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  • Importance of Emotions

    टाइटल को देखकर आपको लग रहा होगा कि यह लेख फिर से लॉ ऑफ़ अट्रेक्शन के ऊपर होगा, तो ऐसा नही है, ये उससे बहुत अलग है | आज हम बताएँगे की आपके Emotion कैसे आपकी लाइफ को बना सकते हैं | लेकिन सबसे पहले आपको जानना होगा कि Emotion क्या है ? कुछ लोगो का कहना है कि Emotion हमारा विचार है | जैसे कि- आप सोच रहे हैं कि आप किसी बहुत बड़ी जगह पर हैं, लाखों लोग बैठे हैं, और आप उनको कुछ बता रहे हैं या सीखा रहे…


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    — Dr. Faith G. Harper, Unfuck Your Brain: Using Science To Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-outs, and Triggers

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  • Today, someone may feel terrible way.. angry, dissapointed, sad, stressed, down, crazy, mad very very bad and nothing even a piece of good things cross in your mind.. I said, very very terrible way… Worst at all..

    If you ever feel like that, i mean trully feel like the bad things mind came to your mind. Your choice is just two.

    One : take your anger out terribly bad.


    Two : be patient until you vent it slowly and do it when you alone.

    Hmm, i think everybody choose option number 2 … Niceee, you are a great and kind of a strong, beautiful, handsome (?) people..

    Everybody want to be and want to person like that.. So you are just succesfully fulfill their wish!! whether it’s for the good or the bad thing. They said you’re such a nice people, maybe another one said you’re weak, can be arranged, plain, stupid (?) but over all they considered you are good and nice people..

    I said life, I said reality.. It is true. !! They said Nice but…. Great but… Good but… and perfect but….. Ect.


    So lets talk about option number 1. You may find people talk worst about you, you are bad, you are grumpy, cruel, crazy (?), ugly at all, and something like that.. Problem? I think nope. I said again. Nope.

    People didn’t really get angry in a long time. They just need a time, and…………………. Someone to talk about. We are human. We are social creatures. Of course God always in our coversation and all too. But, we are human. We need someone to talk to.

    I know everybody hide their anger from everyone. They just bury it them and not let anyone know what it is. Wrong! Anger just want to be realesed, again, with someone, anyone.

    If anger was burried deep. What the function of anger ? Be communicate, before anger become worst.

    I dont know, maybe communicate with your trusted people, or even your enemies and people who belittle or abuse you. Depends on your condition, position or situation.

    Not all anger should known but.. Let it known by at least one person in your life.. Dont forget God too.. Pray to him. Everything that happens is always by his will. You will learn right?

    Sometimes we dont need ‘good’ stamp from others. We just need to be 'heard’. If heard doesnt work either (make sure you have communicate) know that only God will not take your feelings for granted. Remember it.

    Only God that will not take your feelings for granted. In Al-Qur'an said: ولايزلمون فطيلا which means : and you will not be wronged at all.

    So, option number 1 is not bad at all. Always watch your portion of anger. Realived? Yes. Anger? Not again. What if people said you’re bad?

    No problem. I take my (anger, sad, down, dissapointed, mad, stressed) portion.

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    #Tonight's Mood#emotions#moods#affirmations #E.M. Hasty #Meets no requirements
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  • Tone Tags

    Hey guys, so a little tidbit on me, I’m neurodivergent so sometimes understanding things over text is really hard for me. I use tone tags as a way to express emotion over text. If you ever wanna talk me, which feel free to hop in my dms at any point, please try and use these, it helps a bunch.


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  • #Midnight thoughts#broken promises #my mind is a dark place #Mind#midnight rants#midnight writes#tumblr#tumblelog #artists on tumblr #writers on tumblr #love#toxic#relationship#heartbreak#break up #once in a lifetime #one last time #emotions#alonequotes #Lonely. #to forget#You #i love you.
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  • Like I mentioned before in my blog, my father suffers from Dementia. This journey we are in is not easy at all. If you want to know a little bit more of my father please view my previous post “Dementia; What Is It, You May Ask.!? 💜”

    Sometimes there are moments, where you feel so irritated, so annoyed. Heck! You start lashing out, you start raising your voice, even you start belittling your spouse. Sometimes you don’t notice/realize what it is that you are doing, all those feelings of irritation, frustration, feeling annoyed are normal. You are trying to adjust to this new lifestyle of constant reminders of simple tasks that your spouse needs to do such as brushing their teeth, going to the restroom and so much more. Your actions however, are not ok. The yelling, the raising of your voice, the name calling, the facial expressions of annoyance towards your partner are not ok. Can you imagine how you would feel if a stranger did these things to you, how you would feel? Now I personally think it’s much worse when it comes from those that you love and are suppose to love you in sickness and in health, till death do you part. Can we try and put ourselves in their shoes for just a second, we either can’t or we don’t want to. As it is, they have to live with the idea, the fact, that they are forgetting things little by little and with time it will only get worse. The day your spouse got the diagnosis both your lives changed forever. Hey! It’s not the end of the world. Don’t let this stop you from living your life. No! You just have to make little adjustments that’s all. No biggie! What you gots to do is have patience. I’m sure you’re gonna be like “Whaaaattttt!?” But its true patience is a major key in your daily battle with dementia. This is when the family has to come together and work as a team and work harder than ever. My advice to you or anyone you know that might have someone in their family/friend that suffers from dementia is to read and I mean read a lot in regards to dementia. Learn to deal with your emotions, remember it is normal to feel a certain way, however, what is not ok is your actions. If you feel like you’re going to snap, yell, raise your voice, start the name calling, facial expressions. Take some time to yourself, excuse yourself and collect yourself, calm yourself, get it together. Also think the way I react how is thing going to hurt my spouse/friend/other family member. Remember as well, it’s the little things that are done and/or said including facial expressions that can cause for your loved one to fall into depression. Live life as it is going to be your last with your loved one and make as much memories as you can. Record videos and take pictures so that later down the road you can show your loved one those beautiful memories. Cherish and appreciate every second spent with your loved one. Pray for patience, pray for calmness, pray for Him to give you the comfort, strength, peace. I can only say, it will only get worse and you have to prepare yourself for what’s to come. You are not alone, we are in this together. It’s hard, not impossible. STAY STRONG 💜 

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  • Guys, I had a conversation with my guide about expressing emotions. Should we do our best to express uncondicional love or we can feel our human emotions such as anger and sadness?

    He said both are valid! We should always try to be kind with ourselves and others, but emotions like anger, frustration and sadness are necessary for our human experience. So, allow yourself to feel them, without shame. Embrace them, talk to them. Allow yourself to be in silence with your heart, it will guide you through what’s good or bad in your life, and also what behaviors of yours aren’t very nice. When it comes to other people, having a conversation in a good voice tone for example, doesn’t mean that you are not angry. You’re allowed to express such feelings vocalizing, crying, being in silence, transforming it in creative energy, moving away from this person (physically and energetically)… Just watch how these actions unfold, do they hurt more or relieves your pain? It’s easy to let yourself be devoured by pain. How does these emotions are impacting you, people around you, and your reality?

    In the end, give yourself time to listen to yourself and stop trying to find answers outside. Your existence is valid, as well as your feelings. Be nice with your heart, you deserve good things.

    (I’m aware about extreme situations where you can’t have a good communication with yourself or/and others, and mental illnesses that prejudice this discernment. But if you can, try to pay attention at how you deal with feelings. And again, they’re valid and necessary! Don’t hold them back!)

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  • Let’s chat. The last couple of weeks have been really tough both emotionally and mentally. I am unsure why it began, but for some reason, the last two weeks have just been a rollercoaster of nostalgia and reminiscing. I’m talking full on trips down the very dark corners of memory lane. I honestly cannot pinpoint what started it but I think dreams is a big part of it. For some reason I am living in the past in my dreams right now. Literally anyone from my past that I no longer speak to has been appearing regularly. Sometimes I just see them, other times I am back in the point of history when we were friends or close, or other times it’s in the present but we are still as close as we always were. It’s made me sad, and it’s made me miss people. I wonder if some feelings, thoughts, emotions and memories that are usually packed and archived away in the back of my memory have all been brought to the forefront due to conversations in therapy. Of course talking about being bullied, sexuality and abandonment bring up a lot of feelings and a hell of a lot of memories. I find myself wondering about people I haven’t seen for up to ten years and wondering if they ever think about me, or I ever even find my way into their memory even slightly. I find myself thinking about people who were just passing friendships and wondering where they are, what they are doing and whether they ever think of all the good times we had. I think a lot of high school. I think of the person I was then and the people I knew. I will never forget or not miss high school. They really were some of the best times of my life, before people needed to start seriously thinking about their future, before everything stopped being a joke or just fun. I miss those days so very much. I miss those people. I feel so incredibly lucky to still have my very best friend from those days, but I certainly miss a lot of the guys that were my best friends back then. One of them really fucked me over and turned into someone I never thought they would – yet for some reason, they are one of the main ones from that time who constantly pops into my head. I found myself searching for him online the other day out of morbid curiosity. He never really had an online presence even back then, so I didn’t expect to find him – and I didn’t. I did find his girlfriend though, an ex-best friend who fucked me over at the same time. Oddly there is no love lost with her. She doesn’t pop into my dreams, I don’t think about her and it is not a friendship that I have ever wished to rebuild. She showed her true colours and as much as it broke me at the time, I moved on, and I was better for it. I saw a picture of the two of them and I didn’t really have any feelings. I mean, I do not have any ‘real’ feelings towards this guy anymore, it’s more that feeling of longing for the friendship you had. I sometimes find myself wondering what it would be like to bump into each other and say ‘hi’ and just do that thing that your parents do when you are younger and they see someone they ‘used to know’. That brief little chat about each other’s lives and then you go on about your daily life without another thought. I find that hard. I find it hard to just go on. I am not naïve enough to believe that if I ever saw him again we could be friends or we would be how we used to be, but regardless, it is as though that fantasy lives on in my head and I miss the friendship – a lot. Another friend from that time and I tried to stay in touch for a while. It was a little rocky at first and then things seemed to be going quite well until I sent a message one Christmas and never got a response – despite them wanting me to tell them when I was home and we could meet up. I felt hurt. It was another one of those ties to my high school friends and memories that had been cut off. For some reason the other day I had this urge to message them. They are someone else who doesn’t really use social media (I guess we are all growing up and realising just how bad social media is for your mental health), so I sent him a message on WhatsApp to the last number I ever had for him. I knew it was a long shot because he was always changing his number and when the message only sent with one tick, I realised that that connection was gone too. I have no way to contact him, and maybe that was the message I needed that I shouldn’t, and that friendship had also ended completely, or he would have given me his new number when he got one. I guess it was a learning curve, once again, something I should have accepted long ago. I don’t even know what I wanted or thought I would get from that reconnection, but I think part of it really was the feeling of losing all my links to that time of my life. Perhaps that sounds ridiculous, I guess it does, but it’s my honest thoughts at this moment in time.

    Inevitably looking for one-person online leads to that very large black hole of searching for everyone and anything you’ve ever known. Everyone is having babies, like everyone. I cannot deal with it. It makes me feel so old and I don’t want to feel old. Getting old is one of my biggest fears, and I completely agree that that sounds absolutely ridiculous as there is nothing at all that can be done to stop it, but it really is. Time passing by keeps me up at night. Aging is what leaves me with panic attacks and anxiety and provides me with a constant sense of worry. I sometimes get this feeling that everyone else is where they are supposed to be in life and I am not, and then I have long conversations with my therapist about how there is no ‘where you are supposed to be’ – this is something that is different for everyone. Everyone has different hopes and dreams. Everyone has different achievements and things they want to do, but what if you don’t know? What if you have no idea what you want from anything? Does anyone really know? Do I know where I want to be or what I want to be doing in ten years’ time? No, I don’t think I do. I don’t think I know where I want to be this time next year and I’m trying my very best to not be so hard on myself about it – but it’s so incredibly hard.

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  • this video got two review in one, but mostly posting for the first - whatsitsface!

    the one in thumbnail is broke, but these seem like good quality toy & also just rly nice idea - each one got 6 face built in to show diff feeling! as jen say, these could be good way of show feelings if that’s struggle you got

    on fence if would buy one mostly cause some these faces not personal useful, would love if some way make custom - but wanted promote both product & this specific creator cause she just so lovely, hehe!

    if curious, this the faces stella would love see:


    as for why want promote jen, well, she review lot toys & do so honestly! she talk flaws & defects, she talk hopes & letdowns, & whether she think worth it :)

    she also describe visuals very very well, for blind & partly-blind viewers! she even got some videos abt sensory toys, seeing as she got some sensory issue herself, hehe

    that said, unfort she not got more than auto-generate captions, which is bitof bummer… would say they tend be fairly acurate on her videos, just few mistake here or there

    #actuallynonverbal #hoping is OK use that tag?? #actuallyautistic#emotions
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  • I have been working out now for almost 3 weeks and I can see the results when I look at my self in the mirror i see a different person. Before my break up I never took care of my body, was lazy and took no notice of what I looked like. I should be going on the meat market but I’m not ready. I will first get in shape and clear my mind. I will bring my self back to reality.

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