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  • Name Donation

    I want to say my birth name, Samantha. You could change it to Sam or Samuel for a more masc feel. Sam/Sammy could be more non binary. And Samantha could be more feminine. 

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  • Hello! I wanted to donate my deadname, Brooklyn. It’s a feminine-leaning unisex name.

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  • Hello! I found this blog and absolutely love this idea. I wanted to donate my deadname, Anna. It’s a wonderful name, just not mine, and can be both shortened or be short for something (Annalise, Anne, Annie, etc.). I hope somebody likes it!

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  • Which of these would y'all like to see me do, first?

    A) Animal (fox, coyote, mink) pelts being stroked

    B) Wolf penants

    C) Wolf figurines, sculptures, and stones

    #not a stim #follower input
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  • Hello

    Hi to anyone and everyone who follow me. You know I hardly ever post. I reblog forever but not post. I was wondering if any of you guys would like to see some of my writing. I’m trying to get back into it and this seems like a good place to start. I’d love to know your thoughts. 🙂

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  •  Specifically for my number charts, I have a lot more regions on my list and would like input as to which you would like to see first (I am currently working on languages of the Philippines; and no worries, color, week and more charts are also in progress, as well as something new that I just thought of that I’m really excited to play around with):


    West Africa

    Central Africa

    East Asia


    West Asia

    North Africa





    Alaska & Canada 


    Indonesia II (with focus on Maluku Islands, Timor, West Papua)

    US (Native American languages) 

    Caucus Mountains

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    #follower input#ask#ask tumblr #need your help #send help#question #what do i post
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  • Bingo Squares - ideas

    I know I’ve asked y’all for a lot of input lately (Crossroads and character quotes) eventually i’ll be using those ideas but here’s another one….

    Okay so I have a SPN Genre Bingo and an SPN AU Bingo…

    I have ideas for a lot of the squares because I’m combining them with Sam Winchester Bingo and Dean/Cas Bingo cards.

    All that being said l I still have several squares left over, with no ideas for either story or artwork.

    That is where you guys come in.

    Being that these are SPN cards, I would like to bring in characters that are NOT Dean, Sam or Castiel.

    So comment below with the prompt and the character or ship and when I get around to filling that square I may have a 500+ word fic for you or a piece of artwork which ever my muse leans toward at the time.

    I will try to edit this post and strike out prompts as i get them but If I get multiple ideas for one prompt I’ll use whatever is inspiring at the time.

    Thank you in advance and feel free to send in more than one if ideas strike you, the only rule is not Sam Dean or Cas individually and if you’re shipping them with someone then not Destiel, cuz i have enough of all those.


    • Supply Run
    • Fake Marriage
    • Late Night Call
    • Date Night
    • Overplayed Song
    • Long Car Ride
    • Free Angst
    • Slow Burn


    • Teacher! Au
    • Steam Punk AU
    • Florist AU
    • Actor au
    • Huddled for warmth
    • Lawyer
    • Love at first sight
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  • what fic should I write:

    A. Pokemon

    B. Steven Universe

    C. Sanders Sides

    D. Overwatch


    E. an original piece with original characters not related to any fandom!

    I need some input because I don’t know what I should write

    #personal #shut up oli #seriously tho what should i do #follower input
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  • I’m going to do a tournament of shitty movies.

    Feel free to suggest films for this. I’m hoping to get a nice diverse spread of genres. So far I have five horror films and two dramas. This tournament will be double elimination style to determine which film I personally found to be the worst. I will be limited to what films are on Netflix and Hulu, because I am a basic bitch.

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  • Oh damn

    So of my collection of blogs, majority survived! Funny enough, @todays-teasing-mood got flagged, even though it’s 100% words. Do I work on fixing it, or just get rid of it? Let’s face it, I’m not highly active anyways and the posts are floating around out there anyways. I don’t know if it would be particularly missed. Thoughts?

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  • 5 more to 400 followers!!

    Hello again guys! We have up until 5 more followers until we get to 400 people who are in support of this blog which is so crazy because I started this in June!

    I want to do something special so I’m thinking of a potential face reveal? I can answer some questions as well if any of you have them. I will gladly answer!

    Thank you so much for supporting my blog!

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  • Let’s try this again - More Stuff

    Bc the last post I did about this got exactly one note, proving what I was talking about, I’ll summarize. I want this blog to be more active instead of the current theme once a week or so, so I want followers input on how to improve it! Send me a ask or comment on this post. I’ve been think of having “contests” where I would give a theme and people would submit their pictures and interpretations of the theme. There’s tons of more options tho, so tell me what you think!

    - Mod Sarah

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  • What would you like to see more of?

    I mainly post mangacaps. Would you guys want to see more anime gifs, horror film gifs, or even my thoughts on certain films, manga, or anime regarding the asian horror genre?

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  • Hey guys so I’ve been kind of thinking I do know that the I have patreon is mostly for Ookami no Michi however I have been thinking of adding more different rewards and making the patreon filled with a possible… variety of things. Like rewards for things other than Ookami no Michi ( just to have it support things that aren’t Ookami no Michi related.) Example being my Slice of Life comics I do here on DeviantArt.
    Would you guys like different rewards? If so I will be revamping the patreon rewards a bit so it can fit the spectrum. (Such as changing the tier names and maybe reward given from said tier)

    NOTE: Equestrian Wind Mage is not under Patreon Support and never will be! It is © by @lordsiravant so support him for the story instead. I am merely doing the comic in my free time. Thank you.

    Answer these questions also too.

    1. Would you like to support me for other things I create besides Ookami no Michi? (Animations, Slice of Life Comic, etc)

    2. Would you want priority to get in front of the line for commissions? By paying a certain amount each month you would be put first in line for commissions. (limited amount perhaps) Basically you’d get (example) a 1 to 3 character + background colored commission.

    3. Would you pay to see what works i have in progress that I haven’t posted to Deviant Art / Tumblr? In short you’d see the art work in progress shots (sketches, line work progress etc) before i post the final one on Deviant Art / Tumblr

    4. Poses and tutorials on how I do my art work. You’d be able to get the full version on Patreon. And be able to suggest for things for the next months tutorials.

    Let me know in the comments below it is much appreciated!

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  • the houses as things my followers say


    “guys stop let’s just sit and eat nuggets” (@whoop_dee_doo_its_olive)

    “he protecc, he attacc, it’s pretty obvious that he’s a hufflepaff” (@siriuskies)

    “i don’t know how to flirt. im just extra extra nice.” (@mariapeiro4)

    “i have a problem. my type is ‘cute’. and i think everyone is cute.” (@mariapeiro4)


    “i love math lol” (@iferociouspanda)

    “oh, look at all this homework; why don’t i just go watch netflix for a minute?” (@riane.nikki)

    “sorry i didn’t text you back. blame the book i was reading; it’s fantastic!” (@acciogranqer)

    “i’m a chinken nunget” (@mrauders)


    “no one is inputting anything so i’ll just bullshit this part” (@blimey_said_ron)


    “mind if i… slytherin” (@layamenon0123)

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  • Guys it’s 11 days until the one year anniversary of my blog. Any ideas for events or fics for a bit of a celebration?

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  • What if I did an ask blog for my hc of Cuphead and Mugman? Would anyone be interested?

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  • It begins….i need opinions

    I’m starting my monster of an art project that I’m hoping to take with me to PittCon this year. I’m rewatching spn starting with Season1 mostly back ground noise while I work…..

    It’s looking to be 20"x30" –ish

    Every SPN major character, reoccurring supporting character season by season for 13 seasons….set up in a clock format around Sam, Dean and Baby

    Here’s the argument that I’ve been having with myself… why?

    That’s a large piece to lug around a con for autographs vs small pieces that all fit into one bag that I can carry.

    Now I COULD roll it up in document tube but that is a lot of in and out of the tube and unrolling Andre rolling and chances for smudges and creases in the paper Etc versus putting it in a mat and lugging it around full size.

    After putting what is going to be a shit ton of hours (I’m estimating 120 to 200 hours no joke) into this piece do I want to risk carrying this around the con all weekend and something possibly damaging it?

    This will be my last convention (99% sure anyway) which means no matter how hard I try I’m not going to get everyone’s signatures on this piece anyway. Even of I continued with cons the chance of that happening was slim to none.

    Do I put this project off and focus on smaller pieces to have autographed, do this piece later and have no one see it other than my social media followers.


    Do this piece and show it at the con regardless of all of the above….

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  • Kinda wanna challenge myself this month..

    Should I do a reading challenge or writing challenge?

    I’m either going to try to read 4 books by the end of the month or write 100 words a day for the entire month.

    What do you think?

    #lol #here it goes #any input from my followers??
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