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  • Adam (playing Billie): *reading a text* Marijn says if Commander Marl is a sexy Charlize Theron figure, Godric would like to flirt with her.

    Tati (playing Seraph): I’m telling Damaris.

    Adam: …

    Tati: …

    Adam: You don’t know the consent in their relationship.

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  • Women want someone who necessarily has every step of his life pre-planned, but one with goals and striving towards them.

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  • Royal Dinner

    Varian was a little nervous to be heading to the castle, along with Quirin and Ruddiger. He could tell King Frederic still didn’t like him much, even though Varian had been one of the citizens to fight valiantly against Zhan Tiri. Rapunzel had assured him that her father was slowly warming up to the idea of Varian as a good guy, and that although he hadn’t admitted it, Frederic had been impressed with Varian’s celebratory fireworks display earlier.

    Still, Varian suspected that Arianna and Rapunzel were the only royals who really wanted him to be there for dinner. He would try to make a good impression anyway, that was why he and Quirin were bringing food- apple pie fresh from the farm. It had cooled during the journey from Old Corona and would probably be at the perfect temperature when dinner was served.

    “Varian! Quirin! And of course Ruddiger! I’m so glad you could make it!” Rapunzel ran up and hugged them. She still missed Cass, but she was able to genuinely smile now.

    “Remember, Rapunzel. We wait for the guests to be announced. And they really should be bowing before us.” Frederic pointed out. Evidently, he was serious about Rapunzel behaving more like royalty and less like a friend.

    “Frederic, it’s fine. I’m sure they were just about to bow.” Arianna came to their rescue.

    “Your Majesties.” Quirin bowed, and so did Varian. Ruddiger jumped off Varian’s shoulder and rubbed up against Arianna’s ankles. Frederic gasped, but Arianna just laughed and petted the raccoon.

    “Really, Frederic. It’s just a harmless animal. Certainly better than an umlaut at any rate, and far less annoying.” Arianna maintained.

    “Did someone say umlaut?” a perky voice asked. The voice belonged to a thin brunette woman Varian didn’t know.

    ‘Speaking of annoying…’ Arianna thought secretly.

    “The name’s Willow, Arianna’s sister. I used to be the proud owner of an umlaut, but I traded it for this.” Willow held up a cube with smaller colored pieces in 6 different shades. “It’s a puzzle I’m told is completely unsolvable.” she bragged.

    Varian’s interest was piqued. “Can I try?” he asked.

    Willow laughed. “Go ahead, you’ll see it’s impossible.” she said.

    Varian twisted the pieces over and over until all the colors were lined up on each side. “Got it.” Varian announced. Arianna stifled a laugh.

    “Did I mention how glad I was that you invited friends, Rapunzel?” Arianna smirked.

    “I can’t believe you solved it. You must be one smart kid.” Willow judged. She turned to address Quirin. “And who are you, the little genius’ father?” she assumed.

    “Yes, Varian’s my son. I’m Quirin.” said Quirin.

    “Well, you’re a cute one.” Willow replied.

    “Willow!” Arianna snapped. “I’m sorry, she has terrible manners.”

    “I only told the truth.” Willow grumbled.

    Quirin looked embarrassed, but Willow was only briefly shamed. “You’re from that farming family, right? I remember when we were kids, Darianna and I snuck on to a farm on the outskirts of Corona and stole a bunch of apples, which we threw at boys we like. Darianna got Frederic right in the face! I think he still has the scar.” Willow recalled. Varian had to laugh, but he covered it up with a cough, so that Frederic wouldn’t dislike him even more than he already did.

    “That is enough, Willow. You will stop telling these humiliating stories and behave. We’re about to have dinner. Our other guests, Eugene, Lance, Kiera, and Catalina are already waiting.” Arianna hissed.

    Varian was relieved. The more people around, the less likely Frederic would focus negatively on him. But as they walked to the dining room, he noticed Frederic would periodically look at him and scowl. Rapunzel was wrong, the fireworks had hardly impressed him if he could still look this angry around Varian.

    “We don’t have room for everyone at the dining table. Varian you’ll have to sit at the kids’ table with Kiera and Catalina. Sorry.” Rapunzel apologized.

    “It’s the better table. We don’t have to bump elbows with the grown ups.” Catalina said.

    “And we can turn our napkins into spitballs!” Kiera added excitedly.

    “Oh, I wish I was at the kids’ table.” Lance sighed.

    “I’m sure Varian will be just fine over there. Where do you want me to place the pie we brought?” Quirin asked.

    “In the center of our table, next to the turkey and stuffing.” Arianna answered.

    “I bet I can eat more stuffing than anybody!” Kiera bragged.

    “You’re on!” Catalina took up the challenge.

    “I’m in too.” Lance declared.

    “I’ll just eat what’s put in front of me.” Varian said meekly.

    “Tell me again why we thought Varian was a better fit than Lance for the kids’ table?” Eugene whispered. Rapunzel just giggled, and Pascal flicked his tongue out.

    Frederic took a seat at the head of the adults’ table, with Arianna on his left and Rapunzel on his right. Next to Rapunzel was Eugene, then Lance. Willow was next to Arianna and on her other side was Quirin. Everyone bowed their head in prayer.

    “We thank God for providing us with good food and good company. In the name of the Lord, let’s eat. Amen.” Frederic prayed.

    “Amen.” the group chorused.

    Frederic then began serving the turkey. Varian noticed that his piece was quite small, and entirely made of dark meat. Frederic glowered at him, as if daring the boy to complain.

    “L-looks good.” Varian stammered.

    “Aw, you got a crummy piece.” Kiera opined, shoving turkey into her mouth.

    At the adults’ table, things were a little better. Everyone had a plate full of delicious food and King Frederic was explaining to Willow how the demon Zhan Tiri had been defeated by his daughter. Rapunzel was modest, and told Willow that all her friends had helped, listing each one by name and including Varian and Quirin.

    Willow turned to Quirin. “So you’re a man of action. That’s very attractive.” she noted.

    “Willow, please. Quirin is a widower.” Arianna snarled.

    “Then it’s obviously been awhile since he was last complimented by a pretty girl.” Willow argued. Arianna gave up trying to discourage her pushy sister, while Quirin blushed and pretended to be very interested in his napkin. Varian felt sorry for his Dad, and wished he could change places with him, even if it meant being near Frederic.

    “The turkey is really good.” Rapunzel said, trying to find a neutral topic.

    “It’s delicious.” Lance agreed, mouth full.

    “And the stuffing is simply incredible.” Eugene added, taking a cue from Rapunzel.

    “Wait’ll you try the pie. It’s one of my best recipes.” Quirin bragged.

    “I do love sweet things.” Willow mused.

    “No. Just no.” Arianna hissed.

    “Two bowls of stuffing! Beat that!” Kiera said to Catalina.

    “I only managed 1 and ½.” Catalina acknowledged softly.

    “Three bowls. Guess I win!” Lance said with a burp.

    “Ahem. Now that everyone’s enjoyed dinner, we’ll move on to dessert. Which in this case is just pie and nothing else.” Arianna looked at Willow pointedly. Willow looked as if she had a smart reply, but Arianna was glaring daggers at her, so she wisely held her tongue. She did give Quirin a few longing looks, which Quirin desperately tried to ignore. He and Varian ate their pie silently, each feeling sorry for the other’s predicament. It was a good pie, but that didn’t make the meal less awkward. And when dessert was finished, they bowed and took their leave, both very glad the royal dinner was over.

    The End

    Blame tumblr for the idea of Willow flirting with Quirin. I had more fun with this than I probably should have. :D

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    #tell me what youd do to me #what are you into? #flirting #talk dirty to me #getting to know you #polyam dating#kinkyshit#d/s dynamic#d/s#service sub
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  • Please DO NOT learn how to flirt from video games or movies or tv, particularly the genre that rhymes with corn; none of that is real

    - Super Seducer 2 but I pick every bad option

    #call me kevin #callmekevin #what i learned #what i learned from kevin #what i learned in boating school is #super seducer #super seducer 2 #flirt#flirting #god this game looks so laughable
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  • I fuckin hate you being friends with jessica and semaj and davy.

    But what i fuckin hate more is andy calling throught the entire night.

    That i wont deal with. So tell him to fuck off or block his number. Im not comfortable with it in the slightest bit. Its not right. And he has/does hit on you. Lyds know that?




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  • How does one flirt? Wrong answers only please

    #flirting #how to flirt
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  • I need someone to do cute relationship things with.. and sexy naughty things of course


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  • Do ya’ll just have that one friend who you flirt with relentlessly, who people sometimes mistake you for dating; but couldn’t be more platonic? Like genuinely it’s even more platonic than any of your other normal friendships.

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  • Normero one-shot in progress

    Working on my latest Normero fic, a one-shot set at a wedding reception where they are guests. It’s halfway complete and should be posted sometime in October!


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  • the day i cosplayed for the first time was also the day i got hit on for the first time (as far as i noticed). this guy came up to me (not even knowing it was cosplay) at the convention and we started talking. maybe he thought i was flirting bc of how i talk, idk. anyway, after we talked for a while he asked me for my number and after a couple seconds i was internally like “omg is this the traditional flirting asking of phone numbers” btw i was 13 and idk how old that guy was but he had a bit of a beard and looked to be about 19. im Very Bad at social interaction and back then i was even worse. 

    so i said “i don’t know you” while doing FINGER GUNS

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  • A drunken texting story with sassy snark, awkward flirting, and a happy ending.

    Title: It’s My Party, And I’ll Text If I Want To
    Rating: T
    Pairing: Draco/Harry
    Tags: EWE, Drunk Texting, Drunk Harry Potter, Sarcastic Draco Malfoy, Secret Crush, Awkward Flirting, Movie References
    Words: 1,326 


    Harry is bored. And drunk. Draco is tired and not in the mood for some random bloke drunk-texting him on his quiet Saturday evening.

    Written by @drarrelie​ and @drarrymadhatterstuff​ for our awesome Shady Lady friend @janieohio​ on her birthday.


    Please let me know what you think?

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    Neighbors (Hawks x Miku (OC))

    (Art by: @denkirishima-san )

    Just a little Hawks x Miku AU where they’re neighbors

    Keigo was really looking forward to getting his first day of sleep in after weeks on his Tokyo based mission, so when a buzz came through requesting to be let in, queue one irritable bird man.

    He grumbled as he hopped out of the bed, pulling on a hoodie and joggers before paging the person through.

    This better be damn good.

    He thought as he stepped into the hall, and propped himself up against the door. Only a handful of people knew that Keigo resided at this upscale building. The luxury high rise was situated on the outskirts of Tokyo and inhabited by Japan’s elite. Mainly heroes, entertainment heads, and sports figures.

    It was an ideal location for the A-list members of society to live if/when they had business in Tokyo, as Keigo often did.

    On top of its convenient location, the high rise was outfitted with all the frills and amenities money could buy, making it a nice little home away from home.

    Finally, the elevator doors slid open and suddenly, Keigo was wide awake.

    A dark skinned beauty with white wings and a cloud of white hair gazed back at him with wide crystal clear lavender eyes.

    “Well, hello beautiful.”

    “Oh!” The lovely stranger exclaimed. Her cherry red lips formed a surprised ‘O’.

    Although, the singer was hardly a stranger in the true sense of the word. Keigo had seen her before all over social media, billboards, and the tv.

    “I’m sorry, I must have forgotten the code to my room and buzzed for you instead!” She bit her lip nervously. “I feel so silly.”

    “I’m not complaining, Angel.” His golden eyes swept over her quickly. She looked like she had been poured into the little halter-dress she was wearing. “Where did you mean to go?”


    “Ahh, you’re one floor off, beautiful,” he explained with a cheeky grin.

    Keigo swaggered towards her until they were eye to eye. The petite woman had to crane her neck to look up at him.

    “This is 427,” he leaned down, smirking slightly. “Where you wanna be, is right on top of me.”

    He felt the slight flutter of her heart as the suggestive comment registered. Satisfied, he straightened up, adopting a friendly tone once more.

    “Are you looking for anyone in particular? Or was that just your excuse to see me?”

    “Oh n-no, I’m moving in!”

    “You don’t say! Well, in that case, welcome to the neighborhood.” He bowed slightly. “I’m Hawks—“

    “Oh, I know who you are,” she interjected, “You’re actually my favorite hero so-“

    “Ahh, so you were looking for an excuse to be near me,” he teased, “should I be scared?”

    She giggled. “Only if you catch me in a bad mood. Anyway, I’m—“

    “Syren,” he finished, “yeaaah I may have an album or two or five.”

    “Oh?” She quirked a brow. “Maybe I’m the one who should be scared.”

    He smiled.

    “But, my real name is Miku, Shirogane Miku.”

    “Shirogane Miku.” He replied, liking how it sounded. “Ok, Ms. Shirogane Miku, how ‘bout I help you get a lay of the land? This is a huge building. It’s easy to get lost.”

    “That would be great, Hawks, thank you.”

    Keigo helped Miku secure the proper code for for her apartment. After they tracked it down, he shot off a few dozen scarlet feathers to carry Miku’s boxes along with a few pieces of light furniture up the elevator.

    Miku let them both into the lofty apartment with a proud smile.

    “Ah! Home sweet home.”

    She exclaimed. Her pretty white wings took her to the center of the huge living room. Keigo bit his lip as his eyes trailed her body.

    Down boy. You need to get some information out of her first.

    Keigo joined Miku’s side, shooting an easygoing smile down at her.

    “So, what brings you to this neck of the woods, Miku?” He quizzed.

    “Well, my boyfriend wanted me to move closer to his agency so he got me this place.” She replied, still absorbing her new surroundings.

    Boyfriend, huh? Ok. I can work around that…

    “Ahh,” He nodded slowly, “a fellow hero, huh? Anybody I know?”

    “Probably. Ground Zero?” Miku cocked her head at Keigo.

    “Oh yeah, number seven,” the blonde stroked the scruff of his chin thoughtfully. “That kid’s been doing some impressive work since his debut.”

    “I agree,” Miku replied, she strutted to one of the boxes at the edge of the room and knelt down to dig into it. Keigo followed her every movement.

    “But Katsu doesn’t see it that way,” she shook her head, a small smile dancing on her face. “He won’t be happy until he’s number one. No matter how amazing I tell him he is.”

    Not that amazing if he can’t touch me, and trust me, Angel, he can’t touch me.

    Keigo kept that little anecdote to himself, however, and instead offered the non-assholish response.

    “He’s a lucky guy to have you in his corner, I’m sure he’ll get to number three in no time!” He leaned against the kitchen counter. “Is he coming through to help with your furniture?”

    “Well, I have movers coming in a few hours and then Katsuki should be here’ tonight.”

    “Ah, ok.”

    “Meanwhile,” Miku straightened up, turning to face him, “why don’t you get comfortable? I’m gonna change outta this.”

    Keigo’s bushy brows quirked. He resisted the urge to throw a flirtatious quip back at her and settled into one of the little arm chairs they’d brought in.

    Minutes later, Miku re-emerged in a pair of shorts showing off thighs that would put Mirko to shame and a tank top. Her curls had been pulled up into an Afro puff on top of her head and secured with a scarf.

    “Are you hungry at all?”

    “I could eat,” Keigo’s eyes roamed her body, “you offering, Angel?”

    He felt another nervous flutter from her.

    “Well, I wanted to thank you for helping me.” She scratched the back of her head. “Normally I would cook, but take out is just as good right?”

    “Don’t worry about that, Angel, I’m happy to help.”

    “Well then, I’ll order something and you can just take whatever you want home with you.”

    “Whatever I want?” He quirked a brow, playfully.

    Miku quirked one right back. “So long as it’s on the menu.” There was a gentle warning in her smile that seemed to say: don’t push your luck.

    Keigo liked it.


    They settled on takoyaki which they ate on the floor as they conversed.

    “I thought your agency was in Fukuoka, Hawks, I didn’t know you lived here.”

    “Oh it is, but because I have so much business here in Tokyo, I needed a residence here. So, here I am.”

    “Ahh, so this is a business trip.”

    “It started out that way,” he slowed his chewing and held her gaze, “but I think I’ll stick around for a little pleasure.”

    Miku bit her lip.

    “Besides, I could use a little vacation,” Keigo continued, “it’s not like there’s anything pressing for me to get back to back home.”

    “You work hard,” Miku shrugged, “I say you deserve to treat yourself.”

    “I like the way you think, Angel.”

    After a beat, he smacked his own forehead, gently. “Oh damn, I’ll have to stop that, huh?”

    “Stop what?”

    “Callin’ you Angel. I can’t imagine your man will be too happy with that.”

    “Well, my man doesn’t run me, and I doubt he runs you either. So his opinion on that is irrelevant.”

    “Oh,” he smirked, impressed with her saucy response, “and she’s feisty?”

    “I’m a lot of things, Hawks, a weak woman is not one of them.”

    “Big talk for such a little thing.”

    “My body is little, baby, my ego isn’t.”

    Keigo laid a hand to his chest, and swooned, “and she’s a cocky little shit? You just get better and better, don’t you, Angel.”

    Miku laughed. It was a cute, airy little sound that Keigo wanted to hear again and again.

    “Well, Angel, I better head out.” He hoisted himself time his feet and was followed by Miku. “Thanks for the meal.”

    “Thank you so much for your help today.” Miku beamed back. Keigo was grateful that she couldn’t feel his heart beat in that moment.

    “Anytime, beautiful. Oh, before I forget, can I have your autograph?”

    Surprise crossed Miku’s face.

    “Um, sure.”

    Keigo handed her his phone, chuckling at her confused expression

    When she saw the screen open to his contacts, Miku giggled.

    “Smooth.” She grinned at him.

    Keigo shrugged wearing a grin of his own.

    “While we’re at it, I should give you mine too, right?”

    Miku rolled her eyes playfully and passed him her phone in exchange.

    “Alright, Angel, if you need any more help with moving, give me a call.” He offered, pocketing his phone and cocking his head at her.

    “Sure. Once I’m all settled, I’ll make you a proper meal to say thank you.”

    “Ima hold you to it, Angel, and remember; if you ever need anything from me, you can get it.” He added licking his lips. He would never get tired of that little flutter in her chest when he flirted with her.

    Before she could call him out for the slick comment, the number two hero was out the door.

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