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    #IT JUST HURTS DOWN THERE!!!!!!! #i don’t like this !!!!! #i’ve never really had this pain before MAKE IT STOP #also idc i have most female followers so if this bugs u then bye
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    Playing warzone!

    You know what to do 👇🏻


    #haileytayy#female gamer#gamer girl#female streamer #follow for more #let’s game #call of duty #cod#warzone #call of duty warzone
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    you can’t make this up 

    #invincible #it's too sad #the amber hate in invincible is insane #she's just a teenage girl and gets more hate than genocidal murderers #adding her to my disproportionally hated female characters list rip
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    Miss American Pie

    Chapter Two: The Perfect Partner Project

    Yelena Belova x Fem!Reader

    Summary: After you’re freed from Dreykov’s control you team up with Yelena and Natasha to take down the red room.

    “I thought you got a jet?” Yelena cocks her head to the side, as you approach the decrepit helicopter.

    “I asked for one.” Natasha mutters, under her breath.

    “This isn’t a jet.” You add, the closer you get, the worse it becomes.

    “I realize that!” The man who’d been standing with his back to you whips around to defend himself. This must be Natasha’s friend. “But you know what you didn’t give me? Time. Or money. I’m not made of jets.”

    “Aww, he’s sensitive.” Yelena coos, “I see why you keep him around.”

    “I’m not sensitive.” He protests.

    “Of course not,” you smirk.

    “Listen you-“ he breaks off. “Who are you again?”

    “Y/N Y/L/N,” Yelena introduces you, climbing aboard. “She’s my partner…friend, lover.” She shrugs, “the list goes on. You name it really.”

    “Girlfriend works.” You chuckle, joining her in the cockpit.

    “What? No! You’re much more important than girlfriend. I would never call you that.” Yelena waves a dismissive hand. Getting a feel for the controls.

    “Wonderful,” the man acknowledges your many titles.

    “Thanks for the ride, Dick.” You salute him through the front window.

    “It’s Rick,” he calls back.

    “I know.” You give him a thumbs up. Waiting until he turns back to his conversation with Natasha. Taking the opportunity to lean down, kissing the top of Yelena’s head.

    She cranes her head back to see you.

    You kiss her forehead, then nose.

    “Hey!” She pouts as you withdraw.


    “I want a real kiss.”

    You roll your eyes, “how silly of me.” Closing the distance between your lips.

    Yelena sighs against your mouth. Grabbing the back of your head to pull you closer, until an exaggeration throat clearing tears you apart.

    “We don’t have time for this.” Natasha, of course.

    Yelena scowls at her, “yeah, yeah.”

    That doesn’t stop you though. Generally speaking it’s going well. Until one of Yelena’s shots triggers an avalanche.

    “Woah.” She marvels at the scene before you, her masterpiece. “Now this would be a cool way to die.”

    “Yeah,” you holler back, sarcastically, over the chaos.

    “You were getting no where with your tiny guns.” Yelena points out.

    “Slow and steady wins the race,” you remind her.

    “Fast is better. Solves problems.”

    “And clearly creates new ones.” You jerk you chin toward the mountain.

    “Get us out of here!” Natasha’s voice blares through the headset.

    “I’m on it.” Yelena assures her. Moving into a better position for extraction. “Watch the side window.”

    At her request you shuffle to the main ship. The prison guards are still putting up a fight. Inmates running in every direction.

    “Alright, Natasha’s with us.” You confirm, once she’s secured her place on the black hanging rope. “Circle between the walls on your left to grab Alexei.”

    “Yeah, no problem.” Yelena snarks, steering the plane away from another explosion.

    “You’re doing a great job, baby.”

    “Don’t lie to me!”

    “Fine,” you huff. “The spot is tight and the angle is bad. I don’t know how you’re gonna pull this off.”

    Yelena is silent, processing the information. “Lie to me a little.” She amends.

    “You got this.” The blinding wall of white threatens to swallow Alexei whole. You’re holding your breath too as the rope moves past the metal bridge he’s standing on.

    “Well?” She yelps, impatiently.

    “I don’t know. I can’t see.” Once the snow and ice clears, you spot two figures carefully scaling the rope. “Yelena?”

    “Hmm.” She hums, expecting the worst.

    “I knew you had it.”

    “Yes,” Yelena sighs, before falling into easy laughter. More invested in this than she will ever admit.


    Unfortunately, entertaining as Alexei may be, he has next to no information about Dreykov.

    Instead he drawls on and on about how the man wronged him. Stuck him on that “boring mission” in Ohio. Then tossed him in jail and threw away the key because of…hair? A party?

    You weren’t entirely sure. You excuse yourself to the vacant seat beside Yelena. Giving her thigh a reassuring squeeze.

    Full lips twitch up into a grin.

    “Tell us where the red room is.” Natasha grumbles.

    “I have no idea!” He shouts, and then in Russian. “Why don’t you ask Melina?”

    “Mom Melina?” Yelena whips her head around.

    “We thought she was dead.”

    “You cannot kill a fox that swift,” Alexei sucks in a breath.

    You choke on your own saliva.

    “Ew.” Natasha winces.

    “What?” The man shrugs. “She was the master mind. His architect.”

    “Are you telling me that Melina works for the red room present day?” Natasha leans closer.

    “Yes,” he nods. “Remotely, outside Saint Petersburg.”

    “I don’t think we have enough fuel for Saint Petersburg.” Yelena decides, after checking the needle on the gauge.

    “We’ll make it.” Alexei waves away her concern.

    “Ok,” Yelena mutters.

    You look over at her.

    “We’re not going to make it.” She mouths, with a shake of her head.

    You smirk, closing your eyes and relaxing into the seat. It’ll be nice while it lasts.

    Before long you’re falling into a controlled crash, at the Saint Petersburg city limit.

    “So,” Yelena jumps out onto the dirt. “Are we there yet?”

    “No, you will know when we are there.” Alexei begins snorting like a pig.


    You take a seat in the chair opposite Yelena inside Melina’s humble abode. Her pigs can be heard carrying on out in the yard and Alexei’s early snorting makes perfect sense now.

    Your eyes dart around the three women at the table uncomfortably as noises continue erupting from the bathroom. “Everything alright in there?” You bellow, loud enough for your voice to carry down the hallway.

    Another groan is the only response.

    “Let’s drink,” Melina’s voice breaks the tension. She fills each of your shot glasses in turn.

    “Thanks,” you raise the clear liquid and toss it back. Feeling it burn it’s way down your throat before going back for another.

    After a moment a clunking from the doorway calls your attention.

    “It still fits.” Alexei announces, having stuffed himself into his old costume.

    Melina whistles, with a slow clasp as he approaches the seat at the head of the table. “I never washed it once. Come eat.”

    He hums a tune under his breath, reliving days gone by. “Look at us, family back together again.” If you didn’t know better you’d think it was sweet, he seems…happy.

    “Well,” Melina swallows, dishing mashed potatoes onto his plate. “Seeing as our family construct was just a calculated ruse that only lasted three years, I’m not sure we can use this term anymore.”

    “Agreed,” Natasha perks up. “So here’s what’s going to happen-“

    “Reunion then.” Alexei offers instead. “I want to say something right off the bat.” He says to the woman who’d once been his wife. “You haven’t aged a day. Just as beautiful and supple as the day they staged our marriage.”

    Melina moves closer, “you got fat, but still good.”

    “I just got out of prison,” he confesses, “I have a lot of energy.”

    “Ooohooo.” The older woman exhales.

    You can’t help the bubble of laughter that forces its way from your chest. Covering your mouth with your hand as Yelena takes another shot.

    “Please don’t do that.” Beside you Natasha looks physically ill as she protests. Swallowing down her disgust she begins again. “So listen. Here’s what’s going to happen.”

    “Natasha don’t slouch. You’re going to get a back hunch.” Melina flicks her fork in Natasha’s direction.

    “What? I’m not slouching? I don’t slouch.”

    “Eh, listen to your mother. Up! Up!” Alexei joins in.

    “I told you, I don’t want any food.” Yelena pushes her plate away.

    “Eat a little something Yelena, for God’s sake.” Melina says, piling food onto her plate.

    Yelena groans.

    “Are you kidding me? Stop it all of you. This is ridiculous.” Natasha bites out.

    “Me? I didn’t do anything. That’s not fair!” Yelena argues.

    “It’s true, she’s just sitting there.” You shrug.

    “Here’s what’s going to happen,” Natasha roars, effectively silencing the room. “You’re going to give us the location of the red room.”

    Melina purses her lips, avoiding the topic. “It’s like when you told them they could stay up to catch Santa Claus.”

    “That was fun!” Alexei recalls. “Look out girls, he comes down the chimney. And when the cookies are gone you know he is there.”

    Melina clicks her tongue.

    “What? I want them to follow their dreams, shoot for the stars girls.”

    “No good.” Melina disagreed.

    “Killing Dreykov isn’t a fantasy. It’s unfinished business.” Natasha looks between the two of them.

    “You cannot defeat someone who commands the very will of others.” Melina says, softly. “You never got to see the culmination of what we started in America. After the perfect partner project was rejected, we took a different route.”

    “The perfect partner project?” You repeat, racking your brain. You’ve heard that somewhere before.

    “Why’d Dreykov scrap the project?” Natasha’s voice cracks like a whip.

    “I don’t know.” Melina’s eyes dart down to her plate.

    You can see that she’s lying.

    “That’s when we turned our focus to chemical subjugation.” Melina continues, “the control is so profound that when the subject is instructed to stop breathing. They have no choice but to obey.”

    Yelena shakes her head. Perfect lips turned into a frown. Hazel eyes glistening with tears as they meet your own.

    “That’s enough.” You warn the older woman, seeing the expression. The last thing you want to do is cause her anymore pain.

    “No.” The blonde insists. “Tell me more about the partner project.”

    “Yelena, we don’t have to do this.” You shake your head.

    “Yes, we do.” Yelena slams her fist against the table in frustration.

    “The extraction was messy to start. A high profile missing children’s case in North America. But the bond was very strong. Enhanced through targeted conditioning and subliminal messages. Until something happened that Dreykov did not anticipate.”

    “What happened?” Natasha wonders.

    “The girls became…attached.” Melina’s mouth twitches, “so they were separated.”

    “Do you know who they tested on?”

    Melina’s guilty eyes land on you. “I am sorry.”

    “No,” you suspected, maybe. Somewhere in the back of your mind. You spent the first six months in the red room under solitary confinement. Rapidly and rigorously conditioned in a matter of weeks instead of years. Preparing you…for her. The teenager girl you couldn’t stand, the woman you eventually came to love.

    “You,” Yelena laughs, although it’s not particularly funny. “Us.”

    “Yelena-“ you reach for her hand across the table.

    “Don’t,” she snaps. “Don’t tell me that it will be ok. They stole your life because of me. I never asked them to do that. I never asked for you!”

    “I know.” You assure her. None of this was ever her fault.

    “That’s right, because you know everything. Don’t you, Y/N?” Yelena scoffs, her hands balling into fists on either side of her dinner plate. “You know what I think. You know what I feel. Look at you. Ready to come out of your own skin because I am unhappy. Prepared to move mountains, prepared to start wars.”

    “Like you’re any better.” You challenge, she knows you like the back of her hand.

    “That is my point!”

    “I’m sorry that this happened.” Alexei interrupts. Surely gearing up for a ‘father of the year’ speech. “But we are here now. All together! Wasn’t that worth a few years of-“

    “Shut up!” Natasha growls at him. “You are an idiot.”

    No response.

    She moves her attention to Melina, “and you’re a coward. You’re a coward. And our family was never real. So there’s nothing to hold on to. We’re moving on.”

    “Never family, huh?” Alexei throws up his hands. “In my heart I am simple man. For a couple deep undercover Russian agents I think we did pretty great as parents.”

    “Yes,” Melina nods her agreement. “We had our orders and we played our roles to perfection.”

    “Who cares? That wasn’t real.”

    “What?” Yelena’s voice breaks.

    “That wasn’t real.” Natasha repeats for emphasis. “Who cares?”

    “Don’t say that. Please don’t say that. It was real. It was real to me. You are my mother!” Yelena all but sobs. “You are my real mother, the closest thing I ever had to one. The best parts of my life were fake.” She pauses, drawing in a steadying breath. “And none of you told me.”

    You swipe at the tear that escapes your eye. Traitorously running it’s way down your cheek. It was never fake. Perhaps arranged, but never fake. The way you want to wrap her up in your arms, protect her from her own sadness. The way your heart breaks in time with hers. That is real. It has to be.

    She turns back to the woman who she considered a mother. “Those agents that you chemically subjugated around the globe…that was me too.”

    Finally she addresses Natasha, “and you. You got out. It is impossible to escape. Are you going to say anything?” A pause. “No.”

    She pushes her chair from the table, taking the bottle with her as she stands. Turning her back in the four of you.

    “Yelena.” Natasha calls after her. Guilt eating away from the inside out.

    “No.” Yelena dismisses her a second time. Moving into the next room and closing the glass doors behind her.

    You look down at the plate of food in front of you, now lacking any appeal.

    “I had no idea.” Melina whispers, wringing her hands.

    “I’ll go to talk to her.” Alexei offers, rising to his feet.

    “About what?” You hum, “how you handed her over to a life of pain and suffering at the age of six? How you experimented on her? How you didn’t come back for her? Yeah. I’m sure that’s just what she needs right now.”

    With that you excuse yourself, back out to the front yard. Slowly circling the perimeter of Melina’s cottage. Not looking for anything in particular. Just killing time until someone produces information about how to get to Dreykov.

    The blinding light that appears moments later catches you off guard. A team of men exit one of the three circling planes. Since you couldn’t find the red room, this is the next best thing.


    Waking up is disorienting, coming to from a tranquilizer always is. It’s bright, almost blindingly so. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust. You attempt to use your hands to cover them, only you can’t move your hands.

    Leaning up as much as your restraints will allow you discover that you’re strapped to an operating table. And you’re not alone.


    “Miss American Pie,” she drawls from a similar position. Neither of which gives you much chance to escape whatever fate awaits.

    “You’re not allowed to die mad at me.” You grumble, stealing a glance at Yelena.

    “I’m not mad at you.” She blinks slowly, as the surgeon marks a clean line at the perimeter of her hairline. “I’m just mad.”

    “Yeah,” you let out a laugh, turning back to the light above the gurney. “Me too.”

    “You are my perfect partner.” She murmurs, while gloved hands busy themselves with preparations. “I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.”

    There’s a beat of silence between you. Acceptance…peace. “I love you, you know.”

    At this Yelena smiles. A genuine, happy, smile. “I know.”

    Something to remember her by.

    The syringe at your neck releases a sedative into your blood and you fall asleep. One last time.


    Dying is peaceful, gently rocking in the ocean. Then swaying more violently, giving you the urge to be seasick. Your body should move with the force of it. But something holds you steady, something warm.

    “Yelena?” You croak.

    “Not quite, but there is resemblance, huh?” A different voice greets you.

    “Alexei?” You realize, pushing yourself into a sitting position.

    “That’s a girl, up you go.” He says, clapping a hand against your back.

    “What happened?” You ask, “where’s Yelena?”

    “Still inside,” Melina confirms. “Brought you here so you’d be safe.”


    “They’re coming.”

    You sigh, ready to jump out the open door of the hovering chopper.

    “What are you doing?” Alexei demands.

    “Going to find them.”

    “Wait! Y/N, wait.” He pleads. “There’s something I must tell you. I tried to tell Yelena but I don’t have earpiece.”

    “What?” Your brows furrow.

    “Never mind that.” He shakes his head. “The point, is you were right. What you said about Yelena. We complete our mission, we move on. But losing her, losing my girls is my biggest regret.”

    “I’ll tell her, don’t worry.” You give his shoulder a squeeze.

    “Please let me finish.” He stops you again. “She carried your unconscious body through burning building, through explosions. This is not easy, you are very heavy.”

    “Oh, Alexei!” Melina scolds him.

    “Not that.” He amends, “you know what I mean. It is dead weight.”

    You nod, “sure.”

    “I look at you together and I see true love and I am happy. You are family now, and this time…we are going to stay together. We’re not leaving without you.” The older man says, helping you onto the metal grate of the falling red room.

    Not a second later an explosion rings through your ears, sending Melina, Alexei and your get away vehicle spiraling to the ground.

    “It’s the thought that counts,” you’ll make a new plan.

    You run toward the flames and gunfire. “Yelena!” You call out, searching the surrounding area.

    “Y/N,” Natasha finds you. “What are you doing?”

    “I can’t find Yelena.”

    “I thought she was with you.” The woman frowns.

    “Well she wasn’t!” You bite out, fear and frustration getting the best of you.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll find her. You go-“ the red head pauses. Her eyes focused on something behind your head.

    You turn to follow Natasha’s gaze. Finding her. Yelena. The wild, unpredictable, firecracker of a woman. On the wing of the jet with Dreykov inside.

    “Yelena! Stop!” You rush over, realizing what she’s about to do. Her staff poised at the propeller.

    She pauses at the sound of your voice.

    “He’s not worth it.” No one is worth it. Not when she is the cost.

    Yelena smiles, eyes alight with mischief, “I love you, you know.”

    “I know.”

    Natasha tries to reason with her. “Don’t do it!”

    “This was fun.” Yelena tells her sister, jamming the propeller and effectively destroying Dreykov’s jet. The force of the explosions sends her backwards, hurtling towards the ground with the remaining pieces of the red room.

    “Put your pack on and jump.” Natasha tells you. Rushing for the nearest parachute. “I’m going to save my sister.” She dives head first over the edge, without putting on her harness.

    “Not if I get there first,” you challenge. This would be a cool way to die.

    Chapter One : Chemical Subjugation

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    Happy Waters Wednesday cult film fans!

    Here's some John Waters pop art to mark the occasion!

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    blind contour line drawing exercise

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    Royal Wedding

    Hi guys! hope you enjoy this. Let me know what you think.

    Pairings: Loki x Fem!reader  

    Summary: Reader is nervous about going to Asgard 

    Warnings: None just fluff

    Word Count: 741


    “So, is everything ready for tomorrow?” Thor asked at the end of dinner. “We are leaving as soon as the sun comes up”

    The team was goin to Asgard for Thor’s wedding, but it looked like Loki was the one getting married. He was so excited by the fact that you were going meet his mother and haven’t shut up about since Thor invited us.

    “Why so early?” You whined. You always hated getting up early. “Isn’t just your magical friend snap his fingers or something and we’re there in a second?”

    “Heimdall” Loki correct you. “And it’s a little more complicated than that, love. I explained to you how the Bifrost Bridge works, haven’t you heard word I said?” He did explained it last night while you were in bed, but you got distracted by his long fingers on your skin tracing gentle circles on you back and forgot to focus on his actual words.

    “Sorry” you apologized with puppy eyes.

    “Well, I’m all set.” Cap said heading towards the kitchen with everyone’s empty plates on his hands. “Course you are” Bucky sarcastically murmured to himself. Wanda was sitting at the head of the table, calmly waving her fingers and using her magic to pour Vision some coffee. “I’m still deciding between dresses, not really sure what to wear to a royal wedding.” “And what are you going to wear??” Loki asked you, genuinely interested. He always loved seeing you all dressed up at Tony’s fancy parties. He was almost hypnotized when you showed up on a green sapphire dress at the last gala. It had a long slit going all the way up your left tight and only a thin silk string placing the dress at you bare back, the silk fitting perfectly you body shape, leaving just enough for the imagination. And even though Loki wasn’t the PDA type, he just couldn’t keep his hands out of you that night (and later on). “Actually, I haven’t even packed yet.” You said looking at him kinda guilty. Natasha laughed across the table. “It’s already past ten, you know Thor’s probably gonna wake us up at six, right?” “Five” Thor correct her and she gave him a grumpy look. “Why don’t you have your things ready yet, my love? Are you not please to go?” Despite the sympathetic tone, you could tell he looked a little disappointed. “Not, that’s not it” You quickly rushed into it. “In fact, it’s the exactly opposite of that. I look forward to see every inch of the place you grew up. But you always talk so highly about Asgard, and the gardens, the fountains and the paintings at the ceiling. It’s not like I can walk around all that wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt. What your mom’s gonna think?” And then he got it. That was the reason you were stalling. He was so caught up at the thought of his mother meeting the love of his existence that he forgot to ask how YOU were felling towards that. He gently touched your face. It was now just the tow of you sitting at the table, you didn’t even notice when everyone left the room. 

    “What if Frigga doesn’t like me?” your voice was just a whisper. “Y/N” He cupped your face on his hands and leaned forward. You could feel his warm breath. “There isn’t a realm in the entire galaxy where you’ll not be liked. That’s just impossible.” He placed a soft kiss at your lips. “I’m sure my mother is going to love nearly as much as I do.

    Your whole body relaxed. You didn’t realize until now how much that was worrying you. And within a second, Loki made it seemed so small, as if the two of you were the only thing that really matter to him. “Well, I better go pack then.” “You know what? Don’t! I’m goin to give you the most beautiful dresses in the whole Asgard” You looked amazed by the idea. The Asgardian clothes was one of the things he always talked about. “Just like on Game of Thrones?”

    Loki laughed. He often finds you on the couch watching the show during your breaks and likes to sit next to you, even though he complains most of the time and says it’s completely unrealistic. “That’s not at all how dragons are born”

    He answer you with an amused smile “Yes, just like on Game of Thrones”

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