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  • professor-tammi
    23.04.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Final four SW5 characters:

    Magoichi Saika / Hanzou Hattori

    Yasuke / Sandayuu Momochi

    #samurai warriors #omg they ACTUALLY added yasuke I very much did not expect them to #i'm intrigued?? #not a big fan of how they seem to have changed mago he doesn't really give me the easygoing vibes he used to #but we'll see
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  • head-canons-galore
    22.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    seven of nine and hugh could have been the ultimate “someone will die.” “of fun!” dynamic but nooooooo

    inspired by x

    #buddy comedy w tough straight-laced seven and sweet easygoing hugh WHEN #hugh borg #seven of nine #st: pic#st: tng#st: voy #i am a hugh and seven besties truther first and a human being second
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  • silentspaces
    21.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    I think it's really sad how often I sit in my car and don't go home for awhile. Home is supposed to be the place where you rest and unwind, where you have a safe space. But for me, it often becomes a place where I have to face my daily obligations that I always inevitably put off -- laundry, dishes, a shower that I should have scrubbed a month ago. It's also where I find shame--shame that I procrastinate so much; shame that, when no roommates or parents or other social pressures hold me accountable, I don't live up to that (semi) responsible presentation I show the rest of the world. It's become a place that I find myself escaping from. So sometimes on the way home, I'll sit in a convenience store parking lot for an hour, and many times I'll just be on my phone in my actual parking spot at my apartment, not going inside despite being 200 feet from my front door. Sometimes I wonder if this is why I fill up my life with activities and responsibilities--they provide a convenient excuse to not be at home, where I should be taking care of non-work obligations. Maybe my car has become my most sacred space, because it's a place where I have no other duties to the world, myself, or the standards I hold myself to.

    #silentspaces is being emo #I do use this blog to vent and be dramatic because everyone needs an outlet #and only like 3 people know me irl so I'm fairly confident my drama will be largely ignored as it should be #I'll feel better after I post this please don't take these posts seriously I swear I'm actually fairly easygoing and happy #it's just the stress of this week and the upcoming test are getting to me and after tonight I feel like I'm not going to pass #because although I fixed my grip I can't hit the target again and I think I need another week #but I only have one more day of practice #gg rip me #the shame of failure is honestly my biggest hangup #okay I'll stop ranting in the tags and continue stress eating these potato chips #rant#my life#ignore me
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  • sexysidon
    20.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Not only am i sad and anxious now I'm also mad and frustrated

    #why do i always do my absolute best to treat the people around me with kindness and then receive a cold shoulder #or i try to be as mindful of their mental state as possible and offer help but then im always always alone in my own pain #i am sick and tired! of being this bad at everything and also giving more than i receive #its not normal that im happy and easygoing one day and the next im crying my eyes out #🚜#dl
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  • ajlenoire
    19.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    i’ve just seen photos of archie renaux that aren’t from shadow and bone and??? he’s actually quite good looking??? i didn’t even RECOGNISE him for a second netflix really nerfed him with that haircut. man’s going up again ben barnes, fancast to end all fancasts, he needs all the help he can get netflix. or is the casting director secretly into mr shady x alina and they’re trying to influence the fanbase?

    #in the nicest way possible mal has about as much personality as a mannequin #all he does is react and i really have no sense of what he’s like as a person #alina claims he’s easygoing and fits in most anywhere but we only ever see him being moody and stern #i hope mr renaux can bring some character to him #grishaverse #netflix shadow and bone #mal oretsev#malyen oretsev#archie renaux#aj-abstractions
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  • mariocki
    13.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Play for Today: The Fishing Party (BBC, 1972)

    "There'll be entrées."


    "What's entrées?"

    "Don't be ignorant."

    "Entrées! You've seen it on the side of a meat bottle label, haven't you?"

    "I never read meat sauce bottle labels."

    "You ought to start. A revelation, they are. It says on the label: to be taken with fish, cheese, meat, and entrées. And that's what we'll get. Entrées."

    "Well, I don't know what entrées are!"

    "Oh, well, leave it on the side of your plate."

    #play for today #The fishing party #Peter terson#Michael Simpson#Single play#Brian Glover#Ray Mort#Douglas Livingstone#Jane Freeman#Frank Moorey#John Comer#Deirdre Costello#James Garbutt #The PfT team were well known for tackling controversial issues and turning a harsh light on social injustice and societal ills #What's sometimes forgotten is that they weren't above a little comedy now and then. Terson wrote this play for them in 72 and it was #Successful enough to spawn two sequels‚ also under the PfT banner. All three concern the misadventures of a trio of miners and their #Interactions with an increasingly middle class world; the three fit the classic three stooges mould‚ if somewhat softened. Glover is the #Self appointed leader‚ slightly pompous and concerned with the betterment of his two fellows. Mort is the easygoing follower‚ content to go #Along with the others. Livingstone (himself a prolific writer who had already contributed scripts to PfT) is the one more liable to #Challenge Glover or to sound a note of negativity. Regardless all three are thoroughly loveable creations and it isn't hard to see why they #Were brought back. The play is honestly a delight‚ as the trio‚ seemingly oblivious to the hostility and price gauging of their guest house #Hosts‚ attempt their best to behave well and make a good impression; as well as doing some fishing and avoiding the call of the brown ale. #Of course they can't resist too long and the fishing trip itself quickly becomes a doomed enterprise. The plot is really secondary here to #The sheer joy of spending time with these three wonderful characters‚ and hearing Terson's typical blend of the poetic with the earthily #Naturalistic‚ in the hands of three brilliant actors. Glover plays this perfectly‚ so that his character never becomes overbearing or #Frustrating (even when he insists the three should not occupy the same room at any point in the guest house‚ it just not being done) nor #Making him a total fool or figure of fun. Rather‚ his over concern with appearances and matching his middle class hosts becomes endearing #Ultimately‚ despite their attempts to present an enhanced version of themselves‚ in their simple honesty and good heartedness the three are #Already the superior to their hosts. Not that this is as patronising as I may be making it sound. Really‚ it's just a simple little tale #About three friends whose camaraderie and affection can overcome anything; even their own over enthusiasm..
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  • booasaur
    12.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Home Economics (2021) - 1x01

    #homeeconomicsedit#home economics#denise hayworth#sarah hayworth#sasheer zamata#caitlin mcgee #home economics 1x01 #femslash related stuff #denise x sarah #this is where I was like oh okay #that the character did realize herself #and as easygoing as denise is she isn't an extension of sarah
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  • potatotrash0
    08.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #i kinda hc that he like. has a sorta intimidating resting face #but like little things just make him look like such a dork #like before he laughs he does a weird little smile and then it straightens out when he laughs #or sometimes he’ll snort laugh and try to cover it but that just makes him laugh harder #and he’s got little dimples that are a little skewed and not symmetrical #i know i say he’s all tsun tsun but like 👉👈 #i also like happy easygoing hajime............he makes me smile with him....... #em answers#soapes#danganronpa#sdr2#hajime hinata#hinata hajime #yes all of the things i listed were me projecting things i have onto him bc i wanted to okay shhhh
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  • ssunfish
    07.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    oh goodie it’s “the enterprise crew treats the ND guy like shit” time

    Riker: “he has a history of Seclusive Tendencies”

    Geordi: “he makes me nervous, he makes everybody nervous”......“I can barely stand being in the same room as the man!”


    #star trek#hollow pursuits#1 #I hate how this show treats barclay #like wtf geordi is supposed to be a nice easygoing friendly guy #and he’s a piece of shit! #he does kinda come around but come on this is the 24th century #riker is the worst though #tng
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  • batz
    07.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    literally want 2 cry so Bad im not even sad or anything m just stressed n wanna get it out of my system but crying makes my jaw pain flare up so m just. Laying Here

    #its not all bad stress either some of it is for top surgery stuff and im getting medication and all that #im just autistic and get very easily overwhelmed with everything #so m just. gonna eat weed gummy n take muscle relaxant and just hope my body can at least stop hurting so bad rn #frank.txt #hopefully tmrw is a little more easygoing
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  • platonic-fo-imagines
    01.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Imagine your generally joyful and easygoing F/O getting serious when you get hurt by someone else (whether physically or emotionally). Their usual smile is replaced by a concerned expression as they ask you what happened, making sure that you’re alright before anything else.

    If you want them to stay with you, they will. In case you’re sad or angry, they’ll listen to your feelings and troubles, maybe hug you or hold your hand if you feel comfortable with it. They feel very upset to know that anyone would try to cause you any pain.

    Later, they may have a little “chat” with the one who hurt you.

    #self ship#f/o imagines #platonic f/o imagines #angst#specific#easygoing f/o#violence tw #(just in case) #(this one isn't as soft as usual but i think it's still comforting)
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  • dickgrysvn
    26.03.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #plus it’s like #Lauren German#hello #she was so easygoing with Danny #so snarky with them all #I love her #THANK YOU FOR THIS #anon#answered#lori weston
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  • pypera
    26.03.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    A cute drawing for my BF’s birthday gift. I printed this pic on a hoodie, can’t wait to see Eric get the present!


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  • gglitch
    25.03.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    glitch   really   does   sit   up   in   her   void   every   single   day   of   her   life   and   go   hm  ...   i   feel   like   being   a   waking   nightmare   today   :]

    #i find her perpetual mood swings so FUNNY but i am so SORRY to every muse she has ever spoken to in her LIFE. #one minute she's angry and screaming at you and destroying things and acting like an asshole being smug n narcissistic and thoughtless #the next... loving... tender... sweet... gentle... playful... easygoing... caring... like. please pick a LANE.
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  • dxfiedfxte
    25.03.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    How does it feel to be loved by you? || Dash Games

    it feels like an adventure

    your laughter is like music, your eyes like city lights. you're so lighthearted and easygoing that you make everyone around you have so much fun, even in the simplest moments. your heart is a place of amusement parks and fireworks and three a.m. giggles. people feel energized every time they see you, but as much as you love people, it can get pretty draining. remember to take breaks when you need them. you're more than just the comic relief, and you deserve to be just as happy as you make everyone else.

    Tagged by: @bluescarfvivi & @tomeandtarot​  //thanks for the tag you two~ :3

    Tagging:  @watcrpiixie @tacitusauxilium​ @fatexbound (Hamuko and Yu) @rock-you-like-a-hurricxne and YOU who is reading this (If your someone I haven’t already tagged anyway lol)

    #Headcanons #WHY are these things SO damn accurate wtf? lol #I love it tho #the whole easygoing part too is RIGHT on the nail #I still have yet to find one that isnt accurate tbh lol #Oʜ. Hᴇʏ ᴛʜɪs ɪs ᴘʀᴇᴛᴛʏ ғᴜɴ (Dᴀsʜ Gᴀᴍᴇs)
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  • changeling-rin
    21.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ...Well this would be because 1) I kinda forgot about that plot point actually, and 2) believe it or not OoT Zelda is no longer the only Zelda to be Sheik.  Also I really liked the word ‘Era’ and may or may not have certain plans for future plot lines that make ‘Era’ line up very well with a name that I very much hope to use for a certain character sometime soon.

    And no, I will not be more specific.  ~Spoilers~

    Okay, let’s break this down.

    Realm, while a complete mess, is not actually malicious.  He’s going to actively try his best not to make things worse, and therefore I think we can safely rank him at the bottom.  

    Lore, while chaos incarnate, is not actually malicious either, and despite the fact that he would definitely cause trouble I feel like he’d always stop before it gets too bad.  I’d put him in third.

    Now, Shadow has neither of the above points, I will freely admit this.  But he’s also, technically, an abuse victim, and therefore I genuinely think he would stop before he does to anyone else what was done to him... with the free exception of the people he views as his abusers, i.e. Ganondorf.  No punches pulled with that guy, but for the rest of the general populace, I think Shadow would give himself a limit.  For this reasoning, I place him in second.

    Dusk.  Dusk is normally none of the above and is very self-controlled and calm. But you know what the thing about those sorts of people is?  When you genuinely do manage to piss them off, they will wreck you.  What’s that one line, ‘There’s a reason that storms are named after people’?

    Yeah.  That’s an angry, overprotective Dusk.

    #Changeling Answers#DL Questions#Anonymous Replies #OoT Zelda 'Era' #Lore#Shadow#Realm#Dusk #It's funny that Realm would get ranked as potentially most dangerous though #He's literally the most easygoing guy
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  • mitsybubbles
    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Funny thing about River is that he’s talkative and a little loud when he’s very happy/excited, but when he’s truly mad he’s scarily calm and quiet

    #lol he's a very easygoing and relaxed person so it's pretty hard to actually anger him #river#misty rambles
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  • godisthatyou
    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    list of happy

    -when you put your hand on your cat and they immediately start purring -cats noses -the smell of rain right before a storm -freshly brewed coffee -my dog’s big toebeans -a new set of pens -hugs from your favorite person -freshly washed blankets -soft shirts -a good stretch -new/old book smell -golden hour spent in the sun  -soft conversations with an s/o -an autumn morning with the smell of fall  What’s your list of happy?

    #list#happy #prompt? #prompt #easygoing? #who knwos #just soft things #godisthatyou#lmao #i just love animals feets they're so cute #i made this post cause my kitten is curled up and i just #HLSKDFH #she's so precious
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