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  • toestalucia
    02.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    Deliford: Perhaps it’s time for me to hang up my spear and return h— (Captain) cuts him short. Captain: We’re taking it easy today! Deliford: Wha? But don’t you have a job to do? Captain grabs Deliford’s hand and breaks into a run. Deliford: (Captain)! What is this all of a sudden? Vyrn: Heheh! Guess that means we’ve got the day off! Lyria: Teeheee... I can’t wait to see where we’ll be going! Though somewhat flummoxed, Deliford follows the captain’s lead.

    i liked this part a lot,,,,

    #stardust speaking ! #gbf spoilers// #also the whole lyria vyrn captain noticing when ppl are Off........ #and the letter stuff...... #i. do wish delifords wife came along tho? kinda tired of split families #she seemed like the type whod suddenly go actually. i am coming too ok #so im a bit meh she didnt #otherwise i enjoyed the event
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  • saeraas
    17.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I know Sandalphon is mad as fuck that Lucifer based him off of the person Lucifer was close with, even if it was one sided (Belial).

    #gbf#granblue fantasy#sandalphon#belial#lucifer #idk the quest yet since i can't play it #but this is what i gathered from the tl #gbf spoilers #sandalphon probably saw that and started punching the air
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  • toestalucia
    14.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    nvm being away, my sor comment 2.0 is the fact that they placed it before the crew goes to oarlyegrande, rly makes the running off after being told by lecia that the man who cared for seox was grans dad...hit different. the whole thing of feeling his(?!) presence when entering edgelands, hearing mika&shitori talk about him, having walfried say dad didnt want a singularity (have walfried be bitter about mom), having ur family lore that was kept from u...and then hearing ur dad went to take care of Another child....is like.....A Lot to deal with it in such a short time

    #stardust speaking ! #gbf spoilers// #yeah edgelands was MONTHS to everyone else. but it wasnr for gran #i talked about that last too but. man. #principal: lol island of the astrals?!? thats genesis island🙄 uncultured phantagrandes #act3 be like heres constant heavy reveals for captain. also katalina will correct herself from saying 'ill protect lyria' to 'captain' #like. wgat was THAT about #miss ares come back #the way orchid&orchis met loki and they all ignored it SENDS ME #im going back to being sad about ms noe #...msq now #i was orig gonna make a post about my gran/juri propaganda but then i rmbrd this #this was like some months after they released the anime ep w baby gran crying if dad didnt want them #so u can imagine what hell i went thro #the yr we got gran constantly in neardeath scenarios was easier
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  • toestalucia
    11.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i still find the kny->anni otherworld lore so funny

    #stardust speaking ! #gbf at any time: dead ppl & otherworld is Not the same #gbf at anni: we need to angst so uhhhhh.......they kno ded ppl:) #like i liked the implcation that due to many? some? phantagrande? throwing coffins off their islands as a funeral #= bottom of the skies = otherworld #but they didnt do it for msq when that was the Prime time to do it so its lowkey funny its Only a thing #& imo. its more fun if aglovales otherworld business nvr wouldve went anywhere. #and if lamorak wont get that either. despite his necromancer bs #THE IMPLICATION as in thts how the of otherworld = afterlife started #like how ebisu means luck (in auguste) #+ how auguste views water as Mother. echidna is mother of otherworld. therefore they assumed bottom of the skies is water. cuz thats Mother #sr joels fate ep is just rly good #gbf spoilers// #even tho echidna is uhhh a proud boss<3 #not saying knys info was 100% reliable but to me it rly felt like they were going in that direction #so anni came as a surprise to me
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  • toestalucia
    04.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    anyway (talk about grans feelings toward found family vs growing-up-with family)

    #stardust speaking ! #gbf spoilers// #i dont think a single of the media even has gran living w/ someone? #sure game says 'foster parent' but in earlier chs they also clearly dont Live w/ them #and as much as theyre fixing old stuff. ykno! #anime especially was v clear on gran&vyrn being Alone #idk about novel but my bet is. that its the same #gran wont ever disregard the family theyve made on the grandcypher #but i also think its important to them to differ between their current family (as well as the family zinkenstill is to them) & the dad #theyre looking for #like its also partly. a huge part of WHY gran is so solo-going is Because they did everything only w/ vyrn #aaron comments on it in the anime too. well moreso out of frustration. but gran has a tendency to make decisions alone #i THINK its something along the likes of 'you never think of anyone' but aarons also cutoff so i COUDL be wrong #and its been a while since i watched the subs #i rmbr the eng dub for that part better LMAO #but. yknow. #i think its a whole. knowing ppl care but not realizing u should turn to them kinda thing #NOT THE TOPIC but. yeah #this aint new stuff i was just thinking about it
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  • toestalucia
    04.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Elderly Woman: Your Father asked me not to tell you anything, (Captain).
    Elderly Woman: How many times did you ask me this question when you were younger? Elderly Woman: “How come I don’t have a real family?” Vyrn: Yeah, no one ever gave us a straight answer. Vyrn: They’d just tell us everyone in the village was family. Every single time. So we shrugged and stopped asking.

    these parts right here ur honor

    #gbf spoilers// #stardust speaking ! #'i nvr doubted u were an emotionally strong child' (thinks about no rain no rainbow) hahahahhahHAHHAHAHHAHA #b r  o #the fact she calls captains mom headstrong combined with how walfried refers to mom make sme LOSE MY MIND i wanna meet her #if shes not an absolute EXPERIENCE i dont want it #anyway aaron gay
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  • toestalucia
    31.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Lyria: It seems Vyrn’s become even more of a delinquent. Captain: Ah, the peak of youth!

    this is legit the funniest piece of dialogue ive seen this month holy fk lmFAO

    #gbf spoilers// #stardust speaking ! #THE PEAK OF YOUTH??? SHUT UP LMFAO #gran at any point after breaking black knight out of jail: the Good Ol' Days #also elmotts lines about how 'captain worries over just about everyone & if the captain says we're coming theres no room for a no'...
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  • kindauglypikachuicon
    30.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Well erm some thoughts about the Gran Blue Fantasy event - “Showtime: Legend of the Blue Yonder”

    Sho x Tsubasa by the way (lol they’re cute together though Domon was kinda cute too)

    And second wtf why weren’t those people that handled the prisoners reported, fired and jailed for their inhumane treatments?! I was a little surprised they didn’t say anything about that maybe in another event...

    Third turns out Tsubasa comes home with a 2x4 so there’s that lol

    #Thoughts#spoilers#gbf#gbf spoilers#gbf event #gran blue fantasy #I can’t believe I came back to this post a few hours later only to find my HORRENDOUS grammer mistakes I’m so fuckin’ embarrassed #Obviously it’s edited now for clearer reading but GOD I can’t believe I just sent this out there like that
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  • toestalucia
    29.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    hello gamerz. u ever think about the nalhe section of act3. cuz the whole idea of someone going "wow u look terrible" and gran(on the verge of d*ath) just "yeah. u dont say"

    #stardust speaking ! #gbf spoilers// #'is msq all u think about' yes #everyday i think of violer knights talk about strength #everyday i think of relink being in the skydom #true king having the guts to discuss captain marrying alliah when hes the reason grans grandparents are d*ad #WHITE KNIGHT....BRO IM SO EXCIGED #orchid&orchis seeing loki && all 3 ignoeing the entire thing still #loki fighting violet................does zwei KNOW lokis orchis' uncke #what i wsnt: erste lore #what im getting: a circus #i should do ic stuff soon shouldnt i. life been chaotic af. not that im writing anyway but #msq...................im waiting #death mention// #ive been thinking about the anime too cuz gran looks wayy closer to the village there & the idea of aarons family nvr telling #gran anything about their family rly has me like.... #+ aarons lines about gran in general
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  • toestalucia
    24.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    speaking of msq, but spoilers this time, but the fact they went back to having captain close to death Again is so funny

    #stardust speaking ! #gbf spoilers//#death mention// #like. first of all its how the entire series starts #secondly there was the yr when we got right behind u & robomi z close to e/o. and neither was a good time for captain #idk if wmtsb was before or after but that sure was something too #then. act 2 ends. and captain jumps off an island #(i go into a lengthy gran&cain parallel discussion due to how theyve both rushed to save a kid in the sr fate. and also cain running after #captain but ultimately stopping at the edge. and then the entire start of his grand. depression.) #then captain&lyria gets separated. gran str8up. almost dies. like. legit. almost dies. literally on the verge of dying. #AND THEN THEY GET SEPARATED AGAIN SOME CHS L8R IMMM LMMFMAAAAAOOO #i love act3 its so great #the manga is cool cuz gran&lyria mirrors e/os wounds #but ingame havent superdone anything w it until act3 #man i love main quest #for someone whos favs are erste. i have a lot to say about nalhe #the closer we get to june the more often yall gonna have to reread the same 5 msq posts i always make
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  • icharchivist
    09.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    one of my friend is currently going through my gbf liveblog tag (I SEE YOU.) and they just liked a post i had tagged with that:

    and i’m kjdhfdklfjmldfkmd bc i know i mentioned it recently but man it can apply to Chikage and im. I need to recycle this joke.

    #turns out 'kidnapping to found family' is a trope that gets to me who would have thought #ichatalks about gbf #ichatalks about a3 #a3 spoilers
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  • emiya-official
    29.04.2021 - 2 monts ago


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  • toestalucia
    27.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    main quest but i was thinking about ppl i wanna write (mika, loki, fenrir) and the fact they dropped that ness is part of society & then nvr elaborated sends me still

    #stardust speaking ! #gbf spoilers#gbf spoilers// #gacha & lack of msq updates name a more iconic combo #nxt they gonna say hes a moondweller & ill just say yes that makes sense #(thinks about mika&shitori) (pain peko) #fk writing actually imma reread that
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  • starlotusdragon
    21.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    LISTEN, I just screamed and lost my shit about this (Drabble in WIP) I just fucking can’t like Cygames don’t play with my heart like that... *chef kiss* I’m in

    #gbf#GBVS spoilers #granblue fantasy versus spoilers #gbf Eustace#Gran gbf #YISUS THE FEATHERS ARE FROM THE KNIFE AT THE PILLOW
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  • saniwa
    20.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Who at cygames do i need to thank for this im going insane

    #Gbvs spoilers #Granblue fantasy versus spoilers #gbf #Granblue fantasy versus #Eustace#Eustace gbf #WADDA HELL....... #Can someone please please please please upload higher quality of this im on mobile #Head is spinning....
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  • toestalucia
    09.04.2021 - 3 monts ago


    #stardust speaking ! #gbf spoilers// #i love socie so much......this part....aaaaaaa..... #helping someone because someone helped you...................will forever be one of my fvaorite things.... #i have THINGS TO SAY but i cant form them so im not gonna say anything i just liked these parts a lot #cuz captain getting embarrassed is always rly cute #this is how they always act akjsbdk......
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  • vatonnage
    30.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    after 4-5 or so years of playing gbf here’s my first gold bar drop i can retire now \o/

    #gbf#granblue fantasy #my adventures as a sky pirate #spoilers he didn't retire
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  • captainmullin
    19.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Home Sweet Moon Thoughts

    Putting my thoughts of HSM out! I haven't done this in a bit sooo spoilers below the cut! (Note: I have not read Event Cassius's fate episodes, although I have heard that his wraps up a bit of HSM as well)
    - the ending was really good!! I do agree with those that say that Dex's death was a little anticlimactic. They took away a lot of his humanity from the second and third parts and that's what kinda threw him off for me in the last part.
    - I could see Gwynne's connection to Isaac coming a mile away, tbh? She seemed so impatient to talk to Isaac/interact with him; she also fit the trope of "impatient and rash newbie" to a T, which I honestly wasn't a fan of? Her character also really isn't explored much in this event, either, so I'm hoping for maybe a small spin-off or smth else for her
    - BEATRIX AND ZETA.... they are girlfriends and very much in love, thank you for the food cygames;; I wasn't really sure where the 'mist that makes you go bonkers' thing came from but like?? sure, cool, that was A Part
    - EUSTACE, MY SON, MY BOY, I LOVE YOU SO MMUCH YOU DESERVE THE WORLD;; eustace lore went HARD in this event, and I'm really glad he was able to get his revenge in the end - go catboy go!
    - the art was also really good!!! i LOVED the charge attack animations and the new CGs were excellent!!
    final score: honestly? 9/10, I really liked it but with all stories, there's things to improve upon, I did find myself cheering for the crew in the last episode!!
    Welcome home, Cassius!
    #gbf#granblue fantasy#gbf spoilers #gbf home sweet moon #home sweet moon spoilers #《 captain speaking! 》 #granblue
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  • caelumsaltator
    19.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Me, almost done with HSM:

    Ok Beatrix c’mere. You’re my bby now.

    You too Zeta.

    Once I’m done studying more of the Society event they’ll be added.

    #∘OOC #Carrie plays GBF// #GBF Spoilers//
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