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  • incorrect118buddie
    20.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    TK: It's called cauliflower, not ghost broccoli.

    Carlos, eyes wide: I know what I saw.

    #911 lone star #911 on fox #tk and carlos #evan buck buckley #christopher diaz#evan buckley #incorrect 911 quotes #edmundo diaz#streaming #eddie and buck #buckandeddie#television#lone star#tk strand#Owen stand#incorrect quotes
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  • loud-italian-fangirl
    20.01.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    There’s a very specific feeling when you’re reading 911 fanfiction, AU or in universe, when Buck invariably says to himself or Christopher “Hey let’s go to the pier” or something on those lines.

    And as a reader, you pause.

    And you inhale.


    Because it happens in every fic. With. Out. Fail.

    #911onfox#911 #evan buck buckely #evan buckley#eddie diaz#christopher diaz#hen wilson#chimney han#maddie buckley#athena grant#bobby nash#ravi panikkar#albert han #why must you do this to me #every fic #I’m like oh let me casually read this actor AU #TSUNAMI#Oh #maybe I’ll enjoy this high school AU #BAM #Okay maybe I’m being hyperbolic a bit but I cry every time without fail #don’t get me wrong #I love the angst it brings #but at the same time my heart can’t take it #thank you for coming to my tedtalk
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  • piratefalls
    20.01.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    previous lists here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

    I Want To Know Your Plans by morganofthefairies

    Eddie wasn’t as oblivious as everyone seemed to think he was. That isn’t to say he was the most observant person in the world, but this thing with him and Buck? He saw it.
    That isn’t to say he knew what to do with it, but he at least knew there was something more than friendship between them.

    Keep Me by ofloveandlonging

    No one has ever chosen him. Everyone he has ever loved has left and lingered like ghosts, haunting every dream, every corner of his life and never letting him rest. He thinks it would be a little bit beautiful to be chosen, just this once.

    got me trippin, stumbling (the boy can't help it) by by SevenSoulmates

    Buck gets plastered and calls Eddie a DILF.
    “What’s a DILF?” Eddie asks.
    Buck leans forward onto his crossed arms on the table, like he’s about to impart some wisdom on Eddie. He whispers, “Dad I’d Like to Fuck.”

    Here Where We Should Be (Kiss Me, It’s Christmas) by allisonRW96

    Christopher beams brighter than the lights surrounding him and Buck smirks. “Speaking of Rudoph,” he says, reaching behind him to pull something out of the pocket of his jeans.
    “No,” Eddie answers before he can even see the objects clearly. “Absolutely not.”
    In Buck’s left hand is a headband. A brown one with fuzzy little ears and tall antlers that Eddie is one hundred percent certain are about to light up.
    It’s Christmas and Eddie decides he can’t possibly wait any longer to start kissing Buck.

    am i more than you bargained for yet? by lecornergirl

    Eddie blinks up at him with eyes ringed in smudgy black liner, and Buck has to bite his tongue to stop himself from saying something inappropriate. It sticks in his throat, and from the way Eddie’s gaze sweeps down the line of his neck he thinks maybe he’s not doing a great job of hiding it.
    “Almost there,” Buck murmurs instead. “You just need—you can’t go on stage with hair like this.”
    “What’s wrong with my hair?” Eddie asks, sounding offended.
    “Nothing,” Buck reassures him, already reaching for a jar of hair wax. “Absolutely nothing, except when the rest of you looks like this.” He grabs some of the wax and works his hands into Eddie’s hair, tousling it until it looks suitably messy.

    all the roads, for your steps by hattalove

    “I have a minute,” Bobby, still standing there, says when Eddie just blinks at him, frozen. “Are you okay? You look like you need to sit down.”
    “I’m, uh,” Eddie swallows, “I’m cursing the patriarchy. Just give me a second.”
    or, eddie has a question to ask.

    i’ve been thinking ‘bout the way you smile, golden by soyxunxperdedor

    There is very little that Eddie loves more than mornings like this, where it’s just a little too cold in their bedroom, but perfectly warm under the blankets, and Buck’s arm is wrapped around his waist, palm broad and warm on his skin where his hand had snuck up under the hem of Eddie’s t-shirt. Eddie can feel his breath, soft, even puffs exhaled against the back of his neck, the quietest hints of a snore every once in a while.
    Buck and Eddie have soft morning sex, and Eddie has an epiphany

    Cowboy Take Me Away by HMSLusitania

    Figuring out he's demisexual is somehow the least troubling part of Eddie's month.
    No, no, that award goes to finding out he's got a ...thing... for Buck as a cowboy.

    one thing, anything by intotheblue

    “I’m not going to the party, Buck,” Eddie says tiredly.
    They’d invited him, of course they had. The way Bobby put it, he might not be an official part of the 118 anymore, but he’s still a part of the family. It was probably supposed to be reassuring, but mostly it made Eddie want to cry.
    “I know,” Buck says. He steps inside and toes off his shoes. “Bobby told me.”
    Eddie trails after him as he walks confidently into the kitchen. “So, what, you’re just dropping by on your way over there? That’s a pretty big detour.”
    Buck shakes his head and gives him a half smile. “Nope,” he says. “I’m not going either.”

    like a heartbeat racing by elisela

    Buck can do this. He can totally do this, it’s just a favor for Maddie, and what’s he good at if not helping out his sister? Sure, doing a cake tasting when you’re neither the bride nor the groom is a little … unorthodox … but it’s cake. He loves cake, he specifically ate fewer carbs all week so he could pig out to his heart’s content on cake, delicious, fluffy cake, and he can do this.
    “I can’t do this,” he blurts out the night before, pacing the apartment with Eddie on speakerphone. “Maddie said she told them I would be coming so at least I don’t have to pretend to be Chim, but how pathetic is it to show up to a cake tasting alone?”

    unfold me (tell me you love me) by extasiswings

    Eddie follows the sound of running water to the kitchen. He stops in the doorway, leaning against the frame, and spends a moment just watching Buck scrub potatoes in the sink until the other man glances up and notices him.
    “Hey,” Buck greets. “Chris is reading in his room, I’m just working on dinner. How was the date?”
    God, I love you, Eddie thinks, and nearly has to bite his tongue to keep it to himself.
    [Or: Eddie goes on a date and has some realizations about what he really wants.]

    I've Gotta Go by by hideeho

    The team gets stuck on the side of the road. Bladders are tested and revelations are made.

    Consequences by natural_singularity

    He remembers glancing at the clock and thinking to himself, hmm, it’s getting late. I should get to bed soon. He also remembers ignoring himself and continuing down his Google deep dive, as if his actions wouldn’t have consequences.
    These are those consequences.

    fell on hard times a year ago (was hoping you would let it go) by ShyAudacity

    He doesn’t get more than five feet away before someone- an overly dressed man in a suit with a pink purple blue heart-shaped pin stuck to the lapel of his jacket- is stopping Buck on his way to the bar and asking if he’d like to dance.
    And for a moment, Eddie is so struck with jealousy that he can’t think of anything else.  
    “Sorry,” Buck says with a smile. “I’m accounted for, but that’s very kind of you.”
    Eddie doesn’t hear anything after that. Only the roaring of his own heart in his ears as it begins to beat in triple time. The overwhelming envy from a minute is still lingering, only adding to the absolute, all-consuming panic that is flooding his system. He can’t see Buck anymore and he doesn’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.
    Why am I jealous? Am I jealous? That guy was probably harmless, what does it matter if he wanted to dance with Buck?  Do I wanna dance with Buck? Why would I want to dance with Buck I’m not even-?
    Oh shit. Oh God, how did I not see it?
    Eddie learns something about himself and takes a minute to get used to it.

    On my mind every second (under control ’til you’re in front of me) by Mellaithwen

    Spoilers for 5x05 Peer Pressure
    The shooting’s been a weight on his shoulders—a shadow at his back—for months and every time he comes up for air, every time he wakes up and he thinks he’s okay and he makes it through another shift, it’ll come for him from out of nowhere to drag him back under the tide.
    But they don’t talk about it. They don’t talk about any of it. Buck slept on Eddie’s sofa for weeks while he recovered, and in the space between midnight and 3am when one or both of them would gasp awake, heaving for air in the aftermath of an awful dream, they’d make eye-contact, keep each other company, but they never actually….talked.
    Buck’s pretty sure once he starts he won’t ever find a way to stop, and then the horrors of that day will just hang listless in the air between them where they stand. Like gunpowder. Like blood spatter.
    Like a ghost haunting their every interaction.
    After telling everyone his plans for transferring, Buck can't sleep, and when Eddie finds him hiding on top of the fire-engine they talk (it's been a long time coming).

    (Un)Complicated Words by holyfudgemonkeys

    Buck knows what it's like to be young and awkward, so he doesn't bring attention to it.
    Or 5 times Christopher calls Buck 'Dad' and 1 time Buck realizes it's intentional.

    you remind me of home (oh, baby, merry christmas) by catching_paper_moons

    “Buck, just come here,” Eddie says, and Buck feels his heart start to pound. “Do you need me to come get you?”
    “Oh.” He takes another deep breath. “You’re sure?”
    Eddie laughs. “Like Christopher won’t be over the moon that you’re here.”
    “For a month, Eddie.”
    or, Buck has to live with Eddie for a month, which would be fine if he wasn't in love with the guy.

    A Series of Sleepless Nights and Unfortunate Events. by lasvegas_lights

    In which a lost cat, appendicitis and a couple of near-death experiences bring Buck and Eddie together
    #buddie#911#buckeddie#eddie diaz#evan buckley #buddie rec list #kelly watches 911 #my rec list
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  • trashendence
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    unemployed eddie diaz sitting on the couch and watching the news, a three-day stubble and only one sock on, throwing the controller at the tv as soon as taylor kelly appears and still wondering why he doesn’t like her that much

    #chris is at school and eddie will clean up the mess before he comes back but #why is her hair so RED #and her voice so ANNOYING #how can buck listen to her talk #maybe he doesn’t #listen that is #ha eddie bets buck can’t stand those long nails on him either #ha eddie needs to get a life #eddie diaz#evan buckley#buddie#911 fox#5b
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  • evangeline-118
    20.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    last night i dreamt that season 6’s Natural Disaster Of The Year™ was a meteor strike that was gonna destroy LA and there was nothing anyone could do about it. buck was with eddie and chris at the time, they were doing everything they could to act normal around chris and pretend everything was fine when in reality they knew what was gonna happen. then ‘As The World Caves In’ by Matt Maltese started playing and they just went ‘fuck it’ and kissed each other because the world was about to end. then it ended up being a false alarm 😂

    #so basically the plot of salvation minus the aliens and sped up by about 10 times #what is my brain #911 on fox #eddie diaz#evan buckley#christopher diaz#buddie#buddie 911 #angel talks about 911
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  • basically-i-write-shit
    20.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Praying this fic turns out before my 9-1-1 hyperfixation wears off but uhhh here's a sneak peek to get people interested? I have plans for it to be a Bobby-adopts-Buck AU with a little twist or two in there

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  • fiona-fififi
    20.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Sometimes all I can think about is that little sigh and smile that Buck gives when he steps into Christopher's doorway in 4x14. It's like a little bit of the weight lifts when he sees Chris safe and happy. Like Christopher is the one thing Buck can hold on to in his fear and grief. Like Christopher is the one thing to ground him and keep him putting one foot in front of the other.

    And I know it's a horrible and heartbreaking thought, but if one day they did lose Eddie? This little moment makes it feel all the more like Eddie has seen straight to the heart of Buck—maybe because they share that heart in Christopher—and handed him the one thing that could give him reason to go on after such a loss. Because Buck would need Christopher just as much as Chris would need Buck.

    And as awful as that thought is, there's something really beautiful in the fact that Eddie not only understands this but continues to seek to protect and care for Buck—to give him reason to go on through Christopher because Christopher is just as much Eddie's reason—because he knows Buck so intimately that he knows that Buck will let Christopher be his salvation just as Christopher has been Eddie's.

    #i know this isn't like any kind of revelation here #but i just think about it a lot #random buddie thoughts #buddie #buckley diaz family #evan buckley#eddie diaz#christopher diaz#911#911 s4#911 4x14 #i should probably stop watching this episode three times a day it's destroying me
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  • ardentperfidy
    20.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    I’m rewatching S2E1 and listen, I’m just saying the parallels are there, if the writers just wanted to seize them. in this episode:

    buck meets eddie

    athena and bobby go public with their relationship

    specifically, after an ongoing dialogue about shame and keeping secrets, keeping parts of yourself hidden, with the meaningful turning point monologue from michael about coming out

    and! maddie comes to LA

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  • remorsefulkittens
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    The Wilted Willow

    Evan “Buck” Buckley/Michael Grant

    Rating: Mature

    Status: Part 2 of 2 (Complete)

    Summary: What happens when forever is shorter than you planned?

    Warning: Major (?) character death! Sad fanfiction!


    Buck thought a lot about the old man and his willow tree. He had always loved the story, it made him think about living a long, amazing life, then ending up back in the place he called home, happy and fulfilled. Except for years Buck didn’t know where that place was, and he stressed over it. Until he met Michael, and slowly realized he had already found what he had been waiting all his life for. It wasn’t about where they lived either, it was a feeling. Michael was home, and home was with Michael.

    Buck should have known to be careful with his heart, though. He was a firefighter, and he saw plenty of tragedy. Life didn’t come with guarantees, not much good can last, and people don’t live forever. He knew all of that. But he let down his guard anyway, believed in the fairytale, and got blindsided for his trouble.

    Continue reading on Ao3!

    Read part 1 here!

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  • remorsefulkittens
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    The Old Man and The Willow

    Evan “Buck” Buckley/Michael Grant

    Rating: Teen

    Status: Part 1 of 2 (Complete)

    Summary: Takes place during S1:E02 Let Go and S1:E03 Next of Kin, we ignore the birthday party emergency.


    “Ok, wait! Am I right to say your sister told a child a symbolic story about a gay man who chose not to live a lie?” Michael asked incredulous, not bothering to disguise his mirth.

    Continue reading on Ao3!

    Read part 2 here!

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  • mrskklove
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Looking at Buck, Eddie says “ you are not broken. You had a bad panic attack. I don't blame you. You couldn't stop it. Even though you tried I saw you. It's okay, I was with you the whole time. It didn't help that we were in a crowded restaurant. You have seen when I have had army flashbacks and you supported me the whole time. It was out of everyone's hands. You can stay here. I'll tell Bobby he will understand. Don't you still have to make a list of all the invitations for the party? You can do that. Do you want me to call Abuela or Carla... Maybe Taylor..`` waiting for a response. 

    #911 fox#911buddie #buck x eddie #buckley diaz family #buddie wallpaper#eddie diaz#christopher diaz #evan buck buckely #buddie fic#buddie #evan buck buckley
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  • remorsefulkittens
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    This Is Grey’s Anatomy

    Evan “Buck” Buckley/Howard “Chimney” Han

    Rating: Explicit

    Status: Part 2 of 2 (Complete)

    Summary:  Home from the hospital.


    Chimney laid awake turning his head periodically to contemplate Buck, softly snoring beside him, far more at peace with the events of the night than Chimney was. Despite his original objection, it had not been hard to convince Buck to accompany him home, where they had promptly fallen, exhausted, into his king size bed. Chimney supposed the silent agreement was that nothing would happen, and Buck was content with that, but Chimney remained troubled, unable to turn off his thoughts and fall asleep.

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    Read Part 1 here!

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  • remorsefulkittens
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    This Isn’t Grey’s Anatomy

    Evan “Buck” Buckley/Howard “Chimney” Han

    Rating: Teen

    Status: Part 1 of 2 (Complete)

    Summary: Buck asks Chimney out for Valentine's Day instead of Abby and no one gets trached!

    BINGO square Paramedic Chimney


    Historically Valentine’s Day had always been a bit of a bust for Chimney, who tended to strike out in love, even when he managed to find what felt like the real thing. Women ran hot just long enough for Chimney to get his hopes up and begin to picture a life with someone waiting at home, before freezing him out and letting him down. Honestly, the back and forth between acceptance and rejection was turning out to be a life course for Chimney, who had been experiencing it ever since his father left him for a new family. There was no reason to believe that this year would be any better, or even different, but it was coming on the tail of his remarkable recovery and speedy return to work, so he decided to be optimistic. After all, if he could survive a piece of rebar straight through his skull, he could give love one more chance.

    Continue reading on Ao3!

    Read part 2 here!

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  • cadiebug
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Ain't you my baby, ain't you my babe? by Distressed_Ladybug15


    Buddie | 1980 words | Teen and up Audiences

    You can’t see Buck’s rage immediately. You never could. He always kept it tucked away, along with his hateful snark. He made it a point to express his emotions. The happy ones anyway. The emotions that people agreed with and didn’t question.

    He kept his face passive while he slowly ebbed away from the anger and the pain threatening to boil over.

    It seemed to be for the sake of the people around him. Eddie thinks it’s something he learned from his parents. When your mom and dad constantly tell you to suck it up, and be happy, and hide away all the ugly emotions, it sticks.

    #buddie #9 1 1 fic #fic #buck x eddie #eddie diaz #evan buck buckley #911 on fox #roar#my fic#writing#911 headcanons #I hate everything #this might suck ass #idk#we'll see
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  • remorsefulkittens
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    The Trouble With Numbers

    Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz (Buddie)

    Rating: Mature

    Status: Part 2 of 2 (Complete)

    Summary: Trouble comes with numbers...

    Read part 1 here! Or on Ao3

    Read on Ao3

    The Trouble with Numbers

    Buck was in the kitchen marveling at Bobby’s sauce, which was just an excuse to get close to the food and sneak a taste. Absorbed in an explanation on the value of simmering at various temperatures Bobby hardly noticed Buck's unsanctioned snacking, which was perfect for Buck who loved eating, and basking in Bobby’s presence, in near equal measure.

    Chimney and Eddie were sat on opposite couches, handbooks out on the coffee table, rereading and trying to figure out where they went wrong on Bobby’s quiz. Both of them shot disgruntled glances at Buck from time to time, bitter that he somehow passed the first time around.

    “It’s because Cap likes him better.” Chimney voiced his thought, tapping a highlighter against his current page.

    Eddie looked up, contemplating. “Maybe, but he answered all the questions. Damned if I know how. He resents reading road signs.”

    Chimney snorted, too loudly because they caught a ‘look' from Bobby. Eddie ducked turning back to his book and trying to concentrate.

    Hen wandered in then, while Eddie was trying to sort out the chain of command for whistle blowers, and plopped herself down beside him, reading over his shoulder.

    “You missed your Captain,” Hen pointed out. “Always start by speaking with your captain, unless your complaint is about him…why are you reading this? These are quizzes for new hires.”

    Eddie eye balled Chimney irritably before answering. “Because Chimney and Buck are morons who talk too loud.”

    Hen chuckled. “That’s a given. But why isn’t Buck reading too then?”

    Chimney jumped in to field that one. “Because he’s teachers pet and he apparently has the handbook memorized.”

    Hen bit back a laugh, and Buck shouted from the kitchen.

    “I heard that! Jerks.” Or that’s what Eddie thought he said. The words were muffled by a mouthful of bread. “You should have applied yourselves like I did.”

    “That’s enough.” Bobby broke in to scold, slapping Bucks hand away from the food finally. “You two should be busy,” he pointed to the couches, “Hen don’t distract them, and Buck don’t talk with your mouth full.”

    Hen held her hands up in surrender, Chimney stuck his tongue out at Buck, and Eddie moaned. None of it affected the self-satisfied look on Buck’s face.

    “So?” Hen whispered as soon as Bobby turned back to the oven. “What'd you do?”

    Eddie shook his head, but Chimney was apparently happy to rehash the events that led them here.

    “We were just chatting, looking at some pictures on my personal phone, when Bobby went dictator on us.” Chimney informed. “He said our discussion wasn’t work appropriate.”

    Hen gave them a suspicious look. “Bobby is pretty easy going…what were you guys up to?”

    Chimney shrugged innocently. “Just checking out a website I found. Very informative.”

    Hen nodded, unconvinced. “Show me.”

    Eddie squawked in protest when Chimney eagerly pulled out his phone. “Are you insane?” He whisper yelled. “Put that away. Hen, trust me, you don’t want to know.”

    Hen waved him off, reaching for the phone Chimney held out.  “I think I do,” she said, eyes alight with mischief.

    “Whatever, your funeral.” Eddie warned, going back to his reading. It was hard to tune out Hen's squeals, though, then her shared giggles with Chimney.

    “All I said was Eddie and Buck could pull off number 6.” Chimney told her, keeping his voice down at least. Bobby might be focused on his cooking lesson, but he had excellent radar. Eddie had no desire to go down with the troublemakers again, should they attract the wrong sort of attention.

    “Number 6? Really? Nope, no way.” Hen stated as fact.

    Eddie bristled at that, despite his resolve not to be drawn in.

    “If we could it would be none of your business.” He told them haughtily.

    “Sure, Buck’s burly enough, and I bet Eddie's got the stamina.” Chimney argued, as if Eddie hadn’t spoken.

    Eddie blushed when Hen turned a studious gaze on him, fully regretting being drawn in. “Hmmn…maybe. Eddie would be the…uh, upside down one?”

    “Maybe… makes sense. He’s shorter, and more…lithe.” Chimney reasoned, like it was a normal way to talk about your coworkers.

    Hen cocked her head, considering. “I don’t know…Eddie’s a control freak, though.”

    “Knock it off!” Eddie snarled, accidentally dropping his pencil. “Can nothing be private around here?”

    Chimney and Hen both stared at him for a second…then burst out laughing. “No!” They said at the exact same time.

    “Do you all need more to do?” Bobby questioned from the kitchen, unamused.  Buck was at his side grinning smugly.

    “No, no,” Chimney was quick to assuage. “Plenty to do, just talking policy Captain.”

    Bobby clearly didn’t buy that, but he went back to what he was doing, shooing Buck away from the sauce. Eddie whirled on his teammates, incensed.

    “Yeah well, since just rolling over in bed makes Buck fart, I’m not sure I want his ass that close my face.” Eddie sniffed. Unfortunately, Buck had tuned in and overheard.

    “What the hell Eddie?!” He refuted, red faced. “I do not! That was mean.”

    “How would you know? You’re usually asleep.” Eddie ribbed. He directed his attention back to Hen and Chim. “Same if you tickle him, especially his belly,” he shared with a smirk.

    Hen guffawed, falling back against the couch, clutching her side. “Like a farting Pillsbury dough boy!” Chimney joined in again and soon they were laughing so hard Eddie wondered, vaguely, if they could breathe. Even Bobby had a knuckle pressed to his lips, trying to keep a straight face, and barely managing.

    “I am not a dough boy! I’m at like ten percent body fat, which is ideal you know!” Buck snarked, with a glare in Eddie's direction. “Better than any of you,” he added with a grumble.

    Eddie was about to object to that, but Bobby frowned at him. “Eddie do you need to take some time alone? In the bunk room maybe?” He asked seriously. Eddie spluttered…did his boss just ask if he needed a time out?!

    “I don't!” He snapped, waving a hand wildly at Chimney and Hen. “It's them!”

    “Ok. Eddie you move to the table, please.” Bobby ordered, kindly enough, but ordered all the same. “Hen leave them both be, and Chimney do I need to take that phone?”

    “I don’t fart either, much,” Buck interrupted softly now, cheeks flushed, clearly still irked by Eddie’s accusation. “Geez.”

    So now no one was happy. Hen got up and moved into the kitchen with a huff, Chimney hid his phone with a scowl, Eddie shuffled over to the table, disbelieving the childish treatment, and Buck wore his kicked puppy frown.

    “Thank you,” Bobby said, and there was silence. Briefly.

    “It doesn’t happen that much.” Buck insisted, leaning against the counter, head bowed. Bobby gave him a sympathetic nod.

    “You’re fine. Happens to the best of us.” Bobby assured him, but Eddie saw the corner of his lip twitch before he changed the subject. “You know, the colorful discussion earlier started with Buck's question about station numbers. Does anyone know why Chicago’s engines might be numbered differently than the house they belong to?” Bobby nudged a pouting Buck gently.

    “Aw, Buck, I’m sorry.” Eddie skirted the question to apologize.

    Buck shrugged and started to toss vegetables into the salad bowl with more force than necessary.

    “Engines used to simply be numbered 1, 2, 3 and so on, but as the population expanded, and they added more and more houses it got confusing if every house had an engine one. That’s when they started numbering the engine to match the house, in Chicago, LA, and probably all major cities.” Hen answered, reaching over to rescue the salad from Buck. “So, if the engine number is different than the house it's from, it means it's their secondary engine or truck.”

    “Impressive Hen.” Bobby smiled approvingly.

    “You do weird things too!” Buck exclaimed and thought for a minute. “You love it when I rub your butt! You purr like a kitten.”

    Eddie wondered if he could die of embarrassment, and if Buck had lost his freaking mind… on one hand he deserved that, but Bobby was standing right there!

    “Buck, set the table,” was Bobby's response and he pushed a stack of plates into Buck’s hands. “Work around Eddie,” he amended, “without talking. Thanks.”

    Buck paraded over to do as he was told, making as much noise as he could, continuing his vendetta without words. When he passed behind Eddie’s chair, Eddie snagged his hand and squeezed. Buck tried to pull back, but Eddie pressed a quick kiss to his palm. He could feel Buck start to melt before he let go again.

    “A seminar.” Bobby’s voice startled them after a successful moment or two of silence. “I think the 118 will host one. You could all use a lesson in professionalism.”

    Eddie didn’t dare protest, he was on thin ice, but it didn’t stop Buck or Chimney.

    “No way!” Buck wailed, tossing down a stack of napkins. “Those things are always boring and…and taught by people who wear sweater vests!”

    “Ugh, sweater vests!” Chimney seconded.

    Bobby had started to bring serving dishes to the table that smelled absolutely amazing. Buck trailed behind him, complaining.

    “Besides I didn’t do anything, Bobby.” He pointed out. “I passed the quiz, and then I was in the kitchen minding my own business…and helping with dinner.” Buck threw the rest of them under the bus.

    “You’ll get paid to sit and listen,” Hen told him, bringing the bread over and sitting down.

    “So what? Won’t matter when I’m bored into a coma!” Buck dramatized.  “Remember the Communication in the Workplace one? That dude had a pink sweater vest.”

    Bobby rang the bell for dinner, unperturbed by Buck's obvious distress. “Think how much more organized you’ve been since that one,” Bobby told him cheerily. “You love your lists and clipboard.”

    Everyone started filing in eager as always to eat. Eddie put his book aside, more than happy for a break. Buck took his seat next to Eddie, reaching for the pasta, but not giving up.

    “You have to go too, Cap. To the seminar. Remember you said that number 6 was possible.” Buck shoveled a forkful of food into his mouth.

    Bobby sat at the head of the table with a sigh. “I was joking. But of course, I’ll attend, Buck.”  

    “He wasn’t joking,” Hen teased with a snicker, “we’ve all met Athena.” Bobby ignored her, but Chimney gave her an enthusiastic fist bump.

    “Wait is it because of…you know…” Buck glanced around the table, suddenly uneasy, worried eyes landing on Eddie and lingering. He leaned in close to Bobby, “Eddie and me? Because according to the handbook there’s no rule against ‘fraternizing’ with someone of equal rank. I checked.”

    Hen passed the salad to Eddie and offered her support. “He's right, Captain.” She said with a meaningful look.

    Eddie accepted the bowl and served himself, trying not to appear too invested in Bobby’s response.

    “It’s not because of your…association, per say,” Bobby said, carefully. “It's because I need to rein in the behavior around here. We have gotten too comfortable. This is still a workplace, and…well, I do have concerns Buck.”

    That made Buck's whole face light up again, and he looked around the table again.

    “That’s ok then because we’re family, right? Families get comfortable, then they talk about their concerns. They don’t host horribly boring seminars on their weekends off, Cap.” Buck beamed, satisfied with his conclusion. Eddie passed him the salad, letting their fingers brush, and found he couldn’t keep quiet.

    “It’s not an association, Cap.” Eddie locked eyes with Buck. “It's a relationship. Buck and I. So, if it's a problem, tell us now.”

    Eddie swore he could hear the collective intake of breath from everyone gathered. He wasn’t sure what it meant, but he refused to care what anyone else thought. He wanted Buck to be his partner, not his secret to keep.

    Bobby set down his fork, slowly nodding, wrapping his head around that. He gave another sigh, a heavy one, but he didn’t look unhappy. Not at all.

    “Alright, Diaz, I hear you.” The corners of his mouth were quirking even as he raised an eyebrow. “But you’re finishing that quiz,” he turned his gaze on Buck, “we are having that seminar,” he swept his eyes over everyone at the table, “and no one mentions the number 69 inside these walls again. Now eat!”

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  • bucksmurdock
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    when Eddie tells Buck about Chris during 2x02 and Buck without missing a beat, for no reason says "I love kids" that was when I knew I was down bad for this ship.

    #buddie#eddie diaz#evan buckley#911 #dont ask me to explain it bc it wont make sense #not that anyone would ask but still
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  • remorsefulkittens
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago


    Evan “Buck” Buckley/Eddie Diaz (Buddie)

    Rating: Mature

    Status: Part 1 of 2 (Completed)

    Summary: BINGO square “69″

    Read on Ao3

    Read part 2 here! Or on Ao3


    It was a slow day at the 118 station house, they hadn’t seen any action, the trucks were shining, the floors were swept, inventories were taken, and lunch had been eaten and cleared away. Hen wandered away to call her wife, Bobby stayed in the kitchen already prepping for dinner, and Eddie flopped onto a couch across from Chimney, who looked like he could fall asleep at any moment. He barely had time to wonder where Buck had gotten to, before the other man was rolling over the back of Eddie’s couch, landing on its seat with a soft thud.

    “Geez, Buck,” Eddie griped, readjusting himself and shoving Buck’s feet out of his lap, where they had landed. “Can’t you sit like a normal person?”

    Buck grinned, stretched, and shook his head. “Nope, guess not,” he said, putting his feet back up, laughing when Eddie tried to slap them away again. “What’s up with you guys? We should do something.”

    Eddie groaned, letting his head flop back against the couch. “Like what Buck?”

    “Yeah, like what?” Chimney roused enough to ask around a yawn. “You’ll jinx us if you don’t relax. Why not go bug Bobby? I bet he could use you in the kitchen.”

    Eddie snorted, and Chimney held up his hands in a placating gesture, when Bobby shot them a glare. Buck glanced behind him with some interest, and Bobby quickly covered the pot he had been stirring.

    “You need some help, Captain?” Buck asked, kidding aside. He was always serious about helping Bobby.

    Eddie rolled his eyes, and muttered, “kiss ass,” under his breath. Chimney hooted, and Buck chose to ignore the comment, all of his attention directed at Bobby.

    “Um…no, really, the sauce just needs to simmer. You’re fine Buck.” Bobby assured him warily. Buck gave a nod, turning back to Eddie and Chim.

    “Do you think the 132 is getting all the calls?”

    Eddie sighed, leafing through texts on his phone. “It doesn’t work like that. We all have an area to cover.”

    “Unless the fire is too big for one crew,” Chimney put in, laying back on his own couch and settling in. “Then we all get to go.”

    Buck thought that over, propping his head up on a throw cushion. “Right…so what do the numbers mean? Why are we 118? Why are they 132?”

    “Same reason you’re Buck and I’m Eddie…because that’s what someone named them.” Eddie told him, pinching Buck’s baby toe. “Your feet stink, man.”

    Affronted, Buck leaned up to punch Eddie in the shoulder. “They do not! And there must be a reason…a system…right Bobby?”

    “Sure there is Buck,” their boss replied from where he was rifling through his secret spice cabinet, that everyone knew about. “I’ll explain it to you one day.”

    Buck laid back on the couch, and he was quiet, but Eddie knew by the furrow in his brow that it was temporary. When Buck was bored he dragged everyone into it, and he didn’t give up easy.

    “Think about it…we are the 118, we met the 126 from Austin at the wildfires, but there was a crew from Chicago and they were the 38, and their engine, I think, was number 48…weird right? And why are they only in the double digits, Cap?” Buck forged on, despite Bobby’s promise of ‘later'.

    “Not weird, different system Buck.” Bobby replied.

    Buck chewed on the corner of his lip in the most adorable way, thinking some more. “Why give the engine a different number? Isn’t that confusing?”

    Before Bobby could answer, Chimney piped up again, ever helpful. “Hey, I bet they have a 69 in Chicago!” He laughed uproariously, Eddie smirked, Bobby shot them a warning look, and Buck tilted his head, propping himself up on his elbows.

    “Probably,” Buck said, turning his curious gaze on Chimney, likely happy someone was showing genuine interest. Chimney just laughed harder.

    “Real mature, Chim.” Eddie chided, patting at Buck’s leg. “69, like the sex position,” Eddie clarified, keeping his voice low, and nodding toward Chimney, “he thinks he's hilarious.”

    Bucks face lit up with understanding, and he leaned over to high five Chimney, chuckling along with him. “Now that'd be a fun house,” Buck chortled, and Chimney winked, which got them laughing all over again.

    “Grow up,” Eddie groaned

    “Keep it appropriate over there,” Bobby pointed a wooden spoon at them. “There are lots of seminars on sexual harassment coming up.”

    “Sorry!” All three chorused in Bobby’s general direction, but Chimney already had his phone in hand, moving to perch on the coffee table closer to his teammates. “Check this out, number 6,” Chimney whispered, smiling widely.

    If Eddie thought that Chimney had found the mysterious code by which fire houses are numbered, he would have been way off base.

    “Whoa,” Buck breathed out, eyes riveted on Chimneys phone. “Even I’ve never done that!”

    “I’m not even sure it’s possible,” Chimney replied, motioning Eddie closer. “What do you think?”

    Eddie rolled his eyes again, but he couldn’t resist shimmying over to see what had them so focused. Chimney had pulled up a web site that claimed to have compiled every possible variation on the ‘69’ position, complete with lewd illustrations.

    “The upright 69-that’s not even-seriously?!” He cried, wincing at his own volume, and lowering his voice. “Why do you think those are drawings, and not real people? No human could pull that off.”

    “Thor could.” Buck put in decisively.

    Eddie quirked an eyebrow at him. “Thor isn’t real. And he’s a God.”

    “Dwayne Johnson? The Rock?” Chimney suggested. “He could. I bet he has.”

    “No way. No one could.” Eddie disagreed. “Besides, why would anyone want to?” He waved his hand at the screen.

    “Who wouldn’t want to?” Buck chirped.

    Chimney looked toward Bobby, who was rifling through the pots and pans. “I bet you two could,” he hissed, eyes wide, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

    Eddie felt his cheeks heat instantly, and Buck’s hand flew to cover his mouth. Eddie pinned Chimney with a furious glare and could happily have throttled him.

    “Shut up, man.”

    Chimney tapped a finger to his chin, nodding slowly, infuriatingly. “Oh gosh, my bad! I forgot we are all pretending not to know about you two.”

    Buck was covering his whole face with his hands now, and Eddie reached over to squeeze his shoulder comfortingly. “Out of bounds, Chim.” Eddie growled, before turning all his attention to his partner and friend.

    “It’s ok, Buck. No one heard.” He reassured. Buck shook his head, and Eddie went back to glowering at Chimney.

    “I don’t know, Ed…” Buck dropped his hands, biting down on his lower lip before he continued. “I think he's right…we could do it!” He barely got the words out before dissolving into what could only be described as giggles.

    Eddie face palmed, wondering if he had entered an alternate realm where no one wanted to keep their jobs.

    “You know,” Bobby spoke up, leaning his palms on the counter. “It’s not just the numbers in Chicago, the entire set up is different. They run elite rescue squads out of some of their stations, complete with their own specially equipped trucks.”

    “Um...oh yeah?” Eddie responded, eyes flickering from Bobby, to Buck, then Chim. Everyone had pretty much forgotten about the numbers at that point.

    “Wait,” Buck struggled his way up to drape over the back of the couch. “More elite than us? We rescue people all the time.”

    Bobby smiled indulgently. “Sure do, Buckley. I’m just saying, it’s very different.”

    “Right.” Buck nodded. “Whatever. Weird if you ask me.”

    “Maybe,” Bobby allowed, stirring the pot in front of him again. “Another thing about Chicago,” he paused for effect, “in house fraternization is frowned upon, and strongly discouraged.”

    Eddie and Buck gulped in tandem, and Chimney had the decency to look apologetic, finally. They all tensed when Bobby left his pot to come around the counter, swaggering over to where they sat hunched, and crossing his arms to assess them. Buck shrunk away, Chimney cleared his throat nervously, and Eddie sucked in his breath, wishing the floor would open up and swallow him…but of course the building was full of firefighters who would just rescue him anyway.

    “Pass me that phone,” Bobby held out a hand expectantly, his expression unreadable.

    Chimney, who bravely faced emergency situations on a near daily basis… car accidents, raging fires, collapsed buildings…chose that moment to panic.  

    “No, it’s mine.” He blurted, hiding it behind his back. It would have been funny, Eddie thought, under circumstances that didn’t involve him.

    “Firefighter Han, that was an order.” Bobby didn’t raise his voice, but authority dripped from every clipped word. Chimney tossed the phone to Buck, reluctantly, and given no other choice, Buck placed it in Bobby’s open hand.

    The three of them watched, horrified, as Bobby scrolled down the page they had just been ogling. Chimney groaned audibly, frozen to his perch on the coffee table, Buck snaked a hand out to squeeze one of Eddie's, and Eddie reminded himself never to play poker with their captain, because his face gave nothing away as he read.

    Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, Bobby raised his eyes, and unsmiling, handed the phone back to Buck, who fumbled and almost dropped it. Quickly he passed it to Chimney who stuffed it into his pocket. No one knew what to say, so they waited, shifting uncomfortably in their seats, while their boss stared them down.

    “Not appropriate for work,” Bobby admonished at long last, pointing a finger at each of them in turn. “I want you all to dig out your employee hand books and review the sections on professionalism and harassment. See me when you’re finished, I’ll be in my office.”

    With that he turned on his heel, and Buck and Eddie directed matching murderous glares at Chimney, who shrugged helplessly.

    “I mean now guys,” Bobby called over his shoulder, “oh and number 6? Totally possible. For someone who knows what he's doing.”

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  • futures-tense
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    “You can have my back any day.”//“You wanna know who has my back? They do.”

    #evan buckley#eddie diaz #yeah im rewatching s3 idk why but like
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  • futures-tense
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    Fire Marshal Buck is a rat (affectionate)

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