is in the present but I can feel the power here.

    Can I transform into a human still?


    I’m sure it’ll be fine as long as I put my mind to it.

    But I need to focus.

    Let’s finish this as quickly as we can.

    The Rain Festival or whatever it was.


    How did it end up like this…?

    Why is the Rain Festival just an engaged couple making their vows in front of everyone?

    That’s weird, right?!

    Why are we getting married?!

    No one mentioned marriage!

    The priest looked really happy when he started making preparations.

    And now I’m wearing this stupid kimono.

    This is bad…

    I feel dizzy.


    I need to focus.

    I won’t be able to stay transformed otherwise.

    We just have to get it over and done with.

    She’ll be in her white kimono soon…

    White kimono?!


    Even if it’s just for show, this is a wedding ceremony…

    I’ll still be able to stay transformed even when she’s dressed up, right…?


    That kimono… It s-s-suits you.


    You don’t have to compliment me.

    There are so many people here.

    This is really embarrassing.

    Yeah, that’s right.

    There was no point coming here if we can’t do this.

    You know…

    You look really pretty right now.

    Why are you so surprised?!

    You make a good bride.


    This is just a fake ceremony but one day…

    One day, I really want to…

    Huh? What’s that?

    Your talisman?

    Why is there magic radiating from it?!

    My body…

    I’m back in my spirit form.

    Is it because of the magic?!

    No, you’re wrong!

    This is… 

    I look like this because...

    Shit, they’re terrified.

    That Celestial Fox.


    Why did he make us bring that magic talisman?

    Why did he make this all go wrong on purpose?!

    Didn’t he want to protect this shrine?!

    A stone?


    Don’t throw stuff!

    Don’t be afraid!

    This is just like… back then.

    Oi! Are you okay?!

    You’re bleeding…

    You bastards…

    How dare you!

    Let go of me.

    I won’t forgive any of them!

    I can’t just do nothing!

    They hurt you.


    Let’s run away.

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    #in character. #perikallis #IT IS TIME #they are going to be i m p o s s i b l e together omfg #idk if you want to take it as like Fannar slept for 17 hours or something or he passed out from the heat or whatever?? LMAO #I left that vague so take it whatever direction you like!
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    I really do be being hard af on myself. Like I literally lost my entire goddamn shit after gaining back all the weight I lost AND THEN SOME (don't ask me if I'm still salty about it cuz I fuckin am (idk it just fucking sucks to make so much progress and actually kinda maybe feel good about myself, then start the process of reaching out and getting the help I need to heal and the shit literally just ruined my life and I ended up in a worse spot than I started (not to mention, NOT TO FUCKING MENTION??? my therapist saying, "if the meds made you gain weight then just lose it?" Like bitch??? Are you dumb?? NO REALLY?? Do you tell an alcoholic to just a have a lil sippy sip to take the edge off? No? SO WHY IN THE CASUAL FRIDAY FUCK WOULD YOU TELL SOMEONE WITH A *RESTRICTIVE* EATING DISORDER TO 'JUST LOSE THE WEIGHT?' (And like I get it... I'm fat... obviously I'm lying when I say I starve myself but that's not you're fucking determination to make? Like ion see your fucking stethoscope or your glucose meter. The fact that you don't understand how restriction can fuck up a person's metabolism beyond recognition is dizzying ("but fin, if you know it can fuck up your ability to lose weight why do you do it?" Lissen, I don't come to YOUR job and slap the dicks outa YOUR mouth so get tf off of mine)) Clearly, food is a major source of stress for me and even if you think I'm lying when I say I've weighed less than 100 lbs (spoiler alert: I'm not) maybe not risk stoking the flames of the ever burning dumpster fire that is my life choices?? Idk... that's just me tho. Far be it for me to tell you how to do your FUCKING job) Now I'm fuckin stuck playing catch for over a year literally because I got the stupid fucking thought in my stupid fucking head that maybe I could be better. Like maybe globe trotting and hearing voices and feeling like I'm full of screams can be weekly or even monthly occurances instead of daily. Maybe I can actually enjoy being touched without feeling like I'm in danger or covered in slime. Maybe I can become a person I can stand to look at or even recognize as myself (cuz y'know that's a problem too, like I somehow hate myself without even conceptualizing myself wth..)) and idk if I'll ever not be mad about it or become less reticent to seek help because it seems like everytime I try I end up in progressively worsening disasters and though my capacity to cope with them grows the fallout miraculously always outweighs my ability to damage control. At some point I'm inviting this shit to happen to me. And while I'm absolutely an idiot idk if I could continue trying to rely on others to leave my life in a shambles when I can do that perfectly fine on my own.) It’s crazy that I've been able to overcome a lot of my more inauspicious eccentricities to lose nearly 60 lbs in a year. Like of course if I worked with a professional I prob would've had an easier time and lost more in less time but... this is a ritual for me. It is a private, mostly disgusting, undertaking. But despite the horrible things I have nominated to do to my body to excise the demons of fat fin's past, there is some pride to be had in progress. In the journey so to speak. While I'm exceedingly hard on myself, I did and have continued to Do. That. Shit. and I can afford to take a little time to reflect and understand how meaningful that is to me.

    #the big shrink #progress#tw ed#journal #i am solidly at 180... tryna get out but it's proved more difficult that i intially anticipated #170 was so fucking hard last time #im very much not lookinh forward to it #but yeah i started at 237 almost 240 #and have lost roughly 60 lbs #that's fucking wild #cuz i literally feel like i havenr done shit #and dont deserve shit
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    Two Can Keep a Secret

    Thanks to @hedgiwithapen for letting me steal borrow her idea and change it to my OTP.

    Two Can Keep a Secret

    Caitlin groaned and pressed her hand to her head. Where was she?

    The last thing she remembered was talking on the phone to her boyfriend and rummaging in her bag for her door key. Then a hard pinch to her neck, and everything went fuzzy after that.

    She touched her neck, feeling around for a wound. She found a tiny pinprick that stung. Hypodermic needle. It must have been some kind of knockout drug.

    Good thing Killer Frost's powers had cleared her system so quickly. 

    She took stock of her situation. Small cell, your basic bars and high-window setup. Nothing she hadn't broken out of before with her cold powers. The bigger question was who had taken her.

    There was someone else in the cell with her. She leaned over him to check and gasped. "Cisco!"

    They'd only been dating a month, after meeting on an app. He was goofy and funny and nerdy and even if they'd spent the whole day together, she still wanted to talk to him at night. She kept telling herself to take it slow. She had enough romantic disasters in her past. But that all seemed to fly out of her head when she saw his smile. 

    And of course, she hadn't told him who she really was.

    He was a civilian, an engineer who liked to play video games and read comic books and watch superhero movies. To him, powers like Killer Frost's were the kind of thing he watched on the news or gaped at from a safe place. To her, they were her real life.

    This complicated things.

    She almost considered not waking him, but she didn't know what the drug was or what its effects might be on a normal human. "Cisco," she said. "Cisco!"

    "Owwww," he groaned. "Caitlin? What're - " He blinked at her. "What are you doing here?" He sat up, grabbed his head, and groaned again. "Are you okay? Did they hurt you?"

    "No, no," she assured him. "I'm fine. I promise."

    "Where are we?"

    "I'm not really sure," she said. "I just woke up myself. I think they drugged us. Do you feel sick or dizzy - "

    "A little dizzy." He pressed his fingers to his temples and breathed steadily. After a moment he dropped his hands. "Okay, better. Just had to do some deep breathing. Clear my head. Um. I think I heard someone say a name."

    "When? I woke up before you did."

    "I mean when they took me. Henchmen talking, like henchmen do. Yeah, yeah. I heard the name Amunet Black.You know who that is?"

    A cold chill ran up her spine. "No," she lied. "No idea." If Amunet Black had them, they had to get out ASAP. 

    "With a name like that, she's probably not a kindergarten teacher."

    "Wouldn't want to be in her class," she said.

    He laughed a little. "Nope."

    She thought his next question would be why they'd taken him, but he didn't ask it. Good, because the only answer available was that they'd taken him because of her.

    "So, uh, you see any way we can get out?" he said instead.

    "Let's look," she said. 

    He checked the walls and the corners for anything they could use, while she investigated the lock on the door. While his back was turned, she pressed her hand to the lock and drew out all the heat she could grasp, until frost crept up the bars and over the stone. Then she pulled her hand away, quickly wiping the frost clear with her shirt sleeve. "Cisco?"

    "Uh-huh." He was wiggling the bars on the window.

    "This lock feels - really brittle? I think maybe if someone hit it just right - "

    "Let me see," he said, coming over.

    She wiped a little more frost away and stepped back. 

    He squinted at it, while she squirmed with impatience. If he didn't do something soon, it would warm back up.

    "Hey," he said. "I think there's something over there in the corner we can use as a weapon."

    "What is it?"

    "Well, go look."

    She glanced over, and at that moment there was a huge clang and the door burst out of its frame, the lock flying across the hallway and clattering to the floor to land in three pieces.

    "Wow," Cisco said, mouth open.

    "Oh," she said, staring at the shattered pieces of lock, scattered over the floor. Deep-freezing it usually made iron very brittle, but this was . . . dramatic.

    "I guess it was really in bad shape," Cisco said.

    "I guess so," she said.

    "Well," he said. "Shall we?"

    "The weapons," she reminded him. 


    She grabbed the small pieces of wood that he'd spotted. They weren't much better than two-by-fours, old squishy pine and impossible to grip one-handed, but they were better than nothing. 

    "Hey," he said as they crept down the narrow, dank hallway. "You're doing okay, you know?"

    "So are you," she said. He was. She'd worked with superheroes who didn't keep their heads this well in a crisis. Of course, Cisco thought she was as normal as he was. And she wanted to keep it that way.

    One day, maybe, when they'd been together longer and she really felt like she was ready, she would show him her secret identity. But it wasn't the right moment now.

    He paused at a corner and peered around, then reached back to squeeze her hand. "We're going to get out of this. I promise."

    "I know," she said.

    One flight of stairs later, their luck ran out. 

    "Oh, I see what all the noise was," said a high, affected, faux-British voice, and around the corner sauntered Amunet Black.

    Catlin felt a furious chill prickle at her scalp and battled it back. Not now. The priority was escaping, with Cisco both whole and ignorant.

    "Amunet Black, I presume?" Cisco said. 

    "Cisco Ramon," she said. "You were supposed to stay where I put you." She looked at Caitlin. "You, too, Caitlin Snow." She shot a glare at the two henchmen who flanked her. "You two idiots put them in the same cell, didn't you?"

    "What's the problem?" one grunted. "They're just a couple of civilians."

    "Yes," Caitlin said. "We are two perfectly normal civilians with no special powers whatsoever, so you can let us go and we won't say anything to anybody."

    Amunet tapped her chin with a razor-sharp nail. "Mmm, no. I don't think I'll do that."

    "How about this? Let her go," Cisco said, "and I'll stay. Good deal, huh?"

    "Cisco!" Caitlin whispered. "No!" 

    He grabbed her hand and squeezed. "I'll be fine. I'm tougher than I look. Just go. Get yourself to safety."

    "Not without you." Amunet was a sadistic bitch. Cisco wouldn't stand a chance against her. 

    "How romantic," Amunet said, examining her nails. "It makes me a little sick to my stomach, if you want the truth." She looked up with her slightly mad grin. "But it sounds like you don't know anything about the truth, do you?"

    Caitlin felt her stomach flip over. No. Not like this. She wanted him to know - someday - but not like this and not now.

    "She doesn't know your secret identity."

    Caitlin started to deny it, then registered the pronoun. Wait, what?

    Cisco had a secret identity?

    He said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

    "Don't you? Vibe?"

    "Vibe?" Caitlin said.

    But her voice came out in a wisp of breath, fogging the suddenly bitter-cold air.

    Cisco's shoulders sagged. "I'm sorry. It's not that I didn't want you to know, I just didn't know how to tell you and - " He turned and his mouth, already shaping the next part of his apology, fell open and stayed open. 

    Caitlin knew how she looked. Snow-white hair, blue lips, glowing eyes. Terrifying.

    "Killer Frost?" he squeaked.

    "Vibe," she said again.

    "Adorable," Amunet Black said to her henchmen. "See? Psychological warfare. This is how you handle these types. They'll be so busy shouting at each other for lying that - "

    Under her words, Cisco whispered, "Talk later, escape the crazy bitch now?"

    With a motion very like chambering a shotgun, Caitlin had two ice daggers in her hands. "Just what I was thinking."


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