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    Loser | Stephen Holder x Reader ft. Rick Flag

    Thank you Anon #1 for this prompt. I hope you don't mind but I put a little spin on it, based on the HC I received from Anon #2.

    You find Stephen in the bathroom, long fingers worrying over the knot of his tie. Even from the mirror’s reflection you can tell it’s askew. Holding back a smile, you join him by the sink and slowly turn him around to face you.

    “You’re nervous,” You observe, unfastening the tie and starting from scratch. Seeing your boyfriend in a three-piece suit is so unfamiliar. You’re far more accustomed to his hoodies and baggy jeans, and judging by the uncomfortable grimace on his face, so is he.

    He snorts. “No I ain’t.” But he’s always been a bad liar. You know this night has been bothering him for a while now.

    “Whatever you say, babe. But you smoked your way through that whole pack of cigarettes before ten am. That’s impressive, even for you.”

    He grumbles something incoherent under his breath as you straighten his collar. Satisfied with your work, you rise on the tips of your toes, leaning up to give him a soft peck on the cheek.

    “For what it’s worth, you look amazing. Far better than any of those douches in their military garb will. And I’m including your brother in that statement.”

    Stephen raises an eyebrow, like he really doesn’t believe you. And that’s the heart of the issue. His brother. As the youngest of the two, Stephen has lived his whole life in Rick’s shadow. Perfect Rick - Colonel Rick, now - named after their father, is a highly decorated soldier and the golden boy of the family. Stephen, on the other hand, an ex-junkie homicide detective, could never compete.

    At least that’s what he used to tell himself, until you came along. You haven’t met Rick yet, but from everything you’ve heard about him so far, you’re in no rush to. The party tonight is being held to celebrate his promotion and Stephen has been trying to get out of it for weeks.

    “Hate these fuckin’ penguin suits.” He tugs at the sleeves of the jacket, but you bat his hands away.

    “The sooner we get to the party, the sooner we can leave and I can get you out of that penguin suit.”

    “Oh snap, when you put it like that...” The goofy smile you fell in love with returns to his face and he wraps his arms around your waist, before pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “Let’s get this shit show over and done with.”

    From the moment you enter the party, you can feel the guests’ attention fall on Stephen. No wonder he didn’t want to come tonight.”

    “Black sheep of the family,” is just one phrase you hear as the two of you pass by. Sure, Stephen has his demons, but you’ve never met a nicer guy. Honest, hardworking, utterly devoted to you. Clutching his arm tighter, you steer him towards the bar for some liquid courage.

    While Stephen attempts to get the bartender's attention, you hear a deep drawling voice from over your shoulder. “Well, if it isn’t my li’l bro. Thought you’d been avoidin’ me, Steve.”

    You turn around and blink in surprise. It’s like seeing Stephen’s double, except the man before you is maybe five years older, clean shaven and dressed like something out of a military parade.

    “Rick.” Stephen acknowledges his brother with a slight nod and a strained expression, before turning back to the bar.

    “You not gonna introduce me to your friend?” Rick teases.

    Holding your hand out towards him, you tell Rick your name. He shakes your hand with a firm grip and you don’t miss the way his gaze travels over your body.

    “What’s a gorgeous woman like you doin’ with a loser like my brother?” Rick wonders aloud, shaking his head. And in that moment, you know everything Stephen said about his brother is true.

    Beside you, Stephen stiffens. He’s asked you the very same question in the past, as if he can’t believe his luck that you would ever want to be with someone like him. In the early days of your relationship, Stephen had recounted to you the number of times girls would pretend to go out with him just to get close to his brother. And to make matters worse, sometimes Rick would oblige them.

    Your answer, when Stephen asks, is always the same. He’s the one for you, and that’s never going to change.

    “There’s only one loser around here that I can see, and it’s not Stephen.” You give Rick a pointed look before turning your back on him and facing your boyfriend.

    Stephen is currently watching you in awe and you bite your lip to hide the smile threatening to bloom. After all you’ve heard about Saint Rick, that felt pretty damn good.

    Conscious of Rick still at your back, you place a hand on Stephen’s chest and surge up to kiss him. If he’s surprised by the public display of affection, he doesn’t let it show, simply deepening the kiss and cupping a hand behind your neck.

    Behind you, the teasing tone to Rick’s voice fades. “Fair play, li’l bro. Fair play.”

    You wait until he walks off to untangle yourself from Stephen. “You were right, your brother is a douche.”

    The tightness to his expression has eased and he’s smiling now. “And you are fuckin’ amazin’, woman. Do you know that?”

    “So I’ve been told.” You smirk. “Now, let me buy you a drink.”

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    aizawa shouta + prompt number 57 for anonymous

    pairing: aizawa shouta x reader

    warnings: smut, caught in the act 😭

    prompt: “you were supposed to do the dishes, not each other!”

    fandom: my hero academia

    Right after graduating from U.A you moved into a modest apartment with your best friends from school, Mic and Shouta. All of you were young heroes only just starting your careers so it made sense to be roommates until things took off for all of you.

    Things started off just fine. You all got along well. The only annoying thing was that Mic sometimes played music. Eventually another problem developed… the sexual tension between you and Aizawa.

    Truthfully, the whole time you were in school together you’ve had a little crush on him. You tried ignoring it so your friendship wasn’t ruined but now that you were living so close to each other it was hard to push away your feelings. You were starting to get the feeling Aizawa was starting to feel something too. You caught him checking you out as you walked around the apartment several times.

    Regardless, neither of you acted on anything until it was yours and Shouta’s turn to do the dishes. You weren’t sure when you stopped washing plates or when Aizawa lifted you up onto the counter and started taking off your clothes. All you knew was that he was now pounding so hard into you that you were starting to see stars.

    Both of you thought that Mic had left to buy groceries but as it turns out he came home much earlier than either of you thought. The two of you became aware of Mic’d presents with the bag of food he was holding fell to the floor when he caught you fucking on HIS kitchen counter.

    Quickly Aizawa tries to cover you up with a dish rag but it’s a little too late for that. Mic has already seen A LOT. “You were supposed to do the dishes, not each other!” Mic groans, sounding like he’s in pain. “Now I have to go buy new eggs,” Mic complains as he points toward the broken shells on the floor. “Next time you want to complain about my music remember that you two did this to ME”.

    masterlist | buy the author a coffee

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    Shirts and hickeys

    Dialogue prompt 9- “Why are you still here?” “Because I care about you asshole” 

    "What even is rugby and why in the hell do I have to watch this?" Draco groans for the fifth time since he had came here.

    "Its a muggle sport and you're here because Harry invited you to see, so would you stop being such an ass and actually pay attention. He's on the field." Ron rolled his eyes then rooted out for Harry.

    Mid game, Ron had to leave because of an emergency at work while Draco was left alone to watch Harry get brutally beaten up by men frankly taller and much more bulkier than him. Draco was pissed to his bones that he himself wanted to drag Harry out of there and give him some brain because he sure was lacking some to have signed up for playing this game.

    The ending of the game was the hardest to watch when Harry was bleeding to almost death and could barely stand up straight. Draco was practically sitting on air until the agony was finally over and he was helping Harry towards the corner.

    "Are you absolutely mental?" He shrieked.

    Harry, however, much to his dismay tried to pull off a smile, failed obviously, pissing Draco all the way more.

    "You have not one little ounce of Brain in that place. Why would you ever want to play that deadly game? Ever?" He asked but he was rapidly casting healing charms unseen by the crowd.

    "It-s fun," That was Harry's response that Draco didn't buy at all.

    "Alright, I Just wanted to try it out. Also this guy at work I hated challenged me and said I couldn't play rugby and I wanted to prove that I could. But it's not even that big of a deal."

    "Big of a deal, Harry? You are bleeding at like 39 different places of your body, your glasses are completely smashed, probably sure you have lost a tooth and your nose is broken and you say its not that big of a deal, What's the matter with you?" Draco snapped.

    Harry pulled him beside him, forcing Draco to sit down next to him, "can you not yell at me in public?"

    "Oh I'm sorry? Does it ruin your defaced reputation?" Draco rolled his eyes.

    "We're going home." He announced.

    "But there's another match-"

    "I said, I'm taking you home and that's final." Draco sternly replied and Harry didn't have much say anymore.

    Hours later of finally having covered almost every inch of Harry's body with bandages and Draco snapping every five minutes, they were finally done and about to have dinner when Harry did a mistake of trying to walk into the kitchen and help himself with a glass of water.

    "Are you out of your head?" Draco yelled again.

    Harry huffed, and then turned around, "Now, what did I do?"

    "What did I tell you about not leaving your place?"

    "I'm not baby Draco. I can take a glass of water for myself." Harry replied and continued fetching a glass of water when Draco interrupted his activity and took the glass in his own hand and then gave it to Harry.

    "What difference did it make? I could've taken it myself." Harry said.

    "Yes, but you're seriously injured, you need rest." Draco helped him back in the bedroom.

    "I can take care of myself,-"

    "No, you clearly can't." Draco cut him off.

    "I can't take care of myself?" Harry asked, narrowing his eyes at Draco.

    "You can't. When your stupid head could indulge in games as dangerous as those then you obviously can't take care of yourself." Draco replied.

    "Okay- I- I've had enough,-" Harry huffed.

    "I'm not a goddamn baby, Draco. I can take care of myself. It was my choice to get into that game, you don't have to yell at me every five minutes to remind me that I made a mistake. A few broken bones that hurt in my body are a clear indication of my mistakes but I don't need you standing all over me, guarding me like I'm some terrorist. I don't need your 'I'm here for you all the time', or 'I'll get you a glass of water' or 'what did I tell you about not getting out of the bed'. I have been by myself for a long time and I can take care of my own so just please do me a favour and leave me the fuck alone." Harry snapped.

    Draco was however offended and took a step back, "So you mean I'm bothering you? Me being there for you is bothering you?"

    "Yes- yes, you're bothering me with your nagging, with your 'do you need anything' and everything else. You're bothering me so much that it's actually irritating. It's so fucking irritating."

    Draco's jaw clenched at his words and he walked away, collecting his things, "If I'm bothering you so much, I'll leave- and don't worry I won't be back. I don’t even know why I even try to do anything for you when all you do is pull up your i’m better off without drama."

    The door shut with a slam as he left and Harry as relieved as he was, he was also guilty of having stirred up a fight between the two of them and he thought that maybe Draco would come around soon, in a couple of hours but he didn't and it made Harry more guilty than he had been before.

    But then he thought that he would maybe come around in a day or two but then he didn't and he didn't even after a week. This had hardly every happened in the course of their friendship. Of course, they’ve have had fights, they’ve had plenty of them but never had once they gone on complete silent fore than a week. It was unusual of Draco and Harry was starting to get worried that he might’ve overstepped this time and was making plans in his head how he might possibly work around a way of fixing things with Draco. 

    It was not until a week later when he was wounding up his injuries from the match of rugby he had a day before when the doorbell rang and the moment he had opened it, Draco had walked in.

    "Got yourself beaten up once again!" He Snapped.

    “Not death- Just few injuries here and there, I’ll be fine.” 

    “You’ll be fine? I can see your ill out bandage making you bleed under your shirt and you’re saying you’re fine. You’re far from fine.” he snapped again. 

    Harry huffed, “So maybe one or two bandage is messed up but I’m fine otherwise. It’s all good-” 

    “Its not all good. Can’t you see? I don’t understand why do you need to prove your point to that stupid guy from work, whoever he is that you can play a deadly sport when all you’re just getting beaten up by huge men. It’s an entirely sick idea and you’re stupid enough to keep continuing to do this. I’d had thought you would’ve stopped getting beaten to death but seems you haven’t-” 

    "I’m not getting beaten to death-"

    "Yes, yes you are. If that day I hadn’t dragged you out of there, you’d had been dead.” 

    “No, I would not have been and would you just, stop with the yelling?” Harry sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, clearly annoyed by Draco’s constant yelling. 

    “I’ll stop when you stop doing this. Why the hell are you even playing it anymore? I thought you proved your point?” 

    "Why the hell-? I already told you last time. It's because of the guy from work- whatever- Why are you here? Why are you still here? Thought I cleared that I didn't need you." Harry behind his assertive tone however was much more glad than he could express that Draco was here.

    "Why am I here? Are you still out of your fucking mind? It's because I care about you, Asshole. It fucking hurts me seeing you getting beaten to death by 6'5, 200lbs giants and your stupid self keeps doing it purposely. It's like you want to be dead and apparently no one would care for you the way I would and you have no care for your own and someone have to take care of you so therefore me-why- why are you looking at me like that?" Draco's tone had suddenly toned down with astonishment.

    Harry suddenly started to walk closer to Draco, asking him at the same time, "It hurts you?"

    "Well- I mean- Yeah. It'd hurt anyone to see their friend beaten up you know," Draco stammered, taking his steps backward. 

    "No one would care for me the way you would?" Harry asked stepping dangerously close to Draco who didn't had more steps of take backwards.

    "I mean- I- You know- everyone takes care differently- and I-"

    "You're so full of shit-" Harry mumbled.

    But what happened next had completely taken Draco by surprise when he felt Harry kissing him against the door, with his hand fixated on the back of his waist to pull him closer and if Draco hadn't only waited his entire life for this, he would've been shocked but he had dreams about being pressed against the wall and being taken by the man he was just kissing and the real life kissing was so much more better than any one of them he had in his dreams. The rush of wanting to kiss Draco in Harry was something Draco had never felt in his dreams because this was real and because it was real, it felt so great. And he loved how ridiculously unexpectedly Harry tasted like mints, and the way his tongue was caressing his bottom lip enough to make it more yearning.

    "Harry- we- we shouldn't-" Draco mumbled against his lips but he was leaning forward so he could still feel his lips over his own. A touch of linger because he was nowhere yet done kissing Harry but in the back of his mind, he didn’t want to sabotage his friendship with him. 

    "Shut up and kiss me." Harry had said and Draco no longer tried to stop the kissing, instead he let Harry take advantage of pressing him more firmly against the door and kissing him more sloppily with hands in the hair and moans on the lips, with a need to want each other more in that moment that they had ever before. 

    And they let it happen, they let themselves get mix in the moment of intimacy with drinks spilled, clothes on the floor and hickeys on the neck. 


    I know this isn't a good one, I'll cry because I know this isn't.

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    and I just want to hold you close

    Sirius emerges from the bathroom, rubbing at his hair with one of the towels Remus had left for him and wearing Remus' pyjamas. Dinner is waiting, and Remus sits at the other side of the table. Candles are lit and there's a jug of juice in the middle.

    Sirius looks at the table for a long moment, a little surprised at the sight. "Candles?" he asks, his voice hoarse.

    Remus nods. "The lamp in the corner doesn't lend much light here," he explains, "and the big light is uncomfortable on the eyes in the evening."

    Sirius nods and sits down. He grabs the fork quickly and glances up at Remus. Remus stares back, his eyes drifting over Sirius' gaunt face. His cheekbones are more prominent now, his face too skinny. It used to be Remus that was a bit too thin.

    "You've seen me at my worst," Remus murmurs. "No need to keep pace with me."

    With that, Sirius starts to eat. There's no polite cutting of his food, no matching Remus' pace, no idle conversation. Remus doesn't watch, he keeps his gaze on his own meal because Sirius doesn't need an audience.

    When he hears the cutlery clatter against the plate, he looks up to see Sirius wiping at his mouth with the napkin.

    "There are leftovers," Remus tells him. "Have what you need."

    "Are you saving them for tomorrow?" Sirius checks.

    "I can make more. I'd rather you be satisfied."

    Sirius shrugs. "I can have something else. I don't want to eat everything. I... I appreciate this. I know you didn't expect me to just—"

    "I expected you," Remus admitted quietly. "I knew you'd... find your way to me, I suppose. That you'd come back here, or that you'd call me to you once you found somewhere to be."

    He lifts the fork to his mouth, and risks glancing up. Sirius is staring at him and, as he did back at Hogwarts, he feels bare at that intense gaze, like Sirius is reading every thought before Remus can voice them, as though Sirius is analysing every expression on Remus' face, reading him better than anyone ever has.

    "Do you still love me?" Sirius blurts out, and there's a flicker of vulnerability on his face before that impassive look returns.

    Remus wants to deny his feelings, or tell Sirius that it's not the time. It's really not the time to do this, because Sirius just got here. He needs time to recover. They both need time to process events.

    Remus is still coming to terms with Peter's betrayal. He's spent so long thinking Peter dead, and that day in the Willow... seeing Peter's name on the map. Whilst that betrayal happened years ago for Sirius, it's all new to him.

    But he knows Sirius as well as he knows himself. He's always been able to read Sirius, and Sirius is looking to know that he matters. That something survived Azkaban.

    "I had other relationships," Remus admits quietly. "When you were away."

    "I don't care about those," Sirius says, hurriedly. He leans forward, elbows on the table. Remus almost laughs at the sight, because he can only think of the Sirius from his younger days, who broke every rule from Grimmauld Place, even ones as simple as 'don't put your elbows on the table'.

    "Of course I still love you. What we had... it was extraordinary. If I knew that you'd be with me once more, I'd have not bothered trying to date anyone else."

    "I know," Sirius murmurs. "I love you too. I watched you, you know. You didn't see me, I was always good at hiding, but I saw you from a distance at the school and more than anything, I wanted to approach you. Moonpie. I've missed you. I've watched every full moon from that cell and thought of you and hoped you weren't alone."

    "I was alone," Remus tells him quietly. "I blamed you for a long time. I... you left me. I know it was unreasonable of me to do so, but I was so hurt. I..." He reaches up, fingers stroking over the scar on his face and he sighs. "I'm sorry for everything on my part. Had I been more honest, more transparent about what I was doing, perhaps you'd have trusted me a little more and—"

    "I forgive you everything," Sirius whispers. "And I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not trusting you, for the fights. For everything that happened because we didn't include you in the truth. I'm sorry you've been alone for so long. If you let me, I'll do everything I can to make sure you're not alone again."

    Remus shouldn't rush into this, but he's thought so much about this in the time since Hogwarts. They've shared a handful of letters over that time, but haven't really talked or worked out feelings or anything else.

    "I want that," he says, because doesn't he deserve to be happy? Doesn't Sirius? Maybe the midst of war is not the time to start up a relationship, but they've both learnt the hard way that they've got to find happiness where they can.

    Remus finishes eating, offering Sirius some of his plate, which Sirius insists that Remus finish himself. Remus does as he's told and whilst Sirius puts the plates away, Remus locks the doors and sets the wards. He blows out the candles.

    "Will you share with me?" Remus asks. "I can take the other room if you prefer."

    Sirius shakes his head. "Please," he murmurs, reaching for Remus' hand. "I just need you in my arms."

    Remus smiles. He needs this too. He leads the way to the bedroom even though Sirius knows the way around the old cottage.

    "Wait," Sirius says, freezing as they approach the bed. "What's that?"

    Remus pauses from unbuttoning his shirt and follows Sirius' gaze. On the bedside table are two small toys that two teenage boys bought each other for their first valentines day. A small stuffed wolf and a small stuffed black dog.

    "I've held on to them all of these years, and I have some of your things in the back of the wardrobe. I never could part from everything."

    "You kept these though." Sirius laughs softly. "I never thought I'd see them again. But you kept them. They mattered to you enough to keep."

    "Sirius, you are and always have been the love of my life. I needed something to cling onto," Remus explains. "Remember, we were going to pass them down to our kids one day."

    "When I'm a free man, we can adopt... I mean, we should really discuss whether that's on the cards for us."

    "As long as we're together, I'm happy," Remus tells him. "As long as I get a future with you."

    Sirius beams as he strips out of the pyjamas Remus had given him to dress into after the shower. He's all skin and bones, but dark tattoos cover a lot of his skin and Remus in intrigued. One day he'll take time to explore them, but right now...

    Remus lays down next to Sirius and wraps his arms around his love. They have all the time in the world.

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    Weirdly specific drabble prompts

    Prompts that just describe very specific situations. Or not. It depends I guess.

    ”We need more butter”

    ”We can use my roller skates as a distraction”

    They passed by them carrying these giant boxes, acting very nonchalant

    ”I feel like i’m pregnant with twins or something”

    They decided to take it to the next level and jumped into the pool

    ”Did you seriously get horny from me saying something like that?”

    ”I know this is the wrong moment to say this, but I think my period started”

    ”You smell like someone who has gone to the supermarket”

    ”Careful with the spyglass, you can choke on it”

    The kiss looked like someone had squeezed two fish together

    "If you two had a baby, what would you name it?"

    "How did we go from buying groceries to... this?"

    "Be kind, or else my grandmother's ghost will be mad"

    "Are you afraid of hot dogs or something?"

    "You know what happened last time we did that..."

    She/he/they were about to slip on the soap that was on the floor

    "Do you even know where babies come from?"

    The sugar bowl was right in front of them, ready to be taken

    "I think it's time for the talk..."

    "Even if it's been on the ground, i'll still eat it."

    They passed by a couple making out on a bench

    After complaining about her/his/their belly ache...

    "I want special types of cookies"

    She went to the bathroom for the fourth time

    "I need to get a boyfriend before the year ends"

    After all, this is what families did, no matter how strange it was

    ”We are a couple… we’ll scream together”

    ”Please FLUSH after yourself!”

    ”We can fit two or three in my bed”

    ”Do I have to change in front of you?”

    ”You either have to come out or have someone else make that choice for you”

    He/She/They randomly wanted to punch someone

    ”Why do I smell like fish?”

    And with a bucket on the head…

    ”What if we switched places for a day?”

    The floor was slippery

    "There's too many plates in here."

    "Too tight!"

    "I think my friends are secretly dating..."

    "You mean to tell me... we're related?"

    They went to buy some chewing gum

    "Who needs a diaper change?"

    He/She/They suddenly fainted at the sight of it

    ”Uh. Wake up. Something happened.”

    ”I don’t know, but you give off big gay vibes”

    "Just because -insert thing- it doesn't mean i'm straight!"

    "I said you weren't allowed to touch me"

    "Who's singing?"

    At the hospital...

    A weird smell hit the room

    "There's blood..."

    "Are you done? I really need to use the bathroom, so..."

    "Can you hold the baby for a while?"

    "I'm gonna sing, you wanna listen?"

    "If you go to jail, I will go with you"

    "I have a tampon and a tissue, which one do you need?"

    "-Name-? Are you finished doing... whatever you said you were doing?"

    "I think i'm high..."

    Everyone started to get slightly drunk

    "Who put me in charge?"

    They were alone in the school corridor

    "Kids! Stop running!"

    "Soon, we will be married"

    "I know we're friends, but sometimes I randomly fantasize about kissing you"

    She smiled in a really strange way, as if she...

    "I'm in love with my best friend, not you!"

    "We can be friends... with benefits..."

    "I'm your mother. You can tell me anything."

    As they were about to make out, -name- suddenly bursted into the room

    "I want you to feel that you can tell me anything. I'm your father."

    "After today, I think you'd be a great parent!"

    "Why is your heart beating so fast? We're just hugging..."

    10 years ago, they were just children playing together

    This was a very hard task to perform on roller skates

    They were ice skating, but the ice was terrible

    "If we pretend to hate each other, the plan will work!"

    "Let's ride the new roller coaster!"

    And just like that, they jumped into the ocean with their clothes on

    They were in a vacation house, looking out the window

    "That's a weirdly specific spot?"

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    27.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    A found family with a horrible cold making its rounds to every head and nose it can find.

    The tall, stoic one is the only one that was lucky enough to stay well. Therefore, all the caretaker duties fell to him. He does this without complaining or even slowing down enough to rest himself.

    Finally, the virus runs its course, and things finally go back to normal. Or, that’s what they think.

    The group is standing around, talking about one thing or another, when one of them realizes that their caretaker had been too quiet, even for him, and was now making a very strange face.

    “Hey, you okay?”

    The caretaker finally looks up, and their eyes are shimmering with a thin layer of tears. His nose was an irritated red, and his jaw was set, as if barely keeping something back.

    “I’m fiiih…fide. Just a little…duh…huh…!”

    He took a sharp breath, pressing his knuckle against his septum, which was covered in mess. He hitched once, twice, and -


    He sneezed, bending at the waist and his long hair getting in his eyes. Once he tried his best to clean himself up, he still couldn’t quite recover. One of the others put a hand around his shoulders, or perhaps a coat much to big for him, and started to lead him towards his room.

    He tried to weakly protest, but they just squeezed his shoulder.

    “Come on. Let’s get you and your nose to bed.”

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    Rick Flag: "Shielding the other with their body to save/protect them"

    @fairchildflag thank you so much for the request! I really loved this one and I hope you like how it came out!


    Rick knows the Squad is done for. Currently, Harley is frantically trying to pick the locks of the door blocking their exit, but Rick knows she won’t have enough time to get them all open. The battalion of guards that had been on their trail rounds the corner and are preparing to open fire. Rick barely manages to catch your eye from where you had managed to conceal yourself before the guards arrived. He wishes you were here next to him; wishes he could pull you into his embrace one last time, but he is so grateful you at least will still be safe.

    However, just before the first guard can pull their trigger, Rick sees a blur as you dart out and jump in front of the Squad. He notices the familiar blue glow beginning to shine from your eyes and instantly, your shimmering, translucent force field appears between the squad and the gunmen. Rick watches as the men open fire, the bullets bounce harmlessly off the shield as it protects everyone from harm. Or so he thinks until he hears you cry out in pain. Only then does it hit him. He saw your eyes. That means you are facing him, your back to the guns. But your force field comes from your palms and only protects what is in front of you…..

    Just as Rick’s eyes dart back to you, you collapse to your knees, your trembling hands still up struggling to hold the shield in place. He sees the pain etched into your face and the blood that is beginning to trickle from the corner of your mouth and he fully understands. You had saved them but had paid a terrible price in return.

    Dropping to his knees in front of you, he places his hand against the barrier, desperately trying to slip through to reach you. But he knows it’s useless. As long as you are maintaining the field, nothing can penetrate it. From behind him, he hears Harley exclaim in triumph as the door swings open and the squad begins rushing out to freedom.

    You nod weakly towards the door. “Go, Rick…. I can hold ‘em off for another minute….but you have to go……can’t keep it up much…longer…” You rest your head heavily against the force field you are still struggling to maintain.

    But Rick hesitates, “Why’d you do it, darlin’? You could have been safe where you were.”

    “You know….. needs of the many…and all that…” You manage to smile softly, showing off your teeth which are smeared red with your blood. But then you slide your trembling hand across the force field so it is in front of Rick’s mouth as if you are caressing his lips. “Rick…I love you.”

    “I love you too, darlin’. I love you so god damn much.” He presses his lips to the barrier, right against your forehead. And then, mustering everything in himself, he stands and walks towards to door.

    He turns back once more, just in time to see your shield beginning to blink out and fail as the blue glow fades from your eyes.

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    Stephen Holder: "Don't go on that date." "Why?" "You know why." As always, thank you so much @fairchildflag for the request! Hope you like it!


    As you stood up from your desk, you asked, “Hey, Holder, I’m going to take off early so I can go home and change for my date. Can you finish up the paperwork on the Miller case and drop it off with the Lieutenant?”

    Your partner grumbled irritably. “I ain’t your secretary or your errand boy. Finish that shit yourself.”

    You were taken aback by his tone and his rejection of your request. Just moments before, the two of you had been laughing about some idiotic story he told you, and now he was acting like you had run over his dog. “What the hell! I finish your paperwork all the time! Besides, you’re the one who actually cuffed the guy. Your arrest, your paperwork. So, if anything I should be saying that to you.” You tossed the file at his chest angrily. “Now, I’m leaving. Hopefully, you’ll be over whatever put you in such a pissy mood by tomorrow.”

    “Fine. Go. Have fun screwing that jackass.”

    “I don’t need your permission and I’ll screw whoever I want!”

    You grabbed your jacket and bag before storming over to the door. But just as you rested your hand on the handle, Holder’s voice called out from behind you. It was timid and soft, barely more than a whisper. “Don’t… don’t go on that date.”

    You turned around to face him with an exasperated sigh. “Why?”

    He wouldn’t meet your eye as he mumbled, “You know why.”

    It took a second, but the realization of what he meant and why he was suddenly acting like this slowly dawned on you. As you walked back over to where he was slouched in his seat, you dropped your stuff on the desk. Leaning over, you place one hand on either of the armrests of the chair, essentially trapping him in place.

    “Say it. If you don’t want me to go, I need you to say it.”

    His leg began anxiously bouncing as his jaw tightened, but finally, he looked you straight in the eye and said, “I don’t want you to go on a date with that douche bag. You should be goin’ out with….with me.”

    You stared at him in stunned silence before asking, “Why didn’t you say something sooner?”

    Holder shrugged. “You’re my partner. Didn’t want to make things weird. But every time you go out with one of these jerks, it kills me a little more. Seein’ the way they treat you. I know I’m not the smartest, or the handsomest, or the most successful…but mama, I would treat you so good. I could make you feel so good.” He smiled as he slowly ran one of his fingers up and down your arm where it still rested on the armrests. You shivered slightly as his touch left goosebumps in its wake. But his smile dropped as he realized what he was doing, and he quickly pulled his hand away.

    However, you grabbed it and wove your fingers into his. He looked up at you, eyes searching your face for some sort of sign about what this meant. “You really are an idiot, you know that?” He turned away, wounded by your words, but you turned his head back to face you so you could explain. “I was practically throwing myself at you for months, but you never seemed to notice. That’s the only reason I’ve been going on all these dates. I figured if you weren’t interested, I should try to find someone who was.”

    He sat up straighter in the chair. “Yo, I’m interested. I’m so interested!”

    “Well, in that case…” You dropped your hands from the armrests and lightly ghosted them over his thighs before straightening up and walking to your side of the desk. “I’m still going home to get ready for my date. Pick me up around 6?”

    He nodded furiously as he scrambled to find the file so he could finish the report in time. Smiling happily, you grabbed your stuff and once again headed out of the office. And as you closed the door behind you, you couldn’t help but release a sigh of relief. Finally.

    210 Prompt List

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    tasm!Peter Parker with “Did you just tell the person I was gonna go out with that we're dating?”. Thank you @fairchildflag for the request! Hope you like it!


    “Yeah, sorry man. Don’t know what ta tell you. She wouldn’t be interested because we’re already dating, so….”

    You watch in disbelief as Josh walks away from the table you had just been sharing with him and Peter. It had taken weeks, but you had finally worked up the courage to ask him out later tonight. Peter knew that! You had been asking his advice for days! So, why the hell did he just lie and say he was dating you when it seemed like Josh might actually be interested too!

    As you approached the table, Peter looks up startled. “Oh, hey, you’re back.”

    “What the hell was that, Parker!”

    He blinks in surprise. “What? What did I do?”

    “Did you just tell the person I was gonna go out with that we're dating?” You ask incredulously.

    “Oh no, I mean…” he blushes a dark shade of red. “No, Josh was..um….you weren’t supposed to hear that.”

    “I will repeat…What the hell, Parker!”

    “I’m sorry! But, come on, we both know you are way too good for that guy! He’s an idiot ex-jock who peaked in high school and is just looking to relive the glory days with one of the hottest, most popular girls from back then.”

    You sigh as you rub your forehead in exasperation. “Peter, I was the science club president and co-chair of the debate team. I really wouldn’t say I was popular…like at all. And since when has a single person ever seen me as hot?”

    Somehow, Peter’s blush manages to deepen. “I mean….loads of people!

    “Name one.”

    “………Me.” It comes out more like a squeak than an actual word, but you somehow understand him.

    Now it is your turn to feel your cheeks growing warm. “Thanks, Peter. But you don’t have to say that just to make me feel better.”

    “N-no, I really mean it. You’re one of the hottest, most beautiful people I know! Plus, your one of the smartest, most talented people on top of that.” He stares down at the table. “I’m sorry I screwed things up with Josh. I just couldn’t watch you get with a guy like that. Not when there are…..other guys who would love to go out with you. Guys who are a better match for you.”

    You smile at him. “Is that so? Well, you know what, I say screw ‘em all!”


    “I don’t need any of these supposed guys who might be out there.” You nudge his shoulder. “I’d much rather just be with you.”

    “Really? Do you mean it?” He asks.

    You slide into the booth next to him. “Yeah. I mean…if you’re okay with that.”

    “Ye-yeah! Of course!” Hesitantly, he wraps one arm around your shoulder. You snuggle up closer to him, reassuring him that this is what you want.

    Just then, Josh walks by with a few of his friends you vaguely recognize. As he passes, you hear him turn to one of the guys and say, “Huh, I guess they are dating.”

    Peter must have heard the comment too because he glances down at you at the same time you glance up at him. The two of you just exchange a knowing smile.

    210 Prompt List

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