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  • celestial-raposa
    31.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    matris daemonis pgs 9+10

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  • preparearoom
    31.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    “He [Jesus] promises nothing but the cross. Not happiness but the joy of blessedness. Not material wealth but richness of spirit. Not sexual freedom as erotic abandon but sexual freedom within the loving, mutually sacrificial commitment. Not power but love; not self-sovereignty but obedience. This is the uncompromising rival religion that the post-Christian world will not long tolerate. If you are not rock solid in your commitment to traditional Christianity, then the world will break you. But if you are, then this is the solid rock upon which that world will be broken.” (From Rod Dreher, Live Not by Lies) #postabortionhealing @preparearoom

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  • granitesunset
    31.07.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    she won the oversized crop competition 

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  • emmysrossum
    31.07.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    My life is one hell of an absurd joke at this point, I don’t even believe it’s real. Dell WHY. 

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  • autumnphoenix
    31.07.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    This Shit Is Hard

    This Shit Is Hard

    So I have been actively avoiding my blog, and more importantly, writing lately. I am not a person who can just put forth garbage just to have content. I take great pride in my work, and believe in living with integrity, even when it feels like I’m climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (cause everyone climbs fucking Everest). I am uncomfortable posting fluffy shit like all of the “Blog Babes” suggest; I…

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  • thelattertimesofbeingcrazyfc
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    His Death on the Cross defeated sins' power and consequence..

    His Resurrection defeated death and brought New Life.

    JESUS will Return for His people, His bride....

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  • thelattertimesofbeingcrazyfc
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    His Death on the Cross defeated sins' power and consequence..

    His Resurrection defeated death and brought New Life.

    JESUS will Return for His people, His bride....

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  • thelattertimesofbeingcrazyfc
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    His Death on the Cross defeated sins' power and consequence..

    His Resurrection defeated death and brought New Life.

    JESUS will Return for His people, His bride....

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  • kwa-jiaa
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Kidnapping Alice: Shisui and Sasuke

    Platonic Yandere! Chesire Cat Shisui and Dormouse Sasuke

    Faith Wonderland: Yandere AU

    When an Alice leaves wonderland (Be that they died or managed to escape the place), a new Alice falls from the rabbit hole. Faith strings pull and look at your memories and thoughts and decide how the residents of wonderland would look at the new Alice. The first Alice was loved and cared for, after they died many grieved their death. The next Alice was hotty, spoiled and uncaring they died because they were abandoned by the residents. The next died becoming an experiment of a resident they too were not loved and the next and the next and the next. The residents adopted the idea that whenever a new Alice comes they would experience a horrible faith in the end

    You are the new Alice lead by the white rabbit you fall into the rabbit hole at the age of 10 years old.

    The Aesthetic is a mix between Alice in wonderland (disney movie) and Naruto universe: Characters clothing would have a mix of steampunk and shinobi clothing.

    Warning: Yandere tendencies, kidnapping, drugs, no beta




    Chesire cat: Shisui

    Shisui watched you, as you tried to get out of the wonderland forest lost and unable to understand the signs that littered the path. One said left while pointing right while other said right while pointing left and pointed down and said moon while one pointed at a flower and said poison. Some talked about locations too like the mad hatter's mansion. But one sign pointed one way while another pointed at another path.

    "Mister cat can you please help me?" You asked in hopes that the man with cat ears and tail will help out of the forest. You have been running around in circles this whole time and were getting tired of it. The signs are hard to understand and some are just nonsensical.

    "Well, that depends, Alice. What will you do if I do help you?" Shisui asked chuckling at your confusion and worry. He was the one who set everything up after all.

    "Hmmm what do you want mister cat?" You asked innocently, tilting your head. "Well I don't know either," Shisui replied, grinning widely teeth were pearly white but sharp. Shisui doesn't have much want in his life… well more like there was something that he was interested in but it seems that he already managed to get it.

    "Hmmm do you want a story then? I am good at those!" You said to the cat man, you yelped when he was suddenly in front of you near to your face. "Hmmmm sure maybe?" Shisui smirked his tail wagged slowly as if amused.

    "Then how about the story "puss in boots"! It is my favorite story that my mom tells me when I am having a hard time sleeping cause of the darkness. It always manages to make me sleepy." You admitted, this story even tho gets you excited to listen to the most is also the one that makes you very sleepy.

    Shisui listened to your bright, cheerful voice as you excitedly told him the story about puss in boots. He wanted to keep you here with him hidden away from the cruel world scared that you will die because of the resident that lives in wonderland. He knows that the mad scientist Orochimaru had a thing for experimenting on small kids that was the faith of on of the Alices, and Shisui didn’t want you to have the same faith.

    Shisui watched over you when you fell from the rabbit hole. He saw Haku the white rabbit looking rather excited and was curious to know what happened, when he saw you he was shocked at how young you were and decided to follow you. As you innocently walked around wonderland with this bright smile on your face Shisui grew to like you alot. He saw how naive you were and he didn’t want that to be tainted so he would more often than not go ahead of you, clearing the path. Shisui didn’t want you to see people fighting, slicing each other heads, burning each other and just things that no child should see. He wished that Itachi never saw those morbid things at a young age and looking at you he felt like he was given another chance.

    “Mister, you have cat ears?” You asked, bringing him back to reality. “Are they real?”

    He grinned at you, you both were under a tree resting as he laid on his back on the soft grass and you sat leaning on a tree.

    “Can I touch it?” You asked, blinking at Shisui’s ears as they moved on their own. You really want to touch them as they looked soft and fluffy.

    “I don’t know kid.” Shisui teased.


    “Fineee, just this once.”

    You hesitantly touched his ears, careful not to roughly tug it. You have a cat at home, a red kitten named Garra. You giggled, you were right Shisui’s ears are really soft. You giggled, even more, when you heard Shisui purr in content.

    The more you pet him the more sleepy you become.. or was it before that when you were telling him the story of puss in boots, you were a bit tired then.

    You yawned rubbing your eyes, talking to keep yourself awake. “Are you the cat in puss in boots?” You mumbled when sleep took you from your senses.

    Shisui watched you fall asleep. “I am the Chesire cat Y/n. But I will gladly be puss in boots if I am able to protect you and make you smile.”

    She smiled, it wasn’t as bright as the smile before more of soft one, on filled with adoration. Picking you up she walked deeper into the forest thinking of that small house he inherited from his grandparents that were in the middle of no were.

    He can protect you there.

    He glanced at the flowers and the sign that was pointing at them with the word ‘poison’ written on it.

    Being near to those flowers while weaker than other kinds of poisonous flowers. If within the radius a person with no poison tolerance will end up falling asleep if exposed for a certain amount of time.

    “I will keep you safe.”



    Dormouse: Sasuke

    You woke up to see yourself hugged by a man. "Huh?" You rubbed your eyes trying to get up but the man who was hugging you grumbled and hugged you tighter.

    “Stay still.”

    You looked at the person behind you, the man with big mouse ears looked back at you.

    “You shouldn’t sleep alone in the forest Alice. You can die.” Sasuke said staring at you. The man was walking around the forest wanting to get away from the elders who were nagging him with more work that Mad hatter Madara was supposed to do but annoyingly won’t do.

    Sasuke was already fighting with Orochimaru as the man wanted him to experiment. Sasuke often came back tired as the snake would often send his goons to capture him. Don’t give the man more work to do!

    While in the forest which is actually the territory of the Mad hatter Uchiha clan he stumbled upon you almost about to get chopped on the neck by who he recognized is one of the snake’s followers.

    He was able to save you, by plunging his sword into the follower’s chest effectively killing the man with one stab. Shoving the body to the poisonous flowers which have mouths with sharps teeth and more than happy to receive a fresh body he looked at you and raised an eyebrow.

    You were the new Alice?

    Too young. Sasuke kicked his tongue annoyed, he can’t believe that the new Alice was this young and so naive to sleep in the middle of nowhere where many could kill you. He watched you sleep peacefully as if you weren’t about to die few seconds ago.

    Sasuke noticed a bit of blood on your cheek and quickly wiped it, you whined in your sleep not wanting to wake you up. “Stop it, brother!” You whined in your sleep trying to swap away Sasuke’s hand but Sasuke was faster.

    “I want to sleep!” You continued and went back to sleep.

    Sasuke looked at you for sec till a snort came out from his mouth. “Brother huh..” Sasuke knew that you were talking about someone else but you were adorable and as much as he didn’t want to admit it you reminded Sasuke of him and his brother Itachi. When he didnt know how bad wonderland was.

    Watching you peacefully sleep he took a seat beside you, he planned on waiting for you to wake up. What he would do after that he doesn’t know but he thought he would do it.

    After a few minutes of rest he noticed someone coming specifically Shisui. He bit his lip, did he want Shidui to see you? Not really… He knows that if Shisui finds you he might adore you too much to leave you.

    Gently taking you in his arms he walked towards a rather large rose bush the size of a bit car. The rose bush was rather hollow inside enough space for one adult and a small child could comfortably wiggle in.

    Sasuke quietly held you and waited for Shisui to leave, the man looked as if he was searching for someone but was unable to find them.

    “Where is she?” Was Shisui’s last words Sasuke heard as the Cheshire cat ran in search of who Sasuke’s suspension was you.

    When the coast was clear he slowly crawled out of the rose bush holding you in his arms he sat on a tree near the bush, you still in his arms. He thought about placing you in the same spot again but he knew that Shisui will find you if he did.

    “Bother..” You mumbled again, grapping his clothes with your tiny fist. Sasuke looked at you, his face expressed nothing but his heart went soft. You really did remind him when he was young when he always tried to follow Itachi.

    He removed his jacket and wrapped you with it, a bit worried that maybe your blue dress wasn’t enough to cover you from the cold. He didn’t let you go, and mentally he thought about what it would be like to have a young sister like you. Innocent and naive enough to sleep in the forest. Sasuke would be annoyed if someone actually did that but somehow he didn’t mind the thought with you.

    When you woke up and confused trying to get away from his hold. Sasuke grunted and ordered you to stay still as you were still in his arms ignoring that you want to get away from his arms. You looked at him in confusion.

    “Who are you?”

    “Hn, I am Sasuke. You were sleeping near dangerous flowers that I had to move you to somewhere else.” Sasuke explained to you, he didn’t want to tell you that someone was after you head but technically he was not wrong either you were near the human eating flowers.

    You innocently smiled, finding it not weird that you were in an adult’s arm. “Thanks you mister!” You tried to leave but Sasuke didn’t budge.

    “Don’t move too much in your brother’s arms.” He said annoyed.

    You blinked at him. Huh? What?

    “You called me brother yet you don’t remember?” He huffed as if it was your fault that you don’t remember.

    You were about to say something when your stomach growled in hunger.

    Sasuke smirked at you, standing up he takes you to the mad hatter’s mansion.

    “I will get you something to eat, Alice.”


    #naruto#yandere naruto#sasuke#shisui#yandere shisui#yandere sasuke#yandere uchiha#uchiha #shisui x reader #sasuke x reader #platonic yandere #alice in wonderland #wonderland#wonderland au #alice in wonderland au #platonic yandere shisui #platonic yandere sasuke #faith wonderland au
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  • corahawkinsdarrahblr
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Pool of Disappointment

    The Pool of Disappointment

    What discourages you? If you closely examine your emotions, it won’t take long to discover the source of your discouragement. Vern, my French bulldog, takes it safe. He doesn’t have very high aspirations so he isn’t often discouraged. You won’t find him setting goals which have the possibility of not being met. But since humans can have a tendency to set our bar a little out of reach,…

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    #Be strong and courageous #Disappointments in life #Faith#French Bulldog #lessons from our pets #pet lovers #The presence of God
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  • apostolum
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So if holy water were used for cooking, would the end product also be blessed?

    Could I say have:

    Holy coffee (two pumps of salvation pls)

    Holy tea

    Holy pasta

    Holy hot cocoa

    the possibilities excite me

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  • beloved-31-proverbs-women
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    🙌 Your WORD is our daily bread! 🥖 Anything else, we don’t have the taste for it! #FeedOurHunger

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  • nayatez
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Pop Smoke’s Second Posthumous Album, ‘Faith,’ Hits No. 1

    Pop Smoke’s Second Posthumous Album, ‘Faith,’ Hits No. 1

    “Faith,” the second album by the Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke to be released since he was shot and killed in February 2020 at the age of 20, tops the Billboard chart this week, just as the previous one did. But the difference in listenership was stark: “Faith” opened with 88,000 equivalent album units, including 113 million streams and 4,000 in sales, according to MRC Data, Billboard’s tracking arm,…

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  • farafielduk
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    #LookFurther | American People Series 9 - The American Dream, 1964 by Faith Ringgold.

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  • coyotemo
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    4000 new cases in my county this last week alone COOL cool cool cool

    #cool#cool cool #cool cool cool #WHHHHHYYYYYY did we reopen the way we did #why did we just say let's place faith and trust in people #they definitely won't betray that and be terrible #noooooooo #who would lie about being vaccinated just to get into a chuck e cheese??? #let's throw huge parties with 100+ people! #like my neighbors did two weeks ago
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  • thewarriorwinthinme-book
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

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  • eyeofadonis223
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So when your hopes on fire,

    But you know your desire,

    Don't hold a glass over the flame,

    Don't let your heart grow cold,

    I will call you by name,

    I will share your road.

    The ones who walk alone, most are not wandering nor walk for themselves. Dont let yourself feel hopeless strong one🙏

    #lone wanderer#warm heart #hope and love #keep the faith #stand alone
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  • rewrittenone
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    No Offense…

    When did we become so sensitive and get our feelings hurt over any little thing? We live in a broken world. Sometimes life is hard. You gotta have inner strength and resolve to make it. One way to build it is to focus on bigger issues than whether or not you’re being treated “fairly” or if someone is being politically correct. The world needs strong leadership…

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