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  • i can finally see you’re as fucked up as me, so how do we win? –- erica & george @wildhcartcd​​ )

    She’d honestly been desperate for a proper shift for weeks, now, knowing full well that she’d been neglecting her wolf in favour of the search for her family. And maybe that was something she should have felt irked at herself for, but the truth was that she couldn’t bring herself to regret it– not when it’d finally happened, and they were finally back. Home, safe, alive, and protected, away from anyone or anything that could harm them. It was all she could have ever wanted out of this crisis, but to have Grace snap the way that she did on Natallia… For The Order to finally, finally know about all of the awful, horrible things that she’d done not only to her pack, but to the many other residents of the town… she could see the end of the war right in front of them. Out of reach for the moment, but given just a little more time, they’d get there. And nothing about Erica Wright’s life would have to be a secret unless she wanted it to be.

    There was still a gap between now and the actual trial, of course, which allowed for the she-wolf to actually get back into the habit of looking after herself– starting with a shift and a run through the woods to satisfy the primal part of her that had been threatening to let loose without warning over the past few months. Three hours, at least. Just to get it all out, to remind herself of what it was like to be back in her wolf form, and to ensure that she could retain clarity when she did change. Thankfully, it was all that she’d needed, and she’d been mostly present throughout her gallivant, finally slowing as she closed in on a spot in the woods where she usually kept a set of clothes for times such as this.

    The shift back was perhaps the most dreadful part of it all; bones cracking and healing, her body shrinking and a searing pain running through the entirety of her being as she returned to humanity, dazed and sore. Gods, she really needed to shift more often.

    It was her luck that her post-shift haze caused her to miss an all too familiar scent nearby as she pushed herself up from the ground, only to nearly collapse and fall against a tree trunk, legs too weak to carry her to the little hidey-hole where the clothes were. “– Fuck.” Erica hissed out, stumbling forward a few feet while she finally, finally, took in her surroundings– but not well enough, it seemed, to spot the just as bare, lumbering figure with their back turned to her, missing them so completely that bodies collided and toppled while her legs gave out, and she suddenly found herself, butt-ass naked, sprawled out on top of George fucking Avery.

    Oh, Jesus fuck!” She blurted out while trying to scramble her way off of him, limbs suddenly too weak to even get her standing, or to have her roll off of him to the side– anything, for fuck’s sake! Why now? Why him? Why like this? “I’m trying to– I’m fucking trying! Get me off, I can’t move! Why are you here?!

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