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    Top 10 Animated Movie Couples (5/10)

    Fred Jones and Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo!)
    #Scooby Doo#Best Relationships#Moments #Fred x Daphne #Fred Jones#Daphne Blake#Camp Scare#Abracadabra Doo #Scooby Doo and Kiss Rock and Roll Mystery #Scooby Doo Stage Fright #Scooby Doo The Sword and the Scoob
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    #f3#formula 3#frederik vesti#fred vesti #mercedes junior team #art gp #art grand prix #p:frederik vesti #there's never too many fred post riight? i love him too much #he does love his 🤠 emoji #also i hate that formatting won't allow me to put the video next to the photo... so now it looks long but whatever
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    Murder in the Private Car (Murder on the Runaway Train) (1934) Harry Beaumont

    July 24th 2021

    #murder in the private car #murder on the runaway train #1934#harry beaumont#charles ruggles#una merkel#mary carlisle#russell hardie #fred 'snowflake' toones #porter hall#berton churchill#willard robertson#rear car #clear the track #murder in the rear car #pre-code #a bit bonkers
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    The Doll Man | 7

    Rated M


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    Yandere Weasley Family (platonic) 

    (This stems from a Molly Weasley headcanon I had done awhile ago, you can find that here. I thought it would only be appropriate to include the rest of the family as well😊.)

    The Weasley’s are a warm, loving and close knit family. It’s no surprise that they would eventually take on attachments towards you after you’d been taken in by their matriarch. Hell, depending on how Molly came to meet you the other family members may have already had their own obsessions in the making.

    Arthur Weasley

    Arthur probably has no clue about his wife’s obsession. Not only did she basically adopt you without his knowledge but her intense fondness for you also went completely over his head. Sure he a little apprehensive about taking in another child but seeing just how happy his wife is in regards to you is enough to push away any doubt he has.

    It doesn’t take him long to fall in line with his wife, treating you as if you were their own. It came naturally enough, much like with Harry and Hermione. There was no need for an adjustment period, at least not for the Weasley’s. That didn’t mean you didn’t have your own adjusting to do but they would all be there, waiting, helping you along.

    If you’re muggle or know about the muggle world and how things work, Arthur would absolutely love to talk to you all day about everything muggle related. He wants to know whatever you’re willing to tell or whatever you have answers to. It’s kind of fun, what with how excitable he gets. Molly is usually the one to bring these conversations to an end, scolding Arthur for asking too many questions and not giving you enough time to finish a sentence.

    Arthur is very protective of his family, blood or not. He doesn’t care whether you’re a pure-blood, half and half, muggle born or whatever. You’re family and that’s reason enough. And he’s going to protect just as much as the rest of his family. You wouldn’t have to worry about a thing, he’d make sure to keep an optimistic air about whatever it is going on.

    He wouldn’t treat you any less then the rest of his kids, loving and caring for you all the same. If you’re ever feeling down or upset, even if he’s not necessary the first on the list to go to, Arthur would still do his best to ease your worries and make you smile.

    Now on the topic of having a romantic relationship or even admires, Arthur would go into overprotective father mode. I could see him being okay-ish with it only for Molly to give him a look causing him to backpedal.

    Bill Weasley

    Bill is described as being easy going and laid back, he’d welcome and accept you just as the rest of his family would. He’s the oldest, having become a pro at dealing with his siblings, he’ll quickly pick up on the best ways to take care of and give you what you need or want. He’s a good older brother and he’ll have no problem being the same for you.

    He’s probably the best when it comes to needing reassurance or just needing to vent and talk to someone. He’s a good listener and always has good advice, even if you have to say everything on your mind through a letter to him. You can always count on him to be there even when he can’t do so physically.

    He would also be the type to where if you were having any problems with another Weasley, Bill would tell them to back off or tone down whatever they’re doing. He can only imagine what it’s like for you to be brought in to a new family, albeit a little unwillingly. But he’ll take it upon himself to always be there for you no matter what. That’s what family is after all.

    Fleur would be especially welcoming towards you when she meets you for the first time, especially if it’s after she and Bill have married. You would remind her of her younger sister which would only pull her closer to you. She’d be very warm and caring towards you, much like she is with her sister. And you’ll be more than welcomed to her and Bill’s home whenever. Not to mention how affectionate she would be too; hugs, kisses, cuddles, you name it Fleur will spoil you with it.

    Bill whenever he comes to visit spends as much time as he can with you before you’re inevitably taken away by one of the other Weasley’s, his wife included. Whenever the two visit, Fleur, Molly and Ginny always end up competing for your time and attention. And Bill knows your time will be limited with anyone else but he doesn’t mind, too much.

    Charlie Weasley

    Charlie loves his younger siblings and you’ll be no exception. He’s the cool brother who gets to hangout and train dragons all day, every day and he has plenty of stories to tell. He’ll be very accepting and welcoming to you, sending you a letter himself once Molly sends news about you becoming part of the family. He really tries to make you feel comfortable.

    He always brings gifts and trinkets from Romania whenever he visits. The first time he ever visited when you first became part of the family he was glued to your side during his stay. He wanted to know everything there was to know about you and he shared plenty about himself and the dragons back in Romania. He would especially love to tell you stories if you’re muggle and have no idea about the wizarding world.

    Charlie is another one who really tries to get and keep your attention for as long as he can. It becomes a little Weasley family game to see who can have your attention the longest or who can get the most time with you altogether. Charlie is one of the Weasley’s who wins the most given his intriguing and fun stories about his adventures with dragons and his overall knowledge of them.

    If you were to visit him in Romania or even strive to be a dragonologist like him, Charlie would literally cry. He’d love it so much. Like, one of his most favorite people in the world wants to be just like him, he’s over the moon with happiness. He would also totally run it in his other brothers’ faces, especially Percy.

    Charlie would 100% take you for a ride on a dragon, even if it may earn him a scolding from Molly. It’ll be a hoot and as long as he gets to see you happy and show off a little then it’s worth it.

    Percy Weasley

    Percy is the arrogant, pompous brother who takes himself far too seriously that it makes it way too easy for him to become the butt of plenty of jokes, courtesy of the twins. But he does sincerely love and care for his family, he just wishes they would strive for more out of life like him. He certainly wants the best for his family, especially his siblings but he’d prefer if they went about it the same way as himself.

    He tries to be a good role model and overall influence for his younger siblings, he really does but it can be so frustrating. Especially when none of them heed his example. He would really like if you were more willing to actually listen to him, or at least pretend to. I could see him taking you under his wing when Molly first brings you home, not wanting the twins to corrupt you.

    He would definitely be a go to for help when it comes to homework and for you he may even make more of an effort not to get frustrated with you like he would his brothers. But if you don’t even pay attention to him and his teachings and are more like Fred and George, then Percy would make it his goal to rehabilitate you. So to speak.

    If you attend Hogwarts then Percy will make it a habit to check on you, he even has a schedule for when to drop by and see how you are doing. He will especially come up with a studying schedule that he very much so expects you to abide by. He will be the type to be on your ass about your studies and behavior. Everything he sees or hears he will report back to Molly.

    Percy would be another one who would take great pleasure in you not only looking up to him but also wanting to follow in his path. He’d probably cry and scream out of joy. Finally one of his siblings’ sees the light. He’d help you too, the whole way he’ll be by your side putting in a good word and recommendation.

    Fred and George Weasley

    Fred and George are your typical brothers who love to pick on you but god forbid someone else tries to do the same. There is such a thing as sibling rights and it’s their right to take the piss out of their family but when someone else tries they’re just asking for trouble.

    They’re the best at making you laugh and feel better when you’re down. Whether it be them cracking jokes or pranking someone (probably Ron or some unfortunate soul attending Hogwarts) they will do whatever to see you happy and smiley again.

    These two would prank and just downright traumatize anyone who they see as a threat or just plain don’t like in regards to their new sibling. Whether it’s at Hogwarts or in the muggle world it doesn’t matter. No one would be safe from the twins when it comes to you, their precious new sibling.

    When it comes to romantic relationships and admirers in regards to you, Fred and George won’t pull any punches. If anything they’re giving it all they got to get rid of whoever their target is and they have no qualms about putting anyone in the infirmary.

    Fred and George would make a habit of going to you for input on any new up and coming pranks or Weasley Wizard Wheezes products they’re working on. They would to take heart any criticism or thoughts you might have. They would also totally make something just for you, maybe even naming or designing something after you for their joke shop.

    You would be given discounts on anything and everything in their shop, Ron would be so jealous. They even give you free products too, both cause you help out and also because you’re one of their favorites (both as a client and as a sibling). Not to mention you’re always more than welcomed to work alongside them at Weasley Wizard Wheezes.

    Ron Weasley

    Ron is the one who has the hardest time coming around to his new sibling but once he does he’ll be just as protective of you as he is of the rest of his family. And Ron is the type to throw hands and ask questions later when it comes to defending his family. He would especially be overprotective if you are younger or just overall vulnerable in his eyes.

    He would really love to talk about quidditch with you, especially if you have the same teams or don’t even know anything about it. He’ll get you to love the Chudley Canons just as much as he does. Ron will even get Harry in on talking about quidditch with you too. Ron would especially want to show off his broom skills.

    Ron would have no problem throwing hands if Draco were to ever insult or just overall be an ass towards you. It would take the whole Gryffindor common room to not only hold him back but also the twins cause they’ll be throwing hands too.

    Oh, if you were to ever have any romantic relationships or admirers, Ron would try to scare them all away and if he couldn’t then he’d get the twins to help him. Merlin forbid if Draco were to be one of these admirers or if you were to be in a secret relationship with him. Ron would not tolerate it, let alone allow it. Neither would Percy or Fred and George. As much as Arthur would want you happy he wouldn’t be able to go along with it either.

    You’ll probably be close to Harry and Hermione too given that they’re always around. Not to mention they’re probably helping Ron and the rest of the Weasley’s keep an eye on you, especially while at Hogwarts. With the Marauder’s Map and Hermione’s smarts they can’t go wrong.

    Ginny Weasley

    Ginny is another protective, she’s not letting anyone or anything come between her and her family. She’s the youngest but growing up with so many brothers and with Molly as a mother she has no problem holding her own.

    She would be the most demanding of your time and attention out of all the Weasley’s. And she has no problem taking you away when you’re with one of the others. That is unless it’s Molly, none of the Weasley’s can come between Molly and her time with you.

    Ginny, Hermione, Fleur would be pretty accepting of you being in a relationship but they get a say in who with. And they will be extremely judgemental and very nit-picky. You deserve only the best and they’ll help you find whoever that is but until then you have them and the rest of the family to keep you company and to occupy you. And they’ll take their sweet time looking for your perfect match.

    If you have any problems with anyone or someone won’t leave you alone, Ginny will jinx them into the next Triwizard Tournament. If that’s not enough then she’ll get the more than happy Fred and George to assist her in plotting something. Now if that doesn’t do anything either then she’ll throw hands too and she’ll make sure whoever is bugging you will learn their lesson.

    Also, Ginny would love to introduce you to Luna. She knows you’ll love her and and get along just fine with each other. She would be so elated to have you be friends with her friend, then all of you can hangout. She would even enlist Luna’s help to keep an eye on you. She doesn’t know how but Luna has a way of knowing things and she could definitely use that in watching over and protecting you when she can’t be with you. But then again there is usually a Weasley always glued to your side or you’re glued to their’s.

    They may not have a lot but they have each other and now they have you. It’s not much but it’s family, it’s home.
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    Fred Fredburger yes

    #fred fredburger #the grim adventures of billy and mandy #billy and mandy #yes#2000s cartoons#cartoon network #how did they get away with half the shit on this show?
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    We’re Going To Be Friends || Fred Weasley x Reader (platonic)

    2nd Person POV

    — — —

    You were always a quiet reserved person, no friends always by yourself. Your family taught you to always study and marks are the most important.

    You watched as the kids at Hogwarts walked and ran with each other laughing as your expression turned sad.

    You walked outside to get some fresh air. Exams started next week so you wanted some air before you spent the next few days cramming.

    You watched as the Weasley twins and their friend Lee walking. You blushed as Fred Weasley turned and smiled at you. You faced away walking in the opposite direction from them.

    You sat down on a grassy area as you laid with your eyes closed. You let the sun hit you as the freshness of the air filled your nose.

    “Hello.” You heard someone sit next to you as you opened your eyes to turn towards the Weasley twin that caught your eye earlier.

    “Hi.” You smiled as you sat up to face him. A light blush dusted your face.

    “I’m Fred, was wondering if you’d follow me.” He asked as you raised an eyebrow, “I say this in the least creepiest way possible.” he laughed as you laughed too.

    “Yeah, where are we going?” You asked as he lead you somewhere, the place was unfamiliar to you.

    “I call this The Weasley hide out.” He smiled showing you to a small passageway. “This is where George and I hide our stuff.” He winked.

    “Stuff?” You asked as he nodded taking out a potion.

    “This here is what we are currently working on, you see. Lee won’t try it out no matter how much we offer, so…” He gestured towards the potion.

    “No. Absolutely not…” For a second you contemplated it, maybe you’ll do it. “Fine. I’ll do it.” You groaned taking the bottle and drinking it.

    You were going to speak but instead of words there was a lion roar.

    “It works!” He exclaimed high fiving himself with a smile, “George is going to love this!”

    Again you tried to speak ‘What about my voice! When will I get it back!’ you wanted to say but instead a lions roar came out.

    “Don’t worry, it’ll ware off soon, follow me back, I have to tel George it works.” He said grabbing your arm and leading you from his hiding spot making sure to leave the space inauspicious.

    On your way to his twin he kept rambling and going on about his projects and how he wants to open up a joke shop in Diagon alley and possibly Hogsmaede.

    “You know, you’re a great listener, I didn’t even get your name.” He said stopping to look at you.

    “(Y/n) (L/n).” You said happily as you got your voice back.

    “It lasts 15 minutes then, I’ll take a mental note.” He laughed smiling at you, “You know. We are going to be such great friends.”

    You smiled and nodded, “Does being your friend mean I have to be the guinea pig for all future projects?” You asked.

    “Perhaps. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.” With that your friendship began. Closer and closer you became with the Weasley twins and Weasley family.

    #hogwarts#harry potter#gryffindor #harry potter fanfiction #fluff#fred weasley #fred weasly x reader #spotify
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    Fred Orentlich Professional Financial Service Provider

    Fred Orentlich is a licensed professional in the fled of finance. He is currently licensed in over 10 states as an Independent Broker to transact, market, and consult on various products including Annuities, encompassing Fixed Annuities.

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    #owl hoots #how do you guys feel about the 'my babysitter's a vampire' series? #(you get a veteran's discout if you thought i meant the fred video and also get the fuck out) #long story short: something's coming.
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    Cute photo. Not that it reflects the situation between the real people. Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing a single photo of either Stan or Charlie with Fred Karno when he was their boss. Of course Karno had several comedy troupes performing in different places simultaneously, so could hardly have been involved with the day-to-day of each one. In his book Laurel Stage by Stage, A.J Marriot says that for example in 1909, when Stan first joined his company, Karno had 17 troupes touring the UK.

    Fred Karno and a variety of sketches available circa 1905:

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    i am burdened with the knowledge of the entire fred figglehorn story. every different form it took.

    #its actually crazy how deep it goes #pondsaysshit#fred figglehorn#youtube history
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    Officially Added: Buffy Summers, Winifred Burkle and Lizzie Saltzman. Bios are coming, but they’re updated on the muse list for now, and I’m adding them to the docs page too.
    #𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒐𝒇 𝒎𝒚 𝒎𝒊𝒏𝒅 [ooc] #mostly for a verse but... #they're open #i'm just hella picky about btvs and angel #so like... #expect almost no shipping #with at least buffy and fred #unless we plot it out #no sp*ffy #no whatever fred's ship with w*sley is called #lizzie is fair game though lmao
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    Sancho ada di peringkat ke tiga di antara para pemain mahal yang pernah dikontrak oleh Man Utd 😳 ——————————————————— #manchesterunited #manunited #mufc #sancho #jadonsancho #pogba #paulpogba #maguire #harrymaguire #lukaku #romelulukaku #dimaria #angeldimaria #martial #anthonymartial #fred #wanbissaka #aaronwanbissaka #fernandes #brunofernandes #ferdinand #rioferdinand https://www.instagram.com/p/CRshxbnJjy7/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    Uncanny X-Men #16 (2014)

    written by Brian Michael Bendis art by Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend, Al Vey, Mark Irwin, & Victor Olazaba
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    Sheriff Stone: “Why is the tent so quiet? Is everybody talking about me now?”

    Fred: “Nobody’s talking about you.”

    Sheriff Stone: “Sure, I walk into the tent and everybody just happens to stop talking at the same damn time? You are gaslighting me just like my twins!”

    Daphne: “Sheriff, I think you’re being paranoid.”

    Sheriff Stone: “I’m not paranoid. I put a recording device in my twins’ room.”

    Shaggy: “You planted a bug in your kids’ room?”

    Sheriff Stone: “I do what I have to do. They said I look like a giant triangle!”

    Velma: “Is that an insult?”

    Sheriff Stone: “I don’t know! But they were laughing like it was and it hurt just the same!” *walks off then turns back* “Don’t have kids!”

    #scooby doo mystery incorporated #sdmi#incorrect sdmi #scooby doo incorrect quotes #sheriff bronson stone #sheriff stone#daphne blake#Velma dinkley#Fred jones#shaggy Rogers#source: b99 #incorrect Scooby doo
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    So I saw a Scoobert post the other day that posited the idea of Shaggy and Fred being like Shane and Ryan from Buzzfeed Unsolved, leaving it up to the viewer to decide who would be who. And it occurred to me. Shaggy is 100% Ryan, and Fred is 100% Shane in spite of what appearances would have you believe.

    Because you see, both Shaggy and Ryan fill the role of the scared believer, while Fred and Shane both fill the role of the feral skeptic. I think that people often don't realize that Fred is probably by far the weirdest member of the Scooby gang (including the talking dog). Meanwhile a major part of the appeal of Buzzfeed Unsolved is that while the one who believes in ghosts is a pretty ordinary guy, even if he sometimes goes along with some wild ideas, the skeptic, who should be the rational and normal one is by all measures weirder than the believer by leaps and bounds! And I kinda feel like the two of them can fall into that.

    Fred can be swayed into believing in ghosts, but he's usually on the side of skepticism with Velma. Just crank his skepticism up to 10 and I can absolutely see him laying down in a demon circle, daring the ghosts to possess him! While Shaggy is just like, "What the fuck is wrong with you!?" in the background.

    Though I do think that Shaggy would end up getting a lot of Shane's sarcasm and Fred would be a lot more openly genuinely supportive and sincere than Shane tends to be.

    #scooby doo#scooby-doo#buzzfeed unsolved#shaggy rogers#fred jones#shane madej#ryan bergara #norville shaggy rogers #shaggy scooby doo #fred scooby doo
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