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  • haitanirindo
    22.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    boyfriend things

    #god i want them to go to the Philippines #together… in a way that doesn’t cause me pain #i’m looking directly at chapter 117 #fuck u chapter 117 #hhhhhhhhhh #(this is chapter 113) #4 chapters later is all suffering. how did we get here #i am screaming and crying and beating my head against a wall #n e way #fellas is it gay to give ur bestie a motorcycle #and then teach him to ride it #AND THEN KILL ALL UR OTHER FRIENDS EXCLUDING HIM BC U LOVE HIM #and then offer to go on a trip together… just the two of u #tokyo revengers#tokrev#tokrev manga#takemikey#takemichi hanagaki#manjiro sano#mikey sano
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  • match-less-bee-bud
    22.06.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    * Little brother stumbling over his words and making incomprehensible sentences *

    Me : go on little man! You can do this!

    #I believe in you little fella #It's okay I don't make sense too #Now tell me how when I eat food it goes into my brain
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  • whats-bi-is-dean
    22.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I swear, homophobic people who doesn't beat up queers or treat them badly that says they "respect their choices, but don't condone it" are the ones on the verge of understanding sexuality as it is: sexuality, not a sin.

    the only reason they chose to stay in the same old path is because people from the church are 24/7 on their shoulders manipulating them into thinking god will think less of them if they really understood sexuality and gender as both biological phenomena and cultural construction.

    they're this close *🤏* to figure out, but they're so afraid cuz they're being terrorized constantly that they just close their eyes and choose not to look directly at the facts. breaking out of a social environment you've been inserted since birth (for most of them, at least) is scary. deconstructing ideas that has been fed to you your whole life means you might lose people you love dearly and not everyone is ready to take those steps.

    #i try to remember that everytime someone comes at me with this argument #it's false pretense to be homophobic ik and sometimes i get really mad because of it bc it's not my job to teach ppl how to connect the dots #except it is #not all of it ofc but some at least #some ppl really dont know better and they will never have the guts to look for it so its up to me to say ‘fella youre wrong’ and explain why #pretty much know straight religious european ppl invented homophobia and their descendants above all should know it #but i can help those who know less thank i do to think further out of their hypocrite boxes #we cant always count on allies only or homophobic folks to one beautiful day understand how much they owe us for the past and present #if i have info some doesnt i might as well share it
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  • wherearemyglassesbro
    22.06.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #ahh….retirement is treating me well fellas #how is everyone doing
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  • shiny-self-shipping
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Balthazar: Okay but hypothetically if we were dating-

    Adahlia: We’re not dating, I’m engaged.

    Balthazar: Okay, well, Dru is... dead. And I ask you out-

    Adahlia: I would say no.

    Balthazar: You say yes, and we go out-

    Adahlia: I would drown myself.

    #fellas I kind of headcanon Adahlia not being into Balthazar at first #like she's cool with him as a friend but it takes her a while to catch feelings #but at the time he starts flirting with her she thinks he's a bozo #oh how far we have come #incorrect f/o quotes #borrowed from one of Bee's posts #idk the source rip #Bee if you came up with this I need you to know that this made me roll across my floor and out my front door laughing #💚🌧 it's electric ⚡️💜
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  • clown-champion
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    so far my moryo playlist is like “hatefuck money fashion peg me family drama IM DEAD??” is this accurate gang

    #fellas I love moryo I want to do him justice with this one #moryo#caranthir#shitpost #sort of.... I mean this is literally how the playlist shakes out THJFDJDDYJKBK
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  • clementineandmine
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Excerpt from a Thing i Haven’t Finished

    The night was still, except for the bright tinkling of broken glass as it settled around a still-fresh corpse. The stars made a sound like that: still, and shattering. Death shivered.

    A mutter from the victimed shade brought him back to the moment. “Hello, fella.” Death gestured vaguely to the mangled body in the driver’s seat. “Come on out and I’ll get you free of this mess.” 

    With a startle, the shade turned its head to look at him. After a moment, his words reached through the mortal’s shock and the shade understood it needed to dislodge itself from the wreck before more could be done. 

    First, it went to open the car door.

    “No need.” Death said.

    The shade took the realization that it was no longer corporeal with incredible grace by shrieking “WHAT THE FUCK.” Then, calmer, “am I DEAD?”

    #death #for context this is The Modern Concept of Death #who is about to be Fucking Kidnapped #car accident tw #Also a great example of how 'fella' is the gender neutral version of 'sir' or 'ma'am' #microdosing on being a writer by forcing my mutuals to read my work #writing
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  • uncertainlycertain
    19.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #this fella really said fuck you #im assuming it was the same one who asked for a doodle #like damn man i think you have no idea how much ive done over these past two days #I have no energy #not to mention i got bit up by mosquitoes like... #skye rambles#askbox#me#personal
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  • firelord-frowny
    19.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    the way some classical musicians foam at the mouth when someone says beethoven was an Average Composer is so embarrassing omfg.

    this one pianist i know once posted about how he didn’t feel Beethoven’s skill or musical identity was Super Special compared to any other relatively respected composer, and took special care to note that he didn’t not like Beethoven - he enjoyed Beethoven just fine. He just didn’t consider Beethoven to be The Greatest at anything, and that the cultural insistence that everyone should love Beethoven is, frankly, disrespectful of the opinions and tastes of people who just don’t stan for Beethoven, and that people’s eagerness to lecture others about why they’re Wrong for not liking Beethoven (or any other hailed composer) is ultimately harmful to the culture and evolution of classical music by discouraging any new or differing perspectives,

    and then this OTHER pianist commented with like a 10 paragraph rant about what a Simple Minded Opinion it was, and that ~if you TRULY UNDERSTOOOOD beethoven, you would SEE why he’s LEGENDARY~ and blah blah blah, aggressively waxing poetic, blah blah Groundbreaking, blah blah Innovative, blah blah Pioneered this-and-that, blah blah it would be SOOOO AWFUL if classical academia ever lost interest in Beethoven, blah blah everyone should be taught to revere beethoven....

    and then the dude who wrote the initial post was basically like 

    “i know you prolly didn’t mean to prove my point, but uhhh...” 

    #this isn't SUPER relevant but the dude in question is a black queer fella #who has been outspoken about questioning what classical canon would look like #if composers of color had ever been regarded and studied as seriously as the white ones #and the lgbt ones #which i mean #to be fair lmao a lot of composers are known these days for having been gay or otherwise Not Straight #but during their time they had to try to keep it hush hush #but anyway #this dude questions how classical canon would be different if those composers were accepted by the community #and the person who responded to the above post has also argued with him when he talks about that #not necessarily suggesting that poc and lgbt composers shouldn't be taken more seriously #but rather suggesting that all the hailed (white) composers are rightfully celebrated and they all deserve to be revered #bc they're So Amazing #and the dude is like #''but what if they're not tho?'' #and then the other pianist has a conniption
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  • limpwristedean
    19.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    has cas ever tried ice cream

    #all of them just having ice cream under bright pink umbrellas by the beach #while dean teases cas lightly about his preference for vanilla #while jack asks for another scoop #and eileen and sam are doing that thing where you stand infront of oncomming waves and try to get swept up slightly #(or maybe that's just something i do sjdkd) #alex.edu #i have not slept for over 72 hours how are we feelin fellas #castiel#dean winchester#jack kline#sam winchester#eileen leahy#supernatural
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  • headfullofdolls
    17.06.2021 - 5 days ago
    “Sunny! I almost screamed from how hot you looked! And your cloud animations were full perfection!”
    - Violet overwhelmed by her adoration for Sunny (2021, colorized)

    Sunny is so touched she’s speechless 🥺 Her little twirl 😭💛

    #vi is a disaster bi #childhood best friends to lovers let's go #rainbow high#rainbowhigh#violet willow#sunny madison #fellas is it gay to almost scream from how hot your bff looks #canonically #like this isn't the only sunvi moment i can point to #but it's pretty much the most blatant lol #my gifs
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  • arcanedorks-fr
    17.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    I caved and hatched my extra arcane egg and got the genuinely baffling color combination of peacock/rose/umber (arcane unusual). But it kind of works like this?? When in doubt, use peacock I suppose. Kind of wish rose had more blue accent colors, but it's fine

    (genes are falcon/eye spots/peacock)

    Edit: Oh yea I keep forgetting about the eyes. Arcane Rare my beloved

    #flight rising#g1 dragons#dragon scry#tundra dragon#obelisk dragon#peacock gene #eye spots gene #i was thinking earlier about wanting more green dragons #and i suppose thats how this fella came to be #thank you spacedad? #might make more scries later
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  • your--isgayrights
    17.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    @obstinaterixatrix Stella, I just want to say that I'm very sorry, but there's probably going to be a part 4 of chapter 4 too.

    #personal #i think we're gonna blame this one on the mental illness fellas. chapter 4 part 4 will always be my adhd pride flag #the reason is that i just. am not an experienced enough writer to know how long scenes are. #and i want to stay true to my original concept of the chapters even if one of them ends up being a 60 k monster #that i have to publish in 4 discrete intervals #if i was writing professionally obviously i would have to change some things about this. #but im not so im just going to follow my own deeply contrived sense of logic and hope people bear with me 😅
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  • starstruck-sheikah
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago
    #i personally am finding it more interesting that i got an anon about this...fella did u send this to the wrong botw blog? #i mean i wont compl...what the heck did tumblr get an update #hello what is this....on one hand its snazzy on the other hand i prefer they give us updates w/o just jumping us u know #ok but tbh i personally am not getting monk vibes from the hand but who knows watch anon be correct and prophetic sjdfkfjlkdksdfjs #anyway huh that sure is an ask i got huh! #/pos#botw2#ask#anon#its me #i wonder if it's possible to sleepwalk anons to urself...hmm....nah i wouldnt know how to use an emoji on my laptop
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  • milfgwen
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    the hilarity stored in tugger having a whole song where he boasts abt how sexy he is while girls r swooning for him just for him to later sing ANOTHER whole song about how cool his magical bf is while STILL flirting with girls in the bg. hes bi hes a whore hes a manlet hes wearing a golden spiked collar

    #tugger is such a funny character #sometimes i forget him and misto arent like canonically together and he becomes funnier #imagining their relationship in the context of Good Buddies is so funny #fellas is it gay to run around another man with a rainbow ribbon while he sings about how great you are #fellas? fellas is it? #rambling #cats the musical #rum tum tugger
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  • damari-na-dono
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    gonna finally catch up on the three (3) years worth of run bts episodes i've missed to help me sleep

    #i didn't realize how many eps there are LMAO #okay gnight fellas love you
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  • kingdomoftyto
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Guys I’m playing through ToS2 again for fanfic research purposes and despite having beaten this game at least twice before I had no idea there was a whole multi-step sidequest involving Richter Bonding Time????

    I just got through the part of the sidequest you can do in Ch6 and bro..... Bro.

    #ignore me #Tyto plays ToS2 #every segment of this quest has had me yelling for three reasons: #1) how the HELL did I miss out on this every other time I played this game #2) ''Richter I like you no matter what you are'' ''Title obtained: Destined Partners'' fellas that's GAAAAY #3) Aqua and Tenebrae just???? dropping the MOST BLATANT HINTS in the entire game for all the endgame twists??? #but it's all still vague enough that it probably would fool someone who doesn't already know so like DAMN #I am fuckin HERE FOR IT lmfao #god I love the convoluted tropey-ass plot of this game so much!!!! #anyway there's only one more scene to this sidequest according to the guide I'm using and it's toward the very end of the game :( #so I may have to just look up a transcript or smth because my intention was never to play ALL the way through the game again
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  • runawayswithme
    16.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    The internet loves to lie abt ppl it's so funny when I go see what happened myself n it's such a normal thing, it feels like this clip from p n f constantly

    #Or spongebob when the random extras r like 'HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TEACH U THIS LESSON OLD MAN' going to beat the sweet fella up 😓 #Youtube
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  • candlescove
    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    not to talk abt oc stuff on main but tldr when i first got back heavily into f//naf circa september 2020 i think i latched Hard onto au depictions of spr*ngtrap that were separate from purple guy for Coping Reasons and came up w/ all these headcanons and stuff for him that got more and more elaborate by the day and in light of The News im soso tempted to just...............take the basic idea i had there, fucked up rude rabbit who used to be sillay and funney and just. make it into an original character, i already like. have a setting for him..? cuz right before the news came out i was working on this story that was partly fnaf inspired that i almost scrapped when shit did come out about scawthon but now i feel more motivated to detach it and make it Better

    #anyways welcome to my house of mirrors detective #vulture.txt #but yeah uhh the general like. gist i have is #travelling circus w/ performers that are kind of like. living cartoons. powered by energy frm dreams #and this fella would be a hare tht got corrupted by nightmares #idk how to describe their personality but like. pre-corruption: southern belle time #post-corruption: backwoods feral hillbilly kill bite attack #*type not time i cant Spell
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  • seffersonjtarship
    13.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    sam almost gave up his life to defeat lucifer......

    #don't know how to feel abt it fellas
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