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    Type :Fluff, Domestic fluff Warnings: Husband!Bakugou, Dad!Bakugou, Wife!Reader, Mother!Reader. (a/n): Hope you enjoy this and this is up to your standards. Requests, thoughts, opinions always appreciated.

    Bakugo put his costume in his agency's wardrobe. He changed into casual clothes, a shirt and pant.

    He was so tired, he just wanted to go home and have food and crash into bed. After checking tomorrow's agenda with his assistant, he left.

    "I'm home!!" his voice travelled through the empty corridor. A figure poked it's head out from the living room, it was you.

    "Where are my brats??" he asked as he sat down near the door, head turned away from the hallway, he crouched down and pretended to untie his shoe laces.

    A squeal was heard and a small figure came crawling into the corridor.

    Bakugo turned his upper body and was immediately tackled down by two figures.

    He burst out laughing.

    "I would've come prepared if I knew I going to be attacked by an army of Brats." he held both the figures under his arms and pushed them into his chest.

    You smiled and wrapped your arms around his torso, you looked up and kissed his cheek.

    "She wanted to attack you so badly, with kisses of course~" you cooed, and kept kissing him.

    Your 6 and a half month daughter copied your actions and tried kissing her father. The kisses had more drool and saliva than lips, so one half of Bakugo's face was covered with saliva, the other was kissed and caressed.

    " Ok ok ok, stop droolin-"


    His eyes widened, "did she just bite me?" he asked staring ahead. You looked at your daughter who had your husband's cheek in her mouth. You burst out giggling and laughing.

    "Ok, stop it." He kept a deadpanned expression throughout.

    'Nom nom nom nom ~~~~'

    "Ok, In 1.....2....." he started counting, and you know very well, what's he going to do. Pretending that the countdown is just some seconds of headstart, you take your daughter in your hands and run.

    It's not running exactly, you're just doing it for sweet giggles from your daughter.

    "LOTUS RUN!!!!" Se giggled and squealed as you carry her over your head, as if giving her an airplane ride.

    Bakugo didn't waste time, he also ran behind you trying to catch you both.

    The moment you entered the living room, you got tackled into the sofa. Laughs, squeals, giggles, kisses, everything filled the room.

    After the three of you settled down, Bakugo let 'mini brat' keep biting his finger. She was on top of his chest, the TV just acting as a background noise, you under his arm, his fingers running over your sides, your own arm going over his torso and also the little bean over him, you enclosed the hug protectively. This was your family, your home.

    "Katsu...thanks for giving me such a great family." you whispered, loud enough for him to hear.

    He looked down at you with wide eyes, he's the one who's thankful, without you he would still be having a huge war with other heroes like a teenager, without you he wouldn't have realized his achievements, without you he would never the best version of himself....without you he would never have his family.

    "Tch, stupid, I should be the one saying that" he kissed your head.

    "mhm, but I beat you to it LoRd ExPLosIoN MuRdEr.."


    Without you...it was a life not worth living.

    (a/n): I saw some authors who put their master list at the end...so no harm in doing that. I do feel embarrassed for self promoting tho. Masterlist
    #bakugou x reader #bakugou imagine#bakugou fluff #bakugou katuski x reader #bakugou katsuki#mha fluff#bnha fluff#bakugo fluff #bakugo x reader #bakugo x y/n
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    A Second Chance.

    Obey me comfort/angst/fluff

    Mammon closed the front door with a harsh thud. Lucifer shot his eyes up from his paper work he laid out on the coffee table. He looked to find Mammon flustered and at unease. Mammons shoulders drooped as he walked towards the kitchen, grabbing a carton of Milk and proceeded to drink from the carton. "What happened to you today Mammon?" Lucifer sighed whist rubbing his temples. Expecting having to deal with the council at RAD later due to Mammons predicted antics. Mammon sat in the chair across from Lucifer and slouched deep into the cushion. "Shit just ain't fair." Mammon groaned. Lucifer chuckled, "You're starting to sound like Leviathan, what happened at school today?" Mammon shrugged, "I got kicked out of the finance club, I figured I could borrow some profits and spend it on "charity" but those fuckers didn't even believe me! Booted me out as soon as I walked in!" Mammon yelled."They didn't even give me a second chance! Guess my reputation is that bad huh?" Mammon looked down, his eyes leaving Lucifers gaze. Lucifer sighed. He knew his brother had struggles with his sin. They all did, yet seeing his dumbass brother in front of him feeling down, dignity most likely shattered. He knew he had to step up to cheer him up. Lucifer shifted in his seat as he crossed his legs like a dominate whore. "Well, I know how you feel Mammon, about not getting a second chance." Lucifer bit his lip, he knew he'd let his pride stumble as he tried to sympathize with his younger brother. Mammon's eyebrows lifted in question. Whatever Lucifer was going on about, Mammon had a feeling about an all too familiar tale, a legend to most in Devildom....

    The Fall.

    "You know our dear sister never had a second chance, at least, from our "family" we once had." Lucifer stopped. Mammons eyes began to well up. Lucifer sighed, he knew how dedicated and loyal Mammon was when they agreed to rebel. All of his brothers were, yet there were some issues that were only kept between the two eldest. "Yeah, I get that, but compared to what we've been through before, I guess I shouldn't be throwing a shit fit huh?" Mammon chuckled. Lucifer's mouth curved into a soft smile. "Yet, if Micheal was so close to you, even when Simeon used to be so close to you... why did they push us away? Why couldn't they give us a second chance?" Mammon exclaimed. Lucifer's grin faltered. He opened his mouth to say something until the front door creaked open. "I'm home!" MC(You lol) walked into the main entrance. As they were setting their bags down in the mud room, before Mc could return, Lucifer and Mammon quickly wrapped up their conversation. "You know, I think we did get a second chance." Lucifer smiled as you made your way towards them. Tears pricked Mammons eyes as he felt your presence come closer to them. You were something they didn't deserve. But yet you're here. And to them, that was all that mattered.


    Authors note: This was totally out of my zone! I usually write crack stuff, but recently I've done comfort headcannons and now this! Hope you guys enjoyed it!

    Be kind to eachother! Xoxo

    #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me angst #obey me comfort #obey me fluff #obey me mammon #obey me writing #obey me lucifer #obey me mc #obey me gender neutral mc
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    i spent all last night combining benji and vivian’s wolf designs to make NEW pup designs and i have to admit ,,, what a vibe

    #the dog barks #i wanted them to mirror the Parents but no we’re doing The parents #in the hypothetical wolfy world they make very cute pups and by cute they’re 90% ear and 10% polar bear fluff
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    [ 11:57pm, pt.2 / kim seungmin ]

    part two to this

    you're leaning onto him, an arm crossed over your body to hold onto him. the elevator rattles, and seungmin's stomach drops. was it the elevator ride, or the way you'd just let out such a content sigh?

    how cruel, he thinks, for you to be so comfortable and content while he's standing here, trying not to wrap his arms around you, trying to keep his heart quiet, quiet, quiet so that you can't hear it, so that you don't find out.

    not that you seemed to be in any state to. your head rolls off his shoulder when the elevator stops, shocking you awake. he watches you blink sleepily, and then feels your hand slide into his. so casually, like it was normal. like it didn't make his mind go blank and his heart skip a beat.

    he leads you out the elevator, glancing back every now and then to make sure you weren't walking with your eyes completely shut.

    your fingers felt so soft in his, so delicate. like he was holding a bouquet of flowers - too tight, and the stems will break, but too loose, and they might fall.

    you're in his apartment, swaying in the middle of his room as he rummages for a shirt for you to wear, but the image of you in his own shirt was such a dangerous one to humour. it wasn't the first time, or the second time you've worn his clothes, but something about tonight, about the way things could be so different right now.

    the potential tonight had.

    he leaves the room so you can change, and fixes himself some coffee. it was too late for coffee, but it felt better to blame his restlessness and any difficulty he'd have sleeping later on the caffeine in his veins.

    he couldn't blame it on you. he never could blame you. he never would blame you.

    minutes pass, and you don't come out of his room. so he peers in, risks his own sanity, and you're there on his bed, blanket pulled only to your waist.

    an angel was in his bed, bathing in the soft moonlight from his window.

    he comes over, pulls the blanket up to your chin. you don't budge, don't show any sign that you're awake.

    maybe it's the caffeine in his veins, or maybe he'd finally gone insane from holding himself back. he leans down, ever so gently, and his lips barely meet your cheek before he pulls back.

    ah, kim seungmin, he thinks. now you've done it.

    ignorance is bliss, they say. and you lay there, ignorant to his heart, to the effect you had on him.

    #stray kids x reader #stray kids drabbles #stray kids #stray kids fluff #stray kids angst #stray kids imagines #kim seungmin x reader #kim suengmin drabbles #kim seungmin #kim seungmin fluff #kim seungmin angst #kim seungmin imagines
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    chapter 2: friends

    ꕀ a lot of things kept your mind busy. school, your crush on your fellow classmate, and your mom who loves flowers who is currently in the hospital. it was hard to keep positive, but what if a flowerboy helped you grow?
    pairing: highschoolcrush!juyeon x female!reader
    genre: highschool au, socialmedia!au, fluff, humor
    warnings: profanity, suggestive, death of a loved one but i'll tw everything in the chapters!
    status: incomplete (started november 17, 2021)
    taglist: @ccobbiee @wonclusion @jjaehyuk @stealanity​ @nyujjan​ @luvrbin​ (if you want to be in the taglist please dm me or ask in my inbox)
    a/n: second chapter PLS stayed up to work on this i hope u like :-)

    (for more updates on the series, please check out the “#snuhee biyh.” tag under my blog)

    chapter one ꕀ mastelist ꕀ next...

    #snuhee biyh. #juyeon#lee juyeon#the boyz#tbz #the boyz juyeon #the boyz lee juyeon #tbz juyeon #tbz lee juyeon #juyeon imagines#juyeon scenarios #juyeon social media au #juyeon fluff#juyeon smau#juyeon drabbles #the boyz social media au #tbz social media au #the boyz smau #tbz smau #the boyz drabbles #the boyz imagine #the boyz scenario #kpop#kpop scenarios #kpop social media au #kpop smau#kpop drabbles
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    Tree Decorating

    (NOT MY GIF)

    Pairing ➳ Peter Parker x Reader

    Summary ➳ While putting the star on the tree after all the others left the room Peter decides to pull a little prank on you

    Words ➳ 1073

    Note ➳ This is the first of, I'm not sure how many, Christmas-themed, fics, head-canons, and drabbles. Enjoy!

    Idea by my friend @panpurplefirebreathingdragoncat

    @spideyspeaches hereeeee it is!


    It took a good bit of begging but, you finally got everyone to help you and Peter set up the Christmas tree in the living room of the tower. It took roughly an hour and a half to get it completely set up and mostly decorated.

    There was quite a bit of bickering from Sam and Bucky as they tried deciding how the ornaments should be placed so they got kicked out of the room by Steve who ended up having to go and do something so he left as well. Nat and Wanda got off-topic and wandered off talking about some fun things to do this Christmas. Vision had followed them to stay close to Wanda. Tony was next to leave because he had to put Morgan to bed and Pepper had to leave because Morgan wouldn’t go to bed without her. Not too long after they had left everyone else but you and Peter had either gone off to bed or to do something else.

    You were looking at the tree and realized something was off, “Hey Pete, can you tell what’s off about the tree? It looks weird but I can’t put my finger on it.”

    After a minute of silence, Peter speaks up, “I don’t know either.”

    Another minute of silence passed before you realized what was missing, “The Star!”

    “Ohhhhh, yeah”

    “How are we going to get it up there?” You looked around for anything you could use to get the star on the top of the tree sighing after a minute of not being able to find anything.

    “I could hang from the ceiling but I’m not sure I would be able to reach it on my own.” You nodded a bit at Peter knowing that would be a good way to do it if the ceilings of the tower weren’t so high. “Hey, what if I held you by your ankle or something and you could put the star on the tree?”

    “You know that actually might work as long as you don’t drop me.” you were joking a bit knowing you could trust Peter with anything.

    “I would never drop you, besides you are pretty light.”

    “Yeah says the one who would have no issue picking up an elephant.” you deadpanned.

    “So do you want to do this or not?”

    “Yeah” you nod and go over to Peter and have him pick you up before he climbs the wall and makes it to the ceiling.

    Once he is on the ceiling you have him slowly move you so you are dangling above the tree and he is holding your ankle. You have him move a little bit so you could be right where you needed but that ended up in a lot of ‘go left, no your other left’ and ‘okay to the right a little’ and more.

    You smiled once you were finally lined up with the top of the tree. “Okay now don’t move and try and get a little bit lower.”

    Just as you were lowered and about to put the star on the tree you hear voices and footsteps coming into the room. You glanced over and saw Sam, Steve, and Bucky walk in talking amongst themselves and they haven’t noticed you and Peter dangling from the ceiling. They kept walking completely unaware until Peter’s wallet slipped out of his pocket, which he caught, but a condom and a couple receipts managed to fall out.

    As soon as you made eye contact with Steve you knew he was about to go all dad on you. “Get off of the ceiling?! And why is Peter only holding your ankle?” You watched as he crossed his arms knowing this wasn’t going to end well but since you were already up there you may as well get the star on the tree.

    You put the star on the tree and at the same time it seemed Peter thought it would be funny to let go of your ankle for a second causing you and Steve to both freak out. Peter caught your ankle but it still scared the shit out of you causing you to look up at Peter glaring, “get me down from here now.”

    He stops laughing almost immediately nodding and pulling you back to him so he can get you both off the ceiling. Once you are down on the ground you shove yourself off of Peter making him put you down and you slap his arm, “WHAT IN THE HELL PETE! THAT WASN’T FUNNY!”

    “Sorry Princess” he sticks his bottom lip out in a pout.

    “No you can’t just apologize for pretending to drop me, thats not nice.” you huff crossing your arms turning away from him seeing Steve, Sam, and Bucky. Steve still looked mad and Bucky and Sam were whispering and laughing, probably about something stupid.

    A couple seconds later you feel Peter’s arms wrapping around your waist and his chin resting on your shoulder, “I’m really sorry Princess, I didn’t mean to freak you out, I thought it would be funny I really am sorry.” He pulls you a bit closer and kisses your shoulder and neck just peppering a bunch of kisses everywhere his mouth could reach.

    You sigh a bit and turn to face him, “I know Pete but you can’t do that, it really scared me, and it as very mean.” this time you were the one to stick your bottom lip out in a pout.

    Peter sighs a little and starts peppering kisses all over your face muttering apologies in between each one. After a good few seconds you hear Bucky clear his throat and you turn to look at him, “Oh just forgive the boy so Steve can lecture you and we can get back to our regularly scheduled days.”

    Sam scoffed out a laugh, “Regularly scheduled days? You watch too much cable.” Which of course caused Bucky to flip him off.

    You turn back to Peter with a small smile, “Okay, you are forgiven but you ever do something like that again you wont be getting any cuddles for a week.”

    “A week?!” Peter says gasping a bit, “Okay, I promise I will never do anything like that ever again.” he pecks your lips with a small smile.

    “Good you better not.” you smile lightly at him and sigh a little turning to Steve, “Alright, go ahead, give us the lecture.”


    #peter parker x reader #peter parker x you #peter parker x y/n #peter parker #avengers x reader #peter parker fluff #christmas with the avengers #peter parker christmas #avengers christmas#buckspeachypetal writes ☾⋆
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    Noticing You, Noticing Me

    Chapter Nineteen

    Summary: Obi-Wan struggles through the next few days. Reader is determined to help.

    W/C: 2.6k

    Warnings: angst, mention of death, very vague mention of what happened in the village Florrum, crying Obi

    - - -

    The next few nights, he wakes in a similar way to the first. Sweat soaking through his clothing, his breathing heavy as his heart was racing. You woke up with him each time. Only, unlike the first night, he would tell you to go back to sleep as he got out of bed.

    Obi-Wan hadn’t told you what he saw in Florrum. He’s kept it to himself and you can only imagine that’s making his nightmares worse each night. You knew his dreams brought about the horrors he witnessed. All you wished was for him to tell you, to relieve him of this tremendous weight he’s been living with.

    Each time he gets up he says he’s taking a walk. You know he must be doing more. Every time, if he comes back before the sun rises, he’s even more sweaty and looks so tired and drained. You know he’s been going to the training yards. You figured that out when you saw his knuckles reddened and found splinters in his palms.

    If you were to say your worry wasn’t growing each night, you’d be lying. Between knowing that he was going to face whoever this Maul was and the fact that Obi-Wan was wearing himself out with the hours of sleep being cut each night followed by him endlessly taking his wrath out on defenseless training targets, you were afraid he was leading himself to his own grave before the battle even happened.

    There were three more days before Obi-Wan was meeting Maul and your worry overtook you. You had decided that, if he wakes and leaves tonight, you would follow. Even though you would rather he didn’t fight, you couldn’t stop him. Not when he made a good point that it would get worse if he didn’t. So, you wanted to at least make sure he got rest.

    Every night you wanted to know what caused him to startle awake each night. The only thing you knew was that it was about the village. Yet, you couldn’t help him through any of it. You didn’t know what truly happened. Obi-Wan wouldn’t tell you. You would ask Cody but he was always busy. Same with Waxer and Boil. You would’ve asked Qui-Gon but he was just as busy as the others.

    Now, you hold Obi-Wan’s head close to your chest as you soothe him. Gently, you stroke his hair, drawing lines with your fingers from the part in his hair to the nape of his neck. You can feel how tense his jaw is.

    Then, he says something you don’t expect. “I’m afraid to go to sleep,” he whispers into you.

    “It’ll be alright, Obi,” you say after a moment. You make sure to not falter in your comforting ministrations. “I’m here.”

    You can hear him mumble something into your chest but you can’t make it out. You don’t press it, either.

    All you do is whisper quiet words that hopefully help him feel better. Even if it’s only for the moment. You keep this up until you feel his breathing slow down. His jaw is not as tense as before and, when you pull back the slightest bit, you can see some semblance of peace written on his features. Still, he still looks so troubled during a time that should be worry free.

    While you wait, you don’t sleep. You hold him in your arms until he rolls away from your arms in his sleep. There’s nothing to tell you how much time has passed as you watch his back. Nothing tells you when you see the rise and fall of his chest quicken. A part of you dreaded the fact that you knew what was coming.

    It wasn’t much longer until you saw his breathing become rapid, the usual sweat beading on his skin.

    Pretending you were asleep, you waited until he jolted, sitting up in the bed. You went along with the usual routine of you waking up with him.

    “Obi?” you call out as you rested a hand on his bicep.

    “Go back to sleep, darling. I’m alright,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to your temple before getting out of bed.

    “Where are you going? Obi-Wan, please. Come back to bed,” you tried to plead. It was far from the first time you did this but you had to make it seem like you weren’t planning something else.

    You watched as your fiancé paused where he stood after grabbing one of his shirts.

    Obi-Wan took a deep breath before turning to you. In the limited light you could see how conflicted he was. Still, you knew he was going to go to the training yard. He had every other time. It was what he chose now.

    “I’m sorry, my love. I’ll be back before you know it.”

    You could see guilt flash in his eyes before he put his shirt on and left the room. It hurt to have him leave yet again. Still, you were determined to actually find out what’s going on. Not tomorrow, now.

    What you decided to do was wait a bit before following him. Well, at least long enough for him to get far enough that he wouldn’t see you follow. So, you counted the seconds it usually took to get to the hallway just before he could walk into the training yard. That’s when you got up, put on a robe, and made your way down.

    A part of you was hoping that he wouldn’t be working himself too hard. You knew that hope was in vain. Not only because you saw him doing exactly that as you turned the corner, but because you knew him.

    When you heard the clash of a steel blade against the training dummy, you couldn’t help but slightly flinch at the sound. It just sent thoughts of the inevitable in the next couple of days. You knew he was a skilled fighter, you knew from the amount of times you watched him train with Cody.

    Although he sometimes got distracted by you, causing Cody to find an opening and bring their sparring match to an end, he was exemplary with any weapon you put in his hand. As you watched him from the doorway, the feeling was only reinforced as you watched his graceful moves. Every step was precise, every swing of his sword and every little movement.

    For a moment, you admired how his muscles looked in the moonlight. He had shed the shirt that he had put on before he left your room. You admired it all until you noticed something different about his technique. It wasn’t as precise and well executed as you thought. His swings were wider, there wasn’t the same finesse in his movements, the grunts he exerted during each swing were deeper and gave away how much unnecessary power he put into each.

    Above everything else, in the small glimpses, you could see anger in his expression. It was a rare thing to find grace his features. When you think of Obi-Wan Kenobi, anger is never an emotion that you think of.

    Concern grows in you as you see his swings growing in both frequency and, going of the increasing volume of steel against wood, strength. It wasn’t much longer until you watched Obi-Wan hit the target one more time, causing the whole thing to practically shatter.

    His breathing was heavy as he stood and looked at the remains of the training dummy. You watched as he straightened, trying to act like he hadn’t destroyed it in his anger.

    Next, you hear him sniffle before walking over to the rack of weapons. He placed the training sword there, pausing, his hand still on the handle.

    Obi-Wan looked as if he were about to turn toward you. That is, until he instead took a single step forward and leaned his head against the wall. His hand that still had the handle of the training sword tipped it back out, causing it to clang loudly to the stone ground, banging the side of his fist against the wall.

    That’s when you heard what twisted your heart with sadness for this man that you loved so much. He was crying. You could tell he was trying to hold it back but it was failing. His stifled cries soon turned desperate as he gasped for air.

    You didn’t waste any more time standing and watching in the doorway. Your steps were quick as you made your way over to him as he fell to his knees and curled over himself.

    Falling to your knees beside him, you put a reassuring hand on his back, gently rubbing.

    He didn’t question what you were doing there. All he did was move quickly into your arms, his head in the crook of your neck as his arms pulled you close. Your one hand stayed on his back while your other cradled the back of his head.

    “Tell me,” you whispered to him, pressing a kiss just behind his ear.

    “Which part?” he muttered into your neck, his cries only calm enough to get those words out.

    Gently, you guide him so that his red, puffy eyes meet yours. “Everything.”


    Obi-Wan tells you everything. Absolutely everything that he saw in that village.

    As he told you about Adam, tears fell down your cheeks. He was such an extraordinary young man. Of everyone, he made it his duty to make you feel welcomed to Florrum. Not only Florrum, but the kingdom as a whole. The thought of never seeing that bright optimism in his eyes again was unthinkable.

    What really had you was what Obi-Wan described his dreams. He told you how, every night, he would dream of the village. Only, instead of the villagers, it was you. He said how each night showed you in different scenarios. Tonight, it was you in the same way he found Adam. That’s what had led him to losing control on the training dummy. It was the last straw being pulled. He never wanted to lose you and definitely not in any way like the villagers had been slaughtered.

    After he had told you, you suggested heading back to bed. This time, he didn’t refuse. All he did was slowly nod his head as he let you guide him to stand. You made sure to hold his hand the entire way.

    During your slow stroll back, you squeezed his hand in reassurance. This whole thing was weighing on you too, but you haven’t lived in this kingdom your whole life like he had. He had a greater connection to these people. If this were back in Alderaan, you could only imagine how devastated you would be.

    Eventually, you get back to yours and Obi-Wan’s room. You help him out of his dampened shirt and hang it on the back of the sofa. By the time you turn back to him, he’s removed his boots.

    “Are you sore?” you ask as you move to stand in front of him.

    Obi-Wan looks up at you, slowly nodding as he opens his legs so you can take a step closer. When you do, he lets his head fall to your chest. Instead of massaging his scalp, like usual, you bring your hands to his shoulders.

    With great care, you massage your hands over his muscles in his shoulders and upper back. You could feel him relaxing into you the more you helped relieve his soreness. Once in a while, he would let out small groans as you worked out particularly tight areas. The sound would make you have to suppress a shiver every single time as you thought of how else you could be hearing them.

    You didn’t let that rule your thought process. Not when he had just finally told you everything as tears had soaked your neck. Now you were focusing on how this is the most relaxed you’ve seen him in the last four days.

    Even when you know you’ve worked out all the knots in his muscles you could get to, you continue rubbing his freckled shoulders. You press a kiss to the top of his head before trailing your hands to the sides of his neck. Your thumbs gently trace his jaw line and you relish in the feeling of his beard.

    Obi-Wan leans his head back so he can look at you, his hands finding their place on your waist. His blue eyes shine with gratefulness and you can see the usual shine in his eyes again, even if it is dulled down. You didn’t care. All you cared about was the fact that the tension was no longer seen in his jaw, the sorrow isn’t as prevalent in the cerulean blue pools.

    “You need to rest,” you say quietly, moving one of your hands to cup his cheek.

    He leans into your touch, closing his eyes as he nods.

    So, you guide him to lay down, leaving his side only to make your way over to your own side of the bed. Obi-Wan wastes no time in curling up to you just like he had earlier. His arms wrap around you and hold you close. His head is somewhere between the crook of your neck and your collar bone.

    It’s silent between the two of you as you bring your hands to his hair once again. That is, until he mutters, “I’m scared to fall asleep again. I don’t think I can take these nightmares any longer.”

    You press a kiss to the top of his head, letting your lips linger as you answer, “I’m here, Obi. I always will be. As long as I am, you won’t have any more of them. I promise.”

    “I hope you’re right,” he whispers before he yawns, something you haven’t seen him do in recent days. Well, not comfortably, anyways.

    With that, you wait until he’s for sure asleep before you feel sleep calling to you. You let the feeling of his even and slow breathing lull you to unconsciousness. Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about him waking up in panic again.


    Obi-Wan doesn’t wake up again. Instead, you wake up to see peace in his features again. There’s no tension in his jaw, no furrowed brow, no sign of a nightmare about to wake him up.

    Not only that, but you’re actually waking up to him next to you again. You’re waking up to him sleeping beside you as the sun filters into the room again.

    You take a moment to admire how he looks before your eyelids droop down again. Instead of fighting it, you give in, burying yourself into Obi-Wan’s chest.

    In his sleep, he drapes an arm over you as he adjusts to accommodate you. Before you drifted off again, you decided you would convince him to take the day to rest. You were sure the others could go one day without him. You knew Cody would understand why. He saw how much it was affecting Obi-Wan just as much as you did.

    With that, you let the sound of his heartbeat bring you back into a peaceful slumber now that you knew he was properly resting.

    - - -

    @stardancerluv @where-fantasy-meets-reality @jaydenwoo @madmax2003 @mackycat11 @generousrunawaydonut @imabeautifulbutterfly @animalgirl05 @blondekel77 @thereluctantherosrose @tubble-wubble @perpetual-fangirl900 @cosmicsierra @badbatch-simp24 @fallenlilangel99 @justanothersadperson93

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    01.12.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Title: B Could Be For...

    Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

    Word Count: 670

    Warnings: fluff, a lot of B words 38 not including the words that contained the letter and the letter on its own

    Author's Note: I saw a prompt I wanted to do about dancing by the tree, but it ended up turning into this 😅 Welcome to my brain and how it functions sometimes! Any mistakes are my own.

    Any and all reblogs/likes/comments are appreciated.

    In no way, shape, or form, do you have permission to repost this anywhere


    Days of breaking wishbones and giving thanks were finally over.

    Days of chilly afternoons were beginning to creep into the early hours of the morning.

    The last leaf had finally fallen for the year and it was finally feeling like winter.

    This also meant that the time had come to do what you were looking forward to most all month: decorating your home for Christmas.

    Before you started pulling bins from the storage closet you had in your small apartment to create the cozy little space you’d seen across your Instagram feed the past few weeks, you opened up Spotify to your holiday playlist. You had made certain that your Bluetooth speaker was fully charged for this specific day.

    You were able to get your small, five-foot plastic tree up in the corner of your living room, decorated with your favorite childhood ornaments, plus the new ones you’d found at the store last week.

    The wreath that hung on your front door spoke to your neighbors that you were finally in the Christmas spirit, if it wasn’t the consistent singing that they’ve heard all afternoon.

    Garland graced your bookshelves and tables, adding a little bit of snow to the aesthetic, while the stocking with your initial hung next to a new one you had also picked up at the store. A nice little surprise for your visitor later.


    You glanced at your phone and saw that time had crawled away from you. Your boyfriend would be over to pick you up shortly for date night.

    Some time later, you were about halfway through fixing your hair when your phone started ringing.


    “Hi. Yes. I’m in search of a beautiful woman in need of some good nachos and drinks. Maybe even a chance to go ice skating and watch her man make a fool of himself as he falls endlessly, not only on the ice, but for his girl again and again. Do you know where I might be able to find one?”

    You giggled, reaching to push the necessary buttons needed to open the gates at the front of your apartment complex.

    “I think she’s still getting ready, so you’ll have to let yourself in.”

    “Thanks, doll!”

    You heard the unlocking of the front door as you were slipping into your favorite sweater and jeans. You grabbed your boots and made your way into the living room, where your man was gazing at all your efforts.

    “Everything looks so good. I’m sure you’ve had a relaxing afternoon putting everything-” he was cut off by the sight of the stocking you had hung earlier. A smile crept onto your face as he eyed the big cursive B next to your stocking.

    “Doll?” he turned to see you with a grin on your face. “Is that for me?”

    “Well…that B could stand for many things,” you started, sitting to lace your left boot.

    “B could be for Bold,” after lacing the right.

    “B could be for Bewitching,” making eye contact with the love of your life across the room.

    “B could be for Badass,” giggling, watching him make his way to you.

    “B could be for Beloved,” pulling you up into his arms.

    “B could definitely be for Beefy,” you whispered, running your hands up the muscle of his arms. He playfully rolled his eyes at you, but soon was returning your smile.

    “B could be for Big-Hearted,” placing your hand over the left side of his chest. You could feel each thump, almost synching up with yours.

    “But, if I remember correctly, at the end of the day, it stands for my Blessing of a Boyfriend. Bucky.” His hand reached down to cover your hand with his, as he uses the other to tilt your head up. Your eyes watch his glow from the love you give so freely to him.

    “Doll, if anyone is a blessing, it’s you,” he murmured, before capturing your lips with his.

    His beautiful, blissful lips.

    Doing nothing more than taking your breath away.

    #bucky barnes #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes x y/n #reader x bucky barnes #you x bucky barnes #y/n x bucky barnes #bucky barns #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes drabble #james buchanan barnes #anotherwritersblog writing
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    Cedric’s kinks






    Orgasm denial

    #hp #harry potter imagine #harry potter#hp imagine #cedric deserved better #cedric x reader #cedric x y/n #cedric diggory imagine #cedric diggory headcanon #cedric diggory fluff #cedric diggory smut #cedric diggory#kinks#Cedric kinks #Cedric Diggory kinks
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    Hello, and welcome to the first fic of my little Naruto Advent Callendar :D So today is the first day when I post for the event and I'm super anxious, I really want to make this event work, and provide some good content!

    But anyway, I'm glad you're here, and today, as a first installment we have SFW work for Kakashi Hatake, with a special appearance of his Ninkens! Hope you'll enjoy :D

    Prompt: First snow Pairing: Kakashi Hatake x fem!reader feat. Ninkens TW: I guess a little bit of mutual pining, fluff, lot's of snow :D Word count: 1921 Summary: The first snow in Konohagakure was a big event on its own, but except for frost and beautiful sights, what else the white fluff could bring for you? Proofreaded by @kissmekakashi 😘

    SFW, everything under the cut!

    Snow wasn’t anything unusual in Konohagakure, like every year, everyone expected white Christmas. But nobody expected that the first snow would be brought with one of the heaviest storms the village has seen in years. The white fluff was laying with a thick layer everywhere, making the adults curse while cleaning their doorsteps and streets, and children enjoyed the delight of a free day from the academy. And so did you.

    The first thing that you noticed when you woke up was the unusual bright coming from the outside, and the subtle scent present in the air, associated with winter and fallen snow, and your bedroom felt colder than usual. When you woke up and saw through the window how everything was covered under the white carpet. There was no option, you’d miss the chance to play in the first snow this year.

    The air outside was wonderful - cold, fresh, and light, biting gently your nostrils as you took a deep breath in. A lovely day for a walk. Even if most of the people didn’t share your feelings about the day, it didn’t matter - you decided to enjoy it fully. The training grounds seemed like the perfect destination point - you had high hopes that the snow there would be still untouched by anyone, leaving you the blank sheet to stomp on it and make some snow angels. But you wouldn’t be yourself if on the way you wouldn’t attend some snow fight, losing miserably to your friends, or watch the kids trying to go as far as they could on the ice that covered the Naka River passing through the village.

    The walk through the woods surrounding one of the many training grounds was almost like a walk in a fairy tale - everything was covered with a thick layer of snow, the branches were bending under its weight, and the winter sun shone through the trees painting soft shadows on your path.

    To your surprise, the place you’ve picked was already occupied, and not by one person.

    Well, technically, there was only one person…

    Despite the silver hair blending in with the bright snow, the other part of his outfit was clearly visible - including the mask as the most distinctive part of it, making him recognizable within a second. While you would expect that Kakashi would take out a team of his kids rather than the whole pack of his dogs, so rarely seen while not accompanying him during the mission. It was a funny sight to see - eight dogs gathered around him, waiting for Kakashi to finally throw a snowball after a few rounds of teasing, and the whole bunch racing after the small snowball thrown with a force and disappearing between trees. Well, almost a whole bunch because the small grumpy pug was sitting beside Kakashi, and as you came closer you could almost see the discontent on its snout.

    It wasn’t long before Kakashi noticed you and waved his hand, putting on a warm smile - and how he always did that with only one eye, it was a mystery for not only you. You were sure though that he knew that you were coming - in your career not even once you’ve managed to surprise or startle him in that way.

    “(Y/n)! What a surprise,” he chuckled, right after he had thrown another snowball making the pack race as fast as they could. “What are you doing here?”

    “Nothing much,” you shrugged, looking around. Of course, all the snow on the training grounds was already stomped by Ninkens pointlessly running around, chasing the snowballs that were gone the moment they hit the tree or fall into the deep snow, “the weather is lovely today, so I thought the small walk wouldn’t do any harm.”

    “Oh it is,” he chuckled, pointing at his dogs, now tumbling in the snow and chasing one another, “they always go crazy seeing the snow,” he started to explain, tightening his scarf and hiding his hands in the pockets of his pants. “Sometimes when there is no mission going around, and there is snow like that I just… Let them go crazy for a while, they love it.”

    That was something new - the usually withdrawn, mysterious, and shy man was surprisingly chatty when it came to his dogs. So, seeing an opportunity to actually know something more about him and about the Ninkens you never had really a chance to talk about, while for once he was the one talking, you just started asking about the dogs - even if they were just summons it turned out ever a dog had its own personality, favorite snacks or activities.

    You listened, mesmerized a bit, not daring to interrupt the avalanche of words that suddenly came from behind the mask. The thing was - you actually liked Kakashi for a while now. Whenever he was around, your mood instantly lifted like his sole presence was enough to do it. Usually, he was the one who listen to your blabbering, on the rare occasions when you two met during parties thrown by a fellow jounins, both sitting somewhere at the corner table, avoiding the crowd, or when you two were observing the many shenanigans of Gai making a bet, waiting for the day if and when his best friend will say that he can’t do something. But you never really had a chance to meet him alone, there always had to be someone else around you.

    So now you hoped that you could use it, at least for a cup of tea.

    Little you know, Kakashi actually liked the time he had a chance to spend with you - he tried as much as possible to not impose himself too much, but every time he met you at any party, he couldn’t stay indifferent, feeling that you’re the only one around that wouldn’t try to drag him onto the dancefloor, or challenge him on who can drink more sake, or - the most important thing - try to pull down his mask out of sheer curiosity. He valued that, and it was also a point of honor for him to protect you from courtships of other men - even if he would rather die than admit that, he always did it out of sheer jealousy.

    He wouldn’t mind if he’d be the one with whom you’d agree to go out, at least for some tea.

    Both unaware of that, but throwing subtle gazes at each other, laughing at the most meaningless jokes, and curiously asking each other questions, testing the waters, you two were too focused on each other, unaware of the pack of dogs observing every move and listening to every word from afar. More than once, on days when his mental health was put to the test, and Kakashi summoned his dogs to just not be alone, the whole pack heard how he talks about you, the woman he wish to know better, but he has no courage to do so, and he can’t just burden you with himself. But it was obvious even without the stories, even without your stares and laughs - the scent of chemistry between you was perfectly noticeable to their sensitive noses.

    So when Pakkun approached the rest of the dogs and told them what’s going on - they just had to come up with a plan, to somehow guide you two towards, well, date. Maintaining the sham play, pretending that they chase each other, the biggest of them all, Bull, in the last moment changed the trajectory of his run just a little bit, but enough to bump you and make you fall straight into Kakashi’s arms.

    It was a blink of an eye, but fortunately, the Copy Ninja was fast beyond comprehension. Before you’d fall on the ground, covering yourself wholly in the cold snow, he grabbed you in his hands, and with a delay, first looking at you from up close, he put you back on your feet.

    “(Y/n)...! Are you alright?” He asked, the bits of fear lingered in his voice - not only because he thought something would happen to you because of one of his dogs, but also because he was scared that he crossed some sort of a line.

    “N-no!” You were as startled and surprised as him, “thanks for saving me from a fall!”

    “Oh, it’s n-nothing,” even with a mask on, you could clearly see the blush painting his face slowly. He suddenly turned to the pack of Ninkens, sitting behind you, observing the two of you curiously. “Bull! You can’t do that,” Kakashi scoffed at the biggest dog, “I’m so sorry for him, I have no idea why-”

    You were about to say, that it’s nothing, it happens, and you are not angry with him or Bull, but the smallest pug made a few steps forward and sat down between you two.

    “Boss?” It was always amazing seeing them talk.

    “What is it, Pakkun?” Kakashi looked at the pug, then at the rest of his pack, sitting like they were waiting for something to happen. “What’s going on with you all?”

    “It’s cold,” the dog announced the obvious news all of a sudden.

    “Yes, I know.”

    “(Y/n) is cold too.”

    Now, you two just stood there, not sure what to say to the small pug. Only when the silence became a bit too long, you decided to speak up.

    “Um ah- Maybe a bit?” A small chuckle escaped your chest, trying your best not to shiver and not to confirm the little dog’s words “but it’s nothing!”

    “Boss, I think (Y/n) could use some tea,” like nothing happened, like you said absolutely nothing, Pakkun just continued, and his intentions became clear, at least for the silver-haired man.

    Damn, he could’ve not said that he likes you to them, now there wouldn’t be a problem, and you wouldn’t think that everything was staged just to invite you for… a… date?

    But actually, you had a quite different thought about this - it would be a great opportunity to finally spend some time with him and… See if he is really interested in something more than being just friends.

    “Well… I-” you started, but looked at Kakashi, worried that now it would be you, who might have crossed some line, but the look in his eyes, the slight panic mixed with hints of hope gave you a bit of courage and painted your cheeks with a delicate pink blush. “I would… Love to have some tea.”

    “Y-you would?”

    “Yeah, I mean… It’s cold and… I really… wouldn’t… Mind...”

    “So… W-would you like to go with- with m-me?”

    You nodded in answer and Kakashi smiled with his eye, relieved even if still nervous.

    “Alright,” he exhaled loudly like he was giving himself a bit of courage before he sent back his dogs with only a short ‘we’ll talk later’, “uhm… After you? And please… Can we not talk about that we just got set up by...- It’s embarrassing...”

    “That we got a date thanks to your dogs, especially a certain grumpy pug?” You chuckled, hearing how ridiculous it sounded. “Of course, my lips are sealed.”

    “So… Any ideas where we should go?”

    “I’ve heard about the new cafe near the main road… Maybe there?”

    “Sure,” he nodded, knowing that he would be content even if this would just be a simple walk. “Wherever you want.”

    You smiled and threw again some meaningless question that roamed through your mind, as you led the way to your first of many dates.


    SFW event taglist: @half-baked-biscuit @clearlyjustchlyri @ice-icebaby @daddykakashisensei @kakaxhi @sphinxfantasy @vetani19 Want me to add you to the event taglist? Click HERE

    #hela.christmas event #kakashi#kakashi hatake#kakashi's ninken#kakashi's ninkens#ninken#ninkens #fem!reader #kakashi x reader insert #kakashi x reader #kakashi x you #kakashi x y/n #first snow#snow#fluff #12 Days of Fluffy Chrismas #Hela's Naruto Advent Callendar #hela.writes
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    Follow the Butterflies by DragonHoardsBooks Pairing: Harry/Ron Rating: G Word Count: 3k “Why did it have to be spiders?” Ron moaned. “Why couldn’t we follow the butterflies?” Harry privately agreed with his best friend, but if there was anything Hogwarts had taught him, then that if he didn’t do something, no one would. “I promise the next time we have to follow anything, it will be butterflies.”

    #harry/ron#ron/harry#rarry#ronarry#rating: g #less than 5k words #friendship #friends to lovers #get together#fluff#humor #hp fic rec #lightning era #rarry fic rec #ronarry fic rec
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    Yours, Mine, Ours: Chapter 15

    Single-Dad!Chris Evans X Single-Mom!Reader

    Series MasterList

    List Of OCs For This Series

    Series Summary: Your husband Caspian Richardson Senior died while serving in the military, so you move your three sons to Boston, MA. Where you meet an actor and his sweet daughter.

    Chapter Summary: Time skip to 2022!

    Series Warnings: Death of a spouse/parent, divorce of parents,

    Chapter Warnings: Uh none?

    A/n: I didn't know how to write holidays withoutt excluding someone so I skipped December. I might write a side chapter for Christmas, and any other holidays you request but if you request anything other than Christmas please be prepared to educate me on the holiday and give some of your family's traditions.

    January 1st, 2022. You groaned stretching. You regret drinking last night. You looked around the room, your husband's childhood bedroom. You kids were settled in a room decorated just for them down the hall. For winter break you brought your kids down here.

    You checked your phone, seeing a text from Chris. The two of you have gone on a two more dates since Thanksgiving. You two have also been talking more. Chris' text said:

    "Good morning sunshine🌞." You smiled texting him back.

    "Good morning."

    You yawned before leaving the bedroom. You peak unto the bedroom that was formally a guest room but your in-laws put in a bunk bed with a trundle and called it your sons room, after you had Connor. They turned your husband's room into a guest room right after that. All three boys were fast asleep. You made your way downstairs.

    "Good morning." Benji, your brother in law said with a smile from the counter in the kitchen

    "Hey." You yawned before going to grab your favorite morning drink.

    "Happy new year."

    "Happy new year." You said before looking at your phone when it dinged, you smiled seeing it was Chris. And he was texting:

    "Happy new year."

    You responded before you noticed Benjamin looking at you. You have him a confused look.

    "Whos got you smiling like that?" He asked.

    "No one." You said simply, you're afraid he'd react badly about you starting to move forward with your life.

    "Okay so who is this no one?" He asked you.

    "You don't know him." You rolled your eyes taking a sip of your drink.

    "Your dating someone?"

    "Yes, I've been on 5 dates with him." You finally conceded.

    "Oh. Isn't a little soon to be dating? Your moving on pretty quickly." The younger man scoffed. You sighed. "How did the boys react to you replacing my brother."

    "The reacted fine. Caspian handled it maturely.

    "Good morning mom." Caspian said yawning as he walked into the kitchen. "Good morning Uncle Benji."

    "Morning kid." He said taking a sip of coffee. "So have you met the man your mom is dating?" Benji asked clearly wanting to cause trouble.

    "Yeah. He's our neighbor. He's chill." Caspian shrugged grabbing the cereal from the cabinet.

    "Oh, well Y/n next time I'm in town I'll have to meet him.

    "Junior are you all packed? We fly home today."



    It was 7 PM when you landed. You didn't want to leave your car at the airport for a few weeks so you took a taxi there. So you're taking one home.

    You got home around 8 PM and your were exhausted. You paid the taxi driver and sent your boys inside with their bags. You followed leaving your bag in the entry way before going over to Chris' house. You had asked him to pick up your mail. It was probably only bills but that's besides the point. You had already asked if you could pick it up today or if you had to wait for tomorrow.

    You knocked on the door and Chris opened it quite quickly. He was holding June on his back and you could hear talking from inside.

    "Hey there." Chris smiled, "come inside! Where are the boys?"

    "They went straight inside to get ready for bed."

    "Oh well I'll get your mail... You can wait here or follow. I left them in the kitchen." Chris explained.

    "I'll follow you." You said as you admired the inside of his home. It was beautiful. You could tell from the outside that it would be bigger than your home but this was bigger then you thought. Chris led you to the kitchen where Scott and another man were waiting.

    "Hey y/n!" Scott smiled. "This is my boyfriend, Steve."

    "Hey Scott. Nice to meet you." You smiled reaching your hand out to shake with Steve. He smiled accepting your hand shake.

    "Nice to meet you! June there was telling me about you."


    "Here's your mail." Chris smiled. "Hey Lovebug can you get off my back for a second so I can talk to miss Y/n?" Chris asked June

    "I guess." She said as her dad knelt down letting her jump off and join her uncle and his boyfriend. Before you and Chris walked to the door.

    "How was your trip." Chris asked smiling softly. He's eyes held an amount of caring and softness you hadn't seen in years.

    "It was great. It's the first time I've gotten up there since Senior passed so it was nice. I showed the boys where I met their dad and told them the story. They loved it." You said.

    "That's amazing. So I wanted to ask if you wanted to come to dinner with me next Saturday?"

    "Sure that should work I'll let you know."

    "Okay good night." He smiled kissing your cheek noticing your face heat up and your smile grow.

    "Good night Chris."

    You stepped out of the house and started looking through your mail. Bill, bill, bill, junk, ad, coupons score, Christmas/holiday cards from old friends, a letter from Butler, and a letter from A lieutenant colonel, Rob Hucklebuckle. You hadn't heard from him in over a year, why would he be checking in now? And with a letter he has your number.

    Taglist: @anacrcarvalho @traceyaudette @deputy-videogamer @stillthatbetch @queenofthepouges @dontbescaredtosingalong @hauntedmuffinpersonarascal @food8me @cedricdiggorysimpp @findthebeautyinbreakdowns @selluequestrian @killerqueenfan @lharrietg @liecastillo @denisemarieangelina @wisepeanutlady @unicornblueberry @stitchattacks @milacolibri @spooky-stoner @marvelmenwhore @saahmi @boldlypessimistic @freakyevanss @asuni921 @srhxpci @supriseeshawtyy @nova10711 @nik2write @blueeyeddemon1016 @happinessinthebeing @winterberryfox @sunwardsss @ellerosie2332 @the-photo-hoe @scarletmeii @janaev4ns @tanyaherondale

    A/n: If I wasn't able to tag you I took your name off of the taglist. I started doing it, then wanted to not do it but then I lost the original taglist because my notes app messed up so I kinda had to do it at that point opps.

    Yes I stole Hucklebuckle from the Santa paws movie don't judge me.

    #chris evans#cevans #chris evans x reader #chris evans x y/n #chris evans x you #chris evans x female reader #chris evans x f!reader #chris evans x fluff #chris evans fic #chris evans fanfic #chris evans fandom #chris evans fluff #chris evans fanfiction #chris evans series #chris evans smile #chris evans and dodger #chris evans angst #x single mom!reader #single parent au #single dad au #single dad!chris evans #yours mine ours #caspian richardson sr #caspian richardson jr #jace richardson#connor richardson#richardson boys#juniper evans #chris evans and reader #x f!reader
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    Kristmas Karma

    Kristmas Karma by Solar Savoy

    Nagisa was just venting about his parents when he learned that Karma was going to be alone for Christmas. Even though he hasn't ditched in a while, he leaves early and Nagisa takes this opportunity to convince everyone in 3-E to turn this year's gift exchange into a Christmas for Karma. Turns out good things do come around.

    Updated daily.

    Words: 1077, Chapters: 1/25, Language: English

    Series: Part 2 of Kristmas Karma

    Fandoms: Assassination Classroom

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Characters: Shiota Nagisa, Hazama Kirara, Takebayashi Koutarou, Fuwa Yuzuki, Mimura Kouki, Maehara Hiroto, Isogai Yuuma, Kataoka Megu, Okano Hinata, Nakamura Rio, Chiba Ryuunosuke, Hayami Rinka, Kurahashi Hinano, Yada Touka, Horibe Itona, Sugino Tomohito, Kimura Masayoshi, Kanzaki Yukiko, Terasaka Ryouma, Yoshida Taisei, Muramatsu Takuya, Hara Sumire, Kayano Kaede, Okajima Taiga, Ritsu, Okuda Manami, Akabane Karma

    Additional Tags: Shiota Nagisa Is A Good Friend, Akabane Karma Needs a Hug, Holidays, Christmas Fluff, Canon Compliant, POV First Person, POV Multiple, Feelings, Presents, Light Angst, I'M NOT CRYING YOU ARE, Ship Everyone

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35367136

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    25 days of Draco and Harry 2021

    A very-mini-story about loving, being loved, realising it, and buying lots of crap. Featuring: an insecure, oblivious Harry in an established relationship (our boy is going through some things, all right?), pretty much all the regular cast, and... yeah, Draco, too, somewhere. He’s bound to show up at some point. 

    A small chapter a day(-ish), lots of fluff and holiday and love. 

    Thank you so much to the mods for creating a fest that’s so chill, even I manage to take part in! 

    Read Of Quests, Queues and Quiet Nights here!  

    #drarry#fic #25 days of #25 days of drarry #25 days 2021 #fluff #a miniature fluffy story in 25 (?) chapters #love#insecurities #but more love #Draco Malfoy#Harry Potter #all the characters ever
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    Pairing: Shigaraki Tomura x Reader (GN)

    Genre: angst with a good ending (scenario)

    Warnings: angst, swearing, blood, possible triggers

    Summary: You thought you were quirkless until a certain accident happened.

    Notes: Please, don’t read this if you think you won’t feel good afterwards. Also, this was meant to be a soulmate AU, but I’ve changed my mind. And I definitely didn’t want to start with a angsty story.

    Words: 420 (Am I a joke to you?)


    Being quirkless wasn’t always easy. Bullying, abuse, harassment. It was normal for you, until you met him. Shigaraki Tomura, villain and mass murderer, but not for you. Nobody saw him as you did. He was nice to you and didn’t care about your loss of a quirk. It was three days after your second anniversary when it happened.

    “I told you to stay here!” he screamed while dragging you into the bar.

    “And I told you I needed to see my sister!” your body was burning with rage.

    He never let you leave because he was scared you’ll get kidnapped or worse. And what you did? You left without saying anything and got into a fight.

    “It was dangerous!” he threw you onto the sofa and crossed his arms.

    “Maybe if you weren’t so overprotective, it wouldn’t happen!” and that was it.

    He grabbed your wrist with all five fingers. You screamed and his eyes widened. Awareness overflowed his body and he let go of your arm. Tears were running down your cheeks and pain was shooting through your body.

    “(Y/N)…” the only thing he saw was a gray dust.

    Falling on his knees and hugging your shirt, he started crying and yelling. The only good thing in his life was gone because of him.

    “I really destroy everything.”


    “Not now, (Y/N).”

    He froze. Was his imaginations playing with him? He opened his eyes and stood up.


    You were there, smiling at him with a confused look on your face.

    “I’m not sure what happened, but I’m alive.”

    He slowly walked closer to you, not sure what to do. You grabbed his hand and pulled him into a hug. He wasn’t sure if he should touch you.

    “You’re…” his voice cracked, “undecayable, right?” he wanted to hold you so much but was scared to hurt you again.

    “I guess, I didn’t know something like this was possible.”

    After that, you went to a doctor who did some tests on you. They found out that your skin regenerates really fast, and it shouldn’t hurt anymore. Which means Tomura can touch you. He always could. Joy flooded your body and a smile spread on your face.

    “You know I’m not mad at you? In fact, I’m happy because now you can touch me,” you hugged his torso.

    He just smiled and pulled you closer.


    “Tomura? Have you seen my (e.g. sweater/hoodie)? It’s cold in here.”

    “I don’t know what you are talking about. Now come here, I wanna cuddle.”

    Ash, 1.12.2021

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    ❙❘❙❙❘❙❚❙❘ ⌕ : happier ꗃ left unlocked

    𔘓 summary: jungwon liked you ever since, but you were too dense to notice. finally mustering up his courage, jungwon told you what he really felt, but you couldn't reciprocate his feelings as you were already dating jay: the basketball captain, which is also jungwon's friend. things took a huge turn when jungwon found out something about his friend doing things behind your back.

    𔘓 taglist (open): @ncityy04 @itzsora @wanlore @instahann @wonwoosh @mysticore-replies @ahnneyong @msxflower @youreverydayzebra @meiiiwa @3ggieyolk @luv4gyu @w3bqrl @yjwfav @ielaa @sunysunoo @creamkwan @meiinumaki @punneysushi01 @m1ng-how @c9tnoos @ryu-naa @hobistigma @seungstarss @txtyvoir @blank-velvet @holoestuff @wccycc @lumixen @tomorrowbymoa-together @daisyhwa @yizhoutv @jay-durian @primorange @curryramyeon @acciomylove @icywhatim @straykidrens @juoirs @pepperrye @pr0dbeomgyu @stoatwashere

    masterlist . . . [ < ] · [ > ]

    #enhypen#enhypen drabbles#enhypen fluff#enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen timestamps#enhypen angst#enhypen oneshots#enhypen fanfic#enhypen headcanons#enhypen fanfiction #enhypen socmed au #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen jungwon #jungwon x you #jungwon x reader #jungwon x y/n #yang jungwon#enhypen jay #jay x y/n #jay x you #jay x reader #park jay#lvrshypen #ᕱ ⑅ ᕱ . . . happier – y.jw
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  • sensory-dump
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    Happy Birthday Kaeya <3

    I'm a little bit late, but I wanted to write something for this lovely boy for his special day.

    Happy Birthday Kaeya Alberich <3 We love you.

    "Keep your eyes covered alright! Don't you dare open them!" You scolded Kaeya, him chuckling in response as he held his hands over his eyes.

    "Alright alright~ Where are you taking me, Dear?" He allowed you to guide him through the bustling streets of Mondstadt.

    "Its a surprise! Just be patient Alberich and you'll see soon enough~!" Kaeya heard you kick open a door before leading him in and closing the door behind the both of you.

    The room was quiet, but the familiar scent of wine made him smile. He knew exactly where he was.

    "Okay....You can look now!" You watched him take his hands away from his eyes, observing the tavern filled with his friends.

    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAEYA!!!" Everyone cheered, throwing their hands up with big smiles.

    Kaeya was stunned.

    His eyes wracked over everyone, landing on his brother, who stood behind the bar with a gentle smile.

    His heart bloomed with happiness as he watched all of his friends approach him and pull him into a group hug.

    Kaeya held back tears of happiness as he looked back at you, who was still standing at the door. He pulled away from the group hug to walk over to you and pull you into a tight hug.

    "Thank you...for all of this..."His voice was shaky as he hid his face away in your shoulder, holding back tears of pure happiness.

    You pushed him away slightly, cupping his face gently and wiping away the tears that began to fall down his cheeks.

    "Happy Birthday Kaeya, let's enjoy tonight alright?" You felt him smile against your palm before he pulled away, turning back to his other friends as he joined them around the large table of food.

    You walked over to Diluc, joining him behind the bar.

    "You gonna say anything to him?" You chimed, staring into the side of the red-heads face. You watched him tense up as his gaze flicked up to his brother.

    Kaeya held Klee in his arms, letting her shovel food into his mouth with a spoon. Kaeyas smile was the widest you had ever seen. He was surrounded by his friends, and for the first time in a long time, Kaeya felt loved.

    Diluc sighed as he went back to cleaning the glass in his hands. His gaze now focused on his current task.

    "Maybe one day..." You saw how his ruby eyes turned glossy for a moment before he blinked away the tears.

    You sighed at his response, sitting back as you watched everyone slowly lose themselves in joy.

    A few hours had passed and you hadn't noticed Kaeya had silently dipped away from the crowd. Only when everyone started to leave had you realised his absence.

    You walked upstairs, the floorboards creaking under the pressure of your feet. Opening the door to the balcony, you were met with a cool breeze.

    You saw Kaeya leaning against the railings, his form stiff. He looked as if he was lost in thought. His arms were crossed above his chest as he looked out onto the now empty streets.

    "I thought I'd find you here." You felt him tense up for a moment before his head turned and his body relaxed at the sight of you.

    "You frightened me. I thought you'd have gone home long ago." He flicked his gaze back to the streets, shuffling to the side to give you room.

    You moved next to him, leaning against the railing as well as you let out a relived sigh.

    "Tonight was fun, I'm totally exhausted." You yawned, resting your chin in the palm of your hand.

    However, Kaeya stayed silent. You looked up at him, seeing his expression looking rather melancholic.


    "Do you think, it was my fault?" You knew exactly what he was talking about.

    The accident with Crepus all those years ago. The day he died. You had known the two brothers since they were kids, and you were there the day Crepus died.

    You were stunned into silence. The question caught you off guard and you had no idea how to respond.

    "Kae-" He cut you off again.

    "Forget it, how about I accompany you on your walk home? I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something were to happen to you." He dodged the conversation, stepping away from the railings and walking towards the door.

    You smiled at his antics, joining him at he door.

    "I would've been fine on my own, I'm far more capable then you think I am."

    "Sure, sure."

    You both walked in a comfortable silence all the way to your home. Before you entered the house, you turned back to look at Kaeya.

    "Kae." He turned towards you.

    "I hope you had a good day, Happy Birthday." You gave him your best smile, throwing him a small box before closing the door behind him.

    Kaeya smiled, his gaze flicking to the box in his hands. He opened it and his eyes immediately widened.

    Inside the box was a framed picture of you, him and Diluc as kids. You were all smiling, arms wrapped around each other.

    Tears welled up in Kaeyas eyes as he smiled down at the picture, tucking it away safely before walking away from your home.

    'Happy Birthday Kaeya.'

    'No matter your mistakes, I will love you eternally.'

    Happy Birthday beautiful boy <3 I love you with all my heart.

    This is unedited.

    #anime#fanfiction#genshin impact#imagines#angst#genshin #genshin x reader #genshin angst#game#fluff#kaeya #kaeya x reader angst #kaeya x reader #kaeya comfort #happy birthday Kaeya <3 #Kaeya alberich
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  • sandsorghum
    01.12.2021 - 24 minutes ago


    NanaNov Appreciation Month 4/4

    Final Nanamin drabble for the month, for the man I love

    Find the others here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

    Snapshots of a life to be
    Word count: 900+ Genre(s): Fluff/Domestic bliss Phenomenal art by hercaptain

    Nanami Kento takes exactly 37 minutes to get ready for his day, that is, if you don’t distract him. If he successfully resists your whines at his warmth leaving your side, he has 7 minutes for ablutions, 20 to get dressed, and the remaining reserved for a quick cup of coffee.

    It used to take him half an hour. You aren’t aware of this, but since you started staying overnight, he’s budgeted 5 whole extra minutes for morning smooches and cuddles with you, so he can see you wake up with a smile at his uncharacteristically unruly bed head, and at the most unguarded, peaceful version of him. You’ve never had to wake up to an empty bed. These days, he rarely leaves the house without you waving to him from the doorway.


    On the subway, Nanami Kento is the paragon of a man who is professional, immaculate and…impatient. The rush hour commuters, and indeed, even his co-workers, would only know him by the first two traits, but as his partner, you’re intimately and fondly familiar with this third quirk. It shows up when he discovers a faded stain on the tie set aside for Tuesday, and has to swap it out at the last minute (now he’s only got time for the half-Windsor knot, instead of his preferred full.)

    Or when he gets a call from Gojo informing him he’ll be late, cause he was sidetracked by some fantastic smelling taiyaki, does he want some? No? Just tell him the address for next time?

    Or when the kettle’s taking too long to boil, and he’s pacing back and forth, getting the grounds, filter paper and a mug. You wonder if he can switch his impatience off, because it seems to dissipate when you shuffle into the kitchen with a yawn, and brush against him to check the toaster. He pulls you in on your way past, doesn’t care you might crease his suit, gives you a morning kiss (which you think ought to be mandatory, if you could just get your sleep cycle under control. He makes getting out of bed earlier seem worth it somehow.)

    Nanami will ask if you want a cup of coffee. You remind him he doesn’t have the time.

    “I always do, for you.”

    On such mornings, you think you’ll probably have to skip the sugar with your coffee. Your teeth would rot otherwise. So yes, with all evidence to the contrary, Nanami Kento has reservoirs of impatience for just about everything and everyone, maybe himself included. You think it’s surprising since he did take his own damn sweet time to ask you out. A couple of years, in fact.

    For a long time, you don’t know why he delayed this, you’d probably have agreed to a date the first week you met him. But you yourself were too shy to initiate or ask him yourself, during those years when it seemed he would never be anything more than the strait-laced, stern (albeit sexy) colleague who was strictly dedicated to his career, whom you happened to have a massive crush on.

    You feel the same way now, dancing around the question, Kento, we could have had this sooner, I wish you’d told me earlier…

    Why didn’t you?

    But the urgency of your curiosity has its edges frayed when he smiles just for you, kisses your hand quick in public when he thinks no one’s looking, picks ups multigrain bagels from your favourite bakery and declares one day he’ll crack the recipe to make a superior batch so you don’t have to travel 40 minutes from your office when the cravings strike…It doesn’t matter, you’re in love and it’s probably too soon to interrogate the origins of such sentiments, this early into a relationship.


    Nanami Kento is in a queue, and he thinks it’s too late.

    It’s too late to ditch his basket of baguettes and bagels, screw the line and the surprise and just go home to you with the velvet box alone, just ask you directly. Nanami sighs, looking at his watch five minutes after he last checked.

    He might as well do it properly, he’s been planning it the past few months, though he's known for much longer. Because the truth is, Nanami Kento thinks he waited too long, he wants to make up for lost time.

    Even if he doesn’t have to think too far back about when that first date was, or how it was punctured with awkward silences before thankfully devolving into a philosophical argument about whether doughnuts qualified as bread:

    It’s fried, not baked.

    But there’s yeast, the proof! I will die on this hill Nanami.

    Even if he had to admit (to himself and absolutely no one else) that he had capitulated to Gojo’s thinly-veiled insinuations of Heeeyyy you’re gorgeous and single so am I, what a coincidence! What are you doing Friday night and how those had worked wonders as a final trigger for him to intervene and save you from the smug schemer’s advances.

    Even if his first taste of you was a tangle of copper and salt, iron and honey, reminding him how the cruelty of the world inevitably alchemized his own selfishness, and still he begged to hear your voice, craving your wavering rejection, but he was denied this instead with gasps pledging pleasure, promising him you could be selfish too

    Nanami Kento needs to make up for lost time, so he’ll ask to spend all of it, share whatever remains of his hours, with you.

    #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen smut #jjk headcanons#nanami headcanons #nanami x reader #nanami x y/n #nanami x you #nanami kento #kento x reader #nanami kento x reader #nanami kento hcs #nanami kento imagines #sandsorghum's seven seas #sandsorghum#nananov2021#jjk#nananova#nananova2021 #i really REALLY LOVE NANAMI YALL #nanami kento fluff #jujutsu kaisen x reader #nanami imagine
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  • bimsha
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    Series : 100 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU

    Inspired by: 100 ways to say I love you

    Fandom: Tokyo Revengers

    Pairing: Chifuyu Matsuno x Fem!Reader

    Tags: fluff, pecks, cloth sharing, staying over

    Word count: 1k

    Snow painted the streets in white, capturing the world around you in a picturesque mayhem. Winter has always been the most breathtaking season. The burst of colours of Spring, Summer and Autumn being robbed off. A world devoid of colour. Just blinding whiteness greeting your eyes each second. But it was beautiful. Perfect. Well, maybe except for the fact you can’t really get into your house at the moment. Chifuyu was scrolling through his phone. Both of you are standing under a fresh Christmas tree. There’s still over two weeks for the celebration of the month. But every nook and corner of Shibuya is a mixture of red and white, hinting at green. You watched your boyfriend. The tips of his ears redden from the cold. His fingers running up and down the screen. “This is useless” He muttered, finally switching it off. “All the roads are closed because of the snowstorm. It’s too dangerous to stroll in that area baby”

    You sighed, a prolonged exhale that sent a puff of air to the cold night sky. You two came out to hang out for a while. Have fun. But later when you try to grab a taxi to go back home, the driver refused to set foot in your neighbourhood. The roads have been closed off. “So basically, I’m a homeless person for the night?”

    Chifuyu blinked, “My apartment is just a few blocks away. You can stay the night”

    You shoved your cold hands into your pockets fishing for the phone. It was not exactly a bad idea. You had stayed over at his place before, but this was too sudden and you had not prepared yourself mentally as you had done before. “That’s the best option. I’d call my parents”

    He nodded. Both of you turned and crossed the road to reach the building just a few blocks away. The night was getting colder, you thought when a warm hand slipped into your pocket, interfering with your fingers in his strong calloused ones. Reminiscences of his past. A smile etched upon your lips. It was not as cold as you thought after all.

    The building was eerie and quiet. Most of the tenants have gone to sleep early. Christmas or not, coldness gets to them all the same. Chifuyu and you entered his small apartment, but cozy all the same. His two cats yowled and sprung into action upon seeing him. Twin pads of legs made tiny sounds as they nuzzled against him. “I’m home” He grinned, scratching them briefly before flipping off the light switch.

    “It’s cold” You moaned, dropping to his sofa.

    “I’ll turn the heater on” Chifuyu laughed, taking off his coat and taking yours with him. You placed your chin on the armrest, watching him move along his safe haven. You loved to see him doing his thing. This is one of the reasons you almost always visit the pet shop. To catch a glimpse of him in his element.

    “By the way” You stood up, walking to the kitchen where he was lighting up the kettle. “I’m such an idiot. I took all my clothes back last week, didn’t I?”

    “Well” He started, “Not exactly your fault since we both agreed to have a big Christmas cleaning.”

    You grinned, “It was fun”

    “Until we broke two vases and Kazutora walked into the chaos”

    “Yeah, true that”

    He laughed, taking a step towards you. Your fingers grazed over his black sweater and stopped on his elbows. Before you could speak he talked, suggesting you an alternative solution. “You can always borrow mine”

    “I would” You said, pushing him away with a mischievous grin. “Glad you offered though. I was going to steal that Star Wars shirt”

    “Not that one!” You heard his voice exclaiming as you stride into his bedroom. After a hot shower, you slid into the shirt and grabbed a pair of shorts which had miraculously survived your cloth evacuation. You study the print on the front of the shirt. You had seen him wearing this before. It is his comfort, his favourite shirt. You once asked him why he treasured it this much. His sad reply was that it was a gift from an old friend. Without questions you knew who.

    You stepped back into the kitchen. He was placing a mug of hot chocolate on the table with a batch of homemade cookies. You pluck one from the saucer and bite into it. “I’m a sucker for your baking”

    His eyes were on the shirt. It was always a bit big on you. Sagging by the shoulder and reaching almost your knees. In fact, it was pretty big on Chifuyu too. A slight pink tinted across his face. But he closed the distance between you two, pressing a soft kiss against your lips, whispering into the breathy air in between.

    “You look beautiful in that”

    Then he shrugged, seemingly coming to a conclusion. “I mean you’re pretty in everything. But this shirt suits you a lot” He was talking to himself. He did this little act of arguing with himself when he’s engrossed in something. You thought it was cute.

    “That means a lot” you found yourself saying. Chifuyu doesn’t treasure many things in his life. He’s a giver. But there are several things he keeps close to him, not letting anyone touch them, and this was one of them. His most precious possession. “I mean, you actually protect this a lot” You rambled, flushing. This was getting way too intimate.

    Chifuyu smiled, pulling you to him. His fingers running across your still damp hair. You breathed him in, listened to the beating of his heart. “You can borrow it anytime.” He muttered, pressing a kiss into your hair. “Besides, you’re the one I want to protect the most.” You couldn’t see his face, but you could feel his smile. You tightened the embrace, giving him a moment to push himself back from the memories.

    The moments this very relationship has gotten you into trouble. The resistance of your parents. His constant effort to be a successful man just for you, to get that acceptance of your parents. This boy, this man, who would rip his heart out and place it on top of your palm if yours is missing.

    I love yous weren’t spoken but the feeling was brimming in the air around you. Unspoken but still audible. Audible when he said he’d protect you, evident when he says,

    “If you ever need anything, just ask, you can borrow mine.”

    This came out wayy more cheesy than I expected 😭❤

    My sincere apologies about that. If there's a specific character, please feel free to request them. I'm actually enjoying writing this oneshot series :D

    #tr#tokyo revengers#chifuyu#xreader#fluff#matsuno #xfem!reader #mentions of Kazutora #pet lovers#cheesy#soft #omg this was so cheesy #im sorry#:D
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    The Last Dance

    the last dance by eggo waffles

    Adrien and Marinette's last dance amidst the coziness of their Christmas-ready home.

    Words: 1960, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Miraculous Ladybug

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Plagg, Tikki

    Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug

    Additional Tags: holiday fluff, Established Relationship, Post-Reveal Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, my beta was unprepared so mwahahaha, Songfic, inspired by the last dance from the awakening movie, listening to the song while reading elevates the experience, please do it, seriously do it

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35440324

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