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  • gaviiadastra
    27.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Ficlet of FishTank and Enki

    Still without a title. This was getting long so the part 1 in full is here. I broke them 500 words at a time. It took me another 1.5 K to fix it. This be the part 2 in full to finish out the ficlet. Thanks to @gumnut-logic for the read on the final part. 

    Just a quick edit - it’s on AO3 now in full - https://archiveofourown.org/works/36699559


    Again - [Part 1 is here]

    Close yourself off. He says it a few times, looking between himself and the two dolphins.

    Gordon didn’t answer.

    Then finally, a low, “I can’t.”

    “You can.”

    “He won’t let me. He thinks he’s helping.”

    Okay. Re-assess. Situation: one brother in pain, who reached out to their telepathic dolphin friend to wake his hibernating bear of a brother; one dolphin who’d gotten a taste of their brother’s pain, thought he was dying, and now won’t let him sever the link for his own safety; two bystanders. One human, one cetacean.

    Drugs – slowly working, maybe.

    “Okay, Gordon. I’m going to go check on him.” Virgil stripped off his shirt as he spoke. “Can you—Jesus, stop!”

    With a sudden surge of desperation, Gordon had slid himself out of the chair, and started crawling toward the edge of the boat. Virgil went to reach for him in shock, but as he did so Gordon’s eyes burned when they met his. “No. M’going.”

    “Okay, okay, but let me help you.” One bad idea after another, but Gordon’s ire deflated with Virgil’s assurance that he wasn’t going to pull him back. He wouldn’t, couldn’t do that to Gordon. As much as he itched to wrap him up in blankets and protect him, he’d never take away Gordon’s autonomy, his will.  It was a sure-fire way to squash his spark.

    He had to trust. 

    “Here’s how this is going to work.” He exhaled thickly. “I’m going to pick you up. It’s going to be hell. But I’ll get you in the water, I promise. Then I’ll be right there, okay?”


    He knelt beside him, helped him turn, and slipped his arms under Gordon’s back and behind his knees. As he lifted, Gordon’s arm came up around his neck. It was silent save for low moaning from the water, and as Virgil glanced down at his charge he noticed Gordon biting at his lip, his eyes squeezed tight.

    “You don’t need to hide it from me.”

    Virgil crossed to the edge of the boat, carefully knelt at the edge where Tethys waited, and lowered Gordon to the surface of the water. As the tides took his weight, Gordon slid his arm to Tethys’ dorsal fin and let the life vest do the rest to keep him afloat. Virgil didn’t take his eyes off him, or his hand from his side, where less than gracefully he quickly rolled out of the boat to avoid losing contact with his brother, his own life vest helping him tread water.

    A flutter, a light butterfly of movement danced over his heart. “Where’s Neith?” He asked, recognizing the feeling, but not seeing her nearby.

    Tethys responded with the impression of others running their fins over his head and it reminded him of the embrace of his siblings. She was with family, with the pod, he realized. Then, he felt the blazing surge of love of hurt that came from the instinct to protect. He thought of Alan, how there were still things they kept from him, not because he couldn’t handle it, but because they didn’t want him to have to.

    They weren’t sure what they would find when they came here. So they kept her away.

    “I understand,” he told her.

    “Enki didn’t want her to see him like this,” Gordon also answered.

    Or you. He figured out between their responses.

    She and Virgil took opposite sides of Gordon’s weight, and with gentle pushes over the waves the four of them came together, in a series of overwhelming explosions behind Virgil’s eyes. For just a moment, when he passed Gordon over to Enki, his fingers met the shedding skin and the touch flooded his mind with excruciating knives searing fire into his spine.

    He lingered there, gasping.

    “Don’t,” Gordon pleaded. “I know what you’re thinking.” He shook his head stiffly, and Virgil felt pinpricks up his neck. “It doesn’t take anything away. It just makes you suffer too.”


    “I don’t want you to feel what I feel. Or him.”  Virgil sharply withdrew his hand, his mind, and Gordon sighed a thank you. He began muttering to Enki to please let him go, let him take it away. But the dolphin was stubborn. 

    Tethys slipped past them to swing around to Enki’s other side, so she and Virgil were flanking the two. The agony waved through them. He didn’t need to be connected to feel it, and he and Tethys took turns whispering comfort as they let the water and the company soothe them.

    Virgil clung to his little brother, who floated on his back but kept a constant connection to the aching dolphin. Low in his throat, Virgil hummed, feeling the baritone vibrations rumble through their muscles, through Gordon, and Enki, and Tethys.

    “Have you felt any more relief yet?” Virgil asked, wondering if the medication had settled in deeper or whether it had just taken the edge off.  

    “A bit.”

    That was a lie.

    Enki cried near them, this time an ache he felt in mind, and Tethys sent him a gentle prod.

    “They want something.”

    “What is it?”

    He was reminded of the feeling of stepping into the sea, that transition between worlds, the brush of waves on sand where the two places connect. They were standing on the brink, and the water was so inviting. He ached for it. A clicking whistle of hope vibrated over the swells, and he wondered if this is what Gordon heard in the call to the ocean.

    “She wants you to come to the water,” he said to him once the image faded. “Deeper?”

    Gordon frowned, then suddenly his eyes swung wide. “That’s why he’s so open. Shit. Enki, m’sorry.” Gordon closed his eyes, and Virgil could feel the shudder run through Gordon’s body, then fall calm with a deep sigh.  Enki too had silenced, but the change was abrupt when Enki’s head bobbed in the water and his fins flapped at the surface, the energy flowing back through his body.

    He felt from Tethys a wave of joy. “What happened?”

    Gordon’s voice was light. “Did you know dolphins have a faster healing rate than humans? They are clearly sensitive to pain but can brush off a shark attack like there’s no pain at all.” He glanced up at Virgil to make sure he was following because of course Virgil didn’t actually know. He was no marine biologist. “There’s a theory that they can produce a natural painkiller.”

    “So since we got here-”

    “Since we got here, his mind was open so I could step in. To get away from – all this. It’s like a giant hug of morphine.”

    “He was trying to help all along; just not in the way we thought.”

    Gordon nodded. “He still thinks I’m dying, though.”

    Virgil held him tight and safe. “Gordon,” he whispered. He threaded his fingers through his hair, where blond had turned dark at the tips with the tickle of the water at his neck. “Then I think you need to explain to them now.”

    “Yeah,” he breathed out. “Okay. I was in a – um – boat crash,” he said. “A few years ago.” It was hard for him to speak about, to find the words that were going to make sense to them. He skipped words like hydrofoil but tried to explain to them that it was fast. Really fast. Faster than they could swim, faster than even anything in their ocean home.

    When it crashed…

    He skips that part, jumps instead to waking up broken.

    Broken how?

    Gordon faltered.

    He traced the line of Enki’s spine, similar yet different to a human’s, using the word ‘foundations’ in place of bones and vertebrae. He explained if Enki’s foundations were broken, he’d be unable to move.

    Virgil felt Tethys ask about his back, if  that was why it sounded different to them.

    “Yes,” he said. “It’s the way I healed. Eventually.”

    The next phrase is not clear when they send it to them, the pod scattering and coming back together, but they have gotten decent at translating by feeling. Not broken now?

    “No,” Gordon admitted. “Not broken.”

    “But not pain free either,” Virgil added. “Not fixed completely. I help when I can.”

    We help. Their concern encircled. 

    “Yes,” Gordon murmured.

    They remained there suspended in the balance, their minds weaving, leaning into each other’s with a pillowing touch of relief. Where the breathing of the sea took their minds to a lulling space of peace, and where Enki gave Gordon the gift to escape the rebellion of his own nerve-endings by letting him into his heart. Where Virgil’s hum met the vibration of cetacean whistles. 

    Hushed tones. “You all help.”

    The End

    End Note: I have a habit of naming vox delphini stories after Lights & Motion songs, so I am thinking “as the world goes away” for this one. 

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  • stupid-sloot-headcanons
    27.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Still on a Nanbaka kick and imagining that poor prison counselor Darling being coerced into being Enki's...honestly, they don't even know. They're still amazed he didn't just kill them after he first broke free. They're on the level of your average staff at Nanba, maybe a little less; not just that but Enki's disgusted at the idea of someone's job being to COUNSEL INMATES. Their feelings are irrelevant. ____ is irrelevant. Weak.

    Yet he still decided to keep them around, though not roaming free of course. It might have something to do with having someone...soft...in his proximity after years in isolation. A man as strong as him still has needs, and it's not like there's anything else he could use them for. It's a deal in their favor from his perspective: they get a very simple and easy role, and in exchange he doesn't just crush their skull between his fingers and toss their worthless body aside. This is the only way they can survive, by being useful.

    Aside from that infatuation, repressed libido, and paradoxical disgust with desire, Enki doesn't start out with much attachment to them. So he doesn't really care when Ino asks for some time with ____. Hey, guards don't get much time off to enjoy a night at the red light district or even get a date; and he's thought ____ was pretty cute ever since they first started working at Nanba, so he might as well take the opportunity right? He'd be a little scummy about it and try to "console" Darling. I mean of all of Enki's allies, he's the one who's most likely to care about their safety and well-being. And isnt it better to be in bed with someone they know instead of one of these prisoners?

    Of course Ruka gets all pouty and insists on using ____ too. It's not like Enki was the only one all pent up in isolation, y'know...and he'll be much gentler with them! Well...a little gentler. He hasn't had any kind of toy in such a long time, so you can't blame him for getting a little overexcited~ He'll spy ____ all lost in thought and pop in using his mirror/kappa ability to snatch them up and play. And poor Darling can't even think of trying to escape (alone OR with help) without constantly looking over their shoulder for any signs of ripples in the wall or on the floor/ceiling. He always shows up when you least expect it...

    #.nanbaka #.ruka #.ino #.enki #yandere nanbaka#yandere ruka#yandere ino#yandere enki#tw: dubcon#tw: noncon#thots #.myshit #for the love of COCK im begging for nanbaka crumbs 💖🥺
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    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Comission for a friend.

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  • paradiseanime
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Enki and Shem-ha fought where Enki claimed that he had foiled Shem-ha's plan. The two clashes and the two end up killing each other. Shem-ha claimed that her sacrifice will allow her gain access into the future which clearly says that there will be someone who will become her vessel. Enki then left to activate the network jammer Balal.

    #enki#shem-ha #network jammer balal #symphogear xv
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  • sandmandaddy69
    25.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Enki Bilal

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  • ominousomni
    25.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Headcanon: Aphmau looks more like Zack then Sylvana and Travis looks nearly exactly like his mother(pretty sure the second one is canon in mcd)

    And I say the first one because in my headcanon the descendant of Irene is Zack, not Sylvana, and since Aphmau is the reincarnation of Irene, She would look more like Zack.

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  • ultimaverse
    24.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    enki’s latest design

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  • yopsocs-illus
    23.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Enki (he/they) & Sora (they/he) shit post

    I stole the text from somewhere but it fits them so well honestly

    #yopsocs#ocs#<3#yopsworlds dirt #yopsocs enki reytes #yopsocs sora yazuqi #they are truly blorbos from my brain no one actually knows shit about #i have the context where this makes sense in my head but no one else has it
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  • stupid-sloot-headcanons
    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Man Enki's got the deepest voice AND the biggest beef. Like sure he wants to use the inmates and other guards as training dummies but is he also in the market for a maid/cook/cocksleeve tho 👉👈

    #.nanbaka #.enki #god i suck at remembering most of this cast's names im sorry lol
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  • prettyspainishroses
    22.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    in every culture I feel like the god of discord/mischief/disorder/trickery/crafts is just a professional title for that one chaos agent who always fuckin trolled their immortal colleagues

    #greek mythology#mythology#like seriously #also janus you already know was a troll #seth and loki and fucking enki
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  • gaviiadastra
    18.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Ficlet of FishTank and Enki

    A/N: one of these days I am going to stop hurting Gordon. It is not this day. No title yet, but have a snippet


    Virgil woke as he often did - with a gasp of alarm and his limbs jerking while his mind drowsily caught up with whatever sensation in the real world pulled him from his place of lucid dreams. The transition was abrupt, uncomfortable, and vivid colors fell away to the panting of his own breath and the clammy feeling of his own skin.

    “Shit.” He ran his hand through his dark, wild curls. “John, what’s—”

    It wasn’t John that woke him this time. Something about that bothered him. His room was quiet, there was no situation behind called in, no hologram of his brother with his arms crossed and an amused expression as he took too much pleasure in pulling him from his rest.

    But his heart was still pounding.

    Why was his pulse racing?

    He pulled at his Henley, the material bunching up under his fist, and forced himself to breathe intently until he calmed.

    Maybe it had just been his dreams, the content already fuzzy around the edges and slipping away.

    And yet? There was a nagging feeling that sent a shiver up his spine. Something was wrong. He knew it as sure as he knew his own name. The urgency itched under his skin, and it was disorienting to feel so pulled into awareness, but not know why.

    He slid his feet into a pair of slippers and opened his door slowly.

    The hallway that connected their individual living spaces was bright, and as he stepped through to the empty lounge, the windows opened their space to the natural light of the tropical sun. It was a cloudless day, the water a mirror of the sky, and the kind of day where sensitive fish hid deeper below the surface to escape the light.

    Well. His own brain was not often attuned to the movements of fish, and it was with a nervous energy he realized the last thought was not his own.

    The itch he felt in his blood – it was their cry. Their worry.


    His brother’s bedroom door was innocently closed, the lights dim and blinds drawn based on the lack of light through the cracks of the frame.

    “Come in.” Gordon’s voice came through the door while Virgil’s knuckles were still poised to knock. Instead, with Gordon’s permission, he reached for the latch and pushed the door in, letting himself enter the dark space.

    The bed was untouched but sans a pillow and the woolen blanket at the foot of his bed.

    His squid of a brother was sat near the covered window, both missing articles tucked close to him.

    Gordon in his recliner was never a good sign. The foot of the chair was extended, and the afghan spread over his legs. The pillow, he held close this chest, his fingers curling tightly into the material.

    Virgil’s breath must have caught.

    “Oh, my god. Thank you,” Gordon breathed, his movements stiff. “It worked. I wasn’t sure it would.”

    “Gordon?” He knelt down beside him. “What happened? What do you need?”

    His younger brother closed his eyes. “Bad morning. I can’t move.”

    “Let me get you to the infirmary.”


    Virgil placed his hand on the end of the arm rest.  “Gordon—”

    “No, Virg.” Gordon reached for his hand. “Please, that’s the last thing I need.”

    Virgil sighed. It was Gordon’s fault his hair was going to go grey.  “At least let me help you to bed.”

    He didn’t like it. He didn’t like the way Gordon was looking at him, his eyes bright and pleading, enough mischief behind them for Virgil to know he wasn’t going to like what Gordon was about to say….

    “I need to see Enki.”

    #Gavii Scribit#ficlet#enki #For the love of FishTank
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    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    i have two hands 

    #enki ea can we please get marri-
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  • crxwes
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    hi fear and hunger fandom

    this is for @witcher3 birthday 🦐💕

    #crow's art#doodles#enki #enki fear and hunger #fear and hunger
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  • yopsocs-illus
    13.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    👉👈 If anyone is interested, I have a small collection of like flash fics about my ocs posted on quotev: Morceaux par Morceaux.

    (It's in English btw; I don't know that much French..)

    #<3#yopsocs#ocs #it has basically all of everyone #yopsworlds dirt #yopsworlds anderson creek #yopsocs jungho song #yopsocs sabine csesilly #yopsocs shielda von bauble #yopsocs akira krikorian #yopsocs enki reytes #yopsocs jareth dlade #yopsocs oaken hamadou #yopsocs althea miel #yopsocs camilla marie #yopsocs sora yazuqi #just tagging this as everything just cuz ig #all the writing on there is from like 7+ weeks ago so no jungho at psu au content sadly #ig i could post jungho at psu au on ao3 but that idea terrifies me so a hard no on that idea
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  • squids-aphmau-hcs
    13.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    The Divine - Lineup.

    A line up of who I believe the cycle of rebirth lead the warriors to become, with explanations included.

    Irene The Matron

    Aphmau, obviously. Irene did not go through the rebirth cycle.

    Shad The Destroyer

    Aaron, Zane, and Laurance. Shads soul was shattered, a few of these parts had to have contained enough to continue the rebirth cycle - the broken parts of one growing and morphing into separate and different people, still holding and showing multiple parts and aspects of one individual.

    Esmund The Protector

    Garroth, again this ones obvious.

    Enki The Keeper

    Another obvious one, Travis.

    Menphia The Fury

    Katelyn, and Lucinda. [Non-Canon] As the title 'Fury' suggests, she was probably mostly found in battles and things like that. Of course, one was bound to go wrong eventually - a large mishap in battle causing her death, the issue carrying over into her soul. Separating it to two halves, those halves still holding enough to continue the rebirth cycle as usual, creating two people - much like Shad.

    Kul'Zak The Wanderer

    Vylad, and Dante. [Non-Canon] Again, like Menphia - lets look at his title. 'Wanderer', to me that gives the idea of a man going place to place finding people in need and helping them out. Kindness like that can often lead to bumpy or bad situations though, having this kindness merely used for others selfish personal gain, or even some sort of betrayal. Leading to yet another case of a Divine getting greatly injured and their soul being shattered to some degree.

    Additional Notes -

    Hyria, being close to the warriors and wishing to hold onto more than just the fading memories she had, was able to find and care for a reborn version of Menphia. Adopting the newly born as her own child, but of course she could not let go of her previous association - straining the relationship she held with her child.
    #aphmau headcanons#aphmau#aphmau mcd#mcd#minecraft diaries #the divine warriors #aphmau the divine warriors #irene the matron #shad the destroyer #esmund the protector #enki the keeper #menphia the fury #kul'zak the wanderer #aphmau hyria #myst re canon #myst re-canon
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  • sunderedrealm
    11.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    some doodles 🧍‍♂️

    #wit's art #been playing fo4 so my new sole. an azem. and an enki indulgence for jack. #they r messy but i like them #and i enjoyed drawing them
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  • cedar-smoked
    10.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Looking back

    at how painfully desperate I was at the start of it all, it’s no wonder things fell apart. Yes, the devotion and the love were immortalizing, but I could not stand, only cling. I poured so much of myself into it all, and projected so many expectations onto everyone - onto Sobek specifically, the Netjeru more broadly, and into the community and its leaders. Even though it was painful enough to almost destroy me when it ended, now that I’ve come out and through it, I’m so relieved that I’m no longer that person and no longer in that devotional relationship. I’m so relieved that Enki offered me the initiation when He did, even though it terrified me to remove my blinders and stop pulling that miserable millstone. I have a long, long way to go, but I can stand on my own. And I can trust my wisdom and intuition through the journey.

    #cedar thoughts #thanks Enki! #though i cannot overstate how devastating that fallow period was at the start #Sobek#Enki#kemeticism
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  • catboirights
    09.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    ↑ These boys is the same age

    #You either get imprisoned young.... or live free enough to become the most jacked 16 year old boy in existence #they still have the same personality tho so that stays the same #I mean this isn't even one of the most out there examples of Sho I guess #I mean the Enki is only 3 years older than the Yomido twins #but he's literally 3 meters tall while the twins are 180cm #so maybe Sho just needs 1 guy in each group that's just completely fucked up #prince's speech
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  • nosramus
    08.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago



    #reblog to slap his big forehead like to slap his big forehead etc etc etc #practice enki. trying to actually make him look the way he looks. slightly yassified though. yassify wizards. #yeah its near identical from the last one but this one is for real. ok. #fear and hunger
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