05.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
#FBJFSDJKGDASHJBCZVBNJVCEEGJVXZVJ #WHY IS /THAT/ THE POST THAT MAKES YOU SAY THIS HKHDCBBHDFBNBBHF #also like. im right. it’s an odyssey remix it’s a ghost story these are two aspects are v much intertwined also #the scientific-y fish catalogues are a distraction so you don’t notice how Ghostly everything else is #the fact that nemo can navigate to the ruins of atlantis when no one else can. it’s bcs he is able to exist weirdly in Time. bcs hes a ghost #of course the ghost can get to the ghost city!!! #the cemetery under the sea also. haunted as shit #not EVEN getting into like. assorted places in Thee Classical Tradition where the limits of exploration narratives are also abt the limits #of mortality. the further you go abd ESPECIALLY by sea. ESPECIALLY by submarine hello alexander romances. the closer you get to death #like it goes back to the ODYSSEY!!!!!! captain nemo’s NAME. nemo. nobody. odysseus. hello #anyway. the tate. they escaped their padded cell. yes. YES. the tate is posting abt ghosts on tumblr dot edu #beeps
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