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    #WHY BLUNT OBJECTS THAT MEANS ILL SUFFER MORE 😟 #toasty ask#ask game#missclaaire
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    #future spouse game 6
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    #ab6ix#kim donghyun#ab6ix donghyun#mgroupsedit#idolsincedits#underratedidolsedit#wabisarah#aleksbestie#usersoppa #aquablues! #erigifs #eri.ab6ix #ab6ix:donghyun #eri.loveclub #don<3 #this file was clear but like. not smooth? what goes on today idk #i think it's a sign to give up so #i'm gonna drop these and then make lunch and play games and do hw the rest of the day #kiss!
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    the S.S. two gay parents

    #haven't really posted about my saturday game but it's very good #rising five#dnd#shenanigans
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    #Luxe Mail 💰 #ask game 💟
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    inline reddit: witcher

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    #future spouse game 6
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    I sincerely apologize for not writing the second part of the police x criminal andreil au but I promise I'm working on it, meanwhile my dumb brain has made another au but this it's Hairspray Au and just bear with me for a minute , also there going be more parts so this part 1


    After years on England with his uncle, Neil Hartford needs to come back to the US , and to Baltimore of all places, to get his fathers heritage as Neil was somehow still on the will after his father's death. But as they were planning their trip Stuart had noticed that in England Neil didn't have many friends so he did whatever he wanted without asking and made Neil move to Baltimore with him in the hopes of Neil making friends in the local high school.

    Neil was being homeschooled in England for a very good reason, his last encounter with his father at the alarming age of 10 had left him with quite a large amount of scars, the worst ones in his face involving four or three large knife marks on his right cheek and metal burns on his left one below his eye.

    When Stuart found him he didn't know what to do with the kid, he couldn't just send the a 10 year old kid to school with bloody torture scars, so he took it with him and somehow made the time to raise and homeschool his niece while still work as the head of one of the biggest crime families in England.

    This meant that Neil had a lot of free time when his uncle was either away for business or he had serious work in the house, so this gave Neil time to indulge in television and books and all the things he couldn't as a kid, which payed out as an unhealthy addiction to dancing shows.

    Neil loved dancing so much it hurt, it gave him the space to just be and not think about anything bad happening to him, and while he was not satisfied with just dancing in their living room it was enough for him. That is until Stuart, as always, made the decision by himself of moving to the states to bully Neil into making friends.

    You see the problem was not that, Neil was already used to this type of things coming from his uncle, but the problems came when Stuart told him they were moving to Baltimore. And that, that was a new low in how shitty his uncle could be without noticing.

    It didn't matter that he raged and fighted and pleaded for Stuart and him to move anywhere else ,but then Stuart stared saying how good it would be for him and how he needed closure and how he had to go anyway because the Hartford's were talking over the butcher's territory , so yes there is no way out.

    So with a heavy heart and on the brink of a panic attack Neil found himself on the town he still had nightmares about . It appeared that luck wasn't going to be his side anytime soon when he noticed they were going to live in the old Wesninski mansion plus he was going to his old high school.

    People were going to recognize him and they were going to see his scars so no matter how much he danced and dreamed of being far away he had to cover the flinch when his uncle opened the front door of the house .

    It took him 3 weeks to be able to sleep 4 hours straight without jumping of his sleep and running towards his window and by that time Stuart was done , so he introduced Neil to every single one of his people that were going to be in the house looking after him and showed him how they were not any people left of his father's circle.

    This calmed Neil, but just a little so after a week of sleep deprivation and paranoia he was extremely grateful for school to start. Was he anxious about people freaking out about his scars? Definitely yes. Was he also scared of people recognizing him because of his blue eyes and red hair, keeping in mind that at least seven different old house keepers still greeted him as Nathaniel on the house? Without a fucking doubt. But he needed to get out of that house and he needed to get out fast.

    They only thing keeping him sane was the local tv dancing show, the David Wymacks show, in which kids of his actual high school danced at. It was sponsored by ultra cutched harispray that Neil was convinced gave you breathing infection, he still used it tho, it kept his unruly curls in place.

    The dancers were terrible to say the least with a few exceptions but it was still better than nothing, so every day at 4:30 he run all the way to his living room to see the show and dance for a while.

    The few good dancers that were in the program made his instincts pick up in ways that they shouldn't, like the main guy, a kid named Riko Moriyama. He was good but he had that glint in his eyes that remainded him of Lola so he decided to stay far away as he could of the guy if he saw him at school. The main girl Allison Reynolds was also good but every time she has to dance with a guy she always did it vengeance and never looked them in the eyes. There was another guy, Seth Gordon more of a back up dancer but still good that always had a piss offed face.

    But what surprised Neil the most were the twin pair, Andrew and Aaron minyard . While Aaron was halfway good he was always either dancing with a girl named Katelyn or as back up . Andrew on the other hand was one of the few thing that made Neil keep on watching the show, he never wore bright colored suits and he never danced in pairs but he was best dancer in the whole show. He always looked two minutes away of killing someone if they approached and he never looked like he enjoyed dacing, he also disappeared every few programs for God knows what and he always seemed amused when he managed to make Riko trip.

    The reason he was still in the program, Neil didn't know but he wasn't that interested in the Andrew guy anyway.

    The show also had a negro day in which were all the actual good dancers, like the pair of Matt and Dan which always made him gasp at the alarming heights that Matt was throwing her, and Nicky's slim figure moving at an alarming speed between different dance partners, so they were basically his favorite part of the show.

    Time passed and Neil was suddenly eating breakfast waiting for the bus to arrive, he was humming one of the show song while swaying when Stuart appeared in the kitchen

    "Hell Neil would you stop dancing, it's the only thing I've seen you do in this last month "

    Stuart wasn't really thrilled on neils obsession with dancing or tv shows in general, he said they made your brain into soup . It's not like his opinion matterrd anyway .

    " Suck it up Stuart, this is what you get for forcing me to be here " Neil said as he made a graceful turn.

    " Well it doesn't matter, are you excited about your first day? "

    Neil had to think about this one, he was certainly exited to get out of the house but he didn't look forward to the actual school, he could almost see the pitying faces of adults and teen alike. The story the police told everybody was that Neil's father, the supposed successful business married man with a son, was a famous mafia boss that they managed to put down. Which was true , but they also said that Neil and his uncle had come here to take his father's belongings as a grieving family and not as an invading crime family with a deal with the police.

    Neil was also 100% sure that they were already rumours about him in the school and he hadn't even set foot in there yet. But at least if people knew what his father did and thought that Neil was the same with his scars and his "fuck off" aura , as Stuart named it, they would leave him alone.

    " Yeah, just thrilled " he responded sarcastically.

    " You're going to have to tone down that smart mouth if you wanna make friends Neil, I know you and I know it's part of your beautiful personality but please try to be nice" Start said with a tired look.

    He wasn't wrong, so Neil didn't respond and he simply stud up to grab his school bag with a final glance at the clock.

    He looked at his uncle, his hard hoping face and Neil knew head to say something to get Stuart of his back .

    " I'll try ,okay? Just don't be surprised if a have detention one or two times week "

    " Neil, you better bloody listen to me, don't get in trouble okay? And be careful wi-" Stuart stared with a worried face, he opened his mouth to continue some more but Neil shut him up with the sound of his hairspray and putting some more on him.

    "What? sorry I can't hear you Stuart I have to go I'll be late, sorry byeee" he said just in time to close the front door and go towards the bus.

    Just as Neil got near the bus he completely changed his body language and wrapped into himself to make him blend into the background, he wasn't as good as he once was with his mother but it made the trick, the other kids didn't even notice him. So he quietly slid into the back bus seats next to the ones for black people and made himslef disappear.

    The bus ride was short, and sadly when he stepped out of the bus everyone turned to look at him, some seemed shocked, others afraid or disgusted.

    Neil forced himself to get it together and suppressed his panic, he started to walk towards the building with not a single emotion in his face, taking advantage of the way everyone was a making room for him to walk unconsciously.

    Then he saw it, a splash of yellow and black on the corner of his eye. He turned his head and obviously there he was, Andrew Minyard on the flesh with his bother and two other men by his side. The other two were taller and one had brown skin and hair that he ecognized as Nicky Hemmick, but the other had a plaster in his entire left arm and was a mystery to Neil until they made eye contact.

    Memories started flooding back to Neil with a scary speed as he felt his breath being knocked out of his ribcage.

    Neil was 8 when he first saw him and the kid was around 10 , they were both facing a punishment for not being able to sit still enough, and had to watch Neil's father gut a man alive and then dismember him. Those scared green eyes looked the same and it didn't matter how much Kevin grew that Neil would always be able to recognize him.

    It seemed to go both ways because just a second after they both realized the knew each other , Kevin started walking towards him just to stop short at the sight of his eyes and started running towards a bush next to Neil's left to throw up. Andrew was at Kevin's side in less than a second and was looking at Neil with focused eyes while Nicky and Aaron worried and laughed respectively at Kevin .

    Neil felt the need of running through every bone in his body and was just about to do so until Kevin said sickly

    "Nathaniel wait... "

    And that was it, Neil made silent apologies to Stuart but he was not going to be able to do this whole 'be nice ' thing.

    " Do not call me that Kevin " He said with as much venom and hate her could muster. But he made the mistake of thinking Kevin would leave him alone now , so when Neil turned around leave and a hand wrapped around his wrist with the sound of "wait Nat-"

    He couldn't help it, he reacted . And while he knew that everybody was looking at them and that he was basically feeding all the rumours that there were already about him, he shoved Kevin as hard as could just so he could stop the feeling of the touch on his wrist.

    " Don't touch me, don't speak to me, don't make the mistake of thinking that I need your pity of all people and leave me alone. " Neil said with fury in his a eyes and a thick british accent.

    Everyone froze in the spot, even the people passing by, and they looked at Neil scared. It worked with Kevin because he didnt make another move to approach him but Neil could see him shaking. He could also see the highly amused Hazel eyes that were now looking at him.

    " Well but Kevin you never told me you had friends, much less this one who seems memorable " Andrew said with a threatening voice and Neil didn't know if he said it becausd his scars of the fear in Kevin's eyes.

    But Neil had lived with threats his whole life so he simply looked at Andrew with a snide face and said

    " There is nothing to tell and even if there was, Kevin is a spineless bastard that would trade anything for his own well-being " Neil could still remember the betrayal he felt when he found out Kevin had escaped leaving Neil to his fathers wrath for not being able to do well enough at watching after Kevin on that fateful dinner, Neil came out there with his face scars, Kevin with his freedom.

    Andrew turned to look hard on Kevin who was pale and shaking again , and Neil took this as his change to leave. He run to his first class and was relieved to find he didn't recognize anyone in his class .

    The teacher made him introduce himself but aside of a worried look he didn't make Neil do anything else. Thankfully the day passed on without surprise except of the christian girl that his teacher assigned him so that Neil wouldn't get lost in the school, Renne was her name but Neil found her too nice to the point it seemed fake so Neil spended the whole day tense with her by his side.

    Eventually Neil found himself counting the seconds to get home just for this nightmare to end . The bell rang and Neil flew from his seat to the door, on the hallways he could hear Kevin screaming his name and going after him but Neil was faster, Neil didn't even bother taking the bus and he ran all the way home with the shocked looks of his classmates burning in his mind. He turned the David Wymack's show intro to full volume to try and get the static out of his head.

    "This is the worst" Neil thought to himself before drifting into dacing to the music and losing himslef to the rithim.

    #ive done it agan #im sorry #im not going to shut up about this #aftg#aftg headcanon #all for the game #andreil#andrew minyard #the foxhole court #twinyards#neil josten#kevin day#aaron minyard #andrew and aaron #nicky hemmick#allison reynolds#matt boyd#dan wilds#renee walker#david wymack#aftg series#aftg au#aftg fanfic#aftg fandom#hairspray #hairspray the musical #i dont know if this makes sense #i tried my best
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    Cara Memainkan Permainan Kartu Rummy: Memulai Aturan Rummy

    slotonlinepilarfortune - Rummy adalah permainan kartu yang dimainkan dengan dua deck kartu dengan total dua Jokers. Untuk memenangkan permainan remi pemain harus membuat pernyataan yang sah dengan mengambil dan membuang kartu dari dua tumpukan yang diberikan. Situs Slot Online. Satu tumpukan adalah dek tertutup, di mana seorang pemain tidak dapat melihat kartu yang dia petik, sementara yang lain adalah dek terbuka yang terbentuk dari kartu yang dibuang oleh para pemain. Untuk menang dalam permainan kartu remi, para pemain harus mengelompokkan kartu dalam urutan dan set yang valid.

    Dalam permainan remi, kartu di setiap setelan memiliki peringkat rendah hingga tinggi dimulai dengan Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, dan King. Ace, Jack, Queen dan King masing-masing memiliki 10 poin. Kartu yang tersisa memiliki nilai yang sama dengan nilai nominalnya. Misalnya, 5 kartu akan memiliki 5 poin dan seterusnya. Situs Slot Online Deposit Pulsa Pilarfortune.

    Tujuan dari Remi

    Tujuan permainan kartu remi adalah untuk mengatur 13 kartu dalam set dan urutan yang valid. Untuk memenangkan permainan, Anda harus membuat minimal 2 urutan, di mana salah satunya harus urutan murni dan sisanya dapat berupa urutan atau set yang valid. Tanpa urutan murni, Anda tidak dapat membuat deklarasi rummy yang valid. Ini adalah salah satu aturan remi yang paling penting.

    Aturan remi

    Bagaimana cara membentuk barisan?

    Dalam permainan remi, urutan adalah sekelompok tiga atau lebih kartu berurutan dengan jenis yang sama. Ada dua jenis sequence yang terbentuk; barisan murni dan barisan tak murni. Untuk memenangkan permainan rummy, Anda memerlukan setidaknya satu urutan murni di tangan rummy Anda.


    Urutan Murni

    Urutan murni adalah sekelompok tiga atau lebih kartu dengan jenis yang sama, ditempatkan dalam urutan yang berurutan. Untuk membentuk urutan murni dalam permainan kartu remi, pemain tidak dapat menggunakan Joker atau kartu liar apa pun.

    Berikut adalah beberapa contoh deret murni.

    5♥ 6♥ 7♥ (Urutan murni dengan tiga kartu dan tidak ada Joker atau kartu liar yang digunakan)

    3♠ 4♠ 5♠ 6♠ (Urutan murni dengan empat kartu. Tidak ada penggunaan Joker atau kartu liar di sini.)

    Urutan Tidak Murni

    Urutan tidak murni adalah sekelompok tiga atau lebih kartu dengan jenis yang sama dengan satu atau lebih kartu Joker yang digunakan.

    Berikut adalah beberapa contoh untuk menunjukkan bagaimana urutan tidak murni terbentuk.

    6♦ 7♦ Q♠ 9♦ (Di sini Q♠ telah digunakan sebagai Joker liar menggantikan 8♦ untuk membentuk urutan yang tidak murni.)

    5♠ Q♥ 7♠ 8♠ PJ (Urutan tidak murni dengan Q♥ sebagai joker liar yang menggantikan 6♠ dan Joker Tercetak menggantikan 9♠.)

    Bagaimana Membentuk Himpunan?

    Satu set adalah sekelompok tiga atau lebih kartu dengan nilai yang sama tetapi dengan jenis yang berbeda. Saat Anda membentuk set, Anda dapat menggunakan kartu liar dan Jokers.

    Contoh himpunan

    l A♥ A♣ A♦ (Dalam set ini, semua Ace memiliki suit yang berbeda, buatlah set yang valid.)

    l 8♦ 8♣ 8♠ 8♥ (Set Rummy dibentuk dengan empat 8 kartu dengan jenis yang berbeda.)

    l 9♦ Q♠ 9♠ 9♥ (Di sini Q♠ telah digunakan sebagai joker liar menggantikan 9♣ untuk membuat set.)

    l 5♦ 5♣ 5♠ PJ (Joker tercetak menggantikan 5♥ untuk membuat set.)

    l 5♦ 5♣ Q♠ PJ (Di sini Q♠ telah digunakan sebagai joker liar menggantikan 5♠ & Joker cetak menggantikan 5♥ untuk membuat set.)

    l 5♦ 5♣ PJ Q♥ Q♠ (Ini adalah satu set 5 kartu dengan Printed joker & Q♥ sebagai wild joker menggantikan 5♠ 5♥ dan satu lagi wild joker Q♠ untuk melengkapi 13 pengelompokan kartu.)

    l Contoh Umum: 2♥ 3♥ 4♥ 5♥| 5♣ 6♣ 7♣ 8♣ | 5♦ 5♣ PJ Q♥ Q♠ (Set 5 kartu dibuat untuk melengkapi pengelompokan 13 kartu dan membuat pernyataan yang sah)

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    #Luxe Mail 💰 #ask game 💟
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    El Calamar de Velázquez

    #imitación al arte #life imitates art #las meninas#squid game#Velázquez #el juego del calamar
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    I found an MHA Picrew for my OC, but unfortunately it’s a WIP. So, I colored it myself.

    (Left is the original; right is the colored version.)

    What do you think?

    Link: https://picrew.me/image_maker/1293211

    Idk if I should make it a tag game, but anyone can try it out with their ocs or their persona.

    #picrew#tag game #? #mizumi mizuiro#mha oc #my hero academia oc #mha #my hero academia #bnha oc #boku no hero academia oc #bnha #boku no hero academia #oc#ocs
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    Clasificacion Salina y Sodica de Agua de Zonas Horticolas

    Clasificacion Salina y Sodica de Agua de Zonas Horticolas

    Price: (as of – Details)

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