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    Sooo… I might have a slight obsession right now

    here is a very quick drawing of SuperDad Plo with SuperChild Grogu, once again for Oya Mand’alor because that was adorable

    #plo koon#grogu#baby yoda#oya mand'alor #another fanart of a fanfic #This Is Fine #actually this is good practice #I might actually end up with a proper style if I keep doing this
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  • Heart of a Mandalorian

    In Star Wars media there comes to be a pretty clear difference between being a mandalorian by birth and a mandalorian through action. What I affectionatly call the “heart of a mandalorian”, is the honorable behavior that a mandalorian(or non mando) does that make them a mandalorian by action. I’m gonna use three different sources for this; the Armorer, Boba Fett, and Fen Rau.

    The Armorer: in the first season of the Mandalorian, the Armorer repeatedly makes reference to the “choice” of being a mandalorian. She says that Din cannot be a coward becaus he chooses to walk the way of a mandalore. Most important is his choice to be a mandalorian, and the fact that his being mandalorian is what he does, not what he was born as. The covert places emphasis on acting In Accordance to the creed, and proving your mandalorian-ness through your actions.

    Boba Fett: Boba Fett is ancestraly a mandalorian, but does not identify as one, despite wearing mandalorian armor, then why does Din trust him over Mandalorian royalty?? It’s simple; Boba acts like a mandalorian, Bo-Katan does not. Boba respects Dins beliefs and culture, and honors their deal to a ridiculous degree, very obviously just helping him out because they want to help him. Bo-Katan belittles his beliefs and his vocation, and changes their deal in her favor when it suits her. In short, while Bo-Katan is literally a mandalorian princess, she dosent act like a mandalorian, and therefore does not garner the respect of a semi-mandalorian bounty hunter who acts like one.

    Fen Rau: In the series Star Wars Rebels, Fen Rau, a protector of Concard Dawn, finally gives respect to Sabine Wren after seeing her in action. When he talks to her, he dosent base his respect in her combat ability, but rather the fact that she fights bravely for her “people”. Sabine is an outcast from both her clan and mandalorian society as a whole, but he respects her because she fights as a mandalorian should; for her people or family. To him, her value as a mandalorian did not come from her heritage as a high ranking mandalorian family, but her actions in regards to her found fsmily.

    Overall, there is a set of mandalorian ideals and behaviors that make you mandalorian, rather than your heritage. There is a reason that Din accociates more with honorable mercanaries than he does with non-honarable mandalorians;

    “It’s not about who you’re born as, it’s who you become through your actions”.

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    Ooh love, no one’s ever gonna hurt you, love
    I’m gonna give you all of my love
    Nobody matters like you

    Your life ain’t gonna be nothing like my life
    You’re gonna grow and have a good life
    I’m gonna do what I’ve got to do

    -Clean Bandit, Rockabye

    #the mandalorian #din and grogu #grogu #the mandalorian s2 #themandalorianedit#themandaloriansource #i'm in tears #themandaloriandaily #I can't handle Din helping Grogu's coat better on him
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    El show de ‘Baby Yoda’ y un mandaloriano, ok no 😜

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  • I imagine that Din tucks Grogu in his shirt when he is fussy

    Like, Grogu wont stop crying but it is sleepy time. So Din strips to his underclothes and puts Grogu in his shirt with his head popping out of Din’s coller. This is the only way Grogu will sleep if he doesn’t want to, and Din in return feels content and knows his boy is safe with him.

    #din djarin#dyn jarren#grogu#baby yoda#the mandalorian#headcanon#mando #din is the best dad #boba would definitely bully him if he found out
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    this is from grogu’s wiki description

    #BAJDLDKFJAODO #A BABY DALAI LAMA??? GREEN MAGIC BABY #this is so fucking funny what kind of description #grogu#the mandalorian#mandalorian#Star Wars#Wikipedia #idk this is sending me for some reason #just... baby dalai lama... hahdhsjflalldp #me post
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  • sometimes a jedi order can be a powerful twink, his twin sister who’s occasionally there to beat his ass, a guy who spent too long in the unknown regions and has a weird symbiotic relationship with animals, a very tired old jedi master, a ginger himbo, a togruta who’s there to prevent them from collectively falling to the dark, the actual king of mandalore who swears he’s just there to take care of his gremlin son but actually visits the blond twink at night, and about 30 feral younglings of all races and ages who could make a star explode if they put their minds together to it 

    #is thinking about luke's new order hours #luke skywalker#leia organa#ezra bridger#cere junda#cal kestis#ahsoka tano#din djarin#grogu #tagging in order of appearence lmao #dinluke#star wars
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  • Greef Karga: So what’s the kid’s name?

    Mando: G-

    Fennec: Gramma

    Boba: Gertrude

    Cara: Grinder


    Mando: It’s Grogu

    Greef: That’s cool, but what’s his real name?


    Gramma Grogu:

    #grogu is not amused #neither is din #lord help them all #star wars#the mandalorian#din djarin#grogu#baby yoda#greef karga#fennec shand#boba fett#incorrect quotes #incorrect star wars quotes #incorrect mandalorian quotes
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    And that’s a wrap on chapter 2! I was originally gonna post these pages separately but I just could wait any longer. Also please excuse Luke’s weird face. Idk what happened.

    Sorry to make all you lovely folks wait 😅

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  • “When do you wanna go?” Pedro whispered into his ear.

    “As soon as possible,” Din whispered back.



    #the mandalorian#din djarin#pedro pascal #the mandalorian fanfiction #din djarin fanfiction #pedro pascal fanfiction #fanfiction #the curious happenstance of pedro pascal and din djarin #curious happenstance#ad'ika#baby yoda#grogu
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  • Did a Mando one too ✌️

    #was gonna post it on Instagram too but people there want clone content #so I’m posting it here cause I though it was cute #star wars #the mandalarioan fanart #the mandalorian art #the mandalorian#mando#din djarin #din djarin fanart #grogu #mando and grogu #din and grogu #dad and son #I love them #look how cute grogu is #I didn’t know I could even draw him but look at himmmm #cutie patootie
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    Chapter 3 in the Bounty Fiction

    Rating: 15+…?

    Word Count: 2.1K

    Warnings: Bad Language 

    A/N: N/A



    Chapter 2  ▪️


    I wouldn’t have considered myself a dangerous person, there certainly wasn’t a need for the handcuff that held my wrists together. I couldn’t fight on a good day let alone after passing out. They bit at the soft flesh, chaffing a bright red ring that itched like hell.

    I had woken slung over a shoulder, the metal of their pauldron digging into my hip bone as my torso swayed against a back. They had become aware of my lucidity and reached up to grab my waist, bringing me down so ferociously my feet thudded to the floor. I was groggy and groaned a complaint as my body leant against theirs unable to stand on my own. I  had to blink a few times as I tried to recollect the events that led up to this… nothing. I crashed to the ground as the person moved away, my knees hitting dried compact red mud in a way so clumsy it should have hurt but my whole body already ached so it was nothing new.  Despite my head that pounded I managed to glance up towards the dark sky and steal a glimpse at the person who had carried me, my satchel across the shoulder where I had been. Everything flooded back, the catina, the fight, the market place, all of it as clear as the man in front of me whose hand hovered over his thigh holster in anticipation of me running. After it was clear I was in no way going anywhere he moved closer, reached down and grabbed my cuffed hands. One sharp upward jerk so violent I was forced to stand to stop my shoulders leaving their sockets. I was told to turn around with a push to my left shoulder and to start walking with a shove between the shoulder blades. The pace was slow and tedious but it beat being carried uncomfortably.

    That’s how I’d gotten here, standing on the other side of the barriers in the port once again, looking out at the shipping yard. It feels like only a few minutes ago I was trying to leave this place, might as well not have bothered. In all this time I hadn’t heard a word from the Mandalorian, if it wasn’t for the one liner in the cantina I would have said he was mute. My feet were firmly planted on the metal not wanting to move, knowing full well I was about to leave this planet behind ultimately leaving Kai behind. It was silly he was probably long gone or hidden so well I’d never find him anyway, but my body still wouldn’t move. The bounty hunter behind me moved to my side and took a few steps forward before he stopped dead in his tracks to turn his attention back acknowledging my unmoving stance. He walks right back towards me with that powerful stride of his and that’s all it takes to make me move again not having the desire to be carried or have any kind of force used against me. 

    “Alright, alright I’m moving. No need to get testy” I mutter under my breath, so quiet its more for my own benefit than anyone else but his helmet watches me as I walk past before he turns to follow giving the impression he had also heard. Despite not being able to see his face I could tell his eyes were boring through my back. Maybe he’d never had a quarry this compliant before and was just waiting for something to go down. It put me on edge. 

    We head down one of the metal gang ways, the ship I’d come into port on in sights at the end of platform. A hand pushed me to the side from behind, steering me in the direction of the Razor Crest I’d spotted only a few hours ago. The Mandalorian stood to my side a pace behind, from my peripherals I could see him jam a button on his wrist and the ramp  of the ship started opening. I soon realised why he was stood further back than me and decided I would join him to avoid being squished by the descending metal. 

    He’s nearly at the top of the ramp before I can blink, only once at the top he glances back at me, not to check I haven’t run for it but more a waning glance: get your arse up this ramp before I make you. As much as I don’t want to enter the lair of the Mandalorian, it’s probably for the best that I do. The inside is cold, nothing but grey metal the only colour breaking it up that of the Mandalorian’s garb of brown battered armour which has disappeared up the ladder to the left. The natural light vanishes as there’s the click and hiss of the ramp shutting and the air lock sealing. Over head fluorescents kick in casting the hull in a blue-ish white hue as I stand just inside the door. I’ve been ignoring the hideous machinery I recognise only from books, that’s been staring at me since I entered, not wanting to acknowledge the idea that I’ll become well acquainted with it soon. I had little desire to be frozen but my interest was piqued, always having a curious mind over technology had gotten me into many more situations than out. My hands skimmed over the metal frame as best they could while cuffed, before coming down to the control panel fingers gently brushing over the surface of buttons. An immense sense of sorrow fell over me for those that had entered the machine and left as slabs of carbonite. Shudders flew down my spine at the thought of people unable to prevent such a future. 

    A tear falls free of my eye, hands raising to my face collecting the tear on the end of my index finger. I’ve cried too many times today but this time it’s at the thought that I’d never be able to say goodbye to my family before entering a state worse than death. I was alone in the world and that hit home. I’d been dragged involuntarily from my home and abandoned on a distant planet, captured by a notorious bounty hunter and now stand on the brink of suffering. I should feel angry at Kai for leaving, at the events that led to this all those months ago but instead there’s nothing but emptiness now. I brace my bound hands on the carbonite chamber and take a deep shaky inhale, tears all dried up. I can’t help the chuckle that bursts from my lips, quickly turning into hysterical laughter at the thoughts I was having. Or was it due to the state my body and mind where both in? Exhausted. Starving. Injuries left right and centre, not to mention the explosive headaches. Perhaps I’ve finally snapped and lost it. The laughing is so strong my chest hurts. 

    I take a step away from the chamber, my back making contact with something that wasn’t there before. I let out a startled yelp as my body swings round to face….

    He backs me up until my thighs bump into the metal frame of the carbonite chamber, his body stopping inches in front of mine. His helmet is angled down looking me dead in the face as I try to hide the panic while staring up at where I can only assume his eyes are. I don’t want this, I should do something, but what? I’m not powerful, I don’t fight and I doubt this merciless killer would listen to anything i have to say. For the millionth time this day his hand grabs my shoulder and pushes me in the direction of the chamber opening, my body putting up as much of a fight as possible. 

    “No, stop! Please…” I dig my heels into the ground trying to root myself there. “Please…” my hands grab onto the frame as another anchor point. “…I don’t wanna die”. Carbonite doesn’t mean death, but it would be as good as for as long as I’m frozen. More to the point, I didn’t think my pleas would work. 

    The force I was pushing against relented, my body tumbling a few steps until I gained control again. The Mandalorian stood there as if waiting for something, helmet at a slight tilt. 

    “I… I…” I grasp for words, but what do I say? Should I even say anything? He reaches out for my shoulder again, using his broad body to usher me back. “No! Please, I’ll do anything” I’m desperate, anything to get out of this… Automatically I drop to me knees and roll to the side past the Mandalorian’s legs in attempt to get out of reach, putting his body between myself and the carbonite chamber.  I stay crouched, head tucked in to my chest with my hands raised above to show I’m not looking for trouble. I wait for the retaliation, to be yanked to my feet shoved in the chamber and frozen. With every thud of his boots on the razor crest floor my heart jumps. 

    Instead of my thoughts coming to life, something round and slightly weighted drops into my hand. Its cool to the touch, as I wrap my hand around the metal and bring it down in my hands to have a look at it. My head unfurls from my chest allowing me to see the object. I can’t properly inspect the small cylindrical disk with my bound hands but my thumb just about reaches the small button on the side. A blue hologram flickers on displaying an all too familiar face. I turn from the face of my brother, not wanting the emotions that come with seeing it, to look at the Mandalorian. 

    “Why have you given me this?” I demand, not understanding the choice he has given me. “I don’t understand…” my voice trails off as I look back at the portrait, looking into those eyes that seem so cold now. I’d never seen this side to him. I click the hologram off and flip the disk over in my hand. 

    It’s a bounty puck.

    Realisation sets in at what the bounty hunter is asking of me. Its the deepest betrayal to blood and despite being left behind I can’t bring myself to do it. 

    “You could at least ask, if you’re gonna make me betray my own family!” I yell with conviction. “Won’t you say something?” 

    “Won’t make you” he glances behind at the chamber and then back to me, emphasising the options. 

    How can I possibly make that choice? Self preservation is a hard bargainer but my own brother, who’s looked out for me all my life… What’s to stop this bounty hunter giving us both up once I help him find Kai? Better he only gets one of us than both. 

    He closes the distance, hand coming to the collar of my shirt. I duck down lower to avoid being grabbed. “Wait!” I swat his hand away, barely moving it a few centimetres off course. If I work with him, I can help Kai by leading the bounty hunter astray. “What’s in it for me?” I blurt out standing up abruptly to look more confident. “What do I get?” 

    “I won’t use the carbonite on you” his voice always sounds flat and monotonous but this time it also has an underlying hint of something else. Amusement? Surely not. 


    He sighs, not in the mood to negotiate. “I won’t turn you in; say you’re dead or something”

    “Dead or something!?” Hah. Like that would work. 

    “It’s that or…” His voice trails off as I get the meaning behind the words. 

    I nod my compliance with the arrangement. “Alright then.” 

    At the sound of my acceptance he takes the disk from my hand, I go to grab it back, wanting to keep the image of my brother but it’s pocketed before I can. With the push of a few buttons on his arm the cuffs on my wrist click and open. I stare at the open restraints. confused. 

    “Aren’t you worried-“

    “I’d pay good credits to watch you try to kill me.” he snatches the item from my wrist and returns them to his utility belt. 

    Was that a fucking joke? This man, seemingly the most desensitised being in creation, just attempted a joke… 

    I watch, stunned as he ascends the ladder leaving me alone in the hull. After a few seconds I hear the engines fire up, we’re leaving the planet already. I smile to myself thinking of the scarf kai left me, perhaps he knew I’d be needing it to keep warm in space-

    “Hey!” I jog towards the ladder, shouting as I climb “Where’s my stuff?”

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  • So…

    I’ve been reading Death and an angel by @littlemisspascal and last night I finished chapter 14.2…now I have no longer purpose in life until I get any updates on this fic or Rough day by @no-droids AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO

    i miss not being a fangirl this shit hurts

    #rough day #death and an angel #fanfiction#pedro pascal#mandalorian#the mandalorian#grogu#baby yoda #this waiting shit is hard af #it hurts #thank you for writing these amazing pieces of art #im just an impatient girl
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  • hot take of the day

    din treats other people saying grogu’s name like charles boyle (b99) treats people saying nikolaj’s name

    people will say it the exact same as him and he’ll just insist they’re mispronouncing it

    #din djarin#grogu#grogu djarin#baby yoda#the mandalorian#charles boyle#brooklyn 99#b99 #boba: so this is grogu huh? #din: you’re saying it wrong. it’s grogu #boba: yeah grogu that’s what i said #din: no you said grogu. it’s pronounced grogu (the exact same) #boba: what the fuck
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