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    Paper Rings

    Paper Rings

    Aaron Hotchner x Female Reader

    Chapter 7

    Inappropriate Relations

    i.e. Season 9 Episode 12

    TW: typical criminal minds case jargon

    AN: Thanks for reading! :)

    Word Count: 1,856

    Series Masterlist

    You're leaning against your desk, Reid beside you, listening to the head of public relations for the bureau go over the sexual harassment speech. Both you and Reid aren't truly listening, rather playing an intense game of thumb war the scary lady in the front of the room can’t see. It doesn't actually matte that neither of you are listening, both having memorized all the pamphlets the bureau has. It isn't until the scary lady says the words “Baby Girl”, that you and Reid draw back into the mandatory meeting.

    You both share a look of amusement, spotting Garcia and Morgan sharing a look of terror. You both have to hold back a laugh when Garcia turns her head to shoot you a look, mouthing, “Who blabbed?”

    Truthfully, you don't know whoo blabbed, and despite the enjoyment you are getting at your two friends expenses, you send her a sympathetic look, knowing that if the positions were reversed, you would be mortified too. Thankfully, you haven't done anything to warrant the position to be switched.

    Well, besides to go on a date with your much older, boss.

    Yeah, that’ll do it.

    But as far as you know, none of you colleagues know about the upcoming date you have with your boss in two days. Or if they do, none of them have had the tenacity to mention it. Your boss, however, has mentioned it a few times. Asking what your favorite type of food is, telling you to dress nicely, and hinting to you that he has more than just a simple dinner planned.

    If you weren't so excited, your overwhelming nervousness would force you to cancel on him and hide away in your apartment until the end of time. But, you've come to terms with your crush on your boss, and the fact your pretty positive that the feelings are reciprocated, considering he did ask you on a date, you decided to not listen to the part of your brain that tells you to run away, and instead enjoy whats in front of you.

    But, there is still some lingering nervousness you can’t shake. You don’t have a whole lot of dating experience under your belt. You were always much younger in high school and college, not really dating until after you graduated, and even then, those never panned out to something real. Just a casual type thing. Aaron Hotchner is anything but a casual type of man, that, you know for sure.

    You watch as Garcia gets up from her chair, apologizing profusely to the overbearing PR lady, as she leaves the room, you and the rest of the team sharing another amused look at your friends expense, it’s just too god not to. Once the meeting is over, You, Reid, and Rossi gather around Morgan, who is far less ashamed than his blonde colleague was when she ran out of the bullpen.

    Morgan just shrugs at your observation, “Inappropriate work relations are fun.” He said it loud enough to earn a glare from the scary lady that was packing up her projector, giving you and the team another round of cheerful laughter, and Morgan a slap on the shoulder from Rossi, the older man agreeing with him.

    You just rolled your eyes at the two men. Of course they would think that, they’re men.

    An hour later, you and the team are sat at the roundtable, listening to your boss go over your most recent case, “In 2004, the BAU flew to San Jose for two reasons.” Hotch puts a mug shot up on the screen, “One was to recruit Garcia, the other was to arrest this man Sam Russell.”

    “The prostitute killer.” JJ supplies.

    Reid recites what he remembers from the case, “8 victims. He didn't fit the profile exactly, but he waved his rights and admitted to all 8.”

    “Isn’t San Quentin putting him to death in two weeks?” Morgan questions.

    “Yes.” Hotch responds, “And we’ve been tasked to review his conviction.”

    “Why us?”

    “Garcia?” Hotch passes the remote to the blonde tech analyst, giving her the floor. “Ok. Uh, this morning, the justice Department website was Hacked. When you log on, you see this and then this.”

    She pulls up the media onto the screen. You study the photos briefly before asking your question, “Are those crime scene photos of the victims?”

    Hotch nods, “The San Jose police department was also hacked. Garcia says this must have been months in the planning.”

    You and the team go over some theorize, asking more questions, and listen as everything Hotch and Garcia have on the case so far is even to you, before you are dismissed to get ready for the jet. As you make your way out of the room, a hand on your arm stops you, making you look at your boss questioningly.

    “This case might run into Friday night.” He looks at you sympathetically, before continuing, only slightly apprehensive, as if he wasn't sure he wanted to be so vulnerable, but powering through, “But if we get back before 7, I would still like to take you out.”

    You smile at him softly, your hand squeezing his that still rests on your arm, “I would like that too.” You’re rewarded with a smile of his own, sharing one more fleeting look, and heading to the jet, hoping this case does not ruin your plans.

    As it seems, hoping for non ruin plans was exactly the way to go. The team arrived back from the case at 5 o’clock, just two hours before your scheduled date, giving you, and your workaholic boss plenty of time to get ready.

    You dropped your case file off in his office with swift, ‘see you soon,’ heading home to get ready. The first thing on your to-do-list being to wash off the lingering atmosphere of the jet. Thankfully, you had plenty of time to actually relax in the shower as well. The next thing on the list, was picking out your clothes for the night.

    This, was a little more difficult.

    You know Aaron told you to dress nicely, so your usual, comfort go to clothes, were not going to work. As much as you wish you could wear one of your band tee shirts and comfy cardigans, you power through the uncomfortableness of going outside your comfort zone, looking in the back of your closet for those dresses you haven't pulled out since graduation.

    Red is too bold, too eye catching for you, while the black seems too, bland almost, too close to your usual everyday look. You settle for a nice, forest green one. It’s long sleeve, giving you the comfort of one of your cardigans, but cocktail enough to wear on a nice date. You grab some sheer black tights to go underneath, pairing the same standard black heels you wore to your during your interview, before heading back to the bathroom to fix your hair and makeup.

    Looking yourself over in the mirror, you evaluate yourself. Not usually one to dress up like this, it’s nice to get to do it. You grab a small bag, slipping your phone and some chopstick in it, jumping slightly when the doorbell rings. You give yourself on more look over, and one more reassuring breath, before heading to the door.

    You can’t help but smile when you open it, coming face to face with your handsome boss. You can tell he must have showered as well, his aftershave lingering in the air between you, along with changing his usual suit and tie for a nice dress shirt and pants. He hands you a bundle of roses and your heart does a small flip at the gesture. You’ve never gotten flowers before, the gesture not as common now, and your smile widens as you take them from him.

    “Thank you.” You tell him, letting him into your entry way as you quickly fill a vase with water and put them in it.

    “You look beautiful.” Aaron watches you walk back to him, his voice soft and genuine. You keep yourself calm, not letting on to how flustered his words make you, adding a compliment to him as well, “Well, you look very handsome.” Aaron doesn't do as good of job at hiding his flustered state, and you can’t help but relish in the fact you are the reason for the pink dusting in his cheeks. It gives you some confidence you definitely needed right now. Aaron, ever the gentlemen, leads you out of your apartment with a hand on the small of your back, offering you his arm as you make it outside.

    He made reservations at this nice, greek restaurant that wasn't too far from your place, both of you enjoying the small walk there in the nice weather you were granted tonight. Making small talk and sharing stories. The anxiety seems to wear off by the time you are seated, both of you coming into your own a bit more. Aaron asks you about your childhood and family. You, for the most part, doing the same back to him. It’s easy, and comforting, and seems to be over way too soon.

    Thankfully, Aaron planned to walk to a small ice cream place for desert, and despite you being far too overdressed for the colorful place, it was filled with enthusiasm and eagerness.

    When you made it back to your door, hours later, you were elated that Aaron seemed to linger, staring down at you with delight intensity, and a little but of apprehension.

    Coming to the conclusion, that although he did ask you on the date, he was still your boss, and beside the offering of his arm and small hand lead on your back, he didn't initiate anything else. It was you, that laced your fingers together on the walk to the ice cream parlor, and perhaps, your boss doesn't want to cross anymore lines than he already has by asking out his subordinate.

    Your conclusion is right when you lean in just enough for his eyes to briefly glance down at your lips. You watch as he swallows, looks back to your eyes once more, almost as if asking for permission, before closing the gap himself.

    The kiss is strong, but not demanding. It sends a spark through you that warms you up, radiating all around you. You hear him sigh into the kiss, no doubt feeling the same amount of electricity run through him.

    When he breaks away, forehead leaning against yours, his eyes stay closed, the biggest smile you've ever seen on his face. He kisses you a few more times, small pecks that are soft and cheerful, before bidding you a goodnight.

    You enter your apartment quickly when his silhouette disappears, leaning against your closed door. You can’t help the laugh that falls from your kiss swollen lips. A laugh laced with joy and anticipation and delight.

    You can’t imagine the meeting the head of PR would have about this, if she had seen that kiss.

    Maybe Morgan is right, inappropriate work relationships, are fun.

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    Reverie & Reconciliation (Snape/Lily)

    I wrote this SUCH a long time ago, but it’s one of my only fanfic pieces that is complete so here we go! This is my first time writing fanfic, so please take it easy on my poor soul. For the record, I don’t even ship them this idea just came to me. After I post this I’ll actually get around to posting pieces of the Silco one I’m writing. 

    Snape / Lily 1,763 words-SFW

    Lily receives an early warning from an unexpected place. 

    Lily slowly opened her eyes, barely beckoning the day. 

    Had that been the doorbell?

    No of course not, she thought, rolling over towards the clock.

    It’s half past six. Who in their right mind would ever-

    Her thought was interrupted by a second unmistakable ring. She looked over to James who was sleeping deeply, undisturbed by their early morning visitors’ persistence. 

    “Don’t worry dear, I’ll get it.” Lily muttered under her breath, fumbling for her wand and hoisting herself out of bed. 

    A third ring sounded through the apartment as Lily made her way down the hall pulling on her robe.

    This can’t be good. Am I being paranoid? Perhaps Sirus has been up all night drinking and needs a place to crash.

    She peeked through the window sheers with slight trepidation to see a tall, slender man standing at front of her door. Catching the movement of the curtains he looked towards the window, sending Lily quickly retreating with a slight gasp. It wasn’t Sirus.

    This time it was knocking. He banged on the door insistently before calling out to her.

    “Lily please, I know you’re in there. It’s important.”

    Her fingers tightened around her wand as she approached the door. With a quick pull she threw it open and pointed her wand at the stranger on her doorstep.

    But it wasn’t a stranger. It was Snape.

    Alarmed with his hands raised in the air, Snape’s eyes met hers as they silently lingered in a moment that seemed to span the years they had spent apart.

    “Severus…” Dismay forced his name from her lips.

    “May I come in before somebody sees me?” He asked carefully, as though he were disarming a bomb. 

    Another moment silently ticked by as Snape eyed her outstretched wand.

    “Oh- of course.” She replied, lowering her wand and inviting him in, careful to lock the door behind him.

    He took in every aspect of their quaint living room in the early morning light; An oversized armchair too big for this room, a sofa with patches on the arms from wear and wine stains on the carpet. Smiling faces peeking out from glass frames on the walls told the story of Lily’s wedding, their first day in this apartment and wonderful evenings spent laughing with friends. It was a room that assured him with incredible ease how well she had lived and he could barely take his eyes off of it.

    In her quaint living room in the light of dawn she took him in, too. Taller than she remembered, or perhaps it was his black pants and fitted tunic just made it seem that way. They looked pristine and expensive from the high collar to the cuff of his sleeve, unlike anything she had ever seen him in. His dark, still slightly greasy, hair barely brushed his shoulders which seemed to have broadened a bit from that last time she had seen him. He was fit, like a soldier. 

    Like a soldier in uniform.

    That thought came crashing painfully down on her, as Snape stood still staring and drinking in the room and she stood staring, drinking him in.

    His face was lit with awe and wonder at her mundane, haggard living room. There was a gentleness to him that took her back years. A physicality so tender, as he warmly eyed the sunken cushions and loose stuffing that it erased the strange and new and flooded her with charming memories of the familiar. 

    “Sev…” Lily said lightly.

    Snape turned to her quickly as though he had forgotten she was there at all. 

    They abruptly began speaking in unison.

    “I’m sorry but I had to come-”

    “It’s been such a long time-”

    Each breaking off in awkward bits of nervous laughter.

    Snape allowed himself to really look at her now, something he had hardly been able to do with a wand in his face. She seemed to have become more beautiful with age somehow, now fully grown into her features. Her dark red hair cascading in messy torrents over her shoulders and down her back, eyes bright as he remembered, and an effortless smile lingering on her lips. He had woken her up of course, but this couldn’t wait. Even fresh out of bed she looked stunning, she looked…

    “You’re…” Snape trailed off, unable to finish his sentence.

    “Pregnant, yes.” She smiled broadly at the thought, smoothing the navy satin of her nightgown over her baby bump so he could see exactly how far along she was.

    “I heard but it’s different seeing it in person.” He muttered as he fumbled backwards for a seat on the ragged couch.

    His face had become grave and Lily knew she had somehow reminded him of why he came. 

    “Most people say congratulations.” Lily smirked, taking a seat on the sofa next to him.

    “Tell me Sev, I can handle it. Why have you come?”

    He froze for a moment with the world on his tongue trying to find the right words to say. 

    “You’re in danger. I don’t know how much time I have to explain but Dumbledore knows everything-”

    “Dumbledore?!” Lily blurted out almost involuntarily. 

    “Yes, and I expect he will be here soon so we haven’t much time.” Snape said fretfully looking at the sun rising through the window sheers.

    “Voldemort is coming after you. There has been a prophecy that a child born at the end of July will have the power to stop him. Voldemort believes it to be your child…” Snape trailed off looking from Lily’s swollen belly to her face for her reaction.

    “Th-that’s ridiculous, how could a child-” Lily sputtered.

    “Lily, please.” Snape said, grabbing her hand with a meaningful look.

    “Voldemort is coming. He will kill all those who oppose him indiscriminately. Your son, Potter, You.” 

    Lily’s eyes searched his in abject horror as though she were attempting to parcel out what to do next from his very pupils. Her breathing was shallow and her free hand unconsciously clutched her belly.

    “You have to go into hiding. Dumbledore will take care of you-”

    “Why are you telling me this?” Lily interrupted, suddenly calm. She had been granted a moment of clarity in the eye of her own storm.

    Snape opened his mouth, searching for the words but nothing came. His eyes softened and there was a slight tremble to his hand. She had always been able to see right through him.

    Lily squeezed his hand and gently caressed his fingers with hers. 

    “You’re not a Death Eater anymore” she whispered looking into his eyes, analyzing and picking him apart with ease as she had always done.

    “You’re a spy.”

    Snape squeezed her hand back, searching again for the right words to say. Before he could pull a sentence together in his mind he heard his own voice escaping his lips without thought or permission.

    “I’m your friend before I am anything else, Lily. That’s why I’m telling you this.” 

    And it was true. More true than any explanation or forced rationale he could extrapolate from his own mind.

    She pulled him closer to her in a firm embrace, that was both awkward and rejuvenating. She could feel the tension in his muscles melt under her arms as his breath became short. She gave him a squeeze. 

    It felt like forgiveness. It was more than he could ever ask for.

    “How much longer do we have?”  Lily asked, pulling away from him and looking towards the window. 

    “Not long, I’m sure.” Snape responded but his thoughts were elsewhere, absorbed by her. It was truly incredible how the sunlight danced on her hair, her skin, her eyes and brought to life the vision of the divine creature he had long decided she was. 

    His face was perfectly illuminated by the sunlight’s warm radiant hues. She could hardly believe it. After all this time, after everything, here they were alone in this golden moment in the stillness of morning suspended from time. It was as though they had traveled back to the very beginning. 

    Looking deeply into each other's eyes there was a silent understanding of the compassion they shared for one another in spite of their past or future. 

    Lily gently cupped Snape’s face in her hands. “I’m glad you came. Bad news and all.” She said with a light that was all too familiar.

    Then a ring echoed through the apartment, violating their sanctuary and ripping their attention from each other. The doorbell. Snape pulled Lily quickly into arms again, unwilling to part with her.

    “Be careful.” He pleaded.

    “Sev-” she whispered urgently, squeezing her eyes shut.

    The doorbell sounded again.

    Lily blinked her eyes open to the blue darkness of her own bedroom. The clock read 7:00 AM. The ringing sound of the doorbell came again from down the hall.

    “Sev!” She gasped as she hastily kicked off the blanket and ran for the door.

    “Sev” She repeated to herself firmly gripping the knob and wrenching the door open in hurried desperation. But it wasn’t Snape. It was a man with a long white beard and half-moon spectacles. 

    “Dumbledore…” Lily exhaled in surprise.

    “Lily!” Dumbledore greeted her, inviting himself in.

    “You really shouldn’t be opening your door without your wand, you know. Dangerous times.”

    “Yes, of course” She replied in a confused haze, locking the door behind him.

    “I suspect I have woken you.” He noticed her nightgown.

    “Yes, I suppose so.” her eyes darted from the window to the sofa. 

    “I apologize, I know it’s early but this couldn’t wait.”

    Lily stared at him in alarm. This couldn’t wait.

    “Are you alright? You seem to be looking for something.” There was concern creeping into his voice.

    “I…” Her voice broke off as she looked over her empty living room again, bathed in the light of morning.

    “I was just having the strangest dream…”

    Something in Dumbledore’s face changed. Then he said “Dreams are a funny thing.  We can find the best and worst of ourselves there and awake to find none of it is reality.” 

    There was a glimmer of knowing in his eyes as peered at her from behind his spectacles. She met his gaze and they breathed into the silence in complete understanding. 

    “I’ll wake James and put the kettle on. He’ll want to hear this” Lily said heading down the hall to fetch him. 

    There was nothing to say about her dream this morning and more importantly no one to say it to. Still, she walked down the hall in silent wonder of the best in them.

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    Six Sentence Sunday - And They Were Zoom-mates

    Excerpt from an up-coming chapter of And They Were Zoom-mates, which will be back from mini-hiatus in Feb.

    “Hey Roomie!”
    “It’s been, what, three weeks.” Rayla leaned across the island bench, nabbing a piece of carrot Callum had prepared. “You going to stop saying that any time soon?”
    “Nope.” Callum beamed at her, glancing up from his chopping. “But today is a momentous occasion, so it’s extra important.”
    #rayllum#callum#rayla#rayllum fanfic #rayla x callum #callum x rayla #six sentence sunday #and they were zoommates fic
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    📍Galaxy | Capa feita no Naturally Edits

    ⚠️ Em caso de inspiração, me dê os créditos!

    🗓 23/01/22 | 🗒Creditos de materiais w. w. w.

    ✏OPPAXWANG |2022

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    trying to work on a new fic but dang its hard >n< my brain doesnt wanna do it because i already thought about it but I wanna put it out there cause i think the idea of it is so freakin funny

    #fanfic writer problems #fanfic writing #why is writing so hard rn #i was excited 2 secs ago?? #where did the enthusiasm go??
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    you know i'm no good - f i f t e e n

    beach days

    Jealousy was not a feeling Tallulah was prone to feeling. She didn’t understand why now she was feeling it over a guy she met just a few weeks prior. She didn’t want to feel like this. Which is why she called Chase, asking if he was home and wanted to hangout, just the two of them.

    They had never spent much time together outside of school, or without the company of August or Rory. And if she was being honest with herself, she didn’t find they had that much in common besides the fact that they both liked partying and were a little on the quiet side, but that didn’t stop her from giving Lenna the directions to his house.

    Or from kissing him. Letting him take off her shirt, then jeans.

    She didn’t stop him from running his cold, clammy hands over her skin in places she wished Paul had touched her.

    Which left Tally where she is now, underneath the tall, lanky boy on his too small of a bed, goading him to thrust faster as she met her hips with his.

    The pleasure of it all was minimal, but there, as she pressed the pads of her fingers into his bare back and moaned at the feeling of his lips on her neck.

    “Fuck,” Chase moaned against her skin, and she could tell that he was getting close as his thrust began to get sloppy.

    She arched her back and moaned loudly, pressing her torso into his and then he groaned, and kissed her lips gently, almost as to signal he was finished.

    Chase got off her and fumbled with something beside his bed as she sat up, sitting up against his head board. She watched him as he pulled on the sweats he was wearing when she had shown up.

    He tossed Tallulah a tshirt which she quickly pulled on as he sat next to her.

    “That was.. Great, Tal.” he said, wrapping his arm around her shoulder pulling her into his side.

    “Yeah,” she said softly, although it wasn’t. Not that he was the worst guy she's ever been with.

    “Did you cum?” he asked, and Tallulah wanted to laugh.

    “Yep.” she lied, popping the last syllable before saying, “I have to get home for dinner.” and climbing off the bed.

    “I can drive you,” he says, while watching her pull on her jeans.

    “It’s okay, it’s not a far walk.” she reassures, besides, she didn’t want her dad seeing him drop her off.

    Grabbing her phone off his night table, she checked the messages she had gotten during the hour she had been at his house. One from Lenna and three from Paul, without even reading his, she deleted them. Telling herself to forget about him and he’ll forget about her.


    A whole week had passed since the bookstore fiasco. A whole week of using Chasse to fill the void Paul had left in her from their day in the clearing. It wasn’t really working, but Paul had stopped trying to get into contact with her. No text messages or phone calls since Wednesday.

    It was now Friday and the weather couldn’t have been better. The sun was shining, the air was warm, so she and her friends decided today would be a great day to skip school and head to the beach. Although she did ask permission from her dad, letting him know there would be no funny business and all her school work was finished anyways.

    Now clad in a blue string bikini top and jean shorts resting on a beach towel with a book in her hands. August, Rory and Chase had run off to the rock cliffs, something about the best adrenaline rush they’ve ever felt, leaving her to read in peace.

    The beach was busier than she had ever seen it before with families and groups of friends enjoying the rarity of nice weather.

    She had noticed Embry, the boy who pulled Xander off her in the club, with a couple of friends just as tall and muscular as he was, when Tallulah and her friends arrived. She looked for Paul in the group of tan males, all sporting the same tattoo on their left shoulder.

    She would glance over every so often, watching them play soccer and fool around.

    A particularly loud round of cheers caught her attention causing Tally to glance over, noticing there were now six boys, instead of five.

    Of course he’s here, she thought.

    She watched as Paul and an unknown boy roughhoused each other, laughing and smiling as they did before breaking up the friendly fight when Paul had efficiently wrestled the other boy to the sand.

    He looked right at her as he stood up, before quickly looking away and engaging in conversation with one of his friends.


    Tallulah, no longer interested in her book, tabbed the page she was on before closing it and shoving it in her tote that she had brought.

    To join or not to join her adrenaline junky friends who she could just barely see at the top of the cliff, getting ready to jump into the steady water below them. Jumping off of a cliff wasn’t exactly on Tallulah's bucket list considering she had a hard enough time climbing up the fire escape and into her bedroom in Seattle on nights she needed to sneak back in.

    Deciding she didn’t have a death wish, she decided to go look for seashells along the shore.

    When her mom and her lived on the reservation, they would go to the beach and look for shells to create necklaces out of. She’s outgrown all the ones she made back then, but still liked the looks of them.

    Standing up from her beach towel, she stretched her arms to the sky, her back still aching from a particularly heated moment in Chase's car. She could feel her joints crack as she stretched them out and fixed her bikini top as she brought her arms down. Not that there was really anything to reveal. If there was one thing she hated about her body, it's the fact that she looked like she missed puberty.

    Tallulah dragged her feet through the sun warmed sand until she was met with cold, wet sand on the shore. The water felt like a stark contrast to the current weather, and sent jolts through her body that resembled the feeling of walking out of a warm house into the frigid rain that is almost constant in La Push.

    Kneeling down, she brushed her hand through the wet sand, picking at the wet rocks and shells, searching for ones worth keeping. She found a few and pocketed them before moving down the shoreline, continuing this whenever she felt as though she had looked at every shell in a particular area.

    A soccer ball that belonged to Embry and Paul's friend group had suddenly been kicked over her head and into the water, creating a splash big enough for it to reach her a few feet away. Tallulah looked up from the direction it came in to see muscular boys racing towards her to get to the ball, splashing the water as they ran past her, soaking her jean shorts she had tried to keep dry. One of them yelled out, “Sorry!” as they retrieved their ball.

    Tallulah took this as a reason to head back to her and her friends' stuff where she could take off her shorts and lay them out to dry in the sun. Turning around to do so, she bumped into an overly hot body. The warmth that she had grown accustomed to since arriving in La Push.

    He takes a step back from her, as if she's burnt him before asking, “Are you okay?” in a gruff tone.

    She tensed her shoulders, “Yeah, it’s just water. No big deal.”

    Tallulah scanned him over, he was shirtless and she couldn’t help herself. Her eyes landed on his face, taking in every little detail that made him look so different from the last she saw him a week ago. He seemed paler, the bags and dark circles under his eyes were accentuated but the frown lines on his face. He looked like he hadn't been sleeping at all.

    “Are you okay?” Tallulah asked back after a moment of awkward silence between.

    “I’m fine,” he snapped at her before switching his tone to a more gentler version and saying, “I’m just tired.”

    “Well, then, you should probably get some sleep.” She spoke, placing her hands on her hips in the same way her mother used to when she said she was tired from a night out in the city. Though she doubted he was doing what she was when she spent the entire night away from her bedroom.

    “Maybe I could if I wasn’t worrying about you not answering my calls.” Paul shot back at her and she shrugged.

    “I was busy.”

    “With Chase.” he said, his body trembling like it did when she saw him with Sam near the cliffs.

    Tallulah inched closer to the massive man in front of her, anger in her own eyes, “Who I spend my time with is none of your business. Besides, it seemed like Rachel had you busy at home anyways” she spit out.

    Paul gave a bitter laugh, “how many fucking times do I need to tell you that there is nothing between Rachel and I anymore.”

    “Does she know that?!” she raises her voice at him, something that is a rarity for Tally.

    “If you had answered my phone calls or messages and let me explain we wouldn’t be having this argument, and you wouldn’t have gone to Chase to fill a void that he can’t ,” he takes a step forward close enough for his hot skin to be touching hers, body still shaking, “So tell me, Tallulah, do you think of me when he touches your body?” Paul nearly whispers to her, cocking his head to the side.

    She shoves him, hard, shouting, “Fuck you!”

    Tears brimming in her eyes, she didn’t want to cry over him or any boy, ever.

    To which the older male laughs and shakes his head as Embry appears by his side, whispering in his ear something she can’t make out before Paul shoves him away. Looking at her once, the tremors wracking his body, before taking off towards the side of the beach.

    Tallulah moves to follow him. To shout at him and tell him he can’t treat her this way. That he can’t use her.

    But Embry stops her, his own abnormally hot arm wrapped around her waist, “Let me go!” she yells, pushing at his chest.

    “Trust me, Tallulah, just let him blow off some steam.” he says to her, his voice is so soft and quiet compared to Pauls.

    She shakes her head, the tears still threatening to spill from her eyes making her even more angrier than before.

    Tallulah breaks free of the older boy's grasp and takes off running in the same direction Paul had gone in, entering through the trees that lined the beach.

    “Paul!” she shouted, walking further into the forest. Thinking that there was no way he could get that far ahead of her, but all she could see were trees.

    “Paul?” she spoke timidly, walking deeper in. She wasn’t scared of the forest per se, but she wasn’t on a trail that she could easily follow back to the beach.

    A branch snapping from behind caused her to whip around, expecting to see Paul or Embry.

    Instead she's met with a dark brown wolf the size of a bear, baring his teeth at her.

    Her eyes widened in shock, taking a small step back so as to not scare the wolf in front of her.

    Its eyes soften ever so slightly at her, almost human like, as she tries to control her laboured breathing.

    Its head snaps behind them at the sound of footsteps and she tears her eyes away from the wolf to see Embry jogging towards them, “Embry! Wait!” She calls out, but he doesn’t listen and the wolf looks back to her as Embry stands by its side.

    “This isn’t real.” she whispers to herself reassuringly, only to hear Embry say,

    “I tried to stop her, man”

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    edward cullen and joe goldberg would 100% be besties

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    @theres-a-bea pointed out that luke died in the headless star so he can reincarnated in time's arrow and i have not known peace since then because i looked at them like:

    idk if it means I'm a genius for subconsciously connected them, or a dumbass for not even realizing my own brainrots

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    The Stars of Your Eyes Were Dimmed~~Chapter Eight: Wedding

    Word Count: 3218

    Warnings: None

    Ao3 | Masterlist


    It had been two years since the incident with the Loftwings, and summer was rolling around, with an exciting event--Kestrell and Robin were getting married! Karane, Zelda, Pipit, Link, and most of the other academy students would all be participating in the ceremony. Of course they were all incredibly excited, as none of them had been in a wedding before.

    Two weeks before the wedding took place, Karane and Zelda got together in Karane’s room to work on the gifts they were making for Kestrell--Karane was embroidering a set of handkerchiefs for her, and Zelda was knitting a long, elegant scarf for Kestrell’s knight patrols. The boys were off somewhere working on projects for Robin, and Orielle and Parrow were at home working on their gifts, so for now Karane and Zelda were alone, chattering about anything and everything. At the moment, Zelda was talking about the most obvious thing for them to speak of--marriage.

    “Honestly, though, Karane, do you think we’ll get married someday?” Zelda said, her knitting needles clicking busily as she worked. “Because that seems to be pretty normal on Skyloft, but then again there are some people, like Curlow, who don’t seem like they’ll ever marry...I mean, look at Sparrot, or Rupin! They’ve never even courted anybody. Curlow has at least gone out with a few people, but I mean...I dunno, marriage just scares me! Once we grow up we’re all going to go our separate ways and--”

    “Hold up,” Karane laughed. “Zelda, this is Skyloft. We’re going to be seeing one another for the rest of our lives. It’s not like we live on this huge land where we live miles from each other. We’re going to be seeing each other on a daily basis, you know?”

    “I guess that’s true,” Zelda shrugged. She stared at her knitting for a moment, then a slow smile tugged at her lips. “If you do get married someday…” She paused, fiddling with the partially-made scarf in her lap. “...who would you want to wed?”

    Karane paused, considering. It was a question she hadn’t really considered in depth before. She tucked a strand of hair behind one ear, thinking. “Hmm, I don’t know,” she mused. “What about you?”

    Zelda’s silly grin grew, and a blush bloomed on her face. “...nobody,” she mumbled, beginning to knit fervently.

    Karane widened her eyes, surprised, before a slow smirk crept onto her face. “Who is it, Zelda?” she said, raising an eyebrow.

    “ Nobody ,” Zelda repeated, but her blush deepened.

    “I bet I can guess,” Karane said in amusement. “Is it Link?”

    Zelda, who had just been about to open her mouth in a retort, froze, going red to the tips of her ears. “How did you guess?” she finally shrieked.

    Karane snorted, tying off the end of a row of stitches. “It’s not like he’s your obvious choice,” she said wryly. “It’s not like you guys are always together. It’s not like you’re best friends. It’s not like--”

    “Okay, okay!” Zelda laughed, shaking her head. “I get the point.” She went back to knitting, then said casually, “The same could be said of you and Pipit, you know.”

    Karane almost pricked her finger in her shock, shooting Zelda an indignant glare before slumping in her seat. “Fine, okay, yeah,” she sighed. “That’s fair. And I guess...he would be the one I would marry, if I ever do, of course.” She frowned a little. “There’s just...some stuff he’s gotta work out.”

    “Like…?” Zelda prompted, raising an eyebrow.

    “Well...I mean…” Karane hesitated.

    “His mom, right? I thought they were getting better.”

    “It’s just that--it’s not because--his mom still--Ugh!” Karane stabbed her needle through the fabric so hard that Zelda looked up from her knitting. “Ok, fine,” she grumbled, furiously making a few stitches. “I thought their relationship was getting better, too, but...I dunno, it seems like he’s still fairly upset with her for everything.”

    Zelda nodded, chewing her lip. “Well, we can only hope it gets better,” she said softly. “Which I’m sure it will.”

    Karane made another stitch, nodding slowly, but she didn’t look particularly convinced. “I guess you’re right,” she said finally. “I guess...yeah. It’ll be okay someday.”

    “Of course,” Zelda said cheerily, smiling over her knitting needles. “It’ll all be okay.”

    ~~~ The day of the wedding dawned bright and clear, with only a few puffy clouds floating on the horizon. Karane woke up with the sun and bounded out of bed, grinning broadly as she went to her wardrobe and withdrew the dress she’d be wearing for the wedding ceremony. It was a light, airy purple, with white highlights on the sleeves and hem. Karane slipped it on, then tugged a pair of elegant sandals onto her feet to complete the outfit.

    She hurried into Zelda and Orielle’s room and discovered they were also getting ready, tearing through boxes and bags to find hair ribbons and perfume bottles and missing pieces of jewelry. They wore dresses that matched Karane’s, and Zelda had gathered a little basket full of tiny wild violets for them to make flower crowns with.

    Orielle held up a crown she had already made, consisting of the violets as well as a ton of tiny white flowers. “This is for Kestrell,” she explained, beaming.

    “Oh, she’ll love that!” Karane said, watching as Zelda began to wind Orielle’s braid into a loose bun at the top of her head, leaving a few loose tendrils on either side of her face. She tied it with a blue ribbon that matched Orielle’s dress.

    Orielle then did Karane and Zelda’s hair, and they all made their flower crowns, setting them carefully on Zelda’s bed before hurrying off to breakfast. Henya had made an elaborate meal of omelettes and pumpkin bread, and the girls eagerly devoured it before hurrying to finish getting ready.

    “I wonder what the boys made for Robin,” Karane mused as she carefully packed the handkerchiefs she had embroidered into a bag they were putting Kestrell’s gifts in.

    Zelda shrugged, folding the scarf she had knitted and setting it atop Karane’s work. “If I had a guess, it would be some type of carving from Link, something bird related from Parrow, and…” She frowned. “I have no idea for Pipit, and I doubt that the three idiots made anything at all,” she finished, rolling her eyes.

    Orielle tucked her gift--an elegantly-embroidered red cloak--into the bag, then closed it. “Probably not,” she agreed, setting the bag by the door before donning her flower crown. The other two girls did the same, and Orielle drew a deep breath. “Ready?”

    They trekked out of the academy and to Wrenfall Lake, heading to the bank near the waterfall cave, where the wedding would be held. Poles draped in ribbons had been set up everywhere, and there were tables sagging with food and musicians tuning instruments and just a general feeling of excitement in the air.

    There were also two large white tents set up, one for the bride, one for the groom. The three girls headed towards the bride’s tent, around which a flurry of activity swirled.

    They could hear Kestrell anxiously calling commands from within the tent as they got close, and then Luv burst from within, looking frazzled. Upon seeing the three girls, she brightened. “Oh! You three, Kestrell could use some help with her hair. I’m afraid none of us older women are extremely talented--” She eyed Orielle. “But I’ve been told you are especially good. Would you mind helping?”

    “Sure!” Orielle said. The three girls followed Luv into the tent, where Kestrell sat miserably on a stool, her hair a wreck. “Oh, gosh,” Orielle groaned, surveying Kestrell’s tangled locks.

    “Orielle!” Kestrell brightened upon seeing her. “Can you do my hair?”

    “Yeah, that’s why I’m here!” Orielle grabbed a brush and moved behind Kestrell, beginning to work on her hair. “How do you want it styled?”

    “Hmmm, well, I was just thinking a crown braid, with tendrils on either side of my face,” Kestrel answered.

    “Oh, a crown braid is perfect for what we wanted to give you!” Orielle gushed.

    Kestrell raised an eyebrow. “And what would that be?”

    “You’ll have to wait and see,” Orielle grinned, deftly beginning to braid Kestrell’s hair.

    After a little bit, she finished and stepped back, surveying her handiwork. Kestrell beamed at her reflection in the small hand mirror she had with her. “Thank you so much, Orielle!” she said.

    “Of course!” Orielle smiled, turning and taking the flower crown she had made for Kestrell from Zelda. She set it carefully atop Kestrell’s hair. “And the final touch,” she said with a pleased look.

    Sudden tears shimmered in Kestrell’s eyes, and she gave Orielle a hug. “I love it. You’re so talented,” she said.

    Orielle blushed a little as she stepped back. “You look so nice, Kestrell,” she said with a grin.

    Kestrell dimpled at the compliment, twirling her skirts a little. “Thank you,” she said softly, her eyes sparkling.

    “Are you nervous?” Zelda chirped.

    The bride-to-be laughed a little, seeming breathless. “Well, yes. Of course I’m nervous. Mostly, though, I think I’m excited. It’ll just be so awesome to finally be married to him--” She blushed. “I just can’t wait for the ceremony to start.

    “Well,” said Luv, who had been watching the proceedings in deep amusement from a corner of the tent, “you have roughly thirty minutes before you go out there.”

    Kestrell gasped and flapped her hands in a panic. “Th-thirty minutes?? I-I can’t possibly be ready--”

    “Kestrell,” Luv said gently, a smile crossing her lips, “if you love Robin, you’re ready.”

    Kestrell looked uncertain for a moment, biting her lip. “I—” Confidence crossed her face. “You’re right. I’m ready.”

    Luv nodded in satisfaction. “Now let’s finish getting you ready.”


    The wedding procession was about to start, and Karane couldn’t control the sudden feeling of nervousness welling within her. It’s not like I’mgetting married, she thought. But still, she couldn’t shake the emotion.

    She glanced over at Zelda and Orielle, who stood beside her, clutching bouquets of flowers in their hands. “Where are the boys, do you think?” Zelda said impatiently, her lips twisting into a frown. “They’re supposed to be here by now.”

    Karane shrugged. “Beats me.”

    “Ugh,” Zelda huffed. “I bet it’s because of Link. He probably fell asleep or something.”

    Karane snickered. “Or maybe they’re just late. They always say it takes us forever to get ready, but when it comes down to it, they’re the ones who show up last.”

    “That’s true,” Orielle said with a giggle. “Like that time when—”

    She broke off when suddenly they spied three figures sprinting up to them, their formal Skyloftian clothes looking miserably rumpled. Link, Parrow, and Pipit.

    Zelda scowled impatiently at them as they approached, her hands tightening around her bundle of flowers. She began heatedly whispering to Link.

    Pipit stepped up beside Karane, slightly out of breath. “You’re late,” she commented to him, as if that wasn’t obvious.

    “Yeah, thanks for telling me,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Link and Parrow and I were finishing our gift.”

    “What is your gift?” she questioned him curiously.

    He winked at her, and for some reason her gut flipped. “You’ll have to wait and see.”

    “Sssh,” hissed Orielle. “The ceremony is starting.”

    The six of them fell silent, each pair joining arms. As the wedding music started, they began walking up the aisle with the rest of the procession. Karane spied her parents in the crowd and gave them a tiny wave, then squeezed Pipit’s arm lightly where her hand rested on it. He grinned at her, and more nervousness entered her heart.

    They arrived up at the front of the audience and separated, with the girls on one side of the flowered arch set up specially for the wedding and the boys on the other. Headmaster Gaepora, who was performing the ceremony, winked at Zelda, who bounced on her toes in excitement. Karane caught Orielle’s eye, and they were sharing a stifled giggle when suddenly a hush fell over the crowd.

    Kestrell was standing at the foot of the grassy path they had just come up, a bouquet of white and red flowers in her hands. She wore a dress that was simple, but beautiful. It had two overskirts, one purple, one cream, with an underskirt of white. The blouse of the gown had long, flowing sleeves, and a circular neckline trimmed with dark purple embroidery. Her hair, swept back in the crown braid Orielle had done for her, framed her face perfectly, and the flower crown rested on her head, standing out against her brown hair. She looked absolutely beautiful.

    Karane glanced over to where Robin was standing, looking very handsome in a specially-made green uniform, with his hair looking actually decently combed for once instead of in the messy style it was usually in. He was staring at Kestrell, his mouth slightly open, his eyes wide. He couldn’t take them off of her as she came up the aisle accompanied to soft music.

    They said their vows, with a few traditional Skyloftian songs thrown in for the audience to sing. Finally, Gaepora smiled and said, “You may kiss.” Kestrell leaped at Robin with a joyous laugh, and they shared a kiss before turning to face the audience, grinning like mad. Linking arms, they ran back down the aisle as the audience threw rose petals over them.

    Soon after, the audience and those who participated in the ceremony headed to the area where the reception would be held. Kestrell and Robin served themselves, and then the audience watched as the newlyweds opened a few of their gifts. The most surprising was a large wardrobe with beautiful carvings on it Link, Parrow, and Pipit had made.

    Afterwards, the audience got their own food, chattering happily as they did so. Karane and Pipit served themselves and went over to the bank next to the waterfall, sitting on the edge and removing their shoes before dangling their feet in the cool water. They ate in companionable silence, until finally Pipit turned to Karane, a huge smile on his face. “Guess what, Karane,” he grinned, his eyes sparkling at her.

    She giggled, setting down her cup of pink lemonade. “What is it?”

    Pipit’s smile grew, and he turned his head, staring out over Wrenfall Lake. “You know my mom and I have always struggled with money. She doesn’t have a job, and the money she does have she just spends.”

    ”Yes,” said Karane cautiously, unsure where he was going with this.

    “Well,” Pipit continued, closing his eyes, “I asked Headmaster Gaepora a little while ago if I could get a job at the academy. Like, as somebody who patrols Skyloft at night for monsters.”

    “Pipit–” Karane started to interrupt, concerned.

    He cut her off. “He wasn’t too happy about the idea, either. He said I wasn’t a knight yet, that I was just a kid. Only thirteen, you know? But…I told him that I can take naps during the day and patrol at night, and that I’m a good fighter. Besides, the only monsters on Skyloft really aren’t that bad. So…” He looked over at Karane again, his eyes crinkling with his grin. “He finally agreed. I have a job now. I can make money so my mom and I can buy food, Karane!”

    “But…won’t your mom just spend the money?” Karane questioned.

    Pipit shook his head. “Not if she doesn’t know I’m making it! Gaepora agreed to not tell anyone, and those who do know–just a few, in case something happens to me–have promised not to either. And I know that you won’t. So, I’ll be making money now! I’ve decided to spend as much as we need to each week, and save the rest. I’ll hide it somewhere, I guess.” He shrugged, his eyes sparkling with the light they used to contain. “But now I won’t be hungry all the time, and we’ll be able to buy the things we need!”

    “That’s awesome, Pipit,” Karane said, laughing loudly and leaning over to him, throwing her arms around him and squeezing him tightly. “I’m so happy for you.”

    Pipit hugged her back, rubbing a hand between her shoulderblades. “Thanks,” he said softly. “I know I haven’t been in great spirits most of the time. I’m sorry about that.”

    “I’m sorry you had to go through all that,” Karane murmured. “I’m sorry about your mom.”

    “It’s okay,” Pipit answered. “She…she can’t help herself. It’s not her fault. But thanks.” “Of course,” Karane said, and then they both realized they were still hugging, turned beet red, and pulled quickly away.

    Music was starting to play a little ways away, and Robin and Kestrell moved into the area reserved for dancing to share their first dance. Karane and Pipit watched as they twirled slowly around on the grass, lost in each other. “It’s so sweet,” sniffled Karane, wiping her eyes. “I can’t believe that we shipped them so hard back when they attended Knight Academy, and now they’re married .” She choked slightly. “It’s crazy, honestly.”

    Pipit glanced over at her, a soft smile tugging at his lips. As Kestrell and Robin ended their dance and Skyloftians began to move onto the dance area, Pipit leaned forward towards Karane. “Thanks for being such a good friend, Karane,” he whispered, and then he pressed a tender kiss to her cheek. He felt her face warm beneath his lips before he pulled away and stood, offering her a hand.

    “Might I have this dance, milady?” he said with a warm grin.

    Karane giggled a trifle nervously and accepted his hand. They moved into the circle of dancers, and Karane rested her head on Pipit’s shoulder with a deep sigh, closing her eyes.

    Link and Zelda, meanwhile, were getting thirds on Piper’s delicious chocolate cream pie. As they turned away from the table, Zelda’s eyes fell on Karane and Pipit as they danced. “Link!” she whispered, poking the boy in the ribs. “Link, look!”

    Link glanced up briefly from his pie to see Karane and Pipit dancing. “Yeah, what about it?” he said, and Zelda rolled her eyes. The boy was so oblivious.

    “They like each other, and they’re dancing ! It’s a good sign!” she hissed at her friend.

    Link blinked sleepily at her, taking another bite of pie. “Okay, Zel.”

    Zelda huffed in impatience. “Oh, you. You’re hopeless, you know that?” She snatched his pie plate out of his hand, set it on the dessert table, and whisked him away to dance, ignoring his protests.  As she and Link swept past Karane and Pipit, Karane winked at Zelda knowingly, and Zelda blushed, knowing full well that Karane was amused by her and Link dancing. In return, Zelda let go of Link briefly and made a heart shape with her hands while gesturing at Pipit, which caused Karane to turn red. They grinned at each other before being swept away in the crowd.

    Karane looked up above her and Pipit’s heads at the rose-shaded evening sky above, a happy sigh escaping her. Life was good right now. Yes. She was sure that everything would be wonderful from here on.

    But of course, she couldn’t have known what was about to happen.

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