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  • thejoyofviolentmovement
    23.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    New Audio: French Producer Jindoss Releases a Trip Hop-like Single

    New Audio: French Producer Jindoss Releases a Trip Hop-like Single @heygroover @romainpalmieri @DorianPerron

    https://soundcloud.com/jindossmusic/dancing Jindoss is a mysterious, Saint Malo, France singer/songwriter, who released their debut EP Rendez-vous earlier this year. The EP features “Saturday Night,” a single that quickly and boldly established the French artist’s sound: swirling and brooding shoegaze centered around shimming, reverb-drenched guitars, plaintive wailing and boom bap drumming. The…

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    #electro pop #indie electro pop #Jindoss#Jindoss Dancing #Jindoss Rendez-vous EP #Jindoss Saturday Night #New Audio#New Single #Saint Malo France #Single Review #Single Review: Dancing #Single Review: Jindoss Dancing #trip hop
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  • theluckiestlb
    23.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Marinette/Chat: [accidentally make eye contact for 0.25 seconds]

    Marichat Nation™:

    #miraculous ladybug#ml#mlb #besties I know you're starved for content but #a kiss on the cheek doesn't mean much in france 😭 #marichat#text posts#Chat Noir #marinette dupain cheng
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  • key2world
    23.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    BL Challenge: Day 2

    #2: Favourite “I love you”

    Skam(Og. and all the Remakes- yup, all of ’em)

    I am a certified fool for hidden “I love you”s— or wait, lemme put it better; when you can see that one moment where the character goes ‘oh. I think this could be love.’

    That’s where I think Skam served. The Og. ver (in Norwegian) had an iconic singing-to-Gabrielle-in-the-kitchen-scene where the intense staring is loud enough for anyone to get the memo. In fact, I think that feeling of love— in the air— can be found across all the versions; all the parallel universes (if you will). But if you’re asking for the epitome, the piano scene in the France ver. did that. All that and more.

    I mean, look at those eyes…..

    (me too, folks, me too)

    #skam universe #skam season 3 #skam france #lucas x eliott #lucas lallemant#elliot demaury#10dayblchallenge #10daychallenge but it’s my style ✨
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  • vicomte-trottoir
    23.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Athena and her infamous ... pumpkin

    Strasbourg, October 2021

    #photography#france#Strasbourg #photographers on tumblr
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  • icaseybaybee
    23.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Put him on DND

    What if he knew instead of the gym

    you was doing them squats on me ?

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  • citylifeorg
    23.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Connor O’Leary and Brisa Hennessy Win 2021 Quiksilver and ROXY Pro France

    Connor O’Leary and Brisa Hennessy Win 2021 Quiksilver and ROXY Pro France

    India Robinson of Australia, Michel Bourez of France, Brisa Hennessy of Costa Rica and Connor O’Leary of Australia during Final at the Quiksilver Pro France on October 23, 2021 in Hossegor, France. (Photo by Laurent Masurel/World Surf League) Championship Tour Surfers Score Big Requalifying Points in FranceMichel Bourez Raises French Flag All the Way to…

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  • frtechtribune
    23.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago
    #Tech Tribune France
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  • marccomickfactory
    23.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Ça avance doucement. Demain peinture du #MarcoFAVRIAU / Marc Comick Factory / atelier sculpture d’enfer www.marcfavriau.com www.blogspot.com youtube: marco favriau www.adagp.fr ironmarc@marcfavriau.com Facebook : Marc Comick Factory à St Germain Nuelles 69210 #sculpteur #sculpture #metal #welding #welder #weld #france #madeinfrance #iron #tourisme #loisir #culture #weldporn #scrap #recovery #recuperation #recyclage #comic #comicbook #bd #dessinanime #drawing #drawer #art #cartoon #dessinsanimes #artiste #painting #biere https://www.instagram.com/p/CVYRFEBD5ld/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • themeasureofasim
    23.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Max comes to visit his brother! Frances keeps thinking about Kristen but without rolling any wants about her, why?

    They have a good time. Max is making an effort to improve their relationship now they’re both out of their parents’ house. Frances does his share by asking him to stay for lunch -he loves cooking for others anyway.

    Frances: Have you already tried these memory pills I recommended? They’ll help with raising your absolutely mediocre grades.

    Max: Please stop.

    #sims 2 gameplay #everlasting uberhood#household:worthington #frances j worthington iii #max worthington #la fiesta tech
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  • marveledmuses
    23.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    @moreprofoundbonds  harley and dawn { - a baby moonbeam! }

    Moonbeam. Dawn has come to love this peculiar little nickname Harley has given her. It’s cutesy, quaint. Very sweet. Hank never had a special nickname for her or she for him. Dawn doesn’t mind the swearing; Lord knows she doesn’t exactly possess the cleanest language herself. Nevertheless, she frames her middle as if shielding the babe’s ears from such words. The overdone look of scandalization is enough to tell she’s joking.
    “I’ll see you there,” Dawn smiles. Wouldn’t that be a great treat? Maybe not the best idea given Harley’s notoriety but Dawn doesn’t give a damn either way. She sees the gears turning in Harley’s little head and arched a brow pointedly when the discussion briefly shifts to that guy in particular. “Good for you,” is all the Dove has to say to that. When topic reverts back to the baby, Dawn beams again. She was never sure she wanted kids until she had one growing just below her heart. It’s… special. Still kind of an odd feeling despite all her heightening excitement as weeks turn into months turn into trimesters.
    She presses her lips into a thin at Harley’s protestations of her potential name choice. “You do have a point,” she concedes. “That’s probably a better middle name, yeah. Maybe Mabel? Or Margot? Harleen is nice, too. Thank you, I hope she looks like me. I wouldn’t mind her looking more like Hank either.” She finds the couch and makes herself at home. “Come sit with us?” She offers.

    “I’ll be there with freakin’ bells on, Dawn, I swear.” Harley smiles brightly, the smile wider when it’s clear Dawn approves of Harley’s ...liberation. Truth be told, it’s taken way too long for Harley to get here. But really, it’s happened, and now, it’s not quite as important as a baby dove! 

    “It’s not a bad name, Dawny, it’s just, kids are cruel. Make the little girl too different and she’s in for a world of miserable. Mabel and Margo are great, but, Harleen isn’t one you should saddle her with. Take it from me, you’re either a motormouth who’s named for a motorcycle, or a harlequin. Mabel can easily be Maybelline, and she probably will be born with it,” Grinning, she heads to the couch, and sits down beside Dawn and her passenger. 

    “Your hair and general face shape paired with the Hawk’s height would make for a real strikin’ person. You betta’ teach her how to punch, just in case a no doesn’t work. Or a taser. Taser might be a bit much. especially for a little kid,” she teasing, mostly.  There is worry for future mini-dove trials and tribulations though. Not even her kid and she’s worried about people being stupid. What’s up with that. 

    “I’m real happy for you, Dawn. You look happy.” 

    #c. harleen frances #interaction. harley and dawn #{ noonelikeme | t h r e a d s } #{ Forget everything you think you  k n o w  || Wildcard Verse } #moreprofoundbonds#cw pregnancy #{ I'm fucking g o n e | Queued }
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  • frtechtribune
    23.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago
    #Tech Tribune France
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  • anne-the-quene
    23.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Queen consorts of England and Britain | [23/50] | Margaret of France

    Margaret was Queen consort of England from 1299 until 1307 as the second wife of Edward I. She was born in 1279 as the daughter of Phillip III of France and his second wife, Maria of Brabant. In 1291, King Edward of England betrothed his son, Edward, to Margaret’s older half-sister, Blanche, but after hearing of Blanche’s renowned beauty, decided to take her as his wife instead. However, when he arrived in France he discovered that Blanche was already betrothed. Margaret’s brother, Phillip—who was King of France—offered Margaret’s hand in marriage instead. Edward refused and declared war. After five years, a truce between the two countries was brokered and part of the terms were a double marriage: King Edward would marry Margaret and Edward’s son would marry Phillip’s daughter, Isabella. Edward agreed to these terms and he and Margaret were married on 10 September 1299 when Edward was 60 and Margaret was 20. Margaret was never formally crowned which made her the first post-conquest Queen not to have a coronation. Despite this, she still referred to herself as Queen and would even wear a crown for state occasions. Margaret got pregnant very quickly after the wedding, however, Edward soon left for the Scottish border. After a few months, Margaret got bored and lonely and decided to join Edward on his travels—an action which strongly reminded Edward of his beloved first wife. Margaret soon gave birth to a son named Thomas and then, only a year later, gave birth to a second son named Edmund. Margaret exerted considerable influence over her husband as she was able to save many of those who came under Edward’s wrath—he would often use the phrase “pardoned solely on the intercession of our dearest consort, Queen Margaret of England”. In 1305, Margaret acted as a mediator between her husband and her step-son, helping to reconcile them after they’d fallen out. Prince Edward was only two years younger than Margaret and the two became very fond of each other—Margaret even saved some of his friends from the King’s wrath. Despite the age difference between Margaret and her husband, the couple were very happy together. When Margaret’s sister, Blanche, died, Edward ordered the entire court go into mourning to please his wife. In 1306, Margaret gave birth to a daughter named Eleanor, after Edward’s first wife, and Margaret was perfectly content with that name choice. In 1307, Margaret accompanied Edward on campaign to Scotland but, unfortunately, he died there on 7 July. Despite only being 28 when she was widowed, Margaret never remarried. It was alleged that Margaret stated “when Edward died, all men died for me.” Margaret was not pleased when her step-son, now Edward II, made Piers Gaveston the Earl of Cornwall as that title was meant for one of her sons. However, she still attended the wedding of Edward to her niece, Isabella. After the wedding, Margaret retired to Marlborough Castle, but still kept in touch with the goings on at court. She was not unaffected by Gaveston’s influence over Edward. Some of her dower lands were given to Gaveston, which upset Margaret greatly. She secretly supplied £40,000 to the barons against Gaveston. Margaret was present at the birth of her step-grandson, future Edward III, in 1312. She died on 14 February 1318 at Marlborough Castle and was buried at Christ Church Greyfriars. Unfortunately, her tomb was destroyed during the dissolution of the monasteries in the 16th century.
    #queen consorts of englsnd and britain #margaret of france
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  • francesfitzroy
    23.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago
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  • blazetrends2
    23.10.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    PSG will seek to strengthen its defense with a high-caliber signing

    PSG will seek to strengthen its defense with a high-caliber signing

    Antonio Rüdiger is one of the objectives of PSG to reinforce the defensive zone. Before the drop of Sergio RamosThey need a new air in that position that has not yet arrived. The team’s wait for the former captain of the Real Madrid, and Al-Khelaifi has run out of patience. The German center-back is living the best moment of his life at 3-4-3 in Thomas tuchel, performing as left central. His…

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