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    #frederik andersen#Tyler ennis #toronto maple leafs #edmonton oilers #from twitter which is why I put the emoji over the girl’s face to protect her identity #WHAT IS#TYLER#FRED#FRED’S HAIR#FREDERIK’S HAIR#HIS THIGHS #T H I G H S
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    I have this headcannon that Fred gets hurt a lot, due to his pride and mostly being a competitive geek - showing off and all.

    And that leaves Tadashi to mother-hen-sermon another troublemaker. (with some lover-like affection ofc).

    #productivity#character design #artists on tumblr #100 days of productivity #illustration#artworks#tadashi hamada #big hero 6 #soft&sweet lovers#fredashi#fred whitmore#poor dashi #tadashi!s probably gonna have gray hair after three months #bh6 fandom#headcannons#short comic
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    13.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    “Downtown” Freddie Brown (1948-) was born 40 years too early. He was a 6th man because he could not play much defense, but since very little of that is played today anyway (especially by guards, like Brown, who stay on the perimeter), he would be a starter if he played now.

    Not only that, but Brown, known for his extraordinary perimeter shooting, did not get a 3-point line to work with until he was 31, and led the NBA in 3-point percentage the first season it had the line (’79-’80).

    If, in addition, he worked with today’s volume three point shooting, fast pace and complete lack of perimeter defense (hence his lack of defense mattering less), he would basically be another Steph Curry, because like Curry, Brown did not necessarily need screens to run off of, but could create his own shots, so he was a natural shooter and scorer.

    Brown would also be a sure Hall of Famer.

    #Fred Brown #Downtown Freddie Brown #University of Iowa #Seattle SuperSonics#basketball#NBA#vintage#70's #black and white #underrated#men's hair
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    #the cinderella cult #tom the bratz doll #the dollar store goblin king #fred the drum gremlin #the jeff tag™️ #cinderella band #photos i have saved to my phone #can we p l e a s e get eric a better fucking hairstylist #why did anyone let him outside like thst #eric's cursed hair choices
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    24.12.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Merry Crismuth~

    #☆ s k e l e t o n m a s k ☆『ooc』 #//im gonna need a picrew tag arent i? #//anyway i lose my shit when i find a picrew that lets me do fred with one ear pierced AND wings ANd has his hair
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    24.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Tag List

    +someone give the cowboy therapy+ Zora Salazar

    +did you ever give that wound a disinfectant?+ Ramsey Murdoch

    +what in the lord’s name are you eating!?!+ Percival King

    +sir.. you can’t use coupons on healthcare.+ Arnold Markdown

    +...what made you think bellybutton meant that?!?+ Bugsy Pugsler

    +are you sure you don’t need glasses?+ Fred Donaldson

    +soup is not a alternative to proper medical care!+ Giovanni Potage

    +do you people even have insurance?+ Banzai Blasters

    +...Ashling. For god sake take a nap.+ Sylvester Ashling

    +..you work in w h a t kind of conditions?+ Molly Blyndeff

    +ah, you do your work well as well.+ Howie Honeyglow

    +you.. ate s a n d?!?+ Indus Tarbella

    +miss.. that’s an overdose. I can’t... not even for that much pain.+ Mera Salamin

    +I think you should head to an engineer, not a doctor.+ Yoomtah Zing

    +...have you ever taken a mental health exam?+ Martin Blyndeff

    +even criminal need healthcare+ Bliss Ocean

    +...why are you not in a hospital yet?+ Howdy Morning

    +well. At least you are sweet.+ Gorou Shimizaki

    +Magic of Friendship is not a valid medical treatment.+ Rick Shades

    +...are those bells in your hair.+ Phoenica Fleecity

    +with a surname like that..+ Trixie Roughouse

    +..why would I care about it? It’s the patient’s choice.+ Arsene Amulet

    +...sir this does not count as a nap.+ Dr.Beefton

    +and who might you be?+ EE ocs

    +data restrictions+ Spoliers

    +cliental inquiries+ Asks

    +office hours open.+ Roleplay response

    +appointment notes+ OOC

    +upper management+ Mod responses

    +Symptoms listing+ M!a lists

    +Results inconclusive+ M!a anons

    +anonymous concerns+ Anon asks

    #+someone give the cowboy therapy+ Zora Salazar #+did you ever give that wound a disinfectant?+ Ramsey Murdoch #+what in the lord’s name are you eating!?!+ Percival King #+sir.. you can’t use coupons on healthcare.+ Arnold Markdown #+...what made you think bellybutton meant that?!?+ Bugsy Pugsler #+are you sure you don’t need glasses?+ Fred Donaldson #+soup is not a alternative to proper medical care!+ Giovanni Potage #+do you people even have insurance?+ Banzai Blasters #+...Ashling. For god sake take a nap.+ Sylvester Ashling #+..you work in w h a t kind of conditions?+ Molly Blyndeff #+ah you do your work well as well.+ Howie Honeyglow #+you.. ate s a n d?!?+ Indus Tarbella #+miss.. that’s an overdose. I can’t... not even for that much pain.+ Mera Salamin #+I think you should head to an engineer not a doctor.+ Yoomtah Zing #+...have you ever taken a mental health exam?+ Martin Blyndeff #+even criminal need healthcare+ Bliss Ocean #+...why are you not in a hospital yet?+ Howdy Morning #+well. At least you are sweet.+ Gorou Shimizaki #+Magic of Friendship is not a valid medical treatment.+ Rick Shades #+...are those bells in your hair.+ Phoenica Fleecity #+with a surname like that..+ Trixie Roughouse #+..why would I care about it? It’s the patient’s choice.+ Arsene Amulet #+...sir this does not count as a nap.+ Dr.Beefton #+and who might you be?+ EE ocs #+data restrictions+ Spoliers #+cliental inquiries+ Asks #+office hours open.+ Roleplay response #+appointment notes+ OOC #+upper management+ Mod responses #+Symptoms listing+ M!a lists
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    25.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    wait a sec-

    that can of hairspray......

    is it-

    is it perhaps this one...?

    oh my god I found Freddie’s hairspray

    #freddie mercury#queen#queen band #OKAY BUT HEAR ME OUT #this hairspray was released in like the 1950's i think #and it's really a popular one #so i really think that they used it on him #so yes i claim this now #fred used this #you're welcome kgjhnjmnh #i saw the gold can and white top and i was like :O #'I'VE USED THAT HAIR SPRAY AAA' #it's honestly my favourite hair spray #mercury#moustache
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  • ameliora-j
    24.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    twin flame ii // gw x reader

    words: 2k
    warnings: angst. like a LOT. bestfriend breakup, mention of blood
    a/n: this one is significantly shorter than the first,, sry besties :)

    your heart twisted itself in pained knots, increasing the pounding of your head tenfold. it had been this way for days now. christmas with the weasleys came and went and the tension between you and george was thick. you could barely even look at each other without passing hard glares. you had all planned to go to the field at the back of the burrow and play quidditch, and you were currently tasked with collecting george. you knocked gently on the twins’ door before opening it. “hi georgie,” you beamed.

    “hello butterfly,” he spat the nickname bitterly and you were taken aback. you ignored the twinge of pain in your chest as you stepped further into the room.

    “um… we’re all gonna go and play quidditch. if you wanna join,” you offered a smile. “i need my broom partner,” you had never learned how to fly a broom. you figured life should be lived on the ground, the way merlin intended it to be.

    “no thanks,” he grumbled.

    “c’mon georgie, we’re the dream team!” you persisted.

    “why don’t you ask charlie to be apart of your dream team. seems he’s already replaced me with everything else in your life,” the last part was muffled, not intended for your ears, but you still heard it. you furrowed your brows slightly before answering.

    “don’t be silly georgie, i can’t play quidditch without my partner. you can’t break up the dream team,” you pushed, ignoring your confusion.

    “yn, i’d really rather not watch you eye-fuck my brother. go ask him to be on your team. or better yet, learn to fly a broom. it’s truly not that hard of a task, even a simpleton such as yourself should be able to catch on quickly,” he seethed.

    your heart skipped a beat as it sunk to your stomach and tears pooled at your bottom lash line. you nodded once and pivoted on your heel to leave the room. you sniffled quietly as you closed the door to his room and went downstairs. “george?” fred asked as you came into view.

    “he doesn’t wanna play,” you murmured half heartedly as you pushed passed the group of people to go outside. you released a sigh as you plunked yourself down onto the grass, lying back and throwing your arms over your eyes as you forced yourself to keep your tears at bay.

    “hey, ynn, c’mon you can fly with me,” charlie offered with a smile as he held a strong arm out to you.

    “nah, ‘s okay charlie. i’ll watch with fleur and hermione,” you murmured softly.

    charlie’s brows furrowed slightly. you had never called him ‘charlie.’ it was always ‘char char.’ “you okay?” he asked and you simply nodded in response. he released a sigh as he jogged to the center of the field where his other siblings, and harry, were at.

    “what happened mon amour?” fleur asked you softly.

    “he called me stupid,” you sniffled. “said i replaced him with charlie but i didn’t,” you whimpered softly as you confided in the two girls sat on your sides. “he hates me. this was a stupid plan. ‘m just gonna go home,” you sobbed softly, causing fleur to pull your head to her lap as she trekked her fingers through your hair.

    “i’m sorry, yn. i didn’t know he would react like this,” hermione spoke softly.

    “not your fault, mione,” you murmured half heartedly as you stood and wiped your eyes. “‘m gonna go home,” you released a shaky breath as you pushed yourself to stand.

    you dusted your bottom off as you walked back into the burrow. you waved your wand, packing your stuff neatly in your bag before you wrote a note, thanking molly and arthur and left it on the counter. you grabbed your bag and headed to the fireplace, throwing the floo powder and taking yourself to your childhood home.

    “hey yn!” your older brother greeted. “thought you were spending break with the weasleys?” he asked, confused.

    “yeah,” you murmured despondently as you walked up to your room.

    “okay?” his brows furrowed slightly. when you got to your room, you took out a pair of sweatpants and a gryffindor sweatshirt that you stole from george’s wardrobe and forced yourself to shower.

    the water was hot. boiling even. you should have flinched at the heat. screamed. cried. something. but you didn’t. you couldn’t. you were uncomfortably numb. so you just stood there, unmoving, staring at the shower wall as the scorching hot water fell over your body. your breaths came out irregularly as you stood there. your body was screaming for you to get out. to turn down the heat of the water. to do something to stop the pain of the burns. but your mind told you that you deserved this. you needed to feel something other than the pain twisting around in your chest.

    by the time you stepped out, your skin was tinted with a slight pinkish color. you took a ragged breath in as you dried yourself off and pulled on the sweatpants and sweatshirt. you didn’t even bother brushing through your hair as you pulled up the hoodie and tied the strings tightly. you whimpered soft as your tears made a trail on the floor on your trek back to your room. you crawled out of your window and climbed up to the roof. you ended up falling asleep on your roof, exhausted from the weight of your tears.


    you spent the rest of your christmas break—and longer—at your own home. you didn’t return untill fred had owled you telling you had three more days of paid vacation for the year. you flooed to your shared apartment with the twins and changed into your uniform, brushing through the knots in your hair that had accumulated over the days you laid in bed, sulking. you walked down the stairs into the shop as you pulled your hair into a ponytail and took your post at the till. “sorry ‘m late,” you murmured to fred, who appeared to be filling in for you at the present moment.

    “you okay, bunny?” fred asked as he slid over so you could take over. you could only manage a despondent hum as you began working.

    “thank you for shopping with weasley’s wizard wheezes, were you able to find everything okay today?” you asked the young wizard at the counter with a smile that didn’t reach your eyes.

    that’s basically how the rest of your day went. forcing your tears back everytime george had to speak to you and being only half present with the customers instead of your usual lively self. when the day had ended and george locked the doors, you walked into the twins’ office and handed fred an envelope. “what’s this, bunny?” he asked you.

    “my two weeks,” you murmured softly.

    “you’re quitting?” he asked with raised brows.

    “yeah,” you murmured. “found a job uh… closer to home. my brothers will be by to collect my stuff tomorrow,” you told him. “‘m gonna go pack,” you didn’t let fred say more as you quickly turned on your heel and walked back up to the apartment. “sorry,” you murmured as you bumped into george on your way up. he only gave you a distracted grunt in response.

    as you walked up the stairs, you heard the argument brew between fred and george on your behalf. “fix her!” fred demanded.

    “i didn’t do anything!” george defended.

    “you broke her,” fred pushed back.

    “she’s fine,” you could practically hear george roll his eyes.

    “she’s quitting.” fred deadpanned.

    “what?” george asked, shock lacing his tone.

    “and she’s moving back with her brothers. so go and fix her. make this right,” you decided to end your eavesdropping here and rushed upstairs and into george’s room, where all your things were kept. you knelt on the floor as you took out your suitcases. you were halfway done when you heard the door creak open.

    “butterfly?” your heart twisted and tears stung the backs of your eyes at the nickname you hadn’t heard in over a week. “whatcha up to?” he asked.

    “packing,” you murmured softly, but he heard. and boy did he miss your voice like hell.

    “for what?” he asked curiously as he sat on his bed.

    “‘m moving back home. got a new job,” never once did you look up from your task, for you knew if you did, you would break.

    “where at, butterfly?” he knelt on the floor in front of you as he began to help you fold your clothes.

    “some muggle bookstore. ‘s close to the house,” your murmurs could barely be heard over the loud thumping of both of your hearts. however, george picked up on every word. he grasped your hands in his, effectively stopping your progress. “george please,” you whispered.

    “look at me, butterfly,” he demanded softly.

    “george,” you repeated a little bit louder.

    “look at me. and tell me this will make you happy. and i will let you walk out that door.” you didn’t. you couldn’t. you knew that this isn’t what you wanted as well as he did. “you can’t, right? because it won’t,” he pointed out.

    “i can’t be here, george. i don’t want to be,” you told him, still refusing to meet his gaze.

    “why? because of me? because i will leave. yn, if that’s what it takes to make you happy, then i will walk out of that door and go back to live with mum. you only ever have to see me in a professional setting. and i’ll communicate with you through fred at work,” he spoke seriously.

    “i don’t want that, george. and neither do you,” you told him.

    “i don’t, but if it makes you happy then that’s what you’ll get,” he told you.

    “no george!” you shouted.

    “then what do you want?!” he shouted back.

    “you george!” you yelled, finally meeting his gaze. “i want you! i’ve only ever wanted you but you’re too fucking stupid to see what’s right in front of you! i mean merlin’s beard george i’ve been in bloody love with you since fifth fucking year but you’re never seen it!” you finally released all the emotions you’ve been holding in for years. “i just wanted you,” you whispered softly, your voice cracking as tears fell.

    you pushed yourself to stand from the floor and waved your wand, packing the rest of your stuff as you grabbed your suitcase. “butterfly, i-“ you quickly cut him off.

    “don’t, george.” there was acrimony written all over your tone. “i don’t want your pity.” you sniffled and hastily wiped your eyes. you passed fred on your way out.

    “yn?” he asked softly.

    “bye fred,” you murmured softly. “i changed my mind. my resignation is effective immediately. i won’t be in tomorrow.”

    “yn wait,” fred called.

    “please don’t,” you shook your head. “d-don’t try and get me to stay. please just… just leave me alone,” you sniffled.

    “i’m sorry…” he spoke softly. you just shook your head and wiped your tears away as you flicked your wand to apparate back home. when you landed on the road a few miles away from your house, you let out a wail of agony. your arm had splinched during the apparition process. you took a deep breath and pushed yourself through it. you knew this was a bad idea. every wizarding book in history advised against it. even a muggle would know not to. but you pushed past the thoughts to apparate into your living room.

    “yn!” your older brother shouted as he saw you, blood pouring from your splinched right arm. you were only able to take two steps before you fell to the floor of your living room. you let out a soft groan and a whine of agony before closing your eyes, letting the feelings consume you. the pain in your arm cancelled out the pain in your chest as you let darkness overcome you, falling into the void, listening to the frantic screaming voices of your siblings.

    stupid feelings. stupid boys. stupid george weasley. stupid twin flame.

    twin flame. it’s almost laughable now. what a lie.

    tags: @i-love-scott-mccall @ellerosie2332 @rmvb24 @astralpcrker @daisybloommm @maybeisthemoon @moonliightbabes @stormi-ames @jochim322 @coninl @melonoptimist @lunajoyce3 @clairdemoony @mangoberry99 @imclueless @enya-2004 @prongsyy @lol-whoandwhat-is-dis @burnfleur @anything444ourmoony @horrorxweasley @alicecullens-gf @theincredibledeadlyviper @georgeweasleyshoe3697 @narwhalebaby

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    NSFW Alphabet: George Weasley

    Requested by Anonymous


    A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)

    Cuddles are a must after sex with George. He can get quite rough, so he needs to make sure you’re alright

    B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

    George likes his hands, they can make you feel immense pleasure and yet be so gentle.  He likes your lips; how they look when you smile, when you’re moaning for him, how they look and feel wrapped around his cock

    C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)

    He’s a sucker for coming in your mouth.  There’s just something about it that gets him so horny, that he’s ready for another round

    D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

    George wants to fuck you in his twin bed at the Burrow

    E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)

    He’s been around, he’s had a lot of sex, so George knows what he’s doing

    F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)

    Doggy, cowgirl, standing, those are his top 3

    G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)

    It’s George Weasley we’re talking about here.  Sex can get goofy at times, but it’s usually more sensual and about pleasure

    H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)

    Deep ginger hair, a slightly untamed bush, just above the base of his cock

    I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)

    Sex is about showing you how much he loves you, so George can get pretty romantic.  Kissing you deeply, praising your beauty, telling you how much he loves you

    J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)

    George masturbates pretty often, even when he’s with you.  But when you catch him (and you will catch him), he just smirks.  “Care to help me out, princess?”

    K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)

    Domination, edging, teasing, praise, toys, sensory deprivation

    L = Location (favorite places to do the do)

    The bedroom, living room, bathroom, the office above Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes

    M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)

    Seeing you flustered.  Whether it’s because you did well on a test, someone complimented your outfit, or you’re embarrased, there’s something about seeing your cheeks blush that makes him hard

    N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

    George doesn’t share.  He’s had to share everything his entire life, and it’s always been Fred and George.  You’re just his, George’s girl, his baby

    O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)

    He’s very skilled at eating you out, but he does prefer receiving than giving, but only by a fraction

    P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)

    Sex with George is rougher and fast most of the time, but he appreciates and loves slow, sensual, tender sex with you

    Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)

    George is a massive fan of quickies.  When he wants you, he’s gonna have you, and if that means taking you over a table, then so be it

    R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)

    There isn’t much George isn’t willing to try at lease once.  Risks are different though, he’s not gonna cross the lines you’ve drawn of potentially put you in danger

    S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)

    George can go for 3ish rounds, and he lasts for a solid hour and a half

    T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)

    WWW has an adult line (fight me on this), so yes, George has toys.  Magical and muggle, and while he prefers to use them on you, he’s not opposed to trying one for him

    U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

    George will tease you for hours, edging you until you’re crying, but the payoff is ALWAYS worth it

    V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)

    He’s relatively quiet, but he gets pretty loud when he comes/gets close, grunting in your ear and moaning your name

    W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)

    Fred once walked in on the two of you.  He didn’t say anything, but he wolf whistled as he walked away

    X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)

    8.5 inches, very thick

    Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)

    Heh, high, very high.  Sex is a daily thing, every other day at the least

    Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

    George likes to stay awake and watch you sleep, taking in your beauty, before nodding off

    #george weasley x reader #harry potter fanfiction #george weasley x you #harry potter reader insert
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  • fangirl-writes
    19.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Scooby and the Gang

    Platonic The Pogues x Reader (JJ x Reader if you squint)

    Warning(s): Weed smoking (reader is high for like the whole story)

    Notes: Let’s be real, the pogues are basically the scooby gang give or take some traits. All they need is a talking dog.

    Summary: JJ gives you some hits of his joint and you start blabbering on about Scooby-Doo.

    “You know,” You said, leaning back over the side of the HMS Pogue, sunglasses perched on your face as you looked up at the sky. “With this whole treasure hunt thing, we’re kinda like Scooby and the gang.”

    The Pogues laughed.

    “Y/N, how high are you?” Pope asked, taking a sip of his beer.

    You lifted your head to look at him and scrunched your thumb and pointer finger together, almost touching but not quite. “Only a little.”

    JJ, who was smoking the rest of the joint, started cackling. “Who’s who, Y/N?”

    You tapped your finger on your chin as if deep in thought. “Hmmm. John B. is Fred, I guess. Handsome, the leader, drives us around in his van.”

    “Plus he wears that stupid scarf around his neck,” JJ chimed in, pulling at the cloth around John B.’s neck.

    John B. smacked his hand away.

    “Kiara is Daphne,” You continued, not paying attention to the boys’ scuffle, your head back to its previous position hanging over the side of the boat. The waves splashed against your hair. “She’s pretty, confident, Fred’s right hand lady...”

    Kiara smiled, kicking your foot. “How much Scooby Doo have you watched?”

    “Oh she’s got all the DVD and boxed sets at her house,” JJ said. “Surprised it’s taken her this long!”

    You, registering this comment, flipped JJ the bird. “Pope is probably Velma. The smart one, sarcastic, skeptical.”

    You shot up, pointing at JJ. “Guess that makes you the stoner!”

    JJ put the joint in his mouth, raising his hands up in air, accepting the somewhat praise.

    You fell into a fit of laughter at his reaction, curling up to hold your stomach as you laughed.

    “Ooookay,” Pope spoke up. “JJ you’re not allowed to give Y/N any more weed.”

    JJ made a frowny face at him. “But she’s so much fun like this! Like our own talking dog!”

    You gasped sitting up and looking at him with wide eyes. “I’m Scooby Doo?”

    “Your Scooby Doo!” JJ replied, leaning down to your level.

    “I’m Scooby Doo!” You shouted, jumping into JJ’s arms.

    He caught you easily, turning to the other Pogues. “Seriously, can’t we keep her this way?”

    You snuggled into his neck, grinning stupidly at the others.

    “After we get the gold maybe we should start traveling the country solving mysteries,” Kiara joked.

    “I don’t think John B’s van could make it out of Outer Banks let alone across the country,” Pope replied with a grin and a sip of his beer.

    John B. kicked him with his foot. “Dude don’t be dissing the van!”

    “Ruh-Roh,” you said loudly, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

    Your face turned red, burying your face into JJ’s neck again with a silly grin.

    “Jinkies!” Pope said, smiling.

    “Jeepers!” Kiara added through her laugh.

    “Zoinks!” JJ said, holding his blunt high in the air.

    “Fuck!” John B. shouted, causing everyone to fall into a fit of laughter again.

    The Scooby Gang indeed.

    #outer banks x reader #outer banks imagine #the pogues x reader #the pogues imagine #jj maybank x reader #pope hayward x reader #john b routledge x reader #kiara carerra x reader
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    Draco x Perel Fanfic Part 1

    I will be attending my 5th year at Hogwarts now and  was on the platform nine-and three quarters. The train was about to leave in ten minutes and I was waiting for the Weasleys to arrive. I had to attend a family wedding this summer, else I’ve been living at The Burrow in the last week of holidays. I spotted them soon, easy to do so, all of them red-hairs. Harry and Hermione were also with them. I saw Ginny and hurried towards her and hugged her, she, was my best friend. We were in the same year and in the same house, of course. 

       “How are you doing Perel?” she asked

       “Thanks Gin, I’m alright, how are you?” I replied

       “I’m alright too”

    Mrs Weasley, a short plump woman was the best cook in the world. She saw me, 

       ”How are you Perel dear, I want you to come to The Burrow this Christmas.”

       “Sure, Mrs Weasley.” I said with a smile.

    The twins were also there. They told me their joke shop was at the fullest of business. I met Harry and Hermione too. We carried our trunks to the train and Nickel’s cage was in my hand. We stepped out to see off our families. I said goodbyes to my parents and they left. They had muggle work to do, they were muggles, which, obviously made me a muggle-born. And being a muggle-born was my biggest fear that he would hate me, no, he would loathe me. I had shared this secret with only Ginny. I kept searching for him.

       “What are you looking out for Perel?” asked Hermione.

       “Nothing” I fired quickly. Ginny eyed me. I looked away.

       “Common Perel, you can tell us” said George.

       “Is it McLaggen?” asked Fred with a grin.

       “Eww, he’s a dork” I said.

    Ginny and I stepped on the train. I was carrying my owl with me. Harry, Ron and Hermione followed. Ron and Hermione went for the prefects duty. Harry, Ginny and I finally found a compartment. Neville and Luna were sitting in there. We were about to join them but Ginny pulled me before I stepped in.

       “You go Harry, we’ll join you guys soon.” Harry nodded but I was confused.

       “What’s that?” I asked innocently.

       “You tell me, heard anything about him?”she asked.

       “Not now Ginny, I’ll tell you later” I tried to enter in the compartment.

       “Oh, come on. Tell me right now” she said.

       “Alright” I began, “so I wanted to write him a letter, I thought to send it through Nickel, but then I knew it was a horrible idea.” She nodded in agreement. I continued, “look Gin, it’s just a simple crush. I’ll get over with it. This year is O.W.L year.” She laughed.

       “Oh no, you either talk to him or start going out with someone else.” I rolled my eyes.

       “Hey!” she said shaking my shoulder.

       “Yeah, I’ll see.” I stepped into the compartment before she could ask me any questions that turned me scarlet. I put Nickel’s cage on the top of the luggage shelf.  We all talked about holidays. After about an an hour, Ron and Hermione arrived. He would be free by now, and soon will come here, I thought. He would come to this compartment just to make fun of my friends. He never talked directly to me, well, truth to be told, he never even talked to me. But I knew this year would be different, not that I had spent half of the last term crushing on him secretly and spending hours in the library while he studied for his O.W.L.’s.

    It was a Quidditch match that day. Gryffindor vs Slytherin. He and Ginny crashed into each other so hard, it made both of them land into the hospital wing. I was there for Ginny almost every time of the day and he was on the next bed. And that was the day I created history. A Gryffindor liking a Slytherin. I was so lost in the thought that made me forget where I was. I kept wondering whether he will come or not. ‘Is he even on the train?’ I thought. ‘Maybe I should ask Hermione. No, no I shouldn’t.’ He’ll come I kept reminding myself. More time passed, Luna finished reading her Quibbler and we all started talking about Quidditch, except Hermione, who opened a book as usual. I was betting with Ron about the Quidditch league. “It’s Holyhead Harpies this time Ron, I bet you three Galleons, they’ve..” But Ginny broke me in between. 

       “Ahem, ahem” I looked at her and saw her tease smile. Everyone was looking fierce. Leave Luna, she was looking outside the window, dreaming. I turned my head to my left where everyone was looking. And there he was, standing, him, Draco Malfoy- pale, silver blond, thick features. Wearing his school robes, with a Slytherin tie, Prefect badge pinned to his chest. He was taller now. How can he grow this much over a single summer. I felt like I was going to faint. Is it even legal to look this hot?’......

    to be continued

    #ItsMeThinking dracomalfoy hogwartsfanfic itsoneblueberry
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  • ask-2p-pups
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    ◇The meetups◇

    The small cub slipped out of the thorny door of the den, only gaining a few small cuts on his soft skin. Jack was asleep inside, underestimating how long it takes for a cub to nap. Aaron waddled his way into the forest with a wagging tail and folded ears. His tiny heart filled with excitement and joy as he waddled into trees, the sun shining through patches of the leaves.

    Oswald thumped Rolnaldo on the chest. "I'm going out, be back hopefully with food or at the very least by the time you go out to hunt." The tall brunette nodded and ruffled the growling pinkette's hair. "Have fun Ozzy, remember to avoid the Mooncrawler and Sunwalker nests. Oh, you don't need to try and bring back any merfolk again! The cubs will eat the red meat, but they don't like fish. So it's just a waste!"

    Oswald grumbled, he thought the cubs loved fish! It was just bone when he checked! Then again, everytime he got merfolk, Rolnaldo and Fred were always at the nursery. He pouted but nodded. "Yes sir.. Anyways, I'm off." He left the territory and looked around, his ears twitching and swiveling around as he listened for footsteps or unusual breathing. He stuck his nose up and sniffed the air as a breeze went by.

    There was the scent of a rabbit and some other small creature. He wondered why the scent was slightly familiar but shook his head and stalked after the rabbit's scent, his teal eyes scanning the area around him. Meanwhile, the small cub was close enough to catch the older male's scent. Curious, Aaron trotted forwards, still unable to balance on his backlegs.

    Oswald pounced and held the squirming creature down. "Got ya you little bugger!" He grabbed the rabbit by the ears and held it up. "Thought you could run from me, huh?" The rabbit was trembling in fear as the predator laughed in yet another successful hunt. His ear twitched as the leaves of a tree rustled unnaturally. "That wasn't the wind.." A blur of brown and tan sprung out and pounced on him.

    He let out a cry, startling Jack awake and making Rolnaldo perked up. "Ozzy?/Heeh?!" Rolnaldo put someone temporarily in charge and he went after his underling. Jack looked around for his baby brother and screeched in panic, he knew exactly where he went. Jack rushed into the trees with his ears back, one ear folded still. "AARON!!"

    The cub giggled and clung to Oswald's arm, he had managed to knock the adult over. The frazzled male sat up slowly. "A.... A cub?! Where did you-?! Who-?!" The brunette was giggling and sat down, tugging Oswald with him. "How-?! Let go! I need to get up!" Not completely understanding, Aaron babbled out nonsense and raised his little arms, still holding onto Oswald.

    The male yelped in surprise as the cub lifted him with ease, he dropped the rabbit in surprise as screamed as Aaron decided to finally learn how to stand, spinning around and swinging Oz around in the process. Rolnaldo burst out of the bushes only to pause at the sight. "Wha-" The cub saw the new face and let go of Oswald an toddled over with his paws up. "Hewwo!!"

    Oswald was slung against the trunk of a tree, letting out a cry of pain as he slid to the ground, temporarily out of commission. Rolnaldo's mouth was agape and he picked the giggling cub up. "How did you...?" He held Aaron with one arm and helped his underling up. "Who..? Who are your parents?" Aaron merely babbled nonsense and climbed up his arm, pressing his paw on the Alpha's cheek.

    Jack, out of breath, found his brother and reached his arms up. "S-Sorry!! I thought he was napping!!" Rolnaldo, still processing everything, grabbed Aaron by the scruff and set him down in Jack's arms. Oswald grunted and was able to stand on his own. "I lost the rabbit.. darnit." Jack backed away from the grownups, his curl all tangled within itself. "A-again, sorry! I don't know what he did but still!"

    He held his astonishingly strong baby brother and ran back to their den, shouting one last apology. Rolnaldo patted Oswald on the back. "Do you... have any bit of fur..?" Oz deadpanned. "Please don't tell me you're going to ask the fae for an ancestry check on that thing." Rolnaldo nodded and Oswald shook his head, raising his right arm. "He did bite me and leave behind slobber, so there's that."

    Rolnaldo swiped some of the slobber onto his finger and led Oswald back to the territory. "We will not speak of this until I get the information. Got it?" The pinkette nodded and went to clean off his arm and get a soothing ointment from the healers.

    Spoilers: The fae didn't say shit. They know who the cubs are, they were asked by Anya to not tell so her Alpha had no chance of knowing, of course, he found out anyways. Anya had a special relationship with the fae and trusted them with her entire soul and being

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    This Week’s Horrible-Scopes


    This week you will find something you lost and lose it again a short time later. This is going to pretty much be the Status Quo for the week, so don’t get too upset. If it helps, go check the clothes drier. It might be in there, along with a black hole’s density-worth of left socks.


    Dolly Parton is your patron saint this week. You’ll be able to handle all manner of risque’ comments and lurid glances with the grace and poise of a true Southern Belle… Up until you stomp through their shoe with your high heel by “accident”. As an aside, practice walking in high heels again.


    There’s a subset of Geminids who will be helped by the stars this week: specifically those of you with a mid-1970’s American car. Stop penciling the engine when it doesn’t want to start! When you hear the explosion under the hood and find the air filter ring was blown up inside the housing, just remember that that could have been your face instead.

    Cancer Moon-Child

    Since you still haven’t learned your lesson, we’re sentencing you to watch three hours of Scooby-Doo Knock Off Cartoons a day. We’ll start you off easy, with “The Galloping Ghost”, slip in “The Amazing Chan And The Chan Clan”, and finish with “Fred and Barney meet The Thing”. Yes, the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed “It’s Cloberin’ Time!” THING.


    Last week we told you that “white is not your colour”. That was NOT a chance for you to try out colours like “Bone”, “Ecru”, “Ivory”, or “Vanilla”. You are not clever enough to split hairs with the Universe like that and get away with it. Expect a delivery from skinzwear, sealinea, or Brigitewear this week. It’ll be a very small package.


    Glad you scheduled that medical checkup. It’ll get you out of the house and talking with Doctor Bryce about your problems. If he looks like your bartender, that’s because he is. You can tell him anything and he’ll keep your secrets.


    This might be a monumental step for you, Libra! You stayed with the fire extinguisher company performing quality control for two weeks running! Since you’re doing OK we’ll just leave you be for now. OH! Right. Just remember you need to pull the pin first, then squeeze.


    You’ve been so in love with that firefighter’s Three Inch Hose you’ve completely forgotten about Bull Moose Jackson’s “Big Ten Inch”. Not to worry, Steven Tyler will straighten you out this week. Take any elevators you can.


    Next time we tell you to go to a drive-in movie, do NOT park in the back, in front of the projector building, with a camper-van, climb up on top, and look into the projector light. You’re lucky that cornea burns heal pretty quickly. Speaking of which, Star Trek: The Motion Picture is getting a 4K Ultra HD restoration! Get ready to shave your head for the occasion.


    Pushing software to the breaking point is what being a computer engineer is all about. Pushing hardware to the breaking point is what being a MythBuster is all about. Pushing an F-14 Tomcat to the danger zone is what being Kenny Loggins is all about. You are NOT Kenny Loggins, and you’re allright.


    With the summer here you might want to rent a touring motorcycle to see the sights, but that’s not a great idea. First, you need to have a proper driver’s license for it. And second, to be compliant you’ll need to drive a Trike instead. A motocycle with a side-car does not qualify in this case.


    As you know, the concept of the horrorscope is centuries old. Really that's all this is except that instead of sucking at future-telling, I'm sucking life. I've just sucked one minute of your life away. I might one day go as high as five, but I really don't know what that would do to you. So, let's just start with what we have. What did this do to you? Tell me. And remember, this is for posterity so be honest. How do you feel?

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    𝐶𝑜𝑙𝑑 𝐻𝑒𝑟𝑜 {𝐷𝑟𝑎𝑐𝑜 𝑀𝑎𝑙𝑓𝑜𝑦 𝑥 𝑅𝑒𝑎𝑑𝑒𝑟} 2

    Warning : Fluff/ extremely cringe lmao/ angst/ cuteness overload / pick up lines / Flirty!Draco / Fred and George shipping them/ Hermione too / Swearing / Snow day / Romance...

    (thank you guys so much for liking the first part, I appreciate it, well I hope you enjoy this shit! Oh and please listen to a romantic song? I'm listening TO SKIN BY SABRINA CARPENTER )

    Finally, the week came to an end and today Y/N was going to hang out with the twins, she missed them so much, I mean who wouldn't, that was why she was checking out herself one last time, she wore a green sweater, black pants and combat boots, her Slytherin scarf wrapped around her neck, taking her bag she walked out of the common room, no one was there except for her. Walking down the great halls she met Fred and George on her way waiting for her to go to Hogsmeade together. Upon reaching the candy store the 'trio' walked inside as they brought every kind of chocolate walking to the counter, Fred paid for the snacks since it was her the last time as they walked back out being the last one as always she bumped into someone, looking up she was let with the same grey eyes she saw back in the astronomy tower. Greeting him with a soft voice still eating her snack "well hello to you too ferret, I thought you hated to go out?" she said raising her eyebrow watching at how the twins gave her devilish smile waiting for his response, he pulled her with him to god knows where? looking at the twins they started whistling earning a playful glare from her. Stopping in front of nowhere catching their breath "I need your help ?!" said Draco looking around "you? help from me ?! Draco Lucius Malfoy !" she said chuckling but stopped when he gave her a pleading look "with what ?"

    "first of all, I need you to cheer for me in quidditch today?" he said making her eyes widen "hell no, people will think we're something !" "well, that's the point?!" looking at him she was about to make an excuse but he cut her off "no buts, and I need your help in Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall cause I suck at it, and dad will fucking murder me, please Y/N you're the only chance and professor likes you so....yes?"

    Thinking after a while, she finally nodded in agreement watching at how his face lit up in happiness before pulling her into a hug, tensed up her E/C eyes widened not knowing what to do, she stood frozen in her place soon Draco pulled away after realizing that he just hugged her apologizing he turned back staring at the school who was covered with snow, it was so beautiful. Hogwarts was always beautiful.

    "hey ferret, just because I said yes you're not gonna help me with potions!" she said glancing at the Platinum-haired boy who only smiled in response, not an Asshole or flirty one but this one was real where she could see his eyes soft and Happy. Looking away she stood beside him leaning against the tree as they both watched their school.

    'wow, first it was the stars and now Hogwarts and what's next ?' she thought chuckling softly, earning Draco's attention he looked at her watching at how the snow fell on top of her hair, her E/C eyes shining like the moon they observed back in the astronomy tower, something about her made him smile and he liked her, she was sweet and a kind-hearted girl behind her cold and badass self, especially her eyes, the boy never saw this type of eye color and that was why he liked to look at them. both of them chatted for a while not even noticing that Fred and George probably brought everyone in Hogsmeade watching at how both Y/N and Malfoy chuckled at some terrible pick-up lines Draco said, of course, it isn't going to work with her since she would always roast him back, the students behind feeling guilty, they always saw her as a mean and arrogant but now—they finally understood.

    Y/N only became like that just to hide away from people's eyes, to be locked up in her own world, nothing against people...

    "We should go back, it's getting cold in here Ferret ?" she said taking a look at the boy who sat inches away from her, sending her a playful glare at the nickname she started calling him out of nowhere as she giggled punching his shoulder playfully as if she was reading his mind "oh come on it fits you so bloody well, you're taller than me and pale as a ferret so that's it that's your nickname from now one !" she said getting back up her hand out helping the boy to get on his knees watching at how a smirk was on the corner of his lips "and I shall call you, Love." nose scrunching in disgust, the H/C haired girl gave him a stare, rolling her eyes she started walking away hearing Draco calling out for her with the nickname he just gave her "wait, Love ?!" looking behind she could see him running behind her, sticking her tongue out she ran faster past the trees suddenly slipping on the ground, resting between the snow, she couldn't move anymore the snow capturing her put stopped struggling upon noticing Malfoy's head peaking as he laughed so hard

    "Serves you right for calling me a ferret !"

    "SHUT UP MALFOY !!" she shouted in frustration, screaming as some ice went inside her sweater to her back, jolting back up she started running around trying to take the piece of ice from her back, Draco on the other side staring at her lovingly at her childish behavior

    "DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY, YOU PALE FERRET GET BACK HERE !" she said chasing him on their way back to the school, smacking his neck in the middle of the hallway, not caring about the students watching the Happy Slytherins having fun for the first time in 2 years, him laughing so hard making his fangirls melt and her chuckling making everyone believe at the news that spread around the school.

    Days went by and both Y/N and Draco became close friends, so close that some students mistook them as couples, she kept the promise, the girl went to all his quidditch games and even his training, cheering for him and he was grateful for that, Lucius became so confused and how in the hell Draco became the third-best in Transfiguration since he sucked at it a week ago, while his mother was so proud that she decided to send him an expensive gift from her heart as a thank you, sure she was quiet but still was on her son side not caring about how her husband wanted her to be like him so Draco can be the best, which Narcissa herself disagreed cause no one can be the greatest.

    Whispering the password, she walked toward the library with her slippers on and pajamas, peaking through the hallway watching Filch as he walked around with his stupid cat, "Petrificus Totalus" whispered the girl freezing both the man and his cat, opening the library door, she started looking for some books climbing up the ladder, her fingers trailed toward a black book that she recognized as the Transfiguration one, sitting in front of the window she waited for Draco to show up, staring into nothing but emptiness, not even noticing Draco behind her trying to scare her until she heard breathing behind her, turning around instead of grabbing her wand she slapped the person across the face, the blondie grabbed his cheek yelping like a little girl

    "OH, SHIT? DRACO I AM SO SORRY! WHAT THE FUCK, here let me fix it?" she said her E/C eyes wide

    "what the fuck Y/N? it was me, ow that hurts but I ain't gonna lie you're strong love ?" said Draco coming back to his flirty self before yelping once again at her flicking his forehead as her cold hands trailed on his cheek to ease the pain down, guilt on her eyes as she apologized for the accident that happened 5 minutes ago, he was proud of her anyways.

    Sneaking toward the Hospital wing she slowly took a ice pack, running without her shoes down the hallway toward the library, he couldn't stop with his pick up lines since she slapped him, for example

    "will you shut up Ferret, don't make me do it once again?!"

    "I would love too, so you're hands can be on my cheek once again ?"

    "oh fuck off Malfoy, now come on, I'm gonna ask you some questions if you don't answer them right, I'll flick you in the forehead, deal ?"

    "Deal, but I'll call you Love or Darling ?"

    "fine, asshole."


    "shut up, ugh what a lovely night"

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  • schoolmascotbyday
    14.07.2021 - 1 week ago


    First name? “Frederick.”

    Surname? “Frederickson.”

    Middle names? “Flamarion.”

    Nicknames? “Fred, Freddie, Dumbass, Knuckle Head, Idiot, Mr. Fred, Lizard Guy, Fredzilla… Fredzilla totally counts.”

    Date of birth? “I was born on August 15th of 1997.”

    Age? “I am twenty three years young.”


    Height? “Six foot even.”

    Weight? “140 or something. Don’t body shame me.”

    Build? “I guess I’d be a mesomorph.”

    Hair color? “It’s blond-ish.”

    Hair style? “Medium length. Sometimes it is straight, sometimes it has luscious waves.”

    Eye color? “Grue. (That means green-blue.)”

    Eye shape? “They’re kind of squinty, whatever you call that.”

    Glasses or contact lenses? “No sir!”

    Distinguishing facial features? “I have a big nose.”

    Which facial feature is most prominent? “My nose.”

    Which bodily feature is most prominent? “My chest.”

    Other distinguishing features? “My hair. If you see my hair, you know it’s me.”

    Skin? “White. Disturbingly white. I should get more sun…”

    Hands? “Big.”

    Make up? “I don’t understand how people wear makeup everyday. It’s hard. It would take me hours to not look like a clown. I wore eye shadow for the pride parade, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

    Scars? “Nothing too noticeable.”

    Birthmarks? “Nada!”

    Tattoos? “None, but I think one day I’ll get a big monster on my entire back .”

    Physical handicaps? “I don’t have any.”

    Type of clothes? “Worn out.”

    How do you wear your clothes? “Too long.”

    What are your feet like? “Also big. My socks are dirty. So are my shoes. There’s a hole in my favorite pair, and the bottom is coming off…”

    Race / Ethnicity? “Caucasian.”

    Mannerisms? “I am overexciteable and it shows.”

    Are you in good health? “I keep forgetting to make a doctor’s appointment. Actually, I just don’t wanna do it by myself. But probably.”

    Do you have any disabilities? “Fortunately no!”


    What words or phrases do you overuse? “I think I just shout too often.”

    Do they you a catchphrase? “I say whoa-ho-ho a lot. Is that a catchphrase? Or should I have said that for my overused word and/or phrase?”

    Are you more optimistic or pessimistic? “Optimistic!”

    Are you introverted or extroverted? “Extroverted.”

    Do you ever put on airs? “I turn the AC on a lot.”

    What bad habits do you have? “Sometimes I chew with my mouth open and I stay up too late and I ramble and I don’t eat healthy foods and get obsessed with entertainment and I don’t blink enough when I’m playing video games and I choose being lazy over being productive and, oh, yeah, run-on sentences.”

    What makes you laugh out loud? “A lot of things. I laugh all the time.”

    How do you display affection? “Bear hugs and hair ruffles.”

    Mental handicaps? “I don’t give myself time to be sad.”

    How do you want to be seen by others? “Helpful, loving, loyal, genuine, fun!”

    How do you see yourself? “Helpful, loving, loyal, genuine, fun!”

    How are you seen by others? “I don’t worry about it too much.”

    Strongest character trait? “I care so much.”

    Weakest character trait? “I care too much.”

    How competitive are you? “I can be kind of competitive, but I don’t trash talk or anything.”

    Do you make snap judgements or take time to consider? “It depends on the situation, but I usually make snap judgements.”

    How do you react to praise? “A lot of thank you!s and beaming.”

    How do you react to criticism? “I don’t usually let it get to me, I try to be better.”

    What is your greatest fear? “Losing another person I love.”

    What are your biggest secrets? “Sometimes I say I know what I’m doing when I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Shh.”

    What is your philosophy of life? “Life is short, have fun.”

    When was the last time you cried? “I don’t remember. A long time ago.”

    What haunts you? “Losing Tadashi. Not being able to save him.”

    What are your political views? “I’m probably a liberal.”

    What will you stand up for? “Anyone that needs me to stand up for them.”

    Who do you quote? “My friends. They’re so smart.”

    Are you indoorsy or outdoorsy? “Indoorsy.”

    What is your sinful little habit? “Buying a lot of merch. A lot of merch.”

    What sense do you most rely on? “Definitely not common. Hearing.”

    How do you treat people better than you? “I try to learn from them!”

    How do you treat people worse than you? “I try to teach them!”

    What quality do you most value in a friend? “Genuineness.” 

    What do you consider an overrated virtue? “Chastity.”

    If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? “I think I’d like to be smarter. Just a little bit, just enough to understand half of the things my friends talked about.”

    What is your obsession? “Manga, comic books, video games.”

    What are your pet peeves? “Being rushed, people being mean, being ignored.”

    What are your idiosyncrasies? “I talk too fast.”


    Is your family big or small? Who does it consist of? “Small. It’s just me, my dad, my mom and Heathcliff — the butler.”

    What is your perception of family? “They’re supposed to be loving and accepting.”

    Do you have siblings? Older or younger? “No. I think that would’ve been nice, though.”

    Describe your best friend. “I have five, and they’re the best friends in the whole world. Tadashi isn’t here anymore, but he’s still one of my best friends. They’re all smart and unique and I love being around them.”

    Ideal best friend? “Anyone who can be themselves around me.”

    Describe your other friends. “Most of them are online.”

    Describe your acquaintances. “I don’t have acquaintances, just friends.”

    Do you have any pets? “I have a bunch of fish in my saltwater aquarium!”

    Who are your natural allies? “Hm, Haven.”

    Who are your surprising allies? “The rest of our friends.”


    What were you like as a baby? As a child? “Loud, wild, energetic, friendly.”

    Did you grow up rich or poor? “Rich.”

    Did you grow up nurtured or neglected? “I don’t want to say my parents neglected me…”

    What is the most offensive thing you ever said? “I don’t even know of anything I’ve thought that was offensive.”

    What is your greatest achievement? “My current grades.”

    What was your first kiss like? “Quick and nervous.”

    What is the worst thing you did to someone you loved? “I didn’t save Tadashi.”

    What are your ambitions? “I want to write comics that people want to read.”

    What advice would you give your younger self? “Enjoy being a kid while you can!”

    What smells remind you of your childhood? “Freshly cut grass, pancakes, steak.”

    What was your childhood ambition? “To be a superhero.”

    What is your best childhood memory?

    What is your worst childhood memory? “The birthday my dad told me they’d be home in time for, but missed. They didn’t come home for another week, and I’m pretty sure he forgot about it completely, because the handwriting on the card that ‘came in the mail’ looked an awful lot like Heathcliff’s.”

    Did you have an imaginary childhood friend? “A few.”

    When was the last time you were crushed with disappointment? “Sometime last month.”

    What past act are you most ashamed of? “Shame is not an emotion I know.”

    What past act are you most proud of? “Beating Dark Souls (Demons Souls).”

    Has anyone ever saved your life? “Probably.”

    Strongest childhood memory? “The day I broke my arm falling out of a tree.”


    Do you believe in love at first sight? “Why not?”

    Are you in a relationship? “Nope.”

    How do you behave in a relationship? “Like myself. I’m an affectionate guy.”

    When did you last have sex? “It’s been about five months, probably.”

    What sort of sex do you have? “All sorts.”

    Have you ever been in love? “I fall in love all the time.”

    Have you ever had your heart broken? “My heart broke when Tadashi… when I lost my friend.”


    How do you respond to a threat? “Just shrug and say ‘bring it’.”

    Are you most likely to fight with your fists or your tongue? “I don’t like fighting, but I’ll do what a situation calls for.”

    What is your kryptonite? “Funko Pops.”

    If you could only save one thing from your burning house, what would it be? “My fish.”

    How do you perceive strangers? “50/50. Could be friends, could be villains.”

    What do you love to hate? “Cliffhangers and hard to beat games.”

    What are your phobias? “Death.”

    What is your choice of weapon? “Depends on the game I’m playing.”

    What living person do you most despise? “I don’t despise anyone.”

    Have you ever been bullied or teased? “I’ve been teased, but it doesn’t bother me much.”

    Where do you go when you’re angry? “The kitchen to get a snack. The only time I get angry is when a game is being really frustrating.”

    Who are your enemies and why? “I don’t have any, but maybe one day I will be a true crime fighter and I will.”


    What is your current job? “Sign spinning.”

    What do you think about your current job? “I love it. I don’t need the money, I just like bringing in more business to the local shops and showing off my skills!”

    What are some of your past jobs? “I’ve never had to work.”

    What are your hobbies? “Sign flipping, gaming, writing and drawing, reading comics, binging anime, practicing guitar, coming up with new costume ideas.”

    Educational background? “I didn’t do so hot in high school, but I’m in college now.”

    Intelligence level? “You could say I’m a selective learner.”

    Do you have any specialist training? “I wish! That would be so cool!”

    Do you have a natural talent for something? “I want to say my sign spinning is a natural talent — I kind of just picked it up one day and realized I was good at it. Also, super-hearing, headlights and flame throwing.”

    Do you play a sport? Are you any good? “I’m not much of a sports guy.”

    What is your socioeconomic status? “Ask someone who knows what that means.”


    What is your favorite animal? “Maybe lizards.”

    Which animal do you dislike the most? “I don’t dislike any animals.”

    What place would you most like to visit? “I’d like to go on a family vacation someday. I don’t really care where we go.”

    What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? “The ending of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.”

    What is your favorite song? “You’d laugh.”

    Music, art, reading preferred? “Reading mixed with art.”

    What is your favorite color? “Blue. No, orange. No, green! Yellow! I don’t know! There’s too many colors!”

    What is your password? “FredzillaRulesTheWorld.”

    Favorite food: “Changes too often to really say.”

    What is your favorite work of art? “Death Note.”

    Who is your favorite artist? “My dad. He counts, right?”

    What is your favorite day of the week? “Sunday.”


    What is in your fridge? “A whole lot of ingredients I’ll never use and probably some I can’t pronounce.”

    What is on your bedside table? “A lot of junk. I should clean that off...”

    What is in your car? “Phone charger, aux chord, a half eaten bag of barbecue chips, stick of deodorant, loose change, hair ties.”

    What is in your bin? “It’s empty. I have a butler.”

    What is in your purse or wallet? “A group picture with my friends, money, a few different bank cards, a condom, more loose change.”

    What is in your pockets? “My keys and my cell phone.”

    What is your most treasured possession? “All of my pictures with my friends. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. You never know when you won’t be able to take another one...”


    Who or what is your character’s guardian angel? “I’m sure Tadashi is somewhere looking out for me right now.”

    Do you believe in the afterlife? “Yes.”

    What are your religious views? “Loosely Christian.”

    What do you think heaven is? “A place where everyone is happy and free and there’s no pain. And you can play games all day.”

    What do you think hell is? “Sad and lonely.”

    Are you superstitious? “A little bit.”

    What would you like to be reincarnated as? “A fire breathing dragon!”

    How would you like to die? “In a way that matters. If I’m going to die, I’d like to save someone while I’m doing it.”

    What is your spirit animal? “Probably iguanas or something.”

    What is your zodiac sign? “Leo.”


    What do you think is the worst thing that can be done to a person? “Torture.”

    What is your view of ‘freedom’? “Pretty much how my life is now. I can do what I want, when I want --- for the most part.”

    When did you last lie? “It’s been a long time. I don’t lie unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

    What’s your view of lying? “It can be easily avoided. Just be honest.”

    When did you last make a promise? “I can’t remember.”

    Did you keep or break your last promise? “I’m sure I kept it, I don’t make promises unless I plan to do something about it.”


    What are your eating habits? “Questionable.”

    Do you have any allergies? “I’m allergic to assholes!”

    Describe your home. “It’s big. Real big. The yard is big and freshly cut. There’s not a blimp of imperfection until you get to my room, then it becomes a randomized mess.”

    Are your minimalist or a clutter hoarder? “Hoarder.”

    What do you do first thing on a weekday morning? “Turn my alarm off.”

    What do you do on a Sunday afternoon? “Relax. Wait for my dad to call.”

    What do you do on a Friday night? “Stay up late gaming.”

    What is your soft drink of choice? “Mountain Dew.”

    What is your alcoholic drink of choice? “Just beer is fine.”


    What or who would you dress up as for Halloween? “Oh, I love Halloween! I go all out! I’ll dress as another superhero this year, or maybe a villain to spice it up!”

    Are you comfortable with technology? “I love technology.”

    If you could save one person, who would it be? “Tadashi. I wish I could’ve saved Tadashi.”

    If you could call one person for help, who would it be? “Haven, she always knows what to do.”

    What is your greatest extravagance? “All the merch in my room, or my tank.”

    What is your greatest regret? “Not doing anything to help my friend.”

    What is your perception of redemption? “Putting someone else before yourself. If you do that, if you selflessly risk your own life or needs or wants for another person, you’re obviously redeemed.”

    What would you do if you won the lottery? “Donate it all to charity.”

    What is your favorite fairytale? “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

    What fairytale do you hate? “I don’t hate any fairytales. People put a lot of hard work into their stories and I respect that.”

    Do you believe in happy endings? “I do.”

    What is your idea of perfect happiness? “Living every day how you want to live it.”

    What would you ask a fortune teller? “I’d give my opportunity to someone else. I don’t need anything answered.”

    If you could travel through time, where would you go? “Back to save Tadashi or die trying.”

    What sport do you excel at? “Is flame throwing a sport?”

    What sport do you suck at? “Soccer. I get confused and score for the other team. Every. single. time.”

    If you could have a superpower, what would you choose? “All of them! Fire breath, x-ray vision, flying, rocket fists, gravity manipulation, invisibility, walking through walls, the ability to teleport through people’s phones so if they needed me I’d be right there... yeah, all of them!”

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  • aster-writes-fanfiction
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    Higher Power

    RK200, Markus x Reader: Part 1

    Part 2

    Warnings: gore, violence, alcohol mention, blood, guns, foul language, crime scenes.

    (Y/N) struggled. She struggled everyday. The world was everchanging. Slowly. Bit by bit turning away from peace. Being a cop was hard. Especially, in the central station of the Detroit Police Department. Especially, with pre-existing issues. It was difficult and it never stopped.

    Androids were first introduced around 2024, when (Y/N) was ten. Her parents had a household android by the time she was eleven. An AP400 model. They named him Fredrick. After (Y/N)'s parents passed, when she was fifteen and a half, Fredrick was there at the funeral. There for her sweet sixteen, her eighteen birthday, her graduation, and her twenty first birthday. He was there for her. Everyday.

    Until he went rouge. Fred when crazy, some would say, and pointed a gun at (Y/N) on September fourth, 2036. He shot her, in the shoudler. Shattered her collarbone. She was astounded by his behavior and immediately called the police after he fled. She did nothing but love the android, and he shot her, leaving her in a puddle of her own blood. That's when she joined the police force. She swore to fight deviants so they couldn't hurt others like Fredrick did to her. After Fredrick abandoned her, she moved out of her parents house into a small one bedroom apartment in down town Detroit, close to Central station. 

    Fredrick was her only friend. Her childhood and savior. He was there one second and the next, he was gone. 

    (Y/N) grunts, banging the button ontop of her alarm clock. It stops it eardrum-destroying ring. She sighs, rolling over onto her back. Today was going to be a long day. She felt it in her bones. She rolls out of bed, putting her uniform and utility belt on. She checks her phone. She had thirty minutes until she had to clock in. She brushes her hair back into a slick bun at the base of her head,  which was standard protocol. She doesn't bother with makeup or jewelry. It got in the way. Quickly brushing her teeth, (Y/N) heads into the kitchen of her studio apartment. She grabs some random protein bar and shoving it in her uniform pocket. "Fuck." She mutters, stretching her back. It cracks in several different places. She grabs her keys, wallet and hat before heading out into the chaotic atmosphere of Detroit, Michigan. 

    (Y/N) slams her car door, stepping back out into the snowy winter air. She locks her car, throwing her 'breakfast' in the trashcan in front of central station. She wasn't hungry. She tucks her hat, with the words 'police' on the front, under her arm. She walks through the automatic doors, head down. (Y/N) wasn't one for friends. Although Lieutenant Hank Anderson was an expecting. He was a distant family friend she had reconnected with after joining the academy.

    "Mornin', kid." Hank grunts, turning away from his terminal to look at (Y/N). "You look like shit, Hank." (Y/N) says, bluntly. "Well, thanks. You look great too." Hank rolls his eyes. "Hungover?" (Y/N) asks setting her stuff down on her terminal. "Yeah." Hank sighs running his hand down his face. "Maybe don't drink the night before an early shift." (Y/N) says, flopping down in her rolly-chair. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Hank huffs. "Lieutenant Anderson." A voice says. "Shit!" Hank hollers, turning to face the android beside him. "Don't fuckin' do that, Connor!" Hank says, hand over his chest. (Y/N) snickers putting her keys in the drawer next to her terminal. "Good morning, Officer (L/N)." Connor says politey. He was an odd android. "Good morning, Con." She says, smiling at him. She couldn't hate androids. She couldn't hate deviants. Just because Fredrick went rouge doesn't mean all androids were bad. She had to remind herself that constantly. 

    "Hey, dipshit!" Someone hollers. Gavin Reed. "Get we a coffee, will you?" He says, glaring at the RK800. "Leave him alone, Reed." (Y/N) sighs, crossing her arms. "Oh, hey detective tiny. Didn't see you there." Gavin sneers. Connor's LED swirls blue, as he starts to head to the break room. (Y/N) stands, stopping him. "Don't worry about it. I'll do it." She says, hating that she was going to but Connor wasn't just some slave. "Hey," Gavin glowers. "I didn't fuckin' ask you, midget." He says. "I didn't ask for you to be such a dick either, but here we are." (Y/N) snaps. Gavin stands from his chair, almost surprised by her talking back. "Now listen here, you little bitch," He starts. "Do you want coffee or not?" (Y/N) says, hands on her hips. Gavin stops, looking furious. He doesn't say, anything sitting back down. Hank laughs, covering it by coughing. Connor follows her to the break room. 

    (Y/N) fills a cup with the dark caffeinated liquid, hearing Connor behind her. She sighs quietly, putting some sugar in Gavin's coffee. "Why did you do that?" Connor asks, LEDswirling a beauitful golden-yellow. "Becauee, you don't deserve to be treated like shit. You aren't any different than us. You aren't a slave." (Y/N) explains, putting a lid on the coffee. "But I am a machine and I am replaceable. I serve one purpose and that is to hunt deviants. I always complete my mission." Connor says, blankly. "Mhm," (Y/N) hums, turning to him. "That's where you're mistaken. You aren't just blue blood, coding and wires. You're more. You mean something to someone. Even if you are replaceable, it hurts to see you get hurt for others." (Y/N) says. Connor's LED blinks yellow again but goes back to its calm blue. "I hear your opinion but-" (Y/N) chuckles. "It's okay, Con. I know I can't sway you with words." She smiles at him, before walking off to give Detective Reed his coffee. She passes Captain Allen. He stops her. "Officer, there's something I need to discuss with you." Allen says. "Of course, sir. Let me go put this down and I'll be right back." (Y/N) says. Allen nods, dismissing her. 

    Gavin exhales. "What took you so long, shorty?" He taunts. "I had to make your coffee as bitter as you are." (Y/N) says sweetly. Gavin clenched his fist into a tight ball. "Oh shit. Look at the time," She says looking at her empty wrist. "Capatin Allen requested me. See you around, Reed." She says, walking back towards Allen's office. She knocks on the door. "Come in."  Allen says. (Y/N) opens the glass door, closing it behind her. She assumed they needed privacy. "You asked to see me, sir?" She says, sitting in the creaky chair in front of his desk. "Yes. I wanted to talk about transferring you to work on some different cases." Allen says, glancing down at the file in front of him. "Top of your class, awardered best at the academy, completed training in record time, the list goes on." Allen commends. (Y/N) nods gratefully. "How would you like to work with Lieutenant Anderson and the RK800 android on deviant cases?" Allen says, not looking up from her file. (Y/N) stares at him, mouth agape. "Sir," She swallows. "I would love to if that is were I'm needed." She says, almost shaking with excitement. "Of course. You're a good officer. You follow orders, do your job and stay in line." Allen compliments. "Thank you, sir. When do I start?" (Y/N) asks, trying not to sound eager. "Today. Lieutenant Anderson will show you the ropes. I've heard you're already acquainted." Allen says. "Yes, sir." She nods. "Good luck, (L/N). You're dismissed." He says, waving her off. She nods again, exiting his office. She pumps the air with her fist, triumphantly. She speed walks back into the bullpen. She stops wondering why Hank hadn't told her about joining him. He probably just forgot.

    (Y/N) mutters under her breath, excitedly. Hank watches her, sit back in her chair and looking at him expectedly. "So he told you, huh?" Hank says, trying to hide his smile. "Whu didn't you tell me?" She whines, playfully. "I wanted to surprise you." Hank says, smiling. "Why didn't Connor tell me?" (Y/N) says, furrowing her brows. "I told him not to or I'd put my foot up his ass." Hank says nonchalantly. (Y/N) laughs shaking her head. "We've actually got a scene to investigate. I was about to head out. Where the hell is that bastard?" Hank says, scanning the room referring to Connor. "Right here, Lieutenant." Connor says, coming around a tall cabinet beside Hank's terminal. "What the- What did I say about," Hank sighs, pinching his nose. "Will Officer (L/N) be coming with us?" Connor asks. "Yes and please call me by my first name. Calling me Officer (L/N) is way too formal." She says, grabbing her phone and shoving it in her pocket. "Yes Offic- (Y/N)." Connor corrects himself. She nods, satisfied.

    "That's a fuck ton of blood." Hank whispers, surveying the blood covered floors and walls. (Y/N) kneels near the deviants weapon. It happens to be a paring knife. No prints in sight. The victims were pinned to the wall with other various kitchen knives. Their stomachs slit, guts on the floor. It was gruesome to say the least. (Y/N) had found evidence of the domestic android being abused by its owners. She felt bad for it, but the sadness was quickly replaced no emotion. She couldn't feel with this job. Feelings got in the way.

    "It seems that the deviant had a strong motive to kill its owners because of the severity of the kill." Connor states. "She was being abused." (Y/N) blurts, picking up a lighter, with her gloved hand. It had dried thriuim and android skin stuck to the edges. "That doesn't excuse-" (Y/N) interupts Connor. "I know but that gives us a motive for the kill." She says handing the lighter to the evidence collector. Connor stares off for a moment, LED blinking blue. "It was an female AP400 model." He says. (Y/N) freezes, catching Hank's eyes. He holds sorrow in them. As if he wanted to apologize. She shrugs it off, stuffing down what she felt.

    (Y/N) takes off her uniform jacket, utility belt and badge, tossing them into her car. It had been a long day of chasing dead leads. The AP400 android was hard to find. (Y/N) tucks her gun into the back of her pants, starting  her car, making her way into the street. A classic punk song comes on and she hums along with it. She stops at a red light, tapping to the beat on her steering wheel. "Hey! Fucking watch it you goddamn piece of plasitc!" Somone hollers. (Y/N) turns seeing a man shoving a female android against a wall. (Y/N) pulls over to the side of the road, grabbing her badge. 

    "What's going on here, sir?" She asks, cautiously. The android's LED blinks red as she stares at (Y/N) looking surprised. "Who the hell are you?" The man says, dropping the android to the ground. She falls, grunting as she does. "Detroit police." (Y/N) grits, holding her badge up. The man snorts. "Whatever, plastic lover." He says, shoving past (Y/N). She ignores his comment, hesitantly making her way over to the android. The android looks up at her. She looks amazed or in awe. "Are you alright, ma'am?" (Y/N) asks, holding out her hand. "It's you." The android whispers, taking her hand. "I'm sorry?" (Y/N) says, confused. "You're her." The android repeats, looking like she's in a trance. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" (Y/N) says scanning the android for injuries.

    The android's grip on her hand tightens. "You're going to save us." She android says, confidently. "What? I'm sorry. I don't think-" (Y/N) stops as the android interjects. "You'll understand soon. He will help you." She says, smiling. The android pulls away, rushing into the crowd of the busy streets. (Y/N) looks down seeing a crumpled paper in her hand. "What the hell?" (Y/N) mutters. She opens the paper slowly. She reads it, looking around. There's no one even paying attention to her. What was going on? Who did that android think she was? Who was going to help her?  She looks down at the paper reading it again. Analyzing every detail.

    'Find Jerchio. There you will find peace.'

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  • blissfuloblivionhinny
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    It was the day Harry Potter defeated Voldemort, The day everyone was happy like they never did before .Halls filled with cheerful laughter and happiness.

    Harry walks into the great hall,

    seeing Ron and Hermione linking hands

    and chit chatting, He smiled and left giving them some private time

    then went to the other Weasleys.

    Molly- "Hi harry dear, We haven't got time to talk to you at all".

    Arthur- "For a moment we thought you were dead, But you- you did an extremely ultimate job killing you know wh- uhh..Voldemort".

    Harry- "Hello mr and mrs Weasley, I-I-...I am really very sorry for Fred, He died because of me...just me".

    Molly- "Oh harry, It is not your fault . I as a mother am so proud what he died for".

    Arthur- "Don't blame yourself Harry.It is really not your fault".

    Harry sees George ,Depression,Sadness covering his face.

    Harry couldn't resist his feelings, He sill blamed himself for whoever died in the war. He stopped his tears as much as he could.

    Molly- "Harry dear, Go get your trunk, We will be leaving to the burrow soon".

    Harry couldn't talk, So he simply nods and leaves to the common room to get his trunk and stuff.

    On his way to the common room he hears someone talking

    He found that voice familiar, So he went close and saw who they were.

    He saw a girl with flaming red hair, Freckles on her face and chocolate brown eyes. He knew who she was in seconds and it was Ginny.

    she was talking to a 3rd-year boy Harry was still there without them knowing and listening to what they were talking.

    In simple words, He was eavsdropping.

    Ginny- "Don't worry everything's gonna be okay!"

    The boy - "No it won't!!! my parents died because of that man..Voldemort wanted him, not my parents .It is all his fault, Harry Potter's fault. I want my parents back".

    hearing this, Harry's heart broke, into a million pieces.

    Ginny- "Yes, Voldemort wanted Harry, not anyone else. But imagine Harry really died, You think he's gonna leave us all in peace?,He'll take over the entire Wizarding world . You will not know when you'll die.all our lives are in his hands".

    The boy - "Yes bu-"

    Ginny- "You're crying because you lost your parents right? well..Harry lost his parents when he was 1 , When he didn't know who he was,when he didn't know who his parents were .You are 13 now, you're at age! you know what's happening, you know why your parents died..and you should be proud of yourself for fighting underage.You have your grandparents to take care of you. you have a family, but Harry didn't he was raised in a very disturbing household, with a family who didn't care for him, He was almost tortured".

    Ginny- "So be a brave man, like Harry, Harry Potter".

    The boy- "hmm.. I understood, sorry I was wrong".

    Ginny-*With a smile* "It's okay"

    The boy -"but um...I-I-..."

    Ginny-" Don't hesitate...Go on".

    The boy - "Alright,When I was in my second year I saw Harry kissing you in our common room after the Quidditch match...But now ,You both are barely talking..I was just wondering what happened.."

    Ginny- "*Taking a deep* breath yes, He did , We're talking, but not as much as we did earlier".

    The boy- "Umm..wh-why?"

    ginny - "Because we broke up *with a weak smile*"

    The boy- "W-w-why?,Don't you feel He used you and then left you?"

    "Ginny - "*With fury in her eyes* HE DID NOT USE ME...he left me for my safety, for me being safe..Tthe way he cared for me ,It-it's just *tears form in her eyes* I still want him, He is the perfect man I have seen till now. Now don't say another word about him".

    The boy- "S-s-sorry"

    Ginny- "It's okay"

    The boy's grandma comes and leaves with him.

    Ginny still sitting on her knees and sheds a tear.

    After hearing this,Harry had tears running down his cheeks ,And with this he ran as fast as he could , lifted her up and kissed her passionately.

    Ginny- "Is this your way of telling we're back together Potter?"

    Harry- "yes!!!"

    *Kisses her again*


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  • l8ersk8er6
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    Reckless and The Brave || Harry Potter x Reader

    2nd Person POV

    — — —

    If the students of Hogwarts could call the famous duo that consists of Harry and his best friend (Y/n) it would be The Reckless and The Brave.

    (Y/n) is infamously known for her reckless acts of what she would call ‘bravery’. She would do things impulsively.

    For example, one time in Potion’s class she heard Draco Malfoy snicker about Hermione’s bucked teeth that she impulsively threw a book at his face. The book didn’t do much damage as her aim wasn’t the best.

    “10 points from Gryffindor and one week’s detention for Miss (L/n).” Snape said in his monotone voice.

    She did a lot of things out of spite, ‘bravery’ and recklessness, thats why she was given that nickname.

    Harry was deemed ‘The Brave’ because (Y/n) put him in situations only the bravest of Gryffindor could handle. Students and even Professors were surprised Harry hadn’t grown white hairs.

    Example of a situation Harry was put in was when (Y/n), once again, impulsively decided it would be a wonderful idea to sneak off the the forbidden forest, why? ‘Because I’m bored.’

    Sometimes the duo went too far and risked their lives for actions nobody would see or notice.

    (Y/n) once impulsively decided to build a rollercoaster. Her magic wasn’t able and she almost died.

    “(L/n). Potter. Why am I not surprised it’s you two again?” Headmaster Dumbledore said as once again due to one of (Y/n)’s actions they were sent to the Headmasters room.

    (Y/n) looked at her feet as she knew Harry shouldn’t have gotten in trouble for something she did solo. But as infamous the duo is Harry was automatically dragged into the situation.

    “Sir, it’s not Harry’s fault. He wasn’t aware of what I had done. He just happened to be there… at the wrong time.” You muttered as Dumbledore looked at you and then to Harry.

    “Alright. Harry, you’re dismissed.” With that Harry gave you a sadden sympathetic smile as he walked out Dumbledore’s office and into the hallways where he waited for you.

    After what felt like an eternity you walked out wiping your tears. You noticed Harry standing there waiting for you as you smiled.

    “You didn’t have to wait.” You smiled as he looked at you with a smile.

    “How hard did Dumbledore go on you this time?” He asked as you shrugged. Usually Dumbledore was super lenient as he favourtied Harry but because Harry wasn’t in trouble his punishment wasn’t as lenient as it would’ve been.

    “He threatened to expel me if I did anything else, he also phoned and mailed my parents..” You shrugged as you two began to walk back to class.

    “And… you’re okay?” He asked shock in his voice. You didn’t like to make a ‘big scene’ and usually held down u til you were alone.

    “I mean, I don’t think Dumbledore would actually expel me, I’m like his favourite or whatever.” You smiled as he shook his head.

    “You should take his threats very serious, (Y/n). A scare and serious Dumbledore is not fun to mess with.” He explained as you laughed.

    “They don’t nickname me ‘the reckless’ for no reason, don’t worry I’ve got everything under control.” You smiled patting his back.

    Classes had finished as you laid down on your bed, facing the ceiling you let a few tears slip from your eyes. You didn’t like the reputation you had around school, people were afraid to be your friend. Afraid you would drag them into trouble. Although you understood, why did you let it get this far?

    “(Y/n)? Are you getting dinner?” Hermione called from outside the door. You wiped your tears and put on a smile as you walked out.

    “I would never miss out on dinner, their best meals are during dinner.” You smiled as Hermione laughed.

    Hermione was one of Harry’s friends who felt sympathetic towards you and wanted to be your friend, but only out of class.

    “You know, Hermione. You don’t have to walk with me or talk to me at all.” You laughed looking at her who shook her head.

    “But, I like being around you. So does Ron and Harry. Besides George and Fred like your company, you’re always welcomed.” She smiled.

    Although you only considered Harry a friend the rest of them were swell, always opening their doors to you when you would run away or when you simply were bored of your home life.

    You would runaway for up to a week and just stay at the Weasley’s. Your parents got so used to it they didn’t look for you.

    You sat across from Harry who was chatting with Ron about Quidditch or something. You tuned out for most of the night, only thinking about Dumbledore’s threat.

    You messed with your food, drank some water and just looked gloomy. Although, no one really noticed. Everyone was absorbed with their own conversations.

    Soon dinner came to an end as everyone walked to their dorms. You decided that from now on you will be the goodie-two shoe’s your parents always yell at you about being.

    The next morning you woke up on time and got ready on time, brushed your hair, styled it, brushed your teeth and walked to the Dinning hall. You sat and ate your food without a peep. People watched you intensely, awaiting for one of your impulsive actions. But nothing came, that day ran like normal.

    Class, class, lunch class, class, free period, class. Like usual, it was oddly quiet as no one did or said anything, they just looked at you.

    You of course did nothing as you just stayed still, did your work, ate, and walked.

    “Hey, (Y/n)?” Harry asked as you hummed in response. “Are you alright? You oddly seem so.. quiet?” He said in a more question sounding manner as you shrugged.

    “You said to take Dumbledore’s threat seriously, I would hate to get a detention and risk being expelled.” He nodded as he looked at you intensely.

    “Harry. Stop staring, you make me nervous.” You mumbled looking at his eyes. How beautiful his eyes were.

    “I’m sorry, it’s just I’ve known you for so long and you’re never quiet, at least not for this long.” He mumbled as he went back to the book he was reading.

    “I know.” You muttered with a sigh.

    “It’s actually, something I really like about you. You’re always so full of energy and light and there’s never a dull moment with you.” He said with a smile looking at you again. This comment made you blush as you hid your face.

    “Shut up, read your book.” You shoved him playfully as he laughed.

    There was a new sensation, one you hadn’t felt before. You touched the side of your chest where your heart was as you sighed.

    “I’m going to my dorm, I’ll see you during dinner.” You said quickly grabbing your stuff as you walked to your dorm. You laid on your bed as you held your chest.

    “What is this feeling…” You mumbled turning around to face the window.

    Soon dinner started and you hadn’t left your dorm. You laid there thinking about the feeling on your chest.

    “(Y/n)? Are you not getting dinner?” Hermione asked as she entered your dorm and sat by your side.

    “Hermione? Can I ask you an odd question?” You asked softly, you sat up and looked in her eyes. “I have this weird feeling… in my chest. It feels like I’m nervous? But feel calm?” You questioned as she giggled.

    “Some’s got a crush. Who is it?” She asked with a puppy dog eyed expression. You blushed as you looked out the window.

    “Crush? As in… I like someone?” You questioned making Hermione laugh.

    “Have you never had a crush on someone before?” She asked as you shook your head.

    “I was always too busy being impulsive and doing something that I never had time for liking someone.” You shrugged as she nodded.

    “Who is it?” She asked as you hesitated to answer.


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