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  • Do you ever have a specific friend you love so much platonically that you have briefly thought about marrying them? Not because you’re romantically inclined towards them but because they’re your best friend and you can’t imagine not spending the rest of your life with them.


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  • my best friend hates the texture of avocado and she always gets this one sandwich that comes with avocado when we go to this cafe in our neighborhood. she’ll ask them to put it on the side but never to take it off so she can give it to me and thats what love is

    #missing being with my friends since we can only really go on walks and its getting cold #anyways#friendship#platonic love#tenderness
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  • I drove past your house the other day, the one you lived in when I first met you. Of course you weren’t there, you had moved away more than five years ago, but in those few seconds that it took to pass by, all the memories came back, and with those memories came the emotions too.

    That time had been hard for me, I had felt so alone and hopeless then. I was terrified that I would end up alone and empty, and that I would remain nothing to everyone. I hated myself, I felt like an outsider everywhere I went, I thought that no one would ever truly want my company. But then you proved me wrong.

    I don’t know why you started to talk to me, but you did, and though I was hesitant at first, I slowly began to open up to you and let you in. You gave me hope, you made me feel wanted and accepted. I didn’t know if you would ever want to be anything more than friends, but slowly, I began to let myself fall for you even though everything inside me was screaming that I shouldn’t. Maybe I should have listened. It was because of those feelings for you that I ended up ruining our friendship. I never should have told you how I felt, it was selfish of me. I should have waited until we were both older and both knew what love really meant.

    But that was the past, and the past can’t be changed. So I kept driving, watching the house disappear into the night until only street lights were visible in my car’s mirrors. You didn’t live there anymore anyway, but I still found myself wanting to turn back. I didn’t want to leave like that, so quietly, like I had never even been there—the way that you had left me. I wanted to drive up that driveway, past those two trees in your front yard that had grown so close together, past that spot in the grass where we had lain beside each other, trying to catch our breaths after playing outside with our siblings—that had been the moment when I knew that I couldn’t let my fears keep us from being friends, that look in your eyes had been so warm and welcoming, I wanted us to be friends, and maybe, someday, eventually more… I would then park beside the garage, walk past the bushes that lined the walkway to the stairs, up those seventeen steps to the porch, past the swing where I had once sat, wishing for someone to truly see me, and then I would stop at your front door. But it wouldn’t have been yours anymore and I would be unable to go any further. Going back there would do nothing but remind me more of you. So I kept driving, letting my thoughts fade into the night until all that was left was a quiet emptiness that screamed silently into a void that could never hear me.

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  • 1. Tumblr Name: Actual Bi-disaster (witchybitchinc.tumblr.com)

    2. age: 28

    3. I guess I’m mostly looking for new friends, pen pals… that kind of thing.

    4. Occupation: undetermined. I am in that odd limbo between completing a degree and waiting for offer letters for the next level of study.

    5. I like true crime and anime. I’m also into narrative video games and sims 4. Current hobbies include staying fit and learning German.

    6. Interesting fact… I’ve never broken a bone

    7. Something super important- I am engaged to a man (he is bi). He knows I am here and is 100% okay.

    8. Image: https://witchybitchinc.tumblr.com/post/631481523421495296/taken-on-october-7th

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  • Read it on AO3: Drunk Ladybug on My Balcony? Yeah. This is Fine.: Chapter Five: Horrifying Realization

    Marinette looked up from her sewing machine and noted that Alya was still glaring at a mostly blank page on her laptop screen, her cursor blinking tauntingly much where it had been fifteen minutes ago when Marinette had last checked on her brooding companion.

    “Everything okay?” she tentatively called to her best friend. “You don’t look like you’re making much progress on that article.”

    Alya growled softly, sinking back into the cushion of Marinette’s chaise longue and gripping her hair with both hands at the roots. “Ugh. I just can’t focus right now.”

    Marinette spun around in her chair to face Alya and give her her undivided attention. She arched an eyebrow concernedly as she inquired, “Anything in particular on your mind? You seem kind of irritated. If you need to vent, I’m all ears.”

    Alya blew out a sigh and sat back up, gently closing her laptop and setting it aside. “I’m just…baffled, and, you know me, I can’t stand a mystery that resists solving.”

    Marinette cocked her head to the side, intrigued. “What kind of mystery are you trying to crack?”

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  • I have such long conversations

    with you

    in my head.

    (I can keep you there, but come back soon.)

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  • eu sei que bipolaridade não define meu caráter. eu sei muito bem disso. mas a coisa que eu mais sei na vida é que a bipolaridade define minhas ações, o que considero bem pior. eu nunca tive a intenção de machucar ninguém, nunca mesmo, mas eu não controlo isso. e eu entendo. eu entendo quando essas mesmas pessoas que eu machuquei tentam me machucar de volta. eu entendo quando essas mesmas pessoas que eu machuquei tentam se livrar de mim e destruir minha vida. eu entendo, porque se fosse comigo, talvez eu faria o mesmo. faria? na verdade, acho que não. acho que eu entenderia.

    o que mais machuca nem são as coisas que falam, as palavras certeiras, os olhares, as coisas que postam, não, o que mais machuca é saber que eles sabem. eles sabem que eu não fiz por mal. eles sabem que não foi exatamente eu que fiz aquilo. não foi? foi. por isso eu não os culpo. fui eu que fiz tudo aquilo. eu.

    as condições? eles sabiam. eles sabem. mas ainda fazem. e eu não os culpo.

    eu não culpo o d por falar mil coisas sobre mim porque eu bloqueei ele do nada em todos os lugares. eu bloqueei? maldita crise maniaca. eu fiz isso e me arrependi, uma semana depois. mas não podia reverter isso. não podia? claro que não. maldita crise depressiva. eu me conheço nessas condições, eu faria de novo. por que? não sei, nunca sei.

    mas realmente faria de novo? na verdade, não tem como saber. por que? porque pessoas como eu não podem confiar na intuição. exatamente.

    acho que, na verdade, a coisa que mais me machuca nessa história é não entender. eu nunca vou conseguir entender. me entender. nunca?

    maldito cérebro.

    obrigada pai pelo transtorno.

    e pra vocês, desculpa. só desculpa pelo o que eu fiz. eu não entendi, mas fiz.

    foi a bipolaridade. maldita bipolaridade

    mas… foi eu, no final das contas.


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    #text messages i’ll never send #textmessagesillneversend#unrequited feelings#unrequited love#friendship#friends #i can’t stop thinking about you #love #ruin the friendship #self deprecating humor #lyrics
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    My Russian Friend is endless romantically and learn English only to talk with me more.


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  • #theo.txt #adhd#autism#friendship #i dont wanna tag everything but reblog this if u wanna lol
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  • I just had more social interaction then I’ve had in weeks and I feel so fucking happy. I had a meeting for a school club (online obviously) and we talked as a group for like half an hour which was amazing enough on it’s own but then me and other girl I’m friends with but haven’t really communicated with since pre pandemic who’s also doing online learning stayed behind and talked for like an hour because we were both so socially deprived and it was so amazing like now I have less time for school work but it’s so worth it!!! I feel happier then I have in like a week!!!!! 

    #friendship #fuck you covid #remote learning#onlineschool #i'm so fucking happy #this is amazing #i missed feeling like this
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  • SOOBIN: Taehyun sees soobin as somebody who is struggling to feel happy in his career and he thinks he is feeling lost or lonely. Taehyun thinks that Soobin is patiently thoughtfully thinking about his future. Taehyu thinks that he is great and doing good by creating plans for the long term.  Taehyun will openly tell him that he deserves to have victory and that he will win whenever what he has been struggling with, Taehyun believes in Soobin. What would Taehyun say to soobin: Your commitment is being tested. Do you believe in your dreams? or are you showing signs to give up? Showing some commitment now will help you move towards your desired outcome. So believe in yourself. You are half way of your goal. Sometimes we have to realize how we want something. 

    YEONJUN: Taehyun thinks of yeonjun as someone who had a lot of experience He knows alot about relationships, and basic life. Yeonjun shares his knowledge to Taehyun. Taehyun finds Yeonjun really awesome and a passionated member. He also sees a different side of him, something very youthful instead of being the basic older brother.Taehyun also thinks that he is in a healing, recovery process. letting go of hurt and the pain he went through. It finally become an end. What would Taehyun say to Yeonjun: Prosperity lies ahead. If you wrestle with something for a long time, just don’t give up yet, I see you can have what you want only if you believe more in yourself. you become more sexier and you have been starting to be more open for new relationships. Think about your healthy mind, and body. Getting clear on what you value most will help you find peace. 

    BEOMGYU: Taehyun has faith and he believes in Beomgyu, He wants to have Beomgyu have a great time and hoped to have more positive moments. He has positive wishes for Beomgyu. He sees him being bored and dissatisfaction. Seeing him refusing about opportunities. Beomgyu is overly-emotional and acting coldhearted. What would Taehyun say to Beomgyu: Nothing will come of this situation. Maybe I am worrying too much that there is nothing to worry about. adjust the expectations or change things so you get a different outcome. (The cards can only predict what you currently creating.) and you can change that with your behaviour and beliefs. I have trust in Beomgyu, Take a time out, something better may be around the corner. 

    HUENINGKAI: He thinks of Kai as his soulmate, someone who he considered his best friend. He is happy with him and Taehyun enjoys having projects together. He longs for moving forward with him and building something meaningful friendship together. spiritual and emotional growth. He thinks of him friendly, creative, full of trust, and naughty. What he would say to Huening Kai: Communication is the Key. I am proud of you  for who you are and what you have to offer as my friend. I think of you as the King of the jungle and able to carry yourself accordingly. Let’s make more time to have fun. Its time to show the world what you´ve got. Shine your light!

    Just a reminder that this is just a reading. It might not be 100% accurate, if you dont like it just move on. 

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