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  • 20furiousbluebirds
    30.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I do enjoy all the TMA fans who keep talking about what avatar they would be. Like we’d be avatars.

    We are all piles of anxiety discussing our chances in a world full of monsters that eat scared people. Monsters a good 80+% of us are running towards to bang.

    I give us 30 seconds max.

    #the magnus archives #The Entities#TMA#TMA fandom #I enter the fearverse and within seconds I'm on fire #lost at sea #a skeleton #And a smug georgian prick is reading out all my darkest secrets #the spiral is not returning my calls.
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  • liketolaugh-writes
    16.01.2020 - 1 year ago
    #i have to finish friday's fearverse revisions too of course #but you robot has waited for LONG ENOUGH #ask#Anonymous
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  • lj-neko
    24.05.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • tayraur
    13.02.2017 - 4 years ago

    Yesterday was good. It was 38 degrees F and raining but we filmed and took a 45 minute drive out to this place anyways. Still just as beautiful as it is during the summer! Found a mangled baby deer too. So far has happened to us twice...

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  • tayraur
    12.02.2017 - 4 years ago

    After a year and a half too long, I am finally getting to go back and visit my haven. I have only ever been here during the summer season, so I am excited to be able to explore this place and experience it in all of its glory with slightly less mosquito bites…

    Filming is OFFICIALLY starting back up, after a weird and sudden promotion (for me) that set us back even further than before. If anyone is interested in a little bit of a back story, it is completely irrelevant of the slenderman myth (but will be something for all of his fans to enjoy, nonetheless). I started my previous series when I was 17 years old…and man have the years flown by. I’m 21, and I think our storyline is going to be a bit better, since we’ve grown since then. I look back at my old work and am not really that proud of the lack of plot through video. Mainly because my mind kept developing the story and my camera and editing expertise only could do so much. BUT, that was the past.

    We are basing this series off of a somewhat local myth of a south western based town here in Pennsylvania. Taking our own twist on the subject, so hopefully you will all enjoy!

    We have new cast members, back stories, and plot twists. Oh the plot twists. My good friend @cheshireguy78 has been helping me with my storyline and we are excited for this!

    #elisha will no longer be in any of my videos because he is legitimately the biggest fucking sociopath i have ever met #hope you are fucking happy dick #slenderverse#fearverse
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  • bleedwithme08-blog
    19.04.2016 - 5 years ago



    Its been awhile since we last updated Bad shit has happened during that time...

    We were recently sent to clean up and cordon off a house in the more suburban looking part of town Intially suspected it to be your usual ‘under development house that got trashed” We got to the house at 11:44am A Police Cruiser was parked out side with two officers They briefed us about the job which is clean up what was left Yeah... Fucking POLICE OFFICERS???

    We didn’t say anything to eachother save for when we finished the job

    We were Informed later on that a father went on a suicidal craze and shot up his family then himself.

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  • kudzugreene
    17.04.2016 - 5 years ago

    Hello, hello again!

    For those who don’t know me (or don’t remember me, haha), I created the (rather bad) Slenderseries ‘TheTallmanEssays’ and the (slightly better) horror series, ‘Daemonen Krieg’.

    Just wanting to say I’m back, you can move on with your lives.

    #slenderverse#horrorseries#fearverse #??? #why am i posting this #ahahaha....hah
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  • bleedwithme08-blog
    10.03.2016 - 5 years ago


    August didn’t turn up for work today.

    I find this very odd, especially due to his erratic behavior. Allan will be checking up on him after work

    Also, Management has decided we take cameras with us to record the procedure, they’re these nice high quality camcorders too.

    Personally, an Action Cam like a GoPro would be more suited but the video quality ain’t as good.


    I’ll post something soon, Allan gave me the password due to him being busy prepping our gear.

    We’re taking Crohn with us this time.

    -Rajyat (aka Skinner)

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  • bleedwithme08-blog
    09.03.2016 - 5 years ago


    Yeah so, August went ballistic at Skinner.

    Things calmed down after we got to the next site... Like the last one, handyman tools EVERYWHERE. More grey paint blobs too, guess these guys had the same painters like the last place.

    Again, respirators prepped, filters packed, flashlights ready. Got a feeling Skinner’s mask might be broken tho :/

    He kept coughing and spluttering (no he isn’t a smoker). Might head to the clinic shortly, I’ll post if anything intriguing happens.


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  • bleedwithme08-blog
    08.03.2016 - 5 years ago


    Agreeing with Allan on this one

    August is acting incredibly odd. -Rajyat

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  • bleedwithme08-blog
    08.03.2016 - 5 years ago


    So Contractors do not want us going back to site markland over saftey concerns.

    Not a single fucking clue what was so dangerous we didn’t see a damn thing :/


    We’ll go back when its dark, this just does not sit right with me

    Oh btw Autumn is definitely not himself, Rajyat, don’t approach him Definitely acting weird.


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  • bleedwithme08-blog
    07.03.2016 - 5 years ago


    Contractors sent us over to the site

    Paint cans, construction materials and other handyman shit strewn across the fucking building. Like they all just got up and walked out, got in their trucks and sped off.

    Skinner and Autumn warned us about wearing respirators in case of contaminants like Black Mold, Asbestos and other FUN stuff.

    We put up the contamination warning sign/stickerswtf around the front of the place and went in after taking 20 minutes to figure out where Brahms left the fucking flashlights.

    Guess the buyers like grey since we saw lots of dark grey paint sploches all over the fucking building’s interior talk bout no color sense amiright????



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  • tayraur
    07.03.2016 - 5 years ago

    W e    a r e    s u r v i  v   o  r  s

    Shadows to Dust - coming soon [x]

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