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    Crying for characters I’ve carved knowing they live better lives. Torn, emote, and life-changing while I rock back and forth in a chair by a window somewhere.

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    -warning: TW, smut, rape/non-con, yandere

    Topic: Yandere! Tall! OC X F!Reader X Yandere! Short!OC


    -do NOT read if you are uncomfortable; just ignore

    -do NOT fetishize rape/non-con

    -consent is sexy

    -this is a female reader insert, but you can read if you are not/do not identify as a female and is comfortable


    Due to it being close to new year, almost all of the people residing in the area left for their hometown, leaving the usually deserted area more empty as not a single sound of other human being could be heard expect the trio's.

    ". . .and then she did this!" The (h/c) haired female grumbled out in annoyance, before turning to the male on her left who was supposed to be listening to her.

    Instead, his blue eyes were in a daze as he stared straight ahead, while eating a banana.

    (Y/n) felt her eye twitch, before looking forward and then back at the light brown haired male with smirk.

    The male noticed her stare, from the corner of his eyes, and turned to her questionably, before he hit the pole.

    "Serves you right." (Y/n) snickered while sticking her tongue out at him.

    "Ah, you should watch where you are going, Banana Freak." The other shorter male said from (Y/n)'s right side, sneering.

    "Whatever," Azúrē rolled his blue eyes. "It's better than hearing her annoying complains~"

    "Oh well, fuck you!" (Y/n) flipped.

    "aND WHERE DO YOU EVEN GET THOSE BANANAS FROM?!" (Y/n) exclaimed in surprise as he took out another banana.

    "I simply love them." Azúrē replied, calmly munching on his favoured fruit.

    "Cause he's ga-"

    "I AM NOT." He strongly said as he threw a banana at Zuryth, the shorter male. A banana that he fished out from his pants.

    "You keep bananas in your pants?" (Y/n) asked in disbelieve.

    "Lmao, using fake bananas." Zuryth snickered.

    "Not in my pants. It has pockets." Azúrē replied while turning away. "Also, the one in my pants is much larger that the ones I'm eating right now, unlike yours, Shorty." His blue eyes bored in Zuryth's grey ones.

    Zuryth's eye visibly twitched, as he yelled some profanities at the taller nonchalant male.

    "Are you guys seriously comparing your dick size now?" (Y/n) grunted, quickening her pace to reach her beloved home which can be seen 4 blocks away.

    Zuryth snickered before lightly jogging up to the taller girl and tackling her into a hug, wrapping his arms around her torso. "If you want, I can discuss it with you~" He giggled, rubbing his face on her shoulder.

    "Wha-ew, gross! No!" (Y/n) struggled to break free.

    But, Zuryth moved behind her and tightened his grip on her and pushed her forward, making her walk in the awkward position.

    It was not long, before (Y/n) felt two hands secure her armpits from the front and lift her up, snatching her away from the shorter male's embrace.

    "Huh?! Give her back to me, bastard!!" Zuryth screamed, glaring at the nonchalant male, who put the female down on the ground.

    As (Y/n) returned to continue her walk, she felt slender cold arms wrap around her warm waist as she was lifted in the air. Azúrē holding onto her like how a child would be holding their doll.

    "H-hey! Put me down!!" (Y/n) yelped while kicking her feet in the air.

    "Nope." Azúrē said, bending his head down to affectionately rub his head on hers, inhaling her scent slightly before diving in and giving a kiss on her neck.

    "What the hell has gotten into you?!" (Y/n) shouted, feeling unnerved at the actions being displayed to her. "We're in the public!!" She struggled but suddenly halted as a sharp pain shot up her neck.

    Azúrē bit down on her shoulder, grazing his warm tongue along her soft skin, savouring the taste of the female in his arms.

    "Damnit, Azúrē! You always take the first move!!" Zuryth rubbed his head in frustration before going in front of them and smashing his lips on (Y/n).

    "Mph-!" (Y/n) gave out a confused cry, small tears in the corner of her eyes, as she questioned her best friends behaviours.

    "Let's take this to her house, shall we?" Azúrē questioned as he finally moved away from her neck.

    With one final lick on her lips, Zuryth stood straight up while humming with a smirk. "I can't wait to do things to you, (Y/n)~" He purred out as Azúrē rolled his eyes.

    (Y/n), overcoming her shock, thrashed violently in the taller male's arms. "Let me go! What's wrong with you guys?! I thought we were best friends!!"

    "That's what you thought." Azúrē commented as his blue eyes turned dangerously hazy.

    In the dark of the night, (Y/n) saw Zuryth's grey eyes spark like that of a predator eyeing it's prey. Zuryth licked his lips before diving his hands into (Y/n)'s back pocket.

    (Y/n) shouted profanities at the male when she felt him groping her butt. The assault stopped when Zuryth retracted his hands back, with keys dangling from a key chain.

    "Let me go!!" (Y/n) kicked around aimlessly as she felt Azúrē's grip on her tighten. "HELP!! SOMEBODY HE-" (Y/n) pleas where cut off when Azúrē shoved two fingers in her mouth, holding her tongue down.

    "Nobody will come to your aid. Give up. It's worthless." Azúrē spoke monotonously as he slightly rubbed his fingers over (Y/n)'s tongue.

    (Y/n), disgusted by his actions, tried biting his finger only to help when her felt his cold hands under her shirt and slide above her torso, stopping under her clothed breasts.

    "Biting won't help either." Azúrē stated as he took out his fingers while pushing the female forward with force. He, then proceeded to lick off his saliva coated fingers while humming in satisfaction.

    (Y/n) stumbled forward before falling with a THUD! Glancing around while groaning, she realized the residence as her own.

    A pair of foot appeared in front of her. Looking up, she saw Zuryth's almost glowing grey eyes and his lustful smirk.

    "I have waited too long for this~" Zuryth giggled as he crouched down (Y/n)'s level, patting her head.

    (Y/n) slapped his hand away before quickly standing up, maintaining an unwavering posture as she cautiously glanced at both the males.

    "Listen guys," (Y/n) spoke through gritted teeth. "You can stop the act now, and we will forget all about this. And then, watch some Netflix and chill-"

    (Y/n)'s eyes widened as she quickly dodged Azúrē's attempt to grab her shoulder. Stumbling towards Zuryth, she caught her footing and instantly swerved when he tried the same actions.

    (Y/n) spun around and back kicked his head from behind, making Zuryth loose his footing and fall forward atop Azúrē. Azúrē simply scoffed before pushing the male off him, the later falling face first to the floor.

    "(Y/n). . ." Azúrē used a sickening honey coaxed voice. "Just let us do what we need to do. I am quiet certain it will please yo-"

    "Please me my ass!" (Y/n) shouted as she backed away. "What happend to the Azúrē and Zuryth I knew?! I don't even know you anymore! All I see is a horny sloth and a horny Napoleon complex!!"

    "You did not just call me short!!" A blur of black suddenly appeared in front of her, taking (Y/n) back by surprise.

    Zuryth hugged (Y/n), restricting her arms by pinning them to her sides as he buried his head in her shoulders. "Oh, and you surely are going to get it in the ass~"

    Azúrē took the opportunity and hugged (Y/n) from the back, burying his face on her other shoulder. As if in sync, both the males started on suck and bite her shoulders, leaving marks that would take days to go away.

    Despite her struggles, (Y/n) felt a violent feeling of pleasure ripple across her body. Shaking her head, (Y/n) denied to be engaged in such acts with these boys whom she thought was her best friends.

    Finally finding the strength, she placed her knees and rubbed them on Zuryth's crotch making him moan out before screaming in pain as (Y/n) thrusted her knees up with force. He stumbled back, cupping his precious area in pain.

    With her hands now free, she quickly jabbed Azúrē in the face, knocking him off balance.

    (Y/n) hastily ran towards the closed entrance door and turned the door knob left to right. Trying to pull the door, it didn't budge. She tried pushing it, but it didn't work too. She looked slightly up, only to realise it had been locked with a pad lock.

    Cursing silently, she quickly turned back to run towards her kitchen's back door, only to hit against a small frame. Looking down, she noticed Zuryth's grey orbs blazing with anger.

    Gulping, (Y/n) tried to punch him, which he unexpectedly dodged and expertly went behind her to give her a push. (Y/n) fell to the floor, only to get up again and run. This time, she stumbled on a hard chest.

    'Ah shit. Here we go again.' (Y/n) disdainfully thought before Azúrē gripped her by her hair and began to forcefully make his way to her bedroom.

    "Stop!! This shit hurts!! Stop it!!" (Y/n) cried out while mercilessly scratching the male's wrists.

    "Hush now (Y/n)!~" Zuryth giggled cheerily as he followed after. "You are in need of a punishment for being such a bad girl~"

    (Y/n) cringed at his choice of words before feeling herself being shoved, yet again, forward.


    (Y/n) landed on the soft mattress. Barely having the time to turn around and lay her back flat against the bed, Zuryth straddled her waist while pinning her arms above her head. He looked down at her while licking his lips as the lust clouded his eyes again.

    (Y/n) tried to break her wrists free, only to realise the unexpected strength the boy had suddenly gained.

    "You will learn to love us~" Zuryth purred out as he closed the distance between them. "It'll take some time though!"


    "Do you think this is some sort of a one night rape stand. . ?" Azúrē questioned slowly, standing at the doorway with his hand on the knob.

    (Y/n) kept quiet as she gritted her teeth, hatred shrouding her eyes as she darted her eyes between the two males.

    "Oh (Y/n)," Zuryth shook his head while grinning. "We plan to keep you forever with us, until death do us apart! Scratch that, even in the after life!" He brought his excited grinning face towards hers.

    (Y/n) started to feel immense heat and craziness from the boy's eyes as they gleamed with a malicious glow.

    "You are only allowed to talk to us and no one else." Azúrē calmly said, yet with a cold chill, while slowly closing the door as if to taunt her last moments of freedom. "Because, you belong to us."

    With that, the door closed as the girl's helpless pleas and begging fell upon deaf ears.

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    I accidentally made the character I was building for my next campaign FTM trans

    #original concept: shaman spellcaster who constantly hears his dead twin sister's voice #and occasionally dresses and presents as female and lets her take over #i was kinda sad they wouldnt really be identical twins #i rolled the shapechanger power from a table and said 'oh cool now i can become the sister' #then my midnight brain went #but what if. it was the other way around #identical twins where one unlocked shapechanger became male refused to change back #only shapeshifts back to allow his sister to have a female body #(also as a player i have no clue if the entity i occasionally allow control of my body is actually my sister. fun!!) #(my character is 100% convinced)
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    Rikka Character and Rikka Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

    Rikka Character and Rikka Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Females

    【漫画キャラ】アジア人、リッカ嬢とロングヘア。 キャラクタープリセット。 【アクションヘア】ポニーテール。 三つ編み ゴム   Rikka Character and Rikka Hair for Genesis 8 and 8\.1 Females アイテムデータ アーティスト : Panda このソフト、ツールに対応しています : Daz Studio 4.15, Daz to C4D Bridge, Daz to Maya Bridge, Daz to Unity Bridge, Daz to Unreal Bridge, Daz to 3ds Max Bridge, Daz to Blender Bridge 対応レンダリング形式 : Iray & 3Delight 必要アイテム :  Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8.1 Female

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    Brooklyn ‘Snaps’

    #sonic oc #sonic fan character #female sonic oc #reptile oc#sonic#mobian#brooklyn snaps#snaps#oc#original character #sonic original character
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    lady telmarine || sylvia of narnia

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    i’ve lost my hyperfixation on dsmp months ago but apparently there’s now people getting pissy at others headcanoning c!wilbur with she/her pronouns bc it’s “misgendering”?? it’s a fictional character?? i feel so sorry for the people who do not know the joys of headcanoning canonically male characters as transfems and female characters as transmasc jesus christ

    #also nobody said shit abt headcanoning canon characters with they/them prns so what gives #do u guys just hate transfems this much #anyway all your male faves are transfems and all your female faves are transmascs #dsmp#wilbur soot#dream smp#discourse ment#i guess
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    this is really random but anyone else ever notice how media always gives creepy/witchy characters names that are basically just yiddish.

    #and just generally 'ugly' female characters actually
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    Kinktober day 21

    candle wax || dirty talk || A/B/O

    Ezra (prospect) x f!reader


    Before suppressants, being an omega was a truly suppressing life––being shamed by society and forced to be set with a random Alpha as soon as you presented, hidden from the outside world for most of your days. The other option was far worse, stolen from your home and trafficked to satisfy the needs of whatever Alpha paid enough coin. 

    Neither were grand that’s why when suppressants were created it seemed like every omega jumped on board with getting started on them. At first it was just pills––hard to track or discern if you messed up, sometimes leading to problems but better than the life any of them had before and gave more options for omegas. You could live on your own and find mates later in life, but there were still limitations in careers. Omega’s weren’t exactly trusted to handle jobs like prospecting without the risk of their pills running out. 

    But soon they developed a shot that could last you for three months, making short trips onto moons for prospecting more feasible. Then a shot that lasted longer so they could take longer trips. And eventually they came up with an implant that could go in your hip and last three earth years––a nifty invention that made omegas near the same status as Alphas and Betas.The whole reason you were currently harvesting rare flowers on the rural moon Corosone––one that had fresh air you could actually breath. 

    The flowers created special medicine that cured blood ailments that halved lives eons before, making it a good dig site if you were looking for good money. The planet had settlements but they were scarcely populated and towns were far apart from one another. You would usually travel four weeks to remote locations harvesting whatever amount of the plant you could find before returning and depositing at the village––regaining supplies so you could do it all again. 

    You’d do this for a couple cycles, but never alone, because prospecting alone was always dangerous, never mind prospecting alone as an omega. Omega’s typically paired up with Alpha’s, because it always felt safer and if you encountered others you could always pretend to be mates so no one would get any funny ideas. You worked with Ezra for that very reason, a very peculiar alpha with an even more peculiar past, “Gem, I feel it impertinent that we return to our shelter before nightfall. Although this forest has been welcoming, I would prefer not to see its dark side by overstaying our welcome.”

    Ezra had the weirdest diction you had ever heard, but that didn’t bother you––the man was kind and held no threat to you despite your omega form. The only time he had ever made a suggestion at her was in the beginning when he joked that she may become desperate for him under his sweet words that she may want to mate with a one armed alpha despite better judgement. Despite it being a cheap chide at your resolve, you could not help but fall under his charms and had long held desires about what it would feel to be mated by him. 

    You had had a few heats and ruts with an alpha or too before, but never had a full desire to settle down and mate with them, never liking them enough to keep the around. But your desires for Ezra involved settling down, having pups, and feeling him bite into your neck leaving a mark that would last forever. You doubted he felt the same, having such an interesting life as a drifter odd mentions of the green that took his arm and left him with metal, channel rats infesting a campsite, a young girl name cee he took in as his own that was studying at school, and the queens lair that had made him able to take less dangerous jobs like this. He was interesting to say the least, very interesting indeed as you watched him prepare your dinner while you stitched a hole in one of his pants––a victim of a wandering bush branch that decided to latch onto him. 

    Putting one more stitch in, you hear him call to you, “subsistence awaits you gem.” You tie off the stitch putting the project aside to join him in a small common area of your tent––as if the entire tent wasn’t a common area. You two chatted together, Ezra telling you another story of his adventures in his youth––always a misadventure that made you laugh. You yawn at the end of it all, relating that you haven’t been feeling up to code as of late, Ezra staring at you with concerned eyes, “if you feel fatigued my gem may I suggest we take tomorrow off from prospecting.”

    “I don’t want to waste a day”

    “We’re well ahead on our bounty my dove, we have already made enough to value a day off,” he gives you a pointed look and it’s no use arguing with him and little do you realize you’ll be needing more than a few days off. You wake with a start as you feel your entire body flash with heat, aching and sweating as a wave of pain radiates from your core. You were in heat. Every now and again Omegas had gotten heats on suppressants, but they were known as fake heats for not being as intense or needy. But this was full blown. Your first one in forever. 

    You whine out, and Ezra awakens, going to inquire about you when the sent of you hits him full force, “Omega––”

    “I’m sorry Ezr––alpha,” you can’t help yourself, you’re instincts making you  unable to not call him by the honorific, “I think my implant failed, it hurts so bad.”

    “What do you need from me––I can take leave to set up an emergency shelter outside––” you interrupt his babbles with a loud groan as pain strikes through your body. You can’t go through this one without an Alpha, you need him to take care of you and be there for you, “I need you to stay and I need you to help me.”

    “No,” Ezra retorts despite being on the  verge of a rut after smelling so much omega pheromones for the first time in months, having a hard time bracing himself, “You do not know what you want––only what your instincts crave for. I will not take advantage of you.”

    “I’ve wanted you,” You wraith, electing to strip off clothes, tossing them to the side to stave off the heat and begin the formation of a nest, “I’ve fantasized about you Ezra––the joke––please help me.”

    Ezra processes your words with a blank face on his face, for once totally speechless before tossing off his shirt, revealing delicious skin as you smell the alpha pheromones spewing off of him. Kevva––”do not fret then, your alpha will take care of you sweet omega.”

    Ezra proved himself the most attentive alpha you had had, helping you set up your nest before diving into you. He had licked and sucked at your leaking hole one over, making you quiver on his tongue before entering you and making you feel how a true Alpha should make you feel. You were now laying spooned together in your nest, first round over with his knot still rock hard inside you. When an alpha and omega are aligned in true ruts and heats, knots could last up to three hours, something you were content with after feeling the pain you had felt without it. Ezra pecks at the back of your neck muttering poetry, “sweet celestial being that tempts me with her perfuming scents of ecstasy.” 

    “Do you only stop your words when you're thrusting into me?” You inquire bleary eyed, turning your head towards him. He gives you an aghast look before bursting into a chuckle, “my my birdie, still have that serpent's tongue after I made you scream?”

    “My voice has had time to recover,” you retort, feeling his cock jump within you and seeing his eyebrows rise. You notice his knot has softened and realize you are in for it as the pang of heat returns, “I’ll make sure it doesn’t this time.”

    “You better mark me then Alpha,” you say without thinking, omega cloud space taking over without wondering if he would even want that. He chuckles, “I’ll ask you about that after another good fucking and knotting my omega––but for now.”

    He maneuvers you with such vigor and care so you are flat on your front––weight pressing into you as he gives and experimental thrust hitting you in the most beautiful place, “let me just make you scream with my cock.”

    It’s safe to say, your return to the local village reveals a large sum of flowers and a mating mark on both of your necks.


    late late late very late much apologies

    #ezra prospect #ezra x fem!reader #ezra x f!reader #ezra x female reader #ezra x reader #prospect#Pedro Pascal #pedro pascal x female reader #pedro balmaceda#pedro nation #pedro pascal x reader #pedro pascal fic #pedro pascal character x reader #Pedro Pascal x Fem!Reader #pedro pascal x f!reader #tppkinktober2021#kinktober 2021#kinktober
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    i have never been in a fandom before that didn’t hate women

    #i mean some were more obvious about it #some less #like w some of them it was literally just hating all female characters bc theyre reddit losers or bc they fetishes mlm #like to the point where fe female actresses would be getting death threats from fans #and ive also been in fandoms where its more subtle #where people just strongly dislike one or more female characters for romance reasons and just strongly hate on them but the undertone being #if they werent a female character they wouldnt be treated as such #not to say just disliking a female character makes you sexist #but theres patterns to these things #movements around how we perceive women in media #and the truth is they are very often despised or pushed to the side in favor of the male leads
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    an ex of hers got her pregnant during high school which caused a minor scandal and put her dreams on hold

    because of supportive parents who are looking after her child she is finally able to go to university, albeit a couple of years behind schedule

    in the absence of her child, she has taken to mothering her two roommates bae and seol

    was not shy to notice that her lab partner - bak ara (roma) is always whispered about behind her back - something heo knows all too well - and decided that the other girl needs a group of friends and drags her on outings with her roommates

    one of the kindest people you will ever meet

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  • neganssavior-fanfiction
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    CHAPTER 4 - Halloween/Walking Dead Characters (Negan x OC)

    Negan hammered a nail into part of a broken set for a float in the Halloween parade. He stared up at a giant, blow up Dracula that sat on top of a wooden perch.

    "Did Carl come by?" Rick approached where Negan worked outside on the town green.

    "Shit!" He purposely over exaggerated a jump scare. "Don't sneak up on me with a hammer in my hand."

    "Did he?"

    Negan leaned an arm on the platform and smiled wide. "Now I don't know why the fuck you give me an attitude when I didn't say 'boo' to your kid wrecking my property." He nodded, "But no he didn't while I was home but I have someone taking care of my dog so I said to keep an eye out."

    "I'm sure you do."

    "I do." Negan smiled again and then continued with his work. "Your kid doesn't happen to have a Michael Myers mask does he?"

    Rick put his hands on his hips. "Do I look like I want him accidentally shot?"

    "I'm just asking because there was someone lurking around my property this morning wearing one."

    Before Rick could answer an older gentleman approached them. "That wasn't the sheriff's son." The two of them turned as the man approached before he went on. "A car was stolen two days ago from Smiths Grove mental hospital."

    "Well I'm afraid that's out of Ricky Dicky Do-Dah's jurisdiction," Negan told the stranger with a chuckle. He continued on with his work.

    "Well it might be in your jurisdiction soon enough. I'm Hershel Greene... I was his doctor."

    "Who's?" Rick asked and then introduced himself with a handshake. "Rick Grimes."

    "Michael Myers."

    Negan stopped what he was doing and turned to him. "You're the badass that shot him."

    "Regretfully," Hershel responded.

    "Well we'll look for the vehicle," Rick assured him. "I'm sorry it was stolen."

    "It's not the vehicle that I'm worried about sherif. It's what's coming for this town tonight."

    "And what's that?" Rick asked.

    "The never found his body... you know that right?" Hershel saw the skepticism in Negan's smile. "There's nothing funny about it son."

    "I just don't believe in fuckin' ghosts... forgive me Doc."

    "When did you see him?"

    Negan stared more intently at Hershel. "Are you going senile or some shit?"

    "Do you have other people there at your home? Because if you saw him they could be in immediate danger."

    Negan stared at Hershel more intently and Rick intervened. "Michael Myers died back in '78."

    "One would think." Hershel replied. "I'm not here to start a panic. I just want you to keep an extra eye out... Tell the men on your force to keep their mouths shut and their eyes open." He glanced back at Negan.

    "I'm going to take my fuckin' cigarette break." He turned his back on the two of them and reached in the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt to retrieve a pack of cigarettes before wandering down the cobblestone walkway.

    When he felt he was out of an ear shot of the two men he reached for his cell phone and called Nicole.


    "Hello..." Nicole answered the phone and reached down to pet the beagle who brushed up against her leg.

    "Nic... you haven't seen that fucker again have you? From this morning?"

    "No." She swallowed hard having distracted herself enough to put it out of her mind. "Why?"

    The dog began to bark and ran toward the front door, prompting Nicole to rise to her feet.

    "Just... keep an eye out," he told her.

    " Is something actually wrong? Should I be-"

    "Some guy is down here talking about a stolen car and some shit."

    "Was it a station wagon?" Nicole felt her cheeks grow hot and then headed toward the door where the dog began to claw as it continued to bark.

    "I'll ask him," Negan told her. "Just... be careful. Call the cops if you see that fuckin' guy again."

    Nicole focused on the front door and tiptoed the rest of the way. She swallowed hard and went against her instincts, pulling the door open to let the dog go investigate whatever it was drawn to. When she pulled the door open she let out a loud scream.

    "Nicole!" Negan shouted on the other end. "Nicole!"

    She continued to alternate her screams with the person on the other side of the door until it registered in her mind that she was face-to-face with Carl.

    "Holy shit..." she put a hand on her forehead as his jaw dropped open in awe from the shock of the moment.

    "Nicole..." Negan's voice continued to summon her desperately from the receiver.

    "Negan, I'm sorry." She huffed a deep breath and then laughed. "The dog was sniffing something out." Nicole looked Carl in the eye and let out another decompressing breath. "I heard something on the porch and it's just Carl."

    "So I fuckin' tell you to be careful and you go out to investigate a strange noise on the porch after seeing a man wearing a mask in the neighbors yard... that's a special kind of stupid."

    His tone was scared and angry. Nicole couldn't blame him. "I know... I just..."

    "I'm sorry doll," he said right away. "This fucker got me spooked over here. I just want to make sure you're alright honey."

    "I'm okay," she assured him.

    "Do me a favor. When the kid leaves come down to the center of town. I'm workin on shit for the parade down here."

    "Okay." Nicole was more than happy to go see him but she knew he wouldn't have asked her to come by while he was working unless he was legitimately worried.

    "Thanks. Text me when you leave."

    "I will." Nicole hung up and turned her attention back to Carl. "I'm sorry," she said to him with a laugh. "You scared me."

    "Well it's Halloween," he said with a smile. "Everyone's entitled to one good scare."

    #jeffrey dean morgan #negan #the walking dead #jdm#negan fic#negan fanfic#negan fanfiction #negan x oc #the walking dead fanfiction #negan x original female character #halloween the walking dead crossover #halloween the walking dead #halloween fanfiction#repost #negan x original character
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    Name: Helphegor Age: 400,000+ years old Height: 1.92 Weight: 80

    Lapsus Explosive Helphegor's emotions are always on edge, which can be good or bad depending on what that emotion is. He always demonstrates his feelings by shouting, whether it's joy or anger, and this scares the reckless who don't know him so well and causes a lot of misunderstandings.

    Melancholy As already said, his emotions are always very intense, that's why his sadness is so intense that it leaves him down for days, sad memories become much bigger than they really are, and he never knows what to do to alleviate this feeling, ending up giving escape to this through anger and, guess what? More disagreements.

    Almost hero His intentions are always good, but the ways he chooses to fulfill those intentions are often misinterpreted, not that it's the fault of those who misinterpret, but Hel himself, who chooses the crudest ways of doing things. This situation is one of the most irritating to him, because it doesn't matter if he tried to do good if he needed to pose evil for that.

    Story At some point after the Kreathos made the decision to sacrifice themselves for life to begin running in Aethra, the Lapsus emerged. They were those Kreathos who disagreed with sacrifice, those who wanted to go on living for a variety of reasons. To that end, these rebellious Kreathos gathered at the safest point during the sacrificial ceremony: the exact opposite point from where the sacrifice would take place, below the Pico dos Kreathos. There the Lapsus would make their own sacrifices in order to continue living, each of them suffered from physical and mental lacerations that would make them what they are today.

    Helphegor started like everyone else, a standard Kreathos with the sole purpose of creating in that empty world, he was always very good at it, but he never had any prominence, because none of the Kreathos did. They never excelled at anything, in fact, at least until Helphegor made an unprecedented discovery: the day and the night, two different time periods.

    Before life began to flow in Aethra, day and night were very similar except for one detail: the sun and the moon. They glowed in their own way and lit up the world uniquely, the Kreathos worshiped these stars and eventually this worship made them the first developed beings of Aethra, after them some Kreathos also began to manifest an evolution and with that, the world was coming closer and closer to evolving as a whole, after a while life would begin to flow into Aethra, thanks to the great sacrifice of the Kreathos. But that's another story.

    One of the Kreathos who became special after the sun and the moon arrives in Aethra was Helphegor. His trigger was the worship of the moon and then a gentle blessing given to him by her. Helphegor was the greatest moon worshiper and there was a time when he often switched the day to night just to be able to find her; after a while others started to do so too, but Hel was definitely the one who started the movement. The moon, flattered by such devotion, recognized Helphegor, and they began a relationship, staying together for as long as they could.

    Deep conversations, passionate kisses, tight hugs and gentle caresses, that's what their relationship was made of; At that time there were not many romantic concepts, in fact love was something unnamed, the Kreathos just made the gestures following their instincts and only when their evolution happened were the concepts of "love" and "romance" established. At this point, perhaps Helphegor and the moon were its precursors, the first romance in Aethra and which is still reverberating among scholars today.

    What could have happened for a romance like this to die? Of course, it was third-party interference. When the Kreathos made the decision to sacrifice themselves to make life run in the world not everyone agreed, not everyone wanted to sacrifice themselves, and they managed to form a small alliance with those who refused to follow through with that mass suicide, especially Hel and the moon. However, she was quickly convinced by her brother, the sun, and eventually many left the alliance because they no longer had the moon's support, so Helphegor was almost alone against so many Kreathos who wanted to go through that sacrifice. The break in their relationship was extremely traumatic for him and even today the Lapsus bears a grudge against the sun,  the one Helphegor believes is the main culprit for alienating the Kreathos.

    On the final day, Helphegor tried one last time to call on the moon to join him and those who would unite to survive, however, she refused and only offered her blessing: keeping all their memories alive. Now, Hel can't tell if this was a blessing or a way of cursing them... Anyway, the remnants were going together to the opposite point of Peak of the Kreathos to conjure a shield, and they all seemed quite excited, especially the bouncy little thing that was Anasthasias at that time, Hel and the moon had spent a lot of time taking care of her when her father couldn't, and at that moment the memories seemed stronger than ever to Helphegor.

    When they arrived at the opposite point of the Peak of the Kreathos, underground in the mountain, Helphegor began to have some disturbing visions when he winked. In these visions, the moon was fighting with her brother, the sun, and they seemed to be arguing heatedly about something. The Kreathos willing to give up their lives to make life run on Aethra were all around them and barely stirred in fright. Helphegor himself got scared, as he had never seen them fighting like that, he was immediately worried about the moon and wanted to go back to find it, but Karduan, as sensible as he could, convinced Helphegor that they should stay there, or they might not have the chance to make it back in time and also reminded Hel that the moon had already  made her choice.

    In the end, that was Helphegor's first and last love. The memories, still vivid in his mind, only serve to remind of what he lost and hurt as if they were recent. This experience brought him enormous difficulty in getting close to others and many problems sleeping, because of constant nightmares, a fact that justifies his eternal bad mood today. And speaking of actuality, Helphegor and the remnants that gathered at the opposite point of Pico dos Kreathos survived and could see with their own eye's life happening and running through Aethra.

    Unfortunately, these survivors lived for a short period in peace in that new Aethra, for soon history was deciphered, and they were branded as devious traitors, the Lapsus. Eventually, all Lapsus were hunted and most preferred to fight to the death than surrender to the masters, those responsible for caring, managing and protecting that world. Helphegor preferred to surrender, otherwise all his efforts and sacrifices would have been in vain, and he would never forgive himself for that, because if it had been to die, he would have preferred to die with the moon. So, now he is being held together with Anasthasias in a prison created by her, which the masters of heaven and earth knows the location. The two masters have decided that leaving them trapped is a good temporary solution for the moment.

    As the forerunner of the movement opposed to the Kreathos, Helphegor was the one who sacrificed the most to maintain his life: his body. Hel's true appearance turned terrible, all the skin on his body was burned and the bones and muscles were exposed, no one understands how he can survive like this. But none of this matters, because the worst was to lose the most important person from his past... Helphegor would never again remember her touch on his arms, his chest, or his face. Lose her was the greatest sacrifice he could ever make.

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    H is for Hair

    Author’s Note: We’re doing two posts in one day because I’m behind on letters vs. days. Also, I managed to keep this under a thousand words. NGL, I’m proud of myself. This will likely never occur again for several years.


    Steve Rogers Alphabet Masterlist

    Word Count: 898

    Warnings: Implied smut, explicit reference, fluffy Steve, 18+ readers only, minors dni

    H is for Hair

    Steve keeps himself reasonably groomed, but he doesn’t buy into waxing and all the modern body hair rituals. He just keeps everything neatly trimmed where it needs to be. There isn’t a lot of body hair on him, a holdover from the days before the serum. When he grew out his beard during his nomad years, he’d been shocked that the facial hair had come in so thick. The rest of his body didn’t get much coverage, super serum or not.

    Because of his training schedule, Steve showers twice a day, after his morning run and again when he’s done with the afternoon sparring session. Those habits mean that he usually stays well groomed and clean. The scent of his soap is always fresh on his throat which you take full advantage of at every chance. When he comes home early right after training, you always go in for a hug just to smell the fresh scent clinging to his skin. His body heat and getting the chance to squeeze his taught butt were bonuses. Steve smelled amazing after a shower. When you steal the shirts he’s worn for the evening to wear as a nightgown, Steve is amused. He suspects nothing. You don’t bother explaining that his scent lingering in the material makes you comfortable. He doesn’t need to have the power go to his head.

    But when it comes to hair, it’s yours that gets the most attention from Steve. He loves playing with it in the morning while you’re sleeping. The texture as he sinks his hand into your hair soothes him. One evening, you decide to take a page out of his book and see if his fascination with playing in your hair goes both ways. The trouble is, reaching the top of his head isn’t practical for you. Steve is a very tall man, and unless you want to announce your experiment and ask for his cooperation, there’s no subtle way to touch his hair. This issue stalls your plans to rumple his golden locks.

    It takes a week of waiting before you find an opportunity to launch your plan. You knew you needed to get him lying down to get your hands into his hair. The morning would have been the best time, but Steve was more of a morning person than you. That killed any chance to sneak your hands into his hair during a morning snuggle. You tended to sleep through morning cuddles and roused only to kiss him goodbye before rolling over into the warm spot he left behind.

    On Saturday he was relaxing after his morning run with Sam. He stood in the kitchen with his second cup of coffee, leaning his hip on the counter and talking to you over the breakfast bar. You were in the living room, curled up on the couch with your laptop, splitting your attention between him and the ebook you’d already read once. Steve began to move, pacing around the kitchen. You could see the restlessness in him. Even a ten mile run and a long session of calisthenics didn’t wear him out. You had just the thing to wind him down. Placing your laptop on the coffee table, you turned to lie flat on the length of the couch.

    “Come here,” you said, opening your arms to your boyfriend.

    Steve paused, his hands on his hips, the pose emphasizing his broad shoulders and narrow pelvis. Saliva pooled in your mouth. The man was a fine specimen and having him in your vicinity sometimes hit you like a jolt of electricity. You pulled back on the sudden rush of heat. No. Down girl. This was an experiment, it was important research. You were going to play with his hair. Just the hair. You wanted to find out how much he liked it when you petted those silky smooth locks. Depending on the results, you might have another tactic to use when he was stressed out because of the Avengers.

    Steve slid into your open arms and let you guide his head to lie on your chest. He groaned in relief as your fingers carded through his hair. Arching his neck he sighed and mumbled into your chest, not really words, but an affirmation of contentment. As your fingertips massaged his scalp, he dissolved, melting into you with a moan.

    “Does that feel nice?”

    “It’s the best fucking thing I’ve ever felt.”

    “Oh?” you inject a mock surprise into your voice. “Is it better than when I suck your cock?”

    Steve grunts. “That’s entrapment. S’not fair. I can’t think straight to defend myself.”

    You giggle and continue smoothing your hand over his scalp.

    “Okay, we won’t compare those things.”

    He murmurs and shifts to bury his face completely in the center of your chest, pressing his forehead to your sternum. You play with his hair and stroke his scalp until, much to your surprise, he rolls to his side and falls asleep. With his head pillowed by your breast, and his arm curled around your waist he drops into slumber. You can instantly tell when he’s pulled under. His breathing changes and his body relaxes, turning from gentle pressure to a crushing weight on top of you.

    Well, then. It looks as if you’d just added another weapon to your arsenal. Laughing softly, you kissed the crown of his head and smiled, running your fingers through his hair. He was so cute and cuddly when he slept. Having him in your arms was a delight, even if his weight shoved you deep into the sofa cushions.

    Steve Rogers was the sweetest boyfriend to have ever existed. You kissed his head again for good measure and then shut your eyes to join him in a mid morning nap.

    - - - - -

    Next Letter - I is for Intimacy

    Steve Rogers Alphabet masterlist

    - - - - -

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    a bad tropes combination is a man falls first + second female lead (or other women) being humiliated for rejection (to make the otp/female lead pop/feel “special”)

    like, what you have is man that only decent to one woman because he expects something in return

    #and fandom can be really into the he's cruel to anyone else but one woman trope #so in dali I like that muhak cared about that intern's safety #and chakhee's feelings #he even hugged her #when does that happen to rejected second female leads? #but then he also spat his drink in her face!!! #even if he didn't mean to #it was written!! #also he told dali he wouldn't rush someone that is in pain #but then he said she's brave and it's not like her to reject him just because she was hurt before #lol #another thing that doesn't happen often/I think people really don't like is the man having an ex he actually loved #you can grow out of love #or love the person you're with more than you loved an ex #and for female characters it happens all the time #okay I'll watch ep 10 now #dacp
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    FFFFF I haven’t touched Tumblr in ages but I need monies for school so here’s hoping someone sees this. ;w; please share if you can’t afford! Anything helps! ^^

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    Romantic Interest for a semi-private, laid back Washington DC roleplay

    People come into your life for a reason, A season or a Lifetime...

    Two women meet in their formative college years Identical goal: to become president. Their futures are intertwined... From classmates and rivals to colleagues. From distrusting associates to friends. From shared romantic interest in a third person to love interests themselves. Potential end game with lots of what ifs and butterfly effect concepts.


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