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    I had mixed feelings on this one. Ultimately, I give it 3.5/5.

    I am obsessed with the premise, however, the writing and story didn’t have the depth I expected. I want to say more, but it’s difficult to avoid spoilers.

    I NEED recommendations for books with a similar premise please! 🙏🏼

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  • Killer bunny (capa teste)


    Capa teste - Não reposte.

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  • This is called “Files On Fire.” Emotional pies on the windowsill. 


    Set all your files on fire. Eat your license. 

           The dog will help!

           Give your passport to a bird. 

           Use your taxes for toilet paper. 

           Listen to boiling water. 

           Remember: there’s a friend in anger. 

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  • March Flash Fiction

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    #cw suicidal ideation #fiction#flash fiction#death dreams #i have a whole bunch of these #where death is a character in people's dreams
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  • Jan 10 1813 /am

    Dear Whoever,

    The Queen has deemed me “Flawless” and I am truly touched to be graced with such a compliment, however why is it when I suddenly glance in the mirror and see flaw? Is this abnormal? Am I mad? Perhaps. Maybe I should ask Mama? No, I cannot trouble her with such things while she is so overjoyed afterall it is she who taught me selfishness is not a good quality in a woman.



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  • Cross and Miskatonic University: Trespassing

    Cross and Miskatonic University: Trespassing

    They have no sense of boundaries.

    They have no sense of boundaries.

    The University had built the library, and they were working on the next building when word came to me about the trespassers on my land.

    According to the ghost who brought me the information, the University was constructing a chimney on one of the islands.

    The fact that they were able to cross Blood Lake without being molested by any of the fell creatures in…


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  • Bakugo + kirishima & age regression (sfw) s/o

    This one goes out to all my fellow littles who want or need a little extra comfort & validation. I don’t see much well informed work, and so i hope to start creating something for you guys (and for me too). I love you all sooo much, kithes muah😙🥰



    • I feel like he’s the most confused at first, will likely take some time to get acquainted with your smol self and make sure he doesn’t accidentally hurt you
    • May be grudging in affection, but will not hesitate to hold your hand if he notices you slipping into littlespace while in public
    • Or even at home, tbh. Might cuddle you if your being clingy atm, otherwise will turn on your favorite cartoon and make you healthy snacks
    • And watch as you watch tv/color/play
    • Acts like an overprotective parent sometimes, you never walk on the ‘outside’ of the sidewalk, monitors your health closely, makes sure his baby is brushing their teeth and taking their baths
    • Will remind you if you need to take meds too, he just wants his baby girl/boy to be safe, loved and happy

    You were running, your loud giggles and laughter music to his ears as he chased you around the dorm. You were still dripping wet, having gotten out of the bath, and decided you had chosen chaos.

    So, here you were running half naked down the hall and laughing. He let out a playful growl, “you better come here teddy bear, or i might just have to…TICKLE YOU!”

    You gasped, running as fast as you could. “No,no, noooo!”

    He caught up easily, gently pinning you down and tickling your ribs. “Better luck next time, prince(ss)”


    • Probably already has some experience with age regressors (little denki?)
    • Soft boi!! Plays with you all the time
    • Remembers all of your stuffies names, and if he’s tucking you in he’ll tuck them in too
    • Not the best cook but 100% gets some of those shaped fruit/veggie cutters so your snacks are always super cute
    • He can cook, but usually relies on fresh fruits and veggies for snack time
    • He notes which ones you do & don’t like so you aren’t super fussy over it when he does give them to you
    • You might fuss anyways, and he’ll give in if your persistent enough. He has a soft spot, what can he say
    • Cuddles. All. The. Time.
    • Also, if your comfortable he’ll help you wash up in the bath, even if he risks bubbles getting in his hair because you thought it would be funny

    A small splat sounded out, and kirishima had to hold in a sigh as he felt the bubbles from your bubble bath integrate into his hair.

    You were laughing as he hunched over the edge of the tub, cleaning your hair with your special kids shampoo. You’d chosen it yourself, it smelled like f/s (favorite scent).

    “Baby (girl/boy), we’ve been over this. What did i say about bubbles in my hair?” His tone was patient, despite how much he wanted to be a little frustrated since it was the nth time this week, you were too cute.

    You pouted and mumbled out a small “if i did it again, no more bubble baths for a week…”

    He nodded, “very good. Until next week, no bubble baths, you get the bath bombs instead.”

    You looked sullen but complied, even if you wanted to cry and throw a tantrum. You knew better, and kiri always rewarded your compliance. “Yes, papa.”

    “good, now lets get you cleaned up!” His tone was cheery and rubbed off on you, and soon enough you were back to giggling and playing in the bath.

    A/n: hi loves!! Let me know if you have any characters or scenarios you wish to see with bnha or haikyuu boys & age regression (i have so many ideas now that I’ve decided to indulge myself more) I’ll probably write some other bnha characters once i feel like i have a good basis on them as caretaker types.

    #fanfic#fiction#imagines#oneshots#bnha #bnha x reader #cuddlebug#age regression#sfw #sfw little stuff #sfw agere #katsuki bakugo x reader #kirishima x reader
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    3.8/5 stars🔎🥸💰

    I saw a tweet the other day that said something to the effect of, “29 is a wild age because one of my friends owns a home and one of my friends lost her shoe in an Uber.

    At 31, mother-of-two-toddlers, borderline-broke Finlay Donovan is that exact tweet, personified. She’s a published author who has experienced both marriage and divorce, and yet somehow consistently radiates this chaotic, lose-your-shoe-in-the-back-of-an-Uber type of energy that had me cackling on one page and extremely stressed out on her behalf the next.

    This book has a HOOK: after a Murphy’s law kind of morning with her kids in which literally everything goes wrong, Finlay arrives late and flustered to a meeting with her editor to discuss the allegedly “almost done” first draft of her upcoming suspense-romance novel, which she of course has yet to start.

    Finlay is overheard hashing out some of the more gruesome elements of the plot and subsequently mistaken for a contract killer. She is shocked to discover a note next to her turkey and Brie sandwich offering $50k - money she desperately needs - in exchange for making the note writer’s husband neatly disappear.

    What follows is a hilarious and eyebrow-raising tale that combines romance and suspense with real-life aspects of modern day friendship and motherhood that feel gritty and authentic, all wrapped up in this layer of meta-levity. I couldn’t get Moira Rose yelling, “I think I’ve killed a man!” out of my head the entire time.

    There were, though, some deeper themes beneath the lightheartedness: hot bartenders with gold-green eyes (*mostly* kidding), the importance of strong female friendships, the superficial paradox of social media (sometimes your realest friends - the ones you’d “bury a body with” - aren’t on your Instagram at all), and how quickly the purest of intentions can devolve into not-so-pure actions.

    I read the first line of Instagram.com/emilybookedup’s review, comparing FDIKI to an adult version of AGGTM, and added it to my cart immediately. She, as usual, was on point in her rec!💕 I will def be reading the sequel!

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  • Iteni’s eyes scanned my body, looking down then up, with attentiveness and pure earnestness. Her eyes were very calm. Her eye contact froze on my face again, enveloping my eyes and my entire face with her stare. She peacefully stared at me for 30 seconds. I looked back, stiff and terrified. Iteni’s eyes drifted to my neck, when she turned her head aside with a swishing motion. Her nose started whistling as her chest began expanding and contracting rapidly.

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  • Feeding the creatures that live here has become some what of a habit. Every morning I get up and make two meals, one for me one for whatever else lives here. I’m not sure who or what it is yet. I’ve begun to venture off on my own away from the others. The mansion is feeling more like a home day by day, I’m feeling more and more comfortable and I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing. I hear small footfalls behind me whenever I walk, quiet giggles as I sit on my new bed. Speaking of my room. I should decorate it. I wonder.. would the house let me outside yet?

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  • “I had the whole road to myself, for no one was yet stirring, and I walked on, with a slouching, dogged gait. The gray shooting-jacket was on my back, and from the end of my brother’s rifle hung a small bundle of my clothes. My fingers worked moodily at the stock and trigger, and I thought that this indeed was the way to begin life, with a gun in your hand!”
    ― Herman Melville, Redburn

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  • Alien Invasion. Travelling space and seeing all those wild forms of galactic races and returning to an unpopulated Earth… this duology had all the earmarks of what I love. But it is for a much younger market. I could see this as a great kids film or television series. Possibly animated?

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  • I Can’t Compete.


    Summary: You knew it wasn’t long before you two fell apart even though you needed him the most.

    TW: Slight depression, Fluff and Angst. (Sorry if I miss labelled this)

    Request by @being-worthy. I hope you enjoy this!

    Pairing: Lucifer Morningstar x reader.



    It was night time, and in the penthouse you and Lucifer where sitting in silence, once again.

    You knew that you were drifting apart but you still loved him. Although you loved him his precious love still longed for Chloe. You knew that it would happen eventually, maybe you were just being selfish but you didn’t want to leave him.

    A soft sigh left your lips. Just as you were going to say something Lucifer phone rang, interrupting you. He looked at the small device like it was a ticket to a wonderful holiday. He swung his large hands over to the phone and answered the person calling.

    “Well hello, detective! What a surprise! whats- oh, that vile little bastard. I’ll be right there ok? Stay put, ok bye,” the conversation was short and in that amount of time worry took over Lucifer’s features.

    He sprung up dorm where he sat on the couch, running up to the bar and grabbing his suit jacket.

    “I have to go darling! The detective needs me, she’s upset. I’m not sure how long I’ll be but please, don’t feel that you have to wait for me to go to bed,” he explained in a hurry.

    “Okay I won’t. You better go,” you said a little tearfully, your voice wavering.

    He didn’t say anything else. He gave you a sympathetic smile as the elevator doors started to close. Once they did close you couldn’t hold yourself together any longer.

    Tears and sobs escaped you like it was the last time you would ever cry. You wrapped your arms around yourself, seeking the warmth of Lucifers body. You knew that it was time, time that you let him go.

    You had to pull yourself together, getting up you walked over to the bed. Under it was your bag, lying collecting dust.

    It was where you put your savings. Lucifer had always told you that he would provide for you but you always liked to have some money of your own. Just when you were going to grab the bag a suddenly you felt like you were going to be sick.

    You already knew that you were pregnant but Lucifer didn’t. You only found it out a couple of days ago. Just before Lucifer left that was the moment that you were going to tell him and you will, a least you think.

    You got up off of the floor and ran to the bathroom. Lucifer thought you just had a sick bug bout the pregnancy test says different. Holding your own hair back you were sick. You emptied your stomach, leaving an awful taste in your mouth. Picking up your toothbrush you quickly brushed your teeth.

    A mess, that’s how you would describe yourself as of now. The heavy bags under your eyes and the matted hair, it was horrible. Heaving a sigh you went back to the bedroom grabbing the bag. Nextly you would have to get your clothes. You didn’t have much at Lucifer’s so you just threw whatever was there into a double bad. With your two bags you walked to the elevator. It was about time you let him go, although it was bad timing you still had to.

    Pressing the button for the ground floor you slid down the wall. Sniffing, you opened the bad and started counting the bills inside. There was a least a couple of grand in there. That’ll do you for a while.

    All you knew was that you were going to your cousins, Dan’s. He always took good care of you. Your cousin was in fact the first person that you told about your pregnancy. Dan being the supportive cousin he is he was over the moon to find out that he was going to be an uncle. He had actually started buying things for the baby, which your thought was ridiculous as you also only found out.

    As the elevator decended you pulled out your phone and texted Dan.

    “Hey Danny, can I come over?” You texted.

    Just about instantly he replied with.

    “Yeah sure, are you okay. Is the baby ok!”

    That made you laugh. Tapping away you said.

    “Yes, the baby is fine. I just need to get out,”

    With that he responded with a okay. You put away your phone and silently waited out the rest of the ride.

    Eventually you reached the ground floor, the doors sliding open. You walked over to the back doors and pushed them wide open.

    The night air welcomed you as you stepped onto the stony ground. Your own car was waiting for you in a parking space.

    You unlocked it and jumped into the drivers seat. You threw the bags into the back seat and then turned back around to turn the keys in the ignition. You reversed out of the rectangular space, filled with sadness.


    Most of the ride was quiet except from you occasionally sniffing. You pulled up to Dan’s house, parking your car in the driveway. You took your bags and with heavy heart you made your way to the front door.

    Bringing your shaky hand up to the door you knocked a couple of times. You heard some rustling from outside the door before you were met with Dan’s sweet smile.

    “Hey! Come in,” he exclaimed happily.

    He ushered you into the warm cozy house with eager actions. On the couch you saw plush blankets and some of your favourite food.

    “I uh- I wasn’t sure what you would want, you know with you being pregnant, so I just got your favourites,”

    You don’t know what you would do without him. A weak chuckle escaped your lips at his rambling.

    You looked at him with pure admiration. You smiled and hugged him softly.

    “Thank you,” you said, whispering in his ear.

    He said your welcome before leading you over to the couch. As you sat down he draped the blankets over your body, making you instantly feel warm.

    “So,” he started, sitting beside you.

    “have you told him?”

    Those words made your heart ache, tears brew in your eyes. You started crying again, you just couldn’t help it.

    “N-No, I couldn’t. Dan, he still loves Chloe,” you said, obviously heart broken.

    “No, no he can’t! He loves you!” He exclaimed once again but this time it was in disbelief.

    “I’ve saw the way he looks at her, he ran right to her side not long ago. He left me to go comfort her, I was about to tell him about the baby but I couldn’t! We’ve been, drifting. I don’t know! I just know that I shouldn’t stand in the way of him and Chloe,” you explained, your voice breaking a few times.

    Tears were silently falling down your already tear stained cheeks.

    Silence fell over the two of you. You looked at him, desperate for a answer.

    “You still have to tell him,” Dan sighed. He was right, you did have to tell him eventually. Although you didn’t know if you could face him, Lucifer.

    “I can’t Dan, if I see him I’ll just fall apart all over again,”

    “Well, maybe you could call him? Yeah you know what, you have to,” he says truthfully. You just nodded as you knew he was right.

    Dan stood up and walked into the other room, giving you privacy. Once again you pulled out your phone and dialled his number.

    The line ring for awhile before his soothing voice filled your ears.

    “Hello darling, are you alright?” He questioned quietly.

    “Yeah, I uh, I need to tell you something,” you whispered, matching his volume.

    “Okay, what is it? The detective is sleeping and I don’t want to wake her. Also I might just stay over night,” he said over the line.

    There it was, the detective. You just couldn’t compete you can’t.

    “I can’t compete,” you said simply.

    “Whatever do you mean darling?” He questioned, confusion laced throughout his voice.

    “I can’t compete with her, even in my state,” you sighed.

    “You can’t- you mean the detective? And what do you mean your state?” He said worriedly.

    “Lucifer, I-I’m pregnant,”

    The silence seemed deafening at this point.

    “What?” He stammered.

    “I’m pregnant,” you said, a sob escaping your lips.

    You could just imagine the shocked look that was probably occupying his face.

    “I’m coming over, where at you? What am I saying, your at the penthouse,”

    You cut him off before anything else was said.

    “No I’m at Dan’s,” you cried.

    “I’m coming over, now,”

    With that he cut of, leaving you to wonder what he would be like when he arrived.

    “Dan! He’s coming,” you shouted.

    Dan came out a sad look on his face.

    “I-I’ll go, this should be between you and Lucifer,”

    He grabbed his keys and exited the house. There you were, alone waiting for your boyfriend to arrive.

    Before you knew it the door swung open, hitting against the wall, to reveal Lucifer. By now you had been pacing up and down, waiting for him.

    As soon as he entered fresh tears fell. He didn’t say anything just yet but he took you into his embrace. You couldn’t fight it, so you welcomed it. The two of you stayed that way for awhile before he broke the embrace.

    “You, my darling are my whole world, don’t you ever feel that you have to compete with anyone for me to live you because you have already got all of my love, right here,” he said motioning to your heart.

    He let some tears fall down his face before he continued.

    “I know we haven’t been as lively lately, but whatever you need I will provide for this baby, our baby,” he said, smiling at the fact that you were carrying his baby.

    “I did love the detective, but that was long before I met you. I love you so dearly. I really want to be there for the detective as she was one of my first real friends on this earth, but you my darling are my whole world,”

    By now you were weak at the knees. His words were full of love. You were smiling now, a big wide smile. You looked into his partially glossy eyes and gave him a kiss.

    It was full of passion, oozing with it. His hands snaked around your waist pulling you closer.

    Your hands reached up to his cheeks, cupping his jaw delicately. That moment was blissfull, and memorable.

    You left his lips feeling complete. You looked into his eyes and shared three simple but beautiful words with him.

    “I love you,”

    “I love you too, no matter what,”

    For once and for all you knew that he was yours and would be there for you through everything.


    A/N: I loved making this one! Thank you for the request @being-worthy I really appreciate it! As always requests are open!

    -Thanks for reading!

    -Requests are open!


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  • Don’t Touch Me - 「INTRODUCTION」 (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1034337107-don%27t-touch-me-%E3%80%8Cintroduction%E3%80%8D?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=tahirahsbooks&wp_originator=Gt6EHZn4CeYhW4TYRsHhX0ofHaDnDYQJBd3OYrnYa9xRIyknwAO939xqbCmWPdHlPflAPuWdBg0naHLJwPljIHn8Lph2f8DHvIs3paIuhisGI0U57dnB0YOQ%2F6NGzgqT Imagine falling in love for the first time, and thinking that the person you fell for would never ever harm you in any way possible. Imagine what kind of fool Mia Jenkins was; a fool in love. She fell for Hayden Matthews, the Student Council President that had it all. He had the looks, was extremely intelligent, athletic and quite the charmer. A student council president with a mysterious past that he wanted to be kept hidden from the public, and a strong desire to be in control of his girlfriend whenever he felt the need to be. “He’s a kind-hearted angel in disguise, yet behind the scenes he’s a cold-blooded monster, and a liar in her eyes.” @ tahirahsbooks, 2021. 🎨 creds. @/crazee_lemon IG

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  • The nine-footed alien invaders were thorough. Their soldiers ambulated into every factory, every office building, every home.
    Then they stopped. Soldiers reported horrifying traps laid on the floors of homes. After tallying their losses they gave up, cursing Earth and its Lego.

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