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    24.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Headcanon: Resident Evil characters that have a breeding kink.


    The funny thing about this one is that Chris himself probably wouldn’t have realized he had a breeding kink until he heard one of those ‘continuing the Redfield line’ jokes circulating around the office

    It still takes him like, 2 weeks before he realizes what it was about it that made it stick in his head long after the initial joke has been said

    In fact, the only reason he really got it was when he was pounding in and out of you at a rough and quick pace, about to pull out when he felt that edge nearing, but you held him close, breathless pleas to finish inside of you, to breed you, falling from your lips

    And he is just gone. It’s like those were the words that he needed to hear this whole time without realizing it

    He’d suddenly be rougher than ever, with a force that feels like it could break your hips, before driving as deep as possible and shooting his load inside you

    Definitely the hardest he’s come in a while, if not ever

    Has to take several long deep breathes to come back into his mindset again but when he pulls out and sees his cum dribbling out of you, a new wave of arousal washes over him as he practically shoves back in you again

    You realize it’s going to be a long night


    Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry. Momm-

    It did not take very long into your relationship for you to realize that she had a thing for being called ‘mommy’ or ‘ma’am’

    (Mother is a little formal and typically reserved for her daughters so she doesn’t like it in a bedroom setting)

    Uses a strap(not that that’s gonna stop her from filling you up) and boy does she use it right

    It’s made in proportion to her body and is double sided so you both are getting as much pleasure out of it as possible

    Would call you pet names and whisper sweet and filthy things to you while she’s fucking you so deep, you could probably feel your stomach bulging if you reached down

    But you’re getting fucked so senseless you can’t even muster the strength to do that

    You probably cum a lot more than she does and it’s only when you’re begging for her to finish inside you does she drive the strap to the hilt

    No actual cum fills you(sadly) but with how full you feel, you can just as easily imagine it


    Dude just… loves being a dad lmao

    You guys would have been at it for a while. If there’s one thing Ethan has, it’s stamina, and he can go for a few rounds. But eventually, he does start feeling like his brain is gonna pool out of his ears and he starts saying stuff almost subconsciously

    One of those things being how good it would feel to fill you up with his seed. Watch it dribble out of you and then push it back in so it can mark your insides

    And once that train of thought starts, he can’t shut it off

    His thrusts start becoming rougher but more erratic, continuing to spew filth at the thought of filling you up over and over and watching your stomach get swollen with him

    You can hardly answer, moans and mewls are all that’s leaving you but Ethan seems to be doing fine all on his own

    Eventually, his movements get more jerky and you can tell he’s close

    His eyes lock with yours and you can manage to get out a ‘please’ and then he’s emptying himself inside of you

    His load is thick and there’s so much of it you can not only feel it dribble out around him, but you can swear you feel your stomach bulge just a bit, just like what Ethan was talking about earlier

    You probably need a few minutes but Ethan is ready to go again alarmingly quick

    #resident evil #resident evil imagine #resident evil village #re village#chris redfield #chris redfield x reader #chris redfield x you #alcina dimitriscu x reader #alcina dimitrescu#lady dimitrescu#ethan winters #ethan winters x reader #headcanon
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    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Smoke On The Water Chapter 8

    Rating: NSFW 18+

    Word count: there are many words

    Warnings: major spoilers for Resident Evil 8: Village, amnesia, desecration of dead bodies, fainting, flashbacks, guns, human experimentation, kidnapping?, mental pain, swearing


    Smoke On The Water - Chapter 8 - Gears

    "So, all combined, I have this dog tag with a local address, the two year old drawing of myself in Donna Beneviento's book, the fact that there is metal in my skull and I don't bleed and the familiar smell of local cigars. Everything so far points to the fact that I'm probably local.", I say to myself. "Cool, but what now? Even if I am local, that doesn't really help me because everyone here is dead or mutated or trying to kill me!"

    On the far side of the Ceremony Site I can make out the chimneys of a factory through a rusty fence. The mountains in the distance seem to glow in the afternoon sunlight. Still a long way left to go. I head over to the door between two of the giant stone statues and walk down the seemingly never ending stone stairs towards the river. At the river I see that the massive bridge supported by enormous pillars is the only way across. The moment I arrive on the other side I hear a low grumbling and every hair on my body stands up immediately. The bridge is sinking down and now I can't get back, how ironic. Standing between the locked iron gate to the factory and the trench I look around, again, to see if anyone is watching. I make up my mind and enter the factory grounds through a hole in the chain-link fence.

    Up close the building looks dingy and the grounds are untended, just like everything else in this damn village, and the smell of grease and rust is overwhelming. Piles of old metal junk are scattered around the premises; I even spot a tank among the rubble.

    Just like everywhere else I've been to today, breaking and entering is my go-to. The gate to the barn I'm standing in front of is sturdier than it looks. I clamber onto a broken tractor and find good places to hold onto as I pull myself up the barn's wall, up until I reach the small triangular window and let myself in. I almost immediately fall through the floor because I can't see where the fuck I'm going with all this hay laying around. I let myself drop down into a stack of hay bales and contemplate my next move. There's a big door on the opposite side of the gate and a small door over to the left.

    The big one won't budge, so I try the smaller door and it is unlocked. I wrinkle my nose as I'm greeted with the sight of a stairway leading to the basement of this place.

    If I've learned anything from today, it is that basements are almost always haunted and suck. Anyways, I still go down and follow a narrow, sparsely lit hallway until I come across yet another door. The room behind it looks a little bit like an office, it's also rather organized in comparison to what I've seen of the factory so far. Sure, there's tools and crumpled papers laying around on a workbench, the shelves are overflowing with materials and the air is dusty, but that's about it. My gut is telling me there's something important here that I should look for. But what? I walk around the room and find absolutely nothing of value. The rags covering up the wall across from the door do arouse suspicion, though. What is worth hiding in a place that's already hidden?

    I carefully duck under the cloth rags and stand before a desk with a cork board above it. What is on the cork board makes my heart race. Pictures of the Lords with their faces crossed out and, whom I assume is, Mother Miranda. The word Mother is scrawled underneath her picture in red ink, after all. And to the right of those pictures is a collection of smaller Polaroid photographs. A lot of them show a brunette woman with a baby and there's Ethan! These must be pictures of his family. I remember he told me that Miranda kidnapped his baby daughter. Is the factory owner trying to help or is he the perpetrator?

    My heart is beating so hard I swear you could probably hear it in the next room.

    The sound of my heartbeat almost drowns out the heavy footsteps coming down the hallway and I jerk my head up as I notice them. There is only one door to this room and nowhere to hide. A spark of intuition tells me to open up the grated panel in the floor and go that way and, with little other choices, I follow my intuition. I manage to land on my feet and hurry down the corridor I dropped into. Above me I can hear someone shut the hatch with a bang.

    Vents and grates in the walls and floor quickly become my main way to get around the factory. Like this I can avoid being seen by the walking corpses that roam the place and still get around pretty easily. I wonder where my gut feeling is leading me, because that's what I'm following here... I force open a hatch above my head and climb out. And what I see takes my breath away. I'm standing on a walkway overlooking a gigantic hall, maybe the factory's main hall, and the machines are working tirelessly. Steam and smoke rise from different parts and little neon lights flash here and there. The hall is so huge and so dark I can't see the other side of it. My mind must be playing tricks on me again, because whatever is hanging from those hooks and conveyor belts looks like people. A people factory. To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me, but I'd rather not think about it.

    I hear someone cough behind me and almost jump out of my own skin. I turn around and there, sitting in an industrial elevator, is the Duke.

    He greets me with a wave of his hand and says his usual line: "Care to make a purchase?"

    I check the magazine of my Lemi, then sigh reluctantly as I realize how little ammo there is left and nod.

    After leaving the Duke's makeshift shop I make my way down to the lower levels of the underground. In one room I find a bunch of X-Rays on the wall. They all belong to humans and show a lot of metal in someone's spine, skull and throat from various angles. On the far left of said wall is an X-Ray that looks different from the others. It's different because everything that looks like bone on the other X-Rays is made of metal in this one. The ribs and spine are made of, or at least heavily reinforced by, metal and protect a mechanical heart and lung. The wiring shows up clearly on the picture. I take it off of the wall and take another look at it before putting it into my pocket. Someone wrote an eleven in the top corner with marker. A few steps away from the place where I'm standing is a machine labeled Metal Casting. Another look around the room before I leave.

    I venture on, deeper into this hell factory. Stairs, illuminated by red lamps, lead to an area above the room where I found the smelting machine and the X-Ray. Upstairs I duck behind an oil barrel to avoid the rag-and-bone creatures that stagger along the walkway and down the stairs. When they're gone I sneak further along and find myself in front of yet another door.

    Before I can press any button to open the door, it slides open by itself and I just barely dodge the massive drill coming towards me. I scream and jump backwards. "What the fuck are you?", I shout, more to myself than to anyone else because there is nobody else around. And that's about to be a huge fucking problem.

    The drill is mounted to the arm of a person, mutilated beyond recognition. The undead-looking person glares at me and roars, revving the motor of the drill. I aim my gun at it and fire five shots at point blank range. The monster barely even flinches.

    That's it, I turn around and make a run for it, but that drill monster has already locked onto me. It follows me down the stairs and seems hellbent on ending my life. At full speed this thing comes running after me, the sound of the drill arm and the clanking of metal on metal following close behind.

    I dash through an open sliding door and hide behind a broad shelf. Even though the air in here is thick and humid I shiver. I realize I'm in a stock room of some kind. Covering my mouth and nose, I try not to make a sound when I hear the sound of the door opening and closing again. It's here and actively looking for me.

    Maybe the factory owner can turn this thing off or something. Maybe it's gonna be intimidated by him and go away. I figure it is worth a try before I get skewered by that thing.

    What did the Duke say this guy's name was? Goddamn, what was it?

    "Heisenberg!", I scream as loud as I can, my panic filled voice echoing through the factory. The monster with the drill arm turns around and stares at me with its dead eyes for a second before it charges again.

    "Heisenberg!", I continue to scream the fourth Lord's name again and again while I run from the creature. It's way faster than I thought it would be with all that metal on its body and-

    "You can't be serious!", I gasp as I reach a dead end. The sound of the motorized drill is still behind me. I look up and notice a ledge above me; a possible escape route? I scan the walls in search of a ladder or anything similar, but all I find is a stack of junk filled boxes. The monster appears on the far end of the corridor I am stuck in. Oh no!

    So I start climbing the boxes - anything to get away from this abomination. I'm about two meters above the ground when the drill monster reaches the boxes. There's still more to go. I make the mistake of looking down while trying to climb and in the same moment the monster's drill arm connects with the bottom box. The whole tower starts to vibrate, then wobble and finally begins to fall apart. A high-pitched scream leaves my throat as I lose my balance and tumble backwards.

    A hand wraps around my wrist and holds tight as the boxes collapse under me, burying the monster beneath them.

    When I tilt my head up I almost expect to see Ethan Winters. But this man has long hair that's falling in his face and he's wearing sunglasses and a hat. Without a word he hauls me up onto the ledge and I lay on the cold concrete floor, breathing heavily and my heart racing from the adrenaline rush. I roll over to look at the man and find his expression to be indecipherable in the shitty lighting and with those glasses on.

    "There you fuckin' are", he states.

    "You... You're Heisenberg", I choke out and maneuver myself into a sitting position. Something about his expression changes. He is silent for a minute or so, then he finally says something.

    "Who else did you think I would be?", he asks in return and his voice sounds like he's mocking me.

    For some reason I feel like I shouldn't say Ethan Winters.

    "Come on, let's get going.", he says then and holds out his hand to help me up. I don't take it and don't move otherwise. Heisenberg sighs and dramatically rolls his eyes, moving his entire head in the process. "Fine, I'll check on that cockroach that is Ethan Winters by myself!", he groans and stomps off.

    "What about Ethan?", I shout after him, "What did you do to him?"

    "I didn't do anything. Ethan chose his own fate.", Heisenberg replies and makes a vague gesture. "Sturm will keep him busy. Besides, why do you care?"

    "What's a Sturm?", I ask out loud.

    The fourth Lord jerks his head around and furrows his eyebrows. "You don't remember?"

    "Remember what?", I reply and the sarcasm in my voice makes me sound braver than I actually am. "Sir... I have no idea what's going on."

    Heisenberg looks taken aback and comes one step closer. I get up slowly and everything just pours out of me.

    "Sir, I don't know who I am or what's happening in this village. All I have left is this necklace and a drawing. The Duke sent me here! He said this is my final place to look for answers. Please-", I beg and tug at the dog tag around my neck, "Please help me."

    Lord Heisenberg reaches out into the air and from somewhere across the room a giant hammer flies into his hand. He swings it over his shoulder like it's nothing, then nods at me. "Alright.", he declares and I feel his eyes bore into mine from behind the sunglasses. I feel weird, dizzy, and then I pass out.


    This fanfiction is property of @enbyonmandalore (Tumblr). Do not repost/crosspost on other accounts or websites, edit, translate or otherwise change this piece of writing. Rebloging is fine, reposting is not.

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    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    GORETOBER: Days Twenty Two, Twenty Three, & Twenty Four - Undead, Possession, & Power Tools

    Picture one: Oh hey I finally made something based on RE8, and its vague spoilers for the end of the game 😐oh no, anyways here's Ethan in that gray-mold-purgatory zone.

    Picture two: Senpai gets fucked up. I did this one almost all in pixels except the glow effect & caption.

    Picture three: Oh boy more background lore for The V Company, this time being what a celebrity dose in private. The character is Blake Fox, he is billionaire child actor turned talk shot host, he has the personality of a rusty bear trap & sulfuric acid, and he runs a red room where he kills people for crypto. Also he is the type of person to run a NFT scam.

    CONTACTS: Deviantart Youtube Discord Instagram Newgrounds Twitter

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    #ITS ABOUT ETHAN DYING ITS ABOUT HER MOURNING ITS ABOYT MIA WINTERS #its abt her thinking abt what Could Have Been. what Will Be is set in stone but if she holds onto the hope #that she'll see him again. someday. in another life. and they'll have a chance to restart? #crab speaks #re on main
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    Ethan: Mia, I'm home!

    Rose: Hi dad!

    Ethan: Hi sweetie. Where's your mom

    Rose: Her and Karl are at a nail salon

    Ethan: What?!


    Karl: Your ideas never fail to amaze me, Mia

    Mia: Ethan would disagree *laughs*

    Karl: He just doesn't understand the importance of mani-pedis

    Mia: *nodding* True

    as promised - Mithanberg content ;) @le-cat-nipp

    #resident evil #resident evil biohazard #residen evil village #resident evil 8 #re 8#re village #resident evil ethan winters #resident evil mia #ethan winters#mia winters#karl heisenberg#karl#heisenberg #resident evil incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#rose winters
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    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Working on the newest page for my Wintersberg comic, in which Ethan continues to frustrate Karl 😌

    Check out full pages at the link in my description 🖤🖤🖤

    #ethanwinters #resident evil ethan winters #wintersberg#resident evil#re8village#ethan winters #heisenberg x ethan #resident evil 8 #heisenberg#re8 fanart #ethan x heisenberg #resident evil heisenberg #re8
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    The Father

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    #answered#ethan winters #resident evil 8 #resident evil #resident evil village #re8 village
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    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Oh look, an old work I forgot to post

    What do you mean Ethan and Heinsenberg are dead and Rose grew up without any dad figure ??

    Fella did you even play the game, they all lived happily ever after, after beating the shit out of Miranda

    #its been a while since my last re8 post #my art#wintersberg#ethan winters#karl heisenberg #resident evil 8
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  • sani-sims
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Kate: ...isn't he cute?!

    Ethan: Yeah, but you better not tell Mia where you found him.

    Kate: No don't worry, it will remain our secret.

    Ethan: Well then you better get him out of here quick before Mia sees him.

    Kate: Actually, I thought he would stay with us.... Can I keep him?

    Ethan: But only if you take care of him and make sure he stays away from the chicken coop.

    Kate: I promise I will, he won't be any trouble.

    *not even 5 minutes later*

    Mia: What is the fox doing to here?! 

    Ethan: ... 

    Kate: He belongs to us now... he will protect your chickens!

    Mia: Oh, of course good idea... a fox that watches over chickens, that will definitely work.

    Kate: Don't worry I'll take care of him, he won't cause any trouble.

    Mia: Ethan what do you say to that?! 

    Ethan: He can stay here, Kate will take care of him. I'm sure...

    Mia: You both must be out of your minds, you can't train a fox like a dog! If he so much as touches one of my chickens...

    North: Mia relax, nothing has happened yet, right? 

    Mia: Yes, not yet! 

    #the sims 4 #ts4 #the sims4 diaries #oc: Kate Winters #oc: Ethan Winters #oc: Mia Winters #oc: North Winters
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    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    For you, ladies and gentlemen, Ethan walking Karl before bed (daily routine) and Ethan said yes to Karl.

    #re8 village#re8#wintersberg#re8 heisenberg#karl heisenberg #karl heisenberg x ethan winters #ethan winters #resident evil village #resident evil#re8 fanart #karl x ethan #resident evil community
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    24.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Aproape Alunecând- Chapter 16- Mia and Rosemary

    We finally get to meet Mia and Rosemary! 


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    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Ladies, gentlemen and those in-between, Ethan Winters.

    #art#my art#artwork#traditional art#artist#sketch #artists on tumblr #fanart#fan art#resident evil #resident evil 7 #resident evil fanart #resident evil biohazard #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #Ethan Winters#Lucas Baker #ethan winters deserved better #art dump#sketch dump
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    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Even more Heisenberg. It was slow for a while but recently drawing him like nothing happened.

    Gonna drop an Ethan post in like five minutes.

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    “This is it isn’t it. Punishment for all I have done wrapped into a present that I can not touch but can only adore from afar…”

    “That's…really poetic, Leon, maybe it would be even better if it wasn’t for the fact you are talking about Ethan's ass and being unable to touch it…”

    Leon smacked his hands on the table in front of him, a quick glare at Claire before going back to his recently acquired hobby of staring at Winters as the man went through some training exercises, “I have to express my need somehow and if being poetic about some cake and the unfairness that I can’t take a bite of it is what happens, I can’t be blamed!”

    His companion just rolled her eyes at him, “maybe, now, hear me out, if you actually try and talk to the guy, you might have a chance.”

    He just groaned, head hitting the picnic table, “I’ve tried…but every time…something incredibly stupid happens and I end up making the worst impression…someone out there is against me, I swear…also your own brother isn’t helping the situation.”

    Speaking of the other Redfield, the man was currently helping Ethan out with his training, both men attracting attention from passersby.

    It was decided earlier that the day was too nice to waste inside and that the park was isolated enough that there were only a few people to worry about.

    So, it still being hot out, everyone was dressed in shorts and other sports wear and Ethan, who was fond of long sleeves, hoodies and multilayer clothing had to borrow someone’s else’s clothes because Chris wasn’t going to put off training for shopping.

    Claire had shorts that just barely fit him and a tank top from Leon that was too long for the younger blonde so it ended up being tied into a knot.

    It was a cute outfit that wasn’t appreciated since as soon as they got enough room for Chris's liking, they all were thrown into warm ups, then runs, then a stretching routine and both Leon and Claire said fuck it and decided to collapse on the nearest picnic table.

    Ethan didn’t get the reprieve as it seemed it was now Chris's personal mission to try and bulk up the poor blonde…

    “Your brother has issues…”

    “He just doesn’t want him to be caught helpless and this is his way of showing he cares.”

    “Aggressive affection seems to be a Redfield trait…at least I get a good look when they were doing squats, thank you for your choice of shorts, by the way.”

    “Think of it as me throwing you a pity bone.”

    “And I shall take it.”

    They both watched as Ethan threw his head back and groaned, “Chris, I am going to sit down and enjoy the rest of this nice day without you killing me.”

    “You'll just come back if I manage to but fine, I’m going to do a quick run.”

    “Hold on,” standing up, Claire sends Leon a smile before trotting over to her brother, “race you to the nearest vendor.”

    “You’re on, loser pays.”

    With the two siblings running off, that left the other two alone…

    “I love the big guy but I think he gets way into trying to do, whatever this is,” he happily plopped down beside Leon, leaning over on the agent and sighing, “my body is going to hurt for weeks.”

    Okay, he can do this!

    “I can give the best massage in your life,” his arm snakes its away around the others waist, pulling him slightly closer.

    “Always trying to get your hands on me, Leon, if I didn’t know better I’d say your intentions were impure.”

    “Hmm, me, no, I’m a saint,” he gives the younger man a slight squeeze as he sends a wink his way, “though I’m up for a little corruption.”

    Ethan just laughs, “You are so cheesy!”

    “You like it!”

    “Yeah, yeah…I do…I do like you and your bad lines…”

    “…you like me…”

    “Yes, Leon, I like you.”

    “…oh…I do too…I mean…I like you.”

    “Yeah, I know, why do you think I kept bending over in front of you when I was doing stretches.”

    “Fucking knew it!”

    #ethan winters#leon kennedy#claire redfield#chris redfield#resident evil #resident evil 7 #leon x ethan #using your ass as a way to get a confession #leon: i am starving #for cake
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    23.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    ethan winters :)) I wonder if my posts will finally show up on the tags i used

    #ethan winters #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #my art#doodle#moldy man #might redesign him later
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    23.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Well, well, well. How the turntables...

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  • eclectomanic
    23.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Wow Ethan, that's some intense blushing 😆

    More shading for my WIP Wintersberg comic! Check out full pages at the link in my bio 🖤

    #resident evil ethan winters #ethan winters#wintersberg#resident evil#re8village #heisenberg x ethan #resident evil 8 #heisenberg#re8 fanart #ethan x heisenberg
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  • keter-class-dumbass
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I am experiencing ~art block~

    If anyone has any Wintersberg prompts they’d like to see, let me know 🥺

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