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  • aricazorel
    23.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Day 23 "Fish"

    Kaidan Alenko, Commander John Shepard

    ME3, after Priority Citadel II

    “That’s quite the fish tank you have there, Shepard,” Kaidan Alenko noted as he crossed his arms in front of the large aquarium. The soft blue light a contrast to the harsher, brighter light in the office area above.

    The Commander had invited the Major up for a visit the day after Kaidan rejoined the Normandy. They had taken the moment between storms to catch up. The conversation had been friendly, no signs of animosity between them. The pair had talked about everything except Cerberus and Mars. Kaidan considered it a good start, especially since it allowed them to get a feel for where they stood with one another.

    And now their conversation had circled back around to the large tank taking up an entire wall of the cabin. The Major was not above taking advantage of the opportunity to grill his friend about the unusual addition to the captain’s quarters.

    “Yeah,” the Commander agreed with a hint of pride in his voice. He made a face of dismay as he added, “It’s too bad the trip through the O-4 Relay damaged it. I lost all my fish from back then and the autofeeder…”

    “But you have anew fish and an autofeeder now,” observed the Major, not understanding the other man’s disappointment.

    Shepard made a face. “Well, yes and no…I have new fish but they…I’ve had to rebuy them…several times.”


    “Because I keep forgetting to feed them,” the N7 admitted begrudgingly as he focused on the tank, refusing to meet the biotic’s gaze.

    The Major stared at him incredulously. “Really? What about the autofeeder?”

    “Yeah, about that…It’s still broken, and I haven’t found a new one.”

    “Wait. You can keep the hamster alive but not the fish?”

    “I only have to refill Squeak’s water and food every couple of days. I mean he hoards his food for crying out loud,” the first human Specter protested as he turned Kaidan. He became indignant as he pointed accusingly at the tank. “But these fish need a more routine schedule.”

    “They are fish, Shepard,” the Major said with a hint of humor in his voice, enjoying the sight of an irate Shepard caused by innocent fish. “Not exactly high maintenance pets.”

    “You try saving the galaxy and remember to feed fish at the same time,” Shepard muttered as he crossed his arms almost as if he were pouting.

    Kaidan couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped his lips. The Commander glared at the biotic as he muttered, “Laugh it up, Major.”

    “You could just buy a new autofeeder,” Alenko suggested with a shrug.

    “I would but with the war on, they’re in short supply,” the Commander replied with a sigh, giving up on any hope Alenko would stop teasing him. “Parts issues is what EDI says.”

    “Come on, Shep. You’ve got a crew full of nerds who deal with experimental tech every day,” Kaidan pointed out the obvious. “I’m sure if you asked, they could make you one.”

    “They’re busy.”

    “They could use a break from all the war analysis and technical crap,” the Major commented as he gave his former CO a pointed stare. “Anda reason to tease their CO.”

    Shepard sighed dramatically. “They have plenty of those already.”

    “I don’t know about that,” Kaidan commented as he tilted his head. “But what’s one more going to hurt?”

    The first human Specter narrowed his eyes as he glared at his former Lt. “You know one the SR-1 you wouldn’t have suggested that.”

    “I’ve done a lot of growing since then and learning to cut lose every once in a while was part of that.”

    “I can tell. You, Ash, Reese…Hell, even Garrus, Tali, Liara, Wrex…Everything’s different but the same now.”

    “So, I can assume that you’ve always been bad with pets?”

    Shepard scowled at the L2 but said nothing as the Major just laughed. “I’ll talk to Kori about rigging up an autofeeder for you.”

    The Commander muttered something under his breath as Kaidan added, “Plus it’ll be a nice story to tell about the great Commander Shepard.”

    “Oh, come one, Kaidan. Really? You’re gonna spread the rumor around that I can’t keep fish alive?”

    “It’s not a rumor if it’s true.”

    “I could have left your ass on the Citadel.”

    “You could have but you wouldn’t.”

    The Commander glanced over at the other man as he replied with a grin, “No. I don’t suppose I would have. It’s good to have you back, Kaidan.”

    “It’s good to be back, Shepard. There’s no place I’d rather be.”

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  • randoimago
    11.08.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #fire emblem #fire emblem x reader #fe3h #fe3h x reader #fire emblem three houses #claude von riegan #claude x reader #claude #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #dimitri x reader #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd x reader #edelgard #edelgard x reader #rhea #rhea x reader
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  • zetsumeif
    14.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Why BSIT? 

    1. The pressure I will feel if I push my dream course, especially the tuition fee. What if I realized in the mid way that it isn’t what I wanted or maybe I can.t even survive, edi sayang pag paaral sa akin. So I had to choose a course na meron sa NVSU, kasi libre tuition don.

    2. So when I will take entrance exam na in NVSU, sabi nila sarado na daw kasi may date na nakaset and they cannot entertain us. Edi back to main-plan, the Architecture... I still tried to push my dream course, I even take the entrance exam and nearly enrolled myself. I was so happy and nervous back then. Pasakay na ako sa jeep, as in hawak ko na yung jeep... But then, NVSU texted me saying pwede na daw akong magentrance exam. 

    3. Nung time na to, kung saan na lang ako dalhin ng kapalaran e, pero nung time na yon, kinailangan ko na talagang magdecide. Tapos may pressure kasi hinihintay ako ni kuya ko kung tutuloy ba ako sasakay ng jeep papuntang SMU para mag enroll o hahatid ako sa NVSU para mag entrance exam.

    4. I had to choose, take risk or play it safe. Yung dream future ko na walang kasiguraduhan or gawan ko ng paraan para win-win. win-win in a sense na hindi na mag hihirap sina mama financially and kaya kong gawan ng paraan para may kalalagyan ako. 

    5. So, nag entrance exam ako. I need to think of a course na madaling makahanap ng trabaho at madaling maka graduate. Sabi ko office, yung kahit anong office work tatanggapin ako, BSIT na lang. BSIT is about computer naman di ba. 

    6. BSIT. Surprise! Hindi lang siya about computer. Code code pala hahahaha pero okay lang naman. 3rd year college na ako ngayon. Kung hindi ako magiging hamak na programmer, baka mag apply ako sa gobyerno or any na related sa office parin. See? may sasalo pa rin.

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  • botafogo-fr
    26.04.2021 - 7 monts ago
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  • albertsdr
    25.03.2021 - 8 monts ago

    So, my iPhone X was stolen on Monday. The same gang who stole my phone when I was in college. So sad. Huhu.

    Just want to inform anyone na nawalan/nanakawan ng phone, especially iPhone, here are the steps you should do IMMEDIATELY. Mas maganda sana kung may kasama ka dahil alam kong matetense ka at baka magkamali mali ka ng gagawin. Peor kung hindi, good for you!


    Go to your nearest telco’s store to report the stolen phone and to immediately replace your SIM card with the same number. This is to ensure that your identity will not be stolen by calling or texting anyone, your family, friends, banks, etc. Mas makakabuti kung yung phone number mo ay nakaregister sa G-cash, paymaya, Grab, etc. so they can easily validate that the phone number is yours.

    According to Globe, here are the requirements that you should prepare right away:

    a. At least 2 Valid IDs

    b. Affidavit of loss

    Also bring money, of course. 100 pesos ang required minimum load for your new SIM. Also bring another phone so you can test and start the new SIM with the same number. 


    Including social media, online banking, online shopping, emails, google/icloud accounts, as in ALL. Dahil for sure maraming remembered passwords sa phone mo. You should use a totally different format


    The first thing I did is to call Apple support but unfortunately, they were unable to assist me as according to them, I should be the one to "Mark as Lost" in iCloud. You should have iCloud account of course, but I think that’s the requirement for you to use your iPhone.

    You must log in to the iCloud using laptop. I don’t know if it works at mobile or tablet. Once logged in, it will send a verification code to your mobile device if the laptop/mobile/tablet you used is not recognized. That’s why it is necessary you have your SIM card replaced. Once you logged in, try to locate the lost/stolen phone and mark it as lost.

     If you have a phone insurance, go to https://support.apple.com/en-ph/HT201472 or call their hotline.


    This is the last thing I did because I don’t expect too much from the law enforcers of the PH. Lol. Nanakawan ako sa UP Technohub and I went to Police Station 6 Batasan dahil sabi ko sa Sandiganbayan naman sumakay yung mga magnanakaw pero sabi nila sa UP Technohub daw nangyari ang krimen so hindi nila considered as crime within their vicinity yung pangyayari kahit while in transit ako at hindi naman mismo sa UP Technohub nangyari ang krimen. Bago pa yun, may babaeng pulis pa sa entrance na nag-interrogate what happened before she let me in. Ang daming tanong and she even victim-blamed without thinking na nasa trauma pa yung tao. Tapos hindi pala sya yung investigation office, after I tell a lot of story, ang sabi “Sige pasok na lang kayo sa Investigation Office”. HAHA. Ang dami nyang tanong, wala pala syang maitutulong.

     To continue, I tell a lot of story AGAIN in the investigation office. After that, they want me to go by my own to Police Station in Anonas St. which is 12km away, in the middle of the night, and in the middle of pandemic. Tinanong ko kung pwedeng tawagan na lang, ang sabi they need physical attendance, edi WOW. Wala man lang more convenient way to report a crime through phone or email, or any automated system. Hindi nakapagadjust kahit na one year na tayong naka-stay at home lahat. Napakateknikal at napaka-inconvenient. Wala akong napala. Pero baka sa experience nyo, may mapala kayo. Just try. Para at least, kung mahuli man yung mga magnanakaw, may chance na maibalik sa inyo yung phone. Pero don’t expect. HAHA.

     Natawa na lang ako kasi medyo naka-move on na ko. Pero nakakatakot sa tuwing maalala ko yung experience ko na inipit ako ng mga malalaking lalaking may tattoo sa braso. Mabuti na lang hindi nila ako hinoldap. Nakakatakot talaga. Sana nga makalimutan ko na yung feeling dahil ilang gabi na akong di nakakatulog.

     While in the police station, may isang nagreklamo na biktima ng parehong gang. They showed a picture of a notorious suspect and we confirmed na sila nga yun based sa tattoo at sa hubog ng katawan nila. Pabalik balik na daw sila sa kulungan tapos nakakapagpyansa ng 6K. Napakaliit na halaga kumpara sa ilang phone na mananakaw nila sa isang araw.

     Hinihiling ko ba na patayin na lang o mamatay na lang sila? Parang hindi. Mas gusto ko sanang mag-magic na bigla silang bumait at magsisi sila sa mga kasalanan nila at ibalik yung phone. Kaso madali lang ba magbago yung tao? Ganon lang ba ka-instant na maging banal yung taong nabalot na ng kasamaan? I don’t think so. Ipinagpapasa-Diyos ko na lang dahil di ko na rin alam ang gagawin. But for me, I think it’s about time to let go of that phone. Nagloloko na rin kasi. Laging nawawala yung camera at yung flash light. At saka, masyado na akong attached sa phone na yun dahil sa fluidity nya. Ang ganda kase, ang bilis, wala na akong ibang ginawa minsan kundi mag-Pokemon Go, mag explore ng Google Earth, etc. I should do anything aside from spending my time in my phone for 6 hours a day. So, let it go. Ang importante, magawa mo yung first three steps as I mentioned above so you can be assured of your security.

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  • caduceusil
    14.03.2021 - 8 monts ago

    cont. -- @oncejaw​ ( ”You want to ask, so ask.” )

    ———— A chuckle stumbles from Marcel’s lips; is he really so much of an open book, that she can tell without him saying a single word? Probably - Edie knows the intricacies of his mind better than most, privvy to the cracks he carefully conceals from most of the others; even his brother. Legs of his trousers rolled up, bare feet in the water, Marcel contemplates the rolling of the waves that lick gently at their ankles. The seashore is their refuge; a morcel of peace torn from war’s side, away from the cacophony of the city and the constant barking of their superiors. It is the place where burdens can be left aside for a couple of hours, where warriors can lay down their weapons and breathe. Marcel leaves his claws and teeth aside, a failed leader trying to remember what it is to be a friend again
    “It’s nothing.” He says, unsurprisingly; there is no concern he thinks he can’t shoulder, no worry he thinks he cannot address all by himself; he is the responsible one, after all. He doesn’t want to burden them with his baggage; especially not since they returned from Paradis. Broken. Incomplete. All of them; Reiner in the pits of despair, Annie left behind, Bertholdt missing altogether. Him, burdened with the guilt of a failed operation, failed leadership, failed attempt at saving his brother. They did not retrieve the Founder. ome of his friends are gone. His brother will inherit his Jaw. All of this - for nothing. Edie’s encouragements circle in his mind, still, like echo he cannot silence. He sighs through his nose. “… do you think we could have done anything differently?” He finally asks, shifting piercing but tired gaze towards her. He is the one to whom the title of leader had befallen in Zeke’s absence, but she is the older, wiser one. He is not looking for absolution; her counsel and clarity of mind are better weapons of compassion than any lie anyone else could spur. “Do you think if we… if I had made other decisions, we could have brought Bertholdt and Annie back? Did we miss something, back then?” What ifs; the plague of the survivors, a curse that will follow them to their grave.

    the moon hung, full and heavy, over their heads. at times, Edie was afraid it would fall down upon them, like so many pieces of crumbling walls. it reflected in her blue eyes, dipping in and out as the waves took their own try and attempting to swallow it whole. she’d worn a white dress today, long sleeves draping over sinewy muscles shown through the arms and legs. the sea had rendered the edges of the fabric thin -- would it dissolve her if she walked in? could she rest at the bottom of the sea? ———— not yet.

    his chuckle brings her eyes up, crinkling at the edges as she smiled. her face was beginning to show the pains of the titan, as while her skin was just as pale, dark circles had begun to edge under her gaze, and white streaks had begun to slip in throughout the red of her hair. nevertheless, the aging of the titan did not minimise the connection she had with the warriors, no, it had been the opposite. It’s nothing -- she shook her head slightly, placing a bony hand on his shoulder, thumb rubbing into the lateral edge of his arm.

                                           they didn’t have the privilege of nothingness.                                        then, the question -- the one she had tried to                                                                      forget.

    Marcel’s gaze brought the ocean tide into her own heart. it ebbed just as fast as it flowed, heart careening back and forth in her chest. she had done so well not to let her eyes betray emotion, for all these years ———— she would fail, tonight.

    her titan stood atop a church in the burning wreckage of Shiganshina. she had been reduced to but mostly bone, having been forced used her powers to strengthen all the titans Zeke had gathered inside the walls. the clack of her skeleton tensed as she saw her nightmares come alive. Reiner, under the explosive hold of thunder spears. then, Bertholdt, limbs pulled from his body. a C H O I C E, had god given her the choice between hell and whatever lay beneath it? strangled and echoed screams escaped her as the garden of peace and connection in her mind finally could no longer bear the fire of war. her bones dissolved, leaving her body to tumble down from on high, cracking down to the city streets. she tried to reform her titan, but all she could manage was a malformation, a body twisted. the jaw of her titan managed to swing open, screaming the name of the youngest of their team -- the shy, timid boy she’d did her best to protect. by that time, from the crushing sensation in her heart, she knew he was gone.

    her mission had failed; she had not come to war, she had come to save.

    it felt like millennia before she felt the touch of a knife cut her from what remained of the Nurse Titan. just barely, she could hear Zeke’s voice, the deep echo of Pieck, and Marcel -- oh, Marcel...

                                     what could we have done differently?

    the present came back to her mind, the ocean having come to fall from her eyes. the salt of her flowing tears dripping through the slight gap in her lips. she’d never spoken of the choice she’d been given that day. she had tried for years to only cry in quiet rooms, in the treetops, in abandoned towns. and yet, here, on the beach that had cradled them for so long, here, the tide had come to claim her.

                             “... we can wish we’d done things differently until we die, we cannot spend what little we have left sinking into those millions of choices. i want -- i want them back, more than anything, I wanted... to save you from all of this. If I fall into that failure, I will never come back out, and I will N O T let you follow me.” her thin voice was almost swallowed by the sound of the ocean before she took Marcel’s face in her hands. “Marcel,” she mouthed. “Please.” her throat wouldn’t allow any more words.

    #oncejaw #tag; AU | The Nurse Titan #( did you ask for all of this #am i crying #do they need a lifetime supply of apples #no yes and YES )
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  • raspberryranpo
    24.02.2021 - 9 monts ago
    #fire emblem three houses #fire emblem three houses headcanons #fe3h#fe3h headcanons #fe3h x reader #hubert x reader #dimitri x reader #dorothea x reader #edelgard x reader #hubert von vestra #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #dorothea arnault #edelgard von hresvelg
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  • kyberled
    08.02.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Send my character a ► and a command. They must obey. || ACCEPTING

    @luminousxbeings​ asked:
    ► "Can you get me a bunch of those cinnamon sweet rolls from the commissary? Pretty please?" Ace is absolutely going to abuse this he's an absolute terror

    Oh, looks like someone’s discovered the concept of pastries.

    “Only if you promise to train them off, after.” But can he really resist that little face? Especially knowing that Ace had likely never had such things, before. The ‘stern’ look he’d tried to adopt falls to a grin, and he holds up one finger to demonstrate the importance of the information he’s about to impart.

    “Now, keep this in mind, young one: There are many commissaries around the Temple. Sometimes they stock different things. More importantly to this, the staff will sometimes limit how much of something they’ll give you at a time, especially if it’s related to sweets. Now, having a good rapport can help you to get around this a bit, but the best way is always going to be to visit more than one. This is why it’s important for Jedi to know how to work together.” He tapped the comm at his wrist and held it to his mouth.

    “Hey, Hano?”

    [”Hey, Braig.”]

    “Where are you, right now?” Braig furrowed his brow and tilted his head to the side.

    [”Just finished up in the combat simulator, why?”]

    “Do you think you could stop by the commissary and pick up some of the sweet rolls? Ace wants to try them.”

    [”The new initiate? ... Sure, I don’t see why not. Just bring him to the lounge, I’ll meet you there.”]

    “Great! Thank you.” Braig tapped the comm again, flashed Ace a wink. “Hey, Naweh! Are you and Booda still on creche duty?”

    [”Yeah, for about five minutes. Then we’re supposed to let someone else have a turn, or something.”]

    “Would you be able to grab some of the sweet rolls from the commissary? We’re meeting in the lounge.”

    [”Sounds fun to me. We’ll be there.”]

    “Wonderful.” And he shut the comm off once more, putting a hand on Ace’s shoulder and nodding to the commissary.

    “Now we get ours. ... But, really - I had better not see you slacking off later today. I have vowed to use my influence for good.” And then he pauses, shrugs, grins again.


    #luminousxbeings#luminousxbeings; ace #&& best foot forward; ic #&& as best i can; answers #&& brave new worlds; padawan #lISTEN HE CAN'T JUDGE #those big old puppy eyes of his used to get him so many treats when he was little #also he figures ace is going to get a lot of guidance on how to be a /jedi/ #someone has to help him learn how to be a /kid/
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  • bronzeagelove
    21.01.2021 - 10 monts ago

    SpecRecs Letter 2021

    Hello dear SpecRecs Writer/Artist! I don’t know if you’re going to read this at all, but in case you (and anyone else) would like to look over my likes and dislikes, I compiled you this handy list 😊


    Slice of life! Seeing characters navigating their everyday life makes me happy!

    Angst with happy ending

    Character Studies

    Alien biology and culture, especially if partners/roommates from different species have to get used to living together


    Shepards and Ryders that aren’t complete badasses, but struggle with their job

    Average characters (not especially pretty, not especially gifted)

    Plot Hole Fixing

    Destroy Ending AUs with EDI and the geth surviving

    Postwar Stories

    No Reapers AUs

    Everyone Lives AUs

    Rest under a cut because here be Lemons

    Porn likes:

    I’m rather vanilla, so writing the basic deed (both in a ‘slow and sensual’ or ‘I need you right now!’ way) will be fine 😉

    Sex as a fun thing that both partners can laugh about!

    Cuddling, being sweet to each other

    Gentle wrestling/shoving/nibbling/restraining as part of foreplay

    Half-clothed sex (especially with warm socks on!)

    Safe sex and discussion of safe sex beforehand. This includes contraception, allergy shots, being mindful of squishy partner because of talons or skin toxins etc. Please no handwaving via ‘oh we’re both not allergic, it’s fine!’

    Sleepy morning sex with one partner still half asleep and being ‘surprised’ (this requires established relationship and both partners being okay with it)

    One partner watching the other masturbate to see what they like

    Semi-public sex (elevators, cars, etc)

    Oral (unless done in a degrading fashion)

    Self-lubricating turian penises

     Dislikes and Squicks:



    Major Character Death

    AUs except for No Reapers and Everyone Lives


    Interspecies reproduction and hybrids (unless canon Asari reproduction)

    Species change (I love ME because of the aliens. I don’t want them humanized or a different species!)

    Genderbend (If a character is interesting, it won’t matter what gender they are, so why change it??)

    Pregnancy and talk thereof/ Characters wishing to be pregnant

    Kidfics, with kids being the pinnacle of a romantic relationship

    Arranged Marriage (whether forced or suggested through parents/matchmaker)

    Turian society portrayed as pseudo feudal/medieval/etc with strict gender roles

    Non-turian partners taking their turian partner’s colony markings (makes no sense to me lore-wise)


    Not a big fan of biotics…

    ‘Bondmarks’/ Biting as a way of ‘marking’ partner as yours

     Porn dislikes:

    Aliens that turn feral or animalistic when aroused and who ‘can’t help’ ravishing their partner

    Sex Pollen

    Hard BDSM



    Humiliation and degradation kinks, petplay


    A/B/O in any constellation, Mpreg

    Whew. This list is not exhaustive, but should probably give you a handy overview over my preferences. TL;DR: Staying mostly canon compliant and vanilla is perfect ;)

    #bronzeagewrites#squicks#on fanfic #call me boring #but I like my fic nice #like chicken soup for the soul #lemon#nsfs#spec recs #spectre requisitions exchange
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  • dr-ladybird
    21.01.2021 - 10 monts ago

    SpecRecs Letter 2021

    Feel free to combine any of the pairings I’ve asked for, to create friendship groups or poly relationships.

    Any time I’ve offered or asked for female versions of Shepard or Ryder, I’m happy with male or NB versions instead - I’m only specifying a gender because the site makes me.

    If I’ve asked for romance, I’d also like a platonic version of the same relationship.


    Focus on friendship and mutual support.

    Ensemble casts (background pairings are fine).


    Angst without hopelessness.

    Action scenes.

    Alien biology and culture.

    Interesting, non-anime-elf quarian designs.

    Genders other than 21st-century Western male and female (SF or real-world).

    Consideration of the setting’s politics and economics.

    Player characters being OCs with their own personality (I’m not fussed about what they look like, but I want a personality).

    Human characters with cultural backgrounds. (Any cultural background. Sure, representation never hurts, but “I’m an Anglo-American from New York so my Shepard is an Anglo-American from New York” is a perfectly good background.)

    Religious characters.

    Coping with disability.

    Fic that repairs canon plotholes.

    Destroy Ending AUs with EDI and the geth surviving. (Shepard surviving in one piece is good, Shepard winding up disabled and having to get a new job is good, Shepard dying nobly is also good.)

    Canon divergence AUs.

    Stories about rebuilding after the Reaper War.

    No Reapers AUs.

    Porn likes:

    Treatment of sex as a fun collaborative thing, and not taking it too seriously.

    Necks as an erogenous zone. Also ears, if the character has external ear flaps.

    Cuddling and massage.

    Admiring partner’s body (regardless of whether they’re conventionally attractive).

    Non-idealised sex, and things going wrong without ruining the sex.

    Safe sex (whatever that means in context… contraception, avoiding fluid-bonding for disease prevention or due to allergies, being careful about using your fangs on soft squishy aliens, being careful when using your electricity powers on any kind of alien, being careful when tying up your partner to make sure they don’t sprain something, quarian issues…)

    Light BDSM (particularly wrestling, spanking or biting). Focussed on fun for everyone involved, and nothing too hardcore.

    Weird alien genitalia. Let’s get creative!

    -particularly interested in knotting, tentacles, or cisgendered male characters who have some sort of sensitive sperm-producing orifice instead of a penis.

    Quarian porn where they keep their suits on, and nerve-stim programs in general.

    I like the idea of mating cycles, but only if everyone keeps all their mental faculties, everything stays 100% consensual, and the biology makes sense.


    Excessive/inappropriate romantic jealousy from characters who are supposed to be sympathetic.

    Infidelity. (I’m fine with Shepard re-partnering after Horizon – I’ll count Horizon as a breakup.)

    AUs in a totally different setting, particularly modern or Regency AUs.

    Suicide, unless the context is someone sacrificing themselves for a good cause or as a final defiance.

    “My true love died - this means I will spend the rest of my life mourning them, and can never love again!” Or any other variation on “you can only have one true love, ever.” Especially if it’s played as alien psychology!

    Anything soulmate-related.

    Batarians being innately and inevitably evil.

    Turian society being male-dominated.

    “Most salarians actually do have sex drives - they just pretend they don’t because their society is so repressive and anti-sex.” (I’m happy with individual salarians having sex drives, as long as it’s an odd individual quirk.)

    Generic-feeling, “non OC” Shepards or Ryders. (The default names and character designs are fine, I just want a personality.)

    Interspecies reproduction, unless it’s the canonical asari variety.

    The sort of kidfic that acts like children are rewards for getting married/the inevitable next step after marriage, rather than their own people.

    I’m OK with Shepard having a sexual assault backstory, addiction issues, or infertility angst - but only if they’re coping fairly well with it and it’s not the focus of the fic.

    Porn dislikes:

    Humiliation/degradation type kinks.

    Taboo roleplaying – eg doctor/patient, police officer/criminal or teacher/student (especially if actual doctors or police are involved).

    Dubcon or noncon, unless you’re deliberately going for “this is messed up and horrible”. Rape roleplay is OK, as long as it’s clearly roleplay in-universe.

    Porn that feels like an X-rated parody of canon.

    A/B/O or seme/uke stereotypes, in either slash or het.

    Turian romance dislikes:

    Female humans being objectively better in bed than female turians, or male turians as objectively better than male humans. (I’m fine with characters who prefer aliens – just make sure it’s played as “this character has a weird kink,” not “the aliens are objectively better”).

    Implications that they “mate for life” in a way humans don’t.

    Implications that they’re innately violent during sex or that they don’t understand cuddling.

    Anything portraying them as mentally/emotionally savage and animalistic, or implying it’s OK for them to lose control and do things their partner didn’t agree to.

    I’m generally pro-biting, but can we please treat it under BDSM rules (eg, only if your partner wants to be bitten)? And if there’s blood or permanent scarring, then unless it was an accident and the next paragraph involves first aid and a lot of apologies, that’s too hardcore for me.

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  • gghjournal
    12.12.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Ang mga handog ng Don Bosco Makati SHS

    Juan Miguel Gutierrez (Tekstong Impormatibo)

    Ang Don Bosco Makati ay isang paaralan na makikita sa Chino Roces Ave. Makati City. Ito ay nagawa taong 1954 at nagbibigay serbisyo hanggang sa kasalukuyan. Sa ngayon ay mayroon apat na strand na binibigay ang DBTI SHS at ito ay ang mga strand na Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Humanities and Social Science (HUMMS), at Arts and Design Track.

    Ang DBTI SHS ay hindi lang mga core at specialized na paksa ang kanilang itinuturo. Meron din mga e-tech subjects na layunin ay bigyan sila ng kasanayan sa teknolohiya. Bawat strand ay mayroon iba’t ibang e-tech subjects. Sa STEM ay malaya sila pumili pero dapat may kaugnayan sa kanilang strand. Para naman sa ABM, HUMMS, Art and Design ay mayroon ng ibinigay sa kanila, hindi na nila kailangan mamili pa. Ang mga ganitong kakayahan ay isang malaking tulong dahil ang mundo natin ngayon ay nangangailangan na ang bawat isa ay dapat may kaalaman sa teknolohiya. Kaya’t magandang pagsasanay ito para sa kasalukuyan ay mayroon na tayong karanasan. Ang mga guro rin dito ay malalapitan pag may kailangan, mababait at ibang klase magturo. Panigurado ay madadami kang matutunan. Hindi lang ito ang handog nila mayroon din silang mga programa na tututlungan nila ang mga nasalanta sa pamimigitan ng pamimigay ng mga pagkain,damit, at iba pa.

    Gusto mo ba ng ganitong karanasan? Ano pa iyong hinihintay at mag enroll ka na sa DBTI Makati SHS para maranasan mo ang pagiging isang Bosconian. Panigurado ay hindi ka magsisisi dahil tiyak na madami kang matutunan pagkatapos ng iyong pag-aaral dito.

    Don Bosco tutulungan ka ma abot ang iyong pangarap

     (Han Sang yoon) - Deskriptibo

               Dito sa Don Bosco Technical Institute Makati Senior High School Department kami ay nagbibigay ng katangi-tanging edukasyon para sa aming mag-aaral. Mayroon kaming mga guro na mayroong matataas na kwalipikasyon at komprehensibong programang K-12 na sinusuporthan ng DepED. Sa Don Bosco ay bibigyan ka naming ng pagkakataon makalasap ng bagong mundo, gamit ang iba’t-ibang mga aktibidad na aming pinamumunuan kada buwan. Nakabase sa 3 matatag na haligi ang pundasyon ng aming eskwelahan: rason, relihiyon, at mapagmahal na kabutihan, hindi lamang naming pinapangalagaan ang inyong kakayahang pang-akademiko kung hindi susuportahan din naming ang inyong mga pangangailangang espiritwal.

    Ikaw ba ay mahilig sa sining, gustong maging inhenyero, programmer, o di kaya’y isang businessman? Aba’y ang Don Bosco ay tamang-tama para sa’yo at ng matupad mo ang pangarap mo. Kami ay nagbibiga ng iba‘t-ibang klase ng mga programa para sa iyong tinatangkilik na strand, kung ano man ang inyong gustong marating, kami ay nandyan para tulungan kayong ito’y abutin. Sa Don Bosco ay ibibigay naming sainyo ang lahat ng inyong pangangailangan. Ano sabi mo? Hindi ka pa sigurado kung ano gusto mong gawin sa buhay mo? Ah, edi wag ka na mag-alala kasama na yan sa aming programa. Tutulungan ka naming linangin ang iyong pangarap at bibigyan din naming kayo ng patnubay at gabay para maayos mo ang iyong sariling daan sa buhay.

    Naghahanap ka ba ng isang paaralan kung saan mayroong iba’t-ibang pasilidad? Meron din kami niyan. Mula sa isang malawak na football field, maraming basketball court, mga laboratorya, malupet na mga upuan, badminton courts, volleyball courts, teatro, cafeteria na maraming iba’t-ibang pagkain, isang fitness gym at malinis na mga banyo. Lahat yan ay meron kami. Ang Don Bosco ay laging handa para sa mga bagong estudyante at palagi kaming handang ibigay ang pinakaamagandang karanasan.

    Ang aming Vision Mission: Don Bosco – Makati is a nurturing, responsive, research-oriented, and innovative Salesian school for the young. We form an educative-pastoral community of lifelong-learners, champions of integral ecology, and agents of social transformation. We provide a holistic Catholic education that forms the young, especially the poor, to become good Christians and upright citizens. Our schools mission is to prepare all of our students for the future, we make sure that when our students go out into the real world, they can adapt easily and stand out as an individual in society. We also help them develop as a person with right morals and ethics, as a good Christian and an upright citizen. Ginagabayan naming ang aming mga estudyante sa tamang daan sa buhay. Ang buhay ng Bosconian ay hindi nagtatapos pagkatapos ng graduwasyon nila, dadalhin pa din nila ang mga natutunan nila hanggang sa susunod na parte ng kanilang mga buhay. Ang isang Bosconian ay palaging magiging Bosconian. Palagi naming mamahalin ang aming mga estudyante na parang aming pamilya na may kasamang respeto at mahabagin na pag-ibig.

    Isang lugar kung saan maraming magagaling na guro, na may pinaka kumprehensibong mga programa para sa mag-aaral, pinakamagandang mga pasilidad, isang matibay na pundasyon na binubuo ng mga matatag na prinsipyo at moralidad, at isang malinaw na vision mission para ihanda ang mga estudyante sa mga haharapin nila sa buhay. Amg lahat ng ito ay mahahanap niyo sa aming katangi-tanging paaralan na Don Bosco Insitute of Makati. Kaya ano pa ba ang hinihintay mo? Tara na at mag-apply!

    Don Bosco Para sa magandang kinabukasan

    (Francois Olivier D. General) (Tekstong Naratibo)

      Karamihan sa mga estudyante ay naghahanap ng perpektong paaralan para sa darating na senior high school. Karamihan sa mga paaralan ay nagbibigay ng mga ibat-ibang klaseng programa upang maihikayat nila ang mga estudyante na mag aral sa kanilang institusyun, subalit saan nga ba ang perpektong paaralan para mag aral sa darating na Senior high school? Para sa akin sa Don Bosco Makati kana. Bakit? Natatandaan ko ang aking kaibigan na nag aral sa Don Bosco Makati ng dahil sa mga ala alang ibinahagi ko sa kanya. Naaalala ko habang ako ay naglalakad pauwi galing Don Bosco Makati upang kunin ang aking mga kagamitan na aking naiwan, naka salubong ko ang aking kaibagan na itatago natin sa pangalang Ciel at dali dali siyang tumakbo papunta sa akin.

    Ciel: Hoy pre! Kamusta kana? Matagal na tayong hindi nakakalaro mag DOTA ah.”

    Francois: Oo nga eh matagal narin tayong hindi nakakalaro ng DOTA eh paano banaman kasi lockdown paano tayo makakalabas niyan?

    Ciel: Puwede naman sa bahay ah... may laptop kanaman.

    Francois: oo nga eh pero sige susubukan kong mag laro mamaya kung hindi ako tamarin haha.

    Ciel: sige sige uwi narin ako mamaya nalang discord.

    Nung kami ay naka uwi na dali dali kong binuksan ang aking laptop upang makapag laro na kami.

    Francois: Hoy pre! G kana? Handa kanabang mag laro?

    Ciel: oo tara! Hangang anong oras kaba mag lalaro?

    Francois: Siguro mga ilang laro lang ako. Saglit lang ako .

    Makalipas ng anim na oras kami ay natapos narin maglaro, ngunit ako ay nagulat ng matapos niya akong tanungin kung saan ba ang magandang paaralan upang mag aral sa senior high school. TInanong niya ako kung anong strand ang aking kukunin kapag ako ay nag senior high school na. Simula nung kami ay gradong siyam palamang matagal nan niyang pinag iisipan kung saang paaralan siya mag aaral kapag siya ay nag senior high school na.

    Ciel: Grabe yung laro natin no!? Sunod sunod panalo.

    Francois: Ayun nga eh!  nanalo pa tayo nung huling laro natin.

    Ciel: Oo nga pala... saan ka mag aaral sa senior high school?

    Francois: Ako... sa Don Bosco Makati parin, bakit?

    Ciel: Hindi, kasi binabalak kung lumipat, eh... hindi pa ako sigurado kung saan ako mag aaral? Mag bigay ka nga ng suhestyon kung saan maganda mag aral?

    Francois: Sa Don Bosco Makati nayan!

    Ciel: ayaw ko nga! Hindi naman ako banal eh.

    Francois: Hindi ah! Hindi mo naman kailangan maging banal upang pumasok sa Don Bosco Makati.

    Ciel: Bakit naman? Ano ang maganda sa Don Bosco Makati?

    Francois: Ang maganda sa Don Bosco Makati pag mag aaral ka sa para sa senior high school hindi lang ang mga core subjects ang itinuturo roon. Meron kaming tinatawag na mga technical subject.

    Ciel: Ano yung technical subject? Bago yun ah.

    Francois: Ang technical subject ay pagbigay sanay sa mga teknolohiya para sa mga estudyante at ang kagandahan ng mga technical subject ay para mabigyan ka ng karanasan kapag ito ay kinakailangan na. Ang Don Bosco Makati ay hindi lang hinahanda ang mga estudyante para sa kolehiyo kundi hinahanda rin nila ang kanilang mga estudyante para sa ating buhay dahil alam naman natin na hindi habang buhay tayo ay bata, darating yung araw na tayo ay tatanda rin.

    Ciel: Oh... ano pa kagandahan sa don bosco?

    Francois: Ang iba pang kagandahan sa Don Bosco ay hindi lang magandang edukasyon ang kanilang kayang ibigay kundi tuturuan din tayo kung paano maging isang mabuting mamayan dahil aanuhin mo naman ang magandang edukasyon kung wala kang moralidad sa buhay, diba? Dapat balanse ang ating talino at moralidad upang tayo ay magkaroon ng magandang buhay.

    Ciel: paano naman yung mga aktibidad katulad ng mga field trip?

    Francois: Mayroon din kaming field trip pero ang aming field trip ay hindi lang basta basta kung saan kadalasan kami ay lumalayo sa Manila minsan nakaka abot kami ng tagaytay at ang maganda pa ay meron din kaming retreat na nag tagal ng dalawang araw.

    Ciel: umaabot ng dalawang araw retreat niyo?

    Francois: Noong ako ay ika sampong grado palang nag dalawang araw kami sa Batulao ang masaya doon ay matagal mong makakasama ang iyong mga kaklase. Magkakaroon ka ng panibagong karanasan lalong lalo na kapag hindi niyo pa nararanasan ang ganyang klaseng aktibidad ngunit ang sabi sa amin mas matagal ang retreat ng senior high school kumpara mo sa junior high school, ang huli kong rinig ata mga isang lingggo? Hindi lang ako sigurado.

    Ciel: Isang linggo! Retreat!? Ang saya naman nun!

    Francois: Hindi lang yan ang mga magagandang karanasan na mararanasan mo kapag ika’y nag aral sa Don Bosco Makati, nakaranas ka na ba na nagkakaroon ng mga concert sa eskwelahan niyo?

    Ciel: Hindi pa. Bakit meron kayo? Sino sino ang mga pumunta?

    Francois: Ang natatandaan ko noong ika-sampong grado palang ako ben and-

    Ciel: Ben and Ben!? Hoy Paborito ko yun.

    Francois: oo haha tapos nung isang event ng senior high school pumunta si kiyo sa Don Bosco Makati para mag concert.

    Ciel: Seryoso yan!? Kiyo? Ang swerte niyo naman.

    Francois: Hindi lang yan ang mga aktibidad sa Don Bosco Mayroon din kaming foundation day at diyan ginaganap ang celebration ng aming eskwalahan. Dito maraming mga aktibidad na pwedeng gawin katulad ng mga palaro at oo nga pala nung kami ay grade eight palamang nag karoon ng DOTA tournament sa school, noong 2018 mga ganun at noong grade ten naman ML tournament.

    Ciel: Seryoso yan? DOTA? Sali tayo!

    Francois: Hindi ko lang sigurado kung mag kakaroon pa ulit ng ganun. Pero hindi lang naman yan yung mga aktibidad sa eskwelahan eh pwede mo rin mapanood yung intramurals ng mga guro katulad ng makikita mong mag lalaban ang bawat guro sa bastketball, vollyball at iba pa. At syempre hindi tayo makakalimutan mayroon din tayong intramurals... kung mapapansin mo sa ibang paaralan kadalasan basketball at vollyball lang. Dito sa Don Bosco Mayroon ding mga ibat bang sports katulad ng Table tennis, football, swimming at iba marami pa.

    Ciel: Mukang maganda mag aral diyan ah ngunit hindi ako makaka aral diyan kasi balak ko talaga mag aral sa Ateneo. Kahit mukhang masaya diyan parang hindi ko parin trip eh.

    Francois: sige sige... ay alas tres na ng umaga matutulog nako sige mamaya nalang ulit pag gising, good night good night.

    Ciel: Sige Sige.

    Matapos ang ilang matagal na buwan nag karoon na ng oryentasyon para sa mga mag aaral ng senior high school ngunit may nakita akong pamilyar na pangalan nung tiningnan ko ang mga kasali sa oryentasyon sa zoom ako ay nagdadalawang isip kung siya ba talaga iyon kasi hindi sinasabi ni Ciel na kung saan talaga siya mag aaral.

    Francois: Mukhang pamilyar tong pangalan na to ah. Message ko nga. (sinabi ko sa aking isip isipan)

    Pinicturan ko ang pamilyar na pangalan at sinend ko ka agad kay Ciel.

    Francois: Hoy! Bakit nandito pangalan mo? Ano strand mo?

    Ciel: hahaha wala lang na kumbinsi ako sa sinabi mo eh parang nagustuhan ko tuloy mag aral sa Don Bosco.

    Francois: Walang hiya ka akala ko sa Ateneo ka mag aaral. Bakit mo naman napag isipan na mag aral sa Don Bosco Makati?

    Ciel: Katulad nga ng sinabi mo Hindi lang magandang edukasyon ang maidudulot ko dito sa Don Bosco Makati kundi ang magandang pagkato din at siyempre ang mga magagandang karanasan na mararanasan ko dito kahit na grade 11 online class tayo panigurado mababawi naman iyan sa darating na grade 12.

    Francois: Nice one pre!

    At ngayon si Ciel ay nag aral sa Don Bosco Makati matapos ko siyang kumbinsi na mag aral sa Don Bosco Makati dahil alam niya sa sarili niya na aanuhin niya ang magandang edukasyon kung pangit ang pagkatao mo at nagustuhan niya rin ang mga aktibidad sa paaralan. Ngunit bakit nga ba maganda mag aral sa Don Bosco Makati? Katulad ng sa vision and mission ng Don Bosco Makati, gusto ng paaralan na ikaw ay maging isang mabuting mamayan hangang sa iyong pag tanda. Kaya ano pa ang iyong hinihintay mag aral kana sa Don Bosco Makati sa darating na SHS upang maranasan mo ang pagiging isang tunay bosconian.

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