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  • actionnewsnow
    27.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    What Is It About Peter Thiel?

    What Is It About Peter Thiel?

    Silicon Valley is not a milieu known for glamour and charisma. Still, Peter Thiel has cultivated a mystique. A billionaire several times over, Thiel was the first outside investor in Facebook; he went on to co-found PayPal, the digital-payment service, and Palantir, the data-intelligence company that has worked with the U.S. government. He has co-written a business best-seller, “Zero to One,” and…

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  • samgoher
    27.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Belarus Offers Visa on Arrival (Visa Free) Facility to 76 Countries – Now It’s Easy to Visit This European Country. It is time to pack your bags to travel to Belarus alone or with your friends, family or dependents. Simple requirements to obtain the visa on arrival in Belarus. This complete guide lets you have details about the country, best attractions and everything about this eye-candy Belarus which bordered with Russia, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. Recently, Pakistan and India have also been added into the list of 76 countries to get Belarus visa on arrival.

    Belarus Offers Visa on Arrival (Visa Free) Facility to 76 Countries – Now It’s Easy to Visit This European Country. It is time to pack your bags to travel to Belarus alone or with your friends, family or dependents. Simple requirements to obtain the visa on arrival in Belarus. This complete guide lets you have details about the country, best attractions and everything about this eye-candy Belarus which bordered with Russia, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. Recently, Pakistan and India have also been added into the list of 76 countries to get Belarus visa on arrival.

    Click for more and complete details https://www.goheriqbalpunn.com/belarus-visa-on-arrival/

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  • queenganna
    27.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Hi guys...

    With my referral link you can get $50 on the JUST TOKEN platform.

    With the easy registration, fill in your desired name and voila!

    Go crazy!!!


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  • p1anether
    27.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    there’s a post floating around that’s like “you should be able to get a phd without an insane cost” and i agree but y’all know phds are free right. they pay you to get a phd

    #do not go to a phd program that is not funding u lol #like there are a number of class issues involved in the phd process that i’m not gonna get it to but phds are free #u should be getting a stipend and u don’t need a masters to get a phd either #u can go to a phd program right after undergrad #like the stipend is not a lot. and there is a big problem with phd students struggling to make ends meet #without part time jobs #but if tuition is the thing keeping u from applying to a phd program #apply! #there is no tuition! #also the post says something like if a plumber wants to get a phd in medieval history he should be able to #and i agree but also the plumber is gonna make way more money in plumbing than they ever will in academia lmaoooo #especially in the humanities it’s brutal out here
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  • timandlucy
    27.10.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Got the full coverage funding for the second year of my PhD!!!!

    #It's pretty competitive funding so I'm very happy about it!
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  • instanttragedymaker
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #company registration #pvt ltd company registration #registration trademark#business#company#registration#india #nidhi company registration #fund raise company
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  • ibefworld
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #National Skill Development Corporation #Children’s Investment Fund Foundation #Covid-19 pandemic #Skill Impact Bond
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  • heliolendingau
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    What Keeps NFT Collectibles Afloat?

    The NFT collectible market is one of the biggest NFT sectors. Projects like CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks have led the charge for raising awareness of NFTs, and during their short existence, they have been valued at millions of dollars and been used as collateral for countless loans. With such a lucrative (albeit tiny) history, many are looking to enter the market, but are apprehensive about whether the industry can sustain itself, or whether it will collapse.

    This is an especially salient fear for those who are considering using NFT collectibles as collateral in the future, as a depreciating market is no good for borrowers. Lucky for them, the NFT collectible sector is largely different from other markets, with distinct aspects that suggest a lucrative and fruitful future. Let’s take a look at these aspects.

    The Human Desire for Collecting

    Humans have been collecting for as long as we’ve existed as a species. Chances are, you know somebody who collects things, or you collect things yourself. It is an activity that transcends time, cultural backgrounds, and sometimes even sense. People are known to spend unbelievable amounts of money on attaining goods they deem to be rare, unique, or mesmerizing in some way. As Joseph Rykwert notes, “even the earliest hunter-gatherers made and collected objects”. Collecting is so prevalent in our history that we might as well call it a symptom of the human condition.

    Understanding why exactly we collect is a tough question, in part because it crosses disciplinary boundaries. It is a psychological, anthropological, sociological, historical, and philosophical question. This makes it notoriously hard to study as it requires somebody to have knowledge of multiple areas. That being said, some people have developed possible theories. Joseph Rykwert suggests a deeply Freudian theory that we collect as a means of control, as control gives us comfort.

    Susan Pearce, perhaps the most well-versed academic on the topic, argued that in the Western world collecting is a pursuit of both knowledge and individualism. People believe they can learn something unique and significant through their collecting, and in many circumstances, they believe they can help teach others (which is what museum collectors do). Many also collect as a way of standing out from the crowd and exploring their own identity through the objects they own. This is something we all do automatically with clothing, but it can really happen with anything being collected.

    The pursuit of individualism is something very visible in the NFT collectible scene. With NFTs all being “one-of-a-kind”, people can feel special and unique simply by owning them. This also helps satiate the human “need for uniqueness”, which is “a person’s need to feel special and different from others”.

    Collecting as a Means of Forming Social Bonds

    A more wholesome aspect of any collectible market (including the NFT market), is that it can work as a community-building endeavor. Many people collect items so they can interact with others who collect the same items. This is most noticeable in the trading card world where you need a relatively big collection of cards before you can sufficiently compete with others.

    There are numerous NFT trading card projects on the market, such as the NBA’s Top Shot cards, Sorare, and Skyweaver. These projects straddle the line between NFT games and mere collectibles. Having large collections of specific projects allows you to interact with others where you share a common ground and common topics. In this sense, collecting acts as a “social proof”, which is where somebody or something uses certain metrics to prove to others they are trustworthy and desirable. By showing your collection to another collector, somebody can instantly prove they are worthy of engaging with.

    Many people build their whole lives around collecting, not only for knowledge and individualism but because their social connections are intertwined with them.

    NFTs Represent Something Bigger

    Most of our discussion has explored the collectible industry as a whole, but there is one element that is unique to the NFT world. It cannot be ignored that NFT’s are a part of the crypto and blockchain industry, and so it shares the same ideological merits. In particular, NFTs represent a seismic shift from institutional control to economic freedom. To collect NFTs means something very different from collecting a physical object– it is a simple way of promoting your support of decentralization to the public.

    This means that NFT collectibles all inherent a certain emotive quality. They are a way of marking somebody’s alignment with the redistribution of power and wealth, the likes of which are brought by crypto.


    To summarise, the NFT collectible market appears to be a strong investment because they help make people feel comfortable, they promote knowledge and individualism, they build social connections via social proof, and they establish somebody’s alignment with decentralization. In other words, this is a highly versatile market, one which is sure to stay lucrative for a long, long time.


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  • jcteamcapitals
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Key Factors for Startups to get Success in Canada

    In today's business scenario, anyone can easily start a business. To maintain it and turn it into a profitable company, you need more than just a favorable environment. Find important factors that young entrepreneurs should consider in order to successfully raise funds for a startup.

    Contact Us: info@jcteamcapital.com

    #startup funding #funding for startups canada #venture capital firms #investors for startup #venture capital firm in Canada
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  • ukalexariana
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #Top 5 Fund Raising Tips by Alex Arrash Ariana
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  • petalsandpurity
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    it's always a game of 'fortunately...unfortunately' with the tories huh.

    #like they're investing in libraries which is fab! but i swear they have closed libraries and decreased funding before #so it's not really a 'level up' but instead a 'back to normal' #uk politics
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  • lockeblogs
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I wish markpaid231 wasn’t a spam bot because I won’t lie having my bills paid by Anthony Anderson in Texas would solve like, all my problems right now

    #im a single father to two dogs. please. fund me #5k a week means I’d have five months rent every week lmao god
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  • unitedbridgepartners
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Bridge Infrastructure Funding Agency in America – United Bridge Partners

    United Bridge Partners is a financial company in the US that provides the Bridge Infrastructure Fund to help the government in solving infrastructure crisis across America.

    #bridge infrastructure fund #us bridge infrastructure
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  • haolam-de
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • company12
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    Startup India is one of the biggest missions launched to uplift and nurture the growth of the startups in India.

    The Startup India is a flagship initiative, by the Government of India under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. This initiative taken nationally was first announced by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a speech in a campaign on 15th August 2015.

    This was officially launched on 16th January 2016 as a clarion call to the innovators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers of the nation. The event was inaugurated by former Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley.

    Startup India is intended to help the new startups, by building a strong ecosystem, empowering them to sustain economic growth, and creating large-scale employment opportunities.

    The aim of the national mission is to lay a foundation, for building a self-reliant India bestowed with the largest youth population with true potential and urge to innovate and develop.

    The Startup India is one of India’s fast-paced Journey, traveling in with a lot of entrepreneurs who are diversified with creative and enormous knowledge.

                  “Startups are the engines of exponential growth, manifesting the power of innovation. Several big companies today are startups of yesterday. They were born with a spirit of enterprise and adventure kept alive, due to hard work and perseverance and today have become shining beacons of innovation”.

     - Shri Narendra Modi  

     Prime Minister of India

    Key Programs of Startup India Startup India Action Plan

       The Action Plan comprises 19 action items, such as “Simplification

    and Handholding”, “Funding support and Incentives”, and “Industry-Academia, partnership, and incubation”.

    The Action Plan laid the foundation of the Government support, schemes and incentives envisaged creating a vibrant startup ecosystem in the country.

    The Action Plan also provides legal support and fast-tracking patent examination at a lower cost and faster exit for the startups.

    It provides a compliance regime, based on self-certification, rolling out of mobile applications and portals.

    The Action plan guarantees credit funds for the startups, and tax exemption benefits on capital gains and investments above the Fair Market Value, for 10 years.

    The Action Plan organizes startup fests for showcasing innovation and a platform to collaborate by launching Atal Innovation Mission with a self-employment and talent utilization program.

    Startup India Hub

        Startup India Hub is a one-stop platform for all the stakeholders in the startup ecosystem to interact amongst each other, exchange knowledge, and form successful partnerships in a highly dynamic environment, allowing the startups to easily access the free tools and resources.

    The Startup India Learning Program (SILP) is a four-week free online learning program that helps startups to innovate and discuss their business plans.

    Through the virtual Incubation support, the startups will have access to information and various sources, government schemes, and industrial programs.

    Dedicated support team to answer queries by responding through mails or Twitter handles or a call center.

    Startup Yatra

           The Startup India Yatra was launched with an aim to reach Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India for exposing entrepreneurial talent and helping to develop the startup ecosystem.

    It is a great platform that allows engaging with the startup ecosystem through extensive outreach via boot camps, social media, print, and digital platforms.

    The Startup Yatra has been conducted across 23 states in 220 districts impacting 78,346 aspiring entrepreneurs.

    The ‘Startup India Mobile Van’ travels across States and records ideas.

    States Startup Ranking

       The main aim of Startup India is to achieve in building a strong ecosystem throughout India, by bringing in collaborations between investors and innovators and supporting their success through creation. They also assess the States and UTs on key areas of interventions that are imperative to develop a healthy startup ecosystem.

    Facilitates states to identify and learn to replicate good practices.

    Highlight the policy intervention by states for promoting the startup ecosystem.

    Foster competitiveness among states to create the best startup ecosystem.

    Women Entrepreneurship

       Startup India is giving prominence importance to the women entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity, in society and generating a lot of employment opportunities for women candidates. In India, there is a need for sustainable growth of women entrepreneurs, to promote balanced growth in the country, by strengthening the women

    entrepreneur ecosystem through various initiatives and policies.

    Women Capacity Development Program (WING) that provides capacity development for the women startups and interactions with venture funds supported by SIDBI and lending institutions.

    A separate webpage is designed for women entrepreneurs in a collated format all the incentives for women entrepreneurs as per the State Startup Policies.

    Taking Startup India Global

           The key objective of the Startup initiative is to help to connect Indian startups globally through various G2G international partnerships, and participation in various International Forums.

    International Bridges

    India Israel Innovation Bridge

    India Portugal Startup Hub

    India Singapore Entrepreneurship Bridge

    India Sweden Startup Sam bandh

    India Dutch Startup Link

    India Finland Bridge

    Indo Korea Startup Hub

    Indo Japan Startup Hub

    India Russia Collaboration

    India UK Collaboration

    Startup India Showcase          

         The Startup India is an online discovery platform for the most promising startups in the country. This great platform was launched on 6th October 2020. The startup showcases in finance, social, health, and education.


    Star repository



    Startup India Seed Fund Scheme

            One of the difficult challenges faced by new startups or entrepreneurs is the capital invested. This can become a big hurdle for the business enterprise and hence the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme has an outlay of Rs. 945 crores to provide financial assistance.

    SISFS is a sector agnostic and aims to bridge the gap for funding for startups which has widened in many areas.

    Completely online application, process, and scaling up through convertible debentures, or debt or debt linked instruments.

    #startup india registration #startup india #startup India seed fund scheme #startup India scheme benefits
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  • shishirmba
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    To take on ZoomInfo to help with prospecting and sales intelligence, UserGems raises $20 million

    To take on ZoomInfo to help with prospecting and sales intelligence, UserGems raises $20 million

    Finding a way to connect with people who might buy from you, while spending less time pursuing those who will never be interested, is something akin to a holy grail of the world of sales and marketing. Now, a startup called UserGems, which has built a platform that combines AI with data mapping to help identify the most likely candidates for B2B sales and marketing prospecting — by making it…

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  • rajeshdesa
    27.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Eternal Glade Fund - Make an equity hedge fund a part of your investment portfolio and get access to short-term and liquid investment assets, including but not limited to equity and debt securities of issuers across different sectors and industries!

    #Eternal Glade Fund
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  • sureshotacademy
    27.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Does it make sense to invest in ETFs?

    Does it make sense to invest in ETFs?

    Asset management companies (AMC) over the last five months have started to focus on passive funds, which include index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as actively-managed large-cap funds especially are finding it difficult to beat the benchmark over the past few years. As much as 86.2% of Indian equity large-cap funds, 57.1% of mid- or small-cap and 53.7% of the equity-linked savings…

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    #asset management companies #ETF#exchange-traded funds #HDFC Asset Management Company #large-cap funds#midcap#Nifty#NSE#Sensex#Small cap#stock exchange
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