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  • hyunj-n
    24.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago


    #🚶🏻‍♀️ i dont think i will be abke to do anything last minute for minho's bday im so sad bjt yeah #im tired anx half sick rb so im eben all THFJSHFHS about it but i feel it all in ly heart and that's what matters thdjs #ilhsm 🥺❣😭 #icb its been 3 years and a half of ulting him and i still love him as much and he's still always an inspiration to me #he's so :((( there's so many thinga to say about him i coukdnt even begin fhajfh #hope he has thw best daaaaaay #.text #i will try to queue things later sorry:(
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  • miranda-carroll
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Night Teeth (2021) dir. Adam Randall

    Cinematography by Eben Bolter

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  • glacialisvenae
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    ------michiel huisman . cis male . he/his . wasn’t that eben anastase walking the palace grounds ? it’s nice to see the lord of danruba out and about on such a fine day as this. i’ve heard from the court spies that they are notoriously apathetic, whilst also managing to be quite charming. the thirty-seven year old is eager to find out who exactly is behind the killings from what’s being said at court. i heard that they themselves are vrajiit ( life-force absorption ). it’s funny, whenever i think of them, i think of well-fitted leather armor, the gleam of polished silver and emeralds, and the scent of petrichor on a thick-foggy morning. great to see the revenant around, isn’t it ?

    small stats

    name: eben visser anastase. age: 37. status: lord of danruba, soldier in the vrajiit army. sexuality: grey-heteromantic heterosexual. species: human - vrajiit. power: life-force absorption. hair color: dark brown. eye color: hazel, favoring greys and greens. height: 6′0″. build: athletic - lean muscle.


          war was always in his blood, and blessed was his birth. though not the only child in the anastase noble line born a vrajiit, eben was often reminded of his place in the world growing up. destined for great things. to him it simply meant that people would always want him for something - and a young child imagined that could be nothing but GOOD. a young child knows very little.

          the winds in danruba are harsh and unforgiving, the clime caring little for life settling there, trying to flourish. eben learned how to survive in the tundra, though it was never imagined he would ACTUALLY require that knowledge ( better to know and never need it, than need it and never know ). hunting was for sport and survival, the feats of each kill brought back and served for meals, the hides tanned into leathers, furs made for blankets on well-stuffed mattresses. it was certainly a cushy life for a little lordling. he was spoiled in the sense that he was always watched ---his company was always desired, his attention always demanded here or there. he didn’t quite understand why. merely that something great would be expected of him. 

          shortly after his sixteenth birthday, and when his mind was still full of boyish hope and folly, eben was sent to the vrajiit academy. he excelled at combat, though toyful of his capabilities ( the power to take a life with just a touch seemed limitless ) and for five years he served his country faithfully in the military. he was certain he did his lord father and lady mother proud, and certainly his sharpened prowess was what leant him to being sent into battle rather than being posted in danruba - rather than being returned home under conscription. IN HIS MIND, THESE WERE THE BEST YEARS OF HIS LIFE.

          at 21 he was released from his duties to the military. four years he lingered in danruba, living his life as a lord with a semblance of that boyish charm ever-present on his face. with the castle always open to the citizens of his home he saw many faces, learned many stories, met many men and women as they came and went. he fell in love. a glorious and terrifying emotion, one as tumultuous as the sea ‘neath stormy clouds ---he felt the same rush from spending time with the blacksmith’s daughter. she was kind to him, treated him not like he was a prize, a blessed child ---but like he was human.

          those same emotions betrayed him, ultimately. she passed beneath him amidst their passionate tryst, his touch and kiss-starved lips passing a death knell over her, life draining from her in a quick instant. HE FELT BETRAYED BY HIS OWN HEART. surely an emotion such as love was meant to be gleeful, it had only brought him happiness before this moment ---surely it was love that killed her. ( introspection would have shared it was the surge of emotion itself, that for all of the battle-wise training eben had learned throughout his life he’d never quite honed how to cease the flow of his power when his feelings crested like a breaking wave ). but introspection was beyond him. grieving, eben withdrew into himself.

          the shift from somewhat jovial young lord to apathetic and detached was like the phase of the moon changing. while he wasn’t asocial he seemed less engaged, some form of self-inflicted punishment for suffering to care for another person on such a level. at 25 he re-enlisted in the vrajiit military, the decision to do something more than suffer the company of others final. if his touch was meant to kill, he’d see it to purpose. and so it has served him for those past 12 years, a loyal warrior to the crown through choice, pleased to keep his solitude.


          where once eben could be described as talkative, energetic, and impish now only remains an echo of that former self. a man, as it were ---hardened both by battle and personal trauma and lead by self-inflicted punishment. he’s quiet and apathetic, more keen to sit back and observe a situation rather than be the first to participate in it - as if playing a long and drawn-out match of chess. though he is not asocial, and he doesn’t scorn the touch of a woman in the slightest ---he merely chooses not to find emotional attachment in any of his interpersonal relationships.

          HOWEVER HE CAN BE QUITE CHARMING WHEN HE NEEDS TO BE, flashing a handsome smile or using silver-tongued wit ---the skills of nobility. eben is less likely to lean on his birth standing and more akin to see a problem to a quick end. he is the product of his own experiences. tactical in thought but ruthless in execution, eben isn’t one to dance around a topic or point - he will bluntly state it.

          though it is incredibly obvious that the emotional scars of his experience still linger. perhaps it’s the circumstance of where he was raised ( the infinitely colder climate of danruba ), or his station as a military man that finds him always wearing leathers over his hands and never quite exposing the flesh where one might be drawn to touch. physical intimacy is met with only the desire to feel that particular pleasure and nothing else ---though it’s worth noting that to be safe HE NEVER TOUCHES HIS FAMILY WITH HIS BARE HANDS. lest something happen to them that similarly befell his once romance.

    #warborn.intro #( eben / about )
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  • gospelhomeng
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Eben Networth Biography Age And Career

    Eben Networth Biography Age And Career

    Eben Networth Biography Age And Career Emmanuel Benjamin (born 9 September 1979), recognised professionally as Eben is a Nigerian gospel singer, vocalist, and songwriter. Early existence and Education Eben become born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, the 5th of six children. He is from a Christian family and attended Orile Primary School, and Community Grammar School, Orile, Lagos. Career In 1997,…

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  • smallestdogswilldie
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    ive never been more intrigued in a clas then when i was senior year onprobation:. senior year. genetics class. im fucking obsessed with how offpring is a weird fucking 50/50 ratio but recessive genes can appear 25% of the time stop becaus ill literally. go off right now. draw punnett squares for NOTHING

    #yeti #when we got to take dna out of straberries i stayed at my lab tabpe for like 15 more minutes just sstaring at it aftwr everyone else wen to #their seats. i wasnt eben trying ti be teachers pet i literally was like wtf wtf wtf wtf Aand i was SOBER #PROBATION SOBER.. #and STILL liked jt so much
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  • webpronews
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Supply Chain Issues Lead to Raspberry Pi’s First-Ever Price Increase

    Supply Chain Issues Lead to Raspberry Pi’s First-Ever Price Increase

    Raspberry Pi has announced it is raising its prices — for the first time ever — as a result of supply chain issues and component shortages. Raspberry Pi is the popular computing platform used by programmers, hobbyists and computer users around the world. It was originally marketed toward developing countries, as well as the education market, both of which often face budgetary constraints. Powered…

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  • ebenrosetaylor
    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever posted my full stellar firma lineup before? Well. Here they are! I finally got a design/color I like for them so that’s fun :^3

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  • doodlebloo
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    New DSMP members have to be Sneeg TapL and Boomer pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

    #theres no one else i want on the server BUT! #i didnt know of ppl like Foolish at all till he joined then he joined now i love him so #id be totally fine w complete newcomers as well #these three are just my Hope like theyre the only three ccs i rlly wanna see on the server #well and Gakmaster but yk. not plausible (/hj) #doodle.txt #(no hate to whoever does get in eben if it isnt these three :] )
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  • ladiespurse
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

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    #Damier Ebene #Preowned lv bags
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  • crazy-fruit
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hab mal n bisschen was eingescannt.

    (Leo links unten inspiriert durch Ars amandi Kapitel 7 von @shilothewhite)

    #myart#tatort dresden#karin gorniak#leonie winkler #in meinem Kopf gehört der blaue Hoodie Leo aber jetzt halt auch Karin #und im Gegensatz zu Leo die den nur zuhause trägt hat Karin den eben auch auf der Arbeit an #((leude mir gehen die Ideen aus also theoretisch nehme ich prompts an praktisch hab ich ab dem Wochenende 0 Zeit für Freizeit weil Uni))
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  • transmasctotoro
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Scalp stop itching challenge 2022

    #for real #head and shoulders has helped but still #dandruff #I scratch my head and it snows #eben talks
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  • suregospel
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Download Koda Ft. Eben - Game Over (Mp3, Lyrics, Video)

    Download Koda Ft. Eben – Game Over (Mp3, Lyrics, Video)

    Download Koda Ft. Eben – Game Over (Mp3, Lyrics, Video) Award winning, Ghanaian Gospel Song Musician Koda & Eben Presents To Us New Song For Titled “Game Over” Mp3 Download. This Track “ Game Over” is an Amazing Project that will surely worth a place in your heart if you are a lover of sure Gospel music. Download Game Over Mp3 By Koda Ft.…

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  • wzard101
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    i drove almost 3 hrs ystrdy and the sky was very pretty and pink then. idrove almost an hr today to his parents house then anotbrr almost 3 hrs back jn the dark... Lots of driving also my car battery died before i left my familys house like bruhh if thtd happened later i woulsnt know what to do yes ik nothing abt cars.

    #i dont eben own jumper cables #Hnmmmmmm my butt hurts
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  • i-alcocer
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    "The greatest thing you'll ever learn it's just to love and be loved in return..."

    –Nat King Cole / Edén Ahbez

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  • lipard
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    its been a week i need to consider..going back to work

    #im not ready yet though. #like i had a full ass meltdown over stupid shit earloer #But the fact im not making any money is eben MORE stressful #like at this rate im.gomma get a paycheck with ZERO DOLLARS
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  • gospelhomeng
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Agunechemba One – Eben Ft. Phil Thompson

    Agunechemba One – Eben Ft. Phil Thompson

    Agunechemba One – Eben Ft. Phil Thompson, mp3 Download, Audio, song, music DOWNLOAD MP3: Agunechemba One – Eben Ft. Phil Thompson Eben Talented Gospel singer and songwriter Teams up with Phil Thompson on the Release of the song Title Agunechemba, Download Audio song below and drop Your Comment. Agunechemba One – Eben Ft. Phil…

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  • tumbleranchdorm
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago


    My boys relationship quotes are undercut! If ur curious, y’all can ask me more about their relationship 👍✨

    Ferdrick & Clinton:

    C’s the only first friend I have that I could rely on with my life & power. That’s why I lend half of my work to him. He’s pretty good at this than me, honestly. I was right choosing him

    Between me and Ferd, we look like we can run a business very smoothly. If any obstacles in our way, I will be the one to lend an arrangement for the both of us

    Eb & Ferdrick:

    I know the boss doesn’t remembered me but even now……he is still the same as I remembered him long time ago. I think I made a lot trouble for him as a bodyguard

    My memories of the past is blurried, I could not quite remembered him nor I saved his life 8 years ago. Blackburn had showing me his loyalty very serious. I never once asked for a personal bodyguard but……I guess having someone like him can be a good use to me

    Ferdrick & Hunter:

    Hunter was my old acquaintance of mine when I was traveling with my parents. He’s actually nice enough to offer his hand to someone for help. As expected for a bigger helper. He looks the same but……strangely changed. I wonder what happened to him after I left ever since

    I’m......glad......I get to......meet......Ferd......again......I’ll do what......I can to support......him......whatever he needs......me......to do......

    Cole & Ferdrick:

    No way I’m gonna mess with Anek-I MEAN Ferd-I MEAN Boss through my entire year! you should’ve seen his scary look when I was in trouble but did you just see him yodeling on stage? I think it was so cool!~

    Cole has given me a lot trouble playing around with his silly explosive gadgets on someone else. It’s possible I could use my magic on him but as his older cousin, it’s not my intention to do anything harsh. Oh well, at least my scolding technique made him to behave

    Clinton & Eb:

    Surely Blackburn did his job well on my behalf except his attitude and carelessness of running into fights with Savanclaws is not acceptable excuses!!! I couldn’t believe his seat arrangement was next to mine. Good grief......

    That geek will be a forever loner in the future if he keeps running his mouth over some labor, I bet. How the hell did the boss even see that guy as his best friend

    Hunter & Clinton:

    He……and Ferd……are doing fine……as leaders……but……I don’t……get……why he needs……to be……in……a……rush. I think……I’ll not……get……close……to Clinton……know that……I’m……slow……

    I heard much rumors as I recall from my hometown that Hunter seems to be the descendant of the greatest hunter. His appearances and behavior are a like. It’s honestly not surprising that he attended this prestigious college. I would like to know him better if he doesn’t…...KEEP LOSING MY SIGHT!

    Clinton & Cole:

    I do not trust that Brantley. There is no proof that he and Ferdrick were related but if it were true, I still would not acknowledge Cole for his wackiness that easily. That first year student thinks his way of working should be playful. He had constantly ruined my days of hardwork on purpose, I know of it.

    I don’t like how he almost took all my inventions away from me just because I only scribbled faces his mini trains. Clinton’s being selfish and a BIG meanie to me. If Clinton didn’t give my stuff back, I’ll be more meanie to him by throwing a poisonous bomb in his room

    Eb & Hunter:

    that Hunter guy……I got no complaints about him but the way he talks, I couldn’t catch up what he’s sayin’. It’s kinda infuriating. He seems harmless that makes me wanna spare him. It’s not like I’m jealous of his physiques......

    Is......that......Ferd’s bodyguard......I’ve heard about?......He couldn’t......be......him. I’ve seen......him......fight a lot......of...... people earlier......that......I......was passing......by......and......the way......he looks......at me......He......is......angry

    Hunter & Cole:

    I suspect……he’d do……something……devious……again.....I should stop……him……I will not......let him......do......harm......to......our dormitory......and......others

    That guy always gets in my way of fun. I better do something fast before he catches me. I wonder if there’s a way to send him away for good

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  • not-twst-enough
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Can’t think of content for my oc’s yet but what energy are they

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  • ledabyl
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hej, přátelé MBTI, jaké osobnostní typy jsou podle vás porotci star dance?

    #marek eben pro větší upoutání pozornosti :)) #mbti#Česky#čeština#cz#czech#star dance#stardance #když hvězdy tančí
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  • transmasctotoro
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Damn. Smoked with my friend sam, had a nice time talking and stuff. Then we called their partner and it descended into a weird debate/argument about depictions of angels in reneissamce art, just the two of them, and it was that weird space where they’re not FIGHTING but clearly they’re both very invested and very stubborn and and deeply feel that they’re right and won’t back down and so something mundane becomes something bigger that cannot be acknowledged as such lest it risk getting way worse. Both parties reassuring each other but like. Not meaning it and still guilting each other and I just. I stayed as long as I could cuz I wanted to hang out and have fun and smoke more. It’s Friday night. We planned this. But eventually I was like this sucks I feel like I’m intruding and am uncomfortable and left. And now Im in bed and I want to be high hanging out with my friend but instead. Here I am.

    #sorry lads#vent#eben talks #gotta get it off my chest #I feel v resentful rn #very annoyed and just. resentful #so when we go to breakfast tomorrow and stuff I won’t have any more resentment in me #I wish #i wish that I could just say “No I don’t want to call them rn #without feeling like a mean person #without them being hurt #this happens#too much#argh #my fault for not going to the field where they can’t call #but I didn’t feel comfortable walking to the field #areerrrrgh
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