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    17.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #here we go! #ttte #thomas the tank engine #ttte humanized#ttte douglas#self insert#eddie writes
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    17.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    there's music blasting from the dorm building next to mine. it is 4 am. on a school night. we are in MIDTERM SEASON.

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    17.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago
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  • kitepiper
    16.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    @lothcatlovesysalamiri​ here you go here is the sabezra angst I am working on, it starts off all fun and light with banter before the angry tears start

    Sabine's hand was glitching again. Her servomotors locked up at random times in her ring finger, with a strange electrical pain like repeated smacks to her funnybone. She dropped the cup of water in the sink and grimaced at the crashing sound, and the water splashing back at her.
    "Need help?" Ezra asked. He was nearby, making even more caf that he probably shouldn't have.
    Sabine ignored him. Like dealing with a bothersome Loth-cat, he would eventually go away if she didn't give him attention.
    But he had set the caf to brew and wandered over to her anyway. "Hand trouble?" he said. He leaned against the counter by the sink and tried to look casual and cool. "I could, you know, take a look for you,” he said.
    She meant to keep ignoring him, but she couldn't help the sharp "ha!” in derision at the thought.
    "Hey, I'm good at fixing things," Ezra said.
    "You put a soda can over the hyperdrive compressor."
    "It works better than the actual part!" Ezra said.
    Sabine rolled her eyes. "I will give you a thousand credits right now if you can tell me the technical name of that part."
    "Seriously? You have that much money?" Ezra straightened up and thought about it. "Kriff, kriff, kriff... Oh, it's just the compressor cap. Right?"
    He was right, but Sabine just scowled and didn't tell him. Her hand was still aching and sending strange signals up her arm, so she switched hands to try to fill the cup again. "I don't want your chewing gum and paperclips in my hand, just leave me alone," she said.
    #sabezra #ngl i'm shipping imperial scientist sabine and greasemonkey engineer ezra hard in this new AU #double imp AU #astro writes #trying to get this done because it's for day 16 scars #which is today
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    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    For ghost Henry.

    #ttte #thomas the tank engine #thomas and friends #art#my art#ttte henry
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  • eddiesnightexpress
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ttte #thomas the tank engine #ttte millie #ttte sir handel #ttte humanized#eddie writes #she’s a pretty character ngl
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  • aeronave
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Korean Air’s UAV recognized as a top industrial technology achievement

    Korean Air’s UAV recognized as a top industrial technology achievement

    KUS-FT Korean Air’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), KUS-FT, which has adopted the latest automatic landing technology, has been recognized as one of the “2021 Top 15 Industrial Technology Achievements,” by The National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK). NAEK is a research institute that shines light on engineering contributions toward domestic engineering development, and backs relevant…

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  • golden-words-silver-tongue
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    you and her, darling, you don’t make sense. your numbers don’t add up (nor subtract nor divide nor multiply), your equation is dimensionally inconsistent—you cannot feasibly combine or be together as you are.

    too many of the figures in your answers are insignificant (you run your mouth too much around her and it makes you worry, but you can’t help it !! she makes you so nervous. it’s your only way to cope with the jitters). it’s not easy to point out where among these digits you should round off (you have no idea what you’re doing, you’re so out of your depth). the assured exactness of an integer is absent. your numbers don’t reveal a pattern; there is no ratio, golden or otherwise, to be revealed as having existed all along.

    this equation is inelegant. this equation has no solution. there is no point in continuing this because it cannot be done and there are no formulae to guide you and

    you have to be smart about this. you have to be realistic. surely you know this cannot last ? she’s clearly too good for you. that’s the answer you’ve been looking for.

    you know.

    it’s why you don’t make sense together.

    you know.

    but she’s here, your one and only (plus all her tiny infinities and a myriad of unknown variables you still cannot figure out) and your heart stops (though you know that’s impossible, really). but she’s here, despite all reason, and when she says your name your completely rational logic gets thrown out the window.

    there is no exact answer for this that will make sense to your brain. but she is your answer, and that to you feels more right than any solution.

    #spilled ink#writeblr #excerpts from a book i'll never write #wlw#poetry#mine#// #brought to you by me doing nothing but maths #gotta love engineering
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  • lucy-sky
    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Old Time Memory (Terrance Swaino x f!reader)

    Alright, so uh... I already stopped considering myself a writer tbh, but... Here I am :’) Not sure if anyone’s gonna read it (I mean... there’s not even Small Engine Repair fandom on AO3 so he’s clearly an unpopular character... and the story’s not even smutty so it’s definitely not gonna be popular xDD), but I just had this idea about Swaino for a while and decided to get it out of my system. Enjoy?..

    Summary: Sometimes high school reunions are not that bad after all.

    Warnings: none; alcohol consumption and a bit of kissing. i’m so fluffy, ugh

    Words: 2088; gif by me (credit if using); AO3 link if you prefer reading there

    “Sometimes it feels good to be back,” you catch yourself thinking as you take another sip of your beer.

    Life is unpredictable indeed. This morning when you were driving your car on the way to the small town you were born and raised in, you were full of doubts. Do you really have to attend this thing? High school reunions are overrated. Not that you hated school or have bad memories about it… Actually the memories are mostly rather nice, but… It’s been so long since you left, and you weren’t in contact with any of your classmates. You saw some of their pages on facebook, and just couldn’t find anything in common any longer. It’s crazy how life pulls you in different directions and in the end it’s like you’re from totally different worlds. What are you gonna talk about anyways?.. But even though the idea seemed questionable, this morning you still found yourself on the road. Partly it was curiosity, partly this nostalgic feeling, the excitement of walking the streets you knew so well as a kid but haven’t seen in ages… And also you just needed some distraction since life has been rather stressful for the past few weeks. You felt like drowning in the work routine and the prospect of escaping for a while to the place of your young and carefree days seemed not so bad.

    But if someone told you this morning that you’re gonna end up in a karaoke bar drinking beer and giggling quietly at the hilarious singing talents of people on stage, you’d be really surprised. And you’d be even more surprised to learn that you’re gonna be in this bar with Terrance Swaino.

    Oh man, Terrance Swaino… You haven’t seen him since high school, not even on facebook. But you still recognised him immediately. You and him never really used to hang out together - you were way too different. You were a good girl at school. Not really a nerd, but rather quiet, you studied well and never caused problems. And Swaino… Well, you couldn’t call him a bad guy, but… He definitely was someone who could get you (and himself) in trouble. He wasn’t stupid, but he never had excellent marks, prefering to fool around rather than studying. You didn’t really interact with Swaino until that time a teacher paired you up for a chemistry project.

    The feelings you used to have for this guy you couldn’t explain even now, being a grown up woman. Did you have a crush on him? No, definitely you didn’t. But there certainly was some sort of mutual attraction, and neither of you knew what to do with it. This guy used to drive you mad sometimes, made you roll your eyes and think “oh god, what an idiot!..” And yet, truth be told - you liked him way more than you wanted to admit. Hell, you even went to a school dancing night together once, and that night, it was almost… Romantic? It didn’t go any further though, because you and Swaino? Come on. You would make the weirdest couple ever...

    Anyway, back to the present day and the high school reunion. You see Swaino, and he sees you. And before you know what’s happening, before you even open your mouth to say hi, he hugs you, and it’s one of those bear hugs that make you suddenly feel small against the man’s frame. He even lifts you up a little, causing you to gasp in surprise.

    “I’ll be damned, look who’s there! Y/n, is it really you??”

    “I think so, yes,” you giggle at his excitement. “Hey there, Terrance Swaino.”

    “Wow… Look at you!” he clicks his tongue, observing you for a few seconds, an expression of pure joy and amusement on his face. “You’ve changed.”

    “And you’re still the same, except for the beard,” you say, and he laughs at your simple joke before saying with sudden seriousness:

    “It’s good to see you again.”

    “Yeah, it’s good to see you too.”

    The party goes on as it should. You meet people you used to know. There are smiles and small talks, you learn about their jobs, families and kids, tell them about yourself. You were right, there’s nothing much in common between you now. But Swaino… You feel a different kind of vibe from him. Like you both don’t really belong here.

    He finds you again at some point, when you’re already considering getting back to your hotel, and suggests going to the bar. You hesitate for a moment, and then...

    And then this bastard smiles. No, he grins, and suddenly for a moment you literally see that boy from school. The boy you wanted to punch and to kiss equally badly sometimes. The boy who actually kissed you once, and it happened to be your very first kiss. That charming dumbass. Yep, he’s changed for sure, you lied when you say he didn’t. He’s got these wrinkles at the corners of his eyes now when he smiles like that, and somehow it makes him even more adorable. This smile left you no chance to say no.

    So now you’re here, having another pint. You know you’re getting pretty close to your drinking limit, but for now you’re still in control. You feel a bit tipsy, but in a pleasant way; relaxed and cheerful. It’s been a while since you went out last time, and you’re just enjoying the night and Swaino’s company. People keep coming up on stage, they sing, mostly badly, but no one cares - a typical karaoke night.

    “Shit,” Terrance laughs to himself, taking another sip. “Can’t believe I’m hanging here in this bar with you .”

    “Huh?” You raise your eyebrow. “Why’s that?”

    “Are you kidding me?” He chuckles. “You were always so quiet at school, not much of a party goer.”

    “Well, things change,” you shrug.

    “You still look kinda too serious for this place, you know,” he teases, licking his lips.

    “Oh yeah?” Maybe it’s just the alcohol that has such an effect on you, but you suddenly feel slightly offended. “You know what? You don’t know me, Swaino.”

    Grabbing your glass, you finish your beer at one go and give him a smirk before getting on your feet.

    “Wha… W-wait, what are you doing?..” You hear him mumbling as you decidedly make your way towards the stage. Karaoke isn’t really your thing but tonight you’re drunk enough to be a little adventurous. Swaino silently follows you, looks in amusement as you turn the catalogue pages searching for the song.

    “Noo… You’re not gonna do it!”

    “You bet your ass I will!”

    The song is Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life - for some reason it’s the first thing that caught your eye. When you’re on stage with the microphone in your hand, you feel a slight rush of panic, but the look on Swaino’s face, both amused and terrified, is so hilarious that it makes you forget the fear. Fuck it. No one knows you, and no one gives a shit after all, everyone’s just having fun.

    And you sing. You’re not sure if you sing well, but it’s fun, and people sing with you, and damn, you really enjoy yourself, huh?

    “YEAH!!” Swaino screams, as the song is over and the audience gives you a round of applause. “THAT’S MY GIRL Y’ALL!!!” And you feel almost like some kind of a rockstar… Until you suddenly trip on your way back down from the stage. Alcohol did, in fact, play its dirty trick on you.

    Swaino’s large hands save you from falling on the floor.

    “Whoa, ma’am… Guess someone needs a bit of air, huh?” He scoffs before literally pulling you over his shoulder to carry away.

    “Fuck off, Swaino, put me down!” You try to protest, but he’s bigger and stronger than you, and he puts you back on your feet only when you’re outside.

    “Idiot,” you mutter, but as you look at his face and his adorably tousled hair, you can’t help but smile.

    “Easy! I actually saved your ass here,” he retorts. “How’s your leg, by the way? Can you walk?”

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” you make a couple of careful steps. “Thanks for catching me.”

    “Anytime. Consider it stage-diving.”

    “Always wanted to try it.”

    “Who knew you’re such a rock star now,” Swaino chuckles. “Love it though. You were great.”

    “Good to know.” You feel the heat on your cheeks at his words and the way he says it. Oh no. You can’t be into him after all those years… Or can you?..

    “Wanna get back to the bar?” he asks after a little pause.

    “No, you actually were right - I do need some air,” you admit.

    “Okay. Well, if your leg is fine we could take a little walk around the neighborhood,” he suggests. “I bet you missed good old Manch Vegas.”


    You end up sitting on the bench at the top of the hill. From here you could see the lights of the downtown, and you always found this place beautiful. In your teenage years, it was also a popular dating place. Guys would drive the girls here to make out in the car at the sunset… Or not only to make out, according to gossip. But apparently the times have changed, and on this Friday night you and Terrance are here all alone.

    You sit in silence for a while. The view from the hill is still truly lovely, but you just can’t help glancing at him. The wind is playing with his messy dark hair, and somehow at this moment he seems so beautiful to you. You’re not sure if it’s the alcohol, or your teenage memories… Or just the magic of the night. Or a bit of everything.

    “Hey, Swaino.”

    “Huh?” He gives you a questioning look.

    “You know you were my first kiss, right?”

    “No shit, really?..”

    “Yep,” you nod.

    “Well… Basically… You were my first kiss as well. I mean like the first real one… Kinda…” he shrugs, letting out a small laugh.

    “Seriously?” you raise your eyebrows. “I thought you were an experienced guy.”

    “Nah. I just wanted to look cool.”

    “I see.”

    You both laugh quietly at the memory.

    “Anyway, how was it?” Swaino asks suddenly.

    “How was what?” You give him a puzzled look.

    “Well, the kiss. I did good?”

    “Oh, that… Man…” you hide your face in your palms for a moment before looking at him again. “That was… Actually, REALLY awkward.”

    “Was it?”

    “Uh huh. You just… I think you… didn’t really know what to do with your tongue,” you snort a laugh.

    “Ah, shit.” He shakes his head and you laugh again, together.

    “You know…” Swaino starts, after a short pause. “I uh… I think I got better with my tongue now.”

    “Really?” You try to play it cool, but your heart nearly skips a beat when you hear yourself saying “You got a proof?”

    “I guess.”

    With this he leans in closer, and there it is - this precious moment when you already know it’s happening, and the anticipation almost makes you shiver. A gentle bump of your noses against each other, a light scratch of his beard on your skin, and finally, finally his lips capture yours.

    Damn. It feels great. From the very beginning. You expected him to be rough, but he kisses you with a sudden tenderness, he is unhurried, and yet pretty much determined, as you can feel his large palm cupping the back of your neck, urging you to move even closer. The way his tongue presses against yours, shamelessly claiming your mouth, that barely heard low moan escaping him as he savors the kiss, the way he holds you - all this is hot, and yet so sweet it makes you melt.

    “So… Did I make any progress?” His voice is slightly hoarse as he draws back a tiny bit, still so close you can feel his breath on your lips.

    “You… sure did,” you mumble, reaching out and letting your fingers sink into the softness of his hair. “Don’t be too full of yourself though, Terrance Swaino.”

    His extremely content chuckle tells you he actually is quite full of himself and you want to punch him for a second, like in good old school days when you weren’t so sure if you liked him or hated him. But when he kisses you again, nothing else matters any longer.

    Sometimes it feels good to be back.



    Thanks for reading! Any feedback is highly appreciated!

    #small engine repair #terrance swaino x reader #jon bernthal #jon bernthal fanfiction #lucy tries to write
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    2022 Toyota Camry Nightshade Engine, Specs, Color

    2022 Toyota Camry Nightshade Engine, Specs, Color

    2022 Toyota Camry Nightshade Engine, Specs, Color – The 2022 Camry has everything. Athletic styling. Higher amounts of revolutionary technology include Toyota protection perception 2.5, our most innovative suite of innovative basic safety systems. Along with various models from which to choose, including Camry AWD, Camry hybrid, Camry trd, and the nightshade version. Existence is just more…

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    #this man has whiskey and engine oil in his veins
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    China demands USD 38 mn compensation for dead engineers before resuming work on Dasu Dam Project in Pakistan

    China demands USD 38 mn compensation for dead engineers before resuming work on Dasu Dam Project in Pakistan

    Image Source : REPRESENTATIONAL IMAGE (FILE). China demands USD 38 mn compensation for dead engineers before resuming work on Dasu Dam Project in Pakistan. The “all-weather ally” of Pakistan, China has demanded USD 38 million compensation for the dead engineers at the Dasu Dam Project. Mushtaq Ghumman, writing in Business Recorder said that China wanted to be compensated prior to resuming work…

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    #China #china demands compensation #china latest news updates #china news#Chinese engineers #Dasu Dam Project #Dasu Dam Project news #dead engineers #latest international news updates #pakistan #pakistan news latest updates #work resuming
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    #ttte #thomas the tank engine #ttte flying scotsman #ttte Cupid#eddie writes
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    ... i'm safe... i'm safe here... my daughter and i are safe. i'm so relieved.

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    Zoom in please I beg

    Look at this! All of my funney tee eff two ocs are together !

    #al art#al ocs #team fortress 2 #tf2 oc#tf2 sniper#tf2 medic#tf2 spy#tf2 pyro#tf2 scout#tf2 soldier#tf2 demoman#tf2 heavy#tf2 engineer#ouch #ibhave. so msny little comments to mske but not now i cant #ill tag everyone in the morning but ah <3
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    CHP'den Kılıçdaroğlu'na tepki gösteren Soylu'ya sert yanıt: "Peker'in Sülü'sü!"

    CHP’den Kılıçdaroğlu’na tepki gösteren Soylu’ya sert yanıt: “Peker’in Sülü’sü!”

    CHP’den Kılıçdaroğlu’na tepki gösteren Soylu’ya sert yanıt: “Ne o Peker’in Sülü’sü mafyaya diklenemeyince bize mi yükselir oldun!” CHP’lilerden Kılıçdaroğlu’na cevap veren Soylu’ya tepki: Bu ülkede bir güvenlik sorunusun CHP Mersin Milletvekili Ali Mahir Başarır ve CHP Grup Başkanvekili Engin Özkoç, İçişleri Bakanı Süleyman Soylu’nun bürokratlara çağrıda bulunan CHP lideri Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’na…

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    A little something

    #Sorry about the messiness lol #a n g s t #ttte #thomas the tank engine #ttte james#ttte martin #ttte duke (oc) #eddiesnightart
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    A Textbook Of Electrical Technology Vol 2 (AC and DC Machines) By B L Theraja Free Download Pdf

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