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    Traitor- GD Pt. 3

    gif creds- @graysonsbailey​ :)

    a/n- hi guys im back also hes so baby. sorry but g’s an asshole in this chapter lols

    warnings- angst, some fighting, talks of past mental abuse in relationships

    “Yeah, I just moved here from Texas. I used to live in Dallas,” Emma explained, taking a small bite of the pasta. Grayson hums, looking down at his lap to wipe his hands on the cloth napkin. 

    Julia and Grayson went all out- they set out a folding table outside under the tree lights and covered it with a tablecloth, covering it with flowers and candles all around. 

    “Mando, can you pass the parmesan?” Julia asked. Mando nodded and handed her the small jar. 

    “Mmm,” Emma moaned. “Grayson, this pasta is amazing. How long did it take you to make it? I need the recipe,” she gushes, giggling while chewing. Julia pursed her lips, aggressively twisting the noodles with fork. 

    “I made it,” she interrupts. “And it’s my nana’s recipe, so you can’t have it,” 

    “Jeez, I just thought he made it, calm down,” Emma sassed, putting her arms up. Julia looked at her with a blank stare before scoffing. 

    “So, uhh, Julia, when are you going back home?” Mando questions, hoping to cut the tension. She was very thankful for him in the exact moment. 

    “Oh, um, next weekend,” she spoke, barely above a whisper, still very annoyed that she was being forced to sit and eat. 

    Although Grayson promised her he would go back in with her if she was uncomfortable, he immediately shut her down when she asked. 

    “Sorry babe, I have a few things to catch up on with Adele and Mando. You can go in if you want?” 

    He seemingly completely forgot about his promise, and all of the patience Julia had was very quickly running out. 

    “Hm,” Mando continued. “What are you going down there for?” 

    “Just to catch up with my family. Haven’t seen them in months,” she replied. 

    “Oh, Julia, you are going on a vacay?” Emma asked, as fakely as humanely possible. 

    “Mhm,” Julia replied, continuing to look anywhere but her and Grayson. 

    “Oh, well, I need to get all my Grayson time in as possible,” 

    Julia immediately choked on her food in shock. She stared up at her, with the bitchiest glare anyone has ever seen. She was practically throwing daggers at her. Julia is known for her resting bitch face, but when she’s actually mad? It’s something no one wants to see. 

    “That’s not even fucking funny,” She scoffed, putting her fork down. Everyone went silent. 

    “I- I was just joking,” Emma laughs awkwardly. “Relax, Jules,” she said. Julia glared at her even harder. To make all this ten times worse- Grayson sat there, doing nothing. 

    Grayson didn’t defend Julia, didn’t say anythiing about how he was already taken (even though Emma already knew that), and practically hadn’t even spoken a word to her since she asked to go back in. 

    “No one calls me that,” Julia takes a bite angrily, staring at it for a second after. All of a sudden, she slammed her utensils down, standing up. 

    “Excuse me,” she says, stomping off inside. 


    Julia didn’t care if it was only 7 pm- she wanted to go to bed. She was tired of dinner, tired from interacting with everyone, and especially tired of the two peas in a pod. 

    Julia was half- expecting Grayson to run and follow her back inside after she stormed off, but instead, he continued to sit and chat with Emma. Julia could hear everyone’s laughter as they all enjoyed the food she made- without her. 

    She continued sulking in the living room, letting out tiny whimpers as tears slowly streamed down her face. 

    Julia tries to act tough, but she’s incredibly sensitive.  

    Being previously pushed to the curb in her other relationships, she was glad she found Grayson to love and care for her, especially when she got insecure or anxious. Julia only trusted about 5 people in her life- Grayson, Ethan, Adele, Mando, and her best friend Mari. 

    She met Mari when she first moved to LA, and they both instantly bonded. Julia felt as though she could tell her everything. Her fears, her worries, her insecurities, etc.. without being judged. It

    Julia knew exactly what she had to do in that moment. She grabbed her phone, dialing the number. 

    “Hey Mari?” Mari picked up after the third ring. Julia sighed in relief. 

    “Hi babe! What’s up?” Mari spoke, her Californian accent poking through. 

    “I’m having problems,” Julia whimpered. “Can you talk?”

    “Yeah, what’s up? Are you crying?” Mari spoke, her tone showing sympathy. 

    Julia inhaled. “There’s this girl who moved in next door and Grayson invited her to dinner and she keeps flirting with him and he just like- ignores it- and - doesn’t care,” she was choking over her own sobs.

    “Hey, shhh, I’m sure Grayson just wants to be nice so she can make a friend. You know Grayson loves you more than anything. I think it’s just you being insecure,” Mari spoke carefully. 

    Julia’s eyes darkened angrily. Why does no one understand the issue? Is she the only one who actually notices his behavior? Julia was not expecting her answer, quickly hanging up before laying down and crying some more. 



    “C’mon, wake up, lessgo to bed,” Julia hears, tiredly opening her eyes to find Grayson standing above her. She glared, quickly rolling back over. 

    “Hey, c’mon, baby,” he saiid, rubbing her arm. “I didn’t think she was gonna say those things. I told her it wasn’t nice,” he finished, thinking it was somehow gonna earn her forgiveness. Julia snorted into the pillow. 

    “I  don’t care if she was being a bitch. You let her, and you didn’t even say anything when she was clearly flirting with you. You didn’t even come in and cuddle me like you promised. I told you I wanted to go in and you said no,” she huffed, feeling tears well up again. 

    Grayson frowned, slowly seeing how this was in a way his fault too. “I- I told her after it wasn’t okay-” he began, but she quickly cut him off. 

    “Doesn’t matter, you didn’t say anything when I was sitting right there,” she whined. “And you still broke your promise, there’s no excuse for that.”

    Grayson’s lips tightened, knowing Julia was right. “Look, baby, just come to bed. We can talk about it-” 

    “No, Grayson, I don’t want to sleep with you, tonight. I need some space, just for tonight,”

    Now it was Grayson’s turn to cry. 

    “W-what? I can’t sleep without you,” he whispered. Julia’s heart throbbed. She was still mad at him, but she was somewhat relieved he still needed her. 

    “You’ll be fine,” she huffed. Grayson frowned, sighing. He rubbed his tears off his cheek. 

    “Fine,” he said sternly, mood changing out of nowhere. “I call the bed, though,”

    Julia’s mouth dropped. Grayson always offered her the bed. 

    “I know we are fighting, and you are mad, but I can’t have my baby’s back getting all fucked up like mine already is.” 

    Tears welled up again. 

    “Fine, whatever,” she spat. “Maybe you should ask Emma if she needs a cuddle buddy.” Grayson stops and turns around, throwing his hands on his head in stress. 

    “Oh my god, you are pissing me the fuck off now. I get it, I let Emma get too far, but I don’t want to fucking sleep in the same bed as her. That bed is for you and me only, got it?” He huffed. “I’m going to bed. Wake me up when you decide to stop complaining.”

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    "What are you doing, Step-Bro?"

    look what yall made me do. nah jk this has been on my head for a while now. and this took way to long to write compared to how short it is. i wrote this yesterday.

    word count: 3.8k

    warnings: 18+ smut, swearing, family relationship, and please keep in mind, this isn't real. it is a fan-fiction. if lisa actually gets into a relationship, good for her, but if she doesn't, don't get annoyed at me for making this. please.

    The day Y/N's Mother and Father sat her down at the dinner table when she was nine, spilling the worst news that a nine-year old could hear, was the worst day of her life. Well, that was until Y/N met her new family in Long Valley, New Jersey.

    The day was long. Young Y/N sat down at the table, watching her Mom picking her nails and her Dad hanging his head low. She sat at her normal spot, right in between her parents.

    Of course she had heard their arguments, but both her Mom and Dad had both said, "People fight, pumpkin, when you fall in love you'll do it too." Y/N trusted both of her parents, though right now, she's not feeling that.

    Y/N watched her Dad shift in her seat. He breathed in, looking over at his (soon to be ex) wife. She nodded, giving him a sign to start talking. Y/N's eyebrows squinted as she tilted her head, whats going on?? She thought.

    Her father broke the silence with a question she didn't know how to answer too. "No matter what, you know both your Mother and I love you so much, right?" He asked, setting his hand on top of his daughters much smaller one. She nodded, not knowing what to do. She looked over at her Mother, she wasn't looking at either of them. Her Mom looked over at her, moving her eyes from the window.

    Now looking back at it, Y/N has noticed how much happier her dad had been without Mom. And now, finally after 11 years, he had found the real one.

    Y/N was so happy for her dad, though she was now packing her home of 20 years. She was leaving all her friends, not even sure if she'd ever visit again. The idea of moving always excited Y/N as a little girl, though now older and bigger, its very very stressful and sad for her.

    Y/N stood in the door way of her bedroom for so long, so focused she didn't even hear her father calling her name. Her father yelled her name, getting no response every time. A sudden nerve ran up his back.

    "Y/N?" He yelled making his way up the off-white carpeted stairs of the house. He called Y/N again, no response. He walked to her bedroom finding her standing in the doorway, hands and arms filled with bags and boxes. He walked up to her, joining her in the doorway. His hand rubbed up and down your back, looking down at you and all the boxes you held. He sighed, grabbing a box from you. "Okay, Y/N, we have to go now. I'll take one of your boxes, come on. I want you to meet Lisa's children before they leave."

    Your eyes rolled from what he had said. He'd told you all the things about her kids that he knew. Lisa had three kids, one girl and two twin boys. The girl, Cameron, was twenty-three and the twins, Ethan (the older one) and Grayson (the younger one) were both 21. Though, Cameron, who you were excited for, did not live in New Jersey. Nor did the twins, so you'd be stuck with the twins until you moved into a house with your partner in the future.

    Now, here she is, in the car driving from her old home to her new home, in a different state. Y/N opened her air-pods, grabbing one air-pod - so she could still hear her dad - and playing soft music in the pod. Y/N threw her head back, closing her eyes and dozing off in the safety of her music on replay.

    Y/N woke up in the burning sun and the feeling of her Father tapping her shoulder. She shook her head looking over, receiving a smile from him. Y/N smiled back, pulling out her air-pods that had died.

    "We're going to stop at this gas station up here, you can get any snacks and stuff," He said a little too nicely. He knows she does not like this whole situation. So, therefore, hes gonna do everything to make Y/N happier about this situation.

    You nodded, looking forward seeing the big bright sign showing the gas station. Soon, the two of them pulled up to the gas station and Y/N got out of the car so fast, she could have been mistaken for a cheetah.

    She had made a quick run to the bathroom before grabbing some Sour Patch Kids and a cheap soda. Y/N found her father already in line, allowing her to awkwardly skip the line. She had felt the looks on her from the people she had skipped. Nobody had said anything to her, though. Well, that was until a tall young tan skinned boy, did finally.

    He coughed, trying to grab her attention, though he realized it didn't. He coughed again, grabbing her attention along with others. “Um,” he started talking to her, she turned around just making sure he wasn't talking to her. Unfortunately, he was. Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed, and his low voice began talking again. “You can’t just skip the line- whoa!” His annoyed voice seemed to go away when he looked at her when she turned around. Y/N rolled her eyes when she watched him open a bit more, wide eyed for sure.

    Y/N turned back around, meeting eyes with her father. His eyes were wide too, though he was surprised at the sudden change in him. He was smiling under the navy blue mask he wore, covering his mouth and nose.

    Luckily for the boy who was going to tell her to wait in the back of the line, he had gotten Y/N’s number and as much as Y/N didn't want to admit it, she was excited for it.

    After many more hours of driving, both Y/N and her father taking turns, Y/D drove into a long and beautiful drive through tall green trees in Long Valley, New Jersey. Y/N sat up, deciding that she wanted to look a bit more presentable. His phone had gone off, saying that the destination was close. Y/N sat up, combing out her hair with her fingers.

    Once she was happy with her appearance, she smiled a small smile and looked back out the window, bringing the mirror back up, showing more of the beautiful trail and trees. Y/D took a turn, turning into a driveway of a large beautiful house with a big backyard with a fancy garden. Y/N looked over at her dad, hoping he’ll break the silence with what they both wanted to say.

    “Wow,” he said, causing you to giggle and smile. He was happy on the outside, but on the inside, he was shitting bricks to say the least. Y/N too, though she was quite the opposite. On the outside, she was shitting bricks and on the inside, she was happy. She was happy because her father was happy, she was happy because she had a new start ready to begin when she walked into the door, she was happy because she would finally have that mother-daughter bond with someone again. “This is home, babe.”

    Y/N smiled, looking over at him who was looking at her. Y/N had shifted when her dad looked forward to the white house again. She unbuckled her seat belt and listed herself over to kiss him on the cheek. When she pulled back, Lisa was standing at the door, her short blond hair was curled in front of her face, she was pretty. Lisa had a smile on her face, clearly showing she had seen Y/N kiss her fathers cheek. Lisa turned around, beginning to talk to someone who she couldn’t see.

    “That's Lisa, baby,” Y/D said, unbuckling his seat belt and opening the door, walking up to Lisa who had met him in the middle. Y/D had pulled her in for a hug, and they hugged before sharing a quick peck on the lips. Y/N smiled, she hadn’t seen her father this happy since forever ago.

    Y/N smiled, getting out of the car, closing the door with a slam, making Y/D pull away from Lisa. Lisa looked over at you smiling, she seemed to be happy with everything in this moment. All three of them had heard a scream or something from inside, causing Lisa to blush and apologize for her kids.

    Soon enough, with the help of Lisa, both Y/N and Y/D had gotten all their stuff inside the house or right outside the front door. When she had gotten inside, Lisa had said how she would show us to both of their rooms. Hers and Y/D’s had been on the main floor, while Y/N’s was in the basement, far away from both of the other children's rooms, as if they are ever home anyway. She liked her room, on the bright side, she liked the color of the painting of the wall, and the second she saw the room, she felt like she knew how she wanted it to look.

    As a student, studying for interior design in a nearby college in New Jersey, she had a pretty good idea of how she wanted everything to go. Y/N smiled, the room was perfect for her. After Y/N thanked Lisa for the room, she had brought all of them back upstairs to introduce her children.

    Her daughter had walked down first, she looked just like Lisa to Y/N. “This is my daughter, Cameron, Cameron this is Y/N and Y/D,” Cameron examined Y/D quickly and soon moved to Y/N with a smirk on her face. Y/N rocked on her heels feeling uncomfortable. Lisa had noticed and lightly nudged Cameron before pulling up upstairs. Y/N had heard Cameron mumble something, but she could not hear what so she brushed it off. When they had gotten upstairs, Lisa had knocked on a door with mumbling behind it.

    Lisa had gone to knock on the door, but the door was opened by two identical men. Y/N hadn’t even noticed her cheeks flush over with a red flush until she couldn't form a sentence even if she wanted to. “This one here, is Ethan, Ethan, this is Y/N and Y/D, Grayson, this is Y/N and Y/D,” Grayson held back a smile a little bit too much it was obvious that he was.

    They were hot, and when a short, petite brunette walked out from behind them, Y/N was just a little caught off guard. Y/N wanted to pray neither of them were dating this girl, but she couldn't. She couldn’t knowing these people are family now, she couldn't do this. Not with guys who looked like this. But at the same time. They look like douche bags.

    After dinner, she had gone downstairs after many hours of driving. Y/N just wanted to go downstairs into your room, put blankets on the bed and make a bed to sleep in. So she did. She had brought down a blanket and a few pillows, just enough for the night. She had also set up a nightlight she had brought for comfort.

    She had woken up the next morning from the loud noise from her phone. She groaned and turned it off, staying up, keeping her eyes open, trying to wake up. She normally would wake up and go for a run or something, but today, for a work out, she had decided she was going to bring things down into her room and put them out.

    On her second box, she had a comforter on her bed, more pillows, a few posters of bands she liked, and a blue record player on the floor. She had brought down two bedside tables, which she had filled with many different things. They were dark brown, the same color of the bed frame Lisa had bought her. She was on her way up, going to grab another box filled with clothes, but she had met the face of someone's chest instead. He was shirtless and tan, he had a tattoo of a face on her arm, and he had a gray headband in his hair.

    He smiled as she looked up, “Grayson,” She said. He smiled, as a way of showing she was right. “What are you doing up so early in the morning?” He smiled, looking into her eyes.

    “I don't know, I’ve been waking up early for the past handful of years. Why are you up?” he asked, brushing a hand through her hair. She blushed again from the feeling of his hands on her face.

    She caught her breath in her throat, she was struggling to speak again. Something about this man. He already had an effect on her. “I normally have school, and before I have classes, I like to run or something but making my room is good too.”

    Grayson smiled, keeping his eyes on her lips that moved when she talked, let alone when she breathed. All he wanted to do was kiss her lips, honestly. “Well, Y/N, I can help you if you want, I was just going to work out.”

    And so he did. They both worked downstairs. He helped her install a television into the wall, he also helped her build a dresser for her bedroom. After about three hours, her room was finished. She had a white theme, though her pops of color shined in the light room.

    “Thank you Grayson, I think I got the rest if you want to go shower or something,” She said referring to his body that was dripping sweat. He smiled, saying no and helping her bring down the last box of things that would all end up on the wall.

    On the top of the box, though, was her hydro flask that rolled off of the box and banged on the ground. Grayson winced, looking over watching her set the box down and pick up the bottle bringing her hand through the loop. She looked down and gasped, grabbing Gray's attention even more. “Oh fuck,” She whispered rubbing her hand on the wood floor. She hoped that rubbing her hand on the dark wood floor would wipe away the dent, showing how there wasn't a dent. But there was a big chip taken out of the wood too. “Shit, shit, shit.”

    Grayson smiled, stepping behind her, moving her over slightly looking at the big, noticeable dent. Grayson knew his mom, she wouldn't care knowing it was her, but she might never forget it or something of that source. “Fuck, uh,” He started looking over to his right, seeing her watch him look at the dent. She moved her head, looking down at it. “Don’t worry about it right now, let's finish your room, yeah?” Y/N nodded, walking down the stairs being extra careful.

    When they had gotten down to your new room, Grayson brushed a hand through her hair again. The hair that fell over her face had been brushed and brought behind her ears, blushing once again. His hand stayed on her face, bringing it down to her lips, brushing it over her pink plump bottom lip. Her eyes darted down from his hand up to his eyes that looked down at her lips.

    He pulled it back, looking deep into her eyes. He walked forward pushing her back to sit on the bed, while he stood above her, doing the lip pull again. He smiled, it seemed as if his lightning bolt had gone off again. “How about we make a deal?” He asked looking deep into her eyes. She nodded, keeping her lip attached to his finger. He slipped his thick digit into her mouth, basically asking her to suck on his finger. “How about you suck my dick, and if she sees it, I’ll take the blame. How does that sound?”

    Y/N moved your head back, letting go of his finger. “What- no, Gray, this is so wrong. We're family now, my dad is dating your mom, this isn't right. As much as I wish I could, I can’t,”

    He held his breath, not regretting what he had said as a deal at all, he meant it. “Why can't you?” He asked, holding onto her hand not letting her run away.

    “Gray, that's just not okay,” she said, trying to think of an excuse. He raised his eyebrows, not thinking she’d really mean that. What the fuck does he know? “We wouldn't have the bond that I was excited for. I never had siblings, you are my sibling now, and you and your siblings are the only reason I let my dad drag my ass across the country so he could live with some girl he had never met. You think I would be okay wi--”

    His lips on hers interrupted her, his lips were soft, just like they looked. His hands knew right where they should roam, his tongue knew where to slide. Y/N wanted to stay there and let him kiss her, but that would defeat the whole thing she was just saying. So she untangled her hands from the back of his neck and pushed the 200 pound guy off of her.

    He pulled back smiling, “Tell me the real reason.”

    “I did.”

    “No, you didn't.”

    “Yes, I did.”

    “No, because you said you wanted to.”

    She gasped, staying quiet this time. She did want to, she did. But she couldn't. Her mother always told her life isn't fair but she never really understood until now. She looked down, “What if we get caught?”

    Grayson smiled, to him, these five words meant that she was considering it. She was, but she couldn't admit that.

    “We won't.”

    “You don't know that for sure.”

    “One, we would hear them walking around upstairs, two, we would hear them walk down the stairs, three, my mom would think it's Ethan and Kristina, and four, we’ll be quiet,” he said, rubbing a hand over her wet, swollen lips. He smiled, watching her blush. “Now, baby girl, what's the real reason?”

    The question she had been holding in, was not this. The question she was holding in would be, Why me? But what came out was different.

    “What if I get attached?”

    The next day, Y/N had woken up from her alarm but she hadn't gotten out of her room. She had listened to Graysons soft hums and the sound of walking around upstairs. She had waited until she heard soft grunts outside, telling her he was working out before she had gone upstairs and made toast. She was so focused on being quick she hadn’t even heard Grayson come into the house and open the door.

    “Good morning, sleepy head,” he laughed, scaring Y/N dropping her knife onto the counter top, exhaling a yelp from her mouth. “Did you finish thinking yet? ‘Cause I heard my mom ask E what it was last night, I’m next to be aske-”

    “Won't she ask Cameron too?”

    He scoffed, “No, baby, it's now or never,” He said looking down at the bump in his shorts. Maybe it was from the ideas in his head, or maybe it was the skimpy outfit Y/N had worn to bed.

    Y/N looked away, sucking on her tongue trying to keep this idea out of her head. If Y/N had known Lisa a little bit longer, the answer would be a no. She would take the blame and suffer the consequences but knowing all she's done for her, not even knowing her longer than 76 hours, she couldn't. “Fine,” Y/N rolled her eyes.

    He shook his head and woke himself up, before walking up to her soft hand grabbing it and leading her to her bedroom. They walked down the stairs down to her bedroom and to Grayson, it felt like he hardened with every step he took.

    Once they reached her bedroom, he stood up, staying standing while pushing her head down to meet up with his boner that seemed to fully stick out in his shorts. Y/N kept eye-contact with him while she pull his workout shorts along with his Calvin Kliens down to his ankles. His erection pulled up like a spring flying up to his stomach and resting back down right by her mouth. Y/N stuck her tongue out and licked a line up from the bottom of his shaft to the top of his tip. She had felt every vein tense when she did so, and she liked knowing he was under her control.

    He kept his eyes on her mouth, keeping himself as stable as possible. While he held her head steady, she began to start doing what he had waited for. Y/N began to bring her mouth deeper and closer to his pelvis, wrapping her lips around her teeth forcing her neck to push forward and backwards on his dick releasing moans, gurgles, and chokes from her mouth.

    “Fuck yeah, just like that,” Grayson whispered trying to stay quiet as he was in pure euphoria on his lower region. She tried her hardest to keep her eyes open, looking deep into his eyes as he threw his head back shortly. His hand held her hair behind her head, pushing her head forward and backward while kindly holding her hair out of her way. He pushed Y/N’s head deep into his pelvis, cumming right down her throat.

    Once he was finished he allowed Y/N to move her head back and let her sore throat be free. She stood up, wiping her face off and kissing Grayson deeply. He grabbed Y/N’s hips, pulling her in for a kiss. Y/N, whose arms were tightly wrapped around the back of his neck keeping them close and tight together, hummed into the kiss. Soon, the two of them were pulled apart from the sound of somebody walking around above them. Y/N gasped, keeping her distance from her step brother.

    “What the fuck did you just make me d-”

    “Grayson,” His mom called out, interrupting Y/N. “Baby, what's this dent in the ground here?”

    Grayson smiled, looking into Y/N’s eyes as he talked, “That was me, Ma, sorry,”

    “Come on, Grayson. Fix this please.”

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    Traitor- GD Pt. 2

    a/n- welcum to part 2! someone please tell me if this series is good or not i am always so insecure about writing actual series

    warnings- just some jealousy. plus an annoying ass bitch lol

    Summary- Grayson invites the new neighbor over to dinner, but what happens when Julia realizes she could be an issue?

    “We could just order pizza or Monty’s. I’m really not in the mood to cook,” Grayson sighs, leaning down. He rubs his tummy, looking over at an upset Ethan. 

    “Dude, we literally had pizza yesterday,” he says, shaking his hands at Grayson. 

    “Alright, well, if you want something different, then you can make it. If you want stromboli or some fancy shit like that then make it yourself, fuckface,” he exhales. Julia slaps him gently in the arm, giving him a look. Grayson raises his arms in defense, chuckling. 

    “How about I cook?” She suggests, perking up. “My grandma has this really good recipe for pasta. As long as we have all the ingredients I’m perfectly fine with making it,”

    Grayson gets out of the chair, grabbing the sides of her hair. He leans down and pecks the top of her head. “Ugh, you just saved the day. Thank you, baby,” Julia giggles, continuing to type out her essay for her class. A knock on the door interrupts her thought, and she gets up to answer it. On the other side stands a tall blonde girl with curly hair. She looked a little shocked to see her, as if she was expecting someone else. 

    “Oh, hi! I just moved in next door. Is Grayson here?” She asks, immediately covering the surprised look on her face. Julia looks at her with confusion. 

    “Uh, yeah, he’s in his room. Why?” She questions, wondering why the girl requested for him. 

    “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Emma. I was just coming to thank him for helping me move in, I had a lot of shit,” she giggles. Julia exhales, happy it was just to thank him. She’s always been a little jealous, and with how much exposure Grayson has on social media, she’s always a little worried he’ll find a model and replace her. Emma definitely could be a model. 

    “Oh sure, I’ll grab him for you,” she says, wandering off to find him. 

    “Babe?” She calls. “This Emma chick is here for you.” 

    Grayson gets up at the name, running off to the door, not saying a word to Julia. She grimaces, softly kicking her feet. 

    “Hey!” Emma introduces, excitedly. “I just wanna thank you for helping me yesterday, I know it was probably a pain in the ass,” she laughs. 

    “Oh it’s no problem. E and I really like organizing stuff,” he chuckles back. Julia walked into the kitchen, joining in on their conversation. Grayson catches her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. 

    “Hey!” He looks at her. She fake smiles, leaning into his chest. “This is my girl, Julia. You guys would be really great friends,” he says, squeezing her gently. She waves quietly, noticing the even faker look she is casting. 

    “Oh we already met. She opened the door,” she giggles. “So what are you guys doing later?” She attempts at conversation. 

    “Oh we aren’t-” Julia begins. 

    “We are having pasta for dinner,” Grayson cuts her off. “Yeah, E’s girl and him are joining too. A couple of our friends might as well,” he explains. This was a shocker to Julia; she thought it’d be just her Grayson and Ethan. Guess not. 

    “Oooo sounds fun!” Emma chirps. “Yeah, I’m not doing anything. Just lugging more boxes!” She giggles again. Julia really didn’t like how high-pitched her voice was. She naturally was a person who got pissed off by the littlest things people do, and Emma was certainly not impressing her. 

    “Hey, you can join if you want,” Grayson invites, completely avoiding the astounded look Julia shot him. “We got plenty of room!”

    Julia’s lips pursed, progressively getting angrier and angrier at the fact that Grayson is inviting this random person to eat dinner with them. Suddenly, she wasn’t so fond of the idea of cooking. 

    “Oh, no, I can’t possibly. I don’t want to intrude,” she gushes, hand on her chest. Julia caught her flirting attempts. She didn’t get why people always tried their chance with Grayson when she was right there. 

    “No, I insist. We’ll help you get adjusted to the neighborhood, right babe?” He looked down at Julia. 

    “Mhm,” she said robotically. 

    “Well, if you insist,” she laughs, slapping her hands against her thigh. Julia loved Grayson, she really does, but she hates how oblivious he can be. Grayson can’t tell whether or not a girl is flirting for the life of him. 

    “I’ll see you guys soon! Nice to meet you, Julia,” she grimaces, waving at Grayson. 

    “Nice to meet you too,” she deadpans. 

    Grayson shuts the door. Julia walks to the stove, getting out a pot to boil the noodles. 

    “Babe, are you sure we should have this many people over? I mean like, covid, you know,” She covers. Julia used that excuse whenever she felt too uncomfortable hanging out with people. In reality, they were all vaccinated and had been having dinners this big since the mask mandate was lifted for people who are. Even so, Grayson had thrown a few get togethers in quarantine that were definitely against the rules. 

    Grayson looked up, concerned by her excuse. “What do you mean? We always have these big of hangouts. Why, not enough forks?” He jokes, grabbing something from the cupboard. 

    “No, just like,” Julia starts, trying to think of a cover up. “Maybe, ya know, my nana doesn’t want me to hand out my pasta recipe to strangers. She’s very stingy with her cookie recipe, I don’t know,” she rushes out. Grayson chuckles again, clearly not buying it. 

    “She will not care baby, I promise. You run out of your social battery?” He figures. 

    Julia had always had an issue with public situations- she’d much rather spend time alone or with Grayson in their own bed, doing their own thing. She can hang out with people for a maximum of maybe two hours; after that she’s done interacting. Grayson knew this and always was careful not to push her to her limits. 

    “I don’t know, I guess I just like,” she starts. How does she word this without blaming Emma? She always wanted to be as non- judgemental as possible. 

    “Uh, I just- I’m not sure I really like Emma. I mean, I don’t really wanna have dinner with her,” she decides to be honest. Grayson looks up at her. 

    “Hmm. Why not?” He interrogated. 

    “I- I guess she just like, gives me bad vibes. Like I feel like she and I won’t get along well. Plus you know I hate talking to new people,” she adds, stumbling over her words. 

    “Mm,” he shakes his head in understanding. “I see. Well, we can’t really uninvite her. How about this,” he proposes. “I will keep my eye on you all night, and if you’re done talking to her, I will gladly leave dinner with you and we can cuddle and watch shameless instead.” 

    Julia pouts. “Really?” She asks. Grayson really was too good to be true. Julia walks up to him and hugs him. 

    “Thank you, my love.” She says against his chest. “I’ll finish this, and you go set up the table, ok? I love you,” she kisses his cheek. 

    “I love you too.” 

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    #grayson dolan #grayson dolan blurb #grayson x reader #grayson dolan fic #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan imagine #grayson and ethan #grayson fic#dolan twins#my writing
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    #grayson dolan #grayson dolan blurb #grayson smut #grayson x reader #grayson dolan fic #grayson dolan smut #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan imagine #grayson and ethan #grayson fic#ethan dolan#dolan twins #dolan twins fanfic #my writing
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    Why are all the fics that portray Grayson as an asshole always seem believable lol

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    Master Grayson and Ethan posing with Their new foot-slave.

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    Traitor- GD

    gif creds- @graysonsbailey​ <3

    Summary- Julia and Grayson have been going out for over a year, but a new girl moves in next door and Julia can’t help but feel replaced. 

    a/n- hiiiii! this is my second attempt at an oc, the first failed miserably hahahhahahahhaha anyways. im having such bad writers block rn and i had a huge meltdown earlier because i couldn’t fucking write my essay anyways if this sucks thats why. all writing for this series will be under the traitor!gray hashtag at the bottom. love you guys 

    warnings- angst

    (ps this series is named after ‘Traitor’ by olivia rodrigo if u were wondering!)

    “Ok, what about this,” Julia asked Grayson, pulling a dark crimson dress off the hanger, pulling it up to her chest to show how it’d look. 

    “No.” He immediately rejected it, looking back down at his phone. Julia sighed in defeat, retreating back to the closet to find more options. She didn’t know what was his problem, he had been pissy ever since he got home from his meeting with Ethan. They had planned a nice dinner for about a week, and it seemed as though he couldn’t care less about it now. 

    “What’s your problem,” she finally muttered, catching a glimpse at a navy cocktail dress that looked perfect for the restaurant. 

    “Nothing, its just that dress looks like it fits a 12 year old,” Grayson grunted. 

    “Its stretchy,” she refuted. “Ok, how about navy?” 

    Grayson looked at the dress, then looked at her, then back at his phone, once again. “That’s better.”

    Julia groaned. “Can you at least sound excited? We have been planning this reservation for a while. I was really looking forward to going.”

    “I am excited!” He argued. “I just had a tough day at work. The dress looks good, and it’ll look even better on you. Convinced?” He snapped, clearly annoyed. 

    “Fine,” she hmphed, crossing her arms. “I’m going to change and put my makeup on, and when your done with your phone you can meet me in the car,” she scoffed, stomping quietly to the bathroom to change. 


    The whole car ride was definitely a little too awkward. Considering Julia and Grayson had been dating for over a year now, you would think they know how to make conversation. They both struggled in talking about their feelings, and when they got into small fights like previously they lacked understanding of each others side of the story. 

    Julia hated nothing more than awkward silence, and it made it ten times worse that she was locked in a tiny car with a giant man not even acknowledging her existence it seemed. Her slight claustrophobia was also showing, her frail body shuffling around uncomfortably in the passengers seat, kicking her feet around softly. 

    Grayson was, however, incredible at reading body language, and he knew that a tell-tale sign Julia was cramped was her feet softly kicking at the carpet below her. He also knew that she instantly calmed down from physical touch; therefore, his large hand found its way to her thigh, softly gripping it in reassurance. 

    She sucked in a breath, turning her head to finally face him. She softly smiled before letting her own hand intertwine with his, resting on her skin. 

    “‘M sorry,” she quietly apologized. Grayson glanced over at her surprised, Julia never apologized, especially when she was not in the wrong. 

    “You didn’t do anything, babe, I should’ve been paying more attention. The meeting was just hella stressful and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.” He grinned, squeezing your palm in his. 

    The dinner itself went surprisingly well, they both got over it and ate a very nice vegan meal. Grayson paid of course, and the car ride home was a lot better, and instead of basking in silence they both jammed out to Kid Cudi and then got milkshakes from Monty’s. 

    By the time they arrived home, they were so unbelievably tired they almost crashed on the couch before Grayson got up and dragged Julia’s body to their shared bedroom. They cuddled, shared a few too many kisses, then fell asleep tucked in each others arms. 


    The next morning, they kept up their routine. Grayson woke up at 7 am to start his morning workout, and Julia slept in until around 10. Grayson always made him and her avocado toast after his workout, and he would always leave her leftover toast on the counter for when she finally appears out of her room. However, Julia wasn’t greeted by her usual good morning kiss that she regularly received. She picked up her small plate with her stupid avocado toast and noticed a small sticky note next to it. 

    Good morning my love. Went with E to help move new neighbor in. Be back around 1-ish. Love you- G<3. 

    ok das it goodbye see u tmr or something lol this is so bad 

    #grayson dolan#grayson fic #grayson and ethan #grayson dolan imagine #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson x oc #ethan dolan#dolan twins #dolan twins fanfic #dolan twins fic #my writing #traitor!gray
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    Grayson Dolan Masterlist

    if a post contains smut, there will be a small * next to the name. 

    Mr. Dolan- 


    his playlists-

    his porsche-

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    Their belly buttons are almost identical too

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    Can any anons leave me some writing advice in my inbox??? I rlly wanna improve my writing and I need some help

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    #grayson dolan #grayson dolan blurb #grayson smut #grayson x reader #grayson dolan fic #grayson dolan smut #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan imagine #grayson and ethan #grayson fic#ethan dolan#my writing
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    #THIS SUCKED MAJOR ASS #I APOLOGIZE#🥺🥺🥺🥺 #ethan dolan x reader #ethan dolan #ethan dolan smut
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