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    Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) - Credit if using

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    𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐁𝐈𝐃𝐃𝐄𝐍. 𝗱𝗿𝗮𝗰𝗼 𝗺𝗮𝗹𝗳𝗼𝘆

    pairings: draco malfoy x fem!greengrass!reader, draco malfoy x astoria greengrass, original male character x fem!greengrass!reader.
    warnings: cheating, inappropriate language, mentions of sex (between reader and draco, this was before draco got engaged to astoria) jealous!draco, implied unrequited attraction/love, draco somewhat gaslighting astoria, draco simps on reader even though he is engaged and astoria being heart broken, all characters are adults—this is set in post war.
    summary: draco is engaged to astoria greengrass, but he has no feelings for her. he essentially agrees to the agreement because his parents are adamant. in any event, his yearning adoration was definitely directed at you, astoria’s elder sister by a year; guilt blazed through him as he could even consider you despite the fact that he was engaged to your sister—yet you resembled a forbidden allurement that he couldn't ignore. what makes it worse is that you now have your own spouse, which causes draco a great deal of annoyance.
    author’s note: first of all, no astoria slander, she is actually the victim here for draco’s actions. and i don’t tolerate cheating at all, this is purely fictional. please skip this story if it makes you uncomfortable. i listened to taylor swift’s illicit affairs and lana del rey’s sad girl while writing this, so i guess you could call it angst or something.
    word count: 3.1k

    DRACO FORCED A smile on his face. He didn't want to be here in the first place, at his parents' and the Greengrass family's annual dinner. When Mr. Greengrass stated something that wasn't funny at all, he kept smiling, nodding, and laughing for the sake of politeness.

    The most of the talking was done by Astoria. Draco shivered in bafflement as she spoke about their relationship, saying it was going well and how she spoke with a sparkle of adoration in her eyes. He didn't understand how she could talk about him like she was some love-sick girl; she should know that this contract meant nothing to him, and it didn't mean anything to her either.

    If she was acting, she was performing admirably. Draco, on the other hand, could see the ghost of her smile tracing the curve of her lips. Draco could feel Astoria brushing the tips of her fingers against his hand while they ate, seeking to entangle their fingers, but he just ignored her and used his hand to cut his steak with a knife.

    As he chewed quietly, he avoided Astoria's stare that drove into the side of his face.

    “Salazar, where is she?” Daphne finally said, exasperated as she sipped from her champagne.

    Astoria stopped her ramble. “Who?”

    Daphne raised a perfect eyebrow. “Y/N.”

    Draco's body flushed with excitement just hearing your name. He thought the dinner would be dreary without you at first, but hearing your name made his skin tingle, and he fought the impulse to smile at the simple mention of your name. Draco didn't expect you to be early because you were often late at family gatherings, but he felt a stab of disappointment anytime he thought you wouldn't show up at all.

    “Why does she have to be late all the time?” Astoria grumbled, half irritated, half amused. “I was starting to think she wasn’t going.”

    Mrs. Greengrass smiled and rolled her eyes. “My lovely Y/N will be here soon...and she invited someone, so that could be the reason for her tardiness.”

    Draco straightened up in surprise, despite his best efforts to maintain a neutral and indifferent expression. “Who will she be inviting, Mrs. Greengrass?”

    Mrs. Greengrass replied lightly, oblivious to the slight drop on Draco's face. “Ethan Andrews, a guy she met before,” she said. “She'd brought him here before, and he's a gentleman! Oh, you'll adore him, Draco; perhaps you'll be able to bond with him.”

    The Andrews man is enough to make Draco sneer to himself. There was no way in hell he would even like the man, the thought alone of him being close to you and doing the things Draco wasn’t even appropriately aloud to do made him clench his knife tighter around his knuckles.

    “Andrews…I’ve never heard such name,” Lucius Malfoy said, slightly sharply. “Is he a pureblood?”

    “My Merlin Lucius, I figured the war would offer you some insight into the fact that blood status isn't as important as it once was.” Draco’s mother, Narcissa said disapprovingly.

    Lucius only huffed in annoyance.

    This time, it was Mr. Greengrass who spoke. “Not a bother. But to answer your question Lucius, the Andrews are purebloods and Ethan studied in Ilvermorny.”

    Daphne smirked, looking at Draco. “He’s an American.”

    “Ah yes. And his accent is quite funny.” Astoria wrinkled her nose and shared a giggle with her eldest sister. “But he is quite handsome. A good pair for Y/N, Salazar knows she deserves someone like him.”

    Draco refrained from rolling his eyes. He believed that no man deserved you in the first place. Even he isn't immune. You were almost too good to be true—nearly flawless and beautiful—Draco secretly adored. A girl like you is deserving of the entire world. He didn't seem surprised that Astoria had already met Ethan and had kept it a secret from him.

    “I do hope I wasn’t that late.” A familiar voice suddenly greeted. The voice Draco had always dreamed to be woken up to, the voice he wished to always hear, a fucking angelic tone that made his knees weak despite sitting down.

    “Y/N!” Astoria was the first to stand up and go to you to give you a tight hug that made you tumble in surprise but nevertheless, grinned widely and hugged your sister back. Astoria slightly pulled away but held you at arms-length. “What took you so long?”

    “Well I’m here now, aren’t I?” You replied in amusement before removing yourself gently from Astoria’s hands before greeting the others.

    You kissed your parents' cheeks before hugging Daphne, and you kissed Narcissa on the cheek while she lightly cupped your cheeks and ran her gaze warmly over your face. Even Draco's father was light with you as a fleeting smile was given your way before you proceeded to Lucius and greeted him. Draco had no illusions that anyone would dislike you; how could they? There was nothing to dislike.

    Then your eyes met Draco's, and he felt his breathing come to a halt. He cast his eyes over your attractive figure for a little moment. He wished no one could see him eyeing you out like a fucking creep because you were wearing a tight dress with thin straps that perfectly complemented your lovely figure.

    “Draco,” you said warmly, lightly kissing him on the cheek, the sensation of your lips on his skin and your voice uttering his name doing wonders for him. “It's great to see you again; I hope Astoria doesn’t treat you badly.”

    How ironic. Draco thought guiltily.

    Astoria snorted, ostensibly insulted. “I'd never do something like that, Draco, would I?”

    “Yes, never.” Draco answered quickly, though his attention never left yours, he missed Astoria's downcast expression since his focus was fixed on yours, so you broke eye contact with him, and Draco smirked at your reaction. Perhaps he still has an effect on you.

    “Oh, Ethan’s here.”

    The smirk on Draco's face vanished in an instant. A man, nearly his height, stood next you, his hands on your waist and your side practically crushed against his. He had brown hair, a charming grin, and a 'quiet handsome' face, as Astoria put it, which made Draco scoff quietly.

    “We bought more champagne, that explains why we’re late.” You said as Ethan greeted Draco’s parents and the Greengrass.

    Draco simply gave Ethan a stiff nod in his direction, and the man, sensing Draco's rising disdain for him, only offered him a feeble grin and walked back beside you, his hands on your waist. Draco wished he could pull his hands off you. You were aware of it, but attempted to dismiss it as you sat across from Astoria and Draco, with Ethan by your side.

    “So, my dear Y/N,” Narcissa started with a sweet smile; she had always been fond of Y/N and Draco never questioned why. “Where did you and Ethan meet?”

    You exchanged glances with Ethan before quietly chuckling. “Nothing very exciting, Mrs. Malfoy. I met him last year when he stated that he was a tourist in here; of course, his accent gave it away.”

    Daphne burst out laughing, her blue eyes flashing in the light from the chandelier. “They met in a bar—near here, actually—Y/N had gotten a little carried away with the cocktails, and Ethan had been gracious enough to assist her with Theo.”

    Narcissa smiled in pure mirth. “Dear, just call me Narcissa,” then she turned to Daphne. “I think I much believe in Daphne’s story rather than yours my dear.”

    You pretended to look defensive. “Mrs. Mal—Narcissa, it was nothing too serious. Daphne urged that Theo accompany me since I had spent the day drinking with my close friends at Hogwarts, and then, well, a handsome foreigner unexpectedly appeared and we became close, and we agreed to remain in touch. That's it.”

    When Draco saw Ethan staring at you like that, he wanted to puke and rip his eyes out with a fork. As you continued to speak, he had a similar yearning in his eyes, his smile was soft and compassionate, and the image repulsed Draco. Astoria, on the other hand, was a little envious. She wishes Draco would give her that look. She understood it was only an arranged marriage, but she developed feelings for the man, which he didn't appear to reciprocate.

    “How...interesting.” Narcissa remarked, a small chortle in her voice.

    Draco bit his bottom lip at the motion and attempted to focus on his steak as you laughed and took a sip from your champagne, the small portion of liquid coloring your lips as you licked it.

    “So, what were you guys talking about before we got here?” you asked.

    Daphne laughed and rolled her eyes. “I suppose you influenced Ethan over here because of how late you are all the time.”

    “Oh she did,” Ethan said, smiling and giving you a teasing look as you pouted lightly on his shoulder.

    Draco felt sick to his stomach, as if he'd drank too much champagne. Maybe he did.

    Mrs. Greengrass smiled and said, “Don't listen to Daphne. We were talking about Astoria and Draco, and how they've been getting along since they've been together for...one? Almost two years.”

    Draco could see your face flinch, but it vanished before he could react, and you beamed. He frowned, but why did you appear to be rather pleased with the prospect? However, when the news of Astoria and his engagement broke, you were nothing but supportive, which infuriated him.

    “When are they going to get married?” you questioned, a glint of wonder in those eyes Draco admired.

    He coughed unexpectedly and wiped his mouth with a napkin. “…Married?”

    Astoria gave him a worried look. “Are you alright?”

    “Yes, quite fine.” he responded shortly.

    “Not to be hostile, but I just don't feel like having Draco as my brother-in-law yet,” Daphne teased, and practically everyone laughed, including Lucius, who smiled slightly. “How do you feel, Y/N?”

    You had a baffled expression on your face, but you kept a wry smile on your lips, avoiding glancing at Draco's eager gaze. “I'm just looking forward to my baby sister's wedding.”

    Astoria scrunched her nose in distaste. “I’m only a year younger.”


    Narcissa drew everyone's attention to herself by clasping her hands together. “Well, it's about time for my son to be married, so when are we going to start planning?”

    Draco simply wanted to get out of there. He can't believe they're talking about his wedding as if he's not there, and the prospect of starting the planning has already enraged him. Draco regretted even agreeing to the contract. Astoria seemed excited about it - it could be her twisted fairytale about marriage. He doesn't love Astoria and has decided that he will never do.

    Mr. Greengrass abruptly piped up, “As soon as we could.”

    “Let's not rush such things and talk about them at dinner; for now, let's just eat,” Astoria remarked quickly with a dazzling grin before continuing her meal; she had become abruptly quiet since the idea of marriage had been brought up.

    Draco, surprisingly, found himself agreeing with her.

    As some sipped their champagne and finished their food, dinner progressed quickly, and Draco was relieved that the subject of marriage or any form of his relationship was no longer discussed.


    “I'll just get one more bottle of champagne from the kitchen,” you stated abruptly, your chair scratching the marbled floors. “Please excuse me.”

    As you excused yourself, Draco saw this as the ideal opportunity to speak with you. Without Astoria or even Andrews' eyes on him, he can move freely. He could tell the man is skeptical of him because Draco had fixed his attention on you for virtually the entire supper, and it must have been clear for the Andrews man to question him.

    “Uhm - I need to go the restroom,” Draco stated, rising up and dusting his fine clothing for non-existent dirt.

    Mrs. Greengrass waved her hand away and proceeded to speak with Narcissa, saying carelessly, “Oh alright.”

    “Draco, wait,” Astoria held his wrist, and he gave her an irritated look; she quickly let go, but her countenance was grateful because Draco remained in place. “Could you get me the strawberries from the kitchen?”

    Draco suppressed a smug smile; if only she knew. Despite being perplexed by the unexpected request. “Alright.”

    Draco never went to the restroom; instead, he followed you about. When Draco walked into the kitchen, you were cleaning your glass by hand in the sink, your exposed back, which was hidden behind the dress's constructed straps, was such a seductive sight. He approached you quietly, but not for long - he kept a good space between you and him. For the time being.

    “So, Andrews huh?” Finally, he uttered something, declaring his presence.

    You turned around in shock, almost wetting yourself with the water, but thankfully you didn't, and you cleaned up the glass, drying it with a towel before placing it on a counter, before turning around and looking at Draco, who was crossing his arms on his chest, the muscles visible on the fabric of his expensive suit.

    “Call him Ethan, Draco.”

    He rolled his eyes. “So what is he? Your new play-toy?”

    You looked startled and offended at Draco. “He's my boyfriend, what's up with this sudden hatred?”

    Draco scoffed as he moved closer to you, smirking as you moved backwards. “I'll tell you what. Will you spend one night with him and then abandon him, ghost him for the rest of your life?”

    You squinted your eyes shut, irritated. You knew exactly what Draco was talking about. “Draco, that happened once and please, you're now engaged to my sister.”

    “You know I never wanted to be with her.”

    You locked your gaze on him. “That doesn't make it okay to be a prick to her. Please enlighten me, how do you treat her? You should realize that she deserves something like that—a person who loves her—and if you can't provide it to her, you should learn to.”

    “Why are you acting like I’m the only one who did her wrong?” Draco inquired, his hands clenched and his gaze roving around your face. “You literally had sex with me and you knew Astoria and I were going to get engaged after the fucking war, so don't act like I did all the awful crap.”

    Your cheeks reddened with rage. “It was a mistake And you know how much I fucking regret it; it was just one drunken night full of fucking lust and blunders; it was nothing. So put a stop to it and clear your mind. Draco, please.”

    “I can't,” he whispered as he licked the insides of his cheeks and looked down at his shoes.

    “You can’t?” you scoffed. “Move on for Merlin’s sake. I can see it in Astoria’s eyes, she’s beginning to love you—“

    “But I don’t love her!” Draco wanted to scream but couldn't since he didn't want to draw attention to himself, so he inched closer to you again, and you retreated away until the counter sink hit your back, trapping you as Draco placed his hands on either side of the counter. “I love you.”

    You frantically shook your head, idly attempting to move him away with your hands on his chest, but he wouldn't budge. You just huffed and gazed at him through your lashes - he was close, and it had been years since you'd been this close to Draco, whereas the previous years had been filled with lingering stares, little touches, and yearning smiles.

    “No you fucking don’t,” You said in anger. “You love Astoria and I love Ethan. End of fucking story.”

    “You don’t love him!” Draco exclaimed, cupping your face with one hand to force you to look at him dead in the eyes as he tried to convince you. “You don’t.”

    “Who are you trying to convince?”

    Draco stayed quiet.

    You gently moved his hand away from your cheek and made him take a short step away from you.

    “You don't love me, Draco,” you began. “Perhaps you're just enthralled with that night and the idea of me being with you.”

    “Fuck that,” he practically spat out the words. “How come you act as though you know who I'm in love with? When shit happened in my sixth year, your fucking gorgeous and wonderful self took care of my ass when no one else would, and that night with you—I wasn't intoxicated, I fucking valued that moment—I tried to stop it because you wouldn't want it because you were drunk, but you insisted.”

    It was fresh in your mind. Draco was in his sixth year, while you were in your fifth. You remembered how he'd break down in front of you, how you'd realize that Draco Malfoy wasn't who he claimed to be. You secretly cherished his gentle, soft, and compassionate treatment of you, but his interest in you isn't reciprocated; you liked Draco, but not in the way he does with you.

    You finally murmured, your voice trembling, “I'm sorry. However, things have changed now. I'm content with Ethan, and you should be with my sister as well. Please don't shatter her heart; she deserves it. If you're not going to do it for yourself, at least do it for me. I love her too much, but I've also hurt her; she, not I, deserves your love, Draco.”

    And with that you left, a champagne bottle on your hands. Draco stared at your retreating back before fisting his hands to prevent from punching the nearest thing with him. Maybe he should take your advice, if you won’t accept his love then maybe he can learn to love Astoria.

    Draco, on the other hand, knew you'd always hold a particular place in his heart. He can't stop loving you, your smiles, your beauty, your wittiness, your comfort, everything about you. In this light, you were nothing more than a forbidden allurement with which he was tempted to engage.

    Draco scowled and proceeded to get the strawberries Astoria had requested from the refrigerator. Draco remembered Astoria expressing that she disliked strawberries during their last dinner, but why would she ask for them?

    He came to the realization. You adore strawberries, and you used to eat them as a dessert at Hogwarts. Astoria had been aware of the situation all along. She was aware of Draco's desire for her sister and his devotion for her. She was aware, but she never said anything, preferring to dwell on the fact that her fiancé preferred her own sister over her.

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    Fic Summary: Hermione Granger, a force to be reckoned with and a dedicated Auror, may have met her match on the other side of a manhunt. The partnering of an Ex-Death Eater on the case could mean a fresh start - or destroy it completely.

    Story by: smokyquartz/suggestivelemon

    Chapter link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/30994538/chapters/88643530

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    i hate that i tend to look my most masc when my hair is pushed back

    i look more like a guy, yes, but i look like the insufferable little white boy school fiction villain

    how am i supposed to deal with that

    #thought bubbles #i washed my hair today and part of that means my hair is neat again #but what that entails is me remembering that when my hair looks neat i look like draco fuckin malfoy or something #i'd name the guy from toh instead but i cannot remember his name. i swear #i'm so absolutely devastated. at least i have the comfort of knowing it's because my hair isn't short rn #once i cut it i will never have a weird slick-looking white rich kid hair moment #my hair will most likely look like shit but it will no longer be white snooty boy hair!
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    Fortunate Misfortune (D.M. X Reader): Chapter 14: Misfortunes

    Summary: Where Draco finally learns of Astoria's condition and the group spends their remaining time before Christmas break with her.

    Warnings: none except coarse language, mature themes, Mentions of food, slight angst.

    A/n: Remember when I said the last chapter was the longest? Okay, I really didn't want to include this chapter and move on straight to Christmas break, but Draco and Y/n were not cooperating.

    Reblogs and feedbacks are always welcomed :)

    Word count: 2900 (wtf..)

    Chapter 13 |Masterlist |Chapter 15

    Life is but a collection of fleeting moments.

    One moment, a person can be blissfully basking in the ever so golden glow of the afternoon sunlight coming in through the window at just the right angle, feeling the familiar coarseness of the carpet on their cheeks as they lie on the floor.

    They think the moment is perfect. The warmth is just right. Even the tiny dust particles floating around look like fairy dust in the light.

    It won't hurt to close their eyes and take a nap for just a second right?

    They don't even realise that It only takes one moment, a single diminutive, insignificant second to change everything until they open their eyes again.

    The sun is suddenly hidden behind storm clouds, the warmth is replaced by a bone chilling gust of wind that makes them wonder.

    How the fuck did this happen?

    That is exactly how Draco felt when he saw Pansy hyperventilating outside your shower door.

    You sprinted towards the Hospital wing the minute you heard, wearing a mismatched combination of whatever you could lay your hands on. He quickly followed your lead with his footsteps speeding and mind reeling.

    Astoria Greengrass was dying of a blood curse.

    Astoria was dying?

    Draco thought she looked quite alright when he first saw her lying on one of the many beds in the hospital wing with Blaise sitting next to her, holding her frail hands like there was no tomorrow.

    Maybe it was some cruel joke.

    Maybe it was one of those endless prank wars he didn't seem to understand. Did everyone else already know about this?

    “What happened?” You asked but Blaise didn’t even look up.

    Upon a second look, he noticed Astoria’s blanched complexion. He saw a tree of veins decorating her closed eyelids. Maybe there really was no tomorrow after all.

    “What happened? Someone please, tell me what happened.” You asked again and this time Draco wanted to ask the same question you were asking. Only, he was unable to get any words out of his mouth. He was just too caught in between a maelstrom of overwhelming thoughts and feelings.

    He was confused, shocked and maybe a little betrayed because everyone seemed to already know about this but him.

    Compared to any of those other feelings however, the sickness rapidly forming at the pit of his stomach was far too overpowering.

    The concept of death had hit him all of a sudden with the speed of the Hogwarts Express train and all he wanted to do was reach for the nearest trash can, maybe even another cauldron and hurl.

    How is one supposed to wrap their head around the idea of someone they’ve known for a majority of their life suddenly not being there anymore?

    Do they just accept it?

    What about their clothes that they’ll never wear, their bed that they'll never make, the books they planned to read, the places they wanted to see, their hopes, their dreams? Do people just box them up, lock them away in attics and basements?

    Do these unfulfilled and unrealised dreams just sit in those attics till they collect cobwebs and dust and people learn to just forget about it?

    Draco swallowed hard, and turned to look at Blaise again. Never had Blaise ever looked so miserable before.

    And you?

    Just watching you ask the same question over and over again like a broken cassette made stomach acid rise to his throat.

    Maybe Madam Pomphrey had noticed the bedlam unfold in the hospital wing because she had suddenly appeared in front of them, seemingly out of nowhere accompanied by Dumbledore and Snape.

    “Is she going to be okay?” Pansy asked, maintaining calmness in her voice like she wasn’t just hyperventilating a few minutes ago.

    “Miss Greengrass is fine for now.” Pomphrey replied carefully. “I have given her some sleeping draught. She should wake up in a few hours.”

    Fine for now.

    Those simple words in some way acted as a beacon of hope for everyone present. Blaise had finally lifted his head up, Pansy took an eager step forward and you let out a relieved exhale.

    Draco was never the hopeful kind. A part of him knew those words were empty.

    Hope for him was like that single ray of sunlight through the clouds, that crepuscular ray that deceived a person into thinking it's going to be a sunny day when it's not. Being hopeful led to disappointment.

    “Miss Greengrass will remain in the hospital wing until Christmas break.” Dumbledore informed. “Given the circumstances, she is allowed to have visitors but they must secure permission from Madam Pomphrey or Professor Snape first.”

    Draco just stood there, stiffly nodding his head, trying to absorb and process as much information as he could.

    Dumbledore explained how the Greengrass family wanted to maintain privacy at this stage, and that they’d be taking Astoria off for treatment somewhere in North America right before Christmas break.

    The whole exchange between everyone, the new information only made his head hurt more.

    Draco must have spent hours in the hospital wing pondering these things over and over again because by the time he’d snapped back to reality, Blaise and Pansy had left to bring snacks and Daphne had dropped by to drop off a few of Astoria’s things and left.

    You were still there though.

    You had crawled up into a small nook next to the bed and the side table and were resting your head on the edge of the bed frame, staring into the void with empty, soulless eyes. It appeared as if you were thinking about the same things he was.

    Draco stood up, very quietly and attempted to slip in between the tiny space next to you.

    You shifted a little when you noticed and tried to make space for him. The nook in between the bed and the side table was too small to fit you both.

    “Here.” He whispered, placing both hands securely on your hips so he could lift you slightly off the ground to put you in his lap. “This works, don't you think?”

    You didn’t say anything, just clung onto him and rested your head against the base of his neck. The faint trace of your hibiscus shampoo remained and it soothed him.

    “Did you know about this?” Draco asked.

    “I did, yes.” You whispered against his chest. “I just thought it wouldn’t be real if we didn’t speak it into existence you know. I thought the universe would just forget about it.”

    He understood where you were coming from.

    He was a repeat offender of not speaking things into the universe. He had never once said out loud how much the potions fellowship meant to him. He had never once let himself admit that he was afraid of failure, or death even. He had never allowed himself to fully realise all the strange unresolved feelings he had carried inside of him since the day he first kissed you.

    Saying things out loud released the potential, the probability into the universe and it petrified him. So, Draco kept it all inside and so did you. Or so it seemed.

    “I’m sorry I never told you. It just wasn’t mine to tell.”

    He nodded, and placed a small reassuring kiss on the top of your head, hibiscus clearing his mind again.

    “She’s going to be okay, right?” You lifted your head to look at him with so much hope in your eyes that the only words he wanted to say was yes.

    Draco chose not to answer, he just wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you in closer. He dipped his head further down so his lips could meet yours in a kiss that flowed gently and smoothly.

    He could hear the beat of your heart against his chest. The steady rhythm of it made the same emotions he’d never stopped to acknowledge vibrate under his skin.

    This kiss was in no way lustful, or greedy. Out of all the kisses he’d shared with you, this felt profoundly private…intimate even. The kiss was so uniquely him and you that it was meant to be behind closed doors or inside broom closets where no one else could see the vulnerability of it.

    Your kiss didn’t question or reprimand him. It just embraced him with wide open arms and gentle thrashing of the tongue. It was like you understood why he didn’t answer your previous question.

    The kiss was silent and comforting and he allowed himself to ease in the stillness.

    “Look at you lovebirds.”

    A wavering voice broke the stillness before he could fully relax.

    The two of you instantly backed away and looked up to find Astoria, lifting her head from the pillow, smiling.


    The yuletide spirit was steadily rising with the sudden drop of temperature.

    Evenings were now made of hot cocoa, blankets and ugly Christmas sweaters in the hospital wing that was already decorated in charmed ornaments and tinsel.

    Astoria was out like a light most of the time so the remaining days before Christmas break were spent alternating between going to classes and staying at the hospital wing. Except for Blaise, who skipped almost every single one of his classes entirely to stay with Astoria while you and Draco took turns to bring him his homework.

    Pansy had declared herself the person in charge for everyone’s food intake and she could usually be found tossing whoever was around brown paper bags filled with whatever special the four broomsticks had that day.

    When she was not busy shoving food down people’s throats Pansy worked on the final version of the stainless dress. A needle and thread would always be charmed to stitch the hems next to her as she went through texts to perfect stain countering charms.

    It was as if the Slytherins had created an intricate system that seemed to work for everybody. They never said anything explicitly, rarely used any affectionate words. Yet, they looked out for each other in their own silent ways.

    With their shields up, helmets on and their self preservation set to an all time high, they somehow took you in as one of their own.

    On Tuesday, you’d fallen asleep on a chair next to Astoria and you had woken up to find a blanket draped over your shoulders and a cup of hot beverage covered mostly in marshmallows next to you with warming charms in place.

    You reached for the cup to take a huge gulp, grateful for the person that had left it there for you. Your sip was interrupted however, buy a familiar clicking of shoes.

    “Hey Hot stuff.” Pansy whispered, careful to not wake Astoria. Her head was tilted to the left and her fringe fell onto her eyes as she read the pink font on your cup.

    “Hey Pans.” You whispered back and set the mug aside. A smile was itching at your lips when you noticed the mug and realised Draco had been the one to wrap you in that blanket. “What’s up?”

    “I have something to show you.”

    Large brilliant cubic zirconia eyes, lips quirked into a half-smile-half-smirk. Pansy had an effervescent glow on her cheeks that made you want to desperately see what she had to show you. None of you had managed to look or feel that way since Astoria collapsed and seeing Pansy like that was like seeing light at the end of a deep dark tunnel.

    You quickly stood up from your chair when Pansy pulled out a scroll wrapped in red ribbon from her bag,

    “Timeless & Stainless by Pansy Parkinson, 95 Diagon Alley.” The scroll read, and it contained her signature along with two other witness signatures.

    “It's a deed y/n.” She whispered excitedly. “I signed a deed. I got a store space in Diagon alley for my clothes.”

    There was an amalgamation of hope, self doubt and desperation in her eyes as she looked at you. It was like she craved the validation she never got her entire life when she expectantly waited for you to say something. Anything.

    “That's wonderful!”


    “Yes! Of course it's wonderf—”

    The same Pansy Parkinson that was worried your misfortune might rub off on her if she stood too close to you had somehow strangled you into a hug before you could offer any more words of approval. Because her heels made her incredibly taller than you were, your chin got squished on her shoulder when she tightened her hug.

    “Thank you.” She squealed, unable to lower the shaky pitch of her voice. “I would have never thought of it if you hadn’t splashed me with mead that day.”

    “It was all you Pansy. Be proud of yourself.”

    “I don’t know about anyone else, but you are the harbinger of good fortune for me.” Pansy laughed.

    “I know I'm dying but you don't have to replace me yet.”

    “ASTORIA!” The two of you screamed, pouncing onto her from either side.

    Salty tears rolled down and mirthful laughter bubbled. Two more suffocating but hearty hugs were exchanged and you finally settled on resting your head on Astoria’s left shoulder. Pansy did the same on her right.

    When Blaise and Draco finally arrived in their quidditch uniforms after their final match against Gryffindor and stood on either side of the bed, it suddenly felt like you were in a family photo op.

    “Did you win?” Pansy asked Blaise.

    “Why don't you ask Mr. Seeker over there?” Blaise shrugged, and Pansy groaned before staring at Draco, who had managed to weave his hands with yours.

    “What?” Draco asked, annoyed while his thumbs traced absent circles on your skin and you gave his hand a little squeeze in return.

    “Why can’t you catch a fucking snitch for once?!”

    “If you think you are such an expert, why didn’t you play instead?”

    While the two continued to bicker, Blaise placed a kiss on top of Astoria’s head. Opportunities where the five of you could be together in the same vicinity came scarcely with the chaos of being final year students.

    This was good.

    This felt like family.

    This felt like home.

    As morbid as it was, the group spent the rest of the evening discussing epitaphs and tombstones and bucket lists and Christmas holidays.

    Blaise apparently wanted a marble tombstone, Pansy wanted the words “I am. I am. I am.” from the Bell jar written on hers knowing full well that the quote came from a muggle book. She said it would be rebellious and on brand for her.

    It was funny how several days ago, death seemed too terrifying to talk about and now, you were joking about it.

    One after another, the five of you started to fall asleep in awkward positions around Astoria. Even Draco had managed to doze off with his head resting on Blaise’s shoulder across from you.

    “Psssst.” Astoria whispered, startling you when everyone was out like a light.

    “Merlin! Astoria, aren't you asleep?

    “I can’t sleep.” She shook her head. “I just had a killer idea for my tombstone.”


    “Please hear me out.”


    Astoria gave a slight cough and straightened up. There was a proud and self assured smile on her face.

    “The grass is greener on the other side.”


    Only two more days remained until Christmas break and Draco had woken up that particular morning in a chair at the hospital wing. Pansy was standing by the window and Astoria was lying down with a book in her hand.

    He looked around but you were nowhere to be seen and it made him panic for a second. Mostly because he had gotten used to seeing you when he woke up at the hospital wing. Seeing you started his day.

    “Where’s y/n?” He asked groggily and he heard Pansy snort in response.

    “Didn’t get to gawk at her this morning, I see.”

    “I do not gawk.”

    “Yes you do.” Pansy replied, using her index finger and thumb to widen her eyes in mockery.

    “No I don't.”

    “She’s gone to get us all breakfast with Blaise.” Astoria answered, closing her book shut. “Your owl brought you a letter while you were asleep, though.”

    Draco straightened his posture and reached for the letter addressed to him on the side table. It didn’t even take him half a second to notice the seal and crest on the letter. Ilvermorny had written back to him.

    Dear Mr. Malfoy,

    We are writing to congratulate you on your acceptance to our Associate Potions & Alchemy Fellowship Program.

    We at Ilvermorny are looking forward to welcoming you aboard and discussing your findings on felix infort–

    Draco didn’t read the letter any further.

    The fellowship he so desperately wanted was his for the taking and he was stunned. He began imagining a life far far away from the place he grew up in where he’d finally be free to be his own person.

    It was the life he wanted.

    Maybe he could live somewhere close to the school, have a separate room just to work on potions and he could place your kettle in that room.

    Only…The kettle wouldn’t be there with him.

    You wouldn’t be there with him.

    Draco quickly stuffed the acceptance letter back into the envelope and tossed it aside. He'd miss that kettle too much if he left. He’d miss you too much to the point where he’d be sick.



    “Can I speak to you for a minute?” Astoria propped herself up on the pillow. She looked pale, fatigued and the simple posture switch took her about half a minute or so.

    Pansy was leaning against the windowsill next to her bed, pretending to be way too engrossed in the landscape outside.

    It had finally started to snow.


    Series Taglist: @sycathorn-slush @badass-yn @louweasleymalfoy @writeandtranslate @silentkiller2374 @lilmissquackson @mzmalice3 @mvdbldd @emptycanvasthings @likediamondsandgold @hey-asstown @dr4cking @flacalatke @besutiful-y/n @i-have-my-issues @daniellarogers @kamalymaly @hallothankmas


    End of chapter notes:

    the feminine urge to find cure for Astoria's curse.

    remember when Draco was talking about Felix Felicis?

    thank you for still keeping up with this chaotic mess of a series. Your feedback means EVERYTHING to me.

    As promised, some smut is up next 🥸

    #draco malfoy x reader #draco malfoy #draco x reader #draco malfoy imagine #draco fanfiction#draco fic #draco malfoy series #draco x hufflepuff!reader #draco malfoy x hufflepuff!reader #draco x yn #draco x y/n #draco angst#draco au#draco series
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    Theo: Chemistry? More like cheMYSTERY because I have no idea what's going on.

    Draco: Calculus? More like calKILLUS because I feel a peace of my sanity die with every equation.

    Pansy: Biology? More like BYEology because I'm out of here.

    Blaise: Math? More like no.

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  • ameliora-j
    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #nani’s angels 👼🏽 #nani!dialogues #draco malfoy #crybaby!reader
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    "I can fix him" JOKES ON YOU, I CAN BE WORST

    #mdzs #mo dao su zhi #xue yang#wei wuxian#wei ying #tower of god #tog #khun aguero agnis #yuukoku no moriarty #moriarty the patriot #william james moriarty #louis james moriarty #albert james moriarty #marvel#marvel mcu#Loki #the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde #edward hyde#harry potter#draco malfoy #bungou stray dogs #bsd#nakahara chuuya#osamu dazai#atsushi nakajima#percy jackson #heros of olympus #nico di angelo #yu gi oh gx #judai yuki
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    Hermione in Manacled

    Author: @senlinyu @senlinyuwrites

    I think that I somehow managed to delete the other one because I can’t see it anymore👺

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    Exam Week Headcanons

    hi everyone!! it’s exam week for me in college so i thought it would be a great idea to write some fluffy headcanons!! if you have exams, good luck and prioritize rest✨

    Featuring: Draco Malfoy, Spencer Reid, Sirius Black, and Aaron Hotchner

    Tags: Fluff, Cuddling, Playful Banter, Smooching, Studious!Reader, and Not-So-Studious!Reader, Lawyer!Reader, Implied Smut

    Draco would insist that you don't overwork yourself...

    With his eye glancing at the clock he realized that you had been stuck at your desk studying for nearly the whole day. And he knew how absorbed with your work you could become.

    "Y/N" He called, walking behind your concentrating figure as you tried your hardest to keep working. He could see the determination in your furrowed brow, but he could also see the dark circles forming under your eyes.

    "How long have you been at it?" He teased, gently squeezing the flesh of your shoulders, urging you to loosen up.

    "You don't wanna know" You groaned, your head slumping down onto the opened Potions book. With each breath your eyelids felt heavier and heavier.

    You weren't even sure how long you had been studying, but from the dark look of the sky outside your window- it had been a while.

    "Didn't I warn you to take breaks? If you keep doing this everyday you'll be exhausted by the time you actually take the exam."

    When you didn't respond Draco called your name again, this time kneeling next to you. Of course, he shouldn't have been surprised to hear you quietly snoring against the desk.

    "Typical" He muttered to himself, standing up to his full height so he could scoop your sleeping form into his arms.

    And when you rolled over later in the night, you found yourself cuddled next to him underneath the covers.

    PLEASEE- Draco come carry me to bed

    Spencer Reid would try his best to help you study...

    Spencer checked over your math problems, a red hand in pen as you anxiously awaited his critiques.

    "How many did I get wrong?" You were on the edge of your seat, practically in his face watching him read the paper. It was the last set of problems your professor advised you to complete, and so far you had a perfect record.

    And everything was on the line.

    If you got each one right then Spencer would be subjected to hours of Chick-Flicks, with cuddles included.

    Spencer could tell after a couple glances that your perfect streak would stay that way, but he was dragging it out. He uncapped the pen, a small smirk on his face as you began biting your nails.

    You watched him cap the pen, snatching the paper from his grasp as you searched for the small red X.

    A gasp left your lips, then a fit of giggles as you looked at the teacher-like "good job" written on the paper, coupled with a red smiley face.

    You pulled him in for a kiss, your hand tightly pulling on the plaid collar of his shirt.

    "I'll make the popcorn" You whispered, laughing as your tomato faced boyfriend tried to recover.

    the way I would KILL to make Spencer flustered😭

    Sirius Black would do everything in his power to coax you into studying...

    "C'mon Y/N, I'm not asking for much. Just thirty minutes and then we can cuddle." He had been trying to bribe you into getting some work down for the past hour, knowing your routine of procrastinating.

    "Nope" You laughed, slumping down onto the common room couch. You were never the type to study in advance, and it had never let you down.

    Sure you might be up all night right before your exam, but you always performed well.

    "Pet, I'll give you all the attention in the world if you go over your notes for twenty minutes" He tried again, knowing that you would do just about anything for his affection.

    You rolled your eyes at his attempt, putting a piece of butterscotch in your mouth to suck on. "You'll give me attention either way, Siri."

    It was true. Sirius would give you anything in the world if you asked.. which prompted him into trying a different method.

    He scoffed at you, turning to walk out of the common room. "Fine. I'll be upstairs until you get some work done."

    This got your attention, your lips automatically in a pout as he dramatically made his way up the stairs. "Siri! Where are you going?" You whined, watching as he kept walking away.

    You threw your head back in annoyance, knowing that you should listen to him.

    "Fine! I'll do it!" You yelled up to him, sending your materials right down so you could get to work.


    Aaron Hotchner would let you work with him at the BAU...

    The sound of coffee splashing into your mug brought you back from your thoughts, the soothing smell had a calming effect. Any one of the profilers could tell you were stressed, studying for the Bar- which was only weeks away.

    Of course, you had a slight advantage of Aaron being your study buddy when you needed his help.

    "More coffee?" He teased, watching you slug into his room as if you had been doing rocket science. "I need it Aaron" You muttered, sitting in the chair across from him.

    "You need to go over the civil defense section. It's your weakest area." Aaron nudged the textbook in your direction, watching as you settled into your seat.

    "Can't you do it?" You asked with a pout, taking a sip of your coffee. "You and I both know you have a better understanding of it. Plus, it'll be just like when you were younger!" You teased him, watching a playful scowl form on his lips.

    "Read. The. Book." He ordered, not starting his work again until he was sure you were absorbing the information.

    The two of you stayed that way for three more hours, Aaron filling out paperwork and you reading as much as you could. Of course, your work was rewarded.

    You looked up from the pages, your eyes wide as Aaron beckoned you over to his lap, pulling you to straddle him.

    "You've been so good today, so I'm gonna reward you."

    Safe to say it was a good thing his office blinds were closed and the door was locked.



    #draco x reader #draco x you #draco malfoy x y/n #draco malfoy fluff #spencer reid x y/n #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid fluff #sirius black x you #spencer reid x you #sirius black x gryffindor!reader #sirius black x y/n #sirius black fluff #aaron hotchner x you #aaron hotchner x reader #aaron hotchner x y/n #aaron hotchner fluff
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    albus making jokes about how draco is kinda hot to piss off scorpius

    #i feel like it would happen #draco malfoy #the cursed child
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    Harry Potter Return To Hogwarts but its like a shitty highschool reunion mocumentary. 

    #"Thats Draco Malfoy he tried to kill the headmaster one time #Draco Malfoy#Harry Potter#Ron Weasley#Luna Lovegood#Ginny Weasley#Hermione Granger#Neville Longbottom #harry potter series #harry potter fandom #harry potter fanfiction #HP#hogwarts #return to hogwarts #harry potter return to hogwarts #harry potter reunion
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    Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) - Credit if using

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    I just wanna be clear on something: even though I love and adore Draco, I do not support in any way Tom Felton

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    The overwhelming dread of “Harry Potter: return to Hogwarts” is eating me alive today.

    #im so afraid of it #what if they are in character #what if the shifters get more content #i cant do this #Draco Malfoy#Harry Potter#Hermione Granger#Ron Weasley #harry potter series #harry potter fandom #harry potter fanfiction #harry potter return to hogwarts #harry potter reunion #HP Fandom#HP series#hp fanfic#hp fanart#HP
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    100 Follower Masterlist


    Open for all characters I write for through 12/20!

    #kaz brekker x reader #johanna mason x reader #five hargreeves x reader #finnick odair x reader #nikolai lantsov x reader #jesper fahey x reader #allison hargreeves x reader #draco malfoy x reader #tom riddle x reader
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    Harry: You know, I almost got sorted into Slytherin

    Draco: How?

    Harry: I mean, I guess I have a dark side and...

    Draco: That's not what I mean. Slytherins are cunning and you literally went 'I wonder what could be in this broom shaped package? A broom! How unexpected' in first year


    Harry: That was harsher then necessary but that's fine

    #drarry memes#drarry #harry x draco #draco x harry #draco lucius malfoy #draco malfoy#draco/harry#harry/draco #harry james potter #harry potter
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    Love Like Ghosts

    for @ladderofyears

    They love like ghosts in the shadows on a full moon. Tender. All-encompassing. Like the meaning of other, of one's own border Lose all meaning.

    View on AO3

    #drarry#drarry fanart#drarry art#iero0 art #harry potter x draco malfoy #draco x harry #drarry squad
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