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  • Caption this.

    #just leaving this here as i head to bed #plz have fun #dragon age#dai#gereon alexius #trash vint dad
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  • caught myself having real expectations for dragon age 4 

    #dont do it bitch...dont get excited #dragon age
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  • image

    and I’m back! Thank goodness! Here, have a snippet of my Hawke at Ostagar before the battle!


    “I think, however, that for now there is no need to hire such a messenger. The kings plans are backed by Teryn Loghain’s tactics, and in a few days Redcliff will have reinforcements arriving.”

    “All right,” Malia sighed softly, a worried frown creasing her brow as her eyes ran over another group of recruits that looked barely old enough to hold a sword, before crossing her arms and nibbling on her lower lip in concern.

    “Will you find me, and tell me, if that changes though?” she asked, lifting bright blue eyes to Duncan as he stood beside her.

    It was a stupid question, she knew. He had no reason to do such a thing for a complete stranger, and it would risk spreading panic if word got out that the battles were growing that troublesome and yet something in her face must have appealed to him because a moment later he nodded.

    “What is your name?”

    “Malia,” she answered softly, “Malia Hawke.”


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    Six Sentence Sunday Archive Post

    #Dragon Age #Dragon Age 2 #Malia Hawke #twin!hawke #hawke!twins #Hawke Twins#Fanfiction#Fanfic#SSS #Six Sentence Sunday #6 Sentence Sunday
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  • #dragon age: origins #dragon age #dragon age inquisition #Dragon Age theories #dragon age 4 theory #dragon age lyrium #red lyrium idol #lyrium dragon age #red lyrium#isana#valta #dragon age decent #titans dragon age #fen'harel #dread wolf rises #the dread wolf
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  • Confession: I literally spent 90 hours of the last five days of my life studying and studying. Then more studying until my brian felt like it was going combust. So all I want is to slowly sink into a steaming bath with Cullen, my bare back against his naked chest. His arms give me the most sensual body message of my life. As he whispers romantic and dirty things in my ear. Slowly he begins to caress by breasts. Then he’s making tender, almost unmoving love to me. The water slightly swishes in the tub as he goes deeper inside of me. All the while he says how my moans of pleasure are cute. Oh god that’d make all it more worth it then not flucking out of school.

    #cullen rutherford#dragon age #dragon age origins #dragon age 2 #dragon age inquisition #BioWare#Dirty Confessions#dirty confession #for both our sakes I hope you mean College or Uni and not high-school
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  • #Cole #cole dragon age #yandere cole #yandere!cole #Dragon Age #Dragon Age Inquisition #yandere dragon age #yandere!dragon age #yandere dragon age inquisition #yandere!dragon age inquisition #yandere #yandere x reader #yandere imagines#yandere headcanons#yandere scenarios#yandere fanfiction#yandere writing#Yandere TW
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  • I found this picture of Aeryn and Isabela hiding in a random folder!

    I have so few pictures of them together, always love it when I find another one <3

    #dragon age #dragon age 2 #female hawke#aeryn hawke #i took most of my screenshots of aeryn on my old phone #which died and i lost all my pictures on it #so any time i find a random screenshot i saved somewhere I'm like !! Yay!!
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  • Fantasy World Shower thoughts

    From the perspective of NPCs/PC, “fictional fantasy books” in our RPG fantasy worlds might just be “realistic fiction” or “urban/modern fantasy”

    #dungeons and dragons #pathfinder#dragon age #star wars RPG #dnd shower thoughts
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  • Cullen: What’s an “orgasm”

    Alistair: Ain’t that when you fold papers into birds or some shit

    Cullen: That’s oregano dumbass

    #sorry but when i saw this i could only think of these two #cullen rutherford#alistair theirin#dragon age
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  • - Josephine Montilyet, Ambassador of the Inquisition -

    💙My new colored pencil drawing💛

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  • 30 Day OC challenge - Tamlen Lavellan


    Day 9: Formal Wear

    A look into Tamlen’s wardrobe will reveal that he puts a big emphasis on practical and comfortable clothing. Fabrics that are comparatively easy to keep clean or colours that don’t make stains stand out as much. With his clan the only types of formal wear he ever really came in touch with were ceremonial garments. There was the robes for example that he wore during his vallaslin ceremony, and various costumes representing the gods or forces of nature owned by the clan to celebrate certain festivities throughout the year.

    Nothing could have ever prepared him for the sheer mass and variety in formal wear commonplace in human society. Without the help of his advisers and companions he would have been lost entirely when it came to preparing for the peace talks at the Winter Palace and Skyhold’s own banquets and official meetings.

    Despite all of this being a strange and completely new world to him though, Tamlen can definitely see the appeal of certain formal wear - as long as it isn’t overly frilly or comfortable. A nicely fitted vest though, or a shirt with beautiful embroidery do have their appeal. He very much values and honors the craftsmanship behind these pieces. Similarly he is intrigued by how different formal wear in different parts of the continent is, having been able to get to know Fereldan, Orlesian, and Tevinter fashion first hand during his travels.


    #30 days of tamlen #tamlen lavellan#dragon age #dragon age inquisition #lavellan#inquisitor lavellan
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  • All personal opinions on Cullen aside, I genuinely love when people draw him with his original curly hair. It’s like a giant fuck you to BioWare having him straighten it and then making it A Thing about how perfect it is straightened

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  • today is february 16, 2020

    inquisition released: november 18, 2014 (1916 days ago)

    #TheDreadWolfRises trailer released: december 6, 2018 (437 days ago)

    release date: ??/??/20??

    #da4 #dragon age 4 #the dread wolf rises #dragon age
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  • Find someone to look at you the way Varric looks at Bianca

    #Varric Tethras #dragon age varric #Varric dai#Varric inquisition#Varric bianca #Bianca the crossbow #dragon age#dai #dragon age inquisition
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  • #dragon age #dragon age dwarves #Sha-Lyuzar#deep dwarves #dragon age worldbuilding
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  • In which Haven is destroyed and Maria Cadash is buried while they watch helplessly from above. Full story on AO3!

    When Maria was a little girl, Nanna told her that dwarves built Ostwick, that they built many surface cities ages before. Nanna of course didn’t care for them, those first deserters of the Deep Roads were nothing but thieves and murderers exiled from their home according to her. They were the same people who founded the illegal smuggling operations her eldest granddaughter would someday join, although Zarra never considered that possibility. The second wave of dwarves fleeing, of course, happened to be the houses that would make up the Dwarven Financiers Union. Those blood traitors (Nanna’s words, not hers, although the sentiment felt accurate) planned their exit strategically and left their homeland in a lurch as the remaining once great houses scrambled to save their home. 

    The great stone cities underground still stood, but nobody visited. Dwarven architecture lasted the test of time, after all. 

    Maria’s people, her ancestors, were among the last dwarves to flee their dying cities at the turn of the industrial age. The last ones to see the only hope of survival was to abandon their pride, their blighted stone, and take their chances up on the surface where the dwarves with money and power shoved their brethren into dark, dank factories churning out poison only slightly less lethal than what killed the remaining dwarves beneath their feet. 

    But, Nanna grudgingly admitted, there was nothing like good dwarven architecture and Ostwick had plenty of it thanks to those traitorous bastards. Ostwick was built to last the ages even as the buildings grew higher and people from every corner of the world poured into the city. 

    Maria wished Haven had been built the same way. There was no dwarven stone to protect them here, nothing but wood cottages with cheerful painted clapboard going up in smoke and flame. Only one building in Haven was made of heavy brick, the quaint little chantry, and that’s where they all fled to instinctively like nugs escaping a flood, blind and desperate in the smoke. 

    Screams for help pierced the night around them. The dragon made another pass overhead and they pressed themselves flush against one of houses, the roof above them erupting into flames. From inside, Maria heard weak, desperate sobs for help. She pressed her hand automatically to the doorknob and found it blazing hot. She swore and wrenched her burned fingers away, darting to the side of the house.

    “Cadash!” Dorian hissed, unaware of the people trapped inside. The rear exit was blocked by some burning debris, a fallen electric pole maybe. But there was a window high above her, one she couldn’t quite reach even if she stretched as much as she could.

    “What are you…” Varric followed her. Of course he followed her. She turned to him insistently, braced her hands on his shoulders and fought the urge to curl into his welcome warmth and give herself over to horrified sobs. 

    “Lift me up.” She demanded instead. 

    He arched a brow. “Is this really…” 

    “Listen!” She slapped his shoulder, even though she shouldn’t have, and pointed up over her head. His face went blank for an uncomprehending second, then understanding dawned on him and he mumbled a curse under his breath. 

    “How in the world did you hear that through all of this?” Dorian asked, aghast. She ignored him.  Varric still wasn’t moving fast enough for the urgency of the situation. She dug her fingers into his shoulders hard enough to bruise and glared steadily into his eyes. “I know you can bleedin’ boost me up there!” 

    If he could carry her the whole way up to her bedroom while kissing her within an inch of her life without dropping her he should be more than capable of tossing her through a window. He finally acquiesced and bent at the waist. He tossed his broad, sturdy arms around her thighs and hoisted her up like she weighed nothing. She twisted in his grip to reach for the high window, trying valiantly to ignore the way his hands squeezed just below her ass, his face pressed just below her breasts. 

    “This isn’t how I planned on getting my hands on you again.” He joked weakly. 

    She gripped the windowsill and tried to shove the pane glass open, but it didn’t budge. “Close your eyes and look down.” She ordered tersely. “Both of you.” 

    To his credit, Varric shut his eyes immediately, like he’d aided and abetted in a hundred break-ins. It was Dorian who continued to stare up at her, and she thought part of that reason may have been the sudden keen interest in the man’s too shrewd eyes when he heard the word ‘again.’ “Dorian!” She snapped waspishly. 

    When they both finally dropped their gaze, she thrust her elbow through the glass and it shattered easily despite the jarring throb to her sore shoulder. She tried to punch out as much glass as she could, peering through the smoke filling the home. She saw two figures huddled together and yelled. “Here! Over here!”

    Thank fucking Andraste herself they moved at her voice. She hauled herself through the window, a tight fit, but manageable. Varric yelled her name as she vanished from view, but Maria simply rolled to the tile floor and shoved her arm over her mouth to try and keep from inhaling the acrid smoke. There was a kitchen chair nearby, a rickety old thing, but it would have to do. She pulled it over and the first figure, a skinny child with a human’s too long limbs, was thrust up onto it by the woman behind him. The kid paused, uncertain, peering down into the darkness outside. 

    “Jump!” Maria yelled, coughing on the smoke. “They’ll catch you!” 

    For a second, she still thought he wouldn’t, but his mother’s hushed, gentle words convinced him to clamber up through the sill. She watched him pause, breathless, before he tumbled into the abyss outside. 

    “You next!” Maria ordered, shoving the woman forward. She clambered up and vanished through the opening in seconds. Maria jumped up on the chair herself, listened to the threatening crack of the flimsy wood and leapt for the windowsill. She caught it just in time, the chair falling to pieces beneath her as she struggled to lever more of her upper body through the opening. She heard the panicked caw of a bird, her name ringing in the alley, felt fingers wrap around her wrists and tugging her forward. Dorian released a blistering torrent of swearing she didn’t understand, then she could breathe again, the air crisp and clear in her lungs before gravity took over and she toppled out of the window. 

    She collapsed on top of a sputtering Tevinter witch, his face embedded in her breasts while Nyx flapped above them in a panic. 

    “C’mon, we’ve got to move.” Varric urged, pulling her up by the damn arm that’d been nearly wrenched from her shoulder. She winced in his iron grip and he loosened it immediately, running his thumb over her arm apologetically instead while his eyes caught Dorian’s on the ground. “Sparkler, you with us?” 

    “All of me but my spleen, perhaps, which is almost certainly ruptured.” He complained acidically. 

    “I’m not that heavy.” Maria muttered under her breath.

    “Perhaps not for chiseled dwarven physiques.” Dorian grumbled under his breath. She ignored him as they pushed back out into the square. 

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  • “That’s not compensation. That’s a counterweight!“


    Rule63!Blackwall // Rule63!Vivienne // Rule63!Solas // Rule63!IronBull & Dorian // Rule63!Sera // Rule63!Cole

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  • I don’t think any one is particularly better than another. Your art simply changes as you become inspired by other artists <3 It’s crazy to see how different they all look though! :)

    2016 drawing was the first dragon age nug ever drawn! the 2017 one was actually drawn Dec. 2016. Nothing in 2018.

    4 year comparison of the dragon age nugs I’ve drawn during my time here. + sneak peak at new drawing? <3

    #dragon age #dragon age inquisition #nugs #dragon age nugs #nug#fan art#fanart #Artists of Tumblr #da#dai#art #artists on tumblr #art comparison
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  • Quick scribble because the Trespasser music came on shuffle and I had way too many feelings about how Pipes nightmares get worse and worse as the anchor gets worse, and how worried she is but wants to be strong for Cullen and everyone, and how she’d move the world and skies to keep Cullen safe and-


    #cullavellan#dragon age#dai #cullen x lavellan #piper lavellan#piperford#my art#schoute draws#scouty scribbles #i know this is so messy #BUT I COULDN'T CONTAIN THE FEELS
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