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  • Reminder that IDs (Image Descriptions) are there for a really important reason and if you reblog any of the gifs or content someone has IDed, please keep the IDs there and don’t remove them. This applies to all fandoms. IDs are there for people who use screen readers. They are there so EVERYONE in a fandom can participate. Thank you.

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  • #hello?? HELLO??????????????? #being called the originator of the houlifield movement has made my whole week like #mash#tv: mash#fanfiction#otp: houlifield#otp: hunnihawk #anon this is virtually everything #i'm gonna go leave a more substantial comment rn #anon
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  • The way i know most all the anonymous asked from thechanbaeklibrary but i forgot the title and how to search them? As a reader i want to help but i am helpless too lol

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  • Fandom: Uta no Prince Sama

    Summary: There are moments where Suika can’t help but crack a smile.

    Genre: Fluff/Romance

    Rating: General

    Warnings: None

    A/N: Just a cute fluffy drabble I wrote while I was playing around with a Picrew.

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    #uta no prince sama #utapri#UtaPri OC#utapri fanfiction #uta no prince sama oc #tokiya ichinose (mentioned) #suika kawakami#suikiya #tokiya x suika #fanfiction#fanfic writers #writers on tumblr #uta no prince sama fanfiction #self indulgent writing #reblogs are encouraged #reblogs are appreciated #reblogs are welcome #diamondpencilsz#diamond's fanfictions#diamond's ocs
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  • Two young ladies, mid-twenties, are waiting in a queue. A few yards away from them sits a young man behind a table, signing pictures and talking to other girls with a smile on his face. The two ladies sighed.

    “Such a beautiful man,” the blond one said.

    “He really is,” the brunette replied.

    They stood still as they stared at the man behind the table. A person behind them tapped one of them on the shoulder. The blond looked quickly over her shoulder and saw an Asian girl.

    “Uhm, excuse me? Can you please move on?” she asked with a severe Asian accent.

    The blond lady looked in front of her and saw a large gap between them and the queue.

    “Oh shit!” she called out and started running while dragging her friend with her.

    A few moments later it was their moment.

    “Oh my god, my heart is racing like an idiot,” the brunette admitted. “Please hold so I won’t fall.”

    The blond took her hand in hers. They took a few steps and they stood in front of their idol, Sebastian Stan.

    “Hi,” he greeted with a sweet soft voice. “How are you?”

    “To be honest, I’m about to faint. My heart goes crazy right now,” the brunette stuttered.

    Sebastian looked up at her, slightly shocked at his brunette fan.

    “Okay, just keep on breathing. In and out, steadily.”

    The fan nodded and took a few deep breaths.

    “You’re doing great,” the actor acknowledged.

    He grabbed a picture of himself as the Winter Soldier and opened a black marker.

    “What’s your name, sweetie?”

    “Anouk,” the brunette answered, still stuttering.

    Sebastian wrote down her name and a small note on the picture. After that he took another picture in his hand, this one is the picture of his profile on IMDB. He looked up at his blond fan.

    “And what’s your name?” he said as he looked at his blond fan.

    “Gertrude,” she answered. “But you can call me Trudy.”

    Sebastian looked up in shock as he heard her name the first time. He stared at her with big eyes. In her name he heard a certain sound he never heard before.

    “Say again?”

    Trudy blushed and looked slightly away from him. She feels embarrassed about her name.

    “It’s Gertrude,” she sighed as she gazed at the picture below his hand.  

    Sebastian noticed she was ashamed when she told her name. Then he heard his personal assistant clearing his throat and saw him pointing at an alarm clock, which was ticking the time away. Quickly he wrote something on the given picture and placed the lid back on the marker.

    “I’m so sorry, but I have to go now,” Sebastian apologized.

    He stood up, reached out his arms and embraced the two girls.

    “Thank you so much for coming,” he mumbled in their ears.

    Slowly he released them and walked away, leaving them in complete shock. A security guard went over to Trudy and Anouk.

    “Ladies, please walk this way to the exit.”

    They took their belongings and in a trance they walked out of the venue.  Once outside they took a seat in a small lawn. A moment of silence.

    “Did he just hug us, without us asking for it?” Anouk broke the silence.

    “Yeah,” Trudy responded absent. “I guess he did.”

    Anouk looked at the picture in her hands. She smiled when she read the message:

    Dear Anouk,

    Just keep breathing. Someday everything will be okay.

    Love, Sebastian.

    And his autograph below the message.

    “What did he write to you?” Anouk asked her friend.

    Trudy looked at hers.

    Dear Trudy,

    I really like your name. It sounds special to me. Keep on smiling.

    Love Sebastian.

    Trudy smiled and kissed Sebastian’s nose in the picture. Both girls laid down in the grass and gazed into the sun. Another moment of silence.

    “Isn’t he the best?” Trudy asked.

    “He is,” Anouk smiled. “He really is.”

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  • does it count as “kill your gays” trope if everyone else besides the gays dies too?

    #the gays#lol#writing#fanfiction #is this enough tags? #question#questions#tropes #i think this is enough tags #there are never enough tags
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  • Inspired because I’m re-reading CSB for science and from Salivating-Greed’s post a week about about favorite lines you’ve ever written. But writers, what is the biggest lie your character accidentally told? -or- promise they meant to keep but couldn’t. 

    from Chapter 15 of Cherry Soda Boy Reno says to Cloud:

    “Do you really think, if push comes to shove, I’m going to let him do anything to you?”  He finally brings his eyes to rest on me and he looks sincere- staring directly into me as if upset that I would even infer that his loyalty wouldn’t lie with me. “No but offense, you’re an easy target,” he continues with a bitter tongue and I scrunch my face as if I swallowed a shot of whiskey. “You wear your emotions on your face. So he feels he can get inside your head and it makes him feel better about himself. But I would never let him actually try to get you in trouble. Or hurt you. I promise.”

    And readers, what twist in a fanfiction had you on the floor/pissed/crazed/or any other intense emotion???

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  • I’m seeing a lot of discussion on fanfic, art and critique on my dash again and I don’t think I have much to add that’s useful to the discussion except the following:

    We really need to hammer down exactly what “anti” means.

    I’ve seen anti used in such a wide variety of contexts that I can really see it causing some confusion in these discussions. I’ve seen it used in regards to serious topics that I think everyone can agree are sensitive to like a group of people who don’t like a ship because of entirely persona choices (so nothing to do with age gaps or abuse just personal preference). And I think that lack of universal usage or perhaps the watering down of the term really makes folks able to further bad faith arguements for those less informed

    I don’t have a solution to this by any means, but I thought it worth bringing up if only so we can have more productive conversations on handling sensitive topics in fic as a whole. It’s not productive to lump minor quibbles about perhaps a ship you just dislike because you dislike the character with something as massive as a societal evils. I don’t think it will stop bad faith actors in arguements but it will at least stop folks from dismissing legit concerns because of termology confusion.

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  • This is my entrance for Day 1 of the September Macgyver Whump Challenge

    I know I’m late to my own challenge

    Episode Tag to 2.04

    As soon as Jack sees Mac pop up on the facial recognition program Riley had set up to scan for Mac’s face, he runs to his car and drives to the address as fast as he can.

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  • Trigger/Content Warnings: Mentions of character death

    Author’s Notes: So as I’m sure you can all tell from my recent posting, I’ve started playing “Among Us” and I’ve quickly become hooked. Some games are short and not very serious, but others have been filled with emotion and I’ve played with some awesome people. This piece is loosely based off a particular game I played, although I changed the names just for everyone’s privacy. So I guess these are technically OCs now, if people want to see more of them? But to all the people I’ve played with, you guys are great! Hope to run into you again sometime soon!

    “Dead body reported by Crewmate Orange. Corpse found: Crewmate White. All remaining Crewmates report to the Cafeteria immediately.”

    Leora nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden announcement, blinking up at the nearest loudspeaker. Things had seemed to be going relatively well for a while, with no bodies being reported, but she should have known that the peace would only last so long. While MIRA HQ was fairly big, it wasn’t that big, and if there were Impostors running around killing Crewmates, it would only be a matter of time before someone stumbled across a corpse left in their wake.

    While she was of course wary about the entire situation, she couldn’t help being a bit irked. Somehow the Impostors had slipped under MIRA’s radar during screening and had managed to stay hidden during the entire ride on The Skeld and it was only once they had gotten all the way to Headquarters that MIRA apparently had realized something was amiss.

    She still remembered the announcement as they had started to make themselves at home at MIRA HQ – “There are two Impostors among us.”

    The crew had immediately gone into a panic. Yellow had wasted no time slamming the Emergency Button so many times that the crew had ended up ejecting him. His constant talking had them convinced that he had to be one of the Impostors, because no one else would be so accusatory towards the friends they had made on the way here, right?

    But as his body had fallen through the clouds, that announcement had sounded once more – “Two Impostors remain.”

    It had been very silent around the Cafeteria table after that as everyone processed what they had just done. How could MIRA have technology advanced enough to figure out that there were shapeshifters within the crew, but their scanners weren’t intelligent enough to pinpoint who they were?

    The turn against Crewmate Yellow had definitely been a shift in the crew’s dynamic up until that point. They had all become so close with one another on the way there. In training, MIRA had mentioned that on these missions, your crew was like your family and it was easy to form bonds. Of course, that was before any of them had known that not everyone was who they said they were.

    They had even shared their real names with one another so that they didn’t have to constantly call one another by codename, even though it was still easiest to default to that at a moment’s notice. Leora was Red, but she had had no issue giving the crew her actual name. In fact, she had never been the most popular of people back home and these strangers had welcomed her into their midst with open arms. It was nice.

    It made her heart clench to think that now none of them could trust one another. But they had to do what they had to do.

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    #Among Us#mine#lynx tales#writing#fanfiction#fic#video games#OCs #i don't have a fancy queue tag #AU Leora#AU Giant#AU Wiley#AU Paige #Among Us Red #Among Us Black #Among Us Green #Among Us Orange #Among Us Blue #Among Us White #Among Us Yellow
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  • Hi! I hope you’re all doing well!

    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be inactive for 3 months. I was quite busy and still, am…but I’ll try my best to stay active! Of course, I want to have good marks at school which means if I am not so active at first it’s normal! I’m trying to find time to write between school, free time, and my other activities. For the moment, I thought about posting a short story (fanfiction or something else) every two weeks.

    Thanks for understanding and I hope you’ll like my future posts as much as the old ones.

    By the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your likes, comments, and reblogs !!


    #fanfiction#The Flash #the flash fanfiction #harrison wells fanfiction #eobard thawne fanfiction #DCTV#dc tv #DC tv Universe #DC TV SHOW #dc tv series #eobard thawne imagine #eobard thawne x reader #eobard thawne x daughter reader #harrison wells #harrison wells x reader #harrison wells imagine #the flash cw #the flash imagine #imagine #the flash reader insert #harry wells x reader #harrison wells x daughter reader #hr wells x reader
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  • why’s it whenever i’m horny i only find fluff, and whenever i want fluff i can only find r18 content

    #soom.speaks #dude it’s late... i just want to sleep after reading about cuddling suga or tsumu #fanfiction
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  • Okay now I’m fully convinced bnha is just Fan service Fanfiction under a great anime

    Like Mirio, Midoriya, and Eri? Bro two fathers and their kid? Want it to be divorced fathers who are on good terms and both spending time with their kid because they don’t want to take the other out of the life of Eri??? BOOM ITS POSSIBLE

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  • HOW THE FRICK DO I DESCRIBE DANCE?????????? Help. :(

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  • #ereri #eren x levi #riren #levi x eren #eren#levi#fanfiction
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  • The Umbrella Academy (Season 2) - An Allison Hargreeves Story.


    A/N: anon was vague and just said allison in season 2, so i decided to pepper in angst because it’s what i do best. also, i didn’t mention my love for raymond chestnut in this fic but let me just say that i love raymond chestnut. he’s the love interest allison deserved.

    Summary: And she feels the weight of that eternity, now. Claire is gone - pulled from her womb and locked behind a door that is 58 years away and thousands of miles in the distance.


    Originally posted by letitialewis

    It’s 1961 and Allison longs for Claire.

    She’s not even born yet, in this time and place, but there is a wound in Allison (a few, actually - she’s torn and bruised and bleeding all over these bandages). There is a void in Allison’s heart, the size of a six year old girl whose will can’t be separated from the honey-sweet words that catch in Allison’s throat, all these years later.

    I heard a rumor that you love me.

    It’s 1961 and Allison doesn’t know what love means, anymore.

    She had known it, once, in the arms of a man she couldn’t stop thinking of. She had known it, once, as she held a child in her arms, still bloody and new, just born and crying. Allison rubs her arms against her body, holding herself the way she once held a little girl, with all the promise of an eternity spent together.

    And she feels the weight of that eternity, now. Claire is gone - pulled from her womb and locked behind a door that is 58 years away and thousands of miles in the distance. She doesn’t understand how time travel works, but she knows what 58 years means, and what the world she lives in now is like. She won’t live that long.

    Eternity will come somewhere between infinity and now, and Allison will be stuck in this new world (older, once) without the one thing she clinged to most.

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  • Saraan de Kanos’ nephew, tiny Laruhn al Vidas, wants to learn a few moves from Samuel… 

    #mass effect #mass effect andromeda #masseffect fanfic #mass effect oc #mass effect fanart #fanart#fanfic#fanfiction#own character#bioware #mass effect angara #mass effect aya #angara child#little angara#baby angara #mass effect bioware #martial arts#exercies#shadowrun#show me#krita#kritart
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