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  • queenlua
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    the speaker for my flipphone is busted, so i spent like three hours trying to figure out if anyone in the year 2021 will sell me a flip phone that (1) calls, (2) texts, and (3) does absolutely nothing else

    ...well, okay, (4), it needs to actually handle group texts correctly, because dear god my current flip phone cannot; the thing goes into a bootloop every time someone tries to send me baby photo


    the answer is: yes. there is exactly one company that still makes a decent flip phone. and they are owned by mennonites.

    nonironically, god bless the mennonites

    #fast forward 30 years in the future #and the last survivors of the techtastrophe #are gonna be: some mennonites #and some pink-haired hacker chicks #the only two groups left who still refused the way of the smartphone
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  • elektranxtchiios
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    hate how u cant even click on a link on twitter without them asking u to sign up like pls i just want to see this one thing bc she is funny

    #lofi is the future (shared group notes) #to be deleted
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  • lemonbalmgirl
    28.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Day 1 is done (been done for ~5 hours, but I crashed for a while afterward). Pattie made okay but-not-great sales. Bowser made great sales for boothing for the first time. I haven't sold anything, but I wasn't necessarily expecting to (I don't have any big major pieces right now, because taking production break).

    Honestly, if I could just make $ cashiering in this environment and occasionally putting out my own stuff, I'd probably be fine with that.

    We'll be back tomorrow, 10 am - 6 pm.

    #personal #mary sells things #the organization of this event was not great though #they lost the person who organized vending previously and it really shows #we may or may not do events with this group in the future
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  • lordsardine
    28.11.2021 - 5 days ago


    #miscellaneous #my comics class is ending soon. so im looking into classes to do from winter to spring #and oh god now im thinking about spring #*screams into hands* #also getting into a weird mood kind of desperately looking for things to do this week #but like. i already have the writer's group. and my brother and i have a thing planned #but unasdfiuahasfa #it sucks thinking about the future man!! im like actually content in the present right now but it's all gonna change in the spring #and the little devil on my shoulder is like 'maybe a new job can fix me' aldsfjasldfaf #anyway. whatever. enough looking at this shit tonight it's drawing time #thankfully i dont think i'll have to make a decision on signing up for a new class until like jan #and i'll be home for three weeks in three weeks so i'll do it then
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  • survesanika60
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Future Retail guilty of financial irregularities, says Amazon

    Amazon is fighting a legal battle with FRL to stop the Kishore Biyani-led retailer's $3.4 billion deal with Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)

    US e-commerce giant Amazon has written to the independent directors of Future Retail Limited (FRL), including Gagan Singh, Ravindra Dhariwal, and Jacob Mathew, and its audit committee, providing data and alleging that there have been significant financial irregularities to the prejudice of public shareholders, banks, creditors, and third-party suppliers. Amazon has said this warrants a thorough and independent examination of all relevant facts and related-party transactions, including of past financial years, by an independent agency.

    Separately, Amazon has written to Securities and Exchange Board of India Chairman Ajay Tyagi, seeking the withdrawal of the regulator’s conditional approval granted to FRL related to the merger deal between the Future group and Reliance. The letter has also been sent to top officials of the stock exchanges.

    Amazon’s letter to the FRL independent directors, dated November 24, which Business Standard has accessed, states: “Given the nature of disclosure and findings, a careful and detailed examination must be made by statutory authorities/regulators/enforcement agencies also to enquire and investigate into the financial statements, and records, including related-party transactions and discussions in board, and audit committee meetings, in the interest of public shareholders, banks, creditors, and third party suppliers.”

    #Amazon#FRL#Future Group #Future Retail independent directors #Future Retail#CCI #Competition Commission of India #financial irregularities#sebi#ajay tyagi
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  • shlipayadavblog
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Amazon's letter is nothing but an afterthought, says Future group

    Amazon is not a shareholder or creditor of Future Retail (FRL) and hence has no locus standi to send the letter, a spokesperson for the Future group said in response to a query.

    “Amazon’s letter is nothing but an afterthought and a counterblast to the show-cause notice by the Competition Commission of India against Amazon in pursuance of the complaint by Future Coupons Pvt Ltd (FCPL) seeking withdrawal of the CCI’s approval for Amazon’s investment into FCPL,” said the spokesperson. “The allegations contained in Amazon’s letter are being made as part of a legal dispute that is being dealt with by the Supreme Court, high court and other regulatory forums.”

    ALSO READ: Future Retail guilty of financial irregularities, says Amazon

    The spokesperson said the Board of FRL had formed a crisis management committee to deal with the situation arising out of Covid lockdowns, nationwide store closures, and the sale of pledged shares impacting all aspects of the company’s functioning. “It was the committee’s job to raise questions with the management. Various questions were raised by the committee from time to time and these were clarified through detailed explanations by management with supporting documents and presentations to their satisfaction, as well as through special audits, wherever required.”

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  • thenations
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Amazon's letter is nothing however an afterthought, says Future group

    Amazon’s letter is nothing however an afterthought, says Future group

      Amazon shouldn’t be a shareholder or creditor of Future Retail (FRL) and therefore has no locus standi to ship the letter, a spokesperson for the Future group stated in response to a question. “Amazon’s letter is nothing but an afterthought and a counterblast to the show-cause notice by the Competition Commission of India against Amazon in pursuance of the complaint by Future Coupons Pvt Ltd…

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  • thenations
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Future Retail responsible of monetary irregularities, says Amazon

    Future Retail responsible of monetary irregularities, says Amazon

    US e-commerce big Amazon has written to the unbiased administrators of Future Retail Restricted (FRL), together with Gagan Singh, Ravindra Dhariwal and Jacob Mathew, and its audit committee, offering information and alleging that there have been vital monetary irregularities to the bias of public shareholders, banks, collectors, and third-party suppliers. Amazon has stated this warrants an…

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    #Ajay Tyagi#Amazon#cci #Competition Commission of india #financial irregularities#FRL#Future group#Future Retail #Future Retail independent directors #Sebi
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  • survesanika60
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Amazon seeks to pause antitrust review of 2019 deal with India's Future

    The Competition Commission of India (CCI) in June accused Amazon of concealing facts and making false submissions.

    Amazon.com Inc has asked India's Supreme Court to pause an expedited review of allegations that the U.S. firm concealed information while seeking antitrust clearance for a 2019 deal with India's Future Group, legal papers seen by Reuters showed.

    The Competition Commission of India (CCI) in June accused Amazon of concealing facts and making false submissions when it sought approval for the $200 million investment into a Future unit in 2019, a deal that is now at the heart of protracted legal disputes between the two sides.

    Amazon told Reuters at the time that it was confident of addressing the watchdog's concerns.

    The Supreme Court approach by Amazon comes as the CCI on Wednesday held a closed-door hearing where the U.S. firm's lawyers declined to argue and explain their position on the matter, saying they had asked the top court to pause the process.

    The watchdog noted in an internal document - seen by Reuters - that it had decided to give no extensions to the company to explain its position and will now issue an order in due course.

    Amazon and the CCI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    The CCI decision is critical to Amazon's legal challenges. If the CCI rules against Amazon and revokes the 2019 approval, it could have wide-ranging ramifications on the U.S. firm's ongoing legal battle with Future, people familiar with the case say.

    That's because Amazon has so far successfully used the 2019 Future unit deal to argue breach of certain contracts when the Indian company announced plans to sell its retail assets to rival Reliance Industries for $3.4 billion last year.

    Future, which denies any wrongdoing, accuses Amazon of illegally interfering in its business decisions and derailing a potential deal without which it says it will face liquidation.

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  • mischiefandfantasy
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    #Probably too late to try to change her in the future #but whatever #Who knows whatll happen with this group of whackjobs #[Blocked Out Encryptions]
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  • zoomdigitaltv
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hyundai Motor Group forma Supernal: la División de Movilidad Aérea Avanzada

    Hyundai Motor Group forma Supernal: la División de Movilidad Aérea Avanzada

    Supernal, una evolución de la División de Movilidad Aérea Urbana del Grupo, está desarrollando un vehículo eVTOL para lanzar en 2028, y convoca a diversas partes interesadas para crear un mercado responsable de Movilidad Aérea Avanzada.Supernal utilizará las tecnologías e innovaciones de movilidad y fabricación a escala del Grupo para revolucionar los viajes aéreos.Supernal llevará la movilidad…

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    #AAM#CAAM#CES 2020#eVTOL #Future Flight Challenge #futuro #Hyundai Motor Group #LLC#Movilidad #Movilidad Aérea Avanzada #movilidad futura. La evolución de su División de Movilidad Aérea Urbana #Supernal#Transporte#Urban-Air Port #vehículos aéreos eléctricos #vertiport
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  • chisatowo
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    I need to have a fun conversation in a room of friends filled with laughter and joy right now or I will cry /hj

    #rat rambles#rat vents #fuck man the isolation is seriously getting to me. I want irl friends again I want to talk to peoplr and hear their voices #I have my siblings but thats it and theyre busy and the only people I ever see these days and its driving me crazy #my dnd group has been having to cancel on most weeks too so I dont even get to hear other voices much #it sucks and Ive known it sucks for so long but idk what to do abt it #and the worst thing is the only new people Im gonna get to see in the near future are people I hate. people whove traumatised me #not all of them are terrible but at least that bitch™ is #I guess Ill at least get to see their youngest kids again. I worry abt them a lot I hope theyre doing ok #maybe I should try messaging people more. its hard for me but its bettet than nothing #not right this moment though... I dont think I habe the energy to right now
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  • petecochrans
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    gd now imagine me. clueless walking into this show not even remOTELY thinking about polyamory and then this happens in the third episode. imagine my surprise, my utter delight 

    #wish i could go back in time and find out what i was processing when i saw this for the first time #and like yeah was this the only group hug that happened between them this season??? yeah but it was a fucking great one that literally #introduced you to how their dynamic would be in future episodes so like. it did its job it was worth it being the only one #also fyi the screenshots are not Of the hug this is simply. after the hug where they couldnt let each other go right away. you know.
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  • bratniadusza
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Got some cool shrooms for ya, please don't eat them tho

    #mushroom#mushrooms#shrooms#posca#posca pens #posca pens art #traditional art#my art #seeing how university goes I won't have much time for doodles #but I try mu best to throw something at you every once in a while #we'll be playing dnd with friends and I'm very excited for it #so hopefully I'll make some cool art of our group of folks and their mischievous adventures #other than that I wanna study some poses drawing backgrounds expressions and angles to draw #very excited for the possible future projects and doodles #have a lovely day folks and see you in a while
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  • royal-poseida-of-the-void
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Writing tip: When writing characters for a story, write them in the future when everything works out and all the main characters/the groups all meet to get a better feel for each character. It not only helps you figure out where you want them as characters, but it may help you with the transition to get into those groups. It just helps better

    #a lot of times I'm not sure with characters so I write them way later on in stories and interacting with their future main groups #and it helps #especially to make sure I don't have too much of one personality at a time #the (un)wise words of lady poseida #writing tips#writing advice
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  • honeylemonsoooda
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    true friendship is reading the book report and summarizing each chapter with detail and clarity so that your friends dont have to go through the same pain

    #frienship #take one for the team #true friends #I CANT WITH THESE TAGS HELP ME LORD #as the book worm in the friend group tho its pretty fun to do ngl #it also helps me so much in actually remembering what i read #and analyzing it for the paper in the future #so mutual benefits :hanshake:
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  • mebwalker
    18.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    On Quebec's Language Laws

    On Quebec’s Language Laws

    Grey Day Laurentians by A. Y. Casson, Group of Seven (Wikiart.org) —ooo— I have been in Magog, very close to Sherbrooke, but despite the effort, I have not been able to complete a post on Quebec’s Language Laws. The muscles of my left arm are still very sore, which keeps me away from the computer. Moreover, I have been taking medication. It affects one’s concentration. I wanted to write a post…

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    #A Promising future #A Threatened Culture #A. Y Casson #Sir John A. Macdonald #The Group of Seven #Uniform schools outside Quebec
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  • dollfairy
    18.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    📷nocakeno said: holy shit this person shouldn’t be in a position of authority over anyone

    yeah no she just kind of....took the role on?? like she elected herself leader of the group for this assignment and all of us were too nice and wimpy to step in until she literally lost her mind towards the group member with a death in the family???

    that just kind of kicked it into "who do you think you are I am" mode, as this girl in her early 20s is acting like the CEO of our asses (and the rest of us are well and truly adult humans who can handle our own asses)

    #I will be screening my future project groups to never work w her again #reply#nocakeno
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  • solankimeera71
    16.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Reliance vs Amazon fight makes for a cranky board at Future Retail

    Two of the world’s richest men, fighting over a near-bankrupt Indian retailer, have made so much noise that its board has woken up super cranky. In less than a week, the three independent directors of Future Retail Ltd. have shot off two letters to the country’s competition authority, alleging that Amazon.com had deliberately misled the regulator about the true nature of its 2019 investment in a related entity. They want the antitrust watchdog to cancel the transaction.

    The 2025 dollar bonds of Future Retail rose a little Monday, though they still trade at 61 cents to the dollar. Based on what an arbitration tribunal in Singapore has had to say on the issue of alleged misrepresentation by Amazon, the maneuver looks like a long shot. But one never can predict the course of regulatory action in India. If the gambit succeeds, Asia’s wealthiest businessman, Mukesh Ambani, may be able to get his hands on Future’s retail stores after all, a deal Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has so far managed to block using judicial proceedings. A scrapping of Amazon’s investment would leave the U.S. retailer with no valid contract to stop the sale of assets to Ambani. Read Full Article Here

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  • fr0mutopia
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    UTOPIA was formed via their survival show titled FUTURE BOYS. the show consisted of 12 episodes and saw 35 trainees competing to make the final seven member lineup. the final episode aired march 7th, 2020 and the final lineup was announced to be DOHYUN, HAJOON, HANEUL, ATLAS, YUXUAN, TAE, and ZIHAO.

    utopia officially debuted under BONUS ENT on april 17th, 2021 with the mini album titled NEW WORLD: PART 1 and the title track MAVERICK. thanks to a lot of hype from the show, it was sucessful and they were able to get their first win with maverick as well as two others. they came back in august of the same year with another mini album titled NEW WORLD: PART 2 and the title track RUNAWAY, their most popular track to date, despite it only bringing in one music show win. it's their most viewed music video and brought in a lot of their fans.

    they wrapped their new world trilogy up with their firsy full album NEW WORLD: PART 3 and the title track SEOUL, released in january of 2021. soon after the release, member hajoon announced his departure from the company and group due due "creative differences". there were plenty of rumors as to why hajoon was truly leaving, ranging from the other members bullying him to the possibility of him getting someone pregnant. each of them were debunked.

    utopia came back again in may with the single SUPERHUMAN and then later in august with the mini album DAISY. daisy blew up in korea, gaining them many more domestic fans.


    huang yuxuan was born on april 23rd, 1996 in wuhan, china, where he spent most of his life. he moved to korea in 2016 to support his sister, huang xinyi, in her dream of being an idol. yuxuan himself never planned to be an idol at first, but was eventually convinced by his sister to tryout for a company with her. he failed to make pass for any companies at first, but eventually passed the audition for fnc, where he trained for about a year before entering future boys. he wasn't very popular at first, barely passing the early eliminations, up until mid show where he gained popularity for his personality and vocal abilities. he ranked 5th in the finale, debuting with utopia.


    wu zihao was born on march 24, 1997 in nanjing, china. he's loved dancing from a young age and has always been passionate about it, so it was no surprise when he started training in under yuehua in 2018. he moved to korea in 2019 for more opportunities, even when it was a hard choice for him to make since his family still lived in china. he continued training for another 2 years under yuehua, before entering the show. he was often considered the dark horse of the show. him making it to the final lineup was a surprise to most, but he ended up ranking 7th, making him the final member of the group.


    kang jihoon, stage name atlas, was born on april 15, 1998 in incheon. his dream was to be an idol since day one— he's always loved performing. he trained under sm for years alongside fellow utopia memebr tae, being told many times he would debut but the day never came. he participated in produce 101 season 2 as well as produce x 101. he was popular during both— he made it to both the finales, but failed to make the lineups. after produce x, he ended up leaving sm, convinced his career was over. he decided to give it one more shot at joined future boys. he had popularity from his previous survival shows, and debuted at 4th place.


    born on january 6, 1999 in jeju, yoo hajoon has always excelled in dancing. his parents put him in classes for it when he was young, and its something he's always had a love for. he trained for four years before future boys, under multiple different companies. he quickly became a fan favorite on the show, people obsessed with his dancing as well as his visuals. everyone had fully expected him to debut at 1st— he ended up in 2nd. it upset many of his fans. hajoon ended up leaving the group in february of 2021, which only upset people more and caused rumors to spread. he debuted as a soloist on june 4th, 2021 with ANY SONG.


    kang dohyun was born on november 9, 1999 in daegu. he trained under bonus entertainment, which he auditioned for with soloist domino's siren. he was, similarly to hajoon, very popular during the show for multiple different reasons. people loved his personality and his performances went viral more than once. he was a practically confirmed debut throughout the show. although nobody expected him to debut at 1st, everybody expecting that spot to belong to hajoon. nonetheless, he did, securing his spot as center of the group.


    choi jitae, stage name tae, was born on july 30 2000 in seoul— but he moved to atlanta, georgia when he was three, where he grew up. he dropped out of school and moved back to korea in 2015 to train, where he lived with his aunt and uncle since his parents lived in america. he trained under sm with atlas, who he also joined produce 101 with. he, however, only made it to the second round of eliminations. he ended up leaving sm and entering future boys a few years later as an invidual trainee. he was pretty popular thanks to his rap abilities and humor, and debuted at 6th place.


    son haneul was born on october 10, 2000 in busan. he's loved singing since he was young and his parents have always supported his dreams of being an idol. he trained for three years, before debuting in jyps coed duo twodreams. the duo was popular, but they ended up silently disbanding after both of them left the company. haneul debuted as a soloist with what are you up to, which did well but he was unhappy as a soloist, so he ended up entering future boys. he was very popular thanks to twodreams as well as being a soloist— which also got him his fair share of hate. people said he had an advantage thanks to his prior debut— but the love outweighed the hate, and he debuted at 3rd.

    #˗ˏˋ      from the future   ⟶    ❛  misc  ❜ #aesocnet#deluxeocnet #fake kpop group #fake kpop idol #idol oc#kpop oc #oc kpop group #oc kpop idol #fictional idol community #fictional kpop idol
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