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  • l’éclat

    it was fall when I fell for you and your lips

    crashed onto mine in a burst of orange

    and the warmth was immediate and immaculate

    and you smiled like I was the one shining but

    really it was you

    and now I have dreams and


    you’re still in them

    and you’re so real

    I can smell you there

    and you hold me and say

    all the things

    you were too scared to

    back then

    and I wonder if maybe

    we were just


    passing in the night


    #stream of conscience poetry #poetry#romance#dream#dreams#dream writing#passion#missed love#lost love #ships in the night #unknow #the road untraveled #i dreamed of you #personal#personal poetry
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  • [THOUGHTS] I want to read a fiction with Renjun as a royal prince, he looks so etheral, elegant and magnificent in these pictures.

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  • It was a post-apocalypse kinda thing, very much like in the movie Waterworld, but with swamps and ghosts. I was on a field trip to secure a trade at the bazaar, and I had a ticket saying I had the best goods. But then my raft got lost in leech infested waters and I had to fish to survive, which meant sending my buddy to dive for fish, most of which were poisonous. One of them stole my fishhook. Also, there was an underwater ghost family I had to rescue, and the daughter was actually a pair of conjoined twins and the father kept trying to kill everyone. Everyone still had to wear face masks, but only underwater.

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  • Eric Cartman managed to join the League of Villains and almost kill Hawks.

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  • my latest dream was that trump banned beetlejuice for being antifa propoganda

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  • image

    so this was made for dream’s bday but as usual, it doesnt get noticed. still love him tho, this was such a cool concept.

    inspired from his famous fire resistance juke on his 3v1 manhunt

    Please check Dream out. He’s a mcyt that’s been blowing up and is still blowing up with subs.

    this man’s lit speedrunning youtube.

    suggest more dream 9000 iq moments to draw!

    my twitter that i recently made: devil_tenshi


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  • Happy birthday Dream! 

    i’m trash for them ok i can’t believe they actually met up just-

    also i meant to post this yesterday 

    #dream#georgenotfound #i should probably put this under #dreamnotfound #?? #im trash for them ok #i didnt think it was necessary to put 'dont ship real people' #since they all said they don't mind it but idk #anyways these boys are all ive been watching for 5 days #it probably wouldn't be this dramatic #but #i liked the sketch ok #anazulu's art #im finding a hundred mistakes oh no
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  • i meant to post this 3 days ago but i forgot-

    anyways Minecraft Manhunt Finale was wild, 10/10

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  • If something’s only in your head, does that even make it real?

    If only you know it, does that even make it true?

    - e.d

    #does this count as writing #I don't know #oh well same tags #writing#my writing#el's writing#spilled ink#spilled words#spilled prose#prose#reality#dream #is it all a dream?
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  • Break My Mind

    I was in a bedroom with some kid. The room was moderately size with one window opposite to the door, both of which were in corners of the room. Right next to that window was a bed where a child was sitting. I kept scaring him by playing the song “Break My Mind,” (some FNAF song from a couple years ago) and he started crying. He then said, “I’d rather watch anime then get scared.”

    Date Dreamt: Friday, August 7th, 2020

    Age: 13

    Extra Info: I hadn’t heard that song in years, I don’t know why I was suddenly having a dream about it.

    #one time i dreamt #dream#weird dreams#strange dreams#dream journal#fnaf #five nights at freddy's
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  • i think the first time i really examined my gender was when i was maybe 12 and i had a dream entirely in the perspective of otis from barnyard

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  • So I’m with a woman, alone at night in this building and this guy with a shovel breaks in. I decide to run while the woman just screams. I don’t think she makes it… I don’t really have anywhere to run to, so I just phase into the ground and float beneath the floor.

    The guy with the shovel comes and taps at the ground above me. Darn. He can’t get me. He gives up and leaves. 

    Not wanting to re-enter that scene, I decide to continue further into the void. Thinking about my experience with the angelite I had just used before sleeping, I want to call Ring. I call for him like Kore does, “Ring Ring Ring!” It’s the best and only way to call him haha.

    I begin to appear in a strange place. It reminds me of inside a lava lamp? Everything is glowing red and orange. I don’t think it’s actually lava though. It’s not hot. 

    I lay on a bubble rising and it brings me past these stairs. On the stairs I see someone coming down. I can’t see who because-

    I wake up. I fall asleep.

    I’m sleeping in a bed with Ariel holding me. I wake up, in the dream, and sit up to get away from him. I’m dizzy, but manage to stand up out of bed. I turn and just stand there. Tempted to sit down because I’m still feeling very tired.

    Ariel stays laying and we talk.

    Ariel: What’s the deal with Ring? 

    Me: What?

    Ariel: He tried calling you twice. 

    Me: Hm. I tried calling him once? 

    Ariel: Oooh~ who’s calling who?

    I ask about that. Saying I never heard any calls? How’s that work? Ariel starts trying to explain something about my sleep. He said Kore explained it to him before, but he can’t really remember. Something about falling back asleep within 45 minutes after waking up?

    I wake up. I fall asleep.

    I forget the first part. I know I’m someplace and go into a booth to hide from Ariel? He tries pulling at the curtain, but I hold it close. He steps away and stands nearby, just waiting. The booth I’m in is against a wall, so I think about just phasing into the void to escape. 

    I do but Ariel follows through too. I’m trying to move further and faster away, but he’s just kind of lingering behind me. I eventually reach a part of the void that’s water. I don’t want to drown, so I try turning another way. I think that’s when Ariel grabs me. I struggle around. Trying to find a way that’s not him or water. I think I end up drowning.

    I wake up, in the dream, on a shore. It looks like I’m on some abandoned island? I’m naked. Ariel’s there too. He says I’ve been out for a while. I ask how long? “About 20 weeks.” Oh wow! I wonder if those ‘20 weeks’ were just then or maybe he’s talking about how I wasn’t dreaming for a bit?

    I get up and start exploring. I see a box full of junk. Ariel says that’s stuff he’s been collecting for me. Hm.

    Traveling up this one tower thing, I find some clothes? I’m still nude, so having some clothes doesn’t sound too bad haha. I pick out a large, yellow sweater and put it on! Ariel comes over and says he likes it. I say I do too! It’s yellow.

    Ariel then starts pointing out yellow things. Not just stuff around, but also naming yellow things too. I remember him saying an apricot pie.

    Me: What’s your favorite color?

    Ariel: Yellow! And… Meatballs.

    Me: Haha what??

    Ariel doesn’t know.

    Me: Why do you like yellow?

    Ariel: Well, aside from you… I don’t know. I can’t think too well around you…

    Me: Then I can leave.

    I go back to the shore, open my wings and fly away to this other ledge close by. I turn back and see Ariel has this paper that’s a drawing. I go back to him, curious if he drew something??

    Ariel says he wants to show me something. Look. But be cautious. There’s crude language on it… I say I see that all the time!

    Ariel has the paper and there’s nothing on it. He then has this lens he holds over it. Starting at the bottom left corner and going right. Through the lens you can slowly see a picture on the paper. I’ve seen stuff like this before, it’s neat! 

    Soon I recognize the picture. I see it’s that one red guy from Hazbin Hotel! I laugh! I ask if he’s kinning with this guy? I forget how he words his answer. Says how he hates all the people who this guy hates? So yes? I say I’m not sure if I see it. 

    Now awake I rewatched the animation because I forgot everything about it to see the red guy. And honestly, yea, I do see how Ariel relates to him haha! They don’t believe in redemption and are entertained by those who do.

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  • I have this reacuring nightmare that an angry iron giant appears in the world and he doesn’t stop any buildings but it’s terrifying and he rips out trees and throws them and those can hit buildings and people or he picks up cars and throws them or steps on them and steps on people and if u have any lights on around your house he comes and looks through the windows with his giant angry eyes and is horrible and the only way to get rid of him is to ignore it but it’s dangerous and you have to close the blinds and you can’t get caught watching or he’ll throw trees and cars at your house and then all of a sudden he’ll freeze and disappear. But you have to disappear from him first. It’s awful

    #nightmare#dream#iron giant #i hate it #i have it randomly #awful#whats cookn
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  • had a dream my backyard was full pf rats and mice wnd the neighbors two large dogs kept jumping over the fence to kill them and i could t get them to leave so i just picked up the rats crumpled gored bodies and threw them over the fence but the dogs thought we were just playing a game of fetch so they kept jumping over again and bringing back the rat bodies and dropping them at my feet wagging their tails so i just fed the bodies to an escaped pet bullsnake that was living in one of our potted plants

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  • So it started really weird. There was a father, his wife, and their son. They were at the park and their kid went down a slide, but another person’s child also went down. When the kids were at the bottom, the father was there to pick up his kid, but they looked identical, besides their clothes. The father was trying to figure out which one was his and held one of the kids. The mother of the other child came over and said, “You have my son.”

    The father said, “No this one’s mine. I dressed him this morning”.

    The mother looked at both kids and noticed they looked the same, except the clothing, and then she took her son. 

    They were no longer at the park. They were at their house maybe? The dad opened a door, and a guy that looked exactly like the dad was in the doorway. But he wasn’t really there? It was maybe a picture or something? It apparently was the father’s twin brother. It was an evil twin, though. The father or his twin, I can’t remember which one, opened a door and went through it then closed it. Then he said, “I haven’t done this in a long time.”

    He pulled out a key-like thing and pointed it in the direction of the door. He twiddled it and the door had this weird space glow. I then opened the door and it looked like another dimension, but in space. He walked through it and the scene changed. There were pods? I don’t know what they were but they had kids in them and the father said something like, “They are dead twins,” referring to his kid and the other person’s kid who was the child of his twin brother.

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  • I had a dream team dream last night

    So I have to ask one thing!

    Should there be georgenotfound and dreamwasaken plushies?

    Cause my dream was just both of them forcing me to make the plushies in which they gave to the other.

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