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  • what’s on my mind?

    the constant fear of being lost and never found. the constant worrying about being loved. the constant illusion of family, that i’ll never have. the constant reminders that you’re gone.

    what’s on my my mind?

    the constant worrying about you. the constant pain in my chest. the broken heart screaming to be heard. The constant need for acceptance.

    what’s on my mind?

    Not you anymore. you aren’t on my mind. you can’t be on my mind, in order for me to grow. you’ll be on my mind when i’m finally at my last step of growth, when i’m healed.

    what’s on my mind you ask? make sure to be ready for my response.

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  • Sometimes, on the good days, I forget what pain feels like. I think to myself, I’m not disabled, there is nothing wrong with me. On those days, I look at writings of people with chronic pain and feel sadness but not empathy. It is as though, on the good days, my mind forces me to be the person I was ten years ago. Young, and healthy. The worst pain I had suffered was a bruised ego.

    Then, the bad days come. The days why sitting, laying, walking are an agony beyond compare. When my body betrays me and leaves me with nothing but broken bones and bruises muscles. It hurts, but worse than the pain is the fear. The fear that this time the pain will not fade back into the background. That this time I will not get to go back to the good days where I can joke and laugh about my poor back.

    Truly, the fear that my bad days may become my good days sometimes stops my heart. That one day I may say, this is an alright day. I was able to get out of bed and into clothes. The agony was only desperate, not debilitating. My fingers may be numb, but I can still hold a sewing needle.

    I know, intrinsically, that every time I have a bad day they get a little worse. That every time the pain fades away again it leaves a little slower and stays a little closer.

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  • The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome.

    -A Clash of Kings - Jon V

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  • «Te diré qué es la #libertad para mí: no tener #miedo». #NinaSimone

    «I will tell you what #freedom is for me: not to be #fear». Nina Simone

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  • «Te diré qué es la #libertad para mí: no tener #miedo». #NinaSimone

    «I will tell you what #freedom is for me: not to be #fear». Nina Simone

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  • Inktober challenge

    Day 26 : Hide

    Model : Amnesia The Dark Descent, with Daniel hidden in the closet. I love this game 👻

    “kshrrr.. kshrrr… *Panick music intensifies*”

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  • “The fear I’d felt on the journey faded away, because the joy which greeted me was almost as great as my own. I thanked God for bringing me here. On that day the faithful received fresh hope and I was renewed.”


    Originally posted by voyagevisuelle

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  • You haven’t experienced true fear until you go refill your drink that had a lid (it was also clear) on it just to find the biggest dead spider in your drink. Like the man really went in and you don’t know how.

    But the power move to it is your friends dad saying “eat it show it who’s boss, that’s a power move”

    You don’t know what’s more shocking the spider or the advice the man gave.

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  • I think I’m scared of being forgotten,

    of being lost,

    of losing hope when there is none,

    or turning on to turn back off.

    I build great cities in my head,

    bold and strong,

    hoping one i day i’ll find them,

    refusing to believe I’m wrong

    I break beyond repair,

    or thats what i tell myself,

    I push people away,

    and cling to shattering health

    I dance to old songs,

    sing to ancient runes,

    i try to get lost in history

    as i know i have numbered moons

    I think im scared of being forgotten,

    of being lost,

    of losing hope when there is none

    or turning on to turn back off.

    Writen by; Me :)

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  • Artist: Gromov Orobas

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  • If this person is just Webby imitating Dewey


    Then who is this?😥😥😥

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  • found something RANK smelling in my fridge and tossed it into the garbage. I live in a studio so I would ideally immediately take it to the trash shoot down the hall but someone was COUGHING UP A STORM this morning in another apartment and… uhh… i would prefer… to not go out there… ….

    #covid#fear#lol #tagging fear.... #wow...
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  • 079: What’s your biggest fear?

    035: Being forgotten

    079 [deploying exactly one (1) spider]: Guess again

    #incorrect quotes #incorrect scp quotes #scp#scp foundation #scp containment breach #scp 079#scp 035#fear#spider
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  • “Focusing in on the fear isn’t gonna change the outcome”

    - The Rookie

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  • I’m on a quest for a treasure chest.
    No pirate will stand in my way.
    My maps were all in order.
    My journey started that day.
    My ship was ready to sail.
    The sky was blue and clear.
    The breeze filled my lungs.
    The time was growing near.
    Sunset ended a beautiful day.
    Then the wind began to blow.
    The rain soon was drenching.
    My crew all hid below.
    I manned the helm alone.
    The sails I couldn’t adjust.
    Lost and tossed in darkness.
    I had to better my best.
    The night felt never-ending.
    My eyes began to close.
    The air grew bitterly cold.
    I couldn’t feel my toes.
    Sunrise was surely welcome.
    The rain began to wane.
    The crew decided to join me.
    They saw I was in pain.
    I ate a hearty breakfast.
    Then they all began to clean.
    My sails were all mended.
    The best I’d ever seen.
    Spirits returned to normal.
    Good cheer was felt by all.
    Then days dragged on forever.
    Soon it would be the fall.

    The navigator came on deck.
    He had some terrible news.
    Our location was unknown.
    The maps shed no clues.
    Half whispered of a mutiny.
    The rest was on my side.
    Surprise was on their faces.
    The fear they couldn’t hide.
    The crew grew more impatient.
    Our quest should’ve been done.
    The lookout then spied an island.
    It glowed in the noon day sun.
    The boats then quickly lowered.
    My crew abandoned ship.
    I left standing all alone.
    I wished to end this trip.
    Another month had passed.
    Then a ship came into view.
    I was now found safe.
    But no word of my crew.
    I was angry for their failure.
    I thought I was to die.
    For this quest was sure to fail.
    When the crew was only I.
    I hope a lesson learned.
    That help we all will need.
    And me, myself and I,
    always sounds like greed.
    My quest is not forgotten.
    A new ship I will find.
    A new crew will be hired.
    And to them I’ll be more kind.



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  • i came on to check my messages and i saw that someone went through and liked all of my newsies posts

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