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    🔪 Wild lil bitch 🔪


    You can't escape my love Kakucho♡♡♡

    Kakucho x yandere reader

    Female reader

    Warnings;Stalking,metion of blood,mention of character death,yandere behavior,reader caught a body,

    Manga spoilers of Tenjiku arc

    Would prefer you to read in Goth Rave colors. It helps settle the mood for the story....trust me.

    [G/n]=girls name


    I'm not sure when it started....But I'm pretty sure it was after his death.She needed comfort when he died and for some reason she trund to me. I didnt mind at first, but a lot has changed from her seeking comfort to her following me around,To constantly wondering were I am,To showing up at my house/location out of nowhere,To randomly clinging to me. Many times I would try to get distance form her but she didn't get the point.

    Even if I directly tell her to leave me alone,She'll end up just stalking me till I call her out. Saying that she misses me and she likes being close. Which usually ends with her arms linked in mine and whinging about how I shouldn't leave and she'll never leave me.

    Things over time got wores,Turns out she has feelings for me. They started to develop after Izana death. I was warned about [y/n],How whenever she falls in love she goes of the charts. But I never thought she'll get over Izana,she was head over heels for him.

    Finally she confessed to me, I remember when she ask me,it wasn't like a normal confession that you would see on movies,No,no this was fuck up.

    "Kaku-kun be mine please Kaku-kun if you say no I'll ask you again and again so just say yes now Kaku-kun do listen to what anyone says I'll do anything for you Kaku-kun we don't have to worry about what others think I'll just kill them so it could be just me and you Kaku-kun!."

    I wanted to say no but apart of me had feelings for her. So I decided to say yes,But I wasnt prepared for all the consequences that came with it.

    Being in a relationship with her was complicated. She's constantly has her hands all over me. I can't go a day without her hands finding my way around my torso. Whats worse is she hates it when I speak to other girls. I'm not allowed to even breath next to one without [y/n]threatening to kill her.

    Even though all that,She does have a soft,normal teenage girl side. She'll get shy if I say something or do something flirty,she'll enjoy watching romance movies together to,not to metion she's really good with studying and maintaining her grades.

    "You should buy this it looks cute on you"

    "Kaku d-dont say things like that in public,its embarrassing".

    She would claim as she hides her red face behind her hands.

    "Why can't we watch this action movie instead?".

    "What no!....I really wanna watch this romantic film with you Kaku-kun plzzz".

    "Your not coming [y/n]?"

    "Kaku-kun I wish I could go with you but I have to study....but you know the rules~"

    Thats the side of [y/n] I love,I wish she could be more like that more often.She would eventually start acting normal when she released im not a fan of her yandere side.She'll try her hardest not to react and it'll work to,She was staring to change.

    But it all went down hill over a stupid project,I was partner with a girl in class and [y/n]was not found of the idea. She kept pestering me to ditch the girl and make her my partner,I told her no. I mean I needed a break from her,she was insufficient and toxic, obsessed and desperate.

    "What part of no dont you understand [y/n]!?."

    " Why are you being so mean to me Kaku-kun,I wanna be your partner!".

    "No [g/n] is already my partner and I see you everyday,your so intoxicated and clingy,I can't stand you sometimes."

    "H-how could y-you say that Kaku *sniff* I love you so much but you seem *sniff* like you hate me".

    Tears began to fall down her face as she tries to whip them away with her sleeves. Seeing her cry made the male's heart strings tug,He felt bad so he wrapped his arms around her small frame and pulled her close.He could hear her muffled whines,sniffs n whimpers as she let out her emotions.

    "[Y/n] listen......I-i think we should probably take a break....for now......I still love you but I ment what I said about you before,I wasnt kidding I just need a break from you for a while".

    The girl was silent at first but she said something,After a while but it was muffled .


    She pushed away from him and look down at her feet,a dark shade covering her eyes.

    "Its all her fault.....She did this to you Kaku,my kaku would never say anything like that....he'll never hurt my feelings like that.... she manipulated you into saying that,She wants to take you away from me,She wants you all to her self why can't you see that Kaku-kun!''.

    "Stop comparing [G/n] to yourself,she isn't like you".

    "How dare you....you dare you defend that tramp who's only using you against your own girlfriend!''.

    "Cause her screws aren't loose,she dosent......"

    "Kakucho-kun....you should leave now.......you hurted me......but your actions......will suffer heavy consequences" .

    He wasn't gonna lie,Her words caused him a break a sweat. As he mumbles a goodbye before leaving.

    'Heavy consequences!? what does she mean by that?!'.

    A few days past and [y/n] seem to be fine,She would avoid Kaku she wouldn't even talk to him. But this is what he wanted right? For her to leave him alone right?.But had to be sure,y the hell is she being all nice to [g/n]?

    instead of hanging out with him all day,she began to hang with [g/n]. Kakucho starts to get uneasy feeling about the friendship. Just a few days ago [y/n] was say that [g/n]was only using him and calling her harsh names.But now their all buddy buddy with each other.

    "[Y/n] can you stop for a minute".

    But she doesn't she ignores him and proceed to walk. But this pissed him off,he need answers and answers he'll get.

    "Damnmit [y/n] don't ignore me!".

    He yelled as he grabbed shoulder and pushed her up against the nearest wall. He dosent care if he's being rough,[y/n]isn't some fragile girl that can't take care of herself,Thats what she want you to think to get fooled by her fake smiles and laughs but he knows when she's faking it he knows that this innocent school girl act is all a damn lie. How could he not he witness it first hand.

    "What the hell do you want with [g/n]?". He tighten his grip on her shoulder. He was serious about the situation. But she doesn't respond only looking at the ground.

    "Answer me!".

    "Your hurting me Kakcho please let go!".

    She yelled loud enough for kids down the stairs can hear. A few seconds later there was grip on Kakcho shoulder. He look over to see a male student who about the same height as him.

    'Probably one of [y/n] fanboys'.

    Kakucho knew what she did,She trying to make him look like a bad guy infront of all their fellow classmates and it was working. All that heard her "cry" rushed over to see the commotion.

    "Let go of her asshole". The male said as he tighten the grip on Kaku shoulder.

    Kakucho looks around see all eyes on him held disgust ,fear n anger as they whispers to each other. They all fell into her trap,her wed of lies.And he's right in the middle of it.


    Was all he said as he yanked his shoulder away from the other male and made his way past the crowd,All eyes still on him, He looks over shoulder to see [y/n] giving him a wink. He could read her like an open book,He already knows what she saying in her head;"Haha Kaku-kun this is your punishment". Something along thoes lines.

    The rest of the day was wores,He kept on getting looks from his classmates.He could care less about that.One of the people who didn't look him down was [g/n]. She takes her seat next to him with her usual smile.

    "Good morning Ka-"

    "You should be careful around [y/n]''.

    It was short but its held a lot of meaning to it.

    "What do you mean?".

    "Just be careful around her....she's problematic and manipulative".

    "Thats funny....she said the exact same about you".

    'That bitch!!!'

    He exclaimed to himself

    'Damn what is she trying to pull!?'

    "You could believe whoever you want but I'm warning you...that girl is bad news''.

    He leaves the girl thinking on her seat. Her n [y/n] are gonna hang out today after school,She'll ask her then.

    Kakucho sigh to himself as he walks through the empty halls. Thinking about what the hell he got himself into.


    A voice came from behind before small arms sneak thier way around his waist.

    "Im sorry about earlier....I really am...but you had to learn your lesson somehow".

    "Get the hell off me!''

    He said as he pulled her arms from their grasp.

    He truns to face her,and takes a few steps back.

    "[Y/n] you need help stay from me and [g/n]".

    "Things will only get wores from here on out,Just come back with me Kaku-kun!''

    "Hell no!''

    "F-fine then".

    The schoo day was coming to an end. The dirty looks died down a bit. But the constant vibrate of Kaku's phone was driving him nuts. He pulls out his phone to see:40 unread messages from; [y/n/n]. His eye twitched as he began to read over them.

    Kaku plz respond

    Don't ignore me

    I'm really sorry

    I need you

    I want you to be mine

    She only using u

    I'm the only one who can make u happy

    Don't u not love me anymore

    What did I do wrong

    Please tell me

    I wanna be with you


    The more he reads the more freaked out he gets. But the last few made him go on edge.

    Fine then Kaku

    Don't blame me if something bad happens

    I warned you my love

    Don't blame me if someone ends up getting hurt

    The bloods on your hands my love

    But remember I love you♡♡♡♡


    They leave him thinking about what she send,All while his classmates leave to head home.

    "[G/n]! Let's head to the mall".

    "Sure [y/n] just let me grabbed my shoes from my locker".

    Kakucho looks out the window as all the school kids walk out the gate chit-chating with their friends. He's looking for a certain pair. Finally the two girls walk out the school. Chatting it up with each other. He begins to sweat a bit as he finally realized something.

    The [h/c] girl feels a set of eyes on her,but already knew where they were coming from. She truns around but looks up to were the male stood. They make eye contact,and she smirks giving him a little wave,before truning back to her friend.

    "[Y/n]....you would never hurt me will you?"

    "No of course not,why do you ask?"

    "Uh kakucho told me something....but don't worry about it I didn't believe him anyway".

    "Really that good but don't get fooled by him,But [g/n] let's take this alleyway its a short cut to the mall."

    "Really i always that this was a dead end".

    She wonders as she blindly follows the girl into the alley.

    Till they reach the end,leading them to a wall.

    "Uh [y/n] this is a dead-end". She said as she truns around. Only to see the [e/c] girl glaring at her with large knife at hand.

    "You should have listened to Kaku-kun~♡".

    Kakucho on the other hand was already to late to the scene. Huffing and puffing while he trying to catch his breath.

    There she stood over the body of the girl she just murdered. His eyes grew wide and mouth slightly ajar.

    "Kaku....don't look so shock....I warned you there would be consequences for your actions others warned you to,but you just didn't listen".

    She say this so calmly as her eyes remained emotionless as she stood over the body of the now dead girl,bloody knife in hand .

    ''But its fine now Kaku-kun~~~♡". She said as her wide,sadistic smile appears on her face."The problem is gone the bitch is dead". She steps over the body and over to her lover as she raps her arms around him.

    He dosent move,he allows her to press her blood staind clothes against his body.

    "Now there's nothing that can stand in the way of our love Kaku-kun~~~♡, I hope you understand now when I say I'll do anything for you Kaku-kun,And you understand that you'll never escape my love,Falling in love with me is like signing a contract your stuck with it until you die theres no truning back Kaku-kun".

    She explained as she grabbed his hand and began to pull him away from the alley. She has the biggest smile on her face as she skips along the sidewalk hand still linked with his as she swings them back n forth and as she hears the sound of screaming and shouting behind them.

    But it did bother her one bit,She eliminated the problem and she still has her Kaku-kun♡.

    "When we get home lets cuddle kay Kaku-kun~~♡♡♡?".

    Annnnnnd down finally. That took me 6 hours to write but anyways comments are appreciated


    And if you wanna read my most recent work:

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    Who’s capable of eating up my sexy ass🥵😳😋

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    #witch #males ain't shit #misogyny#feminism#history#healing arts #imagine being this unstable and wretched #threatening women with gender-based violence #after being told that men can't identify as witches #specifically bc of their male violence against females #like #do you own a mirror anon? #how about you take a good long look at yourself and accept that #YOU ARE THE PROBLEM #Jfc
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    Kinktober day 17

    Breast worship || Pegging || Choking

    Jack Daniels x f!reader


    Whiskey’s exterior made him appear as a traditional macho man––one that likes to always be in control during sex to keep his masculinity. In reality whiskey was an adventurous man willing to try everything once so long as the partner was willing. Even if those things require submission, like right now, as you scratch your nails up and down his back, “everything good Jack?”

    He shudders, groaning a little and clenching around the strap on, “Yes, good.”

    Jack had taken everything so well so far, first expressing an interest to see what it would feel like to have that certain spot inside him stimulated. You had been careful that first night, taking him into your mouth and adjusting him to having his hole touched before allowing your finger to enter. He said it felt weird at first as you stroked his walls until you found something that felt like a walnut and he groaned at the feeling. His groans only increased as you continued to finger at it, eventually coming the hardest he’s ever orgasmed ever. Jack decided he enjoyed having himself fingered.

    You upgraded from one finger to two and then finally three. Sometimes he wouldn’t even have to touch his cock to make him come, something that made you feel powerful. From there both of you decided the next best option might be using toys on him. You didn’t go straight to pegging, deciding to first buy an anal hook like device when browsing the sex store. It was good––great even and got Jack used to feeling something un-human like in there.

    But you now knew it was time to upgrade. You both had spent a lot of time in the sex store picking out which harness was the best and which size wasn’t intimidating.

    In the end you settled with a soft fabric harness and a good sized dildo that fit into its place. Not at all the same size as his but you don’t think he’d be able to handle something of his size—You could barely most of the time.

    You took an extra long time prepping him today, edging him by slipping your fingers out before he had the chance to come and then putting them back in to tease him again and again. He was eventually begging for you to finally fuck him with the strap on showing just how much he wanted this––to truly be fucked by you.

    You had positioned him on his hands and knees saying it would be easier for him to take the strap that way. Making sure he was comfortable with pillows propping him up and towels below him, causing him to huff about the fact he usually does this for you. You playfully swat his ass at that, making him yelp and give you a dirty look that makes you giggle. But the tone shifts from goofy to serious when you begin to line yourself up with him, slowly entering him causing him to groan.

    Now here you are fully seated in him, waiting for him to give you a signal and tell you to move, scratching up and down his back to soothe him and get him to untense. Jack seems to calm down after a while, his breathing evening out and muscles untensing becoming use to being penetrated like this, “Are you okay?”

    “Yes,” He mumbled against your sheets, moving his head to look back at you, “please move.”

    You take it slow, thrusting your hips back until just the tip is in before entering him again fully, causing a moan to erupt from his throat., “good?”


    You try to set a slow pace at first, but Jack demands to be fucked hard with the sound of skin slapping against each other coupled with his moans. He is abashed like this, hands scratching against the cotton sheets and mouth a gape, unable to stop the deep groans that come every time you strike against his g-spot. His skin is blushed red, especially around his neck and face and you know that if you could properly see his face you would be able to see his eyes a little teary eyed from pleasure.

    You're a little rickety with the motions, not used to thrusting into something to create pleasure. But based on his reactions you know that he is enjoying it. Especially by the way his muscles start tensing up and his groans and moans become high pitched whines, leaning into the idea that he is about to come. You smile, encouraging him, “are you going to come Jack?”

    He nods into the sheets and you chuckle, “come on baby use your words.”

    “Yes,” He whines out hands splaying out on the bed to brace himself trying to focus on getting himself to that height. Giving him some sort of mercy asking him, “do you want me to give you some help? Or do you want to come just like this?”


    “Please what?”

    “Please help me,” the moment he says it you oblige reaching below him to grab at his lube covered dick and begin to slowly jerk his cock, matching the strokes with your own thrusts. The noise Jack makes is deep and painful and his blunt nails dig into the sheets as he comes, spraying his seed onto one of the towels you put in place earlier. He keeps going for a while––a long load due to your direct attack on his prostate that makes it seem neverending for him. But it does end and it leaves him boneless forcing him to fall forward, probably resting in some of his own seeds.

    You release his dick as soon as the last drop comes out and he shakes from overstimulation, rubbing up and down his sides to cool him down. You're careful when you move to exit him, not wanting to cause more strain to the hole that you abused. You give his back a kiss before entering aftercare mode, taking off the harness and dildo, and then going to get a wet flag. You take good care to to flip him over and clean him up, wiping the lube from between his legs and wiping the cum off of his stomach and dick shushing him when he groans from overstimulation.

    After everything is taken care of, dirty towels and toys deposited where they should be, you place a cup of water on the bedside table and join Jack in the bed. You pull him into your arms, head pressed into your boobs and you scratch his scalp trying to lull him to sleep when he mutters into your skin, “pegging definitely stays.”


    I got a cards against humanity card today that said getting pegged, so get pegged whiskey.

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    Stop eating ‘draw’ soup in public, agents of darkness use it to possess humans – Female Pastor warns [Video]

    Stop eating ‘draw’ soup in public, agents of darkness use it to possess humans – Female Pastor warns [Video]

    Stop eating ‘draw’ soup in public, agents of darkness use it to possess humans – Female Pastor warns [Video] A female pastor has advised Nigerians who love eating ‘draw’ soup in public to stop doing so. Draw soup is a common name for soups like Okra and Ogbono soup which are predominantly eaten in Nigeria. According to the clergywoman ‘draw’ soup is being used by agents of darkness to initiate…

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    #agents of darkness use it to possess humans – Female Pastor warns [Video] #Stop eating ‘draw’ soup in public
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    ─ site models icons.

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    #still have to finalize but she finally looks more like herself ingame woop #cyberpunk 2077#cp2077#female v #don't mind me i'm going thru some shit rn and this kept me occupied #love her#just vi#screenshots cp2077
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    The see brings a sad day.

    Oh, what a daze we are all in.

    We are trapped in a cabin filled

    with gladness

    we can only hope to bathe in.


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    "I find it funny that for a psychopathic female merely walking around at night mildly drunk is risk taking behavior.

    But for a psychopathic male, they have to rob or shoot someone for it to be considered risk taking behavior in the same way."

    - Unknown Female Psychopath in her early 20s, early 2000s.

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    A Bright New Boise

    by Samuel D. Hunter

    Female, Dramedy

    ANNA: You know I've had a lot of co-workers like you, super religious guys who try to get me to go to church with them, these little whattayoucallthem, evangelical churches? I even went a couple times. They'd see me sitting and reading my books or whatever, and they'd think, now there's someone who needs help. But let me tell you, I don't need any help, and these churches? No different from a fucking Hobby Lobby, I'll tell you that much. Everyone wants something. So don't think that you know me.

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    ~The Ballad of Buck Ravers~

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