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    07.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Jazmine Sullivan, Da Brat, Le'Andria Johnson, Avery Sunshine & More to Perform at URBAN ONE HONORS on May 16 @ 9PM/8C

    Le'Andria Johnson. Source Derek Blanks.

          Urban One announced today its annual awards show, URBAN ONE HONORS, will pay special homage to the International Sweethearts of Rhythm. The critically acclaimed, all-female jazz band of the 1930s included Helen Jones Woods, a founding member and mother of Urban One Founder and Chairwoman, Cathy Hughes. The Sweethearts band, comprised of 17 ethnically diverse members who achieved international accolades despite discrimination, sexism and Jim Crow – to become symbols of success against adversity. URBAN ONE HONORS will air on Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 9 p.m. ET/8C on TV One and will be simulcast for the first time on TV One’s sister network, CLEO TV.

            The annual awards program will feature three performances dedicated to 'The Sweethearts.' Each musical selection will commemorate electrifying performances of the jazz and soul ensemble's hit singles with a modern twist. The ceremony will also feature with talented, contemporary, female performers including Jazmine Sullivan, Da Brat, Le'Andria Johnson, Avery Sunshine, and the all-female house band Kim Burse and the KB Players.

           "I am thrilled to pay homage to the sheroes whose lives depict black excellence, leadership and service. It is also quite humbling to recognize my mother, Helen Jones Woods, and the young musicians who were a part of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm, among this year’s honorees," said Cathy Hughes, Chairwoman, Urban One Inc. "Urban One Honors was created as an extension of our 40-year mission of service. We remain committed to creating programming that fulfills that mission and presents the best of who we are."

             Avery Sunshine. Source Derek Blanks.

          Grammy-Award-winning gospel artist Erica Campbell and award-winning journalist, author, and syndicated columnist Roland Martin will host the event. This year's theme is 'Women Leading the Change' and will highlight the extraordinary contributions of women in business, media, health, politics, and community outreach, who are leading impactful change within the Black community. Now in its third year, Urban One Honors was created to acknowledge and pay homage to individuals and organizations whose work significantly impacts culture and society- at large.

         This year's URBAN ONE HONORS will commemorate the myriad achievements of women leaders who are blazing trails and creating new pathways for others in their respective areas of expertise. Categories of recognition reflect the tireless effort and triumphant accomplishments achieved by the honorees and include: 

            Voting Rights Champion dedicated to a fearless leader whose efforts help to build political infrastructure by turning out voters and protecting their votes. 

        Business Alchemist presented to a leader tapped for successfully breaking the glass ceiling to blaze new trails in corporate America. 

         Investigative Journalism Crusader bestowed upon a media maven who is reframing the national conversation by covering the impediments and contributions made by Black Americans. 

           Health Equality Advocate awarded to a champion of health who answered the call to eliminate institutional barriers preventing healthcare to those in her community. 

            Reparations Ambassador who is working to break down systemic racism and barriers that have held African Americans back. 

         Family Needs Ambassador presented to a resilient provider of direct service and resources to individuals in crisis within the community she

        The inspiring night of excellence will also feature exciting musical performances, unprecedented collaborations, and surprise appearances to be announced in the coming months.

          URBAN ONE HONORS is executive produced for TV One by Eric Tomosunas and Robert Boyd of Swirl Films and produced by Jazz Smollett. Susan Henry serves as Executive Producer for TV One. Kashon Powell, Vice President of Programming for Radio One, and Donyell Kennedy-McCullough is Senior Director of Talent and Casting. Robyn Greene Arrington is Vice President of Original Programming and Production.

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  • creatvresoftheniight
    08.08.2020 - 10 monts ago

    i can finally see you’re as fucked up as me, so how do we win? –- erica & george ( @wildhcartcd​​ )

    She’d honestly been desperate for a proper shift for weeks, now, knowing full well that she’d been neglecting her wolf in favour of the search for her family. And maybe that was something she should have felt irked at herself for, but the truth was that she couldn’t bring herself to regret it-- not when it’d finally happened, and they were finally back. Home, safe, alive, and protected, away from anyone or anything that could harm them. It was all she could have ever wanted out of this crisis, but to have Grace snap the way that she did on Natallia... For The Order to finally, finally know about all of the awful, horrible things that she’d done not only to her pack, but to the many other residents of the town... she could see the end of the war right in front of them. Out of reach for the moment, but given just a little more time, they’d get there. And nothing about Erica Wright’s life would have to be a secret unless she wanted it to be.
    There was still a gap between now and the actual trial, of course, which allowed for the she-wolf to actually get back into the habit of looking after herself-- starting with a shift and a run through the woods to satisfy the primal part of her that had been threatening to let loose without warning over the past few months. Three hours, at least. Just to get it all out, to remind herself of what it was like to be back in her wolf form, and to ensure that she could retain clarity when she did change. Thankfully, it was all that she’d needed, and she’d been mostly present throughout her gallivant, finally slowing as she closed in on a spot in the woods where she usually kept a set of clothes for times such as this.
    The shift back was perhaps the most dreadful part of it all; bones cracking and healing, her body shrinking and a searing pain running through the entirety of her being as she returned to humanity, dazed and sore. Gods, she really needed to shift more often.
    It was her luck that her post-shift haze caused her to miss an all too familiar scent nearby as she pushed herself up from the ground, only to nearly collapse and fall against a tree trunk, legs too weak to carry her to the little hidey-hole where the clothes were. “-- Fuck.” Erica hissed out, stumbling forward a few feet while she finally, finally, took in her surroundings-- but not well enough, it seemed, to spot the just as bare, lumbering figure with their back turned to her, missing them so completely that bodies collided and toppled while her legs gave out, and she suddenly found herself, butt-ass naked, sprawled out on top of George fucking Avery.
    “Oh, Jesus fuck!” She blurted out while trying to scramble her way off of him, limbs suddenly too weak to even get her standing, or to have her roll off of him to the side-- anything, for fuck’s sake! Why now? Why him? Why like this? “I’m trying to-- I’m fucking trying! Get me off, I can’t move! Why are you here?!”
    #「 windham — communication 」 » starters. #「 erica — communication 」 » starters. #「 erica — general 」 » erica wright. #「 erica — communication 」 » interactions. #「 windham — residents 」 » george avery.
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  • rye-views
    26.06.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Grey’s Anatomy. Season 4. 7.4/10

    Callie doesn’t deserve any of this negativity.

    I just don’t understand Derek wanting to break up. Meredith hasn’t been drifting away ever since her drowning.

    Lexie seems like a really sweet girl, but lowkey. Like, I wouldn’t notice her until I talked with her.

    Dylan Minnette was so young here, but his role was so good.

    This season all about men saying shitty things and making shitty choices and we give them more chances.

    Rose pretty.

    Memorable Quotes: “Some things don’t need to be told.”

    Spoiler: [About

    George: repeating his intern year, struggles with Izzie on breaking up with Callie, his mom arrives with baby clothes for Callie and him, moves into a new apartment with Lexie, becomes intern to the chief, and requests to retake the intern test.

    Lexie: a new intern and Meredith’s half sister, learns that Alex lives with Meredith as they are caught hooking up, gets attached to a patient with an exposed artery, learns of Alex’s relationship with Rebecca, steals hospital things to decorate her apartment, witnesses Alex forget that they slept together when they have to report it to the hospital for a new rule, and has feelings for George.

    Derek: criticizes Cristina’s lack of teaching method, doing errands for Webber, gets interested with the nurse, Rose, relies on Rose’s computer skills to fix the camera that is inserted inside his patient’s brain, kisses Rose, doesn’t want the last clinical trial patient to die from his hands, and restarts his relationship with Meredith after celebrating their success.

    Alex: eventually reveals to the interns that George is a repeater, has an elderly intern named Norman, visited by Rebecca aka Ava, sleeps with Lexie, has Ava watch him do surgery, learns that Rebecca is pregnant, takes care of Rebecca as she becomes more and more incapable of taking care of herself, and brings her to the hospital after she slits her wrists.

    Izzie: has her interns help her treat a wounded deer, deals with old guy trying to die, can’t have good sex with George, and learns that Rebecca is not pregnant but can’t reveal it.

    Callie: struggles with being chief resident, forgives George for sleeping with Izzie, becomes best friends with Erica, is weirded out after Addison mentions how Callie seems to be in a relationship with Erica, has sex with Mark to avoid Erica, and kisses Erica.

    Meredith: has a sex and mockery relationship with Derek, refuses to be friends with Lexie, takes Norman from Alex so that he can take her shift so she can go on a weekend getaway with Derek, deals with Norman telling the wrong person that they’re dying, brings her mom’s ashes in a bag to work, pours the ashes into the OR sink, helps a little boy get a pro bono surgery for new ears, feeling guilty for not treating Lexie right, is requested to treat Thatcher after an injury, doesn’t want Derek dating other people, wins a surgical contest leading to her getting the sparkler pager that has first dibs to surgeries, starts a neurological clinical trial with Derek, attends therapy, is only allowed one more patient prior to midnight because her clinical trial will be shut down from too many deaths, wants both patients in before midnight, the first one dies and the second is the first to survive, and gives the sparkler pager to Cristina.

    Cristina: gives away her wedding gifts for surgical advantages, has Mama Burke take the remainder of the gifts when she comes back to pick things up, pretends to be sad to get surgeries, deals with not being put on the right surgeries, starts teaching Lexie, learns that Burke won the Harper Avery, and starts dissecting corpses.

    Webber: holds a gentlemen’s evening with Derek and Mark, who don’t know what it is, inviting Erica to the gentlemen’s night, and wanting Erica to treat his mentor.

    Erica: becomes the new cardiothoracic attending and doesn’t let Cristina on her service.

    Bailey: does Callie’s work as chief resident so that Callie would have less stress, the position being switched to her, falling back head over heels for an old high school crush, operating on a white supremacist in place of being with her husband, dealing with her husband resenting her for her career, and her son, Tuck, injured because of something she may have done.

    Addison: comes back and sees underlying feelings within Erica and Callie,

    Mark: creates a skin flap and tries to stop being such a whore.

    Patients: a man who keeps wanting to eat, a pregnant woman losing her arm, a man who comes back to life, old coma guy reawakens, football player who could become paralyzed, Webber’s niece is back but doesn’t want any more cancer treatment, man who chainsaws his leg off after believing it isn’t his, a father who could receive a heart transplant from his newly dead daughter, two women battling to hold onto a wedding dress for hours and win a competition to get money for their wedding, a man whose parachute failed to come out, two complaining patients being put in the same room then having sex together, an 8 year old agreeing to surgery if his parents get divorced, high school bus crash, pencil stuck in an eye, paramedics being saved from a crash, a woman who can heal with faith, a family after a bear attack, a baby’s heart being on the outside of its body, a gay soldier in Meredith’s clinical trial, a woman waiting for her boyfriend who is believed to be fake, a man stuck in cement, and so on.]

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    25.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Under the cut are older fc’s I have for each of my younger fcs. I’d like to use as many of them as I can so like this and i’ll make you a starter from one of them (Please specify)

    Harlow - Jodi Lynn O’keefe Kennedy- alexandra beckenridge Mia- Angelina Jolie Caroline - Blake Lively Ophelia - Kate Siegel Roxanne - Leah Pipes Erica - Erin Richards Ashley- Olivia Vancamp Avery - Christina Applegate Everly - Angela Bassett Eve - Katie Cassidy Stephanie - Madchen Amick Elouise - Amanda Seyfried Jeremiah - Chris Pine Cody - Skeet Ulrich Dane - Sebastian Stan Chloe - Candice Accola Chryssa - Minka Kelly Christopher - Chris Hemsworth

    #{Doin' time trying to heal - ooc} #indie rp #indie smut rp
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  • mysticalhearth
    18.03.2021 - 2 monts ago


    Waiting for Godot - Broadway - November 24, 2013 (Opening Night) (Lanelle's master) FORMAT:  MP4 (HD) CAST: Aidan Gemme (The Boy), Billy Crudup (Lucky), Ian McKellen (Estragon), Patrick Stewart (Vladimir), Shuler Hensley (Pozzo)

    War Horse - West End - February 27, 2014 (Pro-Shot's master) FORMAT:  MKV (HD) CAST: Sion Daniel Young (Albert Narracott), Josie Walker (Rose Narracott), Alistair Brammer (Billy Narracott), Alex Avery (Captain Nicholls), Steve North (Ted Narracott), Tom Hodgkins (Arthur Narracott) NOTES: Multi-cam pro-shot broadcast live to cinemas as part of National Theatre Live, Includes interval interview and documentary. 

    War Paint - Broadway - March 11, 2017 (Preview) (SunsetBlvd79's master) FORMAT:  MP4 (SD) CAST: Patti LuPone (Helena Rubinstein), Christine Ebersole (Elizabeth Arden), John Dossett (Tommy Lewis), Douglas Sills (Harry Fleming) NOTES: Beautiful HD capture of the Broadway transfer. Some changes for Broadway from the previous Goodman Theater production. Excellent performances from the entire cast with clear picture and great sound throughout; very good video. 2 DVDs. A War Paint - Broadway - April 29, 2017 (Matinee) (NYCG8R's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Patti LuPone (Helena Rubinstein), Christine Ebersole (Elizabeth Arden), John Dossett (Tommy Lewis), Douglas Sills (Harry Fleming) NOTES: The master gets caught during Face to Face. You can hear someone say “TURN IT OFF”. Blackout during that part. Wasted - Southwark Playhouse - 2018 (Pro-Shot's master) FORMAT:  MP4 (HD) CAST: Matthew Jacobs Morgan (Branwell Brontë), Molly Lynch (Anne Brontë), Natasha Barnes (Charlotte Brontë), Siobhan Athwal (Emily Brontë) We Are The Tigers - Off-Broadway - March, 2019 (StarCuffedJeans's master) FORMAT:  MP4 (HD) CAST: Lauren Zakrin (Riley Williams), Wonu Ogunfowora (Cairo), Jenny Rose Baker (Kate Dalton), MiMi Scardulla (Reese), Kaitlyn Frank (Annleigh), Cathy Ang (Mattie Wheeler), Celeste Rose (Chess), Zoe Jensen (Farrah), Sydney Parra (Eva Sanchez), Louis Griffin (Clark) NOTES: Starts at the beginning of "I Just Wanna" and missing part of "Mattie's Lament." The theater was really full tonight so there are a good number of heads in this video, but they are worked around to the best of my ability. This is a super small theater (less than 160 seats) and at times the cast members were definitely singing to the camera and honestly giving their best performances because of it. All of the things on the upper level (the bathroom, the pathway, and the kitchen) are captured perfectly, and the zooms on the lower level (the living room and bench) look good as well. Obviously because this is a murder mystery kind of show the lighting can get a little bit dark, but my camera handles low lighting incredibly well. This is honestly the best video you could expect from this venue We Will Rock You - Germany (Cologne) - August, 2005 (Pro-Shot's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Alex Melcher (Galileo), Vera Bolten (Scaramouche), Brigitte Oelke (Killer Queen), Martin Berger (Khashoggi), Michaela Kovarikova (Meat/Oz), DMJ (Brit/J.B.), James Sbano (Pop/Buddy/Bap), Harald Tauber (Teacher), Willemijn Verkaik NOTES: Multicam proshot We Will Rock You - Utrecht (The Netherlands) - October, 2010 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: John Vooijs (Galileo), Marjolein Teepen (Scaramouche), Pia Douwes (Killer Queen), Paul Donkers (Khashoggi), Floortje Smit (Meat/Oz), Ruud van Overdijk (Brit/J.B.), Rutger le Poole (Pop/Buddy/Bap) NOTES: Good capture. Heads in the way, but also a lot of good close-ups. Dubble DVD! We Will Rock You - West End - February 11, 2003 (Pro-Shot's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Tony Vincent (Galileo), Hannah Jane Fox (Scaramouche), Sharon D Clarke (Killer Queen), Alexander Hanson (Khashoggi), Kerry Ellis (Meat/Oz), Nigel Clauzner (Brit/J.B.), Nigel Planer (Pop/Buddy/Bap) The Wedding Singer - Broadway - April 1, 2006 (Preview) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Stephen Lynch (Robbie Hart), Laura Benanti (Julia), Matthew Saldivar (Sammy), Kevin Cahoon (George), Rita Gardner (Rosie), Amy Spanger (Holly), Richard H Blake (Glen), Felicia Finley (Linda) NOTES: Includes pictures of outside of the theatre and playbill. This was before the changes were made to the production. Blackouts throughout the show. The Wedding Singer - Off-West End - March 1, 2020 (Matinee) (Closing Night) (Highlights) (queenofthedead's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Kevin Clifton (Robbie Hart), Rhiannon Chesterman (Julia), Ashley Emmerson (Sammy), Andrew Carthy (George), Sandra Dickinson (Rosie), Tara Verloop (Holly), Jonny Fines (Glen), Erin Bell (Linda), Lori Haley Fox (Angie), Andy Brady (David Fonda), Nathan Ryles (Harold Fonda), Jordan Crouch (Donnie), Aimee Moore (Tiffany), Simon Anthony (Shane McDonough), Paris Green (Donatella), Vanessa Grace Lee (Donatella’s Mother), Morgan Jackson (Mookie), Ellie Seaton (Crystal) NOTES: 38 minutes of act 1 of the closing performance, unobstructed. Welcome To The Club - Broadway - April 8, 1989 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Avery Schreiber (Milton), Bill Buell (Gus), Jodi Benson (Betty), Marcia Mitzman (Carol), Marilyn Sokol (Arlene), Sally Mayes (Winona), Samuel E Wright (Bruce), Scott Waara (Kevin), Scott Wentworth (Aaron), Terri White (Eve) NOTES: Filmed during previews. Well filmed from the balcony. Mostly a full stage shot. Some generational loss. Wenn Rosenblätter Fallen - Oberhausen - June 13, 2016 (Rumpel's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Pia Douwes (Rose), Anton Zetterholm (Till), Annemieke van Dam (Iris)  

    West Side Story - Hollywood Bowl - July 19, 2016 (SJ Bernly's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Jeremy Jordan (Tony), Solea Pfeiffer (Maria), Karen Olivo (Anita), Matthew James Thomas (Riff), George Akram (Bernardo), Drew Foster (Action), Jose Moreno Brooks (Chino), Anthony C Chatmon II (A-Rab), Kyle Selig (Baby John), Mike Schwitter (Big Deal), Jeff Smith (Diesel), Kevin Chamberlin (Krupke), Jennifer Sanchez (Rosalia), Erica Dorfler (Consuela) NOTES: This concert version of the show is abridged with shortened scenes, simple costumes, and no sets or choreography, but Jeremy, Solea, and Karen are absolutely phenomenal with soaring vocals and emotional performances. Very well captured with no dropouts, no obstruction, and no washout. The stage is filmed directly most of the time; the screens are occasionally filmed, usually when the actors are not onstage. It’s filmed in 16:9, with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups. The sound is excellent. Includes curtain call and playbill scans. West Side Story - Leicester Curve - December, 2019 (queenofthedead's master) FORMAT:  MP4 (HD) CAST: Jamie Muscato (Tony), Adriana Ivelisse (Maria), Carly Mercedes Dyer (Anita), Ronan Burns (Riff), Jonathan Hermosa-Lopez (Bernardo), Isaac Gryn (Action), Damian Buhagiar (Chino), Ryan Anderson (A-Rab), Alex Christian (Baby John), Dale White (Big Deal), Michael O’Reilly (Diesel), Beth Hinton-Lever (Anybodys), Darren Bennett (Lt. Schrank), Christopher Wright (Krupke), Christopher Wright (Doc), Darren Bennett (Glad Hand), Mireia Mambo (Rosalia), Abigail Climer (Consuela), Thea Bunting (Graziella), Katie Lee (Velma), Richard Appiah-Sarpong (Pepe), Dominic Sibanda (Indio) NOTES: Missing 7 minutes at the beginning. No dropouts and no obstruction. West Side Story - Second Broadway Revival - February 23, 2009 (Preview) (SunsetBlvd79's master) FORMAT:  VOB (no smalls) (SD) CAST: Matt Cavenaugh (Tony), Josefina Scaglione (Maria), Karen Olivo (Anita), Cody Green (Riff), George Akram (Bernardo), Curtis Holbrook (Action), Joey Haro (Chino), Kyle Coffman (A-Rab), Ryan Steele (Baby John), Tro Shaw (Anybodys), Steve Bassett (Lt. Schrank), Lee Sellars (Krupke), Greg Vinkler (Doc) NOTES: Stunning production of this revival. Josefina and Karen still steal the show. The cast was on fire and there was a lot of energy in the audience as it was the first performance on Broadway. There are some changes from the DC run, which work better. Beautiful production and capture with no obstructions. West Side Story - Second Broadway Revival - November 16, 2009 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Matt Cavenaugh (Tony), Josefina Scaglione (Maria), Karen Olivo (Anita), Wes Hart (u/s Riff), George Akram (Bernardo), Eric Hatch (u/s Action), Joey Haro (Chino), Kyle Coffman (A-Rab), Brendon Stimson (u/s Baby John), Joshua Buscher (Diesel), Mike Cannon (Snowboy), Kaitlin Mesh (Anybodys), Steve Bassett (Lt. Schrank), Lee Sellars (Krupke), Mark Zimmerman (s/b Doc), Lindsay Estelle Dunn (Velma), Michael Williams (u/s Pepe), Kaitlin Mesh (Zaza) West Side Story - Third Broadway Revival - January 6, 2020 (Preview) FORMAT:  MKV (HD) CAST: Jordan Dobson (u/s Tony), Mia Pinero (u/s Maria), Yesenia Ayala (Anita), Corey John Snide (u/s Riff), Amar Ramasar (Bernardo), Dharon E Jones (Action), Jacob Guzman (Chino), Kevin Csolak (A-Rab), Matthew Johnson (Baby John), Tyler Eisenreich (Big Deal), Ahmad Simmons (Diesel), Daniel Ching (Snowboy), Zuri Noelle Ford (Anybodys), Thomas Jay Ryan (Lt. Schrank), Danny Wolohan (Krupke), Daniel Oreskes (Doc), Pippa Pearthree (Glad Hand), Lorna Courtney (Rosalia), Gabi Campo (Consuela), Marissa Brown (Francisca), Alexa de Barr (Graziella), Madison Vomastek (Velma), Gus Reed (Gee-tar), John Snide (Tiger), Carlos Gonzales (Pepe), Ricky Ubeda (Indio), Roman Cruz (Luis), Israel del Rosario (Anxious), Michaela Marfori (Nibbles), Marc Crousillat (Juano), Sheldon True (Toro), Stephanie Crousillat (Teresita), Marlon Geliz (Estella), Satori Folkes-Stone (Margarita), Uni-Seng Francois (Minnie), Jennifer Gruener (Pauline) NOTES: Wideshot. Stage right is slightly obstructed due to where the master was sitting. Good audio. SD M4V (567.0 MB) West Side Story - UK Tour - May 23, 2009 FORMAT:  MP4 (HD) CAST: Daniel Koek (Tony), Hazel Gardner (u/s Maria), Jayde Westaby (Anita), Edd Post (u/s Riff), Dan Burton (Bernardo), Aki Omoshaybi (Chino), Ged Simmons (Lt. Schrank), Martin Chaimberain (Krupke) When We're Gone - Joe's Pub (2014) - March 12, 2014 FORMAT:  MP4 (HD) CAST: Gerard Canonico (Todd), Jeremy Kushnier (John), Luke Wygodny (Ashton), Hannah Whitney (Rosie), Eric William Morris (Colin), Bradley Dean (William) NOTES: Concert performance.   

    The Wild Party (Lippa) - Encores! Off-Center - July 17, 2015 (SunsetBlvd79's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Sutton Foster (Queenie), Steven Pasquale (Burrs), Brandon Victor Dixon (Black), Joaquina Kalukango (Kate), Miriam Shor (Madeline True), Talene Monahon (Mae), Ryan Andes (Eddie) NOTES: Excellent HD capture from the Encores Summer Series! The cast was terrific and full of energy giving everything they had. Great to see these songs performed again by this caliber of talent! A The Wild Party (Lippa) - Off-Broadway - 2000 (Highlights) (Press Reel's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Julia Murney (Queenie), Brian d'Arcy James (Burrs), Taye Diggs (Black), Idina Menzel (Kate), Alix Korey (Madeline True), Charles Dillon (Oscar d'Armano), Kevin Cahoon (Phil d'Armano), James Delisco Beeks (Max), Todd Anderson (Reno), Jennifer Cody (Mae), Kena Tangi Dorsey (Dolores), Felicia Finley (Rose Himmelsteen), Peter Kapetan (Sam Himmelsteen), Lawrence Keigwin (Jackie), Charlie Marcus (The Neighbor), Kristin McDonald (Nadine), Raymond Jaramillo McLeod (Eddie), Steven Pasquale (Cop), Megan Sikora (Peggy), Ron Todorowski (Kegs), Amanda Watkins (Ellie) The Winter's Tale - West End - November 26, 2015 (Pro-Shot's master) FORMAT:  MP4 (SD) CAST: Kenneth Branagh (Leontes), Dame Judi Dench (Paulina), Miranda Raison (Hermione), Jessie Buckley (Perdita), Hadley Fraser (Polixenes), Tom Bateman (Florizel), John Dagleish (Autolycus) The Winter's Tale - West End - November 26, 2015 (Pro-Shot's master) FORMAT:  MP4 (HD) CAST: Kenneth Branagh (Leontes), Dame Judi Dench (Paulina), Miranda Raison (Hermione), Jessie Buckley (Perdita), Hadley Fraser (Polixenes), Tom Bateman (Florizel), John Dagleish (Autolycus) The Witches of Eastwick - UK Tour - April 4, 2009 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: James Graeme (Clyde), Marti Pellow (Darryl), Poppy Tierney (Jane), Rachel Izen (Felicia), Rebecca Thornhill (Sukie), Ria Jones (Alex) NOTES: Beautifully filmed from the balcony, with a great mix of close-ups and full stage shots. Crystal clear. Widescreen. The Wiz - NBC Live! - December 3, 2015 (Pro-Shot's master) FORMAT:  MP4 (4K) CAST: Shanice Williams (Dorothy), David Alan Grier (Lion), Ne-Yo (Tinman), Elijah Kelley (Scarecrow), Uzo Aduba (Glinda), Queen Latifah (The Wiz), Mary J Blige (Evillene), Stephanie Mills (Aunt Em), Amber Riley (Addaperle) NOTES: A live production of the 1975 musical The Wiz produced for television; excellent video. A+ The Wizard of Oz (Webber) - First National Tour - September 28, 2013 FORMAT:  VOB (no smalls) (SD) CAST: Danielle Wade (Dorothy Gale), Jamie McKnight (Scarecrow/Hunk), Mike Jackson (Tin Man/Hickory), Lee MacDougall (Cowardly Lion/Zeke), Jacquelyn Piro Donovan (The Wicked Witch of the West/Miss Gulch), Cedric Smith (The Wizard of Oz/Professor Marvel), Robin Evan Willis (Glinda the Good Witch), Charlotte Moore (Aunt Em/Munchkin Barrister), Larry Mannell (Uncle Henry/Philippe/Head Guard) NOTES: Nice capture of Andrew Lloyd Webber's re-imagined classic; no obstruction and very little washout; a few quick dropouts in act one and a couple in act two, only last about three minutes all together; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums,and close-ups. The Woman in Black - West End - July 8, 2001 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Christopher Ravenscroft (Arthur Kipps), Sebastian Harcombe (The Actor) The Woman in White - Broadway - November 30, 2005 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Adam Brazier (Walter Hartwright), Angela Christian (Anne Catherick), Jill Paice (Laura Fairlie), Lisa Brescia (Marian Halcombe), Michael Ball (Count Fosco), Ron Bohmer (Sir Percival Glyde)  

    The Woman in White - West End - February 25, 2005 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Maria Friedman, Michael Ball, Adrian der Gregorian (u/s), Oliver Darley, Jill Paice, Elinor Collett (u/s) NOTES: Nice video with good closeups and zooms and great sound. Woman of the Year - Broadway - March 27, 1982 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Lauren Bacall (Tess Harding), Harry Guardino (Sam Craig), Eivind Harum (Alexi Petrikov), Roderick Cook (Gerald), Grace Keagy (Helga), Jamie Ross (Larry Donovan), Marilyn Cooper (Jan Donovan), Rex Everhart (Maury) NOTES: Good color video with clear sound with some generation loss, but a nice video. B+ Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - Broadway - December 29, 2010 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Sherie Rene Scott (Pepa), Laura Benanti (Candela), Patti LuPone (Lucia), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Ivan), Justin Guarini (Carlos), de’Adre Aziza (Paulina), Danny Burstein (Taxi Driver), Nikka Graff Lanzarone (Marisa), Mary Beth Peil (Pepa's Concierge/TV and Radio Announcer), Samantha Shafer (u/s Woman at Train/Ana) NOTES: Also includes press reels, cast/creative interviews and video of David Yazbek singing songs from the show.

      Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - Broadway - January 2, 2011 (Matinee) FORMAT:  MP3 (tracked) CAST: Sherie Rene Scott (Pepa), Laura Benanti (Candela), Patti LuPone (Lucia), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Ivan), Justin Guarini (Carlos), de’Adre Aziza (Paulina), Danny Burstein (Taxi Driver), Nikka Graff Lanzarone (Marisa), Mary Beth Peil (Pepa's Concierge/TV and Radio Announcer), Samantha Shafer (u/s Woman at Train/Ana) NOTES: Also includes press reels, cast/creative interviews and video of David Yazbek singing songs from the show. Wonderful Town - Television Production - November 30, 1958 (Pro-Shot's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Rosalind Russell (Ruth Sherwood), Sydney Chaplin (Robert Baker), Jacquelyn McKeever (Eileen Sherwood), Joseph Buloff (Mr. Appopolous), Dort Clark (Chick Clark), Jordan Bentley (Wreck), Cris Alexander (Frank Lippencott), Jack Fletcher (Night Club Patron), Michele Burke (Helen Wade), Ted Beniades (“Speedy” Valenti), Isabella Hoopes (Mrs. Wade), Ray Weaver (Shore Patrolman), Gene Carrons (Violet), John Wheeler (Officer Lonigan), Don Grusso (Fireman) Wonderland - Broadway - March 23, 2011 (Preview) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Janet Dacal (Alice), Kate Shindle (Mad Hatter), Carly Rose Sonenclar (Chloe/Ellie), Edward Staudenmayer (The White Rabbit), Karen Mason (Queen of Hearts), Darren Ritchie (Jack the White Knight), E Clayton Cornelious (Caterpillar), Jose Llana (El Gato/Chesire Cat), Danny Stiles (Morris the March Hare), Darren Ritchie (The Victorian Gentleman), Karen Mason (Edwina) NOTES: Very limited trade 3:1 at the master's request. Wonderland - Broadway - April 2, 2011 (Preview) (SunsetBlvd79's master) FORMAT:  MP4 (SD) CAST: Janet Dacal (Alice), Kate Shindle (Mad Hatter), Carly Rose Sonenclar (Chloe/Ellie), Edward Staudenmayer (The White Rabbit), Karen Mason (Queen of Hearts), Darren Ritchie (Jack the White Knight), E Clayton Cornelious (Caterpillar), Jose Llana (El Gato/Chesire Cat), Danny Stiles (Morris the March Hare), Darren Ritchie (The Victorian Gentleman), Karen Mason (Edwina) NOTES: Beautiful bright capture of this short lived show that only played 31 previews and 33 performances. I thought this show was very enjoyable and fun with great music. Great performances and voices from the cast! A+ Wonderland - Broadway - May 12, 2011 (juniper47's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Janet Dacal (Alice), Kate Shindle (Mad Hatter), Carly Rose Sonenclar (Chloe/Ellie), Edward Staudenmayer (The White Rabbit), Karen Mason (Queen of Hearts), Darren Ritchie (Jack the White Knight), E Clayton Cornelious (Caterpillar), Jose Llana (El Gato/Chesire Cat), Danny Stiles (Morris the March Hare) NOTES: Filmed in widescreen with very few obstructions except for a head blocking the farthest corners of downstage stage left and right, but very little is missed there. Very good video and excellent picture and sound. Wonderland - Broadway - May 12, 2011 (juniper47's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Janet Dacal (Alice), Kate Shindle (Mad Hatter), Carly Rose Sonenclar (Chloe/Ellie), Edward Staudenmayer (The White Rabbit), Karen Mason (Queen of Hearts), Darren Ritchie (Jack the White Knight), E Clayton Cornelious (Caterpillar), Jose Llana (El Gato/Chesire Cat), Danny Stiles (Morris the March Hare) NOTES: Filmed in widescreen with very few obstructions except for a head blocking the farthest corners of downstage stage left and right, but very little is missed there. Very good video and excellent picture and sound. Wonderland - UK Tour - June 10, 2017 (Matinee) (bestworstcase's master) FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Rachael Wooding (Alice), Francesca Lara Gordon (u/s Mad Hatter), Naomi Morris (Chloe/Ellie), Dave Willetts (The White Rabbit), Wendi Peters (Queen of Hearts), Stephen Webb (Jack the White Knight), Kayi Ushe (Caterpillar), Dominic Owen (El Gato/Chesire Cat), Ben Kerr (Morris the March Hare) NOTES: DVD menu states June 6 2017 matinee, but all other evidence, even the master's weebly claim it's June 10 2017. Good video! Wonderland (Beth Steel Play) - Hampstead Theatre - July 14, 2014 (Pro-Shot's master) FORMAT:  MP4 (SD) CAST: Unknown NOTES: Livestreamed April 2020. The Worst Witch - West End - August 22, 2019 (Matinee) (wheredidtherockgo's master) FORMAT:  MTS CAST: Danielle Bird (Mildred Hubble), Rosie Abraham (Ethel Hallow), Molly-Grace Cutler (Miss Bat/Piano/Guitar/Cello/Dulcimer), Meg Forgan (Fenella Feverfew/Bass Guitar), Rachel Heaton (Miss Hardbroom), Rebecca Killick (Maud Spellbody), Emma Lau (Drusilla Paddock), Megan Leigh Mason (Miss Drill/Guitar/Drums/Percussion/Clarinet/Bass Guitar), Polly Lister (Agatha/Miss Cackle), Consuela Rolle (Enid Nightshade), Lauryn Redding (Griselda Blackwood/Sax) NOTES: A very good show! It’s a show aimed more toward kids so there was a lot of kids in the audience. An amazing performance by Polly Lister as Agatha/Miss Cackle in particular. The Wrong Man - Off-Broadway - November, 2019 (StarCuffedJeans's master) FORMAT:  MP3 (untracked) CAST: Joshua Henry (Duran), Ciara Renée (Mariana), Ryan Vasquez (Man in Black), Amber Pickens, Anoop Desai, Debbie Christine Tjong, Julius Williams, Libby Lloyd, Malik Shabazz Kitchen, Tilly Evans-Krueger NOTES: Near perfect HD capture of this new Off-Broadway show with fabulous performances by the whole cast. There is some wandering throughout but overall a very centered orchestra video with extremely vivid colors. Please do not post screenshots of this video on Twitter ever. Gifs on Tumblr are okay after the NFT date, but don't go linking things to actors and shows. Das Wunder von Bern - Hamburg - July 6, 2015 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Ruben (Matthias Lubanski), Vera Bolten (Christa Lubanski), Patrick Imhof (alt. Richard Lubanski), Marie Lumpp (Ingrid Lubanski), Patrick A. Stamme (alt. Bruno Lubanski), Elisabeth Hübert (Anette Ackermann), Florian Soyka (alt. Paul Ackermann), Robin Brosch (Sepp Herberger(Bohse), Jogi Kaiser (Tiburski/Putzfrau/Adi Dassler), Tetje Mierendorf (Pfarrer Keuchel), Alexandra Farkic/Franziska Trunte/Esther Mink (Wunderfräulein), Dominik Hees (Helmut Rahn), Mark Weigel (Fritz Walter), Dennis Henschel (Berni Klodt), Robin Koger (Horst Eckel), Matteo Vigna (Max Morlock), Hendrik Schall (Toni Turek), Matt Cox (Werner Kohlmeyer), Daniel Therrien (Ottmar Walter), Giuliano Mercoli (Josef Posipal), Fabian Kaiser (u/s Karl mai/Fußballartist), Dominik Kaiser (Hans Schäfer/Fußballartist) NOTES: This video was recorded right after some changes on the show were made (doesn't include the new song which will be published on 11th July, 2015). Full show; beautiful picture quality and nice close-ups but rather shaky in the beginning/end of both acts Das Wunder von Bern - Hamburg - July 23, 2015 FORMAT:  VOB (with smalls) (SD) CAST: Tanja Schön (u/s Christa Lubanski), Patrick Imhof (alt Richard Lubanski), Marie Lumpp (Ingrid Lubanski), David Jakobs (Bruno Lubanski), Shari Lynn Stewen (alt Anette Ackermann), Patrick A Stamme (alt Paul Ackermann), Mark Weigel (Sepp Herberger/Bohse), Michael Ophelders (alt Tiburski/Putzfrau im Hotel/Adi Dassler), Tetje Mierendorf (Pfarrer Keuchel), Alexandra Farkic (Wunderfräulein), Amaya Keller (Wunderfräulein), Franziska Trunte (Wunderfräulein), Dominik Hees (Helmut Rahn), Florian Soyka (alt Fritz Walter), Hendrik Schall (alt Berni Klodt), Robin Koger (Horst Eckel), Matteo Vigna (Max Morlock), Fabian Kaiser (Toni Turek), James Cook (Werner Kohlmeyer), Daniel Therrien (Ottmar Walter), Pasha Antonov (Josef Posipal), Adrian Fogel (Kar Mai/Fußballartist), Dominik Kaiser (Hans Schäfer/Fußballartist) NOTES: "Julius" as Matthias Lubanski. Full show. Great picture quality and beautiful close-ups, though some little obstruction due a railing. The last few minutes of both acts are shot blind without zooms but still capturing the action on stage

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  • starcuffedjeans
    08.02.2021 - 4 monts ago


    rob mcclure (daniel hillard), jenn gambatese (miranda hillard), analise scarpaci (lydia hillard), jake ryan flynn (christoher hillard), avery sell (natalie hillard), brad oscar (frank hillard), j. harrison ghee (andre mayem), charity angel dawson (wanda sellner), peter bartlett (mr. jolly), mark evans (stuart dunmire), doreen montalvo (janet lundy), cameron adams, akilah ayanna, calvin l. cooper, kaleigh cronin, maria dalanno, casey garvin, david hibbard, kj hippensteel, aaron kaburick, erica mansfield, sam middleton, doreen montalvo, jaquez andre sims, lily tamburo, alena watters


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  • doubleattitude
    05.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Centre

    The Dance Awards, Las Vegas 2018: RESULTS

    High Scores by Age:

    Mini Solo

    4th (tie): Avery Watson-’Svanur’

    Didn’t Place

    Elizabeth Bender-’What About Angels’
    Kinley York-’Riverside’
    Jocelyn Nguyen-’Hot Note’
    Jordan Lassiter-’Never Be Alone’
    Emma Dorman-’Shelter’
    Taytum Goline-’My Happiness’
    Allyson Curnel-’It’s Raining’

    Junior Solo

    Didn’t Place

    Liyana Hunter-’The Sun’
    Mia Miller-’A Million Pieces’
    Trinity Kelly-’Youth’
    Gianna Garwacki-’The Final Chapter’
    Sofia Ramirez-’All I Want’

    Teen Solo

    1st: Joziah German-’With The Existence of Shatter’

    8th (7-way tie): Paige McManaman-’Short Trip Home’

    9th: Courtney McColley-’Liberame’

    10th (tie): Emma Johnson-’Trance’

    Didn’t Place

    Emily Fluker-’Arbenita’
    Lainey Myers-’Let Me Follow’
    Julia Oesterreicher-’Soft Season’
    Kennedy Morrison-’Human’
    Karsyn Kelly-’Don’t Let Them In’
    Avery Foto-’Resolve’
    Ana Barros-’Go’
    Rachel Landau-’Still Can’t Fall’
    Ashley Hard-’Nocturne’
    Katelynn Haseman-’Secret For The Mad’
    Gracie Lee-’Crazy’
    Hope Crain-’Near Light’
    Haley Bogdon-’What If Love’
    Lindsey Wade-’Compulsion’
    Avery Walker-’Animal’
    Onye Stevenson-’Broken’
    Paige Matthews-’Verses’
    Caroline Bender-’Stay’

    Senior Solo

    3rd (tie): Jada German-’Soliliquy’

    6th (3-way tie): ‘Mikenzie Moon-’Solomon’

    Didn’t Place

    Erica Wehrlel-’I’m On My Way’
    Madison Harvey-’Wonder’
    Molly Molthan-’Time’
    Claire Rozewicz-’Twice’

    Mini Duo/Trio

    4th (3-way tie): ‘Once Upon A Dream’

    Didn’t Place

    ‘Did You Notice’
    ‘I Got Stung’

    Junior Duo/Trio

    ‘You There’

    Teen Duo/Trio

    1st: ‘Blackbird’

    2nd: ‘Birds of a Feather’

    4th (tie): ‘St Louie’

    5th (3-way tie): ‘Nature Boy’

    Didn’t Place

    ‘Empty Spaces’

    Mini Group

    2nd (3-way tie): ‘How Sweet It Is’

    3rd (tie): ‘Les Petite Etoiles’

    Junior Group

    Didn’t Place

    ‘Misguided Ghost’
    ‘Johnny Be Good’

    Teen Group

    1st (tie): ‘Singing In The Rain’

    Senior Group

    5th (tie): ‘Lisztomania’

    Didn’t Place

    ‘Rhapsody in Blue’

    Didn’t Place

    ‘No Need to Argue’

    Mini Line

    3rd (3-way tie): ‘Great Balls of Fire’

    4th (3-way tie): ‘Long Way Down’

    4th (3-way tie): ‘Can’t Hurry Love’

    5th: ‘Work’

    Junior Line

    Didn’t Place

    ‘Mozart’s Presto’
    ‘Silence Inside You’
    ‘It’s A Privilege’

    Teen Line

    1st (tie): ‘Sleep on The Floor’

    1st (tie): ‘The Unknown’

    5th (3-way tie): ‘Serenade in G’

    5th (3-way tie): ‘Wild As the Wind’

    Didn’t Place

    ‘We’re Just Kids’
    ‘Mama’s Place’

    Senior Line

    2nd: ‘Witch Hunt, Why Not’

    Mini Extended Line

    5th: ‘Someone To Stay’

    Junior Extended Line

    1st: ‘For Once In My Life’

    5th (3-way tie): ‘Memories Forgotten’

    Didn’t Place


    Teen Extended Line

    4th: ‘Perm’

    5th: ‘The Masquerade’

    Junior Production

    1st: ‘Welcome to My Hood’

    Teen Production

    3rd: ‘The Piano Man’

    5th (tie): ‘Jack’

    High Scores by Performance Division:

    Mini Ballet

    1st: ‘Les Petite Etoiles’

    Mini Lyrical

    1st (tie): ‘Long Way Down’

    Mini Specialty

    1st: ‘Great Balls of Fire’

    Mini Tap

    1st (tie) ‘How Sweet It Is’
    2nd: ‘Can’t Hurry Love’

    Mini Jazz

    Didn’t Place


    Mini Contemporary

    Didn’t Place

    ‘Someone to Stay’

    Junior Ballet

    3rd: ‘Mozart’s Presto’

    Junior Hip-Hop

    4th: ‘Welcome To My Hood’

    Junior Jazz

    3rd (tie): ‘Empire’
    5th (tie): ‘Wolves’

    Junior Lyrical

    2nd (tie): ‘Memories Forgotten’

    Junior Musical Theatre

    2nd: ‘It’s A Privilege’

    Junior Specialty

    3rd: ‘Americano’

    Junior Tap

    1st: ‘For Once In My Life’
    4th: ‘Johnny Be Good’

    Junior Contemporary

    Didn’t Place

    ‘Misguided Ghost’
    ‘Silence Inside You’

    Teen Ballet

    1st (tie): ‘Serenade In G’

    Teen Contemporary

    4th (3-way tie): ‘The Piano Man’

    Didn’t Place

    ‘We’re Just Kids’

    Teen Hip-Hop

    3rd: ‘The Masquerade’

    Teen Jazz

    5th (tie): ‘Wild As The Wind’

    Didn’t Place


    Didn’t Place

    ‘Mama’s Place’

    Teen Lyrical

    1st: ‘The Unknown’

    Teen Specialty

    1st: ‘Perm’

    Teen Tap

    1st (3-way tie): ‘Singing In The Rain’
    1st (3-way tie): ‘Sleep On The Floor’

    Senior Ballet

    1st: ‘Rhapsody In Blue’

    Senior Contemporary

    3rd: ‘Witch Hunt, Why Not’

    Didn’t Place


    Senior Jazz

    5th: ‘Mama’s Place’

    Senior Lyrical

    4th: ‘No Need To Argue’

    Specialty Awards:

    Best Ballet Performance

    ‘Les Petite Etoiles’
    ‘Serenade In G’
    ‘Rhapsody In Blue’

    Best Production Performance

    ‘Welcome to My Hood’

    Best Lyrical Performance

    ‘Long Way Down’
    ‘The Unknown’

    Best Tap Performance

    ‘How Sweet It Is’
    ‘For Once In My Life’
    ‘Sleep On The Floor’

    Best Specialty Performance

    ‘Great Balls of Fire’

    Mini Outstanding Technical Achievement

    ‘Long Way Down’

    Best Performance:


    4th runner-up: ‘How Sweet It Is’


    2nd runner-up: ‘For Once In My Life’


    3rd runner-up: ‘Sleep On The Floor’


    4th runner-up: ‘Witch Hunt, Why Not’

    Best Dancer:

    Mini Female

    Top 12: Allyson Curnel
    Top 12: Avery Watson

    Didn’t Place

    Kinley York
    Jocelyn Nguyen

    Mini Male

    Winner: Hudson Pletcher

    Junior Female

    Didn’t Place

    Gianna Garwacki
    Mia Miller
    Sofia Ramirez
    Trinity Kelly
    Caroline Deuschle
    Kate Brooks

    Junior Male

    Top 10: Aidan Cook

    Teen Female

    Top 22: Courtney McColley
    Top 22: Paige McMananam
    Top 22: Onye Stevenson
    Top 22: Gracie Lee

    Didn’t Place

    Ana Barros
    Emily Fluker
    Karsyn Kelly
    Avery Foto
    Haley Bogdon
    Emma Johnson
    Ella Pierce
    Kennedy Morrison
    Ashley Hardy
    Paige Matthews
    Caroline Bender
    Amanda Vilello
    Lainey Myers
    Evan McDonald
    Chloe McDonald
    Julia Oesterreicher
    Lindsey Wade

    Teen Male

    Winner: Joziah German

    Senior Female

    Top 20: Jada German

    Didn’t Place

    Mikenzie Moon

    Senior Male

    Didn’t Place

    Andres Penate

    Studio of the Year:

    Winner: Prodigy Dance and Performing Arts Center
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  • memesofconsciousness
    28.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Harshly Judging You Based On Your Favorite Grey’s Anatomy Character

    Taryn Helm- you listen to girl in red/sweater weather and would drunk kiss a girl but you’re not a “lesbian”, also amazing at math

    Miranda Bailey- you either are exactly like Miranda Bailey or aspire to be her

     Owen Hunt- idk why he’s your favorite character but to each their own, but you probably have a victim mentality and an unhealthy relationship with sex

    Tom Koracick- again idk why he is your favorite character, but you probably have a huge traumatic event and it is your entire personality, maybe a little full of yourself as well

    Derek Shepherd- you’re a simp

    Richard Webber- either you have an intense need for a father figure in your life or you fell in love with his or speech in the first episode and haven’t let that go

    Teddy Altman- you’re probably closeted for some sort of identity thing and you would totally join the army to run away from your problems if you didn’t have something else to use a distraction

    Jackson Avery- you are either a simp or a social activist, or both

    Preston Burke- you are homophobic/judgemental in some way, maybe work on that, also obsessed with your reputation

    Meredith Grey- you are basic white girl who doesn’t drink starbucks because “that’s too basic”

    Erica Hahn- you imprinted on every lesbian you saw on tv, maybe you still do

    Cormac Hayes- yiu are someone with baby fever, but like for the simple life, or you love his accent

    Atticus Lincoln- you are a hippie of some kind, a simp for ortho, or in love with his relationship with Amelia

    Alex Karev- you fall for the bad boys with a heart of gold, or you think you are one

    Addison Montgomery- you are a bad bitch or a lesbian

    Maggie Pierce- you are someone who loves crossword puzzles/sudoku/correcting people’s grammar, and has rbf

    Arizona Robbins-   you are either is the person who wears heelys to work or wishes they had that confidence

    Amelia Shepherd- you are someone who relates to her struggles, latches on the hope of better life, or someone who gets underestimated a lot

    Mark Sloan-  you are a simp  

    Callie Torres- you are a raging bisexual, someone with religious trauma or cuts their hair every week

    Andrew DeLuca- you are a simp but won’t admit it or someone who should probably go to therapy

    Jo Wilson- you arre someone with conflicting aesthetics or someone who needs some sort of physical affection

    April Kepner- you are someone who was raised religious, or is in love with april based on the one scene in the trauma certification episode

    Nathan Riggs- you still love someone who left the show 4 years ago after being on it for 1.5 seasons at most and you need to move on and get over your ex

    Ben Warren- you have commitment issues or want to be Miranda Bailey’s partner

    Nico Kim- you have commitment issues, a less than raging activist

    Cristina Yang- you need to either get a filter or get better friends

    Stephanie Edwards- you are a thrill seeker, and you need to get a hobby that doesn’t revolve around your job or school

    Lexie Grey- you were the person every one cheated off of in high school, and you have imposter syndrome

    Leah Murphy- you like to be the center of attention and don’t know when to stop

    George O’Malley- you’re a cinnamon roll

    Shane Ross- your career is your number one priority, you simp over people in positions of authority over you

    Izzie Stevens- you’re more basic than a meredith stan, probably were the popular bitch that peaked in high school

    Levi Schmitt- you’re either extremely underestimated or you’re gay, maybe both

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  • atheistnomads
    24.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Episode 386 - War on Christmas 2020

    This week we talk about Christmas traditions, the conflicting nativities, and this year's War on Christmas.


    What Christmas traditions did you grow up with?

    Email us at contact@atheistnomads.com or leave us a voice message using atheistnomads.com/speakpipe

    Support the show at atheistnomads.com/donate

    Subscribe at atheistnomads.com/subscribe

    Join our Discord server at atheistnomads.com/discord

    Dustin' off the Degree

    Which nativity story?


    Melania Trump Is Getting Roasted on Twitter Over the White House Christmas Tree

    We needed to hear Melania Trump say “Who gives a f*ck about Christmas”

    The View hilariously ridicules ‘Narnia Ice Queen’ Melania Trump for pretending to love Christmas

    Tucker: Our power-hungry leaders are trying to cancel Christmas

    Hundreds of mostly maskless people attend Christmas singalong in Thousand Oaks organized by actor Kirk Cameron

    Holiday light’s display money donation box stolen

    Wisconsin Department of Health warns against eating the ‘cannibal sandwich,’ a traditional holiday dish in the state

    FFRF’s Andrew Seidel calls out illegal religious display in recent op-ed - Freedom From Religion Foundation

    FFRF Displays

    Drive-thru live Nativities are tailor-made for a COVID-19 Christmas

    Nebraska Governor Who Downplayed COVID Proclaims “Day of Prayer” to Beat COVID

    Mississippi governor declares this Sunday ‘Day of Prayer, Humility and Fasting’

    Where’s Boise State’s backbone? There’s no problem with exercising religion on campus

    Boise State football chaplain pushes Constitution boundaries


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  • tendrilsstretchingoutwards
    11.12.2020 - 6 monts ago

    2020-12-10 thoughts

    Was wonderful seeing Richard today!!

    Today I feel anxious about: 

    Oh no MATH 56, MATSCI 194

    Brandi -- ahh I hope this pans out... tbh I do think it would be super cool to gain computational expertise

    Summer 2021 what am I gonna work on??? DAAD RISE has some cool projects, I’m sure MACI does too... gotta get in though.

    OK I’m gonna reach out to interesting PIs now.

    My winter quarter schedule though -- ugh thermo + fluids are gonna be hard. I want to do what I did winter 2019 and just... take those two hard classes (akin to CME 102 and CHEMENG 160) and then just do research + take something like SCV that I want to plunge time into. (That was also the quarter I was doing stuff for SWIB). So I guess this quarter the analogy would be: fluids, thermo, research (fingers crossed), TAing (akin to SWIB), and like, one class like SCV (tbh creative writing, I need to graduate at some point so getting *some* AII out of the way would be great. But yeah reflecting on perfectionism and Stanford life would be interesting in CW). So... no lin alg, no MATSCI 165, no BIOE 177... unless I quit CW. SEC next quarter same effort as SSCP back in the day...

    Hm so BIOE 177 is better for meeting more sci-fi fans and people who want to BUILD the future and are more optimistic...

    meh tbh the POLISCI class is good for ethics too; slightly more work than ENGR 148 but... get more out of it? (like the “race to the top” -- costs an extra dollar (extra work each week) but that extra input is reflected in the output and is *worth it*)

    Lin alg is helpful to learn well... truly if I were to redo college I would’ve taken the same math, earlier.

    Fluids, thermo, lin alg (<= research), BIOE 177 (SCV)

    +[TA <= SWIB, SEC <= SSCP]

    aaa research / MATSCI 165???

    SI: Environment & Society, ER: POLICI 134, AI x 2: PHIL 80 / creative writing / 10 things

    Preference for Accel/Mayfield over BIOE 177... since I’d take it instead of a WAYS course

    Things I’m going to miss about being at home (i.e. I am feeling somewhat anxious that I’m going to regret moving to SF next quarter):

    Great food from Peter Chang’s, Chipotle, &pizza, Cava (the Travilah one), and Jinya... often carried home by mom.

    Never needed to cook or prep fruit for myself.

    So much space for myself

    Can just be myself and not be self-conscious

    Things that I can work to make be great in SF

    Can eat all the vegetables I want. Minimize oils

    Cocktails! (...)

    I can still wear the old jeans and sweatpants and t-shirts and hoodies. Eh wear it all with equal frequency to your newer clothes -- you actually love a lot of it equally.

    Tbh lengthy conversations with people (Sophia day trip, RChen hike today) were wonderful

    I’d like to get into the STVP network... not sure whether to do Mayfield or Accel... ugh apply to Mayfield... and decide later...

    Mutually loving people to keep close

    Mom, Dad

    Relatives in Asia

    Simin, Erica, Richard C, Archana, DChen, Lien, Sophia

    Convert!: A Clark (cake! origami! systems eng!), JD, Marina, Louise

    Eh/eh-to-convert: (YH, Astrid, Vic Priester lol, A Barth, Sai, Adonis)

    Sewing Chloe, finance + friends Akshay, Andrea G, Sky, Avery, A Tam

    SCV: Anca, Josh N, Mayank, ...

    BE KIND TO ALL. you don’t know who people will be in 50yrs (Layaa)

    Messed it up with EnergyHack team but oh well.

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