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  • find little things that make you happy. i always loved doing my nails but getting then done was too expensive and i cant paint them because of my tremor. then i found out about nails wraps, which are basically stickers made of nail polish that come in a million beautiful designs and patterns and cost wayyyyyy less than the salon. now i can do my own nails! and it brings me joy! when i feel sad i put on a new set and suddenly i feel cute and expressive and happy. i guess im just trying to say things can be bad and hard but if you can find a reason to smile then things dont seem so bleak.

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  • Get This Look: Amazon Prime - Date Night Outfit

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  • Morning Pep - How Will I Get What I Need? - Self Love Series

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  • Are you ready for change?

    I love this quote by John C. Maxwell:

    Change is inevitable… growth is optional.


    Because change is going to happen no matter what, it’s up to us to determine how we want to handle, react to, or manage it.

    In my early 20s I was resistant to change because I didn’t know how to manage it. Then after 20 years of working at it then being on a change management team for 3 years, I now have the tools to surf change like a pro. And in some cases even prompt it if needed.

    Maxwell goes on to suggest…

    To grow you must see the value in yourself to add value to yourself and others.

    You have to want to grow and change. Sure, change will happen eventually but one thing I have noticed in myself and others who are trying to figure out where they are in the midst of so much unprecedented ambiguity and change is they don’t know their value and/or may not be expressing or demonstrating it to others.

    I’m watching a lot of my visual practitioner colleagues leave the field and others struggling to stay in it. And I have wondered (with gratitude) why this past year has been easier for me than most and more successful than any previous year of my career. I distilled it down to 3 things that are applicable to anyone and can be repeated and scaled. And one differentiator.

    3 Simple Steps you can take to apply value to your practice so you may grow:

    1. Take inventory of your skills and strengths.
    2. Determine what is needed in the world right now and what aligns with your desires.
    3. Start expressing your value right away! On the next call, email you write, or project you propose, highlight what you will bring (skills and strengths)and how that will help your client meet their needs.

    +1 Differentiator

    I reviewed my emails and notes since March 2020 and I found that I applied Steps 1 & 2 in the first month of the pandemic and have been applying Step 3 since. After talking with a few trusted colleagues who have experienced varying degrees of success this year, I realized my differentiator is that I have been preparing for this moment most of my adult life. No, I didn’t know there would be a pandemic, but I have been training for a time when “Plan A” wouldn’t work out. Nor Plan B so I went to Plan Z. And that’s Steps 1 & 2. The cool thing is, anyone can do these three steps anytime, starting now. And if you start now, you can have the same differentiator in the future.

    So while the world changes around us, we have a choice. Where do we want to grow and when do we want to start? If you oftentimes see the world as a fast moving carousel and aren’t sure when to hop on, the idea can be dizzying.

    That’s why I offer 1:1 coaching and have created a series of workshops to help parse out what’s possible by sharing my methods. I will be focusing on these more this year and funneling a few of the courses I have offered in the past into new efforts.

    Want to learn more? Check out Appreciative Productivity or learn more about how I facilitate here. While the Deep Dive is over, Jill Greenbaum and I are considering offering it again in the fall.

    Helping others change…
    Take a moment to think about how a mentor, role model, or coach has profoundly impacted your life. My mind immediately goes to Carol DuBosch and the many times something she said or did made me think, “Whoa!”  Or how each time she placed a bee tool in my hand changed the trajectory of my career. Carol is one of the lettering sweethearts from For the Love of Lettering and Lettering with the Masters and is the inspiration behind the Giving and Receiving page AND has inspired many to do the same. I used to volunteer my time to teach lettering to the homeless in my community as a way to relax, focus and as part of a culinary program for those studying to become bakers and decorate cakes. Now because of the pandemic, I don’t have access to that community so I’m seeking out those who lack accessibility. I need your help! If you know of someone who would benefit from the inherit benefits of lettering, please send them my way. To learn more about my scholarship program, please click here.  

    Talking about change…
    I have recently taken on the role, Director of Design and Visualiztion at Kadabra. It’s been my dream to be part of a women-led team that utilizes my skills as a visual and virtual facilitator. The company’s values are closely aligned with my own and I’m continually pinching myself when I meet with these women leaders. They are my mentors, colleagues and friends.

    At the same time, this new role is taking up more of my time and so I wanted to announce that I will still be offering live sessions on Tuesdays but you may be seeing even less of me on social media and other online appearances. It’s time to do the work needed for society and humanity.

    This March and April may be the last time I offer these classes this year. I don’t know if I will offer them again in the future. So if you missed out on the last two European Lettering Tours and want in on what I shared there before it goes away, please sign up for the upcoming courses. I’m offering them as a bundle:

    Lettering Back-to-Basics Vacay + Level Up Your Lettering

    That’s right, buy Level Up and get Back-to-Basics free. SAVE $100USD by using the coupon code: 100FRIEND

    NOTE: Lettering Back-to-Basics starts Tuesday!

    I have no European Lettering Tours planned for the future. I do have a trip to Germany and the UK planned when it’s safe to travel again. But the workshops I will be offering are much different than I have ever offered before. So this is the last time I will be teaching my hierarchy formula in this way. Learn more here.

    And of course you can still letter with me every month In Make It Your Lettering Year. Hint: the same coupon code gets you $100USD off too! 100FRIEND


    The seeds have been planted and nourished. The seedling has broken out of its casing and is about to break the surface of the earths crust. And when it does, it’s up to us to determine the direction in which it will grow. Despite its speed, change is inevitable. What steps are you taking today in order to manage it so that you may grow?

    I’d love to know what’s working for you.

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  • Anyone else discovering new things about themselves because they’ve been stuck in their own head thinking about everything since March? Like it’s the only good thing I’ve had come out of all this. I’ve grown so much in the last year. I’m less afraid to be myself. I want so much more for myself.

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  • Everything we do is about #Growth! Grow personally, grow your #business, grow your bottom line, grow your accessibility, grow your #leadership, just grow.
    #coachwithpride #sportsconsulting #coaching #leadership #whenwomenlead #networking #mentoring #APEmpowers (at Greenville, South Carolina)

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  • They say anger may stem from this that or the other thing…the only thing I think anger stems from is our lack of fulfillment…..which is the same thing as saying our needs unfulfilled….feeling unfulfilled is not something that most people want to acknowledge….it’s better to place blame outside of us…put our lack of fulfillment onto others…if I only had more time….more money….the right this or the right that….then I could do the things that would fulfill my life….
    I think we get hung up in believing we need things to fulfill us…….this is a huge error…..
    The wise say, everything that would fulfill your life you already have….really?  Yes, it is all within you…..hmmmmm….within huh?  
    But at some point you can step back and that answer sort of becomes obvious……when connect the dots you come to the realization that you are indeed responsible for creating the life you are living….there is much evidence to tell you this is true….If I can realize that I am creating my life, isn’t that fulfillment in and of itself….?  Life itself is expressing itself through me, and guess what….I’ve been given the gift of active participant!  It’s my choice what that expression will be…Isn’t that extraordinary!!!  I am creating my life for the benefit of experience for the WHOLE….I chose this body, this time, this person, and all thought….I create…..I choose the experience to perceive or to become….when you see it that way, how can you ever feel unfulfilled?  Every moment is a fulfillment of life’s expression…

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  • This is How You Become Less Busy: Declutter Your Mind

    It’s surprising how much free time and productivity you gain when you lose the busyness in your mind.Brittany Burgunder

    Busy has become a social norm and part of culture.

    We fill our calendars, to-do lists, and reminders; download all the apps to simplify our life; but instead of a fulfilling life, you end up with a busy schedule and a cluttered mind.

    In the last 45+ days, I noticed how busy I…


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  • Life does not always give you what you want but if you look closely you will see that it gives you what you need for your growth.

    -Leon Brown

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  • You are enough.

    You are enough. Overcoming anxiety, making new friends, or taking that small step in the direction of your desired career is ambitious enough. These are amazing big dreams. Your ideas will expand, your potential will grow, but you have to do the groundwork and overcome yourself first. Sometimes you’ll get stuck in comparison and your moves won’t seem as big compared to others, but remember it is the little things done over time that compound into results. Working up the courage to talk to someone in the industry you are interested could shift the whole course of your life. Complimenting someone could open a new door. Challenging the anxious thoughts you had this morning is slowly building your self esteem. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Measure your success by how much the process has changed you.

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  • I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but I have self-doubt. I have insecurities. There are days when I lay in the bed and say you know I can’t do this! We ALL have self doubt but I refuse to give in to it! No matter the situation your in today don’t quit!! Have a fabulous day my friends!

    We all have issues, I get so frustrated when people try to paint a picture to the world that they have it all figured out. NOBODY has it a figured out folks. I mean social media has created a world where you can curate your life in a way that people are envious of how you have it “all figured out” . This is actually causing many to struggle with depression, or low self worth.

    The way I look at it is the only person I need to be better than is myself yesterday, I am working everyday to be better than I was yesterday.

    So my advice is not to stop with the social media stuff if that makes you happy, but rather stop comparing you life to thoes you see on a platform where you can edit your life to seem better. I challenge you today to enjoy your life for what it is a perfect chaos! Don’t give in to the manufactured image of influences!

    Also I’m not advocating for people to stay in abusive situations, or that they can’t improve their lives. I’m just saying do what makes you happy, don’t live other people’s lives because we don’t know what their dealing with in their situation. I would say 95% of the time you don’t see anything real! You live your truth! Live in the real, and do the things that make your life better!! Hang in there!

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  • The Survivor of Bullying

    The Survivor of Bullying

    The survivor of bullying who escapes the abuse first comes out with shock, anger, and sadness at first. But once the healing is underway, they’re filled with renewed hope.
    When school or workplace bullying experiences have exposed you to the darkest sides of human nature, you have a stronger sense of your own endurance and capability. This is all because of what you have endured and were able to…


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  • The most hurtful lesson to learn

    Is not everyone has your kind heart

    Your pure intentions are not always matched

    You don’t need to love any less

    But remember

    Not everyone is worthy

    Of a heart like yours.

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