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  • ao3sloyaldevotee2004
    17.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I know being an omega in omegaverse is far from ideal.... but hear me out:

    Having a comfortable nest that makes you feel safe
    The scent of one person automatically making you feel better
    Having a loving pack who’ll instinctually protect and unconditionally love you 
    Being able to smell peoples lies and emotions
    Having good instincts that protect you and others
    Having someone dedicated to you, who’ll car for you till the end
    Making an alpha submit to you
    Having a womb and still being accepted as a man
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  • holylulusworld
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Unisex Showers - Kinktober 16

    Summary: Having a shower at the Avenger’s tower leads to more than a clean body.

    Ship: Alpha!Thor Odinson x Omega!Reader

    Kink: Shower Sex

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: language, nudity, sharing a shower, shameless ogling, a/b/o, a/b/o dynamics, Thor has a dick out of this world, scenting, true mates, manhandling, possessive Thor, semi-public sex, smut, p in v, unprotected sex (be smarter), claiming, knotting, Thor acts all innocently but is a smug bastard, not so accidentally peaking, Thor gets what he wants, reader doesn’t complain

    Divider by @firefly-graphics​​

    Kinktober 2021

    “Shake it off, just shake it off,” giggling you wiggle your ass, dance under the spray in the lady’s communal shower. “Yeah, clean my cute ass. I love having the showers on my own. No one here to spy on my ass or force me into a conversation.”

    While you are busy scrubbing your body, you miss someone else who entered the showers moments ago, ogling your naked form shamelessly. He bites his index finger to keep the groan down his throat.

    “My lady,” Thor booms, making you jump. You scream, one hand flying to your sex while you try to cover your breasts with your other arm. “The water is pleasant, isn’t it?” he drops his eyes to your legs, wondering how it would feel to have them wrapped around his waistline.

    “W-What are you doing in here? You shouldn’t be here. I know you are not from Earth, but this is something we do not tolerate,” you refuse to look at the naked half-god, fight your instinct to not let your eyes wander to admire his bare chest, broad shoulders, and the prominent erection he hides under a too-small towel barely reaching his thighs.

    “Unisex,” the Asgardian alpha husks, stepping closer, invading your personal space to look down at you, eyes now roaming your wet body. “Tony said we all use the showers together from now on,” confused you look up at Thor, not only to avoid to not glance at his cock when he removes the towel to throw it over his shoulder.

    “This is impossible! No one told me so! I would’ve never showered in here. This is inappropriate and I want you to leave, now-“ jerking your head toward the door you hope Thor will just leave but the alpha doesn’t care about boundaries. All he has in mind is to mate, knot, and claim his chosen omega – you.

    “No,” he states. “I will not leave, omega.”

    “No?” growling the word you try to sidestep Thor but his whole presence is like a brick wall. He easily blocks your path, grinning down at you, shamelessly roaming the parts of your body you can’t cover.

    “No, kitten,” he moves closer, large palm cradling your face. “I must say, this is a nice coincidence to find you here, so ready for your alpha. I will take good care of your dripping cunt.”

    “Thor, you must leave,” light-headed you part your lips when Thor dips his head to press his lips to your trembling ones. “Thor.”

    “You’re mine and I’ll make you mine. Loki said if I want to claim an omega, I must show everyone she’s mine, only mine,” his face in your neck seconds later Thor noses his way down your neck. “Gonna make you mine, pretty omega.”

    “Oh, fuck – Thor,” you shriek when the alpha grasps for your waist to hoist you up, forcing your legs around his waist, trapping his throbbing cock between your bodies. “You can’t just claim me here. Anyone could walk in.”

    “Let them watch. I’ll claim you right here, in front of anyone if I must,” Thor’s voice echoes through the showers, makes you shiver as he ruts his aching cock against your body. “You’re mine to take and knot. I will fill you with my godly heir, little one.”

    “Thor, we are still at the communal shower,” you try to protest. It’s a hard piece of work to fight your instincts. With a potent alpha as Thor so close, it’s a lost battle, of course. “Thor!”

    “I will make you mine here and now before someone else can snatch you out of my hands ever again. Just take all of me, sweet little human.”

    “What? OH—fuck,” Thor doesn’t seem to be the guy to do foreplay or fool around. He simply moves his finger through your folds, smirking when you whimper as he presses the rough patch of his index finger to your clit. 

    “So wet for me, omega. I knew you would be ready to take me. Your hand between your legs worked magic, huh?” you frown, realizing Thor must’ve watched you for longer than you thought.

    “Y-you watched me?” he toys with you, only pressing the tip against your little nub now. “Thor, did you watch me?”

    “Every moment of the day I try to get a glimpse of you, or a whiff of your scent. You drive me up the walls, little one,” Thor groans deeply, slipping carefully inside. 

    “I—” you forget about your surroundings or that Thor played peeping Tom. Even your strict rule to not get involved with coworkers or one of the Avengers is long forgotten feeling his massive cock get shoved into your cunt. “You,” *pant*, “you’re so big.”

    “You can take it, little one. I know you are made for my knot,” he nuzzles your neck, tries to comfort you while still inching his way inside your body. It feels like there is not much room left inside your body but still so much of him. “Shush, omega. Your body knows how to open up for me, like a beautiful flower.”

    “I’m not a fucking flower,” you paw at his back, nails biting into his flesh to accommodate the pleasured pain the wide stretch forces on your body. “Shit, you won’t fit.”

    “You’ll take all of me,” Thor silences your whimpers with his lips, kisses your protests away as he sheathes himself fully inside your pulsing cunt. “That’s it. Look at you, so full of me and pliant now.”

    “I will kill you, but—” your eyes shoot up to meet Thor’s darkened blue orbs, “as you are already in there, you could make me cum.”

    “Ask nicely,” his voice is low enough to let make you shiver. “Go ahead, little one. Tell me what you want.”

    “Fuck me? Please,” you grit your teeth, but Thor is a stubborn alpha, so you give in, for now, to get what you want. Or rather what your body is craving since you first met the Asgardian half-god.

    “All for you, my precious flower, my little one,” he begins to move you up and down his impressive length, groaning every time you clench around him. “So good for me.”

    In lack of words, you hold tight onto Thor, let him use your body, and ruin you for any other man. Not that he would ever let another man get close to you again.


    He begins to thrust upward, groans as your screams echo through the showers. You can’t hold back the noises, not when the alpha presses your back against the tile wall to hold you pinned to it, fucking up into you at a pace meant to destroy any rational thought.

    You are a mess, and Thor loves it. He croons anytime you look up at him, mesmerized by the intensity in his gaze. “You’re mine, say it.”

    “I’m...,” you can’t bring out the words. The coil in your belly winds up too fast to let you do anything but to come, screaming his name. You claw at his back, hoping he will not knot you right here but Thor does just that.

    He shoves himself one last time as deep as possible into you, makes your belly bulge when his cum fills you and his knot begins to swell deep within you, locking you together for the time being.

    “You’re mine,” his teeth sink in your neck, pierce your mating gland the moment someone enters the showers, only to run back outside, screaming in terror.

    “Great, now everyone will know we mated in the showers,” you groan whilst your alpha croons in your neck, lips, and tongue soothing the mark he left. “Thor, we should leave.”

    “Not yet, little one…”

    “So—let’s talk about a few rules,” slumped in a chair you glance at Tony and the other Avengers. You nervously tug at the shirt Thor wanted you to wear to make sure you smell like him. “No sex in the communal showers.”

    “Uh—it wasn’t my fault,” you grumble. “I wanted to have a shower. Thor wanted more. How couldn’t fight a God.”

    “Half-god, and we don’t need to know about details. Just don’t do it at the showers again. Or restrooms. Or the kitchen. Or any other room all of us use,” Tony mutter. “This is a hard limit.”

    “He forgot his office,” Thor whispers in your ear, making you giggle. Since he mated you three weeks ago, you christened half of the tower with your alpha. “…and the lab.”

    “Wait, you—” Tony grunts, slamming his fist onto the table. “Steve, don’t you have anything to say?”

    “They didn’t do it at my office,” Steve shrugs embarrassed he must talk about your sex life with you. “Let’s just keep private things at our rooms, shall we.”

    “Yes Captain,” you giggle when Thor’s cheeks flush red. “Thor and I will keep private things private from now on. We are sorry…”

    “I’m not—” pressing the palm of your hand to Thor’s mouth to silence him you give Steve and tight smile.

    “Thor is sorry, and we will go back to our apartment and talk about a few rules. Please excuse us now,” you grab Thor’s hand to lead him out of the conference room.

    “We will still do it in the showers, right?” he asks, following you like a puppy toward the showers. “Little one?”

    “Of course,” you jerk your head toward the showers. “Let’s christen it all over again…”

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  • maleanimeomegas
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kinktober 2021: Day 21 - Aphrodisiacs


    A/n: I hated this so much. 

    Warnings: drug use, NSFW, breeding kink, aphrodisiacs, use of the word pussy and cunt


    Shikamaru Nara

    The Hokage had asked for volunteers to test the potency of the new bio-weapon they discovered in one of Orochimaru’s old lairs. In the notes, it was classed as an aphrodisiac and after some lab testing, it was determined to be safe for consumption. Tsunade suspected it was formulated as a last ditch escape effort. Get it into an enemy’s system and they’ll be too busy trying to fight and fuck to care about going after him. 

    Surprisingly, Shikamaru volunteered to try it and being the supportive Alpha that you were, you signed up to try it too. When prompted about why he volunteered, his response was that he wanted to know if the bio-weapon affected Omegas differently than Alphas. In the notes, there was no mention of it being used on an Omega during the testing phase and the only Omegas that had been in proximity during its creation were Orochimaru and Kabuto - both of whom have disappeared. 

    You knew better than that though. 

    When the chemical was administered, you were left alone in your house to wait it out. A few Anbu sealed the house. If one of you tried to escape, they would be alerted. If you started attacking each other, the seals would break and they would be alerted. If the effects lasted more than two days, both of you would be removed from the house and put under examination to make sure your bodies weren’t destroying themselves. 

    It only takes half an hour before it hits you.

    “My sense of smell has increased,” you announce, voice dropping deeper as the chemical takes effect, “I can smell….” 

    “What can you smell?” Shikamaru asked breathily, eyes dilating as you take a large inhale. If you hadn’t known him as well as you did, you would have thought he was under the influence as well. But you did know and you knew that all of that was just Shikamaru’s reaction to you. His excitement mirrored yours. If you were ready, so was he. And you knew you had started pumping out sexy-time pheromones. 

    “You,” you grin, leaning back, “And me. Smells so fucking good Shika.”

    “How is that any different than normal?” he questioned, eyes glancing down at your biker shorts. He could see your cock starting to harden under the thin fabric, the flesh twitching as it filled with blood. “We spend most mornings rolling around in bed.” 

    “Oh...it's different,” you chuckle, taking a deep breath. “I can smell me...in….you,” you purr, dropping a hand to palm along your length through the fabric.

    Shikamaru freezes, eyes widening. A rush of slick scent joins the mix and your grin transforms into a leer and Shikamaru can see you shift. You aren’t just his partner. His chosen lover. You are Alpha - protective instinct, intense dominance, and raw power. Your eyes are a little wider, teeth a little sharper, posture a little tighter. It's unusual for you and he can’t help but get wetter as you size him up. There is an almost overwhelming urge to bare his throat. 

    Something catches your attention because you move, eyes never leaving his dark ones as you stalk up to where he’s sitting across from you. The movements are fluid, a predator wearing your skin. You yank his legs open, dropping to your belly to press your nose over his clothed pussy, breathing deep. “Right here. I can smell me here.” Your tongue swipes against the fabric, dampening the barrier that separates you from your favorite place. 

    “Fuck,” the Omega moans, letting his legs spread wider, “Good. That's - shit, that's so good.” 

    “You think so, Omega?” you growl, jerking upwards and pushing him backwards until he’s looking up at you. The smell of slick is potent now, his hands gripping onto your clothes as he tries to grind up into you. “Like that?”

    He nods, skin heating up as the aphrodisiac hits him like a punch. His skin itches, the need to be pinned and claimed overwhelming. A low whining noise can be heard, a sound of need and desperation and sex, and it takes him a second to release he is the one vocalizing. He wonders if the chemical needs to be exposed to Alpha pheromones before it's effective, regardless of who it is administered to. Or does it amplify something that already exists? This level of desire is familiar but the weakening of his resolve, his slow sluggish feeling in his body is strange. 

    He files the information away for later. 

    Both of you manage to ditch your bottoms without ripping them. Shikamaru watches your swollen cock rub against his puffy folds. You make no move to enter him, choosing to keep grinding despite the high-pitched whining leaving his throat. He could see your eyebrows pull together, an expression of hazy confusion on your face. You look up and away from him, trying to focus. In the back of his mind, he knows you are experiencing something caused by the chemicals but the forefront of his brain is demanding he entice you to fucking him.

    Grunting, you slide the head of your cock into him and a large burst of warmth enters him, plugging his entrance with cum that felt a lot thicker than you both were used to. You tilt his hips up, letting the globs of cum slide deeper inside of him. It tingles, he notes lazily, and your cock is still hard. He isn’t satisfied but you aren’t either so he isn’t worried. It's not over. 

    You groan, the sound deep and feral, nuzzling your nose in the space between his pecs, “You smell so good to me Shika. Insanely good.” You paused to bite at his nipples through his mesh, hand slipped under the small of his back when he arched into your mouth while the other lifted his leg to rest it on your hip. Your cock rubbed against his puffy wet pussy. His hands run over your back and arms weakly, unable to grip and you take note of it. 

    Shikamaru bucks his hips weakly, your head slipping inside and he howls at the intensity of the pleasure that encompasses him. Everything feels heightened. 

    “I think…” you grunt, sliding into him entirely as his legs thrash, clenching and unclenching around your hips, “I think the first shot was meant to ease you open. Fill you with pheromones to open you up, slick you up to take something else. Make you want to take something else. Make it feel good so you don’t fight it.”

    “Co-could be,” he agrees, eyes flitting between alert and cloudy, “Especially if the enemy they are escap-in-g, fuck,...oh that’s good -  are only Alphas who don’t make their own slick. But they’ll have to test that t-t-theory on - oh my god - someone else.” 

    You huff, licking a stripe up his neck, “Why’s that Shika?”

    “Because...shit….I always want you.” He throws his head back as you press directly onto his sweet spot with your next series of thrusts. “Always want to take you. I - shit, fuck fuckfuck - sweetheart… Alpha....” 

    “I’ve fucked you into the shape of my cock,” you growl against the side of his face as you piston in and out of him, “Made you fit me so well.” 

    “Waited for you,” he groans, eyes glazed over with need, doing his best to match your thrusts but his body feels like mush, “Knew you were mine. Wanted you to be the only one. Didn’t let anyone touch me. Didn’t touch myself. Left my pussy just for you.”

    It doesn’t take long for you to cum at his admission, knot ballooning until you couldn’t take it out anymore and filling your Omega with your release. Shikamaru followed seconds after you did, his tie swelling and locking tight around you as his cock sprays his own stomach. He cried out as you painted his walls white, hands gripping into the muscles in your back. Everything your cum touched tingled, quickly throwing him into a smaller but seemingly more intense second orgasm. You growl into his throat as his pussy squeezes you. 

    You stay knotted for about 20 minutes longer than you normally would when you weren’t in rut and you both agreed that it was intentional. You can’t go anywhere when you are knotted. Separation before the knot goes down is painful. You also surmise that this could be a way to have the enemy kill each other. There is no residual haziness or memory loss after the fact. Both of you are sweating a little more than normal so you take sips from the water bottle you had nearby.

    Shikamaru coos when your knot softens enough for your cock to slip out from his tie, a wave of slick and cum following. He can feel it drip down and pool on the floor under him. Hypersensitive from both the orgasm and the foreign chemicals, he runs his hands over his sweaty skin, moving downward until he reaches the apex of his thighs. Legs wide open, he slips his fingers down to his leaking pussy and spreads his folds for your hungry eyes. His leg shakes as he bares down, watching you watch your combined release exit his body. You shake when he drags a finger through it, swirling it around. 

    The smell is potent and when you manage to look away from his fingers, his eyes are half-lidded and dreamy. 

    “Alpha?” he breathes quietly, stretching languidly and discarding his sweat-soaked mesh.

    “Yes sweetheart?”

    “If you stuck your soft cock inside me, how long do you think it would take for you to get hard again with the aphrodisiac?” The grin on your Omega’s face is filthy as he asks. 

    You crawl back over him, pumping your soft cock once before moving his fingers away and stuffing it back inside of him, “Only one way to find out.”

    Nagito Komaeda

    Neither of you were prepared for the potency of the tea. TeruTeru had mentioned offhandedly that red ginseng was used in relaxation and as an aphrodisiac and he wasn’t kidding. In between lewd innuendos, he warned that you both should only drink so much when you asked him to brew it. He wasn’t privy to your cycles and if you were too close to rut or if Nagito was too close to heat, it could make you both too sensitive to actually help each other. You agreed, allowing him to only brew enough for half a cup each for consumption.

    You could tell he wanted to know more but you held your tongue. Your sex life was no ones concern, especially since a few choice residents of the Island were still bitter that Nagito got the only Alpha on the Island. You would never reveal anything about what you do behind closed doors, lest it get around and be used to harm your mate. 

    You took the two thermos of tea and brought it back to your cabin, Nagito waiting in your kitchenette, nearly vibrating with excitement as you deadbolted the door. It was easy to match his energy and you spent half an hour pinning him to the wall while you explored his mouth with your tongue. When you finally managed to separate, you both sat down at the table and poured the tea into cups and toasted to your life, to your love, to your happiness.

    To the pup you planned to put inside of Nagito. 

    It took all of 15 minutes from consuming the tea for you to have Nagito naked in his chair with your mouth latched onto his dripping cunt, tongue licking into him with ferocity and hunger. You eat him out like you were born to do it, pressing two fingers inside of him to stretch him. You ordered him to keep his legs up and open and his hands on the chair by his hips and he was doing his best to be good. His muscles strained, aching as he forced them still under the onslaught of pleasure, but he wouldn’t dare disobey. 

    “Ooooh,” your Omega moaned, body shiny with sweat and pinking with arousal, “Alpha...oh...I’m going to cum if you keep….oh oh my….shit….if you keep licking me.” 

    “Do it,” you encourage, your free hand reaching down to stroke your own arousal, red and wet at the tip, “Come all over my face Nagito. Gotta get you all nice and relaxed so I can fuck my pup into you.”

    A gush of slick and a loud moan signified your Omega’s release and you made sure to lap every drop, cleaning him up. His legs threatened to close the longer you licked so you gripped his thighs to keep him open and exposed. When you pulled back, he was puffy and swollen, cock limp against his belly as he panted. You stroked his damp thighs, pressing your nose in the space between his leg and cunt and filling your lungs with the scent of your aroused Omega. He was so ready, so eager to be bred. 

    Your cock drooled from where it hung heavy between your thighs as you imagined how beautiful he’ll look carrying your pup. 

    “I..I think…”his raspy voice hitched as he spoke, eyes clearing up as he came down from his high, “I...think I can go again now...I want a pup Alpha. I want your pup.” 

    “I’ll give you one,” you promise, kissing the delicate skin of his thigh as a fresh wave of his slick drips out, “Are you ready for me to be absolutely unbearable?” There is a playful smile on your face as you stand up. Nagito’s pale eyes shoot up to look at yours as you help him stand up.

    “I...I can’t wait…”he stutters and you drag him to the nest, letting him get comfortable before descending on him. Your Omega opens his legs and hooks them on your hips, his lithe hand reaching down to grasp onto your erection and press it to his hole. “Put it in. Don’t tease me.”

    Your hips snap forward, sinking into him completely and he moans loudly, throwing his head back as he arches to meet your hips. You don’t give him a chance to catch his breath, setting a harsh rhythm immediately. Nagito is beautiful underneath you. Red, sweaty, open. You thrust hard enough to bruise, knowing how Nagito likes to feel the aftermath now that he’s healthier. Likes the reminder that his Alpha used his body for pleasure. 

    Nagito’s cock grinding against your abdomen is enough to push him over the edge, sobbing as his cum pours out of him, shooting from the head of his cock against your bellies and gushing around your cock as you fuck into him. You chase the tight heat of your mate’s pussy as he begs for you, desperate to be pumped full of your child. You feel every clench and pulse of his tie as your knot starts to expand. 

    When you cum, you cum hard, knot sealing inside of your mate. You sink your teeth into his mating bite, reopening it as he thrashes underneath you. Nothing in his scent suggests he is in distress so you keep pumping your hips, tugging at his rim with your knot. You lick along the new bite, purring and crooning as your Omega settles with his arms wrapped around your shoulders. One of his pale hands runs over your spine, keeping you still. 

    Nagito sighs, a happy little sound. You kiss it out of his mouth as you settle on top of him as much as you can. 

    “Don’t get too comfortable Alpha-mine,” he murmurs, a hand stroking along the side of your face. 

    “Why not?” you grin, biting at his fingers playfully.

    “Because I’m about ready to go again,” he grins, trying to pull his fingers away, “and we need to make sure it takes. I want a pup.”

    “Isn’t your talent Luck?” you snark, catching his pointer in your mouth and giving it a suck just to see him wrinkle his nose. 

    “Yes but this is more fun than relying on it.” 

    You couldn’t agree more.


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  • glimbow-fics
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    Damn, he was cute. The yellow-tinted glasses he had invented to reduce eyestrain from his tracker-pad were perched crookedly on his nose, his hair was pulled back still (she loved that he was growing it out) and a dusting of stubble on his chin and across his face felt nice when he leaned down and pressed their lips together in a chaste kiss.

    Bow also smelled fantastic, the natural smell of his calming worn leather smelling pheromones mixed with the smell of the amazing natural seafoam soap Mermista had gifted him for his last birthday. Glimmer let her eyes slip closed and her thoughts wander toward other things she and her mate could be doing right now...

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  • joonbugsgirl
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Trade

    Pairing- Alpha!Namjoon x Omega!Reader, Alpha!Yoongi x Omega!Reader (It’s confusing okay just bear with me)

    Warnings- Fluff, angst, S M U T, A/B/O dynamics, arranged marriages, violence, emotional turmoil. Not specific to this chapter but throughout the story.

    Summary- You are a wolf princess, the only Omega daughter of an ancient, proud, and dwindling pack in the bitter cold of the mountains. Your father, without your knowledge or consent, arranges to have you mated with a prince from a neighboring pack that is stronger and more prosperous in order to sustain your pack and keep your lineage going. Unfortunately, your prince has an older brother that could prove troublesome and quite the distraction.

    A/N- I TOLD YA’LL I WASN’T ABANDONING YOU AGAINNNN! Keeping the momentum going with this next chapter. Ya girl explores the castle, makes some new friends, and generally gets up to no good. Another BTS Good Boi makes an appearance.This is a LONG chapter with lots of description- I want you guys to be able to fully picture the castle.

    Once again I BEG you guys for feedback!! No one has commented anything yet and to improve I need to know what I’m doing wrong and what I’m doing right. Please tell me if you like this story so far!

    Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Chapter 6

                                                     Chapter 6 

    You stood in your open doorway. You had sent Reena away several minutes ago after she had finished helping you dress. You fidgeted with the front of your gown, smoothing it out. It was a color that you could only describe as ice pink, pale and shimmery but very soft. The sleeves capped prettily over your pale shoulders, and it had silver buttons fastened up the back. Reena had even insisted on doing your hair, which you hadn’t fought her on too hard- if you were finally about to meet the pack that would be your family for the rest of your life, you wanted to look nice while doing it. And in spite of your rather tomboyish ways, you actually did enjoy the color pink and thought it suited your alabaster complexion quite nicely. The top half of your moonlight- bright white hair was up in an elaborate braided style, with an intricate fishtail braid pulling it together at the back, the rest of your hair loose and shining. Your wounds felt stiff and itchy under your gown.

    You took several deep breaths, steeling yourself, and took your first steps out of the bedroom you had been confined to for the last week. 

    The hallway that you stepped into was broad, with a tall rounded ceiling. Torch sconces adorned the walls, and directly across from you there hung a beautiful hand-woven tapestry of the mountains that you knew surrounded the castle, capped with snow. You stepped forward and fingered it lightly, your chest constricting. It was every bit as beautiful as the creations Granna used to weave, with you sitting at her knee in front of a fire. You missed her so much. 

    Shaking your head to clear it, you turned and made your way down the hallway, passing several doors that, if the Queen was to be believed, were unoccupied. You found a wide staircase at the end of the hall and descended. Looking ahead you could see where the stairway you were on converged with another leading to what you assumed was the south wing- where the king, queen, and their sons’ rooms were. The two opposite stairways connected with a larger one that wound downwards to the second floor. You skipped this floor, knowing there was nothing of interest to you here- you didn’t know any of the castle staff well enough yet to go poking around in their lodgings. 

    The stairs widened after you passed the second floor, opening up to a grand stairway that led to the ground floor. You knew you must have been here once before, when you were first brought in, but you had no memory of it and stood in utter awe at the cavernous foyer. It had tall, cathedral ceilings, and the entrance hall was lined with immaculately carved statues and the walls proudly displayed beautiful artwork. You stepped closer to inspect one canvas, an absolutely stunning garden, filled with roses and lavender and a weeping willow tree, with a stone fountain spouting silvery-blue water into the air. Even on the canvas the drops sparkled like diamonds. Looking closer, you saw a simple handwritten “JK” tucked into the bottom right corner. Stepping over to another frame, an oil painting that depicted a pair of beautiful, long fingered hands holding a single flower- a sprig of queen anne’s lace- with a smoky, indistinct background. It, too, had the same mysterious “JK” scrawled in the bottom right corner. A quick inspection of the other paintings, each as stunning as the last, confirmed that the same artist had done all these pieces.

    You turned to face the large, ornate doorway that was opposite the front doors to the castle. Curious, you ventured forward and gasped when you got closer- It was the largest, grandest ballroom you had ever seen. The floor seemed to be one single piece of gleaming marble, your wooden-heeled boots making soft taps as you walked further inside. Craning your neck to look up, you saw a spectacular chandelier sparkling with what seemed to be at least a hundred candles. You turned on the spot, face still turned upwards, trying to count them, when suddenly you stumbled as you hit something large with your shoulder. 

    You felt yourself falling backwards when a pair of warm hands shoot out of nowhere and grip your forearms tightly but gently, steadying you. 

    “Woah there!”

    You regain your balance with as much grace as you can muster and look up to thank your savior. Namjoon stands in front of you, an easy grin on his face as he tucks his hands into his pockets. He tilts his head and says, “Lucky I was here, or that could have been embarrassing, huh?”

    You huffed, crossing your arms. “Actually, Your Highness, it wouldn’t have happened at all had you not so rudely been standing in the path of my attempts to count the candles in your absolutely ridiculous chandelier.” You gestured upwards. 

    Namjoon glanced upwards, chortling. “Details. The point is I was here to save you.”

    In spite of yourself, you also broke into a small smile. Namjoon had a way of making you feel instantly at ease. You uncrossed your arms. “Would you like to tell me why you snuck up on me in the first place?”

    “Mother told me you were finally being let off leash. Thought I would meet you at the stairs to greet you, but I was detained. Meeting with the groundskeepers took a bit longer than I expected.” He craned his neck to the side, sighing. He looked awfully tired, dark circles under his eyes. 

    “Are you quite alright, Namjoon? That is to say, you look exhausted. And I’ve barely seen you all week” you said, stepping closer to inspect his face. 

    “Just fine, y/n, thank you though, “ he said. He turned and gestured to the room at large. “So what are your initial impressions?”

    You exhaled a light laugh. “Honestly? I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s...grand, in every way. Although I am eager to see the rest of my new home.”

    He bent into a ridiculous bow, sweeping his arm towards the doorway. “Well then my lady, don’t let me keep you.” You laughed aloud, and you both fell into step as you walked out of the ballroom. He turned to face you when you had exited and said hesitantly, “I won’t be able to accompany you while you explore, unfortunately- I have some business to attend to on the grounds that cannot wait. But have fun, and be careful.” You frowned slightly. Careful? Why would you need to be careful?

    You mused for a moment, debating on asking Namjoon about the odd moment you had with his mother earlier regarding the North Wing of the sub floor. Something about the exchange had left you feeling uneasy. You didn’t get any bad feelings from the queen herself, but the way she had reacted when you questioned her was just..odd. 

    Before you could make up your mind, Namjoon softly took your hand in his and pressed a warm kiss to the back of it. “I’ll see you tonight for dinner, princess. We look forward to sharing a meal with you, it’s far overdue.” With another smile, he turned and walked away, out the front door and down the cobbled walkway into the courtyard. 

    Shaking your head to rid yourself of the uneasiness you felt, you decided to walk outside too, but not to the courtyard- you wanted to see these beautiful gardens the queen had mentioned. Turning to your right, you saw a set of large wooden doors at the end of the long hallway propped open, leading outside. You eagerly approached them, smiling when you smelled the first hints of honeysuckle and roses. 

    You paused in the doorway, eyes widening. Truly, the queen had not done the gardens justice. They were more than beautiful. They were absolutely picturesque. 

    You caught your breath and looked closer. Roses. Lavender. A looming willow tree, a sparkling fountain. 

    It was the garden from the painting in the foyer.  

    You took the marble stairs sweeping down to lead into the garden path, elegant with freshly swept cobblestones of white and grey. Every few steps you stopped to inhale the sweet scents of the blooming flowers that surrounded you. The life in the garden wasn’t just limited to the greenery- you saw a fluffy brown rabbit hop across the path, as well as many beautiful sparrows swooping and dancing together in the water gurgling from the fountain. You made your way to the weeping willow tree, which had a beautiful wrought-iron bench sitting underneath it, flanked on either side by lavender in full bloom. 

    You stepped into the shade of the tree, your cheeks starting to hurt from smiling at the grandeur around you. You thought you might take a break and sit on the bench- your back was beginning to ache- when you heard rustling noises from the forest on the far side of the garden. 

    You rose on your tiptoes to see the source of the noise. A large wolf was making his way from the trees, stepping carefully around the plants that made their home on the outliers of the garden. Light grey, with dark streaks. Like a thundercloud. 


    You rolled back onto the balls of your feet, losing sight of him. You gnawed on your thumb, trying to decide what to do. He would most certainly see you leaving if you tried to make a hasty retreat. And besides, you were admittedly curious where he had been. According to Reena, he had been in and out of the castle for the past week.  Also according to Reena, this was nothing out of the ordinary for him- yet, no one could seem to tell you where he went when he left the castle grounds so frequently. 

    You found that the choice to leave was now out of your hands- you saw a shock of grey hair straightening above the bushes that bordered the willow tree, Yoongi’s hands running through it in an attempt to try and flatten it down. He almost didn’t see you, he was walking so briskly, but then he turned sharply in your direction, as if you had made a noise. 

    Yoongi pulled up short and looked at you for a moment. Then a smirk crossed his features. 

    “Well, well, well. Looks like the little bird has finally been let our of her cage. Found any bears to wrestle with yet?”

    You rolled your eyes. “Har, har. You are so very funny, Your Highness.”

    He lounged back on one hip, hands in the pockets of his casual trousers. “And are you finding the castle to your liking, Princess Y/n? If you are displeased, do let me know. We would all hate for you to be unhappy.”

    If it had come from anyone else’s mouth it may have sounded sincere, but you knew better, and decided to answer in equal venom. 

    “Yes,” you said in your sweetest voice, “The castle and grounds are very much to my standards- some of its occupants, however, remain unsatisfactory in every way.”

    Yoongi did not seem offended, If anything, his smirk widened. “I will be sure to get right on that for you, Princess.” He leaned forward, bangs falling into his steely eyes. “After all, “ his voice dropped to a whisper, “I would hate for you to be...unsatisfied.” 

    You felt a swooping sensation in your lower abdomen, immediately followed by irritation. Would he never stop teasing you? You opened your mouth to retort but he cut you off.

    “What’s your favorite part so far?”

    You blinked once, twice. “Of the castle?”

    He rolled his eyes. “Obviously.”

    You thought for a moment before answering. “The paintings.”

    Yoongi gave you a quizzical look. “Paintings?”

    “Yes, the paintings in the foyer. There’s a beautiful one of this very garden. Do you happen to know the artist? They held no signature, just the initials ‘JK’“. 

    It was almost imperceptible, but you saw it. A twitch by Yoongi’s mouth, pulling the smirk down into a slight frown, the balling of his fists as he shoved them even farther down into his pockets.

    “No.” he said shortly. 

    There was a brief, awkward silence. He straightened and cleared his throat. 

    “I should be getting back. I hear we are expecting you for dinner tonight and would hate to turn up smelling like this. It’s not every day we host a guest of your caliber at our table.” A sarcastic small bow, and he began to stride away from you. 

    You called out after him, “Wait! Where have you been?”

    “Mind your own business.” he threw over his shoulder as he passed the doorway. 

    You huffed in frustration. Your interactions with Yoongi only got more and more irritating.

    Suddenly you found that you had had enough of the gardens. Following Yoongi’s footsteps back into the castle, you paused, wondering where you should venture now. While you were pondering, a mouth-watering aroma filled your senses. 

    The kitchens it is, then. 

    You turned to your left, following the scent to a very beaten and weathered set of stairs that you started descending. According to the queen, these stairs and the rooms they led to were the very first beginnings of pack Grey Wind, and you trailed your fingers lovingly along the packed dirt and wooden slabs that made up the walls. The smells grew stronger as you reached the bottom of the stairs, leading to a broad hallway that went in two directions; north and south. 

    For a moment, you hesitated. You had been expressly asked not to visit the north wing of the sub-floor, but your curiosity was simply eating you alive. What could possibly be there that was barred to you?

    You shook your head to clear it- you had just gotten here, now was not the time to start pushing boundaries. Perhaps another time. You turned to the hallway to your right and made your way down to the first wooden archway on your left. You let out an involuntary gasp. 

    It was the largest kitchen you had ever seen. There were several sinks along the wall to your right, flanked by long and wide polished wooden countertops. In the middle of the room was an absurdly giant scrubbed wooden table, upon which sat several dead pheasants in various stages of plucking, along with baskets of vegetables- carrots, potatoes, celery, turnips. Further to your right, more birds hung by their feet from the ceiling, pheasants and quails and chickens and wild turkeys. There was an enormous stone slab that held cleaned and dressed venison and what looked like pork, along with woven baskets filled with fish of all different varieties. The ceiling looked like an inverted version of the garden outside, with herbs hanging from every spare spot in different stages of being dried. At the very far end of the room stood four huge wood burning ovens, and a fireplace with the largest cauldron pot you had ever seen hanging above it. 

    You stood motionless, taking it all in, when a tiny “ahem” made you jump to your right, knocking right into a shelf that held glass jars of spices- two of which promptly fell to the floor, shattering. 

    You looked up, aghast. A very tall man with pitch black hair and brown eyes stood next to the sinks. He had full lips, broad shoulders, and a friendly smile. 

    He gestured to the fallen spices. “It’s okay. Who likes paprika and celery salt, anyway?”

    You looked down at the mess. “Oh, my goodness, I am so terribly sorry, I’m just very clumsy, I can clean it up if you want? Where do you keep the-”

    “Woah, slow down,” the man laughed, tossing a dishtowel over his shoulder, “It’s really okay. What kind of person would I be if I allowed the new princess to clean up shattered glass and she pricked her finger, mmm? Can’t have that.” He winked at you as he leaned to retrieve a straw broom and small wooden dustpan. Walking over to you, he extended one hand, which you accepted. “I’m Jin- head cook here at the castle. I was wondering when you would make your way down here. Feeling better, then?” 

    You nervously twisted a lock of your white hair around your finger as he expertly swept the shattered spice jars into the dustpan and transferred them to the trash bin. “Yes, much better, thank you. I am so sorry, again. I don’t make a very good first impression, do I?”

    Jin threw back his head and laughed heartily. “You make a fine impression. What is it that brings you down to my dungeon? Couldn’t keep away from the smells of your dinner cooking?”

    You took a few steps farther into the kitchen, nodding enthusiastically. “I could smell it practically from the gardens. What are you making?”

    Jin put his fists on his hips, looking around. “Well,” he said pointing towards the pot over the fire, “That is potato, leek, and truffle bisque- the second course.” He twisted to gesture at the pheasants. “Those bad boys are going to be plucked and roasted with garlic and herbs, served with a savory broth. Main course. It’s Prince Namjoon’s favorite.” His hand fell to his side, and a queer look rippled over his features. You saw a faint blue ring flash briefly around his irises. He was a Beta. Then he smiled again, turning back to face you fully. “I am also putting together a salad for the appetizer, and haven’t quite figured out dessert yet. Any suggestions?”

    You scrunched your nose in thought. “Well, chocolate is always a crowd- pleaser. And...raspberries are in season, are they not? Could..could you make something with those?”

    Jin’s eyes widened in surprise. “Are you a cook, Princess Y/n?”

    You shook your head, giggling. “Please, call me y/n. And absolutely not. My mother was the cook in my family. I’m just...an avid fan of food.” The corners of Jin’s mouth twitched up. 

    “As am I, y/n, as am I.”

    You pointed to the pheasants. “Need some help? I’m good at plucking birds.”

    Jin shook his head. “Thank you, and any other time I would take you up on it, but it is getting close to dinnertime and I’m sure your ladies’ maid is tearing through the castle as we speak to find you and prepare you. You don’t want to get on Reena’s bad side..trust me.” 

    You sighed, nodding in hearty agreement. 

    “But,” Jin continued, stepping back to his work, “if you ever need a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the castle, you are always welcome to come sit and help me pluck birds and break spice jars to your heart’s content.”

    You blushed. “I said I was sorry!”

     Jin grinned wickedly, laughing as he shooed you out of the kitchen. “Best not tarry, y/n. A formal dinner with the king and queen requires more prep work than I think you know- you’ll need every minute of the next few hours. Hurry along. It was lovely to meet you- please come back soon.”

    You shuffled morosely out of the kitchen and back down the hallway to the stairs, mourning the fact that you didn’t seem to be able to go more than 24 hours without breaking something around you. You turned to ascend the stairs, then paused. You took your foot off the step and faced the hallway- the one that led to the North Wing. 

    It seemed innocent enough, even though it was pitch black- this hallway had no torch sconces on the wall, throwing the darkness into relief. You could see no doorways or archways leading to other rooms- the hall seemed to go on forever into the blackness. There was something, though...something that drew you in. You took one step forward, towards the place you had been forbidden to explore. A sudden, sharp voice spoke from above you in the direction of the staircase. 

    “And just where do you think you’re going, Princess?”

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