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  • starlotusdragon
    21.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    LISTEN, I just screamed and lost my shit about this (Drabble in WIP) I just fucking can’t like Cygames don’t play with my heart like that... *chef kiss* I’m in

    #gbf#GBVS spoilers #granblue fantasy versus spoilers #gbf Eustace#Gran gbf #YISUS THE FEATHERS ARE FROM THE KNIFE AT THE PILLOW
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  • saniwa
    20.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Who at cygames do i need to thank for this im going insane

    #Gbvs spoilers #Granblue fantasy versus spoilers #gbf #Granblue fantasy versus #Eustace#Eustace gbf #WADDA HELL....... #Can someone please please please please upload higher quality of this im on mobile #Head is spinning....
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  • saeraas
    24.02.2021 - 5 monts ago

    yeah I like Belial, he's a great character and good antagonist.

    Belial: *at some point had a hand in hurting Zooey and everyone thought she was dead*

    Me at Belial:

    #gbf#zooey#belial #she's ok apparently but i will not forgive this #gbvs#gbvs spoilers
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  • saeraas
    13.12.2020 - 7 monts ago

    .........out of all the eternals for gbvs......... they picked Uno.........

    #gbf#granblue fantasy#gbvs#granblue versus#uno#andre #if they wanted a defensive character they could've picked vira #if they wanted an eternal they could have picked essyer #since no gun character yet #im fine with uno as a character but fighting gameplay wise? #already know he's not for me #gbvs spoilers #since this was leaked accidentally by xseed
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  • notverybrightraven
    18.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    What The Fuck Is At The Bottom Of The Sky? An attempted Granblue Fantasy lorepost

    God help me. 


    Me, young and foolish: Surely, someone else must have made a comprehensive lore post about the Crimson Horizon, right? Right?  There’s got to be a wiki page on it, right?  

    Me now: 

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART 1:  Can’t have shit in Phantagrande 

    Basically, we are going to attempt to figure out what the deal is with the Crimson Horizon/Otherworld/Primordial Scar/bottom of the sky.  But before we do that, there are few things in the way.

    First of all, Cygames can be inconsistent at times.  Obviously, this is a game with potentially infinite pagespace, so they need to make shit up as they go along, and sometimes that means some contradictions or retcons.  That being said, I’ve put up with waaaay worse shit the past, and for Major World Details they seem to have their notes in order, so this shouldn’t be too futile. Hopefully.  

    Speaking of inconsistency, some of the early translations are a bit questionable.  The localizers are doing a pretty good job now, but shout out to that time Lamretta was written like a catgirl for no reason.

    Nya = Meow regardless of context, right?

    But perhaps the biggest problem with a lot of lore questions in granblue is that, in universe, nobody knows jack shit.  The state of science is a trainwreck.  This is a setting with ridiculous constructs and magic and shit but people still thought the moon was a fucking star.  Even robotics super-genius Mahira didn’t understand the basic concept of outer space.  

    [sniffling] you are all so fucking stupid 

    On one hand, I can dig the protoscience vibes of the setting.  It reminds me of early medieval science, and the tension between different understandings of the world adds a lot of flavor and mystery.  On the other hand, it makes it incredibly frustrating to answer even basic questions about the world. 

    For some reason the wiki doesn’t have a transcript of this event so you need to read from bottom to top.  Also nobody knows what outer space is. 


    PART 2: It’s simple :)

    Like all things in gbf, everything can be blamed on the creation of the universe.  The creation myth of the world is something that’s been reiterated many times, but the basic outline is always something like this:

    > The Omnipotent One creates the world and life

    > Early people get pissed at god

    > They try to kill god, and now god got split into two

    > One half controls destruction and rebirth, and stays in the sky

    > The other half controls creation and eternity, and leaves the sky to create the Astral realm 

    > This separation opens the Crimson Horizon

    As you can tell, this is incredibly unhelpful.  Where did the omnipotent one come from?  Who were the early people? How did they perform god bisection?  Is the Astral realm a parallel reality or just a planet similar to the sky?  Was the world before the split a bunch of floating islands or did people live on the surface?  Why did god’s mitosis create an entire realm?

    What the fuck.


    PART 3: Astrals ain’t got shit

    Since we need to understand the creation myth, we should get a timeline going.  Obviously a lot of shit happened in the past, but only looking at the long timeline events we have:

    ???  : The primordial chaos exists

    ??? : God creates the land and people 

    ??? : God creates two speakers, Helel ben Sahar and Helel ben Shalem 

    ??? : Early people rebel and god gets split in half, Shalem get put into a box

    ??? : The Astral god leaves the sky, and the Crimson Horizon gets “opened”

    ~70,000 years ago :  Abominations invade the world and Robomi gets created

    ~20,000 years ago :  Moondwellers enter/leave the sky and create seal weapons

    ~7,000 years ago : The moon begins its war against something(?)

    ~2,000 years ago : Cagliostro invents alchemy and gets put into a box,  the Astrals invade the sky, Lucilius invents primal beasts and creates archangels

    ~1,000 years ago : Ninetails eats a bunch of foxes, gets put into a box

    ~500 years ago : The War takes place, the youngest primals get made, Astrals leave the sky 

    ~10 years ago : Granjeet’s dad goes out to get cigarettes

    0 years ago : Katalina adopts Lyria

    thanks mr lore 

    Cag is the best

    If even a total idiot knows this, it must be canon. 

    Never forget that Robomi is thirty-five times older than every archangel 

    the fuck are you talking about Vas. 

    Although like 90% of mysteries in granblue boil down to “an Astral/primal did it,”  it’s obvious from the creation myth and the timeline that whatever the Crimson Horizon is, its fuckery predates the Astral’s tenure in the sky, and the existence of the Astrals altogether.  Even though Astrals get called gods, it is best to think of them as being a parallel species to humans instead of something greater than them.  Judging from Mikaboshi and Lucilius, the Astrals are just as in the dark as everyone else.  


    PART 4: Synonym Antonym

    So, what do we know about the Crimson Horizon?  I mean, besides the fact that it is crimson. 

    Thank you Lyria.

    The Bottom Of The Sky goes by multiple names in granblue, with the most notable being the Crimson Horizon, the Otherworld, and the Primordial Scar.  Characters treat all of these as the same thing, but that’s probably not the case. Odds are these represent multiple concepts that have just been conflated over time.  This wouldn’t be the first time that has happened -- the “Foe” in the Society storyline was a name given to both central axis moondwellers and the command of the Society, and separating those two entities is what unraveled the whole plot.

    Near as I can tell, there are like four potentially distinct concepts that have been conflated:

    1) The literal, physical place with rocks that you see when you fall

    2) The Crimson Horizon, a primordial chaos from which the world was formed

    3) The Primordial Scar, a consequence of god getting split in half

    4) The Otherworld, the spooky place where ghosts go

    Gilbert bought a thesaurus and wants to share

    Y’all ever literally fall into another dimension? 

    The fact they are used interchangeably sometimes leads to some contradictions. For example, when was the Crimson Horizon made?  Some sources put it as having been established during the bifurcation of God, whereas others say it existed before the Omnipotent one even arrived to the universe.

    Nothing says reliable like “unverifiable authenticity”   

    He is from where now? 

    God arriving 15 minutes late to the creation of the universe

    One possible solution is that the Crimson Horizon is a primordial chaos that  predated the universe and Omnipotent One, but it was initially sealed off by god when the world was created, and once the split happened then access to it reopened.

    This is… questionable?  The entire plot of 000 revolves around Bubs and Lucy trying to break the dimensional barrier between the sky and the Crimson Horizon. If that shit were open access then there’d be no need to drop Pandemonium on it.  Otherworldly entities leak from it sometimes, but it’s hardly “open.” So there’s a chance that “open” may refer to a symbolic or metaphorical “opening.”

    Come to think of it, what the fuck is with the dimensional barrier? 

    Rosetta being the voice of reason as usual

    The dimensional boundary is defined as being the thing which separates the sky from the Crimson Horizon.  Despite there not being any visible sign of it, the fact that it can be pierced by Pandemonium and Etemenaki indicates it has some physical presence.  Ebisu and the edgelands seem to lie right on the barrier, you know, being on the edge.   Ebisu being unstuck in time may be a consequence of the barrier, or it may be a property of the Crimson Horizon itself.  It may be that the barrier is some sort of extreme time distortion field that is meant to separate the Crimson from the sky.  But why does this barrier exist in the first place?

    It seems logical that this barrier was created intentionally by god to seal away the power of the Crimson Horizon, and the nature of this barrier may have changed somehow during the bifurcation.  It is implied that the nature of the Crimson Horizon is so chaotic that if it got released the world would end, but why does primordial chaos just look like a bunch of rocks?  And if it is so disastrous, how could Lyria walk down there that one time?  Also, if god put the barrier in place, why can a bunch of Mysteria students get a spell to make portals there?

    Lucilius, please, using inconsistent terminology is evil

    Hnnng… Bottom of the sky, Colonel? 

    Ostensibly we should be able to understand the barrier better by looking at what breaks it, but most of the time it’s just left up to being called “dark magic” or “forbidden arts” or what the fuck ever.  The one exception is Mikaboshi creating Echidna -- she was able to access the Otherworld by creating a symbolic link to one of its defining features.  While this bypasses the whole barrier question, it does cement the fact that the Otherworld is intrinsically connected to the concept of “origins” and “birth,” making it unlikely to be something created after the universe was already made.  That, or the Otherworld is inexorably linked to the concept of snake milfs, but that seems less likely.  

    for real why are there no main story transcripts on the wiki this is bullshit


    PART 5: Whomst’ve?

    One of the earliest hypotheses was that the bottom of the sky was the original world created before the bifurcation, but then the rebellion happened and rendered the ground uninhabitable.  If this were the case, it would explain why the bottom of the sky was sealed off.  Unfortunately, this entire line is flatly wrong. 


    The reason this was first proposed was because Gastalga thought Pandemonium dated to the origin of the world and connected to the Crimson Horizon, both of which are incorrect.  Moreover, relics from creation (e.g. Shalem’s box) have been found in the sky, and Shalem herself hasn’t said anything to suggest any migration took place.  Her memory may be spotty, but I think she’d remember not living on a floating island.  So odds are the early world looked a lot like the sky world.  

    Aside: literally every question in this post could be resolved if Lucio stopped larping a himbo for five minutes.  

    Anyway, if life started in the sky, then why are there things living at the bottom of the sky?  Who are the otherworldly beings?  

    One thing for certain: they fucking hate god. 

    join my emo band.

    The fact that otherworlders call themselves Precursors suggests that they are as old as shit, and divorced from modern humanity.  But how old is that?  Two obvious options are clear:

    1) They are the ancient people who tried to kill god in the rebellion.  As punishment, Bahamut threw them into the bottom of the sky and sealed them away with the dimensional barrier. From there, the primordial chaos of the Crimson Horizon mutated them into the current forms we see today.

    2) They are a form of life that predate the Omnipotent. They were doing just fine until a big stupid lizard created an entire universe atop where they were living, and would prefer to go back to a reality without all this gentrification.  

    They occasionally make reference to the sky and the otherworld being “one” before, and this might be referring to the state of the world when it was just a formless chaos. If this is the case, and precursors actually remember such a time, then that suggests option 2) is more likely.  But the level of grudge suggests that this beef is personal, which would vibe with 1) better.  Besides, something about ancient humans trying to have a runback against the omnipotent is an inherently great image.  Best 2/3 you fucking lizard.   

    How is prosperity even defined for a dimension of amorphous chaos? 


    PART 6: Ghosts up in this bitch

    One of the more baffling things said about the bottom of the sky is that it is the Otherworld.  That is, it is the place where dead souls go.  Now, a literal physical place being the afterlife is common in myths, but in contemporary fantasy it’s pretty rare.  The afterlife is almost always left as being an alternate plane of existence, and that’s if it is discussed at all.  So we should expect the same to be true here, right?  There is no way the afterlife is literally just a bunch of rocks at the bottom of the sky, that’s just a rumor made by modern skydwellers, right?  Right?

    What the FUCK Ares?

    According to Ares, the Otherworld and the realm of the dead used to be different, but because skydwellers got them confused they have become the same.  This is SUPER confusing -- unlike Touhou or American Gods, there isn’t really much precedent for faith shaping reality in Granblue.  Zooey and Shiva are powered by prayer, but they are the exception instead of the rule.  By and large, things exist whether or not people want them to. 

    One option is that skydwellers have directly been making the Otherworld into a land of the dead.  By which I mean there has been some ghost colonization taking place.  It’s like a clowncar situation.  Any car is a clowncar if you put enough clowns into it.  Any land becomes a land of the dead if enough ghosts go there.  Peeps just die and think “well, I better go to the bottom of the sky” and spectrally gentrify the entire dimension.  That’d explain why the Otherworld is so pissed at the sky, spectres are driving up the rent in the primordial chaos. 

    Listen I’m looking for any explanation that wouldn’t imply that every dead person goes to the Otherworld.  That place sucks and Polaris is cool, I won’t allow it.

    Granted, when Lyria and her mom went to the Otherworld, they didn’t really see any ghosts.  Besides Ares, I guess?  Besides they also weren’t being torn apart by the primordial chaos of the Crimson Horizon, and that’s like the only thing we were pretty sure about the fucking place.

    Regardless, the Otherworld and the land of the dead need to be connected by some means.  We don’t have a concrete height between the islands and the ground, and we don’t know what the effective range of Granjeet’s life link to Lyria, but I’m willing to bet one of those is much shorter than the other.  So when Lyria fell into an otherworld portal and presumably ended up at the bottom of the sky, they should have had too much physical distance between them to survive.  But since the Otherworld is the land of the dead, and because death is a common thing in the living world, then there isn’t that much metaphysical distance, so the two of them could survive.  This is lore. 

    Aside: We really don’t talk enough about how Lyria went to hell. That’s fucked up.

    if you can’t trust Loki who can you trust? 

    But the Otherworld being the land of the dead is kind of fucked.  The reason is Echidna is linked to the Otherworld is because they both represent creation and birth, but now we are saying that the reason Granjeet survived is because the Otherworld represents destruction and death.  So the Otherworld is both creation and destruction.

    What the fuck. 


    PART 7: God Exclusion Zone 

    One thing to notice about the creation myth is that it explicitly leaves the Crimson Horizon as neither the sky god nor the astral god’s problem.  It is explicitly a third realm outside either’s jurisdiction.  

    This is actually really important.  There’s a recurring motif of the god of a domain setting the rules on a really basic metaphysical level.  This goes beyond just creating then land, or Bahamut throwing a dart at a wall and deciding the sky should be blue.  It seems like when you are in a god’s domain you are taking on some of its aspects.  

    I’m pretty sure this is Granjeet’s aunt saying this, but who fucking knows.

    [Spills my drink] I blame god for this

    Astrals are embodiments of creation, but the only thing Loki creates is problems on purpose

    [Gets writer’s block] This is also god’s fault

    That is to say, things in the sky obey the axioms of destruction and rebirth, whereas things among the stars obey the axioms of creation and eternity.  So while things in the astral realm inherently stagnate, things in the sky realm are inherently adapting and evolving.  It is a SUPER common motif in Granblue for something or someone that was meant to be static to end up growing and changing in unexpected ways.  The most common case of this is with primal beasts, who were created to satisfy a hyperspecific function but over time grew beyond such limited roles.  Like, Rosetta was just made to kill humans but she’s Io’s mom now.  Good on her. 

    Yggy is a hard drive that took up gardening.  This is lore. 

    What I’m not showing is Bubs getting put into the dirt by Halluel

    A weird thing to consider is that the two gods are physically separated in space, so at the midpoint between these two realms should be a no-man’s land.  No-lizard’s land?  Basically, there should be a space between the sky and the stars where both sets of axioms apply.  Realistically, the stars are hella far away, but I suspect the crossover point is pretty close to the sky.  In fact I’d wager the crossover to be exactly at the moon.  This is because this whole setup is a cosmological carbon-copy of the protoscience theory of the Aristotelian universe.  We have a world of mortals that is ever changing and “imperfect,” and we have the gods and stars which live in a static and “perfect” world.  The line between these two is the moon, which is both ever-changing in its phases, but eternally in the sky. 

    Listen, Aristotle wasn’t smart.  But the point is that the two-god, four-axiom setup of the granblue world is almost exactly this.  Which makes the existence of moondwellers very interesting, since they are on the cusp of changeability.  This is almost literally the entire reason why Cassius was sent down -- moondwelers were curious if living in an evolving world would change him, and it in fact did.  And now he doesn’t have a brain.

    Aside: Zooey was born in the Cosmos, AKA outer space.  So she would also be an example of someone who migrated from a “perfect” to an “imperfect” world and developed for it.  This won’t ever be brought up in gbf because she doesn’t get lore. 

    When I said Granblue lore reminded me of protoscience I Fucking Meant It. 

    Lunarian scientists real curious about what this “character development” thing is 

    The Crimson Horizon, despite being literally sublunar, defies this.  The sky god doesn’t seem to control it, and the astral god is 100% isn’t touching that shit.  So it is presumably a place where neither set of axioms hold true.  So by all rights it should be a place that does not operate under the principles of 1) creation 2) destruction 3) eternity and 4) rebirth.  

    You can argue that by denying opposing sets of axioms, you are really adopting both. At least I hope so.  I can’t imagine what sort of physics could exist without at least two of those four things.  

    If this is the case, it might nicely tie together why the Otherworld is associated with both birth and death.  It might also explain why otherworldly beings are so difficult to figure out, it’s hard to be conversational when you are in a constant state of living and dying.  

    Then again, given the precedent of What Makes The Sky Blue, maybe Otherworlders just have an abandonment complex from the complete absence of a god.  Why not.  It’s free daddy issues.  

    That being said, the fact that the Crimson Horizon is axiomless means that it is, objectively, a simpler form of reality than that of the sky or the astral realm.  This makes intuitive sense, Bahamut intentionally designing the physics of the world inherently makes it more complicated than whatever was going on before.  

    However, any reality will default to simplicity over complexity given a choice.  So odds are pretty good that if the barrier on the Crimson Horizon were to break, it wouldn’t be like a malestorm of infinite chaos overtaking the world.  Instead, it would trigger the metaphysical equivalent of a vacuum collapse.  Which ... would probably be bad.   

    Okay maybe the dimensional barrier is important 


    PART 8: Down to Earth

    So after all that, you might be expecting me to write up a complete and convincing theory about the nature of the Crimson Horizon.

    I’m not going to front.  When I started making this post I thought I knew what the Crimson Horizon was.  But as I started gathering screenshots and reading I realized my hubris.  What the fuck is happening. 

    Here’s my best shot.

    The universe started off as a primordial chaos with no god.  Despite this, a rocky planet with life appeared naturally, leading to the genesis of the Precursors. Eventually, an Omnipotent Lizard dropped in from another dimension, and saw the free real estate.  This god sealed away the primordial chaos, threw a bunch of islands up in the sky and filled them with life, and created Shalem and Sahar to guide the early humans.  This leaves the Precursors in an axiomless world where half the resources got stolen by god for him to build his pet project.  However, early humans got pissed at the lack of free will with this huge-ass lizard commanding the world, so they teamed up with the Precursors to try and kill god.  The early humans use the power of the primordial chaos to split god in half, in the process weakening the barrier between the pre-god and post-god worlds.   God, who is now two gods, says “fuck this” and separates to create the astral world and remake the sky before peacing out and never talking to mortals ever again.  Mortals, now having nobody to tell them otherwise, just look down at the ground and decide that the floor is probably the afterlife.  After millennia of ghosts and corpses being dropped on their heads, the Otherworld decides both god and mortals need to die, and use the weakened barrier to sneak upstairs whenever possible, hoping to eventually trigger a vacuum collapse. This leads to the current state of things. 

    What did I just write.

    You might ask if Cygames will ever give a definitive explanation as to what the Crimson Horizon is, and the answer is a definite “Maybe.”  I didn’t think they were going to explain who Lyria was, and they actually went and gave an explanation that worked well for me.  That being said, it took five and a half years of real-time for them to get to that point. And given the waffling vis-a-vis the Otherworld being the afterlife, maybe they don’t quite have this shit on lock.

    A problem with having a game with potentially infinite pagespace is that there isn’t really any urgency for Cygames to answer questions.  In fact, in order to keep the tension going, they will always need to raise a greater number of mysteries than they solve.  Even in ostensibly one-off story events, there are almost always a handful of characters with unresolved arcs or questions to seed for future stories.  In a game like this, it really is more about the journey than the destination.  This is a story about learning to adapt, to change as the world changes, without obsessing over any final state.  So really, do I actually care about what is deal with the bottom of the sky?


    I do. 

    Anyway stan Black Knight

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  • toestalucia
    19.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    i wish i could.....just set seed of redemption.....in the section of arc3 when they go back to phantagrande before going to istavion.......cuz that......makes it v delicious

    #stardust speaking ! #gbf spoilers// #CLOSES EYES TO MONIKA BEING IN NALHE IN ARC3 #I CAN NOT SEE #i need to read water lecias fate ep...😳 miss lecia.......is it even up at the wiki yet i kept checking a while ago but Nothibg #i also read goblin squads event & its v fascinating how old events always/v often mentioned the sky pueces...since they were only in #phantagrande at the time...... #it rly makes the whole Ah so grans 16-18 here. compared to current events where i default to 18-22 range LMFAO #ughhhhhhhhhhh gbvs said fk counting & caring for our timeline lore #so i wanna make gran older for wmtsb stuff cuz thats what i find most reasonable contentwise #but then i have to somehow keep it sonewhat aligned with main quest.....😔 #but at this point events are so separated both from e/o & main quest that its......whatever rly #so mayhaps it WILL be My City Now #ther3s also ppl who do a 1:1 gbf timeline:implentation timeline too.... #and i think its rly cool.............seeing 6th anni as gran turning 21 sure is something #I DONT DO THAT but w how long ive written gran & plyd gbf i Do see gran as older in a lot of the newer content LOL #THIS POST WAS BROUGHT TO U BY star thinking about gran & seox talking about grans dad #and gran Rly not wanting to cry but Very much crying due to it all
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  • holdharmonysacred
    07.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    Mannnnnn, I’m really curious what Beelzebub Granblue’s whole deal is with those goddamn theme song lyrics. Up until now he’s just been cartoonishly evil villain man out here murdering Lucifer and trying to conquer the land, and while his GBVS profile got translated all it really confirms is he’s a narcissist who’s really goddamn jealous of Lucilius and wants to try to beat Lucilius at his own game. His theme song lyrics though, assuming the song is from his POV, are absolutely fascinating in what they could mean for this cartoonishly evil buff man - I get serious Lucilius parallels from him where at the end of the day, he’s just as uncertain about his place in the world as Lucilius was, and it’s their uncertainty and fear towards how the world works that drives their actions. Bubs here though also keeps mentioning a “lonely friend”, which. First off, Bubs has friends????? He has people he cares about???? He still has asshole vibes (”neither is my wish, but whatever happens to you will satisfy me” -> he doesn’t actually want this friend of his to meet a bad end, but he’s not gonna cry if said friend does), but he he’s still gotta care for someone if he’s going “mmmmmmmmmaybe i’ll make your dreams come true. mmmmmaybe.” And then there’s those weird vaguely regretful lines about how peace isn’t an option anymore and he’s come too far to look back and realize “oh god, what have I done” and just.

    what the fuck is your deal bubs my man. are you a fallen hero or something???? are you just a jealous ass???? Lucilius’s boss theme is all about his beef with god, but your song is just sad. what’s going on my dude, are you good????? what the hell is going on in GBVS????????

    #granblue fantasy #granblue fantasy versus #gbf spoilers#gbvs spoilers #granblue fantasy spoilers #granblue fantasy versus spoilers #spoilers #well less actual spoilers and more speculation but #hey bubs my dude are you good???? you all right there????
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  • holdharmonysacred
    07.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    All right so retranscribing the lyrics for Beelzebub’s boss theme Existence from Granblue Versus, here’s attempt 2:

    “What makes the sky blue?” Who was the first to ask? Were they a fool, a sage, or just a lonely friend? “Why was the sky made, and where is the truth?” Staring at the clear expanse, I still don’t understand those words
    What spins beneath my feet? What covers the view I have? What is real, and what is fake? I can’t go on, confused between the two Now, show me your bravery! Take flight with those treasured wings Now throw away your light, take the fight with brilliance gone Peace is long gone, unreachable by now, It’s too late for hindsight, too late to look back
    At the end of fate, there ends the world, the birth of a new king Oh my lonely friend, come witness a new birth Witness the sight! And what would you think? Would you kneel for me? Or would you go mad with jealousy? Neither is my wish, but whatever happens to you will satisfy me
    Peace is long past, unreachable by now It’s too late for hindsight, too late to look back
    At the end of the fight is the end of the story, a new perspective A reconstruction of history What kind of dreams did you dream? Would you tell me? Maybe I’ll make them come true I can no longer stop in this moment, my life will burn brilliant
    My life will burn brilliant

    Disclaimer again that this is by ear and I can’t be 100% sure on these, and as better quality versions of the song get leaked these lyrics are subject to change. I’m betting there’ll probably be an attempt 3 in the future if yet another version of the song gets released before the official lyrics drop. For now though, I think this is what’s being sung, and I’m still deeply intrigued at what the hell is going on with Mr. “Very Jealous Of Lucilius And Also A Clone???” Bubs here. Versus had better deliver on the character depth this track implies he has...

    #granblue fantasy #granblue fantasy versus #granblue fantasy spoilers #gbvs spoilers#gbf spoilers #granblue fantasy versus spoilers #spoilers #like last time this is just lyrics. i have no idea what the context is besides it's bubs' theme.
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  • holdharmonysacred
    07.02.2020 - 1 year ago
    #granblue fantasy #granblue fantasy versus #granblue fantasy spoilers #granblue fantasy versus spoilers #gbvs spoilers#gbf spoilers#spoilers#music#videos #there's a whole entire second verse that nobody told me about!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • holdharmonysacred
    06.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    I should be doing my homework readings but instead I just spent a good chunk of time trying to transcribe the lyrics to ol’ Bubs the Chaos Bringer’s theme “Existence” from GBVS, so crossposting from my reddit post:

    "What makes the sky blue?" Who was the first to ask? Were they a fool, a sage, or just a lonely friend? Why was the sky made, and where is the truth? Staring at the clear expanse, I still don't understand this world
    At the end of fate, there ends the world, the birth of a new king Oh my lonely friend, come witness a new birth!* Witness the sight! And what would you think? Would you kneel for me? Or would you go mad with jealousy? Neither is my wish, but whatever happens to you will satisfy me
    Pieces, my path**, unreachable by now It's too late for hindsight, too late to look back
    At the end of the fight is the end of the story, a new perspective A reconstruction of history What kind of dreams did you dream? Would you tell me? Maybe I'll make them come true I can no longer stop in this moment, my life will burn brilliant
    My life will burn brilliant***

    *I’m 99% sure that she’s singing “birth” here, but it’s a little unclear, but I have no idea what else it could be so...

    **I’m very unsure what’s being sung here, I think it’s either this or “Pieces of my past”, but “path” is closer to what it sounds like so I’m going with that.

    *** Edit: I originally has this line as “My life will burn through the end”, but someone on reddit corrected me on this line. I listened again and yup, that’s a “t” sound, it’s probably “brilliant”.

    Disclaimer that this is entirely by ear, and while I’m confident for the bulk of these lyrics y’all will have to wait for the real OST release to get Verified(TM) lyrics. Thank god the game rip music leaks have clear audio though. For the record I have no idea what the holy hell the context of these lyrics are or from whose POV they’re supposed to be from besides “they’re Beelzebub’s theme”, but god damn am I intrigued by them. I really want to know what Bubs’s deal is that this is his theme song.

    #granblue fantasy #granblue fantasy versus #granblue versus #granblue fantasy spoilers #gbvs spoilers#gbf spoilers #granblue fantasy versus spoilers #granblue versus spoilers #spoilers #i think i got all the spoiler tags but if there's even More spoiler tags i need to add let me know #for those who have the tags blacklisted and are looking in Fear this is just lyrics to chaos bringer's theme. #i don't know the context but these are technically spoilers so i'm tagging them anyway #there really is no context though and i'm baffled and intrigued by them so consider them speculation fuel if you feel like it
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  • noricchis
    24.05.2020 - 1 year ago

    hmm some tidbits about nori to get to know them

    i am really well-versed in pretty much all mobile game franchise. ive checked them out at least once, and seen a lot of spoilers LOL. im not a huge fan of idolish7, but i once attended one delayed viewing and uhhh satou takuya hot (trigger is good...)

    i dont think i like hypmic much but matenrou is super valid. juto is pretty good too

    utapri... i watched s1 and s2 but cant remember much of it myself. i think i like otoya because terashii though

    i think nico and nozomi are the best love girls. on aqours’ side i like dia a lot

    i admit i got into kamen rider only last year, but its already a series that brings me great comfort since i watched a lot during one of the lowest of my life

    i play a lot of video games. currently playing yakuza 0 and trying to git gud at GBVS

    im born and have lived in thailand all my life. my english is passable due to consuming english language media online, but i struggle on pronunciation

    favorite voice actors are terashii (as mentioned above), massu, shiraimu, shoutan, satou takuya, kudoharu, raychell, and hm theres probably more i cant remember.... oh i would die for every aaside seiyuus bcus of course

    for live action actors, i like takeuchi ryouma a loooot!! hes shinnosuke after all. yu inaba, i want to see more of too. shieri ohata also.... im so behind on zi-o cuz i want to watch agito and blade first, but i love her and tsukuyomi so far

    my favorite condiment is unironically mayonnaise LOL

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